Birthday Present From Mom

It was my 15the birthday, and I had just come home late.
I had a couple beers at a party, but was otherwise all
right. I went home and my mom and her friend, Mrs. White,
were over with a cake. They both giggled when they
realized how drunk I was. I didn’t’ care, it was funny.

But anyways, I ate some cake and humored them for a
while. Then my mom went to the bathroom. I was sitting
there, and all of a sudden, Mrs. White shows me her ass,
asking, “Do you think I have a nice ass, cutie pie?”

I was kind of shocked but said, “Yes, it’s very nice.”

Then my mom came back and we watched some TV and we
watched Baywatch for a couple minutes. I kept glancing at
Mrs. White, and realized that for a mature lady she was
kind of sexy looking. I’d never really noticed before
she’d said that nasty stuff about her ass.

While we watched TV, I noticed Mrs. White staring at the
guys and I wondered what she was thinking. Was she
thinking about stuff hidden by their swim trunks? The
thought that Mrs. White might be thinking about guy’s
dicks made mine go hard.

Then my heart began to really pump when Mrs. White put
her finger in her mouth, and began to suck it. Then she
moved that finger from her mouth to her chin to her soft
supple looking tits. They were about a 36C’s maybe and
still perky for someone her age.

My eyes went wide when she reached down to her crotch and
pulled the material of her shorts to one side and
inserted a finger into her vagina. I’d never seen
anything like it before and it was making me crazy just
sitting there watching her lewd show.

My mom noticed me staring at what her friend was doing. I
was frightened; I didn’t know what she would say. I knew
that I shouldn’t have been watching and I was suddenly
conscious of my raging hardon pushing up against the
material; of my shorts.

Mom looked at me with a serious expression on her face.
Then she said, “Christopher, Mrs. White wants to give you
a very special birthday present. She has always thought
that you were special, so she has something really
special for you.” She then whispered something in Mrs.
White’s ear, and then left the room and closed the door
behind her.

Mrs. White stopped playing with herself and asked me if I
needed a drink of water.

I said no, I didn’t need a drink, what I needed was some
relief from my painful condition, and I was soon getting
just that.

Mrs. White began to unbutton her see-through blouse. Then
she let it fall to the floor and started to caress her
bare tits. She hadn’t been wearing a bra!

She moved over close to me and bent down bringing one of
her nipples to her mouth. She sucked on it, slowly at
first, but then started more intensely. After a bit she
stopped and stood, taking off her skirt. She was now
completely naked except for her thong.

I had never seen a naked woman before, especially a 34
year old, (my best friend’s mother).

She told me I had to do two things to get my special
present. First, I had to get undressed. My pants were off
before you could say, “Fuck me!”

I was naked and standing in front of a female and it felt

She then told me to pull her thong off. I reached out
with my hands, but she told me to do it with my tongue.
She told me to stick my tongue into her freshly shaved

I couldn’t believe that my friend’s mom would talk like
this to me, but I did as I was told and she tasted like
strawberries. I moved my tongue around in her and she
moaned, which turned me on even more.

Finally, she stopped me and pushed me onto my back and
started to fondle my 6-inch “rock hard” cock. She played
with me for a while and then asked if I’d ever gotten a
blowjob before?

My face was burning with embarrassment and my heart was
pounding in my chest when I gasped, “NO.”

Mrs. White looked into my eyes for the longest time, then
she said, “Well tell me how this feels,” and she slowly
moved her lips to the bulging head of my teenage dick.
Slowly she began to kiss it, and still very slowly moved
her lips down my shaft. It was complete ecstasy, I’d
never felt anything remotely like this before. I came
almost immediately, and watched in amazement as she
swallowed every drop.

As I lay there on the couch sprawled naked and panting,
Mrs. White stood up licking her lips and began to dress.
As she finished dressing she bent down and kissed me on
the lips. I could smell and taste my cum in her mouth as
we held our kiss. Finally she broke away from me and
said, “Happy birthday Kevin.” Then she was gone.


Two days later, I went to Mrs. White’s house when I knew
my friend would be out. She was cleaning and seemed
stressed out. We sat on the couch; she made some tea.
Apparently she found out that her husband was cheating on
her, and since we’d shared an intimate moment a few days
before she confided in me. I noticed she was vulnerable
so I moved my hand to her pussy and started fondling her.

At first she tensed in surprise, then she began to moan
as I fingered her. After a bit of this she reached down
and held my had, and said, “Lets go upstairs.”

We walked upstairs to her bedroom. She said, “Chris, my
husband used to fuck me on this bed and cum on my face.
Your cock is 10 times better than his, I’m really looking
forward to you fucking me!”

I ripped my clothes off, spread her legs and stuffed my
thick virgin prick into her pussy.

She screamed in pleasure. I felt her lubrication as she
came around my pumping dick. She was yelling, “Keep
going! Fuck me you bastard! Fuck your whore’s cunt, fuck

I kept thrusting, enjoying the feeling of my first fuck
and the nasty things that Mrs. White was yelling. As I
got close to coming I moaned that I couldn’t hold out
much longer and Mrs. White bucked me off her and climbed
on top of me. She sat on my cock, slowly shoving it into
her. It was amazing.

She slid, up and down on me, up and down until we were
both screaming. I was about to let go, the feeling was
ecstatic, and I emptied my balls into her as my body
jerked in wonderful release.

Mrs. White came at the same time as I and was screaming,
“FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME, you little stud!”

After we had both cum, she pulled my cock out and sucked
me dry. Afterwards she told me that I could come over
anytime I liked, just to be sure that her son wasn’t home
when I did. So I did come over nearly every day, and my
best friend never did know that I was nailing him mom
from the age of fifteen on.

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