A wife ends up used by two strangers as her husband watches

I had been trying for years to get my wife Mary to fuck
other guys. The idea of seeing her used by others had
always given me a thrill, I knew form Mary and role-
play games that she too found this a turn on, but she
could never bring herself to try it. I was fortunate
though tat she was sexually adventurous within her
boundaries. She was happy to pose for explicit and
kinky pictures. It was during an outdoor picture foray
that our world changed.

I regularly passed a public toilet on my travels for
work, it was in a remote rural area and frequented by
both gay and straight people. The walls were always
covered with filthy graffiti and an enterprising guy
had even bored a hole between the concrete walls of the
toilet cubicles, (for those UK readers, it’s on the
A483 S of Newtown mid Wales). Mary had agreed to do a
shoot there; one of our fantasies was to see her taken
in a public toilet.

She was dressed in a classic trench coat, under that
thigh length boots, black stockings and suspenders and
nothing else. The hour long drive to the toilet had
been fun in itself; I had groped Mary alternating with
her using a dildo on herself. At the toilets we checked
that the coast was clear, I made my way into the male
toilets to check they were empty and signalled Mary,
who speedily sprinted across the darkened small car
park into the toilets.

Mary was always nervous doing outdoor pics, but the
fear of being caught was part of the thrill for us
both. We started off with a few of the shoulder pics,
moving on to removing the coat and bent over the sinks,
ass in air spreading herself for me. Suddenly we heard
a car door slam; we had been too engrossed in the
photos to hear the car approach.

It was too late to flee to the car, the occupant would
be walking in any second, quickly I grabbed Mary’s hand
and pulled her into the toilet cubicle, swiftly closing
the door as we heard the sound of footsteps entering
the toilet. I suddenly realised that we had left Mary’s
coat on the sinks, I whispered this to her and she
gasped her phone was in the pocket, I went to open the
door and she grabbed me and shook her head.

Leaning forward she whispered, “No leave it!” I sat on
the toilet and Mary on my knee as we waited for the guy
to go. We could hear him urinate and then turn on the
taps, then there was silence for a while; soon we heard
the cubicle door next to us open and the sound of belt
and zip being undone.

Mary looked at me with a big grin on her face and began
to kiss me, to my surprise she did not resist as I
played with her breasts and began to suck on a nipple.
Suddenly she stiffened, “Oh fuck he can see us!” she
hissed, as I looked across I could see that the hole
previously blocked with paper was open. Mary was angled
in such a way on my knee that the guy must have had a
bird’s eye view of her wet moist pussy.

As we stared open mouthed a circumcised dick appeared
through the hole. Mary stiffened, and turned and
whispered in my ear, “Quick lets run for it!” she had
no sooner finished the sentence than we heard another
car approach. “Fuck I can’t go out now!” dressed only
in her suspenders and boots, it would have been an
interesting site.

The new car driver made his way into the toilet cubicle
next door there was a muffled conversation, the two
guys obviously knew each other. As we sat there was a
sudden flash at the hole of a camera, Mary tried to
cover herself as a series of pictures were taken.

“If you want your mobile back and the pictures on it, I
suggest you start to do something!” The disembodied
voice came as a shock to us both. “Wank him off for
God’s sake so we can get out of here!”

Looking stunned Mary leant over and began to run her
fingers over the dick that had reappeared at the hole.
I sat dry mouthed as she ran her fingers on the
underside the full length of this stranger’s cock.
Licking her fingers she moved the tips over the red
angry looking knob head, and then placed them back in
her mouth. As she did this I ran my hand down her body
to her pussy, I was not really tat surprised to find
her cunt soaking and her lips swollen and parted. I
began to finger her as she played with the dick, three
slid in straight away, so wet and open was her cunt.

Slowly she leant forward even more and tentatively
licked his prick. Moving in front of the hole she knelt
and began to suck his cock, swiftly I undid my trousers
and freed my own dick, it was already hard and even
leaking precum, so hot was the sight of my wife sucking
at this gloryhole in some stinking public toilet.
Mary’s face was pressed close to the wall as the guy
face fucked her; I held her shoulders to give her some
support, while also playing with her tits and cunt

Suddenly Mary was gagging, relaxing my hold on her
shoulders she moved back slightly and a torrent of cum
and saliva poured form her mouth, as she gently
coughed. I knelt in total shock at the lewdness of the
sight, she made to wipe away the cum form her mouth
when the voice, deep and authoritative spoke again. “No
don’t wipe it off! Put your hands on your head, now!”

Surprisingly Mary complied and kneeling in front of the
gloryhole with her hands on her head was so sexy a
sight. The camera flashed again and a hand came through
the hole and began to rub the cum all over her breasts,
scooping a few blobs up, the disembodied hand moved to
her mouth.

Obediently Mary sucked the cum covered fingers. The
hand was withdrawn and a new dick appeared at the hole,
this one was uncut and longer than the last. Without
any prompting Mary began to suck the cock, gently
working the foreskin back and fore. A new voice told
her to stand and bend over with her ass to the hole. I
was amazed that my wife normally so assured and with a
high powered management job had suddenly become so

“Touch your toes and back up more!”

Mary meekly followed the instructions. I stood to the
side and watched a hand appear through the hole and
begin to finger my wife! First two, then three fingers
slowly fucking her at first and then speeding up. The
force of her finger fucking was beginning to push her
off balance so I moved to her head and she held on to
my waist as she was viciously fingered by this new
stranger. She was moaning quietly and I could feel her
grip on my waist tighten.

“That’s a cock!” she yelled and tried to pull up, to my
shame I pushed her back down and against the wall even
more! “OOOH fuck!”

I felt her whole body stiffen as she exclaimed aloud.
The guy fucked her hard and fast, I could feel his
rhythm as she was pushed into my waist, I longed to see
her being fucked but if I moved she would have gone
sprawling. As Mary was fucked her arms around my waist
tightened and I could fell her fingers digging into my
waist and back. What started as a low, “OOOOH!”
suddenly became a full blooded cry as Mary orgasmed on
the stranger’s prick, I had trouble keeping her up and
the guy must have lost contact with her cunt.

“Get back here slut!”

Obediently Mary shuffled back and wiggled her ass
against the wall. An “MMmmm,” form Mary confirmed to me
that the guy was back in her pussy.

The pounding began again as she was pushed against me.
Soon there was a moan from the other cubicle, the guy
was spunking into my wife as I held her. Mary too came
a second time and slumped to her knees, as she moved
form the wall I was able to see the still stiff prick
of the stranger, a thread of cum hanging form his dick.

I helped Mary to her feet, she seemed stunned, her face
and chest still red with her orgasm she stood eyes
closed breathing hard and erratically. Her legs were
slightly apart, I could not resist bending down, her
pussy lips were swollen and red, they still gapped open
form her fucking little strand of cum were beginning to
appear from her cunt, while her black stockings were
specked with drops of sperm. It was my turn now, or so
I thought! As I took my cock in hand ready to fuck my
used wife that authoritative voice called, “Come and
get your coat. Slut!”

Almost wearily Mary pulled away form me and to my utter
shock opened the door wide. A tall, grey haired man in
well dressed stood there, he handed Mary her coat and
then placing a hand on the back of her head pulled her
to him and began kissing her deeply. Mary struggled
initially then responded in full returning the passion
of his kiss.

He walked away, followed closely by a young man in his
20’s who just grinned at us as he passed. We heard
their cars pull out as we stood in the middle of the
toilets in silence. The sound of a new car entering the
car park spurred me back into life. Mary had put her
coat on by now and grabbing my camera from the cubicle
we rushed to the car past a surprised older couple.

As we drove away form the car park, Mary to my shock
placed one booted foot on the dashboard and began to
fuck herself with the dildo. I could see from the
corner of my eye the ease with which it entered her

She seemed possessed as she fucked herself deep and
hard with almost brutal strokes. As fucked herself she
seemed totally lost, she kept up a torrent of abuse,
calling out “fucking slut” and “cum bitch”. As we
approached a small village I told her to cover herself,
contemptuously she spread her coat even wider and began
using two hands to thrust the dildo as deep as she
could. Stopping at traffic lights in the village still
did not curb her wanton abandon, or the ogling
teenagers at the roadside.

As we left the village she came with an amazing yell,
curling up into an almost foetal position as her orgasm
rocked her body. She proceeded to remove the dildo and
spread her legs wide, I could see white foamy cream
covering the dildo and on her cunt lips. Putting the
dildo to her mouth she cleaned the cream from it and
looking at me said, “Is that what you wanted?”

I was stunned for words and felt guilt at my betrayal
of her, holding her as the guy fucked her. She soon
drifted into sleep.

As soon as we arrived home Mary went to bed, in the
morning we discussed the previous night, she appeared
not to be angry but asked me to promise we would not
talk of it again and that I would stop asking her to go
with other men. I agreed and our life returned to
normal, sex was a little less frequent but made up for
in the abandoned way Mary now fucked me, hotter than
ever and definitely more vocal.

This was not the end of the story though, about two
months later I heard her work mobile going off with a
text message alert, Mary had forgotten the mobile that
morning, it was the same one that had been in her coat
pocket that night. I had deleted all the pictures taken
by the two guys. Not wanting her to miss a business
message I opened the text. The caller ID said it was
form “Sir”, I opened the text, it was an instruction to
send nude full frontal pics to three mobile numbers. I
was confused and searched through her saved messages,
nearly all were from Sir! I scroll led down to the
first from him, it was sent 2 days after our toilet

“Slut I know you wanted to be used that night, I could
see it in your eyes as I kissed you. If you still want
to be used text me back with your picture nude and
holding a sign saying ‘Sir’s slut’.”

I immediately checked her photos on the mobile; there
was a picture of her standing in front of our bath room
mirror holding the sign. I checked through the rest,
many of her nude and at work knockers down. I found one
video clip of her legs on her office desk fucking
herself with a bottle of water, from the camera angle
straight between her legs the mobile must have been on
the desk. I checked other text messages saved, two were
directions to cap parks and on to a station.

I could not believe what I was reading; she was this
guy’s sex slave, one message told her to check her e
mail account. I quickly accessed her hotmail account
and scrolled through many messages in a folder marked
“Sir’s whore”. One contained a link to a file sharing
site and a password. I logged on to find a folder
marked ‘Mary slut’.

Opening the folder it contained video clips, I opened
one at random. There was the grey haired man at the
toilet introducing the clip as “Mary’s task 6”. The
clip then cut to Mary in her black trouser suit she
often wore for work, she was on her knees cream blouse
open exposing her tits, it appeared to be a suburban
station, the clip cut to Mary in a corner of the
deserted platform having her tits groped and sucked by
a young black guy.

The clip was obviously highlights of a longer video. It
next cut to her on her knees sucking the black guy’s
dick as he and the camera man pinch and twist her
nipples. In the final seconds the guy comes in her
mouth she turns to camera and opens her mouth to show
it full of cum and then she theatrically swallows. I
clicked on a clip marked ‘first anal’, Mary had never
allowed me to fuck her anally.

The clip opened with two different guys fingering and
lubing Mary’s asshole, she is blindfolded and in
leather cuffs bent over some leather couch. The clip
cut to her ass being widened as the two men fingered
her ass in a round motion stretching her anus. The
camera then appears to be passed to one of the men and
the grey haired guy appears and shuffles up behind
Mary. With little gentleness he pushes his prick into
her ass.

The camera swaps between her ass and her face she bites
her lip in pain as he violates her ass. The clip now
changed to the other guys fucking her ass too, with all
the close ups you would expect. It finished with a clip
of her stretched asshole and a visible pool of cum in
her anus as the two guys spread her wide.

The sound of a new text message startled me, the new
one was a set of directions to a woods and a parking
area. There was also a time, 4pm the next day.

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