This is perverted

Kristen thought to herself as she crept
down the hallway, moving closer to the soft moans coming from the
guest bedroom. It was almost three in the morning, and Kristen,
clad in her flimsy powder blue nightie kept fighting the urge to
peek. Images of being caught peeking in flashed into her mind,
the outrage of her friends, the embarrassment of it. But other
images flashed too. Of passionate, wriggling bodies, of glistening
skin, a hard cock, swaying testicles, sensual legs spread wide and
spasming. Kristen quietly opened the bathroom door, the one that
connected into the spare room. Just as she had hoped, the door to
the bedroom was open. In the darkness, she crept silently forward,
until she could see the bed, and the writhing bodies upon it.

The soft creak of the bed could be heard now, and in the dim
light of the room she could see Jerry kneeling behind his
girlfriend, Janet, who was also Kristen’s friend. Jerry had a
handful of Janet’s hair, from behind, and his body was pressed
firmly to hers. Her head was arched back and her luscious ass was
arched up against her man. The dimness of the light reduced the
image to black and white, Janet’s ass looking smooth, round, and
unblemished. The covers were a heaped mess on the floor at the foot
of the bed, and Janet was threatening to shred the sheets with her
grip. Kristen felt a knot in her stomach, one that twisted all the
way down between her legs.

Jerry moved in slow, even strokes, arching his back and
thrusting into Janet with a long, even movement. Each thrust
brought a primal growl from deep inside Kristen’s friend, and her
hips move back instinctively, forcing Jerry’s shaft deep inside

“God! You’re so fuckin’ tight!” Jerry whispered, his words
carrying easily to Kristen’s ears in the nearby bathroom. Janet
half moaned, half sighed her response. Janet pushed her upper body
up on her hands, her full breasts swaying underneath her.

“Fuck me hard.” Janet breathed. “Pump me hard and fast. Cum in

Kristen’s nipples were already hard, excited by what she’d
seen and heard so far. Now they ached to be touched and Kristen’s
right hand found her nipple, teasing it. She watched as Jerry
began thrusting faster into Janet, their bodies making an audible
“smack”, Janet’s breasts bouncing, and the flesh of her ass
rippling. Kristen felt her panties clinging to her crotch,
moistened with her own juices.

“Yes!” Janet hissed. “Fuck my ass. Pump your cum in my asshole

Kristen heard the words and let out a deep sigh, a sigh of
lustful arousal. Her left hand replaced her right on her nipples,
and her right hand slid under her panties and between her legs.
Kristen knew she was wet, and she slipped one finger deep into
herself, rubbing her clit frantically.

The two bodies undulated and writhed about, glistening even in
the darkness of the room. Janet’s long dark hair flailed about as
her body heaved and bucked to Jerry’s rhythm. It wasn’t long
before Jerry groaned and began thrusting hard against Janet, trying
to drive his cock and maybe even his balls inside her. Their
groans filled the air for a few long moments, and then fell silent.

In the sudden silence Kristen stopped cold. Her own heavy
breathing was covered by theirs, as was the wet, squishing sounds
her fingers had been making in her pussy. She slowly caressed
herself and watched the two lovers lay on the bed, him on top of
her from behind, both kissing and floating along together. Kristen
finally realized the show was over and she crept back to her bed,
still excited by what she’d witnessed. Her own sleep came only
after fantasizing about feeling Jerry coming in her ass, not

The next morning Janet was in the kitchen first, having made
coffee and preparing to make breakfast for the three of them.
Kristen shuffled in wearing her light robe, shaking out her long
golden hair.

“Well! Good morning!” Janet said cheerfully, handing over a
hot cup.

“‘Morning.” Kristen said blearily. “Thanks.”

“Well, you look dreadful. At least I have an excuse.” Janet

“Ummm. I know.” Kristen said automatically, then regretted it.

“Oh. I’m sorry, did we wake you?” Janet asked.

“Yeah, it’s okay though.” Kristen said. “It’s better than
David Letterman.”

Janet laughed. “ANYTHING is better than David Letterman.
Especially a…” Her voice trailed off.

“A good ass fucking?” Kristen asked. “Oh, shit. I shouldn’t
have said that.” She argued, “I’m cranky before my first cup.”

Janet had blushed, even through her early summer tan. “Well,
Jerry does have the right equipment for that.” she giggled.

Kristen smiled. “I’ve gotta take a shower.” she said, walking
down the hallway.

Before entering the shower, Kristen surveyed herself in the
mirror. What she saw pleased her mostly. Fair skin but with a few
too many freckles (never mind that her boyfriends told her they
were sexy), a pair of slightly bloodshot blue eyes, even though
there were some circles forming under them, a very attractive face,
but her nose was too big she thought, but no one ever complained.
Her best features, the ones she knew would always get the guys to
look still pleased her. Her hair was straight, and long, stopping
just below her waist, like a golden-blonde waterfall. And her
eyebrows, which matched her hair exactly. Many men had asked her
if her “other” hair was so perfectly matched. If he was that bold,
she invited him to see for himself that it was.

Her breasts weren’t as large as she wanted, but they were well
proportioned to her body. Her waist was slender still, and she was
trim, but she always criticized any flab on her butt or thighs,
even though most men would have killed to kiss her naked form. At
five foot seven, she was leggy, but still nicely put together.

Kristen stepped into the shower and soaped up, thinking of
Janet and Jerry’s performance earlier. She didn’t masturbate, she
never could in the shower, but she did feel much better after she’d
cleaned up and put on what little makeup she usually wore. She
brushed out her long hair, still wet, and used the blow dryer for
about ten minutes. It was still damp when she stopped to answer the
knock on the bathroom door.

Jerry stood in the hallway wearing jogging shorts and trying
to keep an erection down. Kristen wore her robe but was obviously
naked underneath. Kristen smiled and let Jerry into the
bathroom, while she returned to the kitchen and the smell of bacon
and eggs.

Janet’s t-shirt was outside of her shorts now, something
Kristen noticed quickly. “I see Jerry’s said good morning to you.”
she said. Janet glanced down at her top, then looked over at
Kristen, grinning. “Yeah. The animal!” She added with a wink.

They ate breakfast when Jerry returned, and afterwards, Janet
braided Kristen’s long blonde hair. She took her shower with
Jerry, and Kristen tried to ignore the sounds of splashing fun the

Janet and Jerry went out to visit the casinos on the North
Shore of Lake Tahoe, while Kristen contented herself with sunning
on the deck and reading a new book by her favorite writer. This
vacation started out wrong, with Mike cancelling out at the last
minute, leaving Kristen feeling alone, and like a party crasher.
But then, she didn’t gamble and besides, she wasn’t old enough
anyway. Kristen worked on her tan, hoping that her freckles would
blend into a semblance of a tan at least.

It was pretty and quiet in the mountains, but still warm.
Kristen only stayed in the sun for a short while before moving into
the shade. She read for about an hour and a half, then dozed off.

Kristen awoke, stretching like a cat, and then stood up. The
light coating of sun-screen still glistened on her skin and felt
slippery since she’d perspired during her nap. She picked up her
towel and turned to enter the rented cabin when she saw Janet and
Jerry inside.

Kristen watched through the large glass doors, her eyes wide,
blinking in amazement or sleepiness. Janet lay on her back on the
sofa, her ass at the edge of the cushions. She was naked with her
legs high in the air, and Jerry was crouching between her legs,
rolling his face around in her cunt. Janet was shaking and rocking
her hips, obviously enjoying his tongue. Kristen wondered what to
do as she watched. Somehow they’d come back while she’d dozed off,
and hadn’t seen her on the deck. Jerry made Janet come in a
gasping orgasm which made Kristen very wet, and she wanted to
finger her pussy, but she didn’t dare. She didn’t want them to
catch her masturbating while she watched them.

The two lovers swapped places, and now Janet was sucking on
Jerry’s cock. In the daylight Kristen could see that Jerry’s cock
was just about right for fucking, in any hole. Not too big, not too
short, just nice. Janet sucked him with practiced expertise.
Janet’s body was smooth and evenly tan, except for the small light
areas that showed the tiny suit she normally wore. Kristen felt
her feet moving, and she felt as though someone else was
controlling them.

As she moved, it came to her that she was going to walk in on
them, and she prepared and “excuse”. If they objected or were
embarrassed, she would simply go to her room, then shower off from
her sunbathing. If they didn’t object then…well, she’d see.

Kristen took a deep breath and opened the door, walking in and
closing it carelessly behind her. Just as she entered, Janet
looked up, and Jerry began to shoot. Both young women locked eyes
for a moment, then Kristen’s were drawn to the thick white cum
spurting against Janet’s neck and tits. Janet looked down, paused,
then gulped down Jerry’s spurting cock, making him cry out with
loud “ahhh’s”.

Kristen decided to go to her room, as if she’d interrupted
completely by accident. As she walked she could feel the
slipperiness of her own pussy and the stiffness of her nipples.

“Nice timing!” Janet said loudly as Kristen turned the corner.
She stopped and turned back, looking back at Janet, her tits
glistening wetly. “Sor-reee!” Kristen said, grinning. “I thought
you guys were going out all day.”

Janet stood and walked closer, her sperm-splotched breasts
wobbling as she walked. Kristen couldn’t take her eyes off the cum
that dribbled down between them, or the cum that clung to on of her
dark nipples.

“Surrre.” Janet said softly. “Come with me, I have something
to show you.”

Kristen followed Janet into the bedroom and Janet opened a
small paper bag. From the bag she pulled a thick vibrating dildo,
covered in a soft, flesh like latex. “Watch this.” she said, then
switched it on. The head vibrated and as she worked the controls,
the upper third began to twirl or rotate and piston in and out.
Kristen’s eyes got big.

“Where did you get THAT!?” Kristen laughed.

“At a little novelty store in town.” Janet giggled. “And this
too!” She handed Kristen the vibrator and Kristen felt it buzzing,
twisting and thrusting in her hands. It sent an erotic feeling deep
inside her pussy. Janet pulled another item from the bag. This
dildo looked like a “Y”, with two cocks joined at the base.
Kristen knew how this was meant to be used.

“Look at this though!” Janet said, connected a rubber ball and
tube to the dildo. She set it humming and the tips of both heads
blurred, then she squeezed the ball. Water jetted out of both tips,
squirting several feet. Kristen’s pussy spasmed at the sight.
“Think of the possibilities with this!”

“Um, yeah. Nice!” Kristen said. “Er, I’m going to take a
shower. Maybe even a cold one.”

Janet handed her the thrusting dildo. “Here, have fun.”

Kristen refused it, as much as she would have tried it in
privacy, she didn’t want to seem too desperate or horny. She went
into her room and couldn’t resist the urge to finger her pussy.
Kristen lay on the bed, her fingers blurring over her clit. She
came quickly, thinking of the images of Jerry’s cock spurting all
over Janet’s tits. A few minutes later Kristen pulled on a robe
and picked up some clothes, then went into the bathroom for a quick
shower. She was just about to climb into the shower when Janet
knocked on the door, asking to be let in quickly. Kristen opened
the door for her.

“Shit!” Janet said, “I got it in my eye and it BURNS!”

Kristen got a look at her face as she moved past to get to the
sink. There were thick globs of sperm on her cheek and in her hair.
Jerry had cum again, but somehow Janet had gotten some of the salty
stuff in her right eye. After a minute of splashing water she
stood up and toweled her face off, most of Jerry’s cum having been
washed off.

“That’ll teach you to watch too close!” Kristen laughed.

“Thanks a bunch.” Janet said. “Would you mind if I showered
with you?” she asked, feeling the cum in her hair.

“No, c’mon. You do my back, I’ll do yours.” Kristen said.

Together they showered, trading secrets and laughing over
Kristen’s unannounced entry earlier. Kristen’s hair was pinned up
so she didn’t have to dry it all over again, and Janet scrubbed her
back. The oily sun- screen needed to be scrubbed off, and Janet
didn’t stop when she reached Kristen’s ass. She worked down, not
sexually touching, but scrubbing hard. She kept going down those
long, lean legs, until she reached the ankles.

“Thanks.” Kristen said. “That felt good.” She turned around,
hand extended for the washcloth. Instead, Janet soaped it up and
began scrubbing Kristen’s chest, above and between her breasts.

“Jerry would k**l to do this to you, you know.” Janet said
evenly. “He said that last night he fantasized about you joining

“Really?” Kristen said, forgetting that Janet was washing her
front. “He really said that?”

Janet nodded, scrubbing around Kristen’s tits and then down
her belly. “He even said he’d like to eat you while he fucks me.”

Kristen’s mind imagined that, and she felt a little excited.
Suddenly Janet’s hand was sliding over her mons, and then between
her legs. The touch was lighter, more sensual now. Kristen’s legs
parted slightly, and her lips parted to take a sharp breath.
Janet’s hand lingered a little longer, then she began scrubbing the
fronts of the blonde’s legs. Kristen looked down, watching Janet
kneel and scrub. Her hand moved and touched Janet’s head lightly.

Janet leaned forward and kissed Kristen’s pussy lightly, then
she stood up. Close. Kristen seemed to move on automatic. She
leaned forward, tilting her head slightly, and then it happened.
Their lips met in a kiss. Kristen was surprised at how warm and
soft Janet’s lips were. Their breasts touched lightly, making
Kristen’s nipples stand up even harder. When they parted, Kristen
gazed into the eyes of her friend, now to be her newest lover.

Trembling with excitement Kristen reached out and touched
Janet’s breast. This was the first time she’d ever touched another
woman’s breast sexually. The soft flesh was so warm, and Janet’s
full orb drew Kristen’s hand into a cup shape which she slid over
the end of her friend’s breast.

Janet’s hands slid down and cupped Kristen’s ass, kneading it
slightly. Kristen’s whole body trembled, as though she were going
to have an all-over orgasm. Somehow Janet realized her friend’s
nervous excite- ment and she leaned down, taking one of Kristen’s
nipples in her lips. As she sucked on it, biting down delicately,
Kristen gasped and pressed her soft tit into Janet’s face. Janet
pulled on the other nipple with her fingers, then gently licked all
around Kristen’s puffy areaola. The tall blonde’s breathing was
shallow and ragged, and Kristen could feel her cunt leaking it’s
warm cream down her thigh. Janet stood upright and Kristen felt
like she was on fire. She grabbed Janet’s face and kissed her, one
of the most passionate kisses she’d ever given. Janet returned it,
with her hands exploring the lean, smooth texture of her friend’s

When their kiss broke, Kristen burned with a madness, a
desire, a carnal need. She bent and licked around Janet’s nipple,
then sucked hard on the erect bud. Janet cradled the blonde’s head
to her breast, and felt Kristen suckling and licking her tit.
Kristen’s right hand slid between Janet’s legs, lightly at first.
Kristen’s pussy spasmed when her fingers found Janet’s cunt soaking
wet and slippery. Her fingers slid back and forth through her
friend’s cuntlips, then Kristen sighed as her finger slid into her
friend’s body. Janet sighed too, rocking her hips forward and
trembling against Kristen.

A few moments later, Kristen stood with her hands on the wall
of the shower, legs spread, and Janet sitting on the floor, her
head bent back and her tongue, her wonderful tongue, swirling
around inside her. Janet was sucking her pussy, lapping her
free-flowing juices and sliding her hands up and down Kristen’s
legs. Kristen gasped for breath, her stomach heaved in and out and
her legs threatened to buckle. Janet sucked and licked, and
Kristen shuddered. A wave washed over her, starting in her cunt
and spreading outward, returning to her twat as a flood of thick
creamy juice to be lapped up by Janet.

Kristen sat down on a ledge in the shower, weak and flushed.
Janet rolled to her kneeds and kissed the blonde’s tits, then
kissed Kristen on the mouth. Kristen tasted her juices, not for
the first time but certainly the most erotic. Janet’s lips were
slick and their tongues danced. Moments later, when Janet stood up,
Kristen took the floor and tongued Janet’s pussy. Kristen looked
at Janet’s pussy, seeing the swollen lips surrounded by her curly
bush. Her tongue licked lightly over Janet’s slit, finding her
clit at the top, all swollen and hard. Janet’s hips jerked, and
Kristen continued to lick circles around it. Soon Kristen’s chin
was slick with the juices seeping from Janet’s opening, and her
tongue was sliding all around. Kristen loved the feeling on her
tongue, and her face. The smooth, warm, slippery wetness excited
her, and the musky scent of Janet filled her nostrils.

“Put your fingers in me.” Janet said breathlessly.

Kristen did. First one finger, then two, then a third. Janet’s
hips bucked and Kristen flicked her tongue over the girl’s clit.
She felt the spasms around her fingers, the grasping, pulsing
squeezes as Janet began to cum. Kristen shoved her fingers in
deep, moving her hand back and forth until Janet moaned loudly and
began shuddering. Janet’s hips ground against the intruding
fingers, and her hand pushed Kristen’s face tightly against her
mons. When Kristen pulled her fingers out, they glistened with
Janet’s cream, a few whitish globs clinging to her fingers.
Kristen licked her fingers off, savoring it like a fine sauce.

They finished their shower, hugging and kissing each other
tenderly. They had shared something very special, and they both
felt close and loving to each other. After eight years of
friendship, they had become even closer.

LOVE FUCK by Pussy Barber 2/2

Jerry was half-dressed, watching a movie when the girls came
out of the bathroom. Both were clad only in terry cloth robes and
they sat on either side of him. Jerry felt something was up, and
he was almost afraid of saying anything to spoil it. For a long
time he’d fantasized about having Kristen’s long legs wrapped
around him, and it seemed like he would have his chance.

Kristen sat so that when she looked at the TV, she could not
see either Janet or Jerry. When she watched part of the show,
Jerry slipped his hand under Janet’s robe and between her legs.
The sudden stiffness was like a jerk and Kristen turned her head,
looking right at Jerry’s half hidden hand.

“Turn it on.” Janet whispered softly.

Jerry saw that Kristen was looking, and felt his cock rising
into a tremendous erection. His fingers found the switch and a
light humming noise filled the air just as Janet’s body shuddered.
The “Y” shaped dildo inside her began vibrating her body, sending
delicious waves of pleasure through her. Janet held his hand over
her cunt, cupping her twat and pressing the vibrator deeper.

Kristen took Jerry’s other hand gently, spreading her legs
slightly and placing his hand under her robe. Jerry’s hand
explored her crotch, finding the other dildo already in place.
Jerry’s fingers found the switch and turned it on. Kristen’s body
jerked, and she gasped several times as the dildo began squirming
in her cunt.

“Ah-h-h-h-h…Ohhhhhhhh!” Kristen sighed, cupping Jerry’s hand
over her cunt. Her hips rocked against the twisting, thrusting
vibrator, and her eyes closed, jaw slack in rapture.

“Let me suck you.” Janet said softly, sliding down off the
sofa. She quickly unfastened his pants and removed his rigid cock.
Without a word she sucked on him, moving up and down the shaft with
quick movements. Her mouth watered and saliva coated his cock,
making it glisten wetly. Janet shucked her robe to the floor,
curling her feet under her so that as she rocked her body back and
forth it pressed the humming vibrator deeper into her holes.

Kristen leaned over and kissed Jerry, sending her tongue
halfway into his throat. He kissed back, taking command and forcing
her tongue to retreat. They mouth-fucked each other with their
tongues, bodies blazing with fiery passions. Jerry’s hips rocked
up to cram his cock into Janet’s mouth, and she made loud slurping

Jerry kneaded Kristen’s tits, and she began panting, coming
closer to her orgasm from the vibrator and all the sensations.
Jerry couldn’t hold on, and he felt the thick jism rising from his
balls. Janet’s wet mouth slobbered down his cock, making sloppy,
wet noises as his cock began swelling. She moaned twice, urgently
trying to call Kristen. Just as Kristen moved, Jerry’s hips

Kristen saw Janet’s brow furrow in concentration and the thick
pulsing of Jerry’s cock in her mouth. Janet’s mouth and jaw
worked, and then Kristen heard a swishing, squirting noise. Janet
moaned as his jism flowed, filling her mouth with his creamy cum.
She greedily sucked his sperm into her mouth, coaxing every drop by
licking just under the tip of the head. Finally spent, she let his
softening cock slip from between her lips, trailing a dribble of
sperm over her lower lip. Kristen leaned down and licked the semen
from Janet’s lips.

Janet grabbed her head and pulled her closer. Kristen opened
her mouth, expecting to taste Jerry’s cum. Janet opened her mouth
and used her tongue to push the warm, thick mass of sperm into
Kristen’s mouth. It was erotic to Kristen, and she sucked the sperm
from Janet’s mouth, then they tongued each other fiercely, swishing
the cum around back and forth. Parting their kiss, strands of jism
connected their lips. Tongues flashed and collected it, and both
girls swallowed, tasting his jizz like a cream sauce. The
vibrators had brought them both close to orgasm, yet their bodies
refused to yield. Kristen’s passions were beyond what she’d known,
and she wanted to come so badly she would do anything Janet asked.

“Go get my bag.” Janet said to Jerry. She smiled and asked
Kristen if she ever fantasized about being watched. Kristen, in a
very carnal mood, ran her hands over her tits, licking her lips.

“No.” she breathed.

“Let’s let him watch us.” Janet said, cupping Kristen’s cunt
and shoving the dildo into her.

Kristen was being fucked by the little machine, and the
twisting head kept her so close to orgasm that Janet’s hand nearly
sent her over the edge. The hand withdrew too soon, leaving Kristen
almost in tears, until she watched Janet lick her cream off her
fingers. Jerry returned carrying Janet’s duffle bag, his cock
returning to full size.

Janet unzipped the bag and reached in. “You’ll love this toy.”
she said, pulling out a two foot double-headed dildo. Kristen’s
cunt spasmed, and she reached down to finger herself.

“NO!” Janet said sharply, pulling the blonde’s hand from her
bush. Then, softly, “Cum WITH me.” And she kissed Kristen softly.
Kristen followed along, floating on her erotic, lust-filled cloud.

Janet positioned her on her hands and knees, adjusting the
dildo to a slower rhythm. She pulled it out of Kristen’s twat,
watching her gaping cunt hole spasm and close slowly. She pressed
the humming, twisting head to Kristen’s asshole, pressing the
slick, rubbery head firmly.

“Oh, no, don’t….” Kristen started, but suddenly her asshole
was filled with sensations that made her cream flow like water. She
trembled and her stomach jerked. Kristen’s ass shot up in the air,
and Janet pushed the toy down into the girl’s tight hole. “Ohhhh
Goddddddd!” Kristen wailed.

Janet rubbed her hand all over Kristen’s glistening vulva,
massaging her cunt juice all over her crotch, coating her thighs
and belly with the creamy fluid that dripped from her. Kristen
tried to catch her breath, feeling as though she were being split
open and fucked inside-out. Janet picked up the large dildo and
coated it with her hand, smearing Kristen’s juices on the bulbous
head. She held Kristen’s hips, pressing the thick rubber cock into
her cunt.

“Ah-h-h-h…Ohh! Make me cummm! Please! Makemecum!”

Janet slowly pushed ten inches of the cock up the blonde’s
snatch, watching her holes spasm as it eased into her. Each
outstroke brought her pouty cuntlips out, as though they were
holding on and trying to suck it deeper. Once she had the dildo
seated, Janet stood up and walked around in front of Kristen.

Kristen looked up at her naked friend, at the “Y” shaped
vibrator still humming in her asshole and cunt. Kristen felt
filled with cock, as though she would explode. Janet moved close,
standing with her crotch almost in Kristen’s face.

“Pull it out of me.” She hissed. “Jerk it out hard, do it

Kristen reached up a trembling hand and grasped the end of the
vibrator. It was slick with Janet’s cream, but Kristen jerked hard,
yanking it out of her cunt and butt.

“Ohhhhhh CUMM!” Janet yelled, then grabbed Kristen’s head,
shoving her hips forward and rocking them against Kristen’s face.
“Drink me!” Janet’s cream poured from her, soaking Kristen’s face
and Janet’s crotch. Janet shuddered and ground her pussy against
the girl’s face. Kristen felt her nose rubbing Janet’s clit hard.

Janet moved away suddenly, going behind Kristen and kneeling
down, facing away from her friend. Janet pushed the long dildo
into her cunt and then pressed her ass against Kristen’s.

“Fuck me baby!” Janet pleaded. “Fuck me with that beautiful
blonde pussy! Fuck me!”

Kristen and Janet began rocking their hips back and forth,
fucking each other with the dildo. Jerry had been watching from
the sofa, stroking his cock. Several times he’d had to grip tightly
to keep from shooting his load too early. Now he knelt alongside
the girls, reaching between their slapping asses to hold the dildo
still so that it would slide in and out of their slick cunts.

Wailing moans filled the room from both women. Kristen felt a
huge orgasm welling up deep inside her. Each warm slap of Janet’s
butt to hers brought her a half step closer. Both were near the
edge, sweat shining on their backs, making their asses seem rounder
and softer.

“Fuck me Kristen! Fuck me baby!” Janet moaned again. “Oh!
Kristen! Kristen! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU KRISTEN!!” she screamed.

Both of them cried out, slamming their asses tightly together,
pinning Jerry’s hand between them. They shook in orgasm, moaning
and jerking around, cramming as much cock in them as they could.
Each shudder from one sent the other into another shudder. It
seemed to last forever as they climaxed, bodies roiling with waves
and waves of spasming pleasure.

Kristen felt her muscles tightening and then it was if she
were drowning in sensations. Cum sensations. The fullness in her
ass and cunt made her eyes roll back, and her hips arched, pressing
hard against Jerry’s hand. She could actually feel the tickle of
Janet’s cunt hairs on her sensitive twat, and the cum-juices
trickling down her thighs. Sparks and lights went off in her head
and she thought she might pass out from the intensity of it all,
but she did not. She rode each delicious wave, surfing each one
down into her cunt, flowing out between her cuntlips and down her
cream-slick thighs.

Janet’s cunt contracted and gripped the dildo hard. She could
feel Jerry’s hand trapped against her vulva, hot and hard. Her tits
seemed to be swelling up, and her nipples were brushing the coarse
fibers of the rug. Her ass arched high, and she could feel the
heat of Kristen’s spasming cunt near hers. The dildo pressed
against her cervix, giving her a full feeling. Her stomach bulged
out, then contracted only to relax and bulge again with the feeling
of being crammed full of thick cock. Her cream was flowing and she
could feel her crotch was slick with juices. Each of Kristen’s
shudders was like an electric pulse to her clit, making her shudder
in respose.

Jerry pulled his hand out, and Janet felt Kristen’s sopped
cunt splat against hers. She arched back, trying to grind her pussy
against the wet blonde’s. They both tried, bouncing back and forth
until they felt another wave wash over them. The second orgasm was
unlike the first. This was more sensual, sexy and warm. The first
had been full of fire, passion, and need. This was icing on the

The two sweaty women sank to the floor, the dildo still in
their cunts, although almost out of each one. Jerry gently removed
it from their pussies, and also gently removed the vibrator from
Kristen’s ass. They shuddered and jerked as he removed the toys,
then lay still in a limp tangle of glistening legs, asses and
cunts. Jerry lovingly caressed their sweaty behinds, running his
hands down the backs of their thighs.

“Janet.” Kristen said hoarsly.


“I love you too.” Kristen said.


Jerry’s cock pressed against Janet’s waist, and she smiled. “I
think we forgot someone.” She said softly.

Slowly they both sat up, and smiled at Jerry. “You liked our
little show?” Janet asked.

“Yes!” Jerry said. “I’m so horny I could cum right now!”
Kristen looked up at him. “Then do it.” She said, thrusting
her tits forward. “Cum all over us.”

Jerry’s cock ached, standing straight out like a metal rod.
Pre-cum oozed down from the hole, forming a droplet under the head.
Kristen leaned forward and extended her lower lip to remove it,
letting it form a string as she moved back, licking it off her lip.
Jerry groaned.

“I know what he wants.” Janet cooed.

Moments later, Janet lay on the floor with Kristen’s ass over
her chest, arched up for Jerry’s entry. Kristen’s tits pressed
between Janet’s thighs, and Kristen’s hands gripped Janet’s calves.
Jerry sank deep into Kristen’s sopping wet pussy.

“Ohhh Jeeezzus!” Jerry moaned.

Kristen gasped then sighed as his cock began sliding in and
out of her slippery hole. Janet caressed her friend’s legs, her
ass, and belly. “She’s so beautiful isn’t she?” Janet said to
Jerry. “And so hot and wet. Fuck her. Go ahead, I know you want to
fuck her and cum in her. Do it!” Jerry moved faster, trying to
restrain himself in Kristen’s beautiful cunt. Her body glistened
with sweat, and with her ass high, offered to him, Jerry was
straining not to shoot too soon. He wanted it to last, for her as
well as for him.

Janet wasn’t helping matters. “Shove that cock up her cunt and
fuck her!” Janet teased. “Make her cum all over that beautiful cock
of yours. She wants you to fill her with cum. Cum in her cunt!”

Jerry pumped faster, his cock throbbing and straining. It felt
like his cock was a steel ramrod, plunging in and out of Kristen’s
soft flesh. Her cunt made squishing, slippery noises, and the way
she moved her butt against him made Jerry grimmace to keep his

“Ohh yes! Cum in me Jerry!” Kristen moaned. “Fill me with cum!
Fuck me! Fuck me baby! Fuck me!”

Jerry felt his balls tighten from her moans.

“Yes!” Janet added. “I want to eat your cum out of her. Let me
lick your cum off her cunt. Soak her. Soak her with cum!”

Jerry’s cock exploded, gushing thick sperm into Kristen’s
cunt. He thrust deep into her, pressing her mons down onto Janet’s
chest. She could see his cock swell between her cuntlips with each
pulse, and feel the tension in his legs as well as all through
Kristen’s sweat-slicked body. Jerry spurt and spurt into Kristen,
feeling like his body was draining itself dry in her, trying to
fill her sucking cunt to capacity with his sperm. At last he
stopped, feeling the thick warmth surrounding his cock inside her.
Kristen was moaning softly, and grinning broadly.

Janet pulled Jerry back, and as his cock plopped out of her,
he dripped sperm onto her neck, the soft, wet cock hitting her
mouth and chin with a wet splat. Janet licked the head, then
pulled Kristen’s cunt to her mouth. Opening her mouth wide, Janet
began sucking the length of the blonde’s slit, lapping up the sperm
and cunt-juice that flowed out of her beautiful friend’s snatch.
Janet shoved her tongue inside Kristen’s hole, withdrawing it
covered with their rich, creamy mixture. Janet lapped and sucked
at Kristen’s pussy, making the blonde climax twice. When she
finally finished, her face and neck were slick with their juices.

Kristen rolled off, sat up and kissed Janet deeply, licking
her own cum mixed with Jerry’s semen from Janet’s lips and face.
The two girls hugged and kissed a last time, then looked at Jerry.

“Hard again!?” Janet teased.

“Nobody could stay limp watching you two.” Jerry smiled.

“Can you cum again?” Kristen asked.

He shook his head. “Not for a while.” he said. “I need a
shower and maybe a quick nap before I’ll be ‘recharged’. You girls
have drained me!”

They laughed, and Jerry went to shower. The two girls sat on
the sofa, gently touching and kissing each other.

“You know,” Kristen began, “I never thought it would be so
good with another woman.”

Janet smiled. “Oh, you’re so sweet and sexy I could just hold
you close to me forever!”

Kristen smiled at her. “I-I’m glad it was you. For my first

Janet kissed her softly. “First and always.”

“Janet.” Kristen said between soft kisses. “I love you.”

They embraced and kissed, caressing each other tenderly.

“I knew I was falling in love with you the other night.” Janet

“What? When?” Kristen asked.

“When Jerry was fucking my ass and you were masturbating in
the bathroom.”

“But…how did you see me?” Kristen asked.

“The night light in there. Remember? I could see right
through your nightie. The mirrors in the bedroom showed you
clearly.” Janet said smiling.

Kristen blushed.

“I knew then that I wanted you, and that my feelings for you
were deep. That’s why I came so hard. I knew you were watching.”
Janet added.

“I-I felt perverted doing that. Like a peeping Tom.” Kristen
said, looking at the floor.

Janet lifted her face and smiled. “No, next time I want your
tongue in me while he fucks my ass.”

“You mean that?” Kristen asked, her eyes wide.

Janet nodded. “Yes. Just so I can have my tongue in you too!”

Again they kissed.

This trip may have started out all wrong, Kristen thought, but
it’s sure turned out wonderful!!

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