A voyeur’s obsession about the next door neighbor and the show she puts on for him

It began harmlessly one morning. I had just woken up
and was having my morning pee and noticed the next door
neighbor’s light on in their bathroom. As we have a
small house with only about a metre border between ours
and our neighbors house our toilet looks directly into
their carport and their bathroom.. Their bathroom was
an add on extension after renovations by the previous
owners and has a vertical rippled glass window.

As I was taking my pee the next door neighbor Anna, a
lovely petite blonde in her mid 30’s came into view
she too had just woken up. It was early morning and
still dark so the light from the bathroom showed
through brightly.

As I peered out the neighbor removed her nightgown and
started grooming herself before her shower. Watching
intently I could see this beautiful side profile as she
faced her bathroom mirror brown bronzed skin, blonde
hair and beautiful perky breasts sitting wonderfully
upright. I felt an instant stirring in my loins and
watched this show for about 5 minutes then she
disappeared from view as she stepped into the shower.

I thought nothing more of this and went about readying
myself for work. I suppose ten or fifteen minutes had
passed and as I wandered up the hallway again I glanced
back through the window. The next door neighbor was in
full view again having showered and was at the bathroom
mirror fully naked.

I crept into the toilet again to take in the show. As I
did she started rubbing her body with lotion and then
turned to a get a tissue. This gave me a full frontal
view great breasts and shapely hips and I could just
make out the briefest sight of blonde tufts on her
pussy. Instantly I grabbed my penis which had now grown
and started wanking furiously until I came with a
frenzy. I thought to myself what a great start to the

This is where my obsession began. I had gotten to know
my neighbours and knew she was a part time teacher and
she had the same routine. Three days a week she would
arise at a certain time and the other two at a certain
time like clockwork. I started taking note of these and
would wake up so that I could watch the show each
morning. My wife worked from home so always was still
asleep when I got up. I was at the point where I would
wank furiously each morning to this wonderful view.

Then one day as I was driving past their driveway I
noticed her standing in their carport smoking a
cigarette obviously something had happened for her to
take it up as I had not noticed this for the three or
so years they had lived next to us. I noticed her more
and more taking a cigarette break usually at night as
the carport lights would go on and the gate would creak
as it opened. Then this started in the morning her
routine would be to turn the bathroom light on brush
her hair and then disappear from view.

Thinking that she would disrobe I waited patiently
looking out. As I did so this morning instead of her
being in the bathroom I heard the gate open and saw her
walk by in her nightgown and realised that she was
having a cigarette as I could smell it coming through
the toilet window. A couple of minutes passed and she
walked back past the toilet window closing the gate and
then reappeared in the bathroom undressing and taking a
shower once again I wanked furiously.

It then struck me that our bathroom window was visible
to them from the carport in the same way as theirs.
Ours is a larger window with just a thin curtain
across. I was curious as to whether we could be seen
through our bathroom window. So early one morning
before the neighbors had woken I turned on the bathroom
light and went outside to see what could be seen. Not
to my surprise I noticed a full clear view inside our
bathroom from the outside. I then decided it was time
for a double act and return the favor to my neighbor.
Now I am mid 50’s carrying a normal paunch around the
middle with an eight inch penis when ready to go.

So the next day I decided to put on the show. I woke
five minutes before I knew my neighbor would turned
on the bathroom light and then waited in the toilet for
her to awake. Sure enough the same routine, the
bathroom light went on then a short time later I heard
the gate open. I then went into the bathroom, turned on
the shower and disrobed knowing full well I was in full
view of my neighbor. I showered quickly then stepped
out and started toweling myself down, side on to the
window knowing full well she could see me.

Turning to face the window I toweled my back first
exposing all my glory and continued this for several
minutes. Not certain that she was watching or
interested I quickly wrapped the towel around me and
stepped to the toilet to see what happened. Next minute
she walked past, closed the gate and went inside to the
shower and I watched the same ritual as usual. Now I
wasn’t certain whether she enjoyed the show or not so I
decided to continue each morning and see what would

Sure enough the light would go on I would take a
shower towel myself off wrap it around me when
finished and walk straight out to the toilet I
noticed the gate was open and she would walk past and
close the gate and go back inside. I knew then that she
must have been watching and repeated it for several
days. Now her cigarette break was only a couple of
minutes so I thought I would test her out to see if she
was indeed watching.

The next day I decided to put on a full show. The light
went on next door – I went to the shower and heard the
gate open god I love routine. This time I made sure I
lathered up, stroking my penis hard to full extension
thinking of the show I could put on. I got out of the
shower, grabbed the towel and went through my routine.

This time though I was horny as hell thinking of her
watching so I dropped the towel, turned side on to the
mirror so I could see the show I was putting on, and
started masturbating hard. I worked my penis in long
strokes for what seemed a long time then finally came
in long spurts over the towel on the floor. I grabbed a
fresh towel, wrapped it around me and went to the
toilet. I noticed the gate still open then she walked

I realized then that she must have been watching
because my show had lasted ten minutes or more. When
she went back to the bathroom I watched her. This time
I could see that I had got to her. She started rubbing
lotion all over then spent a long time rubbing her
breasts and then rubbing her pussy hard for several
minutes until I saw her shiver and throw her head back
as she obviously came hard. I was in heaven as I
thought about her reaction to my show.

Now this was getting to the point of overkill if
somehow I was discovered not only by my next door
neighbor but by my wife as well so I decided to take a
break from my voyeuristic activities but I was still
curious about my next door neighbor. The next morning I
decided just to see if she would keep up the routine or
if in fact it was just coincidence. I didn’t go in the
bathroom and turn the light on this time and just
waited to see if she would come outside to the carport.
As it turned out she did, opened the gate but only
stopped for a minute and went back inside. It was then
I realized she enjoyed spying on me as I did on her.

As it turned out later my wife had gone out and I was
working in the yard when I saw her hubby and the kids
leaving. As they left she lit up a cigarette in the
carport and motioned me to come over to the fence. We
exchanged pleasantries and then she said, “I hope you
don’t mind me mentioning it but the curtain in your
bathroom is very see through and I cant have helped
noticing you in the bathroom.”

Luckily, I was leaning up against the fence or she
would have seen my instant boner. I replied, “I am
sorry I wasn’t aware of it, I hope I haven’t offended

“On the contrary,” she replied giving me a wink. “I
have enjoyed the show!”

It was then I decided to tell her all as well. “Well,
while we are talking about it do you realize I can see
straight into your bathroom window as well.”

She immediately blushed but I said, “Don’t worry though
the window is rippled so I only see you through frosted
glass not that I wouldn’t mind seeing more of you.”

“Well, we’ll just have to see about that I might have
a present for you in the morning.” And then she
casually walked inside. For the rest of the day I could
not forget the conversation and wondered what the
morning would bring.

Having little sleep that night I awoke enthusiastically
to see what was in store. At the normal time her
bathroom light went, she groomed herself, slipped on
her nightgown over her naked body and disappeared. This
was my signal then to the bathroom. Quickly turning on
the light and shower I hopped in once again lathering
up and getting my penis hard. I heard the gate again so
knew the show was on.

Quickly at full erection I hopped out and started
toweling again. As I did the other morning I dropped
the towel to the floor and proceeded to masturbate
hard. Because I knew she was watching it didn’t take
long for me to cum hard, spurting all over the bathroom
floor. Quickly wrapping a towel around me I went to the
toilet window and instead of her walking straight past
she stopped, looked at me and opened her nightgown with
both hands.

She was bathed in the light from our bathroom and there
before me was the most beautiful sight Anna in all
her nakedness, blonde hair, perky breasts and the most
beautiful blonde tufted pussy between these sensational
legs. She just smiled, gave me a wink and disappeared

We have been neighbors for a long while now we still
enjoy each other’s show in the morning but haven’t gone
any further like an unwritten law but you never

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