A businessman in Venice enjoys making love to a beautiful young woman

It was my last night at the Hotel Danieli in Venice,
Italy. Id just closed a major deal, and was
celebrating with a room service dinner and a bottle of
champagne. Afterwards I took a long hot shower, then
stretched out naked on the bed with a book and a Cuban

The July evening was hot and sticky and the air
conditioning was sub-par, so I opened the window next
to the bed and listened to the sounds of gondoliers
floating up from the canal directly below. Maybe twenty
feet away across the canal was another wing of the

As the sunlight faded, the room lights began to come on
across the canal. I got up and turned on all the lights
in my room, then settled back down on the bed with my

A short while later something made me look out the
window to my right. A pretty young woman was standing
at her window in the room opposite mine, staring at me.
She was maybe late teens or early twenties. Long, thick
brunette hair framed her lovely face and spilled across
her shoulders and onto the front of her white hotel
bathrobe. I realized that she had a perfect view of my
naked body, and I gave some thought to quickly covering
up my crotch. Instead, I gave her my most winning
smile. What the hell: this was Italy, after all.

She smiled back at me. God, that smile transformed her
instantly from merely pretty to truly beautiful. My
penis twitched to life and quickly began to grow as I
watched her; within a few seconds it was rock hard and
sticking up above my abs. I saw her gaze shift from my
eyes to my engorged dick, which was doing its little
up-down dance in rhythm with my heartbeat. When she
made eye contact with me again, her eyes widened and
she turned her smile up to full wattage. Then she
pointed to herself and cocked her head to the side as
if to say, “Did I do that?” or “Is that for me?”

I nodded, and put down my book. Still watching her, I
moved my left hand down my body and grasped my raging
hard-on. Her eyes followed my hand as I moved it slowly
up and down my shaft. Her smile slowly disappeared, to
be replaced by what looked like lust. She slowly licked
her lips, and I began to jack off faster.

And then she turned and walked out of sight.

Shit, I thought. I was upset that we werent going to
continue our little voyeuristic interlude to its
climax. Then it occurred to me that she could very
well be on the phone to the hotel management, reporting
the pervert in the room across the way. What I had read
as horniness on her part might instead have been shock.
I started to push off the bed to close the curtains.

As I did, she came back into view walking backwards,
smiling, and gloriously naked. Her body reminded me of
Angelina Jolie: a tight, lithe little gymnast with big
round tits. As she backed towards the bed, a tall young
man came into view walking towards her. His erect penis
pointed towards her like a divining rod.

When she bumped into the bed and fell backwards, he
leaned forward until he lay upon her. He kissed her
passionately while his hands played with her breasts
and moved up and down along her flanks. His head
started moving down with the obvious intention of
suckling her breasts or licking her clitoris, but she
stopped him and whispered something that I couldnt

He moved back up and her hands went between them,
positioning him, then she grabbed his ass, closed her
eyes, and pulled him into her. I heard them both gasp,
and they were still for a moment. Then he began to move
his hips, moving slowly to get the feel of her, moving
his whole body to maximize the contact with her skin,
moving deeply but slowly, making love.

As I watched his technique, my hand moved back to my
penis and I began to slowly stroke myself again. I
reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the bottle
of Astroglide that I always pack on business trips. I
squeezed a liberal amount over my hand and my penis,
and instantly my strokes felt more intense and
intimate, more like a tight and well-lubricated vagina.
I imagined that it was my penis that was inside of her,
that it was my body moving over hers.

I looked back across into the couples room and saw
that she was watching me again. Her mouth was open and
her breathing was quick and shallow. Without breaking
eye contact with me, she said something in Italian to
her partner. Immediately he ceased his languorous
movements and began banging her in earnest. He raised
his upper body for leverage, as though he were doing
pushups, and rapidly pistoned into her. I heard the
sound of their bodies smacking together; I could even
here the squeaking of their bedsprings.

Her mouth opened wider and her breath came faster, but
all the while she held my gaze. As her man began moving
faster, my hand moved faster up and down my engorged
shaft – I was still fantasizing that I was her lover.
When she saw me speed up, she smiled at me and said
something. Her partner pulled out of her he was huge,
I noted and quickly turned her over and raised her up
onto her knees. As he entered her from behind, she
turned to watch me again.

I responded by moving my other hand down to my penis.
As her man grabbed her hips and began wildly slamming
into her, I wrapped both hands around my incredibly
hard member and jacked off for all I was worth. As I
watched her, she began to climax. She started making a
rhythmic little “Ahh” sound; her lover recognized this
for what it was and increased his speed. His hands
reached down to grab both of her breasts, lifting her
off the mattress.

All the while, she watched me. Her “Ahh” sounds became
much louder and longer, and finally she began to
scream. Her face contorted and her eyes squeezed shut,
but almost immediately opened again as though she were
desperate to maintain eye contact with me as she came.
Her lover yelled something loudly in Italian, then
groaned and threw his head back as he made one final
deep thrust and came within her.

She was still watching me as I felt my own climax
begin. I gasped as a wave of pleasure, stronger than I
had felt in some time, start at my cock and spread out
over my entire body. I came hard: the first small shot
of jism actually hit my face and the pillow above my
head; the second pulse was thick and white and landed
on my breastbone. I tried to maintain eye contact with
the girl, but this was one of those orgasms where your
lips get numb and you get a little dizzy. I closed my
eyes and rode the wave.

When I opened my eyes again, the couple was gone. When
I thought I could stand up without falling over, I went
into the bathroom and cleaned myself up. I walked back
into the room, lit a cigarette, and stood by the
window. I thought I could hear a shower running in the
couples room. As I watched and smoked, the naked girl
came back to her window. I smiled at her and bowed my
head slightly. She grinned back at me and blew me a
kiss across the canal.

To this day, I still dont know whether her man knew
that on that evening, she was making love to two men at
the same time.

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