The Most Humiliating Weekend of My Life

I live in a pretty big house in a quiet upper class
neighborhood outside of Boston with my wife Beth. We
have been married for almost three years now and while
I hold a corporate position with a Fortune 100 company,
Beth is still just a housewife. I don’t mind really
because she keeps the house and all of my clothes
spotless, she’s a great cook and we plan to have kids
soon. She never complains about anything and is great
in bed too.

Combine all of that with her pretty face and smoking
body and I’d have to say Beth is my ideal woman. So
life is great, that is life was great, until two
weekends ago. It was about a month ago my friend Mark
called me up and said he was going to come visit one
weekend since we are both avid baseball fans and he’s
never been to Fenway Park.

Mark is an old college buddy of mine and he had never
met Beth before since he wasn’t able to make it to our
wedding. I planned out the whole weekend and bought
tickets to the Red Sox game for that Saturday. Sounds
like fun, huh? So how did it become the most
humiliating weekend ever for me? Let me tell you.

It all started when Mark unexpectedly showed up a day
early. I got home form work and as I walked into the
house I was shocked to see Mark and Beth chatting away
and laughing over some drinks. Mark greeted me and got
me to drinking right away. Mark hadn’t changed much
from his college days not only with his heavy drinking
but he actually still looked great too. He sported a
dark tan and a very chiseled body, which he credited to
his job in construction. He and Beth seemed to hit it
off great as they were both really buzzed up and having
a ball together telling jokes and stories.

Mark passed out around midnight and Beth and I retired
to our bedroom shortly thereafter. When I woke up the
next morning I felt a little hung over but I hopped
into the shower and got ready for work. After getting
dressed I walked into the bedroom to kiss Beth goodbye
and I was stunned to see Mark under the covers with
her. I knew she was stark naked under there so I asked
him what he was doing and he said, “I’m waiting for you
to go to work so I can fuck Beth all day.”

I was absolutely speechless as they both got a good
chuckle out of that. Sensing my frustration, Beth
quickly blurted out, “Oh he’s just messing around with
you baby.”

“Yeah, I’m just messing with you man,” Mark said as he
reached down under the covers. “But I definitely won’t
be needing these.” He flung his underwear at me and hit
me right in the face with them. They both laughed
hysterically and I was so red in the face I just left
the room. I didn’t know what to do and it was getting
late so I just left for work.

As I was driving away and I turned the corner I noticed
that my cock was swollen and needed immediate
attention. I called my secretary real quick to tell her
that I was going to be late this morning and pulled my
car to the side of the road. I walked through a couple
of my neighbor’s yards to get to my backyard and went
straight for the bedroom window.

As I approached I heard the obvious moans of my wife
and as I looked inside I got conformation that Mark was
fucking my wife, and let me tell you something, he was
really fucking her. Luckily the window was open so I
got to see and hear everything clearly. Beth was lying
on her tummy with her legs spread apart wide, Mark was
in a push up position over top of her as he ferociously
pounded away at her. The only thing that connected them
was Mark’s huge cock, surging in and out of Beth’s
tight hole, my god at least it used to be a tight hole.

I knew from our college days that Mark was hung like a
horse but I had never seen his mammoth cock hard and in
action. Beth was screaming and moaning, begging Mark
for more cock, and begging him to fuck her harder and
harder. In the meantime I had my cock in hand and was
stroking it hard while enjoying the show. I’m not a
voyeur, and this was all brand new to me so maybe
that’s why it felt so good, but I was really hot
watching my wife get fucked so good.

That’s when I hear Mark say, “I’m gonna cum in your
pussy bitch.”

Beth responded with, “Oh yeah you motherfucker, come
inside me!”

Then Mark let out a really loud groan and slowed down
his pace of fucking her and I knew then that the deed
was done. My rock hard cock instantly came all over the
side of the house as I watched my buddy have his way
with my wife and then fill her up with his cum. Mark
was just collapsed on top of Beth now, just draining
the rest of his ball juice into her inviting womb.

Meanwhile as I was draining out the rest of my ball
juice, I heard the words that would turn my whole life
upside down, “What do we have here a peeping Tom?”

I turned to my left only to find two police officers
approaching me and I was literally caught with my pants
down. “Get your face on the ground pervert, hands
behind your back!”

I had no choice but to adhere to them and I guess all
of the commotion outside must have gotten the attention
of Mark and Beth, because they peeked out the window to
see what was going on. With me bare assed, face down in
the grass, Mark, Beth, and the two cops shared what
seemed like an hour of laughter at my expense, I was
hauled off to jail.

It turned out that a couple of neighbors had called and
reported me and I really can’t say that I blame them.
The cops were actually going to let me go but Beth
insisted that I be arrested and spend the weekend in
jail so that I would learn my lesson. That gave an
ample opportunity for everyone at the station to have a
good laugh about the situation even going as far as to
say they would be, “Visiting my wife quite a bit now to
make sure she’s okay.”

I jerked off many times that weekend, in a humiliated
state, thinking about my wife sucking and fucking
Mark’s huge pole and consuming all of his sperm. I also
thought about these asshole cops being at my house
gangbanging my wife when I’m not home.

When I finally was released Monday morning I got a ride
home from a taxi and Mark was gone and Beth was just
lying on our bed naked and looking very worn out. She
laughed at me some more and informed me that she had
let everyone at work know the situation so they weren’t
expecting me to be in today. Now I am facing ridicule
from my wife, my neighbors, everyone at work, and just
about everyone else for that matter.

I don’t know if I can ever get past this incident and
it’s been weeks since I’ve had sex with my wife, with
each passing day further complicating the situation. To
make matters even worse, I just found out that Beth is
pregnant and she is 100% positive that it’s Mark’s
baby. She also let me know that Mark will be moving in
soon and that she was basically going to be his wife
from now on but I could stay in the house as long as I
continue to work and pay all of the bills.

I guess I don’t really have a choice in the matter,
since all I have been thinking about since she told me
about this is watching her get fucked by Mark’s big
‘ole dick. I usually jerk off about 10 times a day
right now, I just can’t stop thinking about their
escapades and how good it feels to be humiliated.

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