Anne has fun playing with herself for her neighbors who are spying on her

I’d spot you from a window in my house. You and
Mary are moving your summer cloths out of your closet
in your 2d floor bedroom. Your apartment building is
very close to mine & you can look down into my 1st
floor bedroom. I know that I got you this time. I’ve
tried before, but you never looked. All of my apart-
ment is dark. I lie on my bed in my dark bedroom and
adjust the mirror on the dresser so I can check on you.
So I can watch you…looking at me… here on my bed.
You both are having a great time removing your cloths,
laughing & kissing & playing around.

As I stand in front of my window watching you,
my heart is pounding. I can feel my pulse beating in
my neck. I see that Mary is facing the window.

It’s time to start. I turn on the overhead light
and my room is blazing in light. Out of the corner of
my eye, I see Mary looking down into my room. I know
I must catch her interest, so I cup my breasts through
my sweater with my hands and push them into my ribs
with a circular motion. My knees are week and my
fingers are quivering. I tilt my head back to show her
the pleasure I’m giving myself. Every inch of my body
is electric.

I march around the room as I disrobe, giving
them fleeting glances of my body. I want to tease.
I want to build their excitement. As I slowly fold and
place my cloths on a chair, I glance their way and see
2 figures looking…watching me. Now I got you both!

I slip on to my bed and pull the sheets up to my
breasts. I check the angle of my mirror. Perfect! You
are in each others arms, watching me. You will see my
whole body from my neck to my toes, and I can watch
you…looking at me.

I lick my fingers and wet my tits. I pinch and
pull. My legs, growing restless, kick the sheet off
my torso. I spread my legs and my hands slide down and
find my soaked pussy. One finger slips inside and I
writh with pleasure. I notice that my pussy is swollen
like a cat in heat. I’m in heat. My hand finds my
clitoris. It’s very firm and sensitive. I rub it
between two fingers and an ache quickly builds up be-
tween my legs.

I better slow down. I turn my ass toward the
window and lock my elbows behind my knees, giving them
a full pussy/moon shot. I slip my three fingers into
my pussy and slowly fuck myself with them. An orgasm
runs from the walls of my cunt up to my shoulders and
back down to the pit of my stomach, where it flutters
around. Then I slip the two wet fingers from my pussy
into my ass. It easily accepts them both. My fingers
slide in as far as possible. I slowly fingerfuck my
ass. My second orgasm is huge.

I return to over on to my back and check the
mirror. Thier room is much darker, but I can see you
both from your small light. I slide a finger into
myself and then out onto my clit and back inside again,

The next wave of pleasure is beginning to mount.
Methodically I plunge and stroke….plunge and stroke.
I plan on doing this till you leave for your own bed,
and your own pleasure. I want to think about them doing
it to each other. mmmmm….. yes……

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