A mother and her two daughters vacation together on a women’s-only tropical island

I disembark from the watercraft and get my bearings. I
am standing on a long dock that juts out into the bay
where our seaplane recently set down. The dock ends at a
smooth white beach, beyond which is a tropical forest
and a group of structures rising up among the
vegetation. On the far side of the bay sits a stone
keep, a lighthouse at its apex. The sun is warm on my
skin, the sea breeze cool and inviting. The travel agent
was right about this place it’s paradise.

With me are my two daughters, Sarah and Katy. Both are
eighteen, having recently graduated from high school.
This is our last trip together before they go to
college, and I wanted to make it a good one. A “girl’s
vacation,” as it were. They both eagerly agreed to go,
especially given the exclusivity of this island getaway
and recent events in the family.

I just divorced my husband, the girls’ father, two
months ago. I found him cheating on me. So it’s safe to
say that I have nothing but contempt for the whole
species of men at this point. Thankfully, my daughters
have been nothing but supportive of me.

There are three other women who accompanied us, a
pleasant woman named Mirabelle and her daughters Jubilee
and Miranda. Like us, they are first timers to this
place, which my travel agent explained is a “woman only
retreat”, a day spa of sorts on a tropical island in the
middle of the Pacific. There are no men on this island,
nor are they allowed. In my state of mind, it’s perfect.

“Mom, this is soooo beautiful,” says Sarah.

“Look, are they sunbathing naked?!” exclaims Katy,
pointing at the beach. I squint through my sunglasses
and, sure enough, it appears there is a group of five
women laying out in the nude on the beach. Apparently,
the whole “clothing optional” aspect that the travel
agent mentioned is in effect on the beach.

“That is soooo cool,” says Sarah. “I want to go sunbath

“Ahem,” I say to get their attention, which just makes
them giggle. I smile at them to let them know it’s OK
they know that I am pretty free about clothing, or the
lack thereof, anyway, and we all discussed it ahead of
time, agreeing that “When in Rome, do as the nudists

A short time later, an escort arrives to bring us to our
own private bungalow. It’s set up near one of the
beaches with a wonderful view of the bay. As I unpack my
things, my gaze keeps roving to the group of nude
sunbathers on the beach, their gleaming tanned bodies a
perfect accompaniment to the pale blue of the bay.

As I watch, two of the women roll towards each other and
embrace, locking arms and lips, as if it’s the most
natural thing in the world. Perhaps here, it is. A
women’s only retreat on a tropical island is bound to
draw lesbians, after all. Or the bisexually curious,
like myself.

Hmmm… Perhaps I might try a walk on the other side
during this trip. It’s been, what, twenty years since my
last encounter with a woman during my freshman year in
college. I was never strongly attracted to women, but
then, the idea is… fascinating, especially in light of
my recently-acquired revulsion towards men.

And what of my daughters, I think, while pulling on a
two-piece suit. Well, perhaps best not to think on it,
to just let them enjoy themselves without Mom getting in
the way. I don’t know how they feel about making love
with another woman and, quite frankly, don’t want to
know. Live and let live.

“We’re heading out, Mom!” yells Katy from the main room.

“All right, sweetie, have fun!”

When I finally finish up and enter the main room, my
daughters have already departed. Fair enough. I exit the
bungalow, intent on seeing what the island has to offer.


It’s late when I return to our bungalow, having spent
all day away in wandering the island and partaking in
some its pleasures. The highlight was the best massage
of my life given by a beautiful young Japanese girl
named Miyako. It was all I could do to resist allowing
it to go further she was very generous with her hands
and informed me quite frankly that she could make me
feel even better, if I allowed it. My shyness got the
better of me there.

In my wanderings around the island to follow, it was
clear that the other women in this paradise were not so
inhibited. I saw no less than five incidents of open
lovemaking among women at the pool, in the jungle and
along the beaches. Apparently, the clothing-optional
rules extend to sexual modesty as well.

In each case, I stopped to watch, and none of the women
seemed the least put out by my presence. The last time,
one of the women even paused in her feasting on pussy to
look up at me and smile in invitation. I almost gave in,
as aroused as I had become by all the sexual abandon.
But to have sex with a stranger…

When I enter, I hear the sounds of lovemaking coming
from my daughters’ room. I shuck my sandals and walk
silently to their door, listening. I hear Sarah’s voice,
moaning in ecstasy. I also hear the sound of another
girl feasting noisily on pussy. What on earth?

As I continue to listen, there can be only one
conclusion: Sarah has brought another girl home who is
making love to her, eating my daughter’s pussy with
abandon. I am shocked at first, never dreaming that my
sweet baby girl was into women. Of course, maybe it’s
just this place, this island filled with naked beautiful
women at every turn. Perhaps, like I saw earlier, Sarah
witnessed a spectacle of public love-making that made
her hot… and curious. Regardless, I am shocked.

I should tip toe away softly to my own room, but I
remain glued to the spot, listening. To my horror, I
find myself getting aroused. Or rather, more aroused. I
reach a hand down to my bikini bottoms, rub my mons
through the silky material. God, what am I doing?! This
is my daughter, I need to go away and let her enjoy
herself, if that’s what she wants, rather than perv out
while listening. Yet I stay, my defenses already so
thoroughly eroded after what I have witnessed today.
God, I am so hot, and the sounds of slurping and licking
and moaning from behind the closed door are turning me
on more than I can stand.

I reach inside my bikini bottom and begin running my
fingers through my moist lips. God, I am so hot! With
the other hand, I push up my bikini top and begin
fondling my heaving breasts, my nipples rock hard.

Suddenly, I hear Sarah call out, “Katy! I’m coming! Oh,
I’m coming!”

“Mmmmmmm,” says my other daughter, who I now realize is
the one doing the feasting in there, “that’s it, Sarah,
come in my mouth! Ohhhhhhh…” And she goes back to
sucking away at her sister’s cunt.

I am more shocked than I have ever been. My daughters,
having sex, lesbian sex, together! This is more than I
can stand, I have to do something. I do I rip off my
bikini top, shuck off my bikini bottoms, and begin
openly frigging myself while standing near the door. Oh,
God, this is so wrong, yet it feels so right! As Sarah’s
moaning assumes a fevered pitch, my own orgasm is
rapidly approaching.

“Oh, Katy, commiinngg!!” cries out Sarah, her cries
punctuated by the subdued moaning of her sister moaning
passionately into her cunt while eating her. Sarah
comes, and so do I, the orgasm ripping through me,
causing me to slump down to my knees, body shaking,
involuntary moans escaping my lips. Oh God Oh God Oh God
Oh God Oh God… So Good…

When the orgasm has passed, I slump back the rest of the
way to the floor, my fingers still working their magic.
I turn my head towards the door and continue to listen.

“Oh, Katy. I love you,” says Sarah.

“I love you too,” says Katy.

I hear them kissing now, their mouths working. Then I
hear movement, and from the sound of it, they are in a
69. I hear Katy and Sarah, my precious baby girls,
feasting on each other, moaning in lust into each
others’ pussies as they lick and suck and devour. They
are noisy in their feeding, uninhibited.

I have to see them. I have to. I get to my feet, naked,
and slowly turn the knob, slowly ease the door in and
open. It is dim within, the room lit by moonlight
streaming in from their open windows and balcony,
bolstered by lit candles to either side of the bed. My
heart races, a molten heat racing through me as I see
them there, together, molded together in a 69. Their
golden skin glistens in the candlelight, their bodies
undulating together.

They have not noticed me, though my thinking is dim
regarding the consequences if they do, and I step in and
lean against the wall of the entryway. One hand returns
to my breasts while with the other I play with my lips
and rub my clit, all the while my eyes locked on them.

Sarah is on top, her face buried in her sister’s shaven
snatch. Her mouth covers it, jaw working as she sucks at
it and wildly whips her tongue over the lips, the clit,
everywhere. Katy is below, likewise with her mouth
firmly clamped to her sister’s snatch, her hands
grabbing at Sarah’s beautiful ass as if to draw her in.
Now with the door open, I can hear their ecstasy so
clearly, the sounds of their feasting and heavy
breathing eclipsing all other sounds.

They are oblivious to everything but the pussy before
them, each of them devouring the other with a passion
that I have never seen equaled before. They eat each
other as if the world depends on it, with wild frenzied
abandon, their mounting moans filling the room along
with the sweet smells of their juices.

God, this is the hottest thing I have ever beheld in my
whole life. I don’t care anymore that these are my
daughters making love before me. A part of me resists
still, but lust overwhelms all other considerations. I
continue to play with myself, my body on fire as I
writhe against the wall. God, another orgasm is coming

My daughters feast reaches a fever pitch as they bring
each other to orgasm, openly moaning into each others’
snatches as they continue to feed, relentless. As they
come, so to, do I, unable to control myself from crying
out, an earth-shattering orgasm taking me.

I open my eyes somehow, I have managed not to fall to
the floor, though I blacked out for a moment. A thought
comes through my lust haze: “What are you doing? These
are your daughters? Get out of here!” For a moment, I am
myself again. Then I look over and see that it is too
late my daughters have seen me.

“Mom!” says Sarah, looking up from between Katy’s wide-
open knees. “What are you doing here?!”

“Mom! Oh, shit!” says Katy, trying to push Sarah off.

Sarah clambers back and reverses herself. She goes to
her knees on the bed as Katy does the same. Both are
looking into my eyes, waiting for an answer, for a
response. Perhaps seeing my hesitation and what I have
obviously been doing, Sarah reaches forward and
encircles Katy from behind with her arms, pressing her
front to her sister’s back. Katy sighs and moves her
hands up to cover Sarah’s. They are naked before me, but
face me together.

“Girls. I… I’m sorry… I… this looks bad, doesn’t

“You were masturbating watching us make love,” says

“Yes,” I say.

“Why?” asks Katy.

Instead of answering, I walk over and sit on the edge of
their bed, the level of arousal rising the closer I get.
“Girls,” I say, “how long have you been lovers?”

“Since today,” says Sarah.

“Today,” I say absently.

“We love each other, Mom,” says Katy.

“We didn’t plan it,” adds Sarah. “It just happened.”

“Do you… regret it at all?”

“No,” they both say in unison. They both smile, then
Katy rests her head back on Sarah’s shoulder, who
proceeds to give her a quick kiss on the lips.

“Mom,” continues Katy, “you were getting off watching
us, weren’t you?”

I look sheepish when I reply, “Yes, I was.”

Katy reaches out a hand, and I take it. “It’s OK,” she
says. “I mean, look at us, after all. Who are we to
judge? You’re not mad at us, are you?”

“No, sweetie, of course not,” I say, reaching up to run
a hand over Katy’s cheek. “I love you both. If this is
what you want, then who am I to say otherwise?”

“We shocked you, didn’t we?” asks Sarah.

I chuckle. “That’s the understatement of the year.”

“Oh, Mom, I love you,” says Katy, moving forward and
wrapping me in a hug. I hug her back, forgetting for a
moment the line that I am skirting. Sarah moves over to
hug me from the other side, and I am enclosed by their
warmth. My sweet baby girls.

I am reminded of the danger, of that line, feeling their
smooth warm skin against mine, their hard nipples
teasing into my arms. Instead of disengaging, I hug them
closer, moving my hands up to run through their raven
hair, kissing the tops of their heads. I feel each of
them place a soft young hand on my thighs, feel their
gentle caresses. My breathe quickens, my body feels as
if lava flows through my veins. Their hands gently rub
upwards, my legs parting of their own volition, as their
nipples continue to tease my arms.

They both look up into my eyes.

“We love you, Mom,” says Sarah.

“We love you, Mom,” says Katy.

Katy raises her head and gives me a kiss on the lips,
soft and tender yet lingering, more than just a peck.
She moves her face away, blushing. Sarah then takes her
place, kissing my lips tenderly, another soft lingering
kiss. Their hands continue to stroke my legs, their
fingers now inches from my sopping-wet pussy.

My own hands have dropped from caressing their hair to
rubbing over the smooth skin of their backs, questing
downward. Oh, God, what am I doing, this is madness!
This is incest! This is wrong! I have to stop this…

Katy moves in for another kiss, lips parted ever so
slightly. I feel her lips on mine, and I respond, this
kiss longer than the last, our lips parted to share a
single breathe. She blushes furiously as she disengages,
and then Sarah moves in, bolder than her sister. Her
lips meld to mine, opening with mine, and our tongues
touch and slowly begin to dance together. I feel their
hands on my thighs, so perilously close to my mons, my
legs spread wide open for their touch. My own hands have
worked down to their lower backs, lower still as I feel
the beginning curves of their smooth young asses.

I am lost.

Sarah disengages and looks to her sister. They move
together, their faces only inches in front of me, and
kiss passionately and deeply, lips wide and tongues
working. At the same time, I feel their fingers meet
over my mons, the questing tips rubbing over my moist
lips, and I moan loudly, all the while my own hands now
each covering a globe of my daughters’ ass.

I am so lost.

Their lips part, and then Katy turns to me, both her
hands coming up to enclose my face as she kisses me. I
open wide for her, our lips stretched apart, our tongues
working wonderfully together, our breathes shared. I
feel Sarah pull away, so I move my free hand to Katy’s
chest, kneading her smooth breast flesh and caressing
the nipples. She responds by lowering her hands from my
head, both going to enclose my own breasts. All the
while, I have felt Sarah’s fingers on my pussy, parting
the lips to rub up and down them, to my clit, touching
and holding me.

Suddenly, I feel a wet tongue on my engorged lips
Sarah has begun to eat me. I moan loudly into Katy’s
mouth, our kiss continuing, as I feel Sarah’s tongue
swab up and down, parting my lips, before I feel her
whole mouth on me, devouring. I have never felt such
ecstasy. Hopelessly distracted, I break off the kiss
with Katy and look down to see Sarah with her face
buried in my snatch, mouth working furiously while her
eyes meet mine. Oh Gooooddddd!!!

I lean back, or rather collapse back, onto the bed, my
legs wide-open to Sarah’s continued feeding. She is
sooooo good at this, if not in technique then certainly
in enthusiasm, as she frenziedly devours my cunt,
moaning into it in lust as she did with her sister. Katy
lowers her head to my breasts, licking and sucking at
the nipples, flicking them, increasing my lust. It is
more than I can stand, and I cry out as another orgasm
rips through me, this one caused by my own flesh and

As I regain some semblance of clarity, I still feel
Sarah feasting on me.

“Oh, yes, Sarah, Oh baby, you’re so good at this,” I

“Mmmmm, Mom, you’re pussy is so tasty, I love it,
ohhhhh,” she pauses in her feasting long enough to say.

I run my eyes over Katy’s gorgeous young body, the
smooth tanned skin, the firm taut tits, the slim waist,
the perfect curve of her ass, the long athletic legs. I
want her, want her more badly than I’ve ever wanted
anyone, even my ex-husband. I want my sweet daughter, my
baby girl, I want to devour her sweet pussy and make her
come in my mouth. I have never felt this level of
passion for another woman, until now.

I caress Katy’s back and ass, bring my hand over to her
front, run it over her breasts and up her firm tummy, up
and up until I feel my finger part her lips. She sighs
in pleasure, still feasting on my nipples, as I begin to
rub between her lips and flick at her clit. She is
dripping wet, and I slowly dip a finger into her,
causing her to moan.

She looks up at me as she is mouthing a nipple, and I
look back with unbridled lust into her eyes and lip my
lips. She understands, disengaging from my breasts and
sitting up. Then, as if in a dream, or perhaps a
nightmare, as if time has stood still, she slowly shifts
position to raise a leg up and over my head, straddling
my face. Her sweet young shaved pussy is now inches from
my lips. The lips are puffy and flared open, glistening
with her juices. So wet, so beautiful, so perfect. Can I
really be about to do this, to eat my own daughter, to
commit incest? There is no turning back after this.

There is no turning back.

I open my mouth while pulling her down to me. In one
motion, my mouth covers her, my tongue snaking out to
run between her lips, to penetrate them, to kiss her
with the same passion with which we kissed before. No,
more passion, for as I taste her, as the scent hits me
and I begin to drink at her juices as I tongue her, I
lose the ability to think. I am motivated by one desire
in all the world, to devour my sweet daughter’s pussy.

All my focus is now on this, the moment I have waited my
entire life for, the culmination of my very existence,
to eat my daughter until she comes. I have her ass in my
hands, pulling her cunt into my mouth, as I hungrily
slurp and lick and suck, moaning rapturously at the pure
joy of drinking one daughter’s juices while my other
daughter does the same to me.

I have enough presence to open my eyes and look up. Katy
is staring down into my eyes, her mouth open, panting
and moaning, as her hands stroke my hair. We lock lust-
filled eyes, lost in each other, in our lovemaking, in
the absolute certainty of the rightness of this moment
when mother and daughter truly and irrevocably bond. At
the same time, Sarah continues to devour me, moaning
with lust as she does so, and I feel my own orgasm
approaching. The timing is good, for Katy is on the
verge herself.

As the orgasm rips through me, I focus all my will on
bringing Katy to climax, knowing that I have succeeded
as, in the midst of a torrential orgasm, I feel her body
shake as she cries out and her juices flood my tongue.

Kathy collapses to the side as Samantha finishes licking
the juices off my inner thighs, my body quivering with
after-shocks. I drag myself up more fully onto the bed
as Sarah joins us in a three-way embrace, our naked
bodies pressed together, our hands and mouths roaming.

“Your turn, now,” I say to Sarah.

I disengage from our embrace and move down the bed.
Sarah opens her legs wide for me. I place a hand on each
thigh, feel the perfectly smooth skin, run my hands up
and down, all the while staring into her eyes. She
smiles, her eyes glittering with lust and love.

“Eat me, Mom,” she says.

I need no further invitation. I lower my head and lock
my lips around her cunt, thrusting my tongue out to
spear her while sucking. Mmmm, she is so sweet, as sweet
as her sister. She moans loudly as I continue to feast
on her, swabbing my tongue up and down between her lips,
flicking at the clit, fucking her with my tongue.

All the while, I look into her eyes, our gazes locked,
our eyes communicating one message: this is everything.
Right now, there is nowhere on earth I’d rather be than
between my daughter’s legs, feasting on her pussy. Her
continual moans of pleasure tell me that, as with her
sister, I know just what to do.

Katy moves off the bed and behind me. As I continue to
eat her sister, I feel her hands on my ass and I open my
legs wider. Suddenly, her tongue is dipping into my cunt
from behind. I groan loudly into Sarah’s snatch,
continuing to devour her as Katy does the same to me.
Our cries of lovemaking fill the room, surely heard by
any in the vicinity of our bungalow through the open
patio door. I don’t care who hears.

Soon after, I come again, as does Sarah, her juices
flooding my mouth. I drink them down greedily, slurping
at her, as Katy drinks down mine. Oh, God, this is

We make love for hours, eventually falling asleep
tangled naked in each others’ arms.

My last thought as sleep takes me is that we will
probably be spending every night going forward just like
this. I smile as sleep takes me.

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