Husband decides it time for the wife and secretary to trade positions

Ben was a successful business owner and had a lovely
brunette secretary name Jill. Jill and him had several
extramarital affairs on the road and he was crazy about
the woman. He was married to Jean who was a rich blond
and sometimes was a total bitch. If he could trade
wives he would have, but he knew she would take him for
all his money and probably lose the business. Jean was
also sexually active, enjoyed the BDSM scene with him,
and enjoyed being his slave on numerous occasions.

He tried to get others involved but she refused to
participate with others whom she felt was lesser than
her status. He finally had brought it up to Jill who
was very interested in the idea of making Jean her
slave and having Ben whenever she wanted. Jean treated
her like a common worker, rarely considering anything
else than a common laborer to be use for the business.
Ben arranged a weekend vacation in an isolated mountain
resort to start the plan in action.

The couple had arrived and been in the resort house for
less than 6 hours when Jean heard a knock on the door
and opened it to see Jill standing there in her regular
secretary outfit.

“What are you doing here,” Jean said ignoring with the
woman for interrupting her planned with her husband.

“Your husband said he had business to attend and said I
could stay in the guest room at night so I could be
around to do the paperwork for him.” Jill replied.

Jean frustrated with the interruption, told Jill to get
her stuff and go to the back door where the guest room
was but don’t disturb them unless Ben called for her.

“It’s our vacation,” she said, “and we prefer to keep
it private as much as possible.”

She didn’t even wait for Jean to say anything as she
closed the door on her and went to see her husband.

“I thought this was our vacation.” she said irritated
at him. “That bimbo secretary of yours appeared at the
door so I sent her to the guest room. We was supposed
to have some fun and sexual activities, not work.”

“No problem,” said Ben. “She is just here when I need

He got up and started kissing his wife while slipping
his hand down to her pussy and the other rubbing her
ass. Jean still upset was already horny for action and
returned the kisses, wiggling her butt and pussy on his

“I free like having a slave right now,” said Ben,
rubbing her crotch harder.

“Not with that Bimbo in the house,” said Jean. “I’m hot
as hell just fuck me dear.”

Ben was not to be denied however and started to press
the issue. He told her the doors were locked and she
wouldn’t hear anything anyway, as Jean finally agreed.
She needed his cock bad even if she had to earn it
today. The idea of tying her up today was not very
appealing but she finally accepted it. While she got
undressed, Ben got some rope and tied her hands
together and then got a bar to spread her legs and tied
them to the ends of it.

She thought he was going to fuck her standing up as he
rubbed his cock on her pussy, but instead he grabbed
her wrists and pulled her hands down to the bar and
attached them to it. Jean didn’t like anal sex too much
and told him to fuck her pussy first if he wanted a
piece of her ass. She also wanted to suck his cock
first before he started anything in the back. Ben
laughed and told her soon enough as he walked behind
her and gave her several hard slaps to her broad ass
that made her waddle around for awhile.

“You know I don’t like it that hard honey.” Jean yelled
at him. “Just fuck me please.”

“In a little while,” said Ben, “I have to go to the
bathroom first as he departed the room leaving Jill
bent over in frustration.

The bastard, she thought, I like to go to the bathroom
on his face. It was about 15 minutes before she heard
foot steps in back of her and turned her head to see
Ben and Jean standing there naked with smiles on their
faces. Stunned at her exposure, she started to waddle
out of the room but Ben grabbed her by the hair. She
pleaded with him to let her go and get Jill out of the

Ben just laughed.

“Better get used to it,” he said. As of today, Jill is
your new mistress and can do anything she wants with

Jean sensing her betrayal, started begging and trying
to get loose.

“I didn’t know she had such a large ass,” said Jill
walking up the wife and started groping and spreading
her ass cheeks. “All I ever saw was her ass swinging in
and out of the office in those rich dresses she buys.
And what have we here. Why she has a brownie hole like
everyone else. You wouldn’t have thought so from her

Jean was as mad as hell and humiliated at the same time
as Jill was toying with her precious ass while her
husband held her head. Her cunt was getting wet despite
her madness and she started to cussed Ben and call Jill
several names.

“I wouldn’t be talking like that,” Jill said keeping
the ass spread.

She shoved her finger deep in Jean asshole while the
wife clenched her cheeks to prevent the assault.

“Honey,” she told Ben. “Why don’t you get some soap and
wash you wife dirty mouth out while I teach her how to
walk pretty in front of her mistress.”

Jill started driving her finger deeper in the wife ass
and pushing her forward as Jean found herself waddling
around the room. She was cussing and swearing at Jill,
threaten everything she could before she realized the
situation was impossible and accepted her fate for now.
She would get even later. When Ben arrived with the wet
soap bar, she refused to open her mouth till Jill
pulled her pussy lips hard downward causing her to
scream as John slipped the soap bar in and applied duct
tape to her mouth to prevent it from slipping.

Jill pulled her finger out of her ass and told her to
stay in position while she enjoyed her husband large
cock for awhile. She and Ben sat on the sofa and Jill
put her face in his lap and engulf his cock in her
mouth. She position herself so she could see Jean
reaction during the ordeal as the woman looked on with
disgust in her eyes.

Jill sucked for about ten minutes and then go up and
sat on his cock with her ass pointed to Jean face and
started to ride it. Jean tried to turn away, but her
pussy was dripping wet from watching the action and she
still haven’t got relief from the earlier events. She
was even wishing after a while to her surprise, that
her face was in his crotch sucking on his cock as it
went in and out of her pussy. She hated the feeling but
she was in heat right now.

Every once in a while, Jill would spread her ass and
taunt her about what a wonderful cock Ben had and it
was hers now. She told Jean, she may let him stick it
up her ass if she was really good sometime.

Jean red in the face could only stand there and watch
in humiliation. The taste in her mouth was horrible and
her asshole was sore. Please get the bitch off, she
thought. I need sometime now in my pussy.

Jill turning and see the wife straining to clench her
thighs laughed and got off Ben.

“It looks like we have a bitch in heat,” she said
laughing at Jean situation.

She walked over to the fireplace and grabbed a poker
iron and return. Shoving the handle in Jean pussy she
patted her head and told her she could play with her
toy while she continued with Ben. Returning, she sat
down backwards on his cock so she could watch Jean.

Jean meanwhile was engulfed with desired. She started
riding the handle of the rod attached to floor below
and lowering her pussy slowly up and down on it. Puny
cock she thought.

“You can thank me later,” said Jill. “Next time I’ll
put it in your asshole.”

Jean was riding up and down on the poker handle as Jill
finally got off of Ben and walked over to her. Ben was
laughing at her telling her she had found her place in
life at last. When he said he had to go clean up, Jill
told him to come to Jean and let her clean his cock
off. Jean was shaking her head in protest but Jill
promise to shove the other end of the poker up her ass
if she didn’t.

When the tape was removed, Ben shoved his cock in his
wife mouth as Jean almost choked on the taste of Jill’s
pussy. She started to bob her head up and down on the
shaft, as the rod in her pussy was just not enough to
get her off yet.

Ben was commenting Jill on her training of Jean and
said he was tired and needed to rest. Jill gave him a
kiss and said she take care of Jean while he was
asleep. As soon as he left, Jean started pleading with
Jill who leaned back and started slapping her ass as
hard as she could making her shift forward and the
poker slipping out of her pussy.

“Listen bitch.” Jill told her. “Your husband and me are
going to be married soon and you are going to be our
new pet and toy to play with so you just as well get
use to it.”

Jean couldn’t do anything as she went to a bag and
withdrew a huge dildo and started to push it in her
asshole in spite of her pleas. She then released her
hands from the bar but keep them tied together. There
was now way to escape with her hands tied and the
spreader between her ankles but it felt good to be
allowed to stand up.

It was a brief moment; however, as Jill grabbed her
ears and led her to the kitchen stool and made her sit
on it with the plug pushing deep in her ass. She gave
her a pad and pencil and laughingly told her to take a
dictation. She also picked up Ben’s belt and told her
if she didn’t follow every instruction she was going to
take a belt to her ass.

She was required to write the following letter:

I Jean agree to be Master Ben and Mistress Jill slave
on my own free will. I will serve them as the slut I am
and begged for punishment for my worthless ass. I want
to be their toy and plaything and as willing giving all
my assets and shares of my husband company to Jill so I
can worship her body. Signed Slut Jean.

At first she refused, but several slaps with the belt
on her thighs and ass, she quickly complied.

When she was done, Jill went and put the letter aside
and returned to her chair. She spread her legs wide and
started rubbing her pussy telling Jean to beg to lick
her cum soak pussy. Jean fearful of the belt and her
betrayal by Ben had little choice. She told Jill have
beautiful a pussy she had and how she would love to get
on her knees and worship it. Finally, Jill demanded she
get down and lick her feet and then work up till her
pussy was ready for her slutty face.

Jill needed help to get down but Jean was finally able
to down off the stool on the floor below and drop to
her knees. She started licking her feet. A couple swats
on the ass with the belt and she was sucking her toes
before working up the legs and then having her hair
grabbed, in her pussy. Jill was totally enjoying the
tongue in her pussy and every once in a while picked up
her legs and moved the wife face down to her hairy ass
for more tongue action.

“Not too bad slut for the first time,” she said. “I
think it time to wake your husband up with a nice

With that, she pulled Jean up by her hair and tied her
hands across the door to the handle on the other side.
She then locked it so she couldn’t get away.

“Just something to keep you warm,” she said delivering
ten hard swings with the belt to her plugged ass. “And
don’t play with your pussy on the doorknob.”

Jean could hear the moans and groans from the bedroom.
She was frustrated that Jill was enjoying her husband
cock while she could do nothing but stand against the
door with a sore and plugged ass. She was desperate for
a cock at present and even the doorknob looked pretty
good at the moment. She tied to squat on it and
masturbates her pussy as her arms were stretched to the
maximum to reach it. It felt so good but she needed a
cock at present. She was rubbing up and down and didn’t
notice Jill and her husband had returned and was
watching her slutty performance.

“A true slut,” said Jill as Jean froze in position on
the doorknob. “And I even saved all your cum in my
pussy for the little slut. Do you want your husband
cum, slut?”

Jean was desperate even though she knew she would have
to clean Jill pussy to get it and begged to allow her
to clean it. Ben unlocked the door and retied the rope
on her hands to each other in front. He also untied her
ankles from the spreader bar and retied them to each
other as Jill sat on the chair and spread her cum soak
pussy in anticipation.

Jean got down on her knees and crawled towards Jill.
Sticking her tongue in her pussy, she started lapping
her cunt as a dog being fed from a bowl. Ben was
laughing behind telling her to be a good doggie and she
had found her true place in life. Since she had rarely
let him fuck her ass in the past, he was now going to
enjoy it for the rest of his life.

He got down in back of her and slowly spread her ass
cheeks wide and removed the dildo from her ass only to
replace it again with his huge cock. Jill needed it bad
at present started rocking back and forth on it as she
continued to please Mistress Jill.

Jill was smiling down at her and telling her that since
she didn’t need clothes anymore, Ben was nice enough to
provide her with all of her prior garments. He even
gave her the car she owned since she would be a full
time secretary to her and Ben from now on and wouldn’t
need it anymore. Ben continued his pumping and started
slapping her ass telling her to oink for her mistress.

When Ben had shot his load in her ass, Jill decided it
was time for a ride as she mounted Jean back and
started slapping her ass telling her to keep oinking as
she rode her around the room. Her ass was on fire from
the slaps but she struggled to keep crawling and
finally returned to Ben who held his cock to her face
for cleaning. As she was cleaning it, Jill said that
they should take her for a walk outside later and let
her take care of her doggie needs. Ben thought that was
a good idea but he was getting hungry at present and
wanted the slut to fix them a mean first.

Jill retied Jean hands for a looser position and told
her to go bathe and return to prepare sandwiches for
them. Jean got on her knees as the slave she finally
decided she had always longed for but never knew and
started crawling towards the bathroom with cum on her
face and ass. She was now a true slut and longed to
please her master and his new mistress.

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