A Snowy Night

Bill and Cheryl had been dating casually for
over a year. They had met during their last year of
high school, though they had gone to different schools
and met only because of a regional function. They
wound up attending the same college, though that was
more the product of chance than choice. They dated
occasionally, but there was nothing more serious be-
tween them than that.

They both enjoyed what dates they did have, and
usually their evenings together included a parking
session at the end. While they were very adept at
steaming up the car windows, not to mention each other,
nothing much ever really happened during these

A typical event would involve a great deal of
holding and kissing with Bill usually trying to grab a
little feel of whatever he could, which was usually
quite little. Bill would make a move towards Cheryl’s
breast and Cheryl would restrain him. Bill would
casually glance against her breast while ‘moving’ his
hand from one location to another, and since that was
by ‘accident’, Cheryl wouldn’t say anything. Bill’s
hand under her sweater was OK so long as it stayed on
her back, even unclasping her bra was permitted. But
should his hand attempt to migrate around to explore
Cheryl’s chest treasures and his hand was removed from
its warm spot, her bra was refastened, and everything
was back to square one.

This did not mean that Cheryl didn’t enjoy
Bill’s attentions. She enjoyed them considerably! She
invariably went to her room after one of these sessions
with her panties literally soaked through with her
juices. And she was well aware of the effect she had
on Bill. Often when they would embrace standing, she
could feel his stiff cock pressing against her through
their clothes. But being a ‘good girl’, she always
forced herself to override her desire to let Bill touch
her where he would, to do what they both really wanted.
She repressed her desire to pull his cock into the open
and touch and explore it.

Bill was the product of a good Irish Catholic
upbringing, and so was both totally obsessed and total-
ly messed up regarding sex. Cheryl was raised in a
good fundamentalist Christian home, and so was just as
obsessed and even more messed up regarding sex than
Bill was! They were both virgins, which didn’t help
their situation any either. As virgins they were both
fascinated by, and afraid of, the opposite sex and the
ultimate sex act and each lacked the experience to know
quite how to resolve their mutual dilemma.

Their freshman year passed in this state of
mutual frustration and confusion. So too passed the
first months of their sophomore year. If they dated
more regularly, surely their situation would have come
to some sort of head earlier. But everything in its
own time.

It was a snowy Saturday evening. Bill had just
come through the cafeteria line collecting his allot-
ment of Saturday evening slop. In the sparsely occupied
cafeteria it was easy to spot Cheryl sitting at a table
by herself. Bill went over and joined her. They soon
finished their dinners, and since neither really had
anything to do that evening Bill invited Cheryl back to
his room to watch TV.

The warehouse job Bill had secured over the sum-
mer had paid enough to permit a few indulgences. A TV,
a small refrigerator, a hot plate, and a few other
goodies went a long way toward making the dorm room far
more livable. Fortunately Bill’s roommate, true to
form, had gone home for the weekend so there was no
worry about being disturbed. They piled some pillows
at the head of Bill’s bed, and fortified with some
sodas and pretzels they settled in to watch TV.

Bill and Cheryl actually watched TV for a while
until, during some inane commercial, they put their
sodas aside and began kissing. The intimacy of the
dorm room brought a degree of relaxation to their make
out session that had never quite been present when they
had made out in a car. Also to be noted was the fact
that campus maintenance had been having problems
regulating the heat in the dorm. Accordingly, it was
quite warm. Since Bill did not tolerate heat well, he
had skinned out of his sweatshirt when the pair had
come in leaving himself clad only in his jeans. Cheryl,
of course, was appropriately attired though.

Snuggling together on the bed, Bill soon had his
hand under the back of Cheryl’s top and had freed the
clasp on her bra. As always the skin of her back felt
wonderful. This time though, Cheryl was free to run
her hands over Bill’s naked torso. She loved the feel
of his strong muscles under his skin.

Their reclining position permitted much fuller
and more intimate contact than a car seat every
allowed. Their lengths pressing together, it was a
very short while before Bill was grinding and pressing
the hard swollen bulge in his jeans against the much
softer and smaller bulge in Cheryl’s. Her virgin pussy
responded typically to the pressure on it and the rub-
bing it was receiving from Bill’s cock. Her snatch was
very wet. Had she touched the crotch of her jeans she
would have felt the dampness there, the result of her
juices soaking through her pants as well as her

They kissed and dry humped for a while, both
becoming very aroused in the process. Eventually Bill
began to bring his hand around from Cheryl’s back, over
her side, and to the soft curving swell of the side of
her breast. True to form, Cheryl began to remove Bill’s
hand from its new resting-place and restore the order
of her garments.

The gods must have smiled on Bill at that moment
for he uttered what was probably the most timely and
appropriate question he had ever voiced in his life up
until that point. Looking into Cheryl’s eyes he asked,
“What’s the matter Cheryl? Don’t you trust me to love
you without raping you?”

Cheryl was stuck! Her “sex was dirty”, “good
girls don’t”, and “not until you’re married” upbringing
demanded that she stop. But if she stopped now it was
the same as saying that she didn’t trust him. And
though her hormone charged, passion aroused, young body
screamed, “Yes! Take me!”, if she did allow Bill to
go further would things get totally out of control?

Since no decision would solve her dilemma,
Cheryl opted for just that. She made no decision! She
didn’t say yes and she didn’t say no. But more signi-
ficantly, she didn’t do anything further about removing
the hand still cradling the side of her breast beneath
her shirt. She just lowered her eyes and waited.

After a moment, Bill lowered his face to hers
and resumed kissing her. As she returned his kiss, his
hand resumed its migration. From the side of her
breast it moved forward rising over the swell of her
rounded breast until his hand cupped her full ripe
chest treasure. He could feel the hard nubbin of her
nipple boring into his palm.

The second his hand squeezed her breast and rub-
bed over her nipple electricity seemed to shoot through
her body. God his hand on her breast felt good! Cheryl
hated herself for all those times she had stopped him
before. All those times she could have been experienc-
ing these delicious feelings and hadn’t. She thrust
her chest up against Bill’s hand and squirmed in an
attempt to extract more sensation from his touch.

From cupping her entire breast Bill moved his
hand so the just the tips of his fingers fluttered over
her nipple. This brought a new and different range of
sensations to Cheryl. As her breast delighted in his
touch, Cheryl could feel new tensions in her cunt
develop simultaneously. It felt SO good down there!
She wiggled her pelvis and ground her crotch more
fervently against Bill’s solid cock bulge.

All the while he was caressing her breast, Bill
was kissing Cheryl. His tongue slipped in and out of
her mouth and over her lips and tongue. He nibbled her
lips gently and sucked on her tongue when she probed
his mouth with it. The hesitation she had felt when
she first permitted Bill his increased access to her
had vanished. It reappeared though when Bill began to
pull her shirt up in preparation to pulling it off over
her head.

“I want to feel your breasts against me when I
kiss you,” he stated matter of factly. The line wasn’t
exactly original. Bill had encountered it in some book
when the hero used it in his effort to undress the
heroine. Though a virgin, Bill avidly devoured every
sexy story and every girlie photo spread he could get
his hands on! The line worked though as Cheryl lifted
herself slightly to permit Bill to slide her top over
her head. Once off, it was a minor matter to lift her
loosened brassiere away from chest. Cheryl was now
topless. And she loved it!

Bill and Cheryl again kissed furiously as their
hands flew over each other. The contact of their taut,
young flesh inflamed them both further. Bill broke
their kiss and gazed at Cheryl’s lovely young breasts.
They were soft, full and rounded, with pink aureole
surrounding pert nipples standing rigidly erect. Bill
leaned over and extended his tongue. The light contact
it made with Cheryl’s nipple felt wonderful to them
both. Bill loved the firm resilience of her breast’s
crowning glory, while Cheryl simply loved any and all
contact with her breasts!

Bill opened his mouth wider and sucked the
entire crown of her breast into his mouth. He sucked
firmly on her breast and let the mass of titty tissue
slide in and out of his mouth. Cheryl moaned with
pleasure. This was so good! She slid her hands from
Bill’s shoulders to his neck and crushed his head to
her chest. Her chest bucked and her legs scissored
wildly as she was overwhelmed by the intensity of the
pleasure she was feeling.

“Suck my titties. Oh, suck my titties.” Over
and over Cheryl quietly moaned these words as though
some sort of mantra. Bill gladly complied! As his
mouth left one breast and sought out its twin, his
hand replaced his loving lips to knead Cheryl’s
resilient titty flesh and to pinch and pull the
aroused, erect nipple.

As he made love to Cheryl’s luscious young
breasts, Bill rubbed his incredibly stiff cock, still
tightly encased within its jeans prison, against
Cheryl’s hot, wet snatch, still imprisoned within her
own jeans. About now, a neutral observer might have
observed a large wet circle on the front of Bill’s
jeans, formed by his copious pre-cum juices, and an
even larger wet spot in the crotch of Cheryl’s jeans
where her girlish lubricating juices had lubricated
their way right through her clothes!

During his oral ministering to her breasts, Bill
moved one hand down to Cheryl’s crotch. He was amazed
at how wet and hot she felt down there. The knowledge
that he had his hand so close to her special girl place
was overwhelming to him. Though he was unaware of it,
the pressure of his hand on her jeans clad pussy was
directly on her aroused clit. And while Cheryl was
initially unaware that it was now Bill’s hand that was
creating the pressure on her cunt, she soon realized
that Bill was touching her down there rather than dry
humping her. That his hand had ventured into previous-
ly forbidden territory momentarily took her aback, but
she soon dismissed her concerns in light of the wonder-
ful sensations he was drawing from her cunt.

Bill had always dreamed about being with a girl
and about getting to see her naked body and touch her
soft, smooth naked flesh. This evening with Cheryl had
already been more than he had ever dreamed possible.
But the evening was not over yet!

The constriction of his cock within his tight
jeans finally got to him and Bill got off the bed.
Unfastening his jeans, Bill stripped off his pants and
briefs. Freed from its confinement, Bill’s cock thrust
out in front of him. For the first time in his adult
life, Bill was naked in front of a girl! Though he was
nervous, his state of extreme arousal overrode his

Cheryl’s eyes bugged! She certainly had not
anticipated this move on Bill’s part. While her
education had certainly exposed her to Michelangelo’s
David, she was totally unprepared for the massive
column of flesh thrusting out from Bill’s thick mat of
black pubic hair! Even less prepared was she for
Bill’s sitting next to her and commencing to unfasten
the belt to her own jeans! With uncertainty, and no
small degree of fear, in her eyes, Cheryl put her hand
on Bill’s stopping him.

“You said you trusted me to love you and not
rape you,” Bill reminded her. “Have I done anything at
all to hurt you or that you haven’t wanted me to do or
that you haven’t liked?”

Cheryl could only acknowledge that there was
indeed nothing that had transpired thus far that was
against her will or which she had found unpleasant.
She removed her hand from his and, with a small smile
of trust, permitted him to resume loosening her remain-
ing clothing. Her jeans loosened, she lifted her hips
to aid Bill’s denuding of her very pretty, very aroused
teenage body. Down her legs and off went her jeans and
panties. Now Cheryl was as naked as he was!

He had seen naked women in girlie magazines,
but here was a real, unretouched, naked girl just
inches from him! Bill couldn’t believe how good Cheryl
looked naked. If he could pass a law right then and
there it would be that she could never wear clothes
again! Her long soft brown hair fanned out over his
pillow framing her lovely features. Her body was long
and sleek, her breasts full and round. At the base of
her belly was a lush, dense crop of fur. Her long legs
tapered downward below her wonderful pussy. She was
absolutely delicious!

With typical female insecurity regarding her
body, Cheryl was at first afraid that there might be
something wrong with her. But as she watched Bill
study her with nothing short of adoration in his eyes,
and as he began to tell her how beautiful he thought
she was, her insecurity vanished. It pleased her to
know that he thought she was pretty and desirable.

Bill lay next to Cheryl and they resumed kis-
sing, but their exchange was now on a new and higher
level of passion and intimacy. The press of flesh
against flesh brought a sense of closeness that neither
had ever experienced before. This was not merely
making out. Their togetherness embodied something
previously absent. There was a love present in their
lovemaking. Each was warmed and pleased by the other,
and wished to please in return. As they kissed, Bill’s
fingers traced light feathery patterns over Cheryl’s
warm, soft body and she stroked the smooth muscled
hardness of his.

Cheryl could feel Bill’s erection resting
against her thigh and she reached down and took it
into her hand. As Bill’s hand roamed over her ripe
young body, it invariably wound up caressing the nest
of fur at her delta. The two young lovers began an
inquisitive and passioned exploration of each other’s
genitals. And both were thrilled with their new

Cheryl was amazed that Bill’s enormous and
fearsomely erect penis felt incredibly velvety and
smooth to the touch. While as an entity Bill’s cock
was incredibly hard, it was not the sort of hardness
that one might find in say, a cold piece of steel.
Instead there was a unique resilience to his cock more
akin to hard rubber. But regardless of its tensile
attributes, Cheryl had no doubts that Bill’s erection
was more than adequate to burrow its way deep into her
untried vagina.

Oddly enough, despite her years of family and
church indoctrination and to all their talk regarding
the ‘appropriate’ times and places for sexual rela-
tions, the thought of Bill filling her with his manhood
was not altogether abhorrent to her. She had at times
pondered if Bill might be the man with whom she might
spend the rest of her life, but now her mind focused
upon if Bill might be the man to whom she would sur-
render her virginity. And for the first time in her
life, marriage and sexual relations assumed separate
and distinct places in her mind.

Nothing he had ever felt before was as
mysterious, as wonderful, as erotic, or as exciting as
Cheryl’s pussy. The simultaneous sensations of heat,
wetness, and softness that Bill received while stroking
Cheryl’s most intimate female folds were totally with-
out parallel in his short life. Bill felt as though if
he were to lie there forever stroking Cheryl’s pussy
that he still could not get enough of her wonderful,
exotic sexuality. Exploration of her full, passion
engorged outer folds alternated with exploration of her
hot, slick inner lips. Occasionally Bill’s finger
would press against Cheryl’s outer lips forcing then
to part before the pressure and accept his digit into
the tight tunnel of her unused cunt. Then his hand
would withdraw and slip through her wet sex trough and
up over the throbbing bud of her aroused clitoris.

The net effect of this mutual genital manipu-
lation was that both Bill and Cheryl were becoming ever
increasingly excited. As they shifted about on the bed,
they released their grasp on each other’s genitals and
clutched each other tightly. Since Bill’s large, pro-
truding organ had to go somewhere it slipped between
Cheryl’s thighs and nestled into the groove of her girl
slit. The squirming of their hips slid Bill’s cock
along Cheryl’s pussy folds and ground the shaft of his
erection against the swollen bud of her clit.

Both Bill and Cheryl were thrilled with this
newest manifestation of sexual delight. They hunched
and thrusted against each other desperately trying to
maximize the thrills created by their sexual contact.

Finally Cheryl could stand this no longer. The
touch of Bill’s penis against her vulva was created an
ever increasing ache and emptiness deep within her. She
rolled from her side onto her back urging Bill onto
her. She spread her legs wide apart and cradled Bill’s
body in the open hollow created by her open thighs.

“Fuck me honey,” she panted. “Put your big
fucking pecker in me!”

Bill was both shocked and thrilled. Cheryl had
always seemed the type of girl who wouldn’t say shit
if she had a mouth full of it! And now she was calling
on him to take her virginity in the basest of terms.
But Bill was also not one to look a gift horse in the
mouth. Looking a gift girl in the cunt might be
another matter entirely though!

“Are you sure?” Bill inquired.

“Yes, damn it! Get that lovely cock in me!”
Cheryl moaned. “But please be gentle,” she added.

Bill certainly was not about to wait to be asked
twice! He held his thrusting erection by the shaft and
began to rub his cock head up and down the length of
Cheryl’s hot pussy slowly and gently. The head of
Bill’s cock quickly picked up moisture from the flood
of juices dribbling from Cheryl’s pussy. Once moistened
his cock slid between her girl folds even more easily.
As Bill stroked, Cheryl’s pussy lips began to spread to
accommodate Bill’s cock between them. The sensation of
her cunt lips spreading themselves against and around
the head of his cock was simply incredible and might
easily have been sufficient to trigger Bill’s orgasm
were he not deliberately trying to hold back his release.
Thinking that a well-pleased girl is a girl who will
agree to future fun and games, he certainly didn’t want
to spoil her pleasure by cuming too early!

With the head of his cock and the foremost sec-
tion of his cock shaft well lubricated with Cheryl’s
copious juices, Bill changed the angle of his cock to
Cheryl’s pussy and lowered his cock head so that it
aligned with the opening to Cheryl’s virgin cunt hole.
Now the up and down movements of Bill’s cock became far
smaller and more controlled as the purpose shifted from
lubrication to settling into the opening to Cheryl’s
love grotto. The lips of her pussy spread before the
inward pressure of his cock, parting to permit access
for Bill’s phallus to the tender, tight tunnel beyond.

Slowly Bill’s cock slid beyond Cheryl’s lush
outer lips to contact and spread the tighter lips of
her inner fold. These too parted before Bill’s invad-
ing penis, for the first time opening to permit a man
to enter.

Cheryl was a mass of small movements. Her
thighs flexed and slid against Bill’s flanks, her
hands roamed over his back scratching his flesh and
holding his body close to hers, and her face was
buried into the base of Bill’s neck where she made
soft whimpering and moaning sounds. These sounds
were not born of pain though, but of pleasure!

As Bill’s thick hardness wormed its way into
her, Cheryl did slow the progress of her defloration
slightly to permit herself a chance to adjust more
easily to the girth of the lovely column of male flesh
pressing into her untried depths. The slow, steady
stretching of her cunt flesh to accommodate the
enormity of Bill’s member was certainly a new sensa-
tion, an odd feeling, but certainly not the horrendous,
agonizing ordeal that she had been led to expect. The
church biddies who spoke of “patiently enduring a
man’s lust” and “a woman’s ordeal” were most definitely
full of it!

Inward his cock would slide a bit, then he would
pause, then back off slightly before the next inward
thrust. Two steps forward, one back. But the overall
effect was that bit by bit, more and more of Bill’s
cock was working its way into Cheryl’s incredibly tight
young cunt. Cheryl knew that Bill’s patience and
gentleness was to a great extent responsible for the
joy she was experiencing in her first fuck and in her
heart she acknowledged and appreciated his considera-
tion of her.

Bill’s penetration of Cheryl’s cunt halted when
suddenly he could go no further. Cheryl winced at the
pressure and the slight discomfort she felt. Three
quarters of Bill’s cock was still outside Cheryl’s body
so this certainly couldn’t be the limit of her cuntal
capacity. It was the physical sign of her virginity:
her hymen.

At first the pressure of Bill’s cock against her
cherry was too uncomfortable and she asked him to wait
a bit. The delightful pressure of Cheryl’s cunt flesh
wrapped around the foremost portions of his cock was
heaven for Bill and he certainly didn’t mind taking a
moment and simply relishing the feel of her cunt on

But there was work to be done and Bill soon made
another assault on Cheryl’s fleshy barrier. Bill’s
second thrust was halted at the same point as the first
though the discomfort Cheryl experienced was signifi-
cantly less. Her cunt was adjusting to the presence of
Bill’s cock. Her cherry too was stretching slowly
against the pressure applied by Bill’s pecker. Bill’s
third attempt was marked by his backing off a bit more
than before, thrusting a bit harder than before, and
unlike before, this third attempt succeeded in forcing
past Cheryl’s cherry. Overwhelmed by superior force,
her cherry was swept aside never again to impede the
entry of a lusting male member to the luscious cunt
cave beyond.

Cheryl stiffened and issued a slight yelp as
Bill’s cock blasted her cherry to ruins. The sensation
was certainly more than a pinch, but still far short of
the body and soul rendering to which she had heard
losing one’s cherry compared.

The steady insertion of Bill’s cock into
Cheryl’s cunt resumed. Now that the tight muscles at
the opening of her cunt had had the chance to adjust
to Bill’s girth, and the stubborn barrier of her
cherry had been eliminated, the progressive journey
into Cheryl’s depths seemed much faster and easier.
Bill still took it slow and easy for her sake, but
progress now was a slow, steady slide into her un-
touched reaches.

Soon Bill again found that he could progress no
further, but this time there was a far more solid
pressure against the head of his dick. His balls were
also pressed against Cheryl’s body and his rich, black
pubic hair was grinding against her soft, brown furry
mat. Bill was all the way into her!

Cheryl loved the delicious fullness of Bill’s
cock in her cunt. The grinding of the base of his
cock against her clit was doing much to restore the
lust and passion she had felt earlier and which had
dissipated somewhat during her transformation from
virginal girl to loved, and loving, woman. Their
passion fired genitals ground together as their pel-
vises twitched and writhed, stirring Bill’s manly
pestle in Cheryl’s sweetly honeyed mortar grinding out
something both very old and ancient and very new and
special. The young lovers kissed deeply and desper-
ately as they clutched each other. The phrase “two
became one” was certainly never truer physically than
at that moment as Bill and Cheryl sought to lose
themselves in the other’s fevered, inspired flesh.

Though Cheryl’s wide spread legs had locked
themselves around Bill’s middle, Bill still had enough
maneuvering room to commence withdrawing his long,
hard cock from its delightful confinement within
Cheryl’s cunt. Slowly it slipped from her tightly
clasping cunt leaving an almost forlorn emptiness in
its wake. Cheryl groaned as this magnificent new
plaything was taken from within her. Bit by bit, inch
by inch, Bill’s cock slid outward. Cheryl’s cunt lips
rippled along the length of Bill’s shaft in a desper-
ate, but futile, attempt to keep his cock where it
belonged: inside her!

Just as the exiting movement of Bill’s cock
brought the slightly greater girth of his cock head
into contact with Cheryl’s clasping pussy lips, his
outward movement ceased. Immediately the pressure
reversed and Bill’s cock began to slide back into
Cheryl’s hot, tight cunt. The pussy lips that had
so ineffectively prevented Bill’s cock from leaving
her hole now folded inward against the driving pres-
sure of Bill’s cock rippling along his cock shaft as
he reinserted himself into her.

The slow, steady, deliberate driving of Bill’s
cock into Cheryl’s twat brought none of the discomfort,
or encountered none of the delays his first entry had.
Instead Cheryl delighted in the feeling of his cock
physically entering her and rejoiced in its return to
fill the emptiness left in its absence. She rocked
her hips and wriggled her cunt lips against Bill’s
hardness as she sought to wring every bit of pleasure
from this wonderful male shaft within her. She moaned
with the pleasure of his entry and squirmed her chest
against his, luxuriating in the sensation of her
breasts rubbing against Bill’s chest and her rigid
nipples boring into his body. She couldn’t believe
how incredibly wonderful sex was.

Soon Bill had assumed a slow, rhythmic movement
of his cock in and out of Cheryl’s magnificent cunt.
He had never experienced anything as wonderful as the
sensation of his cock slipping in and out of Cheryl’s
beautiful, young body. Likewise, Cheryl had never
felt as glorious as she did right now with this hand-
some, virile young man hard with desire for her and
filling her most secret woman places with his manhood.

The pulsing of Bill’s cock in and out of
Cheryl’s clutching hole slowly but steadily drove the
young lovers to greater and greater levels of passion.
They would attempt to lose themselves in each other,
pressing together every bit of the flesh. Then they
would separate as Bill raised himself on his arms and
the two found themselves connected only at their
genitals. They both looked down the length of their
bodies and marveled at the sight of Bill’s cock
entering Cheryl’s luscious twat, then exiting, then
repeating the cycle over and over. Bill’s cock shined
with the film of Cheryl’s love juices that coated it.

Taking his sturdy cock by its shaft, Bill al-
lowed his entire length to slip from the confines of
Cheryl’s pussy. He would then thrust forward driving
the head of his cock into her along with an inch or
so of the shaft. Then he would pull his dick from
her. Over and over, just the head of his cock would
slip into her beautiful, clutching pussy. Though she
missed the wonderful feeling of fullness she derived
from having all his cock within her, this ‘mini-
fucking’ she was receiving was fantastic in its own
way. Her cunt lips felt as though they were on fire
they felt so hot. But it was a fire she never wanted
put out it felt so damn good!

Just when Cheryl felt as though she might climb
out of her skin from the pleasure of Bill’s cock head
slipping in and out of her, Bill drove the entire
length of his dick into her depths. Cheryl moaned and
delivered a rain of little kisses over Bill’s face and
neck. His cock felt SO good! Several long, deep
thrusts the full length of her clasping love tunnel,
and then a series of short little jabs into her lush
wet pussy with just his cock head. Over and over the
pattern repeated.

From their greatest and most full exchange of
love and sharing, to the reduction of their sex play
to its most basic levels with all sensation stemming
from the few square inches of flesh where their bodies
joined, Bill and Cheryl revealed in each level of
their intercourse. Their delight and passion grew
steadily as they loved and lusted with each other.

As their arousal grew, so too did the pace of
Bill’s impailment of Cheryl increase. Sexual playtime
gave way to a serious, intense fucking. Powerful,
determined strokes drove Bill’s cock all the way into
Cheryl’s pussy. Their breathing and blood pressure
rose as Bill’s cock pounded into Cheryl’s cunt faster
and faster, harder and harder. Sweat ran down Bill’s
back and off his chest. It ran down between Cheryl’s
ripe full breasts and down over their locked genitals.
Their worlds became smaller and smaller, reduced to a
point where all that mattered was their desperately
needed sexual release.

Closer and closer they came to that magical
goal until Bill drove his swollen, hard cock as firmly
into Cheryl’s welcoming depths as he could. His body
spasmed as waves of orgasm swept over him. His cock,
locked deeply within Cheryl’s cunt, pulsed and squirted
as jet after jet of his thick white cum shot into
Cheryl’s soft, warm body. The grinding of the base of
Bill’s cock shaft against her clitty was enough to
satisfy her physical requirements, and the joy and
fulfillment she felt at receiving Bill’s love and
making him cum satisfied her emotional requirements.
Cheryl closed her eyes, threw back her head, and
locked her arms and legs around Bill as a final nudge
of her clit against his cock set off barrage after
barrage of fireworks that turned her body inside out
and back again.

Their post-orgasmic unconsciousness slowly faded
and the two lovers gradually returned to Earth. Slowly
they became aware of Bill’s cock shrinking and slipping
from Cheryl’s cunt. Then they became aware of Bill’s
weight upon Cheryl’s body. Then they became aware of
the major wet spot they were lying in and which was
chilling rapidly!

They ducked into the bathroom for a quick shower
that included a little washing and a great deal of
kissing and fondling. A quick flip of the mattress and
change of bed linen and the two lovers settled in to-
gether for a night of watching the snow fall outside
and for kissing and cuddling inside.

Before going out for breakfast the next morning,
Bill and Cheryl greeted the new day with another bout
of lovemaking. The rest of the day found them playing
in bed together naked. They explored the glories and
mysteries of the other’s body. They discovered that
lips were for more than kissing and that kissing could
be done with more than lips.

The following Friday Bill’s roommate removed
himself from campus for the weekend. Five minutes
later Bill and Cheryl had removed themselves to his
room, removed every stitch of their clothes, and com-
menced removing themselves to new worlds of intimate
sharing where they spent the entire weekend.

Some weeks later they also discovered that
though each had planned to defer any thoughts of
marriage until well after graduation, a third party
required a major and early modification of that plan.
But they agreed that if conceiving a child was accom-
panied by a weekend as wonderful as their first, then
they could well wind up hoping for eighty or ninety

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