A Young wife gives her body to the plumber in exchange for a water heater

Many years ago when we were first married and
struggling to buy our first home, a modest 2 up and 2
down, the only means of having hot water was a small
electric boiler that was mounted on the wall over the
kitchen sink. At that time we didn’t even have a

One day just before setting off for work, the heater
broke down. When I returned that evening it was working
again but something was different, it was a different
water heater, the same model but you know the way you
can tell things are different, small scratches,
blemishes, dents. It was definitely a different boiler.

I asked my wife, who by the way, was a beautiful, slim
25 year old, who wore a very, very brief mini skirt
(and hardly ever wore knickers) and tight tops to show
of her small but very firm breasts. She was an absolute
delight to behold. I asked her where the heater had
come from as I knew we just didn’t have any spare money
at that time and would have had to do without hot
water. She burst into tears as she blurted out ‘The
plumber gave it to us in exchange for my body!’

I was quite taken aback by this revelation but my first
reaction was to comfort my poor distraught wife who was
wracked with guilt. ‘There, there. It’s okay’ I said as
I put my arms around her and gave her a much needed
cuddle. ‘My poor little darling.’ and stroked her hair
as I waited for the sobbing to subside.

While I stood there cuddling her wonderful warm little
body, things started to happen. I was getting the most
marvellous ‘hard on’ that I had ever experienced, my
cock felt like it was going to burst. Mary looked up at
me, the tears had stopped. An incredible look was on
her face. She had obviously noticed the huge bulge that
was trying to tear its way out of my pants and was
threatening to cut her in two.

‘What! What is happening? I thought that you would be
mad at me and want a divorce. I didn’t expect to turn
you on by my confession.’

‘I don’t know’ I stammered. ‘The thought of you with
someone else’s cock inside you is… is… just…
Quick lets go to bed. Now! Hurry please.’

‘No. Do it to me here, bend me over the table and fuck
me hard, right here in the kitchen.’ She pulled away
from me and stood facing the table. I came up behind
her, grabbed her by the back of her neck and f****d
her, face down on the table. I raised her mini skirt to
reveal her beautiful little white bum but her thighs
were red and wet, cum was still oozing out of her
lovely pussy and trickling down her thighs.

‘How long ago was this fucking that you got? You slut!’

‘Just before you came in and this morning before he
started the work.’ This was too much; I opened my zip,
pulled out my cock (with some difficulty as it was so
hard.) and rammed it into her.

‘But that’s not all.’ she said hesitantly. What else
you bitch?’ I said as I fucked her for all I was worth.
Here I was, ‘turned on’ out of my mind by the thought
of my lovely, precious little wife being fucked by a
stranger and now she is telling me that there is
‘more’. ‘What more can there be?’ I almost yelled, as
my pace was increasing rapidly.

‘Well…’ she hesitated. ‘Well, there wasn’t just
one… There was ……’ I didn’t hear any more, this
last revelation was just too much for my libido to
take. My darling, quiet, shy little housewife had been
FUCKED by two men. I came and I came, I was totally
lost to the world as my orgasm took complete charge of
my entire being. I collapsed on top of her.

Slowly I regained my senses and lifted myself off her.
She sucked in air as my weight moved off her petite

‘I don’t know what’s to do with me; I shouldn’t be
getting turned on by this. I should be annoyed and
threatening divorce.’

I’m so glad that you’re not angry; I don’t know what
made me do it. The whole thing was bizarre, he was a
horrible man, unshaven, dirty working clothes but this
just made it all the more exciting.’

‘What about the other man?’ I asked.

‘Men.’ she replied, rather sheepishly. ‘Men.’

‘HOW MANY?’ I almost screamed. ‘How many? ‘No! No don’t
tell me, not yet, I couldn’t take any more yet. Tell me
later when we are in bed and I have recovered some
energy. Because I’m going to fuck you out of your mind.
We will stay up all night fucking.’

And we did. I didn’t know that I had that much spunk in
me. We screwed all night long and after you hear what
she told me, you will understand why.


As you know, the plumber was coming today to fix the
toilet. He wanted to wash his hands and I told him that
the boiler was broken and that I would boil him a
kettle. While waiting for the kettle to boil, he had a
look at the boiler.
‘Wont be able to fix that.’ he said.

I poured the water into the sink and he washed his
‘Just as well, we can’t afford to have it repaired

‘Isn’t your husband working?’ he asked.

‘Oh yes, but you see we have just moved in and with the
deposit and moving expenses and solicitors fees, well,
it will just take a few months for us to catch up and
get our finances back in order. You wouldn’t even be
fixing the toilet only the last owner is paying for it.
I’m afraid we will have to ‘rough it’ for a while.’

He came and stood next to me and put his hand on my
‘Mmm.’ he said as he rubbed his chin. ‘Well, I’ve got
one of these boilers back at the yard, it’s not new but
it works and I could let you have it for nothing.’

‘Oh! That would be kind of you.’ I said, smiling from
ear to ear. ‘But I couldn’t let you do that.’

His hand slid from my shoulder to my hip. ‘And I could
install it free of charge.’
His hand cupped my buttock. ‘What do you think?’

I stood there dumb struck but as I didn’t resist or say
no, he took that as a yes and put his other hand up the
front of my top and squeezed my breast. Well you know
how turned on I get when my breasts are played with. He
could see this and just moved me over to the table and
laid me face down across it with my feet still on the
floor. He raised my skirt to my waist and spread my
feet slightly apart. He inserted a finger into my pussy
and my juices just poured out. Then I could feel his
cock touching my pussy lips and then it slowly entering
me. Well, by this time I was really out of it, the
sensations were just running through my entire being.
Wave after wave of pure pleasure engulfed my whole

I was brought back to reality a bit by his harder and
more rapid thrusts, then I felt him coming inside me. I
was thinking to myself what an awful woman I was, being
taken by a complete stranger in our marital home and I
was loving every minute of it.

I just lay there in a warm glow, happy, though not
completely satisfied. Then I felt his cock start to
shrink and slide out of me and warm spunk running down
my thighs.

BUT then suddenly his cock was hard again and pushing
its way back up my pussy but then I felt cool thighs
pressing against my hot bottom. Something was wrong, I
tried to look round but a rough hand grabbed the back
of my neck and tried to stop me but I had seen enough
to see that it was a different man.
The plumber was speaking to me; my befuddled brain
could just make out.
‘It’s OK! Be still, your going to love this.’

I was being fucked by another strange man. As soon as
the strangers cock started pumping in and out of me, I
realised that the plumber was right, I was LOVING IT.
I was loving being USED by strange men. The physical
fucking and the idea of strange men taking me against
my will was doing strange things to my mind. I hated
them for what they were doing to me but if they had
stopped I would have killed them with my bare hands. I
had a climax, then another and another. They weren’t
like anything I had ever experienced before. I was

Then it stopped, the limp cock withdrew, then cool
thighs and another hard cock. I didn’t need to look
around to know that yet a third strange man was ‘having
me’, ‘taking me’, ‘using me’. Using my body, using my
cunt to pour themselves into. To empty the contents of
their balls into my ever waiting pussy. These thoughts
kept racing through my mind.

Then I felt a hand fumbling between my legs, whilst the
third man was fucking me, one of the others was trying
to reach my clit. So they were not just selfish and
wanting to ‘use me’ they also wanted to give me
pleasure. I don’t suppose they realised that they were
giving me one of the best fuckings of my life. The
finger found my clit and began to rub and rub and
pretty soon I was lost into wave after wave of orgasms.
The whole universe became one gigantic ‘COME’.

I don’t know when they finished. When I came back to my
senses, they had all gone. I was still lying across the
table, spunk was trickling down my legs, some had dried
and was encrusted on my thighs and pussy. I eventually
cleaned myself up then just sat in a daze for I don’t
know how long, it must have been hours.
I then heard the plumber returning. He let himself in
the back door and set about installing the boiler
without a word. It was as though the ‘gang bang’ had
never happened.

When he had finished installing the boiler, he called
me into the kitchen.
‘OK lovely, it’s all done. Come and have a look.’

I rather nervously went into the kitchen.

‘There you are.’ He said as he turned it on. The steam
rose off the boiling water as it splashed into the
sink. He put his arm around my waist.
‘Now you’ve got what you wanted; now I’d like some of
what I want.’

He led me over to the table, laid me down just as
before, raised my skirt, and spread my legs. I could
feel his fingers playing with my pussy, he spread the
lips open and then I could feel his big cock touching
me, then sliding into me. I was already so excited that
my juices were dripping out of me. I just lay there in
ecstasy, remembering the earlier session when his 2
friends fucked me as well. His big dick was pumping
faster and faster into my hot pussy.

I was wishing that his friends were there as well, when
just then I heard the door. I strained my head around
to see if it was his friends again and my excitement
soared as I saw the 2 of them come in BUT they were not
alone. 2 other men were with them.

At first I was alarmed, I started to get up. ‘No! No!’
I cried but my protests were muffled as I was held back
down and a large hand was held against my mouth. Don’t
ask me how, I don’t know but this just made it all the
more exciting and thrilling, it was like REALLY being

Though I knew that they wouldn’t harm me, they’d just
FUCK ME TO DEATH. Five rampant huge cocks. How could I
take it, I wanted to take it. I wanted them all to use
me. The thought of 5 men fucking me against my will,
just turned me on like nothing had ever done in my life

Cock after cock was stuck into me; my pussy was
dripping with spunk. Loud slurping noises could be
heard as they fucked me and fucked me. Then some of
them started to use my mouth, no I should say my throat
because they were rammed down my throat as far as they
could get them. I was c*****g and trying hard to breath
around these huge dicks that were blocking my windpipe.
It was the most wonderful sensation, I felt as though I
was being fully USED.

No one came in my mouth, though one of them did pull
out just as he was about to come and it shot all over
my face.

I was completely lost in a daze of climaxing; I didn’t
even know that they had all left. The next moment of
reality I knew was hearing you coming in through the
front door.

Are there any more jobs that we need doing that we
can’t afford? I HOPE!