Anne and Brandi with Nat

After I had seduced Brandi I wanted to share her with
my favorite black lover Nat. I contacted him to
arrange a date for all of us to get together. Brandi
was very anxious to meet him after all that I have
told her about him. As always he was specific as to
the attire he wanted us to wear for this meeting.

He instructed us to go out and purchase a red corset,
red seamed stockings, red shoes, dress and blouse.
Brandi and I had a wonderful afternoon shopping and
found all the clothing and returned to my home. We
then decided to go to the salon to have our nails and
toes done in bright red to match our outfits. We
returned home and thoughtful RJ had wine awaiting our
return. We stripped off our clothing so that RJ could
do the final shaving to insure our cunts were slick
and hairless for our party. (Poor man for what he must
do for us).

We both had a relaxing bath and when finished, applied
our makeup and fixed our hair. We donned our outfits
that Nat demanded we wear and the final touch of red
lipstick was applied. RJ complimented us both on our
appearance and stated that he was anxious to see us in
action. Another glass of wine was supplied by RJ as we
waited the arrival of Nat.

The bell rang and I sent Brandi to answer and welcome
our guest. She opened the door and said “Hi I’m
Brandi, I heard a lot about you, and it is pleasure to
finally meet you>” She gave him a light kiss and he

“How is my favorite white cunt?” he said.

“I am well,” and went to greet him. I kissed him and
explored his mouth with my tongue. He sat down and had
a glass of wine.

“I see you both complied with my demands and I must
say you both look delicious.”

After several minutes of small talk Nat told me to
undress Brandi. We both stood up and I stepped behind
her and reached around and unbuttoned her blouse
exposing her shelf bra encased tits. I rubbed her
nipples and tweaked them to make them nice and hard.

I unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor
revealing her chocolate body adorned in red. “Very
nice” was Nat’s reaction. Next Brandi returned the
favor and stripped me of my outer wear. We stood
before Nat revealing all of our assets. Well let’s get
this party started so I took Brandi by the hand and
the four of us retired to the bedroom. Nat and RJ sat
on the love seat as Brandi and I crawled up on the

We began kissing and letting our hands explore each
other’s body and soon we were both getting wet. It was
now time for a cunt eating session so we got into a 69
position. Brandi was on top and we both fed on each
other’s cunts and clits. She encouraged me to eat her
cunt and make her cum. I attacked her with more gusto
and drove my tongue deep in her pussy.

She must have enjoyed it because she exploded and I
lapped up her juices. I too had multiple orgasms at
the tongue lashing she was giving me. After about 15
minutes of this it was time for me to feast on
Brandi’s bubble butt. She was on all fours as I moved
behind her and began to kiss and bite her ass, I
spread her cheeks and buried my face in her ass. She
squealed with delight as my tongue entered her ass.

“That’s it Anne,” she screamed. “Tongue fuck my ass,
make me cum.”

I didn’t have to be told again as I savagely drove my
tongue up her ass and began to spank her ass.

“That’s it BITCH, slap my ass, treat me like a whore.”

This made me slap her even harder until she had
another massive orgasm. We finally stopped to rest and
I asked Nat and RJ if they were enjoying the show,
which they both acknowledged was very erotic.

“Now my little slut, it’s time to prepare your cunt to
receive Nat’s cock, roll over and spread your legs.”

She complied and I began to stimulate her clit and
introduce my fingers in her pussy. When all five were
in I began to insert my fist and arm into her quite
wet pussy. Slowly, at first, but after several minutes
I picked up the pace.

“That’s it Anne, FUCK MY SLUT CUNT!” I drove my fist
into her. She was bouncing all over the bed totally
lost all control and kept begging me to fuck her,
After about 10 minutes I knew she was now ready to
receive the gift of Nat’s cock.

Nast stood up and removed his clothing exposing his
swollen cock. Brandi let out a squeal as he moved to
the bed and ordered Brandi to suck his cock. I joined
RJ on the love seat to watch. She got between his legs
and opened her mouth to receive his tool. She had some
difficulty originally due to his girth, but after
several minutes she managed to engulf his cock and her
head moved like a piston up and down stuffing her
mouth with all the cock she could get in. She
continued worshiping his cock for almost a half hour
before she remove her mouth, looked at Nat and said

“PLEASE fuck my needy cunt! I want a REAL cock to fuck

She rolled over, spread her legs and Nat introduced
his cock to her dripping cunt.

“OH GOD, OH GOD” she screamed “I have never felt a
cock like this before, its sooooo big, PLEASE, PLEASE
FUCK ME, HARD AND FAST, I want you to make me one of
your devoted whores”

Nat’s cock was like a jackhammer pounding her cunt as
she screamed and continued to have multiple orgasms. I
lost all track of time as I watched Nat feeding his
cock to Brandi. Nat finally looked at her and said

“Are you ready for your reward.”

She responded, “”PLEASE fill my cunt with your cum,
your whore needs your cum.” She began jerking
violently as Nat exploded in her cunt. When he was
finished he rolled off of her and ordered her to clean
his cock which she gladly did. They were both lying
there and Brandi thanked him for allowing her to be
fucked by him..

“I would never have imagined how wonderful it would be
to present my cunt to such a gorgeous cock like yours.
I have never been fucked like this before, and thank
you for making my pussy happy. My husband’s cock will
never satisfy me anymore after having your cock.”

After a short rest period it was now my turn. I knew
what was expected of me, I lay on the bed with my head
hanging over the edge, looked up at Nat and said

“Feed me that cock of yours, it’s been too long since
I have enjoyed it.”

Nat moved into position as I opened my mouth and he
began to insert the head of his cock into my waiting
mouth. As he had done before, with each stroke a
little more of his monster cock entered my throat,
after several minutes he managed to9 get the entire 9-
inches down my throat. He began to pick up the pace
and face fucked his willing white slut. I sucked his
cock like a possessed woman as his balls were slapping
the top of my head. He began to tense up and I knew I
was about to receive his cum. Nat erupted and I
swallowed as fast as I could not wanting to waste a
drop of his precious fluid. He withdrew and lay next
to me on the bed.

“Thank you, you have made this slut one happy girl.”

I looked up and to my amazement saw RJ with his head
buried between Brandi’s legs feasting on her pink
cunt. And from the look on her face she was enjoying
it. We watched as we rested.

Noticing Nat’s cock was hard again, I got on all fours
and said.

“My cunt is on fire, it is in need of a good fucking.
He buried his cock in my dripping pussy, grabbed my
hair, and gave me the fuck of my life.

“I LOVE your cock. PLEASE, harder and faster!” I

His assault on my cunt went on for another half hour
before he exploded in me filling my insides with his
warm cum.. He then looked over at Brandi and said,
“Get back over here, under Anne, and clean out her

Brandi bounded over to the bed, crawled under me and
positioned her mouth under my pussy. Nat withdrew his
cock and her mouth immediately clamped on my cunt and
she began to lick and suck his cum out of my well-used
pussy. When she was finished with me, she removed her
cum covered face and began to clean Nat’s cock.

After we all rested, had another glass of wine, I
thanked him for satisfying his white whore and Brandi
complimented him on his treatment of her and asked if
she could be fucked by him again, which he agreed to.
He dressed, kissed us both, and departed leaving to
well fucked and content ladies on the bed. RJ crawled
up between us on the bed and we all drifted off to