Jamie was a great girlfriend in every way, except that she wouldn’t swallow

I started dating my high school sweetheart in October,
right as the basketball season started. Jamie and I
had good sex; for high schoolers. I was a senior, and
she was a sophomore.

I enjoyed every aspect of our sex life mainly because
the things that I was doing with her, were all firsts.
She was the first girl I fucked doggy style. She was
the first girl I ever went down on. She eventually was
the first girl I ever fucked in the ass. She was also
the first girl to ever give me a blow job. Since I
didn’t know the difference, I thought she was pretty
good at it. Unfortunately, she REFUSED to swallow, or
even let me cum in her mouth for that matter, and that
was our undoing.

Right about the same time that Jamie and I started
dating, I started talking to this girl Amy. I noticed
her during our pep rally that Friday of spirit week.
She was one of the girls in the homecoming court. I
was attracted to her initially for her ass. She was
5’1″, maybe 115, and all her weight was in that beau-
tiful ass. You know, the kind of ass that dances when
you hit it just right from behind.

Anyway, I figured I’d get her number. You see, I’m
from a real small town in upstate NY… everybody knows
everybody. So, initially, when Amy and I started talk-
ing, we talked as friends. I would tell her about my
problems with Jamie, and she would listen. Especially
about the hang up I had with Jamie not swallowing.

Amy and I were good friends. That was until that
fateful phone conversation in January.

We were talking about dreams. Amy was acting funny.
She was quieter than normal. So, I asked her what she
was thinking about. She said, “You don’t want to
know.” I said, “sure I do.” Then she drop the bomb-
shell. She told me that she was picturing me naked,
and she was on her knees looking up at my prick,
waiting for me to give her permission to take it into
her mouth.

I absolutely fell back on my ass. I was a high school
senior, and this sophomore was dropping me a line
straight out of a porn film. I thought that she was
kidding, but I was wrong. The conversation spun out of
control, and before I knew it, we were making plans to
meet in the third floor stairwell during our 8th period
study-hall so she could blow me!

I mean, I had never even kissed this girl! Our entire
relationship had to this point been over the phone. I
was fucking my girlfriend everyday after practice.
Then, taking her home so I could call Amy to bitch
about her.

Anyway, the next day, we both chickened out. I didn’t
go up that stairwell… That whole 8th period, I was
locked to my seat with the hard on from hell, and the
most intense butterflies I have ever had. I was so
nervous, I was shivering like I was cold.

Amy and I talked about it that night on the phone.
And we talked about it for the next few days. She was
always telling me that she wanted to taste my cum…
she wanted wrap her lips around my dick and suck me
dry. I mean, she was actually using those words! At
that age, I didn’t know what to do or how to handle it.

We would occasionally see each other around school,
but not too often. She just happened to be on a
totally different schedule than I was. When we were
together, we acted like we didn’t know one another…
We were in absolute denial about our secret relation-
ship. We would talk for hours on the phone… I would
start to jerk off to her voice. She had no idea of
course. I was too embarrassed to say anything to her
about it… I must have shot 30 loads to her voice in
those few days since we first talked about it.

I was absolutely consumed with the thought of her
sucking my dick. I knew she would swallow my jizz,
and I needed to see her do it. I was obsessed.

I think it was in March… It was 8th period, and we
were both in study-hall. I had mine upstairs in Mrs.
Henry’s room, and she was downstairs in Mr. Abraham’s
classroom… right next to the senior lockers. I
didn’t mean to make eye contact with her when I went
to put my books in my locker, but like fate, it
happened that way. Our eyes met, and a bolt of elec-
tricity shot straight to my loins… We both knew that
it was going to happen. She got up from her seat, and
walked out toward me. I started walking past the pool
gallery to the main stairs, with Amy 5 or 6 feet behind

We didn’t say anything to one another. My b***d was
surging throughout my entire body, and I was shivering
again. I don’t know if I really believed that it would
happen, but I headed up those stairs. I didn’t stop on
the second floor in front of the library, I kept going.
I headed for the roof. Amy was right there behind me.
When I got to the door that led to the outside and the
roof, I turned and her lips met mine…

At first, I was so shocked that I didn’t kiss her
back… then I felt her tongue ravaging my own, and all
that passion, all the heat that had built up since
homecoming just blew through my body… I felt my dick
growing… I was feeling Amy… I ran my hands up her
shirt and cupped her breasts… My hand wasn’t big
enough to hold it all… it had spilled out from the
cup of her bra, and her nipples were hard. I needed to
feel them, I needed to take them in my mouth… I made
a trail with my tongue down her neck… to her waiting

I heard a soft moan come out of her mouth, I looked up
to see that her eyes were closed, and her head was
thrown back in passion. While my mouth was flicking
and sucking her taught nipples, my left hand was unbut-
toning her jeans and reaching down into her underwear.
When my hand ran through her coarse pubic hair, it only
intensified my erection. I remember actually thinking
that my dick was harder than it had ever been.

I didn’t have any trouble finding her love button,
because Amy thrust her hips up and my index finger
instinctively slid down her gash and when her back
stiffened, I knew I had hit the right spot. She was
so wet… I tried to be gentle with her, but she was
so intense. Jamie wasn’t ever like this…

Amy was fucking my hand… she was moaning very loud
now, and I was afraid that someone might here us…
and yet there was that painful ache in my pants… my
cock was straining so hard against my jeans that it

Just as I was going to pull my hand out, she bucked
back and froze… her body was racked in orgasm… I
could feel her come around my two fingers… the pul-
sation was so much more than I had ever felt with
Jamie… She gasped for air, and then relaxed… She
finally opened her eyes and looked into mine.

All I could do was smile at her… I was so hot… I
could feel the wet spot on my boxers every time I
shifted… Amy smiled back at me, and then I said,
“It’s your turn.”

She didn’t hesitate at all… she just reached down
and grabbed my cock through my jeans… she dropped to
her knees and undid my pants… It was so sexy to see
her stair at the bulge in my pants with her face just
inches away… She pulled open my jeans, and reached
out and yanked my boxers down and wrapped her fingers
around my rock hard dick.

Her hand seemed so small compared to it… I tried to
watch her, but the moment I felt her hot mouth engulf
the head of my dick, I was gone… my head was spin-
ning, and she was sucking my dick. Her mouth was so
wet and hot… she dropped her hands to her side and
just started bobbing back and forth.

A couple of times, she gagged, but she didn’t break
stride at all… I could feel the head hit the back of
her throat… and my balls would convulse… I could
hear her sucking… And every time she f****d my dick
to the back of her throat, I could hear her almost
c***e, and it was so sexy…

My balls were aching, and she was sucking harder…
she had picked up the pace, and I was trying to hold
it… when she finally reached into my boxers and cup-
ped my balls, I shot my load right into her mouth…
I grabbed the back of her head to hold her there, and
she grabbed my cock and stopped fucking her mouth on
it… she closed her lips around the head and I heard
her gulp two or three times…

I think it took me 15 or 20 seconds to empty my balls
into her mouth… she was swallowing every bit of it!
I was in heaven. It was the best blow job I had ever
gotten… It felt so much better than the suck and jerk
I was used to. After I finished quivering, I looked
down at her and she smiled up at me, and said

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