A Date Without My Glasses

I’m so excited to write here! Like, a friend told me
about this site and it’s so cool! I’ve read some of the
stories and they are so hot, I was all flushed when I
read them! And some of them, I simply had to touch
myself down there, you know!

You know, everybody is doing it, but to read about it..
and especially to write about it? WOW!!!

I sure got hooked on the stories. I like best the
“first” category, it’s so exciting hearing how other
girls gained this joy! Oh, I know some of them are
fantasy, and most are probably adorned and added to,
but they could be based on reality, couldn’t they?

So I’ve decided that I’m going to write to you and tell
my own story.

Well it isn’t really a “first” one. My first time
wasn’t so special, nothing to write home about. (LOL :-
), I think this is a great one, don’t you?)You know, I
was eleven years old, Bryant was a fourteen years old
boy, our neighbor, and I had enormous crush on him. I
would do anything he wanted me and what he wanted was
to pluck my cherry. So I let him do it. It hurt a bit,
and stung, and I didn’t enjoy it at all, although
Bryant had promised me I would, but I told him I did.

The main thing was to keep him with me, wasn’t it? I
didnt enjoy the fucking later on either, not really,
although I admit it was kind of nice, sometimes. I must
confess that I enjoyed my hand better…and after three
months Bryant just dumped me, saying he won’t bother
with little girls! And he has called me a slut! He had
seduced me, and yet he called me a whore!!

Really, I wasn’t a slut! Not then, anyhow! Basically I
was a nice girl, and shy, and after Bryant, well I
didn’t have a boyfriend until I was fourteen.

I look quite well, even if I’m saying it. At fourteen I
was 5’6″ high, 90lbs. and my boobs were quite developed
B size. I have a nice face, shoulder length dark blond
hair and blue eyes. Oh and yes, I wear glasses. I’ve
always worn them, and I never thought anything about
them. Jeremy did, however.

Jeremy was a boy, one or two years younger, with whom I
started to date out of desperation. He was still is-
quite cute, I must admit. Any how he said that the
glasses make me look like an owl and kept nagging me
about hiding them when we date. I can’t, I’m nearly
blind without them! And he kept trying to get into my
pants, but that I kind of expected, he was a boy after
all, wasn’t he?

I didnt let him though. I did kiss him, and I let him
fondle my boobies, which he liked very much, and I have
even jerked him off when he complained too much about
his “blue balls”, twice, but I didn’t let him get into
my pants. At least not until that day.

That Saturday we were going to the movies. Jeremy was
supposed to meet me there, half an hour before the
movie starts, since he went to a baseball game before
that. As always he tried to persuade me to come without
my glasses, “You will look much better without them,”
he said. That time I succumbed.

After buying the tickets I’ve removed the glasses and
put them in my purse. And, Oh, I had decided that maybe
I would let him touch me, down there, you know. But I
wouldn’t dream of letting him fuck me! Oh, No! Just to
be on the safe side though, I rushed back home after I
had left, delved into Dad’s drawer and filched one
condom. Just to be on the safe side, you know.

So, now I was walking up and down on the sidewalk
before the movie theatre for half an hour, without a
sign from Jemy. The worst part was that I felt like a
whore publicly offering her body. What would happen, I
dreaded, if the police searched my purse and found the
rubber? They would arrest me for soliciting!

It was about time for the show to begin and Jemy was
still not in sight. Seeing the world as a blur, without
my glasses, didn’t add to my well being. And the time
passed and it was already five minutes past the time,
and I despaired and almost left… and here I have seen
Jemy from afar coming nonchalantly, as if nothing

“Come, hurry up! The show has already began!” I shouted
and turned quickly into the movie house.

Jemy followed me, stopping at the popcorn vendor to buy
some as if we had all the time on our hands.

“Hurry up! We don’t have time for pop corn now!” I
said, and he answered:

“Don’t fret, pretty one, the show won’t run away.”

You could have knocked me down with a feather! It
wasn’t Jeremy at all!!!! I gasped and stammered, “You,
you aren’t Jeremy!!! I-I…”

He just smiled-well I felt he did. I couldn’t really
see it, you know, without my glasses-and with a mock
bow said:

“True. I’m Derek. Nice to meet you.”

“I-I can’t go with you, I was, I was waiting for Jemy!
I-I’m, I am going with him.”

He laughed and said, “No, You can’t go with Jemy. He
isn’t here, pretty one, you see, but you can go with

“I-I…” I stammered. “I’m waiting for Jeremy and I’m
without my glasses, so I took you for him. I’m sorry
but really I can’t go with you.”

“And who is this Jemy, any way? Is the jerk who stood
you up and left you waiting for him? He is a stupid one
too, to leave such a pretty girl alone!”

“I… No, I really can’t go with you!” I insisted. “A
decent girl can’t go with just anybody. I’m waiting for
Jemy,” I added not very convincingly. Was Jeremy really

“Come on, pretty one, don’t waste your money on stupid
jerks!” he said” You can see that he isn’t coming, and
you have already bought the tickets. Let’s split the

And he turned around and went to the doors of the hall.

“I-I can’t go with you, you know, I don’t know you…”
I babbled tugging along after him. Scarcely seeing
anything I have stumbled on the steps to the hall, and
only Derek’s grip saved me from a fall.

“Caution, pretty one!” he said “Why dont you wear your

“I… Jemy asked me not to ear them,” I stammered. “He
said they make me ugly as an owl! And why do you keep
calling me “pretty one?”

“Because you are pretty! What a stupid jerk your Jemy
is! As if anything could make you less pretty!”
responded Derek and helped me into the dark hall. The
movie had already begun.

I must admit that Derek’s compliments did make me
happy. The only boys who had told me by then that I was
pretty were my Dad and my uncles, and they didn’t
count. Oh I know, I know that it was just empty
flattery but what girl doesn’t like to hear that she’s
pretty? Even if she knows it isn’t true?

But then I have observed where Derek was directing me

“I… We can’t go there, that’s the love zone! It’s for
necking!” I exclaimed.

I heard the laughter in his voice when he answered,
“And what exactly did you have in mind, going to the
movies without your glasses?”

“But… but I don’t know you! Only a slut would make
out with a boy she didn’t know!”

Derek turned to me and whispered in my ear, “I’ll tell
you a secret, pretty one: Nice girls do exactly the
same things that sluts do, only they feel guilty about
it. It’s much better to be a slut!”

I was shocked. I didn’t want to go with him farther,
but on the other hand if I would make a commotion
people would watch and might even recognize me. On the
other hand again, here I was with that condom in my
purse going to the necking zone with a stranger. I
couldn’t decide what to do… so I simply dragged along
after him.

He went to a scarcely occupied row in the back. We
passed a couple in their chairs already deeply absorbed
each in the other one, and took chairs far from
anybody. I, at least, couldn’t see anyone, but I did
hear whispers, sighs and rustling noises not far away.

I blushed, and I think that I turned completely
crinmson. I knew exactly what the noises meant! Wow, I
was So glad that it was dark! What was I doing Here
with that Derek!! And now he was leaning to me and
attempting to kiss me! I resisted. Really I did!

“No! No,no stop it.” I whispered. But he insisted,
“C’mon pretty one, it’s just a kiss, what’s the big

“My name is Cindy,” I whispered, “and please don’t. You
are not my…”

“And that Jeremy boy, he bought your lips?”

“Boy friend. No, Jemy is my boy friend,” I said not
really believing myself anymore.

“Ain’t I a boy too?” Derek asked mockingly. “And we are
friends, aren’t we? I even know your name, Cindy. But I
like “pretty one” better.”

To tell the truth, so did I.

He kept on and on and after some time and many
attempts, I had the weird feeling that everybody was
looking at us, since we were the only ones to make
noise. So I did tell myself, “What the hell!” and let
him kiss me… I must confess, I liked the kiss. I’ve
got a goose pimples that spread, oh, all over me and
the hair on my arms and thighs and my pussy tingled
and… all that and we even didn’t French-kissed!

I sighed and kind of leaned on Derek, putting my head
on his shoulder and cuddled to him.

He turned my face to him and kissed me again. I didn’t
resist very much this time, and his tongue did lightly
caress my lips. Oh! My pussy did tingle and my nipples
itched, brushing against my top tank, taut as some
small fingers. It was so sweet, I really had trouble
sitting upright and, well I did probe Derek’s sweet
tongue too. It was so sweet… and warm and slipping
and sliding along, coming and escaping like some
frightened kitten…

Meanwhile Derek’s hands kept searching for my boobs and
climbing up my thighs, squeezing my chest through my
shirt and fondling under my shirt, and sliding under my
skirt, and squeezing my knee. Like an octopus he seemed
to me! I did fight him off, but when I have withdrawn
his hand from my lap his other one was probing my
chest, and when I pushed it away it landed in my lap
and vice versa.

All this squeezing and caressing and kissing, well it
made me hot and I’m afraid when his hand squeezed my
upper thigh I, well my pussy did go rather wet. Oh, how
I blushed! One shouldn’t be such an easy push-over!
Good that the air cooled my exposed nipples. Exposed?!
How come? When did I lift my shirt? But Derek didn’t
leave me much leisure for contemplation. His hands were
squeezing and rolling my exposed nipples and sent a
wave of fluttering butterflies into a pit that grew
somewhere in my belly, growing and expanding and they
were joined by a legion of them attacking from my
crotch, when his hand crept up on my inner thigh.


I pushed his hand away into his lap-and felt a
throbbing hot tumescence in his crotch. It was BIG! And
HOT!! And it throbbed and trembled like a caged animal
that wants out!

Those butterflies in the pit of my belly and the shock
of touching that hot animal-well I didn’t watch well my
thighs and they must have used that opportunity to
spread, and I felt Derek’s finger on the edge of my
pussy!! I snapped my thighs closed but it was already
too late… His digit did find my slit and was sliding
along its edge, sending waves of cramps up my spine and
into the pit in my stomach that expanded and was
threatening to swallow me.

The pleasure waves from my tits that he kept fondling
caused a storm in my belly, and I was losing my breath.
I fought a loosing battle to clench my thighs, but they
did slide slowly open an when Derek timed a deep kiss
with a sharp pinch of my nipples his finger did lodge
in my wet cunt… I sighed and moaned into his open
mouth and my pelvis gave jolts when he tickled my

It was as if they connected me to electricity – I’ve
lost all control on my pelvis and could but follow the
delightful waves of feelings that my cunt sent to my
brain. My brain? I was still embarrassed of what I was
doing and, honestly, I thought that if I would make him
come perhaps he will stop. That’s how much brain I have
got by then!

I unzipped him, and pulled the poor dear pent-up animal
out. It was so hot! And hard and soft both together!
and I.. I just felt I wanted to cuddle it… I rubbed
it and fondled it, speeding up the pace to match with
the pace of my own jerks until the orgasm hit me…

My pelvis and hips jerked and jumped on their own
volition, and all the will power that I could gather
was to refrain from screaming. I did moan, though.

I climbed down from my orgasm’s pinnacle breathless,
panting heavily, feeling Derek’s weight on me, while he
was attempting to shove his dick into me. I wanted to
say, “Wait, I’ll jerk you off when I catch my breath.”
Honestly I did, but all I was able to gasp was,
“Please… my purse… rubber… please!”

The sweet boy did put the rubber on, and shoved his
beautiful magic wand in.. WOW!!! I had never, NEVER,
felt so full, and content, and aroused and OHH all
together and I felt that I just must have it rub me! I
heaved against Derek’s thrusts, and heaved, faster and
faster, climbing to some yet unfelt pleasure, when some
deep strong staccato thrusts told me that he had come.
Derek dropped on me, squashing me into my chair, with
my legs still wrapped around him. I felt so frustrated!
I just HAD to come with him deep inside me!

I tried to heave but in vain – he was spent. His
wonderful dick was half flaccid and slacking every

“Please, don’t stop!” I begged him. “Don’t, don’t pull
out yet please!!”

“No use beautiful,” he responded. “I’m all spent.
You’ll have to wait until I reload.”

“Noo!” I wailed, “I want to cum, please make me cum!!”

“Oh, pretty one, I’m so sorry, perhaps you can make my
cock revive faster you know if you play with it, or
even better, suck it?”

Well, there was no time to lose. I was all hot and
horny, and, after all, what was sucking his dick after
I had already fucked him?

Derek leaned back and I took his now flaccid dick in my
mouth. My juices on it tasted kind of funny, I must
say! Tangy and a little salty with some sweet
overlay… and the smell made me even more horny-if
that was possible. But I didn’t like the taste of the
rubber that I began to taste after few licks. I peeled
off the condom and proceeded to suck and lick the DICK

Wow…it was quite a mouthful, even in its flaccid
state and it was hot! And salty with some slick goo,
Derek’s semen, I knew. It tasted awesome! If I hadn’t
wanted it so badly in my cunt I could have licked it

Derek evidently enjoyed my treatment. He made small,
content noises and kept pushing my head down on his
dick until I hit his pubes every time. I didn’t mind,
until after some time the growing dick made me gag.

Oh! I realized that Derek’s dick was responding! And
growing! I didn’t mean to waste any of it on my mouth!
With some effort-Derek didn’t want to let go- I managed
to pull it out and I climbed on Derek straddling him,
and stuffing his half erect cock into my pussy

Oh yes! This was the feeling of fullness that I had
been waiting for! Derek’s face was diving deep into my
boobies and he started kissing and nibbling my nipples,
sending some huge fluttering, searing wings of into my
pussy, to the accompanying dramatic music of the movie,
so suiting to the occasion. I kept humping Derek, with
him responding and the dick kept growing in me, getting
as hard and big as ever.

“Oh, yesss!”

I increased my pace, going a bit wild and fell in
between the rows of chairs, with Derek’s dick yet in
me. He was humping forcefully now, his cock filling me
so much. OOOH! I felt him striking again and again
against my crevice!. All I wanted is to keep feeling
this indescribable pleasure of fullness. OHHH!. My
vagina was heaving and squeezing and rubbing with
rapidly increasing speed oh what a bliss! With a roar
everything went dark around me and I shook, or rather,
the world shook around me.

{Now that I’m recalling my feelings, I think it was
something like the big bang. You know the universe
collapsing into a dot and then BANG!!! Sorry, I’m a
sucker on science}

When I came to, the movie was ending, and people
started rising in their places. Even around us. Derek
kept nudging me to straighten my clothes and fix myself
up. But I asked him first of all for my purse. No, I
didn’t have another condom there -and any way it was
too late.

I know, I know! NOW you’re telling me not to fuck
without protection- where were you then? I put on my
glasses when the lights went on, stopped Derek’s hand
and looked at him. My dicky, he was so nice! Long,
thick and swarthy, with a red mushroom head. I longed
to kiss it, but the lights were on and people were
milling around us and… Well, I thought, I’ll have
another opportunity. (Ad I did)

Oh yes, Derek? Well, he was a quite regular boy. A
little shorter that I was, dark haired, with rather
nice eyes. I made sure that I was going to meet him the
coming week with my glasses on. Jeremy? Well, I told
him the coming day that I had waited for him, without
my glasses, until someone came and I went with him and
fucked him. He didn’t believe me.

I have no regrets and feel no guilt. That makes me a
slut, doesn’t it? Well I’m glad that I am! It’s so much
more fun!

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