True Bestiality 2.

It was a long summer this year, I finally got a job and
worked full hours. While I was working I had met this
beautiful lady. She was tall, red hair, a little wider,
the way I like them. And she had a nice butt. It wasn’t
long till I started talking to her trying to get to know

Her name was Alissa, Alissa Field, she told me. She was
23, while I was 21. She told me she lived on a farm and
really loved dogs, but when we started dating, I found
out that she really loves dogs!

We have been dating for about three months now and she
decides to take me to her farm, and meet her parents.
Her father was out at the market and only her mother was
home. She seemed nice, she liked me so it turned out
fine! And then Alissa asked me if I wanted to see her
dog, Jack. Like anyone would say I replied, “Yea sure,
why not?” So I followed her up the stairs to her room,
to find jack, her dog, lying on her bed. Her room was a
mess, panties were thrown on the floor, and they
appeared to be wet.

After some getting used to the dog, she told me that
Jack was her favorite, and that he does a lot for her.
Little did I know that he was fucking her since he was a
pup, He was beautiful golden retriever. I nodded my head
and listened to her go on, and on. She had a mini skirt
on, really short, and it didn’t look like she had
panties on.

So anyway, as we are talking, sitting on her bed, Jack
comes over and shoves his nose right between her legs
and starts lapping away at her pussy. At first I was
surprised but didn’t say a thing just looked down at my
hands. What really got me was when she spread her legs
apart for the dog.

Now I’m sitting here staring at her, moaning and
enjoying this dog eating her pussy! I couldn’t help but
get hard. She noticed the bulge in my pants and asked me
if I wanted to join in. I couldn’t resist so I nodded my
head and stuttered, “Y-yes please,” as she laid back and
told me I could do whatever I want, that really turned
me on. So I stood up and locked the door, god forbid her
dad come home while I’m fucking his daughter. I took my
pants off, and played with my rock hard cock for a
moment, then pulled the dog away.

Ready to fuck her, She’s on the bed, legs spread wide
apart, I’m standing here with my penis in hand, and I
couldn’t help myself anymore. I spat on her pussy and
shoved it in her. Her eyes opened with surprise, not
knowing how large I was, I began thrusting faster and
harder, and she begins to moan louder and louder. After
about 3 minutes of fucking, Jack comes up behind me and
starts licking my asshole! I was shocked at first and
didn’t know what to do, so I just let it happen.

I had picked Alissa up and had her on all fours fucking
her doggy-style, when Jack mounts me. I had never really
thought of a dog fucking me, and i was really shocked. I
felt his hot wet doggy cock extrude from his sheath and
try to find its way into me. I was kind of wanting it in
me for some reason.

I was throbbing and about to blow my load, so I pull out
of her pussy, and shove myself into her ass, she was
like a sex doll, Not saying a thing, or complaining
because it was too big, just moving her hips backwards
try to get me deeper inside of her, and she was moaning.
Jacks doggy-cock found its way into my ass, and I didn’t
say a thing about it. I finally came inside her ass hole
and pulled out.

I then flipped her back onto her back and began eating
her pussy while jack was still fucking me, I could feel
him beginning to knot up inside of me, I knew he was
going to cum soon, I just had to keep Alissa busy till

Alissa is on the floor, moaning and thrusting, wanting
more, im licking her asshole, and her pussy, shoving my
tongue inside of her, trying to get her to reach orgasm.
I didn’t want to cum in her asshole then not give her
pleasure, so I continued with what I was doing, and jack
shot several hot loads of cum deep inside my asshole,
and at about the same, Alissa came all over me.

She moaned really loud, so loud her mother probably
heard it, Jacks knot was still large inside my asshole
but I couldn’t do anything about it. So I pulled Alissa
under me and started kissing and sucking her nipples,
because she liked it.

After about 15 long minutes, which seemed like forever
jack finally was small enough to pull out, and his cum
dripped out of my ass hole, I stood Alissa up and
wrapped my arms around her, telling how amazing it was
and that we should do it more often, So we all jumped up
on the bed and she was now sound asleep, naked, in my
arms, while jack sat in between my legs and licked my
balls till i fell asleep…

This is all fictional, None of this has really happened,
and all characters are fictional as well.

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