Retiring a used-up slave, starting a new one

I hadn’t fed It in a week, so she was all lightheaded
and dizzy. She fell down and threatened to pass out
right in the middle of the aisle in the garden center
at the Home Depot. I was fucking pissed, but we were in
public so I didn’t let it show. I just took her by the
hand and helped her up and let her straighten out her
wig. I carried the rose bush we had picked out to the
car, not out of kindness, but because I didn’t want her
to fall down in the parking lot and drop it.

Once we got back to the house, and she was back in her
natural state of undress, I let her have it. “You
stupid fucking cunt!” I snarled, ripping one of her
nipple rings out and throwing it on the floor, “You
embarrassed me in public!” I tore the ring out of her
other nipple. She flinched and whimpered.

“It’ll never happen again, Sir.” She mumbled, looking
down at the floor.

“You’re goddamn right it won’t!” The b***d streaming
down from her ruined nipples actually looked pretty
sexy and I was getting hard. “Let’s go Cunt. You’ve got
work to do.”

Shannon was waiting for us in the backyard with a big,
shit-eating grin on her face. She had staked out a
rectangle next to the other rose bushes, just like I
had told her to. Shannon and It HATED each other, which
was only natural, but made for some interesting games.

It got down on her knees, and Shannon tied It’s hands
behind her back with bailing wire. She lashed them
really tight, cutting into the flesh, and It’s hands
turned red right away, and then a livid shade of

I took out my dick, which had already gotten quite
hard, and shoved it into It’s mouth. She devoured me
hungrily, taking me easily all the way into her throat.
It was always a good little cock sucker, especially
after I had all her teeth pulled. It sucked my cock
with a vengeance, as if she might be able to change my
mind if she gave me a good enough blowjob. As if.

It did feel really good though. Shannon was probably
getting jealous from watching. She came up behind It
and starting playing with her asshole while It sucked.
She jammed two or three spit-lubricated fingers up It’s
butthole and made her squirm. I thought it was pretty
fucking hot to watch, but I didn’t want to come just
yet, so I pulled my dick out of It’s warm, wet,
toothless mouth.

I made It lick Shannon’s pussy. There is NOTHING It
hated as much as that, and Shannon knew it. Her pussy
was really juicy, and she had a big fat grin across her
face. Shannon hawked up a big loogie and spit it onto
It’s face. It just kept on licking. I had trained her
up pretty well.

After I watched Shannon come on It’s talented tongue
once, I clipped the wires that bound It’s wrists (the
hands were swollen and blue) and gave It the shovel. I
left It to her work and took Shannon upstairs to my

We could see It working from the window. Her pale skin,
unaccustomed to sunlight, was already turning cooked-
lobster red. I was a little worried she might be too
weak or pass out before she finished digging the hole,
and she did fall down a couple of times, but she
persevered like a good little cunt.

I fucked Shannon’s pussy and then her ass really hard.
It was a huge turn-on for both of us to watch It
suffering in the hot sun. After I fucked her ass, there
was a big glob of shit on my dick, and Shannon balked
at taking my cock in her mouth and I had to beat her a
little bit. I was really looking forward to training
her up properly.

When we were done and cleaned up, we went back out to
the back yard. It had finished excavating the area that
Shannon had staked out, and was laying on her back in
the rectangular hole, just as I had instructed. She
looked up at me silently, eyes begging.

I took the shovel and started filling the dirt back in.
We placed the new rose bush directly over It’s rib
cage. Pretty soon there the only part of It that wasn’t
covered in dirt was her face.

She may have expected something, I don’t know; a last
kiss, or for me to jerk off onto her face one last
time, or maybe even a final reprieve as if this had all
just been another of our games; but it didn’t matter. I
was done. I dumped a couple shovels full of dirt onto
It’s face, then took out my penis and urinated onto the
soil, turning the dark dirt into frothy mud. There was
a little bit of involuntary struggling as the mud
filled It’s nose and windpipe, but not much because the
dirt was heavy and It was weak from starvation.

I tamped down the rest of the soil, and Shannon watered
the new plant. It looked nice next to the other three
roses, but I would have to start a new row with the
next one.

Shannon looked quite pleased with herself, despite her
new black eye. She was a little heavy, but I have found
that there is no better way to help a slave lose weight
than to keep her locked in a box in the basement for a
few weeks on a diet of sugar-free Jell-O, fresh semen,
and water. She was going to train up real good. But in
the meantime, we had an appointment with the dentist.

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