Hubby discovers his Bi side and gets turned on by Humiliation

Back in the 70’s my wife who was 22yrs, slim with firm
small breasts and long black hair and gorgeous sexy
legs, wanted to go and see her favourite rock star at a
local concert hall.

Outside the place was swarming with people. Fans,
ticket touts, just about everybody. A jumble of people
pushing and shoving. We eventually found our way to the
back of the queue that was right outside the stage
door. We where waiting patiently in line when the stage
door opened and out came a ‘roadie’ or ‘stage hand’
anyway he was quite scruffy, hair unkempt and a beer
belly hanging over his belt.

“Hey! Have you got your tickets there my lovely?” He
inquired of my wife, Pat.

“Er, yes.” then to me “We have, haven’t we Darling.”

“Yes there right here.” I replied.

“Let’s have a look then.” said our gruesome friend.
Taking the tickets he rubbed his chin.

“just as I thought, forgeries, there’s a lot of them
about. This tour’s been plagued with ’em.”

“Oh no!” cried Pat “Wont they let us in?”

“Not with these.” he said as he handed them back.

“But I suppose that you can get us in?” I said rather
sarcastically, which was entirely wasted on this oaf. I
knew that the tickets where not forged as I had
purchased them myself from the box office 2 weeks
before as a surprise for Pat but I played along with
the gag just to see how much money he was going to try
and take us for.

“Well, yes I could get you in.” he replied.

“How much?” I asked.

I was completely taken aback by his reply.

“Nothing.” he said. “No. I couldn’t take money of a
lovely lady, er couple of nice people like you.”

Had I misjudged this person, was he after all going
turn out to be a nice human being, despite the fact
that he didn’t much look like a human being. But no, I
had been right. He was a complete sleaze ball.

“No, I couldn’t take money but if the little lady would
be nice to me….”

“Now just a minute!” I cut in. I was just about to tell
him what I thought of him when Pat chirped up all
excited with.

“Then we could get in.”

“Sure could little lady.” said the oaf, grinning from
ear to ear.

“Now hold on a minute…” but I was cut off by Pat’s
excited voice.

“But Darling, we could get in and you know how much I
have wanted to see this show.”

I was absolutely gob smacked. My own sweet little
angelic wife, the woman who would not allow swearing in
the house was actually contemplating having sex with a
complete stranger and a rather disgusting one at that.
I was that annoyed at her that instead of telling her
that the tickets where OK and that the guy was just
fooling her so that he could fuck her, I just let her
get on with it. Also curiosity got the better of me and
I wondered just how far this little bitch would go.

“OK then, if you insist.” I said in my best ‘giving in
gracefully’ tone of voice.

“Great, come in this way.” said the oaf and held the
door open for us. He led us down passageways and
stairs. I was completely baffled as to where in the
theatre we where but realised that it was somewhere in
the basement. At last we came to a room, he opened the
door and ushered Pat inside and said to me.

“Wait here!”

“Are you OK Pat?” I asked.

“Yes, I’ll be alright.” The door closed and I stood
there for what seemed ages but on looking at my watch
saw that it had only been 5 minutes. But strange
feelings where churning up inside of me. I was pleased
that I was teaching Pat a lesson. I was annoyed that
she was having sex with another man (even if he was
Neanderthal.) and the strangest part was that I was
getting turned on. I had the most solid ‘hard on’ I had
ever experienced. It felt like it was going to burst,
as did my face.

I felt as though my face was burning. The whole thing
was crazy, I was burning up with a mixture of anger,
passion, exhilaration and jealousy all rolled into one.
I was just about to burst into the room when another
guy came up from behind me and entered the room. As he
did, I could see Pat lying on her back on a table. She
was completely naked, her legs where wrapped around the
‘roadie’ as he, fully dressed, rammed his cock in and
out of her.

It was only a brief glimpse as the door shut behind the
guy but it stopped me in my tracks. I just couldn’t
understand what was happening to me. I had just
witnessed my lovely wife being defiled by a loathsome
stranger and the only thing that I could think of was
how annoyed I was that I couldn’t watch.

After a few minutes the ‘roadie’ came out and as he did
I could see that the new guy was in his place and was
fucking my lovely little Pat. The ‘roadie’ just walked
past me, completely ignoring me. I grabbed the door
before it shut and quietly went in. The guy fucking Pat
looked up at me then carried on with what he was doing.
I noticed a chair behind the door and sat down and
watched, watched as my wife was being shagged by a
second man.

From her moans of pleasure I could see that she was in
no distress and I do not remember doing it but I found
myself with my cock in my hand, slowly wanking in time
with Pats fucking.

The door opened and in walked 3 more guys, one in a
tuxedo, they gathered around Pat and played with her
tits and sucked them and the guy in the tux’ shoved his
cock into her mouth. They then started taking turns
fucking her. Not coming, just fuck for a few minutes
then change around so that everyone had a turn of her
cunt and her mouth and sucking her tits.

Pat was enjoying herself enormously as cock after cock
entered her cunt and her mouth. Her own excitement
became more and more obvious, the noises that she made
became louder and louder until as her climax came a
scream of pure pleasure was escaping from her lips but
was muffled (or should I say gurgled) as her mouth was
filled with spunk. Tux’ had fucked her mouth and
emptied all his spunk down her throat.

Then one after another the other guys came in her cunt.

The first one came and was shoved out of the way by the
next who, as his cock went into Pat’s cunt made loud
slurping noises on the first guys spunk.

Then the third one fucked her slowly. The others grew
bored and left.

“Thanks for the use of your missus!” one of them
shouted to me.

As the door closed the guy who was still fucking Pat
called me over.

“Do you want to have a fuck of this lovely little
cunt?” he asked.

“She’s my wife!” I said.

“Was your wife!” He answered quietly. “Was your wife,
she’s now our groupie. Our little ‘fuck-bag’ that we
can shag whenever we want to use her.”

Did he know what he was saying? Did he know that his
words where turning me on even more than I was already.

“Do you want to shag this horny little cunt?” he asked

“Oh yes! Yes!” I blurted out.

“Then get down on your knees and beg me to let you.”

As I hesitated for a moment he shouted out, “Kneel!”

I did, I knelt down by his feet with my head almost
touching Pat’s arse. Can you just picture the scene, my
wife lying on the table with her legs up over this
strange mans shoulders and me kneeling with my face
practically opposite his cock going in and out of the
cunt that I had always thought of as ‘all mine’.

Suddenly he grabbed me by the hair and as he swung
around his big dick, dripping with all the other men’s
spunk, hit me in the face. He wiped his cock
deliberately over my face and then shoved into my
mouth, not just in my mouth but right down my throat.
It only took him a couple of thrusts and he came in my
mouth and made me swallow it down.

He then shoved my face into my wife’s spunked up pussy
and turned around and left us alone. I pulled all my
clothes off and gave Pat the best fucking that I had
ever known.

We eventually cleaned ourselves up and took our seats,
we had only missed about 15 minutes of the show. As we
where leaving, the guy in the tux’ handed me a card. It
was an invitation to a party at the groups hotel. We
had a wonderful time, Pat was fucked by all the same
guys as before plus what really blew her mind was that
this world famous group fucked her as well.

For myself, I got to fuck the wife of the lead singer
of the group and also the back up singer who is now a
household name.

That was the start of our swinging and we are still at
it today. Pat is still as lovely as ever. (And just as

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