An artist’s model agrees to a little kink in to great outdoors with a good friend

It’s called the one-minute drill and few of models like
them, but I do. Since I am better established, I could
cut them out completely. I like them, so if I have time
available and if they need somebody, I will volunteer.
The scale is absolutely the pits. Beginning students
get a lot out of them. I strike a pose for just one
minute, students make quick sketches generally on blank
newsprint. Then it is on to the next pose.

I like the constant bustle of activity and I get a
strong feeling of connection with the class. The short
posing time tend to keep the students view of me as a
person rather than as an object being drawn. I always
feel a certain sexual tension between me and the class
and I frankly find it exciting. I absolutely know I
have connected if they watch me put on my smock and
watch as I leave the room. In longer sessions everyone
is busy gathering their materials and hardly notice
that I am leaving.

Now they are mostly younger than me but when I was just
starting I was nineteen and we felt almost
embarrassingly close. I know whenever I pose shaved
that I get a lot of stares. My sex is not blatant
because my pussy lips are close together and tucked
mostly under me with almost no mons. I prefer my pubic
hair because I think it is more esthetically pleasing.

I have a great friend that proctors these sessions. We
were a thing for a while but the chemistry was not
right for either of us. He is my pal that I go to all
the museums with and much that I know about art has
come from him. I am his drag for all his families
social events, but of course they don’t approve of me.
His one kink is shared by many men. He enjoys sex in
public or more precisely having fellatio performed on
him in public.

We take a hike on the Palisades, on the west side of
the Hudson. There are marked wooded trails where New
Jersey meets New York that have a magnificent view of
the Hudson River. The trail is very rough but well
kept. Guard rails provide safety in the most dangerous
spots. The Palisades are ice age cliffs three or four
hundred feet above the mile-wide Hudson River, north of
the George Washington bridge but south of the Tappen
Zee bridge.


This day we had hiked to a very secluded part of the
trail. There is a well known promontory that juts out.
It is perhaps twenty-five feet wide and eight feet
deep. A bronze sign says the this was a watch during
the Revolutionary War used to warn Washington of
British ship movements. He told me that famous
cultist/devil worshiper in the 1920s or 30s often used
the spot. As you can imagine, it is difficult to get to
and marked off-limits, but the debris we found there
indicated constant use.

I agreed to do him orally as he stood in full view of
the Hudson and the far away bridges. I am doubtful when
he asks me to take my clothes off. The area is isolated
and we feel that anyone approaching from above could be
heard easily and it was impossible to be surprised from
the shear face of the Palisade below. It is too breezy
to stay nude for long, but from the state of his
arousal, I know that it will not take long. I arrange
my clothes so that I can get into quickly if necessary.

He stands up leaning against the rock wall, his jeans
and underwear at his knees. I kneel in front of him
cupping his scrotum in one hand and embracing him with
my lips. The sun is warm on my back. The ground is
uncomfortably cold. He has a nipple in each hand softly
milking them giving me a very pleasant sensation. I
alternate using my lips and my hand slowly because I
know that any fast friction will bring about an
immediate ejaculation.

He is the king of the world, a god on Olympus being
erotically serviced for all the world to see. He is
almost swooning with pleasure, hanging on by shear
willpower. I work slowly and gently extending the
moment for him. I am aroused by the animal smell
emanating from his sweaty sack. He completes. I
continue sucking and his pleasure is agony. After a
while he has to pull away.

He dresses quickly and tosses me my sweatshirt. I am
not ready for this yet. I take his place, the naked
queen of the world, a goddess on Olympus. I thrust my
pelvis to him but his nerve fails him. I dip two
fingers in to moisten myself and I satisfy myself. Let
the world witness my lust.

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