A sex story about a plumper lady and her dog

This is a story about Nikki who began at an early age to
like a good K9. She grows older as her doggie side is
forgotten, but not for long. She winds up with two big
dogs as she enjoys each one.

My name is Nikki and I am a 42 year old woman who is
into K9s. You might call me kinky but I have been into
K9s for some time. I am a married lady with a grown
family. I have a wide ass on me and plump thighs,
though I think of myself as fat, I am a little on the
plump side.

I keep my pussy shaved and love to masturbate. I love
anal sex and sucking cock. I have the perfect ass for
fucking. I have always loved to have my smooth pussy
fucked too and I like sex of any kind but taking a nice
sized doggie cock is what I really love. I like to feel
their hot cum as it floods my cunt, to feel their hot
cock going so hard and fast to me as they fuck me!

It started with me when I was about 10 years old. We
had a family pet, a big Lab, Bear who was very gentle.
I had just discovered how to masturbate and was
delighted in the feelings it gave me. I was sitting in
my doll house as I had my little legs spread, playing
with my smooth little pussy that day when Bear came
into the house with me.

I reached down to pet him on his head as he licked my
finger that I had just withdrew from my wet little
pussy. He seemed to like licking my juices from my
finger so I took them and dipped them back into me.

I withdrew them once again and held them out to him as
he started to lick my fingers once again. I then spread
my plump little thighs as I took his head and brought
it to me. I was amazed when he reached out with his hot
tongue and began to slowly lick my little pussy. The
feeling of his hot tongue was so good as I held my
puffy lips apart for him as he slowly lapped at my wet

I had never had a real climax until then. His hot
tongue was licking me as I felt a tingling or itching
in my pussy. I did not realize it at that time but I
was beginning to climax as he lapped at my small pussy.
It began to feel much better as he licked me and I
wanted him to keep doing it as I took his head into my
hands, pulling him to me as my first, real climax
exploded deep within my tiny cunt. I was thrusting up
to meet his probing tongue as his long tongue licked
the entire length of my swollen slit. I was cumming so
hard as I humped my pussy back to meet his hot tongue.

Bear had given me my first climax. There were many to
follow after that day as he became a regular visitor to
my doll house. I would call him into me almost every
day when I could play outside in my doll house. Then as
the next year or so rolled by, I got to where I would
take him to my bedroom at night. This was the beginning
of my K9 loving!

One night while I had him on my bed licking me, I saw
his big red dick sticking out of its sheath. I had
listened to other girls talking about fucking and I had
heard of other girls being fucked by their dogs but it
never crossed my mind until then. My little pussy began
to tingle as I looked at his doggie cock. I was wanting
to let him fuck me but it looked too big for my small
pussy. The more I looked at it, the more I wanted it in
me as I masturbated my clit as he licked me. I decided
to try taking it if I could get him to fuck me.

I lay down onto my back and brought him on top of me as
I reached down and took his big red doggie dick into my
hand. I spread my thighs as I guided his cock to my wet
little pussy. I felt the huge head as it thrust into
me, hurting me a little as his cockhead slid past my
puffy lips. He had that thick doggie cock in me! The
big head had pushed my membrane apart and as my hymen
burst. I felt the pain as he began to thrust his doggie
cock to me, but it was a good pain and was quickly
replaced by shear pleasure! Bear had taken my
virginity! I was being fucked by my dog and I was
loving it!

He was fucking me so fast and so hard as I felt his big
cock filling my tiny pussy. I felt every inch as he
slid it deeper to me, his hot doggie cock pounding my
precious little pussy as he fucked me. I could feel the
big head as it touched bottom in me, making me shiver
each time it touched the entrance to my little womb.

I began to cum as he fucked me, my hot little pussy so
full of his doggie cock as my entire body trembled in
pleasure. My climax just went on and on as I came. It
was feeling so good to me as I then felt his cock began
to swell up inside my tiny pussy.

I felt him as his hot doggie cum began to flood my
pussy, making me cum that much more as his hot cum
filled me. I was throwing my little pussy up to meet
his big cock as he came inside me, pumping me full of
that hot doggie cum. He had filled me until his hot cum
was running out of me like a river as he began to
soften, his cock slipping from my tiny cunt as I looked
down to see my bleeding pussy covered in his doggie
cum. My poor little pussy was so sore that next day,
but not sore enough not to want more of Bear and that
lovely doggie cock.


After that day, I would have Bear fucking me two or
three times a week. This went on until my Senior year
in high school. I had found a boyfriend by then and was
beginning to have sex with him. Even though he was
good, he was not as good as my Bear! I didn’t want him
to think I was a slut so I was very stingy with giving
my pussy to him. I would come home from a date with
him, being so horny as I would take Bear to my bed and
fuck him instead.

This went on for another year or so until I started
college. Then I sort of wandered away from him, not
getting home to much and finding other men to satisfy
me. A couple of years later, he died and I grieved for
him for a while.

Then I got married and settled down. I started to raise
a family and forgot all about a K9. This changed after
a couple of years as the kids wanted a dog for a pet. I
was the one who picked out another big Lab, naming him
Enzo . Of course, I thought back to my younger days
and all the fun I had as I selected the big lab for the
kids. I also had an alterative motive in selecting a
big, male lab.


One day when my kids were at school and my husband was
at work I took Enzo to my bedroom and slipped off my
panties as I lay there playing with my wet pussy. I did
as I had done with Bear and offered him my wet fingers.
He did exactly the same and began to lick my juices
from my fingers. This made my smooth pussy even wetter
as I led him to taste my dripping cunt. He had such a
long tongue!

I was in pure ecstasy as he licked me. I turned over
and got on my hands and knees as I offered up my hungry
cunt to him. I took his big, red doggie cock and rubbed
it up and down my wet slit as I opened my profound lips
to better feel his cock as I rubbed it over my cunt. I
was so wet and my bare pussy was on fire as I felt his
big cockhead trying to enter me. I was ready for it as
I took his slimy cock and guided it to my anxious

When that doggie dick sank into me, I almost pasted out
from the pure enjoyment I was feeling! It had been so
long since I had a dog’s cock in me and I never knew
just how much I missed it until now. I could feel that
red hot cock of his as it slid so deep in me, filling
my pussy as he slammed it home! His doggie cock was so
hot in me! I reached back and pulled my pussy lips
wider as he began to rapidly pump that hot cock to me.

I felt every inch of his cock as it slammed into me,
him thrusting so fast and so hard as he fucked that
doggie cock to my starving cunt. I lay there with my
head in the pillows as he rammed that lovely cock to my
tight pussy. His paws were on my hips as I felt his
cock swell up inside my cunt. He had slid his knot to
my pussy as I felt it spreading me so wide! He had a
huge knot and when he slammed it to my pussy, I almost
became locked to his cock.

The thick knot was inside me as his cockhead plunged so
deep in me, filling me so full of that doggie cock. I
took is knot and pushed back to receive al of his huge
dick as hr fucked it to me. Bear, my first dog had
never knotted me in the past and this was my first
knotting. My God! It was so GOOD!

As Enzo held me tight to his cock with his paws, he
began to thrust so fast to me as I began to cum each
time he pounded that doggie cock as it touched my womb,
deep inside my cunt. I was his bitch and I was loving
it! He was fucking me so hard and fast as I felt his
cock start to throb inside me. I knew he was ready to
fill me with his hot cum.

Sure enough, I felt him as he thrust his huge cock so
deep and just held it there inside me as his cock began
to erupt, filling my pussy with his hot doggie cum. It
was so hot as it poured against my cervix so deep
within my convulsing pussy. I just kept cumming over
and over as he pumped that hot doggie cum to my smooth
pussy. He was doing such a good job as he filled me
full of that cum. His cum was so hot as it ran out of
my cunt and down my thighs as he just kept pumping that
hot cum to me!

I had never had so much cum flooding me before. Enzo
must have shot a gallon of his hot doggie cum to me as
he fucked me. My entire body was trembling as he filled
me with his juices.

We stopped when his knot went down and I released his
soft doggie cock from my wet pussy. I was dripping cum
everywhere as I got up and cleaned his cum from my well
fucked pussy. He had fucked me so hard that my cunt was
sore for two days. I had never been fucked like that
and I enjoyed every minute of it. From the fucking he
gave me, I knew Enzo had fucked other ladies the way
he positioned his paws and the way he slammed his cock
to me. I did not know who trained him, but they had
done a great job!


It was three days later before I had the chance to get
him alone in my bedroom once again. This time I was on
my hands and knees as before with my smooth pussy lips
spread wide for his cock. I reached under me and took
his doggie cock as I smeared my juices over the thick
cockhead. Then I had an idea. I was going to try taking
him up my ass. I took his cock and wet it good with my
juices as I brought it to my tiny sphincter, my tight
little rose bud wanting him to fill me back there.

I placed the head to my tight asshole as I felt him
pushing forward, working his cock into my ass as it
went in without too much trouble. I was ready to be ass
fucked by him! I held my ass cheeks apart as he slammed
his doggie cock to my upturned ass, filling me with one
hard push.

I pushed back to his cock as if I had to shit as he
slid so deep into my bowels. He had that big doggie
cock so far up my ass as I groaned so loud! I felt that
hot cock as he slid it to me, hunching his hips faster
as I reached down to play with my enlarged clit.

There I was on my hands and knees, my ass being fucked
by a huge doggie cock! What a slut I was! I was letting
this dog fuck my ass and I was loving it! My fingers
played so fast with my clit as he pounded my ass, his
doggie cock so deep in me as I began to cum from the
feeling of that hot cock in me. My ass was working
around and around, back and forth as I fucked him back
as my climax engulfed my entire body. Then I felt his
hot cock as it swelled up, his knot trying to enter my
ass as he began to cum in me.

Enzo began to assault my ass with that hot doggie
cock as he shot his hot cum to my ass. His hot cum was
flooding my ass as I felt his cock throbbing so deep in
my ass. He was filling me up with that hot cum as I saw
stars! He was fucking my ass so hard and so fast, his
cock empting his load so deep in me as I came.

My pussy was dripping my cum all over my fingers as he
filled my ass with his hot juices. I knew then that I
would always be his bitch. He could fuck me anytime he
wanted and anywhere he wanted! I was loving his doggie
cock up my ass as I felt his cock going soft in me. As
he pulled away from me, his hot cum was running out of
my well fucked ass and down over my pussy lips as it
flowed over my thighs.


After that day, I knew Enzo needed a friend. I talked
my hubby into buying another dog to keep Enzo
company. But the dog was for me! I looked around until
I found just the right dog, another big male Lab with a
nice cock on him. I took him home and welcomed him to
our house as I took him to my bedroom.

It took a little training to get him to mount me, but
when he did, he was almost as big as Enzo ! I let him
fuck me without Enzo being there the first time. His
cock was bigger around that Enzo ‘s but not as long.
It was just as hot as he thrust it so deep to me. I had
him fucking me in ten minutes after I took him to my
bed! He shot my bare pussy full of his doggie cum as I
fucked him back. He pumped me full of his hot cum as I
took every drop of his hot load into my aching pussy.

When we was finished, I called Enzo into the room. My
pussy was dripping of hot doggie cum as I had Enzo
mount me from the rear. He took my hips into his paws
and slammed that doggie cock so hard to me as my slick
pussy felt him punishing me for letting the other dog
fuck me! He was really pounding his cock to me so hard
as he fucked me.

I could tell he was trying to out do the other dog as
he fucked me so hard with his hot doggie cock. Then his
knot slid into me! He had me locked to his massive
doggie cock as he pumped me full of his hot cum,
fucking me so hard as his cum filled me.

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