Making The Bride’s Maid 3.

The next day was Laura’s wedding. Randi was surprised to find that she could barely look her sister in the face. She was afraid it was written all over her own features: He fucked me. The guy you’re going to marry, Laura. He fucked me, last night. Not once, but twice. And the second time

Making The Bride’s Maid

Randi Coles kicked off the bedcovers and groaned softly. It was stifling in her room. It must be the hottest night of the year, she thought. Her room felt like an oven. Even though the window was open, the air outside was just as hot as it was inside. And the humidity was unbearable. She

The Bride’s Hairdresser

Shawna and I were born about ten minutes apart. While we were twins, most people thought we wouldn’t be as close as identical twins often are, what with being different genders and all. They were wrong, though, because we were inseparable as we grew up. Even when most twins of opposite sex were separated –

A Whore For The Whole Family

Diana felt anticipation growing within her as Michael wheeled their small, fully packed MGB down the narrow road. Outside, the moss-laden cypresses of the bayou country blurred by. She reached out and lovingly squeezed her husband’s thigh. He glanced at her, smiled, then returned his eyes to the winding road. Michael had been uneasy about