Wife indulges her husband’s cross-dressing fetish

When my wife Jane asked if I would be a volunteer
worker at her company’s western night, I said sure,
why not? She told me she would fill me in on the
details as the time drew nearer.

A couple of weeks before the event, Jane started
making a satin saloon girl outfit. I teased her and
told her to be sure to make it extra frilly and sexy,
and she said I could be sure of it. It wasn’t until
two days before the party that I got the rest of the

When our costumes were ready, my wife told me to come
try mine on. I went to the bedroom and stripped to my
underwear, but Jane told me to take those off too. I
didn’t understand why until she handed me a pair of
black satin panties covered with stiff red ruffles. It
was then that I found out she had volunteered me to be
one of the saloon girls!

A moment later, I was standing there in my satin
panties. Next came a red and black satin corset,
which Jane hooked up in the back. She attached fishnet
stockings to the garters and stuffed the bra cups with
balls of nylon net. Then came the satin dress.

Jane told me she had made it frilly and sexy just like
I wanted (grinning). Then came a short, billowy red
and black petticoat, followed by high heels. Fishnet
gloves completed the outfit. She told me there would
be three other husbands dressed the same and we would
be serving drinks.

Jane reached under my satin skirt and all the stiff
layers of petticoats and stroked my cock through the
satin ruffles. She promised she would make my
cooperation well worth my while.

On Saturday, I was back in the satin outfit. Jane had
fun dressing me. She put nail polish and makeup on me.
She commented on how great I’d look with my ears
pierced but we both knew it couldn’t go that far. All
that satin and stiff petticoats rubbing against me had
turned me on something fierce.

The event was a huge success. All of us dressed as
saloon girls had so much fun. I was amazed at how many
women loved teasing my body. The petticoats and nylon
net rubbing against my nipples kept my cock straining
all night long.

When we got home, Jane sure kept her end of the
bargain! She made me watch as she stripped out of her
tight jeans and western blouse. To my surprise, she
was wearing a matching corset. She pulled me close and
kissed me. She knew the petticoats sliding around
against my satin encased cock would drive me wild.

I was then pushed down on the bed and she tied my
hands to the headboard. Then she pulled off my satin
panties. My hard cock stood straight up into my
petticoats. Jane flipped up my skirt and petticoats
and started sucking me.

Before I could cum she covered my cock with layers of
petticoats and started stroking me. She told me I had
better not cum in my petticoats or she would see to it
that I would spend a weekend a month in them. Jane
knew I couldn’t control myself at that point. She just
laughed and kept stroking my cock as I shot my load
into the crisp material.

My wife flipped the petticoats back up and mounted me.
My cock was still covered with cum and slid right into
her pussy. Jane fell forward and started rubbing my
nylon net bra cups against my nipples.

Soon my cock was hard again. With Jane thrusting her
hips against mine, I felt her come and then I came a
second time.

Finally, I was untied and cleaned up. That night my
wife insisted I wear the petticoats to bed. She also
kept her word-once a month I must wear my satin dress
complete with all the accessories and serve her. Maybe
she will volunteer me to be a cheerleader at our high
school reunion next year!

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