Wife hosts a dinner party for people from work and ends up going home with her husband’s boss

The owner of my company, along with the all of our
sales management were in town for group sales meeting
for the week so we decided to host a dinner party. I am
in my late 30s and my wife, Kim, is in her early 30s
and she loves to entertain and loves to flirt with the
bosses. My wife sent the kids to the grandparents for
the weekend.

The group was my boss, his boss, the VP of sales and
the owner of the company. My wife had only met the
owner once briefly and she definitely thought he was
hot. He was an x-pro football player and took over his
family business and in the past 10 years has tripled
the size of the company and has it thriving. He is
about 45, 64, black, very athletic and still works out
on a regular basis.

They all arrived and right away they all noticed my
wife in her clingy sun dress. Even after a couple kids
my wife has maintained a tremendous body. My wife did
not wear a bra or panties which were driving the guys
crazy and she was the center of attention all night
long. Even James my boss, was right there trying to
help as much as possible and offered to help her with
the dishes.

After dinner we all settled on the deck talking and
enjoying a few beers when I noticed my wife and James
never came back after cleaning up. I excused myself and
went in to find they were not in the kitchen. I went up
stairs and I could here someone in my office. The door
was partially closed and I could see James leaning back
against my desk and my wife on her knees with his dick
in her mouth.

His cock looked huge and I could only see the small
amount she could not get in her mouth. She was sucking
and she reached up and stroked him. He was fidgeting
and I could tell he was getting close to filling my
wife mouth with his cum. He then said he was going to
cum and I could see his cock twitching and unloading
into my wifes mouth. I decided to leave before they
noticed me and I went back downstairs with a hard on
ready to explode and decided to slip into the bathroom
and jack off before re-joining the group.

When I got back, my wife was in the kitchen by herself
so I walked over and gave her a kiss from behind and
then whispered in her ear that sure tasted like James
cum. I told her that I had watched and then she asked
if I was upset with her and I told her that I could not
control myself and just jacked off in the bathroom. She
said he was flirting with her and then she offered to
give him a tour of the house and they ended up kissing
and then it got carried away. She apologized and I told
her it was no problem and I was just happy I got to

We joined the group on the deck and James and I decided
to play some pool. The others were getting tired so
they left and I said I would run James back to the
hotel later. We played a couple games, James was an ok
player but I let him win and Kim came back wearing just
shorts and a t-shirt. Her nipples were hard and I was
pretty sure she had nothing on underneath and was ready
to get fucked by one of us.

When we finished, I said I probably had too much to
drink and suggested Kim drive James back to the hotel
and I would head to bed. Kim said that would be no
problem and they walked out to the car. James got in
but Kim came back and gave me a kiss and I whispered in
her ear that she could spend the night if she wanted.
She kissed me and grabbed my crotch and based on the
bulge in my pants it was clear I wanted her to stay the

As soon as they left I went to bed and laid there with
my hard on trying to bust out of my shorts. I reached
into the shorts and started stroking and made myself
cum and went to sleep wearing the cum soaked shorts.

About 6am I heard Kim coming in through the garage. She
came into the bedroom and I let her know I was awake
and she came over and gave me a hug. She said she was
going to take a quick shower and join me in bed. I kept
hugging her and reached into her shorts and found her
soaked pussy.

She told me to let her go take a shower and I instead
grabbed her shorts and pulled them off and stuck my
tongue into her pussy. I kept licking and sucking out
what juices were there and then slid up and fucked her
hard and just when I was ready to cum, she yelled out
dont cum in me so I pulled out and sprayed my cum all
over her stomach.

Afterwards we laid there naked and I asked her what
that was all about and about the night before. She said
she was going to meet James later and he would not eat
her pussy if I have cum in it. She then asked if I
really wanted to here about the night before and I said
yes. She told me how they opened a bottle of wine when
they got back to the room and they moved right to the
bed and he undressed her and then ate her pussy and
then fucked her.

I asked her how big his cock was and she said she did
not know but it was much larger than anything she had
touched before, maybe 8 inches or more. They kept
drinking wine and talking so she said she had to go
pee. James asked if he could watch and take pictures
and she said ok. So they went into the bathroom and he
made her stand on the side of the tub straddling it and
pee into the tub.

She said he started snapping pictures right away and
his cock came right back to attention while he watched
her. When she was done he basically threw her onto to
the sink counter and fucked her right there. It was
pretty late so they headed to bed and went to sleep.
They got up and jumped into the shower she peed for him
again and they fucked in the shower and then when she
was getting ready to leave they started making out
again and he fucked her again right before she left. So
he had cum in her less than 30 minutes before I went
down on her. I was hard again and she went down on me
and let me cum in her mouth.


Kim then told me that James wanted us to join him and
his wife in Chicago for the weekend. I had meetings all
day but James was done early. The plan was Kim and
James would take the hour and fifteen minute flight and
then the jet would pick up James wife Anita and it
would swing by to pick me up around 4pm and take us to
Chicago. I had only met Anita once but she was the
typical trophy wife.

Anita was 10 years younger than James and had a wicked
body and liked to show off her cleavage. She was black
but very light skin and my guess is one of her parents
was white. It was getting real late so I took a quick
shower and headed off to work. Fortunately I did not
have any meetings with James and as he was heading out
he said goodbye and would see me in Chicago (where he
would fuck my wife). After he headed out the sales
group had a meeting.

t was announced that my boss and his boos and the VP-
Sales were all promoted up one level and that I was
promoted to Regional Manager. This meant more salary,
commission and perks. I tried to call my wife to tell
her the good news but realized she was in the air and
probably had her phone off(of course now I realize she
probably had James cock in her at the time and she was
unable to answer the phone). Then it made me think if
the night before helped me land the manager job.

My territory was doing well and I had been salesman of
the year in twice in the last three years so my success
could not be questioned but the wife fucking the owner
could not have hurt either. All day I wondered exactly
what was going to happen with James wife there for the
weekend. I was not sure if it was a swap situation or
if James would just sneak in sometime, tell me to leave
and fuck Kim.

I went home to pack some clothes and headed out to meet
the plane. When I got there, they mentioned it was just
getting ready to land. It pulled up and they opened the
door and I jumped in to find Anita standing and fixing
a drink and wearing a short skirt and tight top looking
hotter than expected. She asked what I wanted and I
almost said to fuck her but I just asked for a beer.
She handed me the beer as we sat down to get ready for
the plane to take off. We started off with some small
talk and then out of no where Anita said, “I wonder
where he fucked your wife in here this morning.”

I was too startled to respond and she said, “Dont
worry, he told me about your wife spending the night. I
told him it was okay as long as I get fuck you.” She
winked at me.

I was sitting across from her and then she spread her
legs and showed me she had no panties and her crotch
was shaved clean and she said “you want a taste of
black cherry?” I undid my seat belt and knelt down and
stuck my face in her black pussy. She was soaking wet
and I took her to the verge of an orgasm when I stood
up, pulled down my pants and buried my cock in cunt. I
then started pumping in and out and she came and I was
so excited I came right after her emptying my load into

I left my cock in her and I pulled up her shirt and
sucked on her breasts for a few minutes when the pilot
announced to buckle up to prepare for landing. I was
getting hard again and she told me dont think about
pulling out now that you are hard again. I started
working my cock in and out and she said faster we dont
have time so I picked up my pace fucking her as fast as
I could until I came in her a 2nd time just as we
touched down.

I grabbed a towel and cleaned up and pulled my pants
back on and she grabbed her panties from her purse and
slid them on and we were in our places as we pulled up
to the private terminal. We got down to the hotel a
little after 6pm and she told me we had dinner
reservations at 8pm. We had a large penthouse suite at
a very nice hotel.

I jumped in the shower that was big enough for 3-4
people and a few minutes later she came into the shower
and asked if I needed help. She washed me down
sensually touching me from head to toe with the warm
water sprinkling over us. I did the same for her and
then she surprised me by stepping back and peeing in
front of me.

It surprised me how much it did turn me on. She then
came over to me and grabbed my cock and said save that
for later we have to get going. So I was left hanging
and we got out dried off, got dressed and left. I asked
where we were going to meet James and Kim and she
laughed and said they were in a different hotel and we
would not see them tonight, I have you all to myself.

We walked down to one of the famous Chicago steak
houses and got a nice corner booth. We were snuggled in
together when Anita grabbed my hand guided it under her
skirt and to her exposed pussy. I fingered her until
the food arrived and we ate our wonderful meals and I
could smell her all over my fingers all through dinner.
She told the waiter to put in on her card and make sure
to give yourself a nice tip and we headed out.

I suggested we take a short cut down a short ally. As
we were away from the street I pushed her against the
wall where we pretty much could not be seen and I hiked
up her dress and pushed my fingers in her pussy as we
were kissing. She grabbed at my pants and undid the
belt and undid my zipper and pants and reached in to
grab my cock and I rammed my cock into her and fucked
her hard right on the street and did not care who saw

I kept pumping and she said, “Give it to me rough, fuck
me hard!”

I kept pounding away until she screamed, “Oh god I am

I kept pounding away when she pulled off me and dropped
to her knees and grabbed my cock and took the end into
her mouth and started jacking me off until I came in
her mouth. We both sat against the wall exhausted for
the exhibition and fixed our clothes and headed to the
hotel. I know at least 2 couples walked by and got a

We poured some drinks and headed out to the balcony
patio over looking the city. We sat and talked for a
while and then Anita said she was tired and suggested
we head to bed. I fucked her one more time and we went
to sleep. In the morning I woke up to find Anita was in
the main room eating breakfast and was already dressed
and she suggested I join her and then we would head out
shopping. During breakfast I had a hard on that would
not go away.

Anita commented that she might have to have that as a
breakfast snack. She came over and knelt down in from
of me and had me slide her shorts down. She sucked me
off until I came in her mouth and then she stood up and
kissed me pushing some of my cum into my mouth. She
then told me to get a quick shower so we could head

After I was dressed she said she had talked to James
and they were going to head home that afternoon, they
had a dinner to attend at home but we should keep the
room and the jet would be back the next morning to take
us home. We shopped all day, she bought a lot and had
that sent to her house and she bought me 2 designer
suits and quite a few shirts, pants, underwear, (which
she made me model for her), shorts almost a whole new
wardrobe and had most of it all shipped back to my

She said the new regional manager needed to spruce
things up some. She also picked out pants and a shirt
for me to wear for the date with my wife. They had
arranged for my wife and me to meet at a very nice
restaurant at 8pm. She said there was a car picking her
up at 7pm and would take her to the airport. We had
about an hour so we jumped in bed and got in a 69
position, she said James would not be pleased if I came
in her pussy since he would want to fuck her on the
flight home.

So we pleased each other orally and she had me cum all
over her breasts and had me lick them clean. Anita took
a quick shower and left and I did the same getting
ready for the date. I called room service to clean up
the room and put fresh sheets on when my wifes luggage
arrived. She also had quite a few packages from their

I took a Taxi and headed to the restaurant. I almost
could not believe my eyes. My wife had a new hairstyle
and was wearing a very beautiful dress that highlighted
her figure quite nicely. She was easily the most
beautiful women in the restaurant if not the city. We
had a nice dinner, never much talking about the last 24
hours. It was a nice evening so we decided to walk the
mile back to the hotel holding hands and at times
stopping to kiss like we were newlyweds.

When we home we made love in a very romantic fashion
and then we went to sleep. In the morning my wife gave
me a blow job and we had to head out to meet the plane.
As we were taking off I decided that romance had to
stop for a few minutes and I needed take charge and
fuck her hard and fast on the plane.

I got up and went over to her and had her roll over,
undid her shorts and pulled them down and then rather
than pulling her panties down I just slid them to the
side and I fucked her doggie style with them on. The
forceful way I was doing this definitely turned her on
and she came quicker than usual and then I pulled out
and told her to “suck my cock” and she quickly gabbed a
hold of it and took some in her mouth and stroked me
until I came swallowing it all down.

As we landed, unfortunately the reality was that our
weekend sex fantasy was coming to an abrupt end. We had
to pick up the kids and return life to normal.

My wife never said much about the activity between
James and her but she was definitely very horny for
some time after that. One surprise I found was that she
was shaved cleaned when she came home and since then
has always kept it that way. She does meet up with
James every couple months and once since then we have
swapped with Anita also joining the activity.

There is no doubt all of this has helped our sex life,
Kim cant seem to get enough.

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