To love and to lose is better than to never have loved at all

This is what happened:

I was watching as closely as I could.

Without being too obvious, of course. It’s not easy
trying to be inconspicuous while staring out the window
through a pair of binoculars at another apartment just
across the courtyard, but I did my best. It was worth
the effort. Or, rather, the woman who had just moved
into the apartment across the courtyard was worth the
effort. Well worth it. Tall, with short blonde hair and
a dancer’s lithe, athletic body – my first impression
was that she moved like a dancer – she was more than
worth the effort.

I had first seen her earlier that afternoon when I’d
come home from work at the university library. She had
been carrying some boxes into the elevator. The only
thing I really noticed was her ass, swaying enticingly
in a tight pair of jeans before disappearing behind
elevator doors, but it wasn’t until I realized that she
was moving into the suite just across the courtyard,
and, having nothing better to do, had picked up the
binoculars, that I’d realized just how beautiful she

I’d been watching ever since.

Watching while she slowly unpacked boxes and shoved
books on shelves, placed pots and pans in cupboards,
hung clothes in closets… and so on. Mundane tasks to
be sure, but she made them look…


I really couldn’t say exactly how she made them look.
Worth watching, at the very least. And that’s just what
I’d been doing since I’d gotten home from work.


I couldn’t really make out the details of her face, but
what I could see looked positively angelic. God… I
was getting hard just watching her unpack. I dropped
one hand down to rub my aching cock where it pressed
urgently against the zipper of my jeans, leaving the
other hand to steady the binoculars. Maybe I had time



Moving quickly, but trying not to seem as if I was
moving quickly, I pulled the binoculars from my eyes,
dropped my hand to me side, and attempted to look
innocent. Karen, my wife, walked into the living room.
Seeing the binoculars in my hand, she walked up to me
and peered curiously out the window into the dark

“What are you looking at?”

“I… uhm…”

And then, thankfully… mercifully, the blonde woman
turned out her living room light and her apartment went
dark. Karen couldn’t see what I had been watching.

“Just, uh… looking,” I said, lamely.

“Hmmph.” Karen looked doubtful, but didn’t pursue it.
“Well, dinner’s ready.” She walked away, brushing a
lock of brown hair off her forehead.

“Great.” I followed behind her, discretely placing the
binoculars on the bookshelf. I couldn’t help but glance
out the window one more time as Karen disappeared into
the hallway. I could have sworn that I saw the blonde
woman, a dark shape silhouetted against the window, but
I couldn’t be sure.

It might have been my imagination.


Her name was Talia.

I bumped into her the next evening in the laundry room.
It seemed kind of unlikely – there were almost two
hundred apartments in our complex – but the way I had
been thinking about her since I had watched her the
previous evening, the meeting had an air of
inevitability about it.


I rolled the name around inside my head, feeling it…
touching it… tasting it… A strange name, to my
ears, strange and exotic. But at the same time,


Just like the woman herself.

A lot of women look attractive from behind or at a
distance, but when they come closer, or turn around,
the illusion is shattered, and they become human.

Not Talia, though.

Up close, her body, tall, slim and elegantly curved as
it was, faded into insignificance next to the beauty of
her face. She was a walking wet dream, with a small,
elfin face perfectly set off by a halo of short, honey-
blonde hair. And if her green eyes were just a little
too large for her face, well, they gave her an
appealing, little-girl look of innocence.


When I walked into the laundry room, she was standing
in front of an open dryer, searching through her
pockets while muttering angrily to herself.

I screwed up my courage: “Something wrong?” My voice
sounded tight and forced. At least to my ears.

She looked over and shrugged her shoulders, a slight
smile appearing on her face. “Didn’t bring enough
tokens,” she answered. “Last place I lived you only
needed four.” Her voice was low and throaty. Just like
I would have imagined it. Heck, just how I *had*
imagined it.

“Here,” I said, trying to keep my voice casual as I
walked forward with the laundry basket under my arm.
“I’ve got a couple extra.”

“Oh no…”

“Really.” I pulled a token out of my pocket and held it
up. “It’s no problem.”

She hesitated for a moment and then took the token. It
might have been my imagination, or wishful thinking,
but it seemed to me that she deliberately brushed her
long, cool fingers along my the back of my hand after
taking it. I felt my face redden and turned away to
hide the growing erection in the tight pair of shorts I
always wore when doing laundry.

“Thank you,” she said from behind me.

“Ah, don’t worry about it.” My cock felt like it was
going to burst. I hadn’t felt like this in years; not
since… well, not since long before I married Karen.

As I loaded my own laundry into the machine, I heard
her close the lid and switch the dryer on. I wanted to
turn and say something, but my tongue felt thick and
clumsy. And the erection bulging in my shorts would
have been almost impossible to hide. Maybe if I held
onto the laundry basket? Still…

“My name is ‘Talia’.”


Gathering my courage, and leaning forward so that my
loose tee shirt would cover the bulge at my crotch, I
turned to say something, but she was gone.



She was in my apartment the next day when I came home
from work, talking to Karen, who had gone home early in
the afternoon after a seminar had been cancelled. My
heart skipped a beat as I walked into the living room
and saw them sitting together. I actually felt guilty,
although I hadn’t done anything. Karen looked startled
and then angry for a moment when I came into the room,
but quickly turned away.

Talia smiled at me.

“Peter,” Karen said nervously, turning back and getting
to her feet, “I… uh, gather you’ve met Talia.

“I wanted to thank you for your help in the laundry
room,” Talia interrupted, still smiling at me as she
got to her feet. “It was very noble.” She glanced over
at Karen and then looked back at me. “A true

I shrugged, struggling to appear casual. “Don’t worry
about it.”

“No, really.”

She walked forward and held out her hand. I think Karen
said something, but I didn’t hear what it was.


I opened my hand and she placed two tokens in it. And,
just like last night, her touch lingered just a moment
longer than was strictly necessary. And, again just
like the night before, I felt myself growing hard.

“Two tokens?” I stared down at my palm as she pulled
her hand away. “I only gave you one.”

With her back to Karen, Talia gave me a smile that
promised everything.
“Interest,” she whispered, slowly licking her lower

Then she turned back to Karen. “Thanks for the coffee,
Karen.” Maybe it was my imagination, but her voice
sounded a little haughty – almost condescending. “Maybe
I’ll see you later; it’s always nice to meet new

“Uhmm… sure.” Karen shrugged her shoulders. She was
trying to seem indifferent, but I could tell she was
upset. Had she picked up on something – the attraction
– between Talia and myself?

With one last glance at me, and another smile, Talia
turned and left the apartment. I took a deep breath and
immediately set out to erase any impression Karen might
have received about Talia and myself: giving her lots
of attention… telling her I loved her… that sort of

Nothing worked, though. She was out of sorts all

It wasn’t until a couple of hours later that it
occurred to me that I hadn’t told Talia my apartment
number. How had she found me?




She moaned, her voice low and thick with lust, as I
slid my hard cock deep within her with one smooth
lunge. She was tight… and warm… and wet… just as
I had imagined she would be. Her long legs, already
wide and smiling, wrapped around my body, enveloping it
and pulling me in even deeper. The feeling of friction
as the head of my cock squeezed through the tight walls
of her pussy was incredible. And, just as I was
convinced that I could go no further, she pulled me
deeper still.

Now it was my turn to moan.


Bracing my knees against the mattress, I pulled back
slightly and then slid forward, beginning that
familiar, age-old dance. She relaxed her legs and then
pulled herself forward and up, the muscles of her inner
thighs tensing and then relaxing, her motions melding
perfectly with my own.


I looked down at her sleek, glistening body sprawled
out on the bed beneath me. Her head was thrown back on
the pillow and her short blonde hair swept away from
her face and fanned out like a halo. Her lips were
slightly parted, and her tongue slid slowly along her
lower lip. Moving my gaze down her body, I watched,
mesmerised, and her small, firm breasts bobbed and
jiggled in time with my urgent thrusts.



She tossed her head to the side and then back again,
opening her large, green eyes and looking up at me. One
long, lithe arm snaked up around and behind my neck,
drawing my face down to her’s for a long passionate
kiss. The tempo and urgency of our movements increased
as our tongues writhed together, darting in and out,
dancing, exploring each other’s mouths. Finally, our
faces broke apart. I stared down at her as, eyes closed
again, her breath began to come in short, frantic
pants. I increased the pace of my thrusting, trying to
keep up with her twisting, writhing glistening body as
I felt the tell-tale build up of pressure in my deeply
buried cock. We were both getting closer and closer…



I opened my eyes… and looked down at Karen. Her head
was thrown back on the pillow, her thick, brown hair
limp and sticky with sweat. She stared up at me with
hard, brown eyes. I kept pumping, hoping that she
wouldn’t pursue it.

“What did you just say?”


She stopped moving beneath me, her legs falling back to
the bed.

“I didn’t say anything,” I lied.

“I thought you said something. It sounded like…”

“I told you,” I growled. I began to move my hips even
faster, grinding my cock into her to get to her shut up
about it. “I didn’t say anything.” She just grunted,
unconvinced. I brought my face against her’s and tried
to kiss her, but she turned away. I sighed, and
continued to fuck her now motionless body.

Eventually, I came.

She didn’t.


Things became a bit strained with Karen after that, but
we were both busy enough that we didn’t have to see
much of each other. Between her doctoral thesis and the
class work and the seminars, Karen seemed to be
spending almost all of her time at the university
anthropology department as the fall slowly turned to
winter, often so deeply buried in the department
archives that I couldn’t find her even when I did find
the time to wander over to her department.

Not that I made much of an effort.

As for me, the university library was finally getting
around to computerizing its catalogue, so I had more
than enough work to keep me busy.

And Talia…

I kept an eye on her and gradually began to figure out
her schedule: when she left for work… when she came
home… when she did her laundry… With Karen at the
university all the time, I had plenty of opportunity to
‘accidentally’ bump into her as often as I could manage
it. Very quickly, our polite nods and greetings became
conversations and then meetings for coffee at the
little cafe across the street. At first I was concerned
that Karen might see us, but Karen’s schedule was both
full and predictable, so that wasn’t a problem.

And so, I found myself spending more and more time with
Talia. It turned out that she worked as a clothing
designer at a fashion house which was located just off
the campus. When she discovered that we worked so close
to each other, she invited me over for lunch. I picked
a day that Karen was busy, which wasn’t difficult, and

It was quite the operation. I don’t know what I had
expected, but when I walked out of the elevator, I was
immediately impressed by the size of the place. And
very posh. The receptionist was some cute blonde bimbo
with an ultra short skirt and half-open blouse. I was
surprised that they would let her work here dressed
like that. I mentioned it to Talia when she came out of
her office to meet me, but she just laughed and said
that the support staff were required to wear the latest
fashions, most of which were either designed or
distributed by that company; almost like walking
advertisements. She pointed out a number of such girls
as she showed me around the office, all beautiful and
all wearing daring outfits.

I was impressed.

As we walked into the elevator, she put her hand on my
arm and gave a squeeze. It was like a bolt of
electricity shooting through my body.

I was falling in love.


I continued to see less and less of Karen as Christmas
approached. We’d be together on the odd weekend when
one of us wasn’t at work or at school; we’d talk, see a
movie… even fuck once in a while, but it wasn’t
important. It didn’t seem real.

I lived for the meetings with Talia.

Not that anything had happened.


There was, however, plenty of promise of things to
come. Talia and I met two or three times a week for
lunch, and I eventually became well known at her
office. I even got to know that blonde secretary I had
been so dismissive about earlier. Despite her
appearance and high, little-girl voice, it turned out
she had an MBA. From Harvard, no less! I asked her
about the job and she said she took it because of
Talia. She said that Talia was one of the top designers
in the country, and it was great experience to work for

Even as a secretary.

I had no idea Talia was so important or well known.
When I asked her about it, Talia just laughed. She said
something about reputations and flattery and deceptive
appearances, and then talked about her career, but I
didn’t really hear it. I was still lost in the sound of
her laughter.

We spent more and more time together. Talia became
quite busy with her job as the Christmas season
approached, often working late two or three nights a
week, or having to be away on weekends, but my schedule
at the library was pretty flexible, and I was able to
arrange things so that I was working whenever Talia was
working and available when she was available. Of
course, this meant that Karen and I saw even less of
each other, but I didn’t really notice.

Talia and I became closer and closer…

And one night, as Talia and I sat together on the couch
in her living room watching a movie, I finally got up
the courage to put my arm around her shoulder. She
looked over at me, her green eyes wide and questioning,
but didn’t say anything as I drew her closer… and
closer, until finally our faces were inches apart.

“Peter,” she whispered, looking uncertain for the first
time since I had met her, “I…”

“Shhh…” I put a trembling finger on her lips.

“I… what about…”

I silenced her by pressing my lips against her’s and
slipping my tongue into her mouth.

My heart was pounding like a jackhammer.

Was I going too quickly?

Had I misread the situation?

Was I going to lose her?

No. She stiffened for one terrible moment and then
melted into the kiss, opening her mouth and welcoming
me. Letting out a quiet moan, she slid backwards onto
the couch, drawing me down onto her. We explored each
other’s bodies like a pair of teenagers, hungry,
grasping… almost desperate in our need for each
other. Finally, panting, she lifted her arms and began
to slide out of her tee shirt.

I looked up from the couch, staring out the window at
my own dark, empty apartment across the courtyard.
“Shouldn’t we close the blinds?” I asked, feeling
suddenly exposed.

She laughed and pulled my face down to her small, firm
breasts. “Don’t worry about it,” she told me, gasping
slightly as my tongue found her hard, sensitive
nipples. “No one can see.”

And that was the last I thought about it.

It was better than I’d imagined…


Two days later, Talia invited Karen and myself to her
Christmas party. I debated over whether to tell Karen,
but eventually decided that I had no choice. It would
be too obvious, otherwise. And so I waited one night
until Karen was almost asleep beside me and then
mentioned, in passing, Talia’s party. Karen mumbled
something about some her parents being in town or
something like that, and then rolled over.

Her parents.



“What do you mean you’re not going!” She was mad.
Furious. I don’t think I’d ever seen Karen like that
before. “You *know* how important this is! They only
come into town a couple times a year. I *told* you I
would have come late after making an appearance at this
bloody faculty party. They’ll arrive at the restaurant

“Karen,” I interrupted, standing my ground, “I told you
a week ago. You should have said something then. I’ve
already told Talia that we were going.”

“You didn’t say anything to me about it!”

“I did.” Sure, when you were half asleep.

She fell silent for a moment, her hands clenched in
tight little fists at her sides. I started to say
something, but changed my mind. Best to keep quiet and
see what happened.

I have to admit, she looked great, standing there in
the new evening dress she had bought for the faculty
party. She wasn’t as tall or slender as Talia, but she
still had a great body and a beautiful face surrounded
by thick waves of brown hair. And the dress, which left
her upper body and arms bare showed her off to
perfection. But Talia… I felt a lump in my throat as
I mentally compared my wife to the woman I loved. Karen
and I…

“Peter,” she said, more begging now than angry, “you
know how important this is.” My heart ached for her,
but I had to be firm. Maybe it was for her own good. “I
*have* to go to this faculty party; if my parents…”

I shook my head. “No. I’ve already told Talia that I
would go to her party.”

‘I’ not ‘we’.

Karen’s shoulders slumped. Her eyes glistened and I
thought for a moment she would start to cry.
Fortunately, I was spared that ordeal; with a quiet
sigh, she turned and walked out of the kitchen towards
the front door. I stayed where I was and listened while
she changed into her dress shoes and left the apartment
without another word.

Finally, she was gone.

I walked into the dark living room and glanced out the
window at Talia’s apartment across the courtyard. It
was brightly lit and already full of people.



The party was in full swing when I arrived. I looked
around the crowd, but didn’t see anyone I really knew.
From the look of things, it was mostly people from
Talia’s office. I thought I saw the receptionist, still
dressed in the same daring fashions which she wore at
work, but if it was her, she was quickly swallowed by
the crowd.

Not that it mattered.

I was only looking for one person.


With Karen gone for the night, and maybe for good, I
wanted to be with…

And there she was, walking out of the kitchen and into
the living room. As usual, she was stunning. From her
beautiful feet, encased in patent leather shoes; to
where her long, sleek legs disappeared into a black,
leather skirt which barely covered the bottom curves of
her ass; to where a white, frilly blouse made the most
of her small breasts; to her long, bare arms; and,
finally, her flawless face and green eyes, perfectly
set off by her short blonde hair and a pair of green,
teardrop earrings dangling from her earlobes.

God, she was beautiful.

Our eyes met. I felt a thrill shoot through my body as
she broke off her current conversation, grabbed a
couple of drinks from a tray, and began walking across
the room towards me. Towards *me*! This wonderful,
incredible creature, surrounded by all her friends and
colleagues, wanted nothing more than to be with me.

Right then and there, I knew that my marriage was over.

She stopped a couple feet in front of me, looking me up
and down with her large, green eyes. “You’re alone,”
she noted, handing me a drink.

I shrugged. “Karen couldn’t make it. She had a party on
campus tonight.
And her parents are in town.”

Talia smiled. “I’m sorry.”

I smiled back. “Yeah. It’s a shame.”

We stared at each other for a few moments. We both knew
that tonight would be special. And then: “Dance?”

I nodded, and downed the drink in one swallow. She took
my hand and led me through the crowd to a corner of the
room set aside for dancing. A fast song was playing, so
we joined the crowd in bouncing and swaying in time
with the music. As we danced, the crowd seemed to melt
away, and my gaze became more and more focused on
Talia: the way she moved; the way her long legs twisted
and slid under the dark skirt; the way her breasts
jiggled under the blouse…

Someone handed us two more glasses and we emptied them
without leaving the dance floor. We just danced and
danced, and, when a slow song finally began, it seemed
to me like we had the whole dance floor to ourselves.

The whole world to ourselves.

She melted into my arms, pressing her small, firm
breasts against my chest as we began to sway back in
forth, maybe in time with the music, and maybe not. As
we danced, my hands roamed her body, sliding up and
down her back and cupping her ass through the leather
skirt. She moaned and brought her mouth up to mine for
a long passionate kiss. My cock quickly grew rock hard
in my pants. Talia ran her hand along it and smiled.

“You like this,” she whispered, licking at my ear.

“No,” I answered, pulling her even closer to me, “I
*love* this. I love you.”

This seemed to startle her for a moment. She glanced
around and then looked back up at me with her green
eyes. “I know that,” she told me, smiling a strange
smile, “but your wife…”

“She doesn’t know about us,” I told her. “And

“I think she does.” Talia nodded at a corner of the
room. “She’s right over there.”



I let go of Talia and whirled around. It was Karen,
standing on the other side of the room.


With tears in her eyes…

Cursing under my breath, I walked towards her.

‘Well,’ I thought to myself, noticing that Talia was
right behind me, ‘maybe it’s better to get this over
with now.’


I reached out to touch her shoulder, but she turned
away. Running a hand through my hair, I noticed for the
first time how dizzy I was. It might have been the
alcohol, or maybe the fact that all my blood had rushed
to my cock, but I suddenly felt very unsteady.

I reached out again: “Karen, I don’t…”

“Don’t touch me,” she hissed, shrugging away from my
hand. Her eyes were wet with tears.

“Damn it.” I was beginning to get angry. She was
supposed to be somewhere else. What was she doing here,
fucking up my evening? Fucking up my life! “I don’t
want to…”

Again, she turned away.

I was about to grab her by the shoulders and start
shaking when Talia slipped around to stand beside me.
“Let me,” she whispered. “I can help.” I was doubtful,
but let her do as she wanted.

Better her than me.

Talia gestured towards the bar. Shrugging, I turned and
walked away. It was Talia’s party; if she was worried
about Karen making a scene, that was her problem. I
just hoped she wouldn’t be too hard on the poor girl.

Me, I needed a drink.

There was a small wet bar set up just outside the
kitchen. I ordered a double scotch and took a long sip.
It was the good stuff, certainly better than what Karen
and I had been able to afford. I took another swallow,
downing most of the drink. Thus fortified, I turned to
watch the fireworks.

Only there weren’t any. Talia and Karen were still in
the corner. Talia had her hand on Karen’s bare shoulder
and was talking intently. Karen look uncertain, her
damp eyes fixed on the blonde woman’s face, but Talia
kept talking. Finally, Karen nodded, wiping a tear from
her cheek. Talia turned and walked back to the dance
floor with Karen following close behind. As she walked,
Karen shot me a look of… well, I’m not sure what:
hatred? anger? love? fear? I couldn’t see clearly, but
it scared me. She seemed… well, strange. Shaken, I
downed the remaining scotch and ordered another. By the
time it arrived, the music had started up again and the
two women were dancing together.


I watched in stunned disbelief, drink all but forgotten
in my hand. Talia and Karen stood facing each other,
staring at each other’s faces and swaying in time with
music. Karen was stiff at first, tentative, but she
quickly loosened up and got into it.

She always did love to dance.

The two women, one tall, sleek and blonde and the other
shorter, with thick brown hair and soft curves, were
quickly the centre of attention. No one seemed shocked
or surprised, and there were still other dancers on the
floor, but you could tell that everyone was watching
Talia and Karen as their dance slowly, but surely,
became increasingly seductive. The other people on the
dance floor smiled and gave them room.

The dance continued.

Talia made the first move, placing her hands on Karen’s
shoulders and moving closer to the shorter woman. Karen
looked uncertain for a moment but then, shooting a
quick glance to see if I was watching – I was; oh god,
I was – she slowly, sensuously slid her own hands up
Talia’s bare arms and, reaching around behind the her
back, drew the blonde women closer. Bodies swaying,
their faces met and I felt myself shudder as Talia’s
mouth opened and…

What was happening?

After an eternity, the kiss ended. As Karen pulled her
face away, Talia’s tongue darted out and traced a slow,
proprietary path all along the outside of Karen’s
slightly parted lips. Karen stood there, breasts rising
and falling quickly under the thin fabric of her dress,
a light sheen of perspiration glistening on her face,
while Talia completed her journey and then drew her in
for another long, excruciating kiss.

I swallowed most of my drink in one gulp and held out
my glass for a refill.

The kiss ended.

Karen, turning gracefully, slowly wrapped herself in
Talia’s long, smooth arms. Soon, she was leaning back
in the other woman’s grip, completely relaxed, allowing
herself to be led around the dance floor, eyes closed
and lips parted. I could see that her breathing was
becoming heavy as Talia leaned over and whispered
something in her ear. Karen giggled… and then giggled
again as the blonde woman ran her tongue alongside her
ear, down her neck…

I wanted to get up off the stool.

I wanted to walk over and grab Karen by the arm and
jerk her away from Talia. I wanted…

I just sat there, mesmerized, while Karen bent her head
back, parted her lips and shivered as Talia joined her
in another long, passionate kiss. I just sat there as
the two women abandoned any pretence at dancing and
began to neck openly right there on the dance floor,
their hands exploring each other’s bodies; cupping each
other’s breasts… I just sat there and watched as
Talia broke off the kiss and, with a quick glance at me
and a strange, triumphant smile on her beautiful face,
took Karen by the hand and led her off the dance floor
towards the bedroom. I got a quick glance at my wife’s
face as the blonde woman led her away. She seemed
dazed, her eyes blank and her breasts rising and
falling in quick, urgent gasps beneath the low cut of
her evening dress.

The entered the bedroom and the door closed.

The spell was broken, and I could move again. I got up
and half staggered across the room towards the closed
door. A big guy I didn’t recognize stepped in front of
me and shook his head. Confused, I came to a halt and
looked around the room. The music had stopped and no
one was dancing any more.

Someone laughed.

And then someone else.

I felt my stomach heave, mostly because of the manner
in which I’d downed the last couple of drinks, but also
because of fear. Breaking out into a cold sweat, I
turned and half-ran to the door. No one blocked my way
and I was out in the hallway before I knew what was
happening. I heard the music start up again as I
staggered away down the hall.

I barely made it to my own apartment. Gasping for air,
I stumbled into the bathroom and began to retch into
the toilet.



Karen didn’t come home that night.

Nor the next.

Nor the next after that.

The blinds were kept down at Talia’s apartment and I
didn’t have the guts to go over there and knock on the
door. And so, not knowing what else to do, I went to
work the next Monday. I called the anthropology
department, but Karen wasn’t there. When I got home,
most of Karen’s things were gone from the bedroom.

I did nothing.


Four days later, I answered a knock on the door. It was
a man I’d never met before. He asked who I was and
then, when I told him, he handed me an envelope. I
asked him what it was, but he just told me to open it.

It was a petition for divorce.


By the end of the next week, I was frantic with worry
and sick at the thought of losing… who, Talia? Karen?
I didn’t know any more. I just knew that it wasn’t
fair! I’d tried repeatedly to contact Karen at the
university, but they told me that she hadn’t shown up
for any classes or seminars in two weeks. She was in
danger of losing her position.

So I tanked up on a few drinks at lunch the next day
and wandered over to Talia’s office. By the time I got
there, I was half convinced that the whole thing was
some scheme of Talia’s to get Karen out of the way.


But still…

I walked out of the elevator.

Karen was working as the receptionist.

She sat at the desk where the blonde girl had been
before, wearing the same skimpy, ultra-fashionable
clothing the other girl had been waiting.

“Can I help you?”

Her voice was high pitched and girlish, just like the
blonde woman’s, and she had that same half-dazed
expression I had seen on her face that night at
Talia’s, a look full of confusion and… what else,
lust? confusion? I don’t know. She didn’t look the
same, though.

I took my wife’s hand. “Karen…”

“You’re not welcome here, Mr. Parker.”

I looked up.


“What have you…”

“Would you please leave now?”

I just stared, unbelieving, feeling my anger rise. What

“Talia,” Karen whined like a little girl, “He’s h-
hurting meeee.” I looked down. Her hand had turned
white in my grip. Karen had tears in her eyes, and her
lower lip was stuck out like a pouting child.

Letting go of her hand, I looked up, suddenly enraged.
“You bitch,” I yelled, “What did you do to her?”
Furious, I dodged around the desk and lunged at the
blonde woman. She was too quick for me, though; she
took a calm step backwards and then kicked me in the


By the time I was able to stand without retching, the
police had arrived and I was arrested for assault.


The charges were quickly dropped, but I lost my job the
next Monday. Someone had spread the story that I had
gotten drunk and attacked a woman. By mid-morning,
there were half a dozen campus “womyn’s” groups
picketing the library, demanding that I be fired. Mr
Blake put me on temporary suspension before lunch, and
made it very clear that there was nothing temporary
about it.

“Some of these women have even threatened to start
burning books,” he confided in me, looking horrified at
the very thought. “Burning books.” He shook his head.
“Can’t have that; this is a library.”

And so, I went home a noon.

Without a job.


The next day, I was served with more legal papers,
setting out the basis of a “negotiated” settlement.
Basically, Karen got everything. I got nothing. Also
enclosed in the package was a small envelope containing
pictures. Pictures of me and Talia, fucking on Talia’s
couch. I was clearly identifiable in the pictures.

Talia, of course, was not.

I signed.


And that’s what happened.

So now I’m sitting, watching through the binoculars, as
Talia leads my wife – soon to be ex-wife – out of the
kitchen and into the living room. As usual, Karen’s on
all fours, naked except for what I think is some kind
of dog collar around her neck. I’m not certain at this
distance, even with the binoculars. Karen’s large tits
are swaying and jiggling as she scampers about on her
hands and knees to keep up with the blonde woman, but
she doesn’t seem to mind.

Karen crouches on the floor beside the couch and Talia
rubs her head. Then the blonde woman spread her legs
and gestures for Karen to get to work. My cock is rock
hard, naked in my fist, as Karen eagerly buries her
empty face in Talia’s pussy. In my mind’s eyes, I see
her tongue hard at work, lapping and sucking…

My hand begins to move faster and faster…

Talia picks up the remote control and begins watching
television while Karen continues to lap at her pussy.
Then, as she does every night at just about this time,
she looks out the window, across the courtyard, and
smiles. She reaches over, grasps something hanging
down from the top of the window and suddenly everything
goes blank.

She’s closed the blinds.

Ahh, but she’s too late this time. My hand is moving in
a blur, rubbing furiously up and down my cock as I
replay the night’s activities in my head. She’s taken
everything else from me, but she… can’t… take…
this… “Ah.”

I feel the familiar rush of pain and pleasure swell up
in my cock and burst out over my hand in a warm, sticky
fountain. Yes. Panting I put down the binoculars,
smiling to myself as I contemplate my victory.

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