Best friend cannot help but cross the line with his friend’s wife

I had always found Jack’s wife sexy, the three of us
had gone back many years, Jack and I had met whilst
still in college and despite moving around about, we
still kept in regular contact, hooking up for beers in
town and occasional parties at each other’s houses.

I am pretty sure Karen his partner knew I fancied her,
if fact, I am pretty sure Jack knew and seemed pretty
nonchalant about it, I had never made any secret of my
thoughts, frequently making ‘boorish’ comments after a
few drinks and often doing my best ‘Benny Hill’
impressions whenever the situation arouse.

She was quite simple cute, short, slim, athletic, with
a somewhat larger than expected chest, ‘we’ called her
‘summer tits’ as they had been somewhat covered up
when we first met her, come summer, out they popped as
the summer dressing came out the closet.

Karen worked out a lot, she was athletic and focused,
she was ultra-competitive and could be quite feisty,
unfortunately, whilst I frequently amused myself and
seemingly Jack, she could and often did flip out when
we were together, typically around the time I had
pushed her buttons once too often, invariable as she
bent down or leant forward as she cleared up after the
two of us.

I was fond of Karen, she was fun, but at the same
time, I also found her to be somewhat cold, self-
righteous and even superior, maybe I was growing a
chip, I don’t know, maybe I just didn’t notice a
change in her as I gradually became more predatory.

It is often hard to know where the line is and harder
to stop crossing it when you finally come to it, I
have always been loyal, however over time, deep routed
feeling began to emerge within me about Karen, I am
not sure if it was a case of ‘teaching her a lesson’
or ‘having something that wasn’t mine’, simple put,
but over the space of one summer, I found myself
becoming more and more attracted, obsessed even with
the thought of fucking her. Maybe she was growing
tired of our laddish behaviour and was growing up – as
I reflect, I am sure that is the case, but my own
feelings where torn between lust and resentment.

Jack and I go back a long way, we have done a lot
together, I would truly class him as my best friend, I
could sense he was becoming torn as the temperature
rouse during our bonding sessions and the growing
frustration of his wife. But I could not help the
increasingly erotic and intense thoughts of his having
sex with his wife, I knew deep down they were
beginning to cloud my judgment, I knew I was willing
to jeopardise our friendship just to have her and I
also recognised she wasn’t going to offer it up

Was it an opportunity to good to miss – I don’t know,
but when the invitation for Karen’s 40th arrived, I
kind of knew that I was going to take a path of no
return, as I looked at myself in the mirror the invite
in one hand, I knew then that I would cross the line,
would I go all the way – I didn’t know, but I knew
from my trembling hands and in the pit of my stomach,
that I would do something.

I love a good fancy dress party, I had been to many
and always enjoyed going over board – Jack and I
discussed outfits, as soon as he said Captain America,
I knew I had an in.

Whilst we are of similar height, outwardly he appeared
stockier; the muscles on the hire costume would hide
our physical differences. I called Jack and suggested
we both head to the hire shop together, I was keen to
ensure I had a good look at his outfit, whilst I hired
out Robin, Batman’s side kick, both had red tights and
would be easier for me to play out my plan.

Time goes agonisingly slowly when you are waiting, but
the party night eventually came round, donning my
caped crusader outfit, I headed over to Jack and
Karen’s, I couldn’t help but admire how the tights
accentuated my cock as I tucked myself in, I gave it a
small stroke, knowing the next time it would be
touched, it would not likely be my hands, it started
to swell an strain against the tight material.

Having read a lot about men’s penis sizes and also
listen to comments, chatted with the lads and spent a
reasonable amount of time in gym showers, I was
‘happy’ with my size, I knew I was bigger than normal
and had had my fair share of women tell me.

The party was going when I arrived, Jack opened up the
door, all done up as Captain America, he looked good,
behind him in the kitchen I saw Karen laughing gaily,
she was dressed up as Superwoman, a gold and red
breast plate pushing and accentuating her chest
coupled with a very short skirt showing off her toned
thighs, gold knee length boots adding to the allure,
she looked incredible, my cock stirred. ‘Great party,
can hear it down the street.’

We had agreed I would stop over the night, I took my
overnight case upstairs, came down and started mixing,
it was still somewhat early. Karen and I had a couple
of laughs and I wandered around catching up, always
conscious of my plan in the back of my mind. Around
midnight, the opportunity presented itself, the party
was in full swing, Jack came over and asked if I
wanted to walk the dog with him, they had a German
Shephard, I declined. ‘Ok, see you in 30 minutes or
so.’ Was his passing remark and off into the night
went Captain America.

I stole upstairs, I needed to work quickly, I really
didn’t have a lot of time, opening up my bag, I donned
my Captain America top and mask, looking into the side
mirror, you wouldn’t have told us apart. My heart was
racing, I knew I should stop and that I was seriously
in trouble, but my lust had taken control. I went
downstairs seeking Karen.

The house was packed and heaving, as I navigated
through the throng of bodies, I spied her in the
kitchen, she smiled as she saw me coming, nonplussed
‘hi stud’ she murmured as I walked up behind her and
put my arms around her. Without flinching she carried
on chatting with friends as I ran my hands over her
body, kissing the nape of her neck, she pushed her
hips back, I knew I had found a weak spot, I am sure
she felt my erection pushing into her thigh.

She brushed me off, ‘Excuse my husband,’ she said to
the couple. ‘He clearly loves this outfit and hasn’t
stopped,’ she turned to me pushing my arm slightly.
‘Right over here you,’ she giggled, clearly high on
wine and totally unaware of it not being her husband.

In a way, she played into my hands, by leading my arm,
she didn’t get to see my face, by taking me into the
garden we entered a darkness, ‘I am gagging for a
smoke,’ she said, ‘and horny as hell.’

I laughed, heading into a darkened corner, navigating
Karen to a bench, whilst conscious of the light from
the window, we would be able to see in, but they
wouldn’t see what I was about to do.

Karen lit a cigarette, she sat up on the back of the
bench, I moved unto her, our bodies close, ‘So stud,
what am I getting for my birthday treat?’

I loved the way she talked. My cock was now rock now
and it stuck out clearly, I could see Karen looking
down, her eyes seemingly taking it in, she seemed
momentarily confused, I needed to seize the moment, I
kneeled and pushed my face into her crotch.

‘Darling, we can’t, not here,’ she murmured. My hands
went around the back of her thighs and started to
stroke the backs of her legs, kneading her firm arse,
she started to relax, I could smell her pussy, it was
radiating warmth. She shuddered and opened up further,
‘Seriously baby, we might be caught,’ she murmured, my
mouth starting to kiss and lick the sides of her hips,
wanting and willing her to open fully.

That is when she surprised me, her hand slide down and
pushed the fabric of her costume aside, she was fully
exposed and open. My tongue sorted her out, opening
her, licking her gently, tasting her wetness, running
over her swelling bud. I had her.

She started to shudder with each lap, the noises
coming out of her where deep, guttural, she bucked and
help my head closer to her pushing, bucking on my
face, her juices covering my mouth and chin, I knew
she would cum, she needed to cum.

My tongue sort out her, arse, I couldn’t help myself,
how dirty was she, how far would she go… she mewed,
deeper, my fingers sort out the wetness, I pushed
fingers into both her holes, whilst maintaining a
steady rhythm with my tongue, seeking to tasted every
part of her, she bucked, pulling me closer into her
and came to a shuddering climax, her juices flowing
freely, shaking she slipped down from the bench.

‘Oh my god! Oh my god!” she whispered gently as she
fell against me. My hardness was now pushing against
her thigh. ‘My god, you feel hard tonight darling, I
loved that thing you did with my arse, I might have to
give you more,’ she chuckled.

I felt her start to move down, her fingers grasped my
cock through the tights, ‘My god, you feel massive,’
she murmured, her mouth found my cock, still encased,
she open her mouth and gently bit down on the end.

In the distance, I saw our capped friend had returned,
it was time to go.

‘Happy Birthday,’ I said, pulling her back up onto her