A transvestite meets up with a guy and his dog

As I lazily drove along in the evening’s dim light and
looked down at the hem of my black PVC mini-skirt, I
saw that as I passed under the orange glow of the
street-lights, the knob-end of my semi-hard cock, my
black suspenders and my stocking-tops were plainly
visible between my nylon-clad thighs! I seldom if ever
wear panties or briefs preferring to let my cock and
balls dangle naked and unhindered underneath a short
skirt or dress.

Maybe I should explain right here and now that I’m
what’s known as a cross-dresser, a transvestite, a
trannie or whatever else you might like to call me.

I’ve loved wearing women’s clothes and undies ever
since I first became aware of my body, and over the
last 25 years, have built up a considerable collection
of women’s clothes, undies, wigs, jewellery, makeup and
other feminine oddments, in my deep and passionate
desire to appear and act more womanly when I’m feeling
horny and on the lookout for some cock!

To this end, in my everyday life I wear my hair long
something perfectly acceptable, even by today’s
standards for a 33 year old guy. Most of the time it
just hangs loose, but when I change into my alter-ego
as Suzy a name I call myself when I’m dressed and
looking like a woman, I spend a great deal of time in
front of the dressing-table mirror, blow-waving and
shaping my hair into a more feminine style.

So deeply rooted and powerful is my ardent desire to
feel completely feminine, like tonight I even go to
the extent of wearing a Tampax deep inside my ass, and
the only thing I haven’t got yet, are real tits so I
have to wear ‘falsies’ to complete the illusion until I
can find someone to supply me with the necessary
breast-enhancing hormones.

The added bonus of this radical course of treatment,
would be that my already perfectly acceptable female
hips and general figure, would be even more rounded and

I’m not ‘out of the closet’ yet, and because I appear,
talk and act totally masculine in my everyday life,
nobody suspects the transformation I can so easily make
into a woman.

The same thing applies when I’m dressed as Suzy
nobody suspects I’m really a guy, and I am totally
‘passable’ when walking down the streets of a
neighbouring town or out of an evening like tonight,
and looking for some adult fun. So you can imagine how
pleased I felt one day, when a researcher stopped me
and asked me about the screening care offered to women
by the Health Service, regarding breast cancer! If only
the woman actually knew what was dangling freely
underneath my skirt, only a few inches from her!

Like nearly all women, I love the delicious feeling of
a rigid cock being rammed inside me when being fucked
and have collected a vast array of dildoes and
vibrators to use on myself when I’m at home alone, or
when I sometimes take someone back to my place.

They range from the standard plastic vibros, to the
realistic phallus-shaped dildoes that you fix to any
smooth surface by the suction-cup on the base. They
also come in many different sizes, from a vibro that I
can easily keep in my hand-bag, to the ‘jelly’ sort of
dildo that measure 10 inches long along the shaft, and
2 inches diameter. Pride of place in my collection is
a fully working replica of a dog’s cock, with a knot
that swells massively and locks firmly inside me just
like the real thing! I bought it on a business trip to
Japan at a cost of just over 63,200 Japanese Yen,
(300). Of course, I’d sooner have the real thing
both human and canine, but sometimes they’re just not
available when you want them! You really can’t imitate
the atmosphere and sheer excitement you feel when the
real thing is being rammed deep inside you especially
the dog’s cock!

But back to this evening….

Like most women, I felt at my horniest at ‘that time of
the month’ me having adopted the first four days in
the first week of the month, as the time I was to have
my ‘period’.

I know it’s totally psychological, and I wasn’t really
having a period, but it did seem to work out that I
felt really randy then so I didn’t challenge the
feelings I got at that time.

So here I was, on my way to some toilets in a local
corporation park, that I’d used so many times before to
meet other guys for sex! It was a well know haunt for
bi and gay guys that wanted to meet other guys, and
unless the weather was bad or something, you were
nearly always sure of scoring!

With thinking of what might soon be happening, I was
rapidly getting turned-on and reached down to gently
wank my cock and even carried on wanking myself when
I had to stop at some traffic-lights. I wasn’t bothered
about whether I could be seen or not by anyone also
stopped there, having once been caught out one day by a
woman when I was laid back in the seat with my knees
bent and spread, so’s my rigid cock and sexy undies
were totally on view as I furiously wanked myself!

Because I felt so horny, I’d stopped in a lay-by on a
fairly quiet road when she pulled up behind me to ask
me the directions to some town or other. Next thing I
knew, was her face at the open window!

“Excuse me… Oh!” she gulped, “Sorry, I didn’t realise
you were… ermm?”

“Ooops!” I replied in complete surprise, “I’m sorry, I
didn’t know you were there!”

I quickly tried to cover up my erection by tucking it
under my mini-skirt to no avail!

“No… it’s alright!” she said quickly, “You don’t have
to cover yourself up! In fact, I rather like what I can
see if I were to be completely honest! You can carry
on doing what you were doing hmmm…! It looks
quite… sexy, actually!”

“Well you can stay and watch me if you want?” I
suggested, “I don’t mind!”

She smiled, and so I carried on blatantly and openly
wanking myself as she looked on!

The fact that I now had an uninvited audience served
only to increase my excitement, and before long I was
telling her that I was getting very near to coming.

“Would you like to finish me off?” I added.

Her answer was to give me a broad grin before reaching
inside the open window and taking hold of my very stiff
and sensitive shaft her fist rapidly sliding my
foreskin up and down it as I laid back and watched.
With her other hand, she expertly caressed my nylon-
clad thighs, exposed suspenders, and lightly squeezed
my dangling balls!

Aware that a completely unannounced stranger was now
actually tossing me off, and that she could plainly see
me lying back with my suspenders, stocking-tops, and
cock totally exposed, rapidly brought me to the boil!

“I’m coming!” I gasped as I felt my orgasm rushing up
my body, “Now!”

With an expert hand, the woman rapidly slid her fist up
and down my shaft my thick and creamy cum spurting
into the air to land with several splats on my mini-
skirt and exposed pubes the remainder from my dying
spurts then settling in a sticky, viscous, pearlescent
pool round the top of her still clenched fist.

“My! That has made a mess!” she breathed, “Let’s see
about cleaning you up! We can’t have a lovely girl like
you going home all covered in this sticky spunk, can

I was secretly delighted that I’d produced so much
spunk for her to see, and I watched in total amazement
as she slid her fist off my rapidly shrinking cock, and
raised it to her mouth loudly sucking off the thick
mass of sticky cum from it!

I was even more amazed when she casually dipped her
hand back down to my mini-skirt, and scooped the rest
from it and sucked it into her mouth she then
painstakingly sucking her fingers and hand clean as she
swallowed down my load of cum!

“Mmmm… nice!” she beamed, “Now, I wanted to ask you
if there’s a garage on this road? I’m pretty low on

I couldn’t believe how cool she was! She’d just come up
to a man in his car, found him dressed as a woman, with
his cock totally exposed as he gave himself a wank! She
then took over from him and cleaned all of his cum up
from his skirt, by swallowing it down!

“Ermm…” I stuttered, “Yes… about…. a mile, down

“Thanks very much!” she beamed, “And thanks for letting
me help you, as well!”

With that, she walked back to her car and simply drove

But I digress… A few minutes later I was parking up
by the gates that led into the park. Going through the
wrought-iron gates led onto a narrow path with hawthorn
bushes on either side bushes I’d often been down ‘on
all fours’ in, whilst getting soundly fucked, in the
non too distant past, and the ones I’d most likely be
using again, no doubt.

The toilets I was heading for were about twenty yards
along the path, where the bushes ended and the path
then opened out to reveal a beautiful view of the
valley and river, with another path that led down to a
picnic area on the riverbank.

With my heart beating in my throat and my cock
stiffening, I cautiously looked round about me, before
I entered the men’s doorway and disappeared inside.

My heels ‘clip-clopped’ on the tiled floor as I walked
into the main area immediately seeing it was
completely empty and that I was alone. All three doors
to the cubicles were slightly ajar, and I inspected
each one in turn to check they were indeed empty.

In the past, I’ve several times slowly pushed the doors
open and found guys leaning back on the seats with
their pants round their ankles as they openly wanked

Needless to say, I soon closed the door with me on
the inside!

But this time they were all empty, so I went into the
middle one and closed the unlocked door behind me,
before sitting down to idly wank my erect cock and
smoke a ciggy as I waited for someone else to come into
the toilets and hopefully see me through the holes
that’d been cut in the partitions on either side of my

I didn’t have to wait long… only a few minutes passed
before I heard someone crunching the gravel as they
walked up to the door. So I quickly stood up and faced
one of the holes with my ass pressed up against the
other. This way, they’d get an excellent view of my
suspender-framed cock through one hole as I lifted up
the front of my skirt and wanked myself, or they’d be
able to slide a finger or cock up and down the crack of
my ass if they went into the other cubicle. I guessed
they must’ve seen my feet under the door as they came
in and decided to go into the cubicle I was facing.

As I heard their door closing, I half-closed my eyes,
rocked my hips from side to side, and slid my fist up
and down my exposed shaft giving them an excellent
view if they looked through the hole at me. Sure
enough, I saw two feet facing me and then some movement
at the hole as they squatted down to watch me.

I thought I’d then give them a look at my suspender-
framed ass, and turned round to stretch my arms up the
other partition as I pushed my ass back towards the
hole behind me. It was when I turned round that I saw
that a cock had replaced the eye that’d been pressed up
against the hole and what a cock it was! It was about
8 inches long with a rigid shaft, and was crowned by
the biggest knob-end I’ve ever seen!

It looked for all the world like a closed-cup mushroom
or something like a pool cue with a purple pool ball
mounted on the end! Needless to say, I was soon down on
my knees and eagerly sucking the monster knob-end into
my gaping mouth as his fist slid up and down the rigid,
thick shaft!

Now I’ve sucked one or two cocks in my time, but I’d
never sucked one with as big a knob-end as this beauty
had! I only just managed to get it into my mouth and
found to my delight, that my lips closed entirely
around the truly immense flange, where the glans met
the shaft, effectively holding the massive cock inside
my mouth with no effort from me! God knows how it’d
feel if I ever finally managed to get that monster
knob-end inside my ass but I was sure gonna give it a
damn good try if he’d let me! My prayer was answered a
minute or so later when he pulled away from me and
opened his cubicle door. After checking nobody was
about, he pushed mine open and locked it behind

“How would you like to be fucked by this?” he asked me.

“Oooo, yes please!” I grinned before turning round and
dropping my upper body down onto the toilet seat with
my legs spread wide so’s my suspender-framed ass was
pushed high in the air, and now ready to accept that
massive knob-end.

It was then that I felt something tugging deep inside
my ass it was my Tampax! I’d forgotten all about it,
but the guy had seen the little white string and knew
exactly what it was, and what to do with it. I felt him
drawing it all the way out of me and then watched it
splash into the toilet spreading in width as it
rapidly sucked up the water it floated in.

“I think you’d better use some of this!” I told him as
I pulled a tube of KY gel out of my handbag and passed
it back to him, “Put plenty on and, push some inside me
please! Then you can fuck me and spurt your cum deep
inside me!”

He did as I asked, forcing the cold gel into my ass
with his finger, after liberally smearing his massive
knob-end and shaft with it.

I braced myself as I suddenly felt the cold gel-covered
knob-end butt up against my ass!

As he pushed forward and I felt my sphincter muscles
opening up, I pushed my hips back at him his massive
knob-end ever so slowly easing itself into my eagerly
waiting ass.

I gripped the seat, pushed back even harder, and heard
him straining the massively swollen glans slowly but
surely stretching my ass wider and wider as to
accommodate it’s immense bulk! Then I suddenly felt it
slip inside and my sphincter muscles tighten their grip
round the thick and hard shaft my ass-walls now
taking their turn at being stretched by the immense
knob-end that was now securely plugging my ass.

“God, your ass feels nice and tight!” I heard him
breathe as he fondled my hips and caressed my nylon-
clad thighs, “Now let’s get the rest inside you before
I start to fuck this delicious ass of yours!”

“Oh yeah!” I gasped, “Slide it all in and then give me
a minute to adjust to the size of that massive cock of
yours, will you? Then you can fuck me as hard as you
want and fill me to overflowing with your cum!”

“The word overflowing could be spot-on!” he replied
quietly, “I usually come helluva lot and spurt a really
massive load! So, is it still okay for me to come
inside you?”

“Oooo, yes please!” I replied eagerly as a tickle ran
through my belly at the thought of having so much cum
spurted deep inside me, “I’ll willingly take all you’ve
got to give me! Hey! Perhaps we can make use of another
Tampax when you’ve come, and for you to plug me with a
new one so’s I can keep your cum inside me for a

“Wow! You really are a horny bitch!” he replied, “But
I’ll gladly do that if you want?”

Having agreed on that, he slowly eased his entire cock
all the way inside me my ass-walls stretching as his
massive knob-end furrowed it’s way into me ever deeper!

After about 20 seconds of having his entire cock buried
deep inside me, I told him I’d dilated enough to take
his cock and massive knob-end, and to start fucking me.

God, did it feel good! He held onto my hips and
repeatedly plunged his entire length into me several
times a subdued but perfectly audible suctioning
noise coming from deep inside my ass as his knob-end
slid back and forth like a piston inside me! I’d never
had a fuck like this one before! Unlike a ‘normal’ cock
that was just a straight ‘rod’ sliding in and out of
me, this one had a massive flanged knob-end that was in
hard contact with the ripples and folded walls of my
ass as it slid in and out of me stimulating me so’s I
felt every fantastic and delicious thrust into me!

“Oh yessssss!” I gasped in absolute ecstasy as he got
up speed and his balls slapped hard against my own,
“Fuck me! Fuck that beautiful cock into me as deeply as
you can, and fill me up with your thick and creamy

“Oh, I will… I will!” he gasped as he repeatedly
rammed all he had into me and literally rocked me back
and forth as I knelt astride the toilet, “I’m gonna
give you a fucking you’ll never forget!”

“Oh yessssssssssss!” I sighed again, “And let me know
when you’re about to come I want to share it with

“Okay!” he gasped, “Oh, you’ll know, believe me!”

He stood behind me and fucked that beautiful cock of
his into my ass for nearly five minutes before he told
me that he wouldn’t be long before he came all the
time with me relishing every sex-soaked, cock-pounding

I knew before he told me that he was very near to
coming, as I could feel his already massive knob-end
growing even larger and harder and his thick shaft
swelling as he pounded back and forth deep inside my

“Get ready!” he breathed, “Any second, now!”

And then he stopped thrusting into me with regular
strokes, and instead he held me by my waist and stabbed
his bloated cock and knob-end into me as deeply as he
could pulling me onto his swollen cock as hard as he

“NOW!” he suddenly gasped his cock jerking powerfully
inside me, “I’M COMING!”

I pushed back hard onto his thrusting cock and felt the
first spurt of his thick and creamy cum blasting into

“FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” I gasped as he continued to stab
his spurting cock deep inside me and push me forward,

He grunted loudly with each powerful spurt of his cum
into me each spurt accompanied with a deep thrust
forward that made loud ‘squelching’ sounds as his knob-
end slid back and forth in the thick and creamy cum
that was being so deliciously injected into my ass!

Ten seconds later and he was spurting his cum deep
inside me as strongly as when he started with no
signs of stopping!

He must’ve spurted nearly 20 really massive and heavy
spurts of cum into me before he eventually started to
slow down my insides literally awash, gurgling and
bloated with the sheer volume of cum they contained!

Finally, he slowed to a stop and rested on my back for
a moment his magnificent cock still buried deep
inside me and soaking in his cum!

“Have you got that Tampax you wanted me to put in for
you?” he breathed.

I reached down to my bag and got one out stripping
off the paper wrapper and handing the telescopic
cardboard tubes to him before I dropped down to keep my
ass as high as I could, as I didn’t want to lose a drop
of his massive load of cum when he pulled out!

There was a delightfully obscene gurgling and
suctioning sound from my overstretched ass as he slowly
pulled his flaccid cock and still massive knob-end out
of my cum-filled ass and then I felt the applicator
of the Tampax being slid into my ass!

A few seconds later I felt the familiar feeling of the
cotton tampon being slowly pushed from the cardboard
applicator and then felt the Tampax finally sliding
into position as my ass-walls close around it and he
withdrew the two cardboard tubes!

Confident in the fact that my ass was now firmly
sealed, and that his cum couldn’t leak out of me, I
stood up and turned round to see that magnificent cock
now dangling limply between his legs.

“Here… let me suck that clean for you!” I said as I
sat down and leant forward.

“Fucking hell!” he gasped as my lips closed round that
massive flange and I started sucking the cum from it
and his shaft, “Just when I thought I’d seen and done
everything, you go and do that! You really are the
horniest cunt I’ve ever met, and I’d love to meet up
with you again for another fuck sometime soon!”

“Mmmm! We can make this a regular event if you want?” I
replied as I pulled off him for a moment, “You needn’t
think you’re getting away with fucking me only once! I
want that cock of yours stuffed deep inside me as often
as I can get it!”

“Well you won’t hear any complaints from me!” he
replied, “It’s been really hard to find anyone that can
take my cock never mind want it again! Most people
men and women, are put off by the huge amount I come!
They say it’s too messy, and my sex-life has been a
case of me just having a wank with a friend for far too

“Well, we’ve found a way of stopping the mess!” I
grinned as I licked the last smears of his cum from his
cock, “So how about us seeing each other regularly?
I’ll give you my address, and you can come round to
fuck me 2 or 3 times a week if you want?”

“That’d be great!” he grinned, “It’s a deal!”

“Well just before I do, d’you mind if I toss myself
off? I’m still feeling as horny as hell, and there’s no
way I can walk back to the car with my cock jutting out
from between my legs and pushing the front of my skirt
up like this!” I smiled.

“Only if I can watch you!” he grinned back at me.

I settled back on the seat and leant against the wall,
with my feet apart and my knees spread wide as I took
hold of my rigid cock.

“This won’t take long!” I smiled as I stared wanking,
“And there won’t be anything like the vast amount of
your cum that I have swilling around in my guts right

I rapidly slid my fist up and down my rigid cock and
recalled what’d just happened and how it felt to have
that magnificent cock ploughing in and out of my ass!

About 30 seconds later I gasped that I was coming, and
a few seconds later my cum was arcing through the air
as it spurted from my purple knob-end! It landed with a
‘splat’ on my mini-skirt a much smaller load that I
presently had inside me, but a decent load for me,
nevertheless! I then reached down with my fingers and
scooped my spunk off my skirt allowing it to drip off
my fingers and into my mouth as the guy watched.

“Jesus Christ! You horny cunt!” he gasped.

“Mmmm! Why waste it?” I grinned as I smacked my lips
and cleaned the rest off my fingers, “Besides, I love
the taste of cum yours included!”

Once cleaned up, I wrote out my phone number and
address, and gave it to the guy.

“I’m Suzy, by the way!” I told him.

“Jack!” he replied, “I can’t tell you how pleased I am
to meet you, Suzy!”

He said he’d ring in a couple of days to arrange our
next meeting before thanking me for such a great time.
Then he left me sitting there to wait and see if anyone
else appeared.

Nobody did, so after waiting another half hour with
madly gurgling guts and feeling ultra-horny, I decided
to remove my Tampax and drain my ass before going home.

So I stood up and straddled the toilet before reaching
down between my splayed thighs. Then I took hold of the
little white string that dangled from my ass, and
gently tugged on it. I felt the Tampax slide forward
slightly and continued tugging the cum-soaked tampon
suddenly sliding all the way out!

Because I felt so horny, I quickly lifted the dripping
Tampax up to my mouth and started to chew and suck
avidly on it as Jack’s cum literally flooded out of my
well-fucked ass!

I couldn’t believe how much cum he’d actually spurted
up inside me, and guessed there must’ve been easily
three-quarters of a pint maybe more! It just kept on
spluttering and draining from my ass as I looked down
between my splayed, cum-splattered thighs and chewed on
my used Tampax savouring the taste of Jack’s thick
and creamy cum!

Finally, it slowed to a series of weak dribbles and
stopped, so I flushed the bowl before leaving the
cubicle and walking outside.

As I walked along the path towards the car, I felt some
more cum dribbling down my thighs and soaking into my
stocking-tops, so I decided to sit down on a bench for
a while and have a ciggy while I waited for it to drain
some more. This of course meant I’d to lift the back of
my skirt and spreads my legs slightly to allow the
escaping spunk to drain through the wooden bars of the
seat and fall onto the ground.

I hadn’t been there more than three minutes, when I saw
a guy walking along the path with a dog on one of those
retractable leashes. The dog then saw me and headed my
way with the guy in tow and him pulling back on the
leash. As it reached me, I leant forward and stroked
it’s head as the guy continued towards us with the
leash rapidly rewinding.

“Sorry about that! He’s a little too friendly
sometimes!” the guy said as he stopped alongside me,
“Nice evening… you been for a walk?”

“Just a stroll.” I replied, “To see if there was
anything happening.”

It was then that I became acutely aware of three things
the dog was sniffing and licking up the dripping cum
as it formed a pool on the ground beneath me, and the
guy could obviously see not only my stocking-tops, but
was also aware of what the dog was doing!

“Hmmm, Nice view!” he said finally, “And it appears
like you’re leaking!”

Before I’d chance to answer him, his dog suddenly
thrust it’s snout under my skirt and started licking
the cum that was dripping off my exposed balls it’s
head inadvertently pushing the front of my skirt right
up so’s my suspender-framed cock and nylon-clad thighs
were totally exposed to the guy!

Well it was no use pretending modesty or anything now,
and because he’d just seen everything I had, I just sat
there and smiled inanely at him!

“I thought at first it was piss that I could see
dripping onto the ground!” the guy said slowly, “But I
think I’m right in saying it’s – something else

I slowly nodded my head knowing that the game was up.

“Hmmm!” he mused then added after a moment, “Any
chance I could… add to that that’s already dribbling
from you?”

“I don’t see why not?” I replied brazenly, “Yeah,

“Well I guess from what I see, that I’ll not need a
condom then?” he asked.

“Not if you’re gonna add yours to it!” I replied

“Right! What about those bushes over there? Will we be
okay there?” he asked.

“Follow me!” I smiled, “I know a good place inside

I led the way into the bushes and stopped about 25 feet
in at a small and beautifully secluded grassy clearing
that I’d used before.

“We’ll be alright here!” I smiled, “Now, how d’you want

“On your back with me on top!” he replied without
hesitation, “Just as though I was shagging a real

As I got down and laid back with my legs spread for
him, he told the dog to sit and slid his jeans down
before taking them off.

“Mmmm, nice cock!” I smiled as he walked round between
my legs with a good 6 inch of fuck-meat waggling from
side to side.

“Nice ass!” he replied with a grin, “Obviously good
enough to fuck judging by the amount of spunk that’s
leaking from it! Looks like somebody’s had a good

“They didn’t complain!” I laughed as he moved over me
and guided his knob-end up against my ass.

As I felt his knob-end pushing up against me, I lifted
my legs and wrapped them round his waist pulling him
all the way into me until his balls rested against

“Christ! You do have a nice ass!” he breathed as he
slowly started to slide his rigid cock in and out of
me, “It feels exactly like a real cunt!”

“Mmmm! Then fuck it like a real cunt!” I replied as he
got up speed, “And fill it with your cum like it was a
real one, as well!”

He went at me like an animal thrusting his cock into
me as hard as he could, and then changing to just
sliding it into me to stop himself from coming too

For the next ten minutes or so, I simply laid back and
moaned with sheer pleasure and satisfaction at me
getting my second sound fucking of the night!

“Oh yeah! Fuck me!” I breathed in his ear, “Ram your
big cock into me and fill me with your thick and creamy
spunk! I want to feel your cock throbbing and jerking
inside me, and your heavy load of spunk spurting deep
inside my belly!”

“You will!” he gasped, “Very soon!”

He was right! About 30 seconds later I felt his body
tense, and then felt his cock jerking, as he slowed to
a stop and spurted his cum deep inside my ass!

“Jesus fucking Christ, you’re a great fuck!” he gasped
as his cock slowly shrank inside me, “That was fucking

“Christ, I really enjoyed that one, as well!” I
replied, “Now lie on your back while I suck your cock
clean for you! I want to taste your cum as well!”

He did as I said, and I got between his legs sucking
on the flaccid cock and swallowing the smears of cum as
he laid back and caught his breath again.

“So, is that your lot for tonight?” he asked as I
licked the last of his cum from his cock.

“Hmmm, unfortunately!” I replied with a wry smile, “I
wish it wasn’t, because I still feel as horny as hell!”

“So you could do with some more cock then?” he asked.

“Mmmm!” I nodded, “You offering?”

“Not me!” he replied, “But I know someone else that’d
really like to fuck you!”

He slowly looked over to the Border Collie and smiled
an ever-increasing smile slowly growing on my face as
well, as it dawned on me what he meant!

“Is he…. any good?” I asked hesitantly.

“I think you’ll find he’s much better at fucking than
me!” he replied with a grin, “So, what d’you think? You
up for it? I think I could manage to toss myself off
into your mouth and give you something to chew on while
he’s knotted deep inside you!”

The thought of finishing off a fantastic evening, with
having a dog knotted deep inside my ass, sent shudders
of lust and delight through my belly!

I’d had quite a few dogs knotted inside me in the past,
but you’ve got to be careful when suggesting to someone
that you’d like to be fucked by their dog as well as

Even though they’re about to fuck another guy’s ass
that’s laid there and wearing women’s clothes and sexy
undies, some guys think you’re perverted at the mention
of having their dog’s cock stuffed inside you, as well!
But this time, I was in luck it was the guy that’d
suggested it, so there was no problem there!

“Yeah… okay!” I replied after pretending to think
about his offer, “I’m game if he is!”

“Great! I’ll go over and get him!” the guy said
excitedly, “Get down on all fours and I’ll lead him up
to you!”

I assumed ‘the position’ a position I’d been in so
many times before when I was just about to be fucked by
a horny dog.

“I’ll guide him into you and wait until he knots with
you before I come round and kneel in front of you!” the
guy told me.

What he really meant, was that he was so excited at
being able to actually watch his dog mounting me, and
that he wanted to stay and watch his dog fucking it’s
cock into my ass and see it’s knot swelling and firmly
locking inside me an erotic sight he’d never seen
before, and one he didn’t want to miss! I knew that
from the frank admissions of so many dog owners in the
past, after they’d watched their dog mounting and
knotting with me!

“You ready?” he called.

“Ready, willing, and waiting!” I replied.

At first, the dog was content to just lick my ass clean
of the cum that still oozed from it, but after a little
‘manual stimulation’ by it’s owner, it quickly jumped
up on my back and wrapped it’s fore-paws round my waist
the guy taking hold of it’s stabbing cock and guiding
it into my ass, which made the dog quickly jump forward
and bury itself all the way inside me! Once more I was
in heaven! I loved the feeling of a dog mounting me and
entering me, and I knew there was better to come much

As his dog danced around between my legs and pounded
away at my ass, the guy knelt at my head, fed his
stiffening cock into my mouth, and started wanking

Even though it was only a few seconds since the dog had
entered me, I could plainly feel that it’s cock was
rapidly swelling in length and girth, and that it’s
knot was also rapidly growing in size as well! So much
so, that a few seconds later it rammed it’s full length
inside me and kept it buried deep just long enough
for it’s knot to swell enough so’s it wasn’t able to
pull it out again! We were knotted boy, were we

And then I felt the relentless spurts of hot doggy-cum,
jetting powerfully into my ass as the guy continued to
toss himself off in my mouth! But my main thoughts were
of the delicious feelings I had, now that my ass was
being stretched to it’s utmost by the truly massive
knot that was firmly lodged in the entrance, making any
thoughts of escape totally impossible as if I wanted
to escape from such an exquisite knot and cock?

Although my ass was literally crammed full of the dog’s
throbbing cock, I pushed back really hard with my hips
impaling myself totally on the massive bulk of the
massively distended knot, and the enormously bloated
spurting cock! This made the dog hump his hind-quarters
forward really hard several times so’s his cock and
knot were pushed even deeper into my cum-sprayed guts
as he stood over me, panting heavily!

He’d taken me as his bitch literally like any other
horny bitch-on-heat that he’d find anywhere on the
streets, without a thought or any interest for my
satisfaction, and my ass was just a hole he wanted to
fuck and totally use, entirely for his own pleasure.

As the dog’s cum started to seep past his immense knot
and run down my nylon-clad thighs, the guy gasped that
he was about to come and shoved his knob-end into my
mouth. To be fair, even though he’d just fucked me, he
spurted a decent load into it, which I gulped down
after clamping my lips round his knob-end and shaft!

“Christ, I needed that!” he breathed as he sat back on
his ankles with his shrinking cock sticking up from
between his thighs, “If it’s anything like when he
fucks a bitch he’s just found, he’ll be knotted with
you for at least another 30 minutes or so yet!”

“Mmmm! That suits me!” I grinned up at him, “And what
d’you mean when he fucks a bitch he’s just found? He is
fucking a bitch he’s just found me!”

“And a horny fucking bitch at that!” the guy laughed.

The guy then laid beside me and his dog constantly
checking to see if his knot was getting any smaller and
when he’d be pulling out of me.

“Christ! You ought to see how much your ass is bulging
outwards with the size of his knot inside you!” he
said, “And look at all that cum that’s oozing out of
your ass! He must be really filling you up!”

“Mmmm, he is! With his cock and knot, as well as with
his cum!” I grinned.

It was another 25 minutes before I could feel his knot
shrinking, and I asked the guy if it’d be alright for
me to suck the dog off while I had a wank after he’d
pulled out of me?

“Christ! I was right about you being fucking horny!” he
gasped then added, “If you want to suck his cock for
him and have a wank after he’s pulled out of you, go
right ahead!”

“Thanks!” I smiled, “It really finishes off a good

About 5 minutes later I felt him trying to tug his cock
out of me and reached round behind myself to hold it
behind his knot. From my many previous experiences of
being fucked by a dog, I’d found that by holding onto
his cock behind his knot, stopped a dog from walking
away, and gave you time to spin round and lie
underneath him so’s you could suck him off afterwards
a manoeuvre I’d perfected in the past!

A minute later I felt him pull out of me, and then felt
the gush of cum as it flooded out of my ass and ran
down my nylon-clad thighs! Before he could move away,
I’d turned over onto my back and was shuffling
underneath him his still bloated spurting cock now
held firmly in my hand! With my knees bent and splayed
wide apart, I moved my head so’s it was positioned
right under his belly my own belly now gurgling
loudly as the cum drained freely out of my gaping ass!

I then directed the spurting cock so’s the spurts of
cum sprayed my face and neck, then up and onto my lips!
A few seconds later I opened my mouth wide and felt the
powerful spurts hitting the back of my throat! And with
my free hand now clasped around my rigid cock, I
clamped my lips round the red and purple spurting dog-
cock and eagerly gulped down the cum he was shooting
into my mouth! I moaned softly and slowed my wanking
down so that I could swallow for as long as possible,
the cum spurting into my mouth!

To show the guy his dog’s cum as it spurted into my
mouth, I repeatedly opened my mouth wide, and must’ve
gulped down half a pint before I could hold it off no
longer, and finally came! My spunk arced through the
air and landed on my belly me then letting go of the
dog’s cock and it slowly pulling out of my mouth as he
wandered away. Only then could I scoop up my spunk and
let it drip into my mouth, to join the loads the dog
and it’s master had both spurted in there earlier!

“I think I need a ciggy!” I gasped to the guy as I laid
flat on my back with dog-cum still draining and
spluttering from my still gaping ass.

He lit us both a ciggy and I relished on the soothing
smoke as it entered my lungs.

“There’s nothing like a ciggy after a good fuck from
a man or from a beast!” I told him.

“I’m surprised you don’t shove a ciggy up your ass as
well!” he joked, “You’ve had every cock here, up it!”

“Funny you should mention that!” I grinned as I reached
into my handbag and pulled out a new Tampax, “I need
one of these putting in before I go and sit in the car!
It saves all that cum from wetting the seat!”

“Christ!” he gasped, “I’ve seen just about everything!”

I smiled at him as I inserted the Tampax into my ass
and threw the cardboard tubes away.

“Well I’m fucked, and I’ll be ready for home when I’ve
finished this ciggy!” I told him, “For a hot shower,
and then to bed!”

“You haven’t got a dozen women waiting there for you as
well have you?” he joked.

“No such luck!” I replied, “Besides, after all the cock
I’ve had tonight, I’m satisfied!”

The guy just shook his head incredulously.

“Hey… thanks for the great fuck and the loan of your
dog!” I told him as I stood up to go, “I’ve really
enjoyed it!”

“Me too!” he smiled, “I hope we meet up again real soon
and I think I can speak for Saxon as well!”

“We will!” I replied as we reached the path, “I’m down
here quite often!”

“I’ll look out for you!” he replied, “See you!”

As he turned and left, I walked to the car on very
shaky legs and drove home.


The following evening the phone rang it was Jack.

He asked if it’d be alright for him to come round to my
place on Thursday evening for some adult fun? I
immediately agreed and felt my guts tickle like mad at
the thought of getting fucked by that massive cock and
knob-end again! Then he totally surprised me by asking
if his wife could come along with him?

Apparently, he’d told her all about me when he’d gotten
home, and she’d really gotten turned-on by his tale of
what happened between us in the public toilets.

“So she knows you go out and meet other guys then?” I
asked him.

“Oh yes!” he replied, “We have an open marriage and
both see who we want!

She was very turned-on when I described how you were
dressed, and insisted on knowing in the greatest
detail, exactly what we did together!

She then said she’d never been fucked by a tranny
before, and that she’d love to have you fuck her whilst
you were wearing your undies whilst made up as Suzy!
And when I told her about you using a Tampax? Hell, she
insisted that I ring you straight away and organise a
meeting with us!”

“Hmmm, how could I turn down such a request?” I
laughed, “Eight o’clock okay?”

“8.00pm Thursday? Yeah, that’d be fine!” he replied,
“Oh, did you have any more luck after I left? Did you
get any more cock?”

“Yeah, two actually!” I replied.

“Two, eh? And what were they like?” he asked.

“Well…. One was okay, but not as big as you!” I
replied guardedly.

“And the other?” he asked.

“Well….. that one was sort of…. different!” I

“Hmmm, sounds like there’s a story there!” he laughed.

“I… might tell you about it someday!” I laughed
back, “Perhaps!”

“No problem, I’ll get Laura to winkle it out of you
after we’ve told you some of our more secret
experiences!” he laughed, “See you Thursday at 8!”


I got ready with my makeup nice and early on Thursday
evening deciding to wear a red lacy cup bra and
‘falsies’, a matching suspender-belt with black lace-
top nylons under a short pleated cream skirt, and a
scarlet satin blouse that plainly showed the erect
nipples of my ‘falsies’ through the shiny material. I
then blow-dried my hair and styled it before I finally
finished everything off with some dangly pearl earrings
and a matching pearl necklace. Grabbing my bag, I went
back downstairs and poured myself a large drink as I
waited for Jack and Laura to arrive.

A minute after 9 my doorbell rang and I ushered them in
to sit down and have a drink.

I must say, Laura looked fantastic nothing like I

She was quite petite, about 5ft 4in, dark hair in a
short permed style, tits about 36b or maybe 36c, and
wearing a short little black number, that fitted like a
second skin so’s you could not only plainly see her
obviously erect nipples, but also the little bumps of
her suspender-clasps halfway down her thighs!

“You look beautiful, Suzy!” she exclaimed when she saw
me, “Much better than I thought you would! Even when
Jack told me how feminine you looked, I still half
expected that you’d look like a guy wearing women’s
clothes but I was wrong!”

“Why, thank you, Laura!” I smiled, “And I must say that
you’re much prettier and dare I say, far sexier than
I imagined you to be!”

We all sat down with a drink and talked about everyday
things for a while, before drifting onto the subject of
sex and my chance meeting with her husband.

“He told me you took all the cum he had to give the
other evening, and then kept it inside you by using a
Tampax!” she said, “Hell, it turned me on when I heard
that! I’ve never heard of a guy using a Tampax on
himself before!”

“Well it does save a lot of mess in the car!” I
explained, “But the real reason I use them, is because
it makes me feel really feminine to know I have one
inside me, and helps my intense desire to not only look
like a woman, but also to feel like one as well, when
I’m dressed and out of an evening as Suzy!”

“It really turned me on as well!” Jack added,
“Especially when you gave it to me and then told me to
insert inside you!”

“Hmmm, I must say, you coped very well with the huge
amount he comes, Suzy! I know it’s not his fault and
we’re stuck with it, but I get really uptight because
of the mess it makes!” she explained, “That’s one of
the reasons why we both see other people for sex!”

We then chatted some more about sex in general before
Jack asked to go to the loo.

“Tell me, are you really a guy, Suzy?” Laura asked me
when he’d gone upstairs.

With a smile, I spread my knees and lifted up the hem
of my pleated skirt my semi-hard cock totally on view
to Laura as it nestled between my nylon-clad thighs!

“Oooo, I say!” she gasped in apparent shock and
amazement, “You are, you really are!”

Suzy wants us to tell her some of the secret things
we’ve done in the past!” Jack said to Laura as he re-
entered the room, “And then she’s gonna tell me her
little secret about the second cock she had the other

“Oh yeah… I’d forgotten about you mentioning that,
Jack!” Laura said, “Right, where do I begin?” She
pondered a few moments before continuing…

“Ah yes! There was that time when we were courting and
standing in a queue for the last bus back home. I
remember there were about 8 people waiting with us as
we stood in line and Jack whispered into my ear that he
felt really horny. Next thing I knew, he was lifting up
the back of my short skirt and pulling my panties to
one side! I nearly died when I felt his cock slide all
the way inside me and he started to slowly fuck me!

About a minute before the bus came so did Jack!

So you can imagine how I felt when he pulled out and
his massive load simply flooded out of me and ran down
my legs! I was dripping like hell as we got on the bus,
and when we sat down, everyone could see a trail of cum
leading from the doors to our seats!”

“Tell her that one about us in the church!” Jack urged

“Oh, that!” she grinned, “We went into this church to
get out of the rain and found there was a wedding going
on! Once the ceremony was over and the bride and groom
walked back up the aisle, everyone crowded outside for
the pictures. So we followed them and stood behind the
bride, groom, and best man and squatted down so we
couldn’t be seen as they were having a picture taken.
This dirty bugger then got his cock out and told me to
toss him off so’s it’d be on their wedding photos
without them knowing! Only thing was, he didn’t let me
know when he was coming, and so he sprayed the entire
back of her wedding-dress with his spunk!”

“Right Suzy, now you know some of our secrets, let’s
hear about your little secret from the other night!”
Jack insisted, “Why the mystery?”

“I’ll need another drink before I can tell you!” I
replied, “Perhaps another hundred!”

I refilled our glasses and took a deep draught of mine.

“Here! Let me hold your hand while you tell us!” Laura
offered as she slid off the settee to sit on the floor
beside me and took my hand, “We’re friends, so there’s
no need to be shy about anything now Christ, we’ve no
fucking secrets, my husband was fucking you only a few
nights ago!”

“Yeah, you’re right Laura! Okay! Well the second cock I
had after Jack left, wasn’t off a man…!” I began, “It
was… a… dog!”

They looked at each other in silence.

“For Christ’s sake tell the girl, Laura!” Jack laughed,
“Put her out of her misery!”

“Christ, is that all, Suzy?” Laura laughed, “I get
fucked regularly by ours!”

I looked at them both in astonishment.

“That’s right Suzy!” Jack said, “Remember when I told
you after I’d fucked you, that my sex-life had been a
case of me just having a wank with a friend for far too

That ‘friend’ was our dog Prince! He likes to lick
the cum off my cock afterwards!”

“And when Jack’s gone out somewhere of an evening to
meet other guys, I usually end up getting fucked and
knotted with our Prince!” Laura admitted, “Hell, I’ve
been doing it for years now! There’s nothing like
having a dog’s cock wedged deep inside you!”

“Mmmm, I can vouch for that!” I agreed, “But Jack’s
cock comes a close second!”

“Well how about proving it right now!” Jack grinned,
“Laura’s been dying to see me fuck you so’s she can
insert a Tampax in you afterwards! And then you can let
me watch you giving her a real good fucking!”

“Yeah, but we’d better all go into the kitchen or
somewhere otherwise Suzy’s gonna have one hell of a
mess to clean up afterwards!” Laura suggested, then
added, “Oh yes, I nearly forgot, Suzy ! Would it be
okay to film us fucking? We’ve brought a video camera
with us and we’d give you a copy!”

“Only if you’ll let me suck your cunt out for you
afterwards!” I announced, “Then you’d be able to see
what I did as well as having felt me doing it!”

“And drink your own cum? Fucking hell! I’ve gotta film
this!” gasped Laura.

We all got up and went into the kitchen, where I laid
some towels down on the floor for me to kneel on whilst
Jack fucked me.

“Would you like to take my dress off for me so’s I can
film my husband fucking you while I’m only wearing my
undies, Suzy?” Laura asked me.

“Mmmm, I’d love to!” I replied.

I reached down and slowly peeled her clingy dress
upwards until she was standing in front of me whilst
wearing only her sexy undies! These consisted of a
black stretch lace underwired bra through which her
large and erect nipples could easily be seen, a
matching suspender-belt with plain-top black nylons,
and a pair of matching lace panties!

As I squatted down and slowly slid her panties down her
legs, I had an excellent view of her trimmed bush with
her crinkly outer cunt-lips showing through!

“Mmmm… nice!” I breathed as I slowly leant forward
and planted a kiss on them after she’d stepped out of
her panties and stood with her feet slightly apart,
“Very nice!”

“Oooo! And so was that you sexy little minx!” she
smiled, “I didn’t expect that!”

I smiled back at her and got down on all fours ready
for her husband’s cock!

As Jack went round behind me and knelt down, Laura
slowly slid down the unit in front of me and raised the
video to her eye giving massive an excellent view of
her cunt as her cunt-lips parted and revealed the
glistening entrance to her cunt!

“You like Suzy?” she asked as she reached down with one
hand and parted her cunt-lips even more with her
splayed fingers.

“Oh yes! I like!” I grinned, “I like… a lot!”

I then felt Jack’s lubed cock butt up against my ass as
his wife started to slowly rotate her fingers within
the folds of her cunt-lips!

“I’ll let you have a little suck, once I’ve filmed Jack
getting his cock inside you!” she said quietly, “A
little foretaste of what’s to come later on, when you
fuck me!”

She moved round with the video camera and at that
moment, Jack pushed hard and I felt my sphincter
muscles stretching and dilating to accommodate his
massive knob-end!

Ever so slowly, his massive knob-end slid into my tight
ass me pushing back onto it until I suddenly felt it
slip right inside! Only then did Jack rest a minute,
before slowly pushing forward once more until his thick
shaft slowly disappeared inside my ass, and his balls
finally pressed up against my own!

“Christ, that feels fucking good!” he gasped as he
knelt behind me with his hands on my hips and my
suspender-framed thighs pushed back against his!

“Wow! It’s certainly stretched you open, Suzy!” Laura
gasped, “And you’ve even taken Jack’s full length as
well! Pull back Jack, and let me film you sliding back
into her!”

I felt his massive knob-end sliding all the way along
my inner ass-walls until the flange of his knob-end was
pressing against my dilated sphincter muscles, then I
felt the delicious feeling as he slowly sank all the
way back inside me!

“Christ! I can understand now how fucking Suzy makes
you feel so horny, Jack!” Laura told him, “Watching
your hard cock sliding in and out of that beautiful ass
is certainly turning me on! And look how her suspenders
perfectly frame her ass beautiful!”

Having seen her husband in action with me, Laura then
came back to my head and laid down with her legs
splayed either side of my shoulders before shuffling up
and telling me to suck her juicing cunt for her!
Accepting her invite, I wrapped my arms under and
around her thighs, then dropped my head down so’s my
face mushed all around her oozing cunt. Then I licked
up and down the full length of her gash which made
her shudder with delight and thrust her cunt forward at
my face!

“Oooo… suck it, Suzy!” she breathed, “Suck my
drooling cunt out for me while I film you and picture
in my mind how my husband’s hard cock is sliding in and
out of your beautiful ass!”

As I sucked and licked the sweet cunt-juice from her
hairy cunt, I felt Laura drop her free hand down and
begin to frig her erect clitty her hips lifting off
the floor and her catching her breath every now and
then, as she hit a sensitive area with her fingers.

“God, this is fucking magic!” she gasped, “You’re gonna
have me coming in no time!”

I wished I could’ve taken credit for that, but my mind
was on Jack’s huge knob-end and cock as it fucked in
and out of my suctioning ass, and how very soon, I’d be
literally swilling inside, when he spurted his massive
load of thick and creamy cum into me!

With no warning at all, Laura suddenly and powerfully
thrust her cunt at my face!

“Yessssssssssss!” she hissed through gritted teeth, “Oh
God, yessssssssssss!”

Her head rolled from side to side with a contorted look
on her face, and she fucked her hips repeatedly at my
face a cocktail of her cum and her cunt-juices
flooding into my open mouth as she arched her back and
her orgasm raced through her upturned body!

“SUCK MEEEEE!!!” she wailed as she clutched at the
tiled floor in her orgasmic state, “DRINK MY CUMM!!!”

I slurped noisily on the escaping cunt-juices, and my
nose butted hard against her wildly over-sensitive
clitty as she bucked around making her orgasmic
throes increase all the more, and her cunt-juices flow
from her drooling cunt even faster!

It was then that I felt Jack suddenly thrust really
deeply into my ass, before he groaned softly and I felt
the first powerful spurt of his spunk jetting inside
me. For the next twenty seconds or so, Jack spurted
long and hard, his cock jerking and throbbing
powerfully inside me as it spat the remainder of his
cum deep inside me!

Then it all went quiet.

Laura had dropped back onto the floor and had stopped
thrusting her cunt into my face, and Jack was content
to lie over my back and regain his breath, as his cock
slowly shrank and dragged the massive flange of his
knob-end along the inner walls of my ass!

With a loud ‘suctioning’ sound, his knob-end pulled
free and I reached round with my finger to hold his cum
inside myself after all, Laura desperately wanted to
insert a Tampax into my ass, and the last thing I
wanted, was to miss out on her doing that!

A few minutes later they were both recovered enough for
Jack to go and get a new Tampax out of my handbag for
Laura to use on me.

“Hell, I’ve never done this for anyone else before
let alone a man!” she said as she handed Jack the
camera to film the event, and she took hold of the
Tampax, “This is gonna a totally new experience for

She then stripped off the paper wrapping and positioned
the end of the cardboard tubes up against my cum-filled
ass, before I removed my finger as she slowly eased the
outer tube a few inches into me. Then she gripped it
between her fingers and slowly pressed on the end of
the inner cardboard tube until they were all the way
inside each other. Then she slowly drew the outer tube
and her husband filmed her as it left the little white
string behind to dangle from my puckered ass!

“There!” she announced, “All done, Suzy!”

“Thank you, Laura!” I replied, “Well… what d’you

“Well, I’ve never seen a pair of balls and a cock
hanging down below a Tampax string before but it sure
does look sexy!” she replied, “I don’t know why it
just does!”

“Perhaps it could be because there’s an air of, ermm
… ‘naughtiness’ about a guy using a Tampax
something that’s strictly a feminine thing usually?”
I suggested, “I think that’s the reason it turns me on
when I’m wearing on just the same as when I’m wearing
women’s clothes and undies!”

“Yeah… I bet that’s what it is!” she mused, “It must
be! I have to admit that I do feel a little ‘naughty’
with putting one in for you and not a little horny,
as well!”

“You’ve to take it out and then watch Jack’s cum
draining out of me after, don’t forget!” I reminded
her, “But in the meantime… Get yer ass round here,
so’s I can give you a good fucking while Jack films

“Oooo! Yes please!” she grinned, as she scooted round
to lie underneath me with her legs spread wide, “And
then we can both watch as I straddle your face and you
suck your own cum out of me!”

“I bet you won’t be able to resist wanking yourself as
you do watch!” I grinned, as my knob-end butted up
against her gash, “Will you?”

“I might do!” she replied with an implied air of
defiance, “So there!”

“Aye! And pigs will fly!” Jack laughed, “You’ll be
wanking yourself silly before Suzy manages to swallow
the first mouthful! I know what you’re like about
wanking any excuse, and you’re either ramming
something up your cunt, or frigging it like crazy!”

“It’s my cunt and I shall stroke it as often, and as
fast, as I want!” she grinned.

With the good-natured sarcasm and joking over, I slowly
eased my erect cock into Laura’s hot cunt. God, it felt
fucking good to have a cunt wrapped around my rigid
cock again it’s slippery walls gripping it tightly as
I slid ever deeper inside it!

“Oh yeah!” Laura gasped as my cock sank all the way
inside her and my knob-end butted up against her
rubbery cervix, “That feels good, Suzy fucking good!”

Her legs came up and wrapped themselves around my waist
as I dived down and sucked one of her erect nipples
into my mouth my cock now rapidly fucking into her
and making her gasp with each inward thrust!

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she gasped each time I slammed my cock
into her, “Are you getting this, Jack?”

“Every thrust, my darling!” Jack replied, his cock now
jerking uncontrollably with lust at watching his wife
Laura getting a real good fucking by a tranny that had
a Tampax string dangling from his ass the Tampax
having been inserted by Laura, to keep the massive
amount of cum that Jack had spurted inside him when
he’d fucked the guy earlier!

“Oh yes Suzy, you horny bitch! Fuck me fuck me real
hard and then let me watch you sucking your spunk out
of my twat!” she hissed in my ear as my knob-end
pummelled her rubbery cervix each time I thrust into
her, “Let me feel your cum, blasting into my cunt!”

“You will, Laura!” I gasped back at her, “I’m gonna
spurt my cum deep inside your cunt, and then fill you
up before I suck it all out again very soon! Would
you like that?”

“Oh yessssss!” she gasped as she caressed my nylon-clad
thighs and slid her entwined legs up and down my own,
“Especially when my husband’s filming it! I’m gonna
squat over your face and then I’m gonna force your cum
out of my cunt and watch it dribble into your mouth as
I have a fantastic wank all on film!”

I then felt Laura repeatedly tightening and relaxing
her cunt-muscles as she tried to milk me as I plunged
my aching cock in and out of her juicing pussy! Her
milking me soon had the desired effect, for I could
feel my cum rising and couldn’t do a thing to stop it!

“I’m gonna come!” I gasped suddenly into her ear,

“That’s it, Suzy!” she gasped loudly, “Spurt your cum
deep inside my cunt! Oh yes!”

“I’M COMIIIIINGGGGGG!” I gasped as I felt the first
spurt of cum blast deep inside her hot cunt, “NOWWW!”

She held me really tight as my cock jerked and pulsated
Laura now mewing softly as she felt each heavy spurt
of my cum hitting her rubbery cervix and coating it

“God, that felt fucking good, Suzy!” she breathed as my
spurts ended and my cock began to shrink, “You can fuck
me whenever you want!”

She then slid her hand down between us and pushed a
finger up against her cum-filled cunt expertly
forcing out my limp cock and not losing a precious drop
of my cum.

“Lie on your back, my darling!” she said quietly, “Then
I can squat over your face!”

I did as she said and waited as I saw her straddling my
shoulders before she slowly lowered herself down her
cum-filled cunt now directly over my face!

“Ready?” she asked.

“Oh yes!” I smiled up at her between her thighs, “I’m
really looking forward to drinking this cocktail of our
cum and your cunt-juices! Now, if you slide your finger
away, I’ll hold your cunt-lips apart for you so’s you
can have a wank!”

I reached up and she slid her finger away from her
suspender-framed gash the first load of my cum,
slithering out of her, to land squarely on my tongue!

Laura’s fingers were already busy on her erect clitty
as she looked down between her taut suspenders with
lust-glazed eyes, and blob after sticky blob of my
viscous cum and her sweet cunt-juices dribbled into my
wide-open mouth the erotic sight making her impending
orgasm build rapidly as she breathlessly frigged her
exposed clitty!

As her cunt spluttered loudly, and gave up it’s hold on
a particularly large bit of cum and cunt-juices the
viscous load landing on my top lip before slithering
into my mouth I saw the familiar signs that Laura’s
orgasm was about to blast through her body!

“NOWWWW!!!” she hissed as her face took on a tortured
look and her orgasm smashed though her body, “NOWWWW!”

This one was a much quieter orgasm than her last one
was, but no less as fierce!

She threw her head back in a silent scream and her
whole body shuddered with the orgasmic power that was
running through every fibre of her body her cunt
contracting and forcing out the major amount of cum it
was holding deep inside itself!

After riding her orgasm to it’s end, Laura sank down on
top of me fighting for breath as my tongue snaked
deep inside her and eagerly lapped up the last traces
of my cum.

Jack caught the whole affair on film and said he’d
gotten some great shots of the cum slithering out of
his wife’s gaping cum and her, as she rode out her

“Fucking hell, that was a good one!” she gasped, “I
watched every drop of your cum falling from my cunt and
into your mouth, Suzy! But it was watching you
swallowing it that really sent me over the top!”

“Well you can watch it again if you want, because Jack
caught all of it on film!” I tod her, “Every last

“Yeah! And don’t forget I’ve got to film you pulling
Suzy’s Tampax out for her, and the flood of my cum
that’ll gush out of her ass!” Jack reminded his wife.

“Oh yes!” she replied excitedly, “Can we catch it in a
bowl or something so as not to make a mess on the

“There’s one in that cupboard!” I told her as I pointed
to one side, “It’s a glass one, so you should get a
good view, Jack!”

As I climbed onto my hands and knees, Laura went and
got the glass bowl as Jack got behind us and pointed
the camera at the little white string that was dangling
from my suspender-framed ass. I then felt Laura gently
tugging on the string, and felt the Tampax slowly being
pulled from my gurgling ass.

With a suddenly pull on the half-exposed Tampax, she
pulled it all the way out!

I held it in for as long as I could, but soon felt a
trickle of Jack’s massive amount of cum running down my
inner thigh! Then, as I relaxed my sphincter muscles,
his sticky load spluttered and gushed from me and into
the bowl!

It soon stopped flooding, only to be quickly followed
by another huge load, and another!

For the next five minutes or so, Jack’s massive load of
spunk drained from my gaping ass as his wife looked on
in amazement the glass-bowl now more than half full!

“Fucking hell! I can see right up inside your ass,
Suzy!” Laura gasped as the thick and sticky flow slowed
to a mere dribble, “Jack, come and get a shot of this,
while I hold Suzy’s ass even more open with my

He shuffled up to me and peered through the view-

“Fucking hell! I can see right up inside you… and
there’s some cum dribbling in from right up at the
back!” he gasped, “I must’ve spurted some up into your
guts, Suzy!”

“Well keep filming as I press my hand on my belly!” I
told him, “It’s still gurgling!”

“Yeah… yeah! It’s being f****d through, and it’s
refilling your ass!” he told me.

It was another five minutes or so before I dared assume
my ass was anything like near to being empty, so to err
on the side of caution, I asked Laura if she’d insert
another Tampax into my ass, to catch any cum it still
contained, and to stop it from dribbling out of me when
we went back into the lounge to sit on the suite.

So she spent the next minute or so, expertly inserting
another Tampax into my ass, as her husband filmed her
Laura then turning and smiling for the camera!

“I need a ciggy and a drink!” I grinned as I got up and
felt even more cum draining from my guts and into my

“Don’t put that box of Tampax away, Laura!” I told her,
“I think your services will be needed again before too
long! I can feel a load more of Jack’s cum draining
into my ass from my guts, now that I’ve stood up!”

“Well, we’ll just have to pull that one out and replace
it with another one after we’ve drained your ass for
you, whilst you’re standing up but after that drink!”
she replied.

“Good idea!” me and Jack both replied as one!

A few moments later we were all sitting with a drink
and a ciggy in the lounge.

“You had some bloody great orgasms in there, Laura!”
Jack told her.

“Are you surprised?” she grinned, “I’ve never been
fucked by a guy wearing sexy undies before! And the
feeling of having a pair of nylon-clad thighs rubbing
up against my own whilst feeling a cock shagging the
ass off me, really turned me on!

“So you like the idea of me like this?” I asked her.

“Fuck me, yes!” she beamed, “It’s like being fucked by
another woman that’s got a real cock! And if it was
the way that sex was going to be for me from now on,
you wouldn’t hear me complaining! That doesn’t mean
you’ve to wear women’s undies, my darling!”

The last bit was directed at her husband.

“Hmmm, I don’t think they’re for me.” he replied
thoughtfully, “But I have to admit that Suzy sure looks
good in them! So I can understand what you’re saying,
my love!”

“And what about me using Tampax?” I asked her.

“No that is something else!” she replied quickly, “I
never in my life thought I’d ever change a Tampax for a
guy but I have today, and found it… disturbingly

“Disturbing?” I quizzed her, “In what way?”

“I don’t really know! All my instincts screamed that it
was wrong! Not wrong, meaning not right… wrong,
meaning that men don’t usually wear Tampax, and yet
here I was casually inserting one into your ass, Suzy!
And yet with you, it felt right, somehow? Not just
because you were dressed like a woman, no, it’s more
than that! For some reason, I strongly feel it’s right
that you use them and yet I still feel turned-on when
I think of you sitting there with a Tampax inside you
right now! In fact, the thought of it is actually
making me wet look!” she said as she spread her legs
wide and showed me her juicy pussy, “And I’ll more than
likely have my cunt-juices running down my thighs when
I change it again for you later!”

“Before you do that, tell me about your dog!” I begged

“Oh, Prince!” she smiled, “Well, there’s not much to
tell actually! He fucks me on a regular basis when
Jack’s out looking for other guys, he likes to lick
Jack’s cock for him after he’s had a wank… and that’s
about it, really!”

“Has he got a big cock and knot?” I probed further.

“He has! But we’ll bring him round next time we come,
so you can find out for yourself!” she replied, “I’d
love to film him fucking you! And we could also bring
round some films of him fucking and knotting with me,
if you want us to?”

“Mmmm, I’d love to see those!” I replied eagerly, my
cock giving a little jerk at the mere thought of seeing
Laura on all fours with a dog knotted inside her, “Now,
shall we drain my ass and change this Tampax for a new

“Oooo yes!” Laura said eagerly, “Let’s go back into the
kitchen and film what’s left of Jack’s cum as it drains
out of you!”

A few moments later Jack was kneeling behind me as I
spread my legs wide and his wife tugged the little
white string and attached Tampax from my ass another
gurgling river of Jack’s cum draining from my ass and
into the bowl Laura held between my knees!

As the river slowly turned to several drips, Laura
turned to her husband and smiled…

“Jesus! You were on form tonight, my darling!” she told
him, “I bet there’s nearly of a pint of cum in this

“The thought of you watching me fucking Suzy turned me
on since you said you wanted to watch us!” he grinned,
“And it is the first time you’ve seen me fucking
another guy!”

“This was the first time you’d ever seen Jack fucking
another guy?” I asked her.

“Yeah, it was! Didn’t he mention that when he rang
you?” she replied, “I knew he did it when he went out
of an evening without me, but I’d never actually seen
him fucking another guy until I watched him fucking you

“Christ! No wonder you were turned-on and had such a
violent orgasm!” I gasped, “I thought you’d seen him
many times!”

“Not before tonight!” she said, “And I’m looking
forward to watching you both again!”

“Wow! Me too!” I replied, “We’ll make it a double
feature of you watching me getting fucked Jack and

“Now that’s something I’m definitely looking forward to
seeing!” she grinned, “But for tonight, I’ll settle
with inserting another Tampax deep inside that
beautiful ass of yours!”

It was getting late, I guessed, so I leant against the
sink and pushed my hips back as Laura expertly inserted
a new Tampax deep inside my ass her reaching forward
and tugging on the dangling little white string with
her teeth!

“You know what this means, don’t you Laura?” I smiled,
“I’m gonna have to change your Tampax for you as well
after this evening!”

“No problem there!” she smiled, “But why would you want
to do that for me? I could quite happily go back home,
wearing the same one as I came with!”

“I don’t see how?” I remarked, “Unless you wanted to go
back home wearing the same one again after I’d fucked

“You…. you fuck women whilst they’re still ‘on’?” she
asked incredulously.

“Yeah! It’s the best time actually! From what I’ve been
told, when she’s ‘on’, the nerves in a woman’s cunt are
at their most receptive, and because of that, most
women have their best orgasms then, as well!”

“Oh Jack! You’ve found me an angel!” she grinned
broadly, “Someone that’ll actually fuck me, whilst I’m

“I assume Jack doesn’t, then?” I asked.

“No! He’s like most men he won’t touch me and thinks
I’ve got the bloody curse or something!” she replied,
“And just when I need some cock, the most!”

“Hmmm, I can understand that!” I replied “But you need
never go short of cock every month from now on! I’d
love to fuck you then and go down on you!”

“Oh this just gets better and better!” she grinned, “In
that case, me, Jack, and Prince will definitely be
round to see you next week!”

And they were! But that’s another story!

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