Bizarre family

I had been dating this beautiful, sexy, sex-crazed woman
for about 3 months; her name was Linda. Linda was 38 at
the time, 5’7, 125 lbs, with long blond hair, blue eyes,
nice sized tits, a great ass (which she loved fucked!)
and a sweet, shaved pussy, with long pink lips. Linda
loved to fuck, and she loved morning and noontime sex,
not just waiting unlit night.

She loved watching my cock go in and out of her, and
loved to be on top so she could see better and be in
control. It was late June and we were at her place in the
bedroom fucking. She was on top of me riding my hard
cock. Her cunt was so juicy that you could hear her lips
making slurping sounds as she moved up and down on my
shaft. My balls were soaked from her juices.

I’ve fucked many women, but Linda was the wettest ride of
all. We were kissing and I was playing with her tits when
I heard the bedroom door swing open. Linda pulled away
from me, turned her head and sat up. I was still in her
and her sitting up drove my cock deeper into her cunt.
Then she said, “Hello sweetie.”

I couldn’t see who was there yet, but I thought for sure
this was going to be trouble. It’s amazing what can
travel though your head in an instant. Then this
gorgeous, young woman came into view. She was blond and
blue eyed and looked a lot like Linda.

“Sweetie,” Linda said, “This is Richard… Richard I
would like you to meet my daughter Sandy.”

I felt very uncomfortable as you can imagine. This young
woman standing next to the bed, me and her mother nude,
my cock deep in her cunt.

Sandy said, “Hi.”

I said, “Hi,” back.

Linda started asking her daughter how her trip was and
stuff like that. Not once did Linda try to hide her
nudity, in fact as she talked she slowly moved her pelvis
up and down on my cock, keeping me hard. It turns out
Sandy had just finished up her second year at college and
was home for the summer. At this point my head was
swimming. Sandy would look at her mother, then at my
cock, glistening with pussy juice and then at me.

Then Sandy said, “He doesn’t know about us does he mom?”

Right after she said that she leaned in a kissed Linda
hard on the mouth.

They french-kissed for several seconds, then stopped and
both smiled at me. You have no idea how hard my cock was
at that moment. I felt light headed, maybe from all the
blood pumping into my hard-on.

Then Sandy pulled her T-shirt up over her head and off,
exposing a nice set of tits, securely inside a snug
fitting black bra. With my mouth open wide, Linda reached
over and caressed her daughter’s tits.

Sandy turned around and Linda undid the bra snap and
Sandy let the bra slip off her shoulders. When she turned
around I was treated to the nicest set of soft pink
nipples I had ever seen, and they were so erect. Sandy
kissed her mom again, as Linda cupped her daughters tits
and rubbed her fingers over her nipples.

Sandy then grabbed her mother’s breasts and started doing
the same. What a show! At this point how I held back the
huge load of cum that was ready to boil out of my cock I
don’t know. Then Sandy undid the top button on her button
up jeans, as she undid the next one, I could see the
black panties underneath. Sandy slipped her jeans off and
I could not only see a huge wet spot circling her cunt
hole, but I could smell her cunt too. What a great aroma.

Then Linda slipped her hand down the front of Sandy’s
panties and into her cunt folds. I could see the outline
of her middle finger as it pushed between her lips. I
grunted and shot load after load of cum into Linda’s
cunt. I must have spunked a dozen times inside her. After
I had finished cumming both Linda and Sandy giggled.

Sandy said, “Now that was quick.” The she added. “Oh,
you’ve made quit a big mess of mom’s crotch.”

Looking down at my cock as Linda moved up and down on my
still hard shaft, I could see the thick white milky flow
of cum as it squished out of her.

Linda said, “It feels so good.”

Sandy said, “I bet it tastes good too.”

Then Linda said, “Maybe you would like to find out

Then Linda crawled off me and Sandy bent down and took my
cock in her hand and lowered her head, she did so in a
way that I could watch and she was watching me. She
winked at me as she opened her mouth and moved her tongue
out to meet the head of my cock.

The purple head of my cock was covered in my cum and her
mothers cunt juices, and here was her daughter with her
tongue beginning to wash over my cock head, I could see
her licking the cum off my cock, only losing sight when
she sucked my purple head. But seeing her pushing the
milky goo with the tip of her tongue up my still hard
shaft was so erotic, especially knowing some of that
liquid was Linda’s cunt juice.

Sandy moved back down to my balls and slowly started
pushing more of the cum up my shaft and into a ball at
the top of my cock, then she covered the head of my cock
with her mouth and I didn’t care that I couldn’t see what
was happening, I could feel her sliding her mouth down my
shaft, deep-throating me.

Then Linda moved in and moved Sandy’s hair back so I
could see better, Sandy lifted her head, took my cock out
of her mouth and showed me the creamy white spunk she was
holding in her mouth. Then she kissed her mom. They
swapped what was left of my load back and forth.

Then Linda said to Sandy, “Did you like?”

“Oh yes,” Sandy said, “And I think I know were I can find

Of course at this point I thought she meant there was
more to come from me, but I found out different. Linda
laid back on the bed, spread her legs and I watched as
Sandy moved away from me and in between her mother’s
thighs. She didn’t waste any time, she reached under her
mothers ass, around her legs and pulled apart her cunt
lips, which were now sticking together from my load of
cum that was caked on her pink lips.

Sandy started kissing her mom’s cum stained outer cunt
lips. The she looked up at me and said, “Why don’t you
lay beside me so you can see better.”

I was there in a flash and got to watch her pull open
Linda’s cunt lips and watch as the milky liquid that was
my cum and her cunt juices dribbled out of her. Sandy
licked it up, licking like a cat, long licks that travel
from her mother’s cunt hole, up her slit and over her
clit. Linda was rocking her hips and enjoying her
daughters tongue. The action was also forcing my cum out
of her cunt and into Sandy’s mouth. Sandy was swallowing
every drop too.

Then Sandy moved up to her mother’s mouth and they
kisses, Sandy’s face was smeared in my cum and Linda’s
cunt juice. Seeing Linda kiss and lick off the mess from
her daughter’s cheeks and lips made my cock rock hard

Then Linda said, “Are you up to fucking my daughter

“Fucking right I am!” I said.

Linda looked at my cock. “Mr. Happy looks like he’s ready

“Very ready.” I said.

“Come on sweetie,” Linda said to Sandy. “Show him some

Sandy rolled onto her back, and spread her legs. I got my
first really good look at her wet cunt then. The view was
just too good, so I moved in and started to eat her out.
Sandy’s pie was tangy, and I just loved her taste. As I
licked her pussy lips and deep into her hole, Linda
caressed her daughter’s tits, sometimes sucking on them,
then kissing her and caressing her face.

Then I felt it was time to fuck her. I climbed up and
before I could do anything, Linda grabbed my cock and she
guided it to her daughters fuck hole.

“Fuck her good Richard, she’s a little slut and need to
be fucked hard.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice.”

I started to ram my cock into Sandy. Her cunt was so wet,
and she was so ready. She was gasping and moaning with
each thrust. I was so turned on and so hard that I only
lasted a few minutes, but as luck would have it I didn’t
disappoint Sandy, she had an orgasm with me. Cumming on
my cock as I squirted my sperm all over her cervix and
inner walls.

“MMmmmmm,” Linda said. “Looks like my baby needs cleaning
up now.”

I was hoping I would see this, and my dream came true.
Linda moved down and took my cock in her mouth first,
sucking my cum and her daughters cunt juices off me. She
didn’t take as much time as Sandy did. Linda obviously
wanted to get right to eating out her daughter and the
creamy load I had deposited in her.

Linda covered Sandy’s cunt hole and pushed her mouth deep
into her folds. I could tell her tongue was licking her
inner pink walls. Knowing they were all covered in my
gooey sperm and that she was doing her best to suck it
all out was keeping me hard.

Sandy cupped her mother’s head and gently worked her
hips, rubbing her wet cunt up and down on her mothers

“Do you like watching my mother eating me out?”

“Oh yes,” I said rubbing my cock as I watched.

“She’s been eating me for years. I would bring guys home
and fuck them, and then go to the bathroom to clean up,
but I didn’t need a washcloth because mother would be
waiting for me there and she would suck my cunt clean for
me. She loves to eat cum, but you know that don’t you?”

“God! Is this true?” I said, not that I cared at this

Linda just kept sucking on Sandy as Sandy told me all
these dirty stories.

“Sometimes I would get the guys to fuck me in their car
while we were parked in the driveway, and then come in
and head right to moms bed. She would always wait up for
me, knowing I would be a good little girl and come home
with a cunt full of rich, creamy cum. I would lay on the
bed like I am now and let mommy suck me until I came in
her mouth. Filling her mouth with my boyfriends spunk and
my cunt juices.”

I was jacking my cock like mad at this point. Keeping
hard even after cumming twice already.

Sandy noticed now hard I still was. “Bring that cock up
here Richard, and cum all over my face, I know mommy
would love to lick your cream off my face, she’s never
done that right from a cock before.”

The way Sandy said it, I got the impression they had
licked cum off each other’s faces before. But before I
could ask, Sandy started to tell me the story.

“One night I dated two guys. They didn’t know about me
double dating them. I made them wear condoms when they
fucked me and without them knowing I kept the condoms
that they had filled full of their cum. I put them in my
purse when I went into the bathroom, they thought I
flushed them, but they were so wrong. I got two loads of
creamy cum from both of them that evening.”

“When I got home I showed them to mommy. One load I
wanted to eat out of her cunt, so she spread nice and
wide for me and I dumped it into her hole and ate her
out. The other three loads we spread on our faces. First
I poured one gooey load on mommy forehead and rubbed it
all over her face, smearing her cheeks and chin and

Then after that I licked it off her. Then she poured one
load onto my face and she did the same, smearing my face
with the spunk. She did a wonderful job cleaning my face.

“What about the last load of cum?” I asked. Jacking off
so hard I was sure I was going to explode any second.

“I poured that onto mom’s tongue and we shared it in a
cummy kiss.”

Hearing that I exploded, shooting jets of hot sperm all
over Sandy’s sweet young upturned face. Linda was next to
her daughter in a second. Licking up the gooey strings of
cum that I had blasted all over her forehead and cheeks
and chin. The kissed and licked and sucked each other’s
mouths, drinking my cum together.

I was spent, and collapsed on the bed.

I laid there watching as mother and daughter moved into a
sixty-nine and ate each other to orgasm.

********* CHAPTER 2

I went off to college later that fall, happy that Chris
was off to the same place as I. We were accepted at U of
I, and not long after, our college fun began. What
happens when you put together two horny college guys with
one hot and horny female? You’re about to find out.

Megan lay down on the bed, her legs spread, and said,
“Come on, lets 69.”

I knelt above her head and she started sucking on my
cock, taking almost all of it in her mouth. I leaned over
and started eating her sweet pussy. She was sopping wet
with her juices, and it wasn’t long before she started
moaning loudly. Her ass came off the bed, and she flooded
my mouth with her cum. When her orgasm was over, she
said, “Chris, let me suck your cock while Steve eats my

I was between her legs in a flash, licking her cunt, and
Chris was kneeling by her head, his nine-inch cock in her
mouth. She flipped when she first saw his massive dick,
and attacked it viciously. I kept eating her cunt and
fingering her hole.

Chris finally got off after about five minutes, and Megan
swallowed his entire load. She said she was almost there,
but wanted my cock in her when she came. She knelt up on
the bed, and Chris slid under her in a 69 position.

Then I knelt behind her and eased my cock into her wet
hole. She moaned as I slid inside her. I moved in and out
while Chris vigorously sucked her clit. I held her tits
as I fucked her. Chris kept licking her clit while she
was sucking away at his cock.

I don’t know how I lasted as long as I did. Megan started
screaming, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” and her pussy
flooded my cock with her juices. That did it for me, I
started cumming, while Chris was pumping my balls as I
unloaded in Megan’s cunt. I kept fucking her until there
was nothing left to give.

We all sat back and had another drink. Then Megan started
stroking my cock, bringing it back to life. She bent
over, her blond hair cascading over my thighs, and began
giving me head. I looked over at Chris. He was watching
my eight inches slide in and out of Megan’s mouth.

His huge cock was getting hard, and he began jerking it
off. Megan was now deep throating my cock. After about
five minutes, she turned to Chris and asked him to fuck
her. She stretched back and spread her legs. Chris put
his cock on the top of her hole, and slowly drove it in.
She moaned, and soon started fucking him back, wrapping
her legs tightly around his ass.

“God, your pussy is tight,” he said to her. He grunted
and picked up the pace, fucking her so hard I thought the
bed would break. I knew he was turned on and couldn’t
hold off much longer.

Megan said, “Oh yeah! I’m cumming! Fuck me harder!” She
mashed her mouth against Chris’ and squeezed his cock
with the muscles in her pussy.

He cried out and flooded her cunt with his cum.

Afterwards we all laid back, exhausted, against the
headboard. What a night it was, a night none of us would


We left Megan’s house about 12:30. Needless to say, after
spending the last 4 hours fucking the shit out of Megan,
we were quite hungry. We decided to stop at Subway, since
there was one close to our apartment, and because it was
the only place open accept Hardee’s, which sucks dick,
big time. We knew that Jenny, a girl from our Psych.
class worked there, but we didn’t know if she would be
there tonight. I guess we found out.

We walked in, and there was no one in sight. “Hello?”
Chris said. No one answered at first, but then a female
voice said, “Just a minute. I’ll be right there.”

I thought it sounded like Jenny, but wasn’t sure. We sat
down and waited. We only waited for a few seconds when
Jenny walked out of the back room. “Hi, guys,” and after
noticing that we looked a little worn out, she said,
“What have you guys been doing, you look like you’ve been
working quite hard at something, or someone.”

She smiled, and we looked at each other and laughed. She
looked at us like we were fucked in the head, and
demanded an explanation, complete with juicy details.

“Okay,” Chris said, and began. But half way through the
story, Jenny stopped him. “Enough with the words, I want
a personal demonstration.” With that, she walked to the
door and flipped over the OPEN sign to CLOSED. Then she
walked back to our table and pulled us to our feet.

Chris tugged her shirt over her head. She had on a white
bra. When I popped it open, her fresh young tits jumped
out. As there were two of them, we didn’t have to take
turns. Chris sucked on one cherry-sized nipple, while I
chewed softly on the other.

Jenny hugged us, running her fingers through our hair. I
let Chris unbuckle her belt, while I unzipped her fly.
Then the two of us tugged those tight jeans off her body.
We teamed up again to remove hr panties. That was it, she
was now completely naked.

My cock jerked in my pants as I stared at her lovely
body. Chris and I then took off our shirts, so Jenny
yanked down the zippers on our pants. I groaned as I felt
her fingers touching my rod. Then she dropped to her
knees and brought both of our cocks out into the open,
jerking us off with each hand.

Well no matter what Jenny had said about having sex with
both of us, I wanted to be the first to fuck her. So I
slid onto one of the benches in the dining are and pulled
her on top of me. Chris looked at me with a frown as I
led my cock up to her waiting pussy. She was already
thoroughly lubricated. All I had to do was apply a little
pressure, and my rod popped between her pussy lips.

Jenny groaned as her pussy settled down over me. Then she
looked back at Chris. “What are you waiting for?” she
asked him.

“Huh?” he said.

“This is a sandwich shop, isn’t it? Well, the newest item
on the menu is the ‘Jenny’ sandwich. I want to blow you
while your buddy pumps out my pussy!”

Chris was satisfied as I was at this development. No
wonder she had said she could have sex with both of us at
the same time! He hurried over to the condiment counter
and spread a whole bunch of mayonnaise over his dick.

He came back over to us. I held Jenny while Chris placed
his dick into her open mouth. I almost felt a touch of
envy as I saw the pleasure on his face. Chris began
pumping her very slowly.

At first we tried to surge into her at the same time.
Then we switched to alternate strokes. That was a little
easier for us, and Jenny liked it better, too. She told
me later that the feel of our two cocks fucking into her
was the hottest thing she’d ever experienced.

Before long, the bench was rocking back and forth. Our
two dicks disappeared into her pussy and mouth. She began
to sweat and breathe heavily. When Jenny’s face tensed, I
made sure to give her a big thrust. She moaned as her
climax hit her.

Chris and I kept going, but not for long. I felt my own
pinnacle approaching. When it happened, I pulled her
tightly tome. My cock swelled inside her, sending long
bursts of cum up into her belly. Shortly thereafter,
Chris groaned and released his own flood of jizz into her

********* CHAPTER 3

Then there was the time I went out with Amy, a senior who
graduated last year and moved to Texas. But we had fun
and games while it lasted. I remember my birthday was
about two months after we started going out, about one
month and twenty-nine days after we first made love.
Anyway, her present to me was one of the best I’ve ever

It all started on my birthday. My girlfriend Amy and I
were on our way back to her house. Unbuttoning her shirt,
she said she had something for me in her room. As I
caressed her tits, my dick swelled up in my jeans. We
arrived at her house and she ran right inside her
bedroom, yelling for me to undress and sit on the couch.

When she came out of her room, I was surprised to see
Cindy, her sister, standing next to her, totally naked
and playing with herself. As they walked toward me, Amy
told me to lie on the floor.

As I hit the rug, Cindy grabbed my tool and started to
suck it. Amy then jumped on my face, moaning, “Lick me
dry.” Cindy was sucking the living daylights out of my
tool. My hands were on Cindy’s plump tits and my tongue
deep in Amy’s hole. Then Cindy sat back to watch and play
with a dildo she had found under the couch.

As Amy saw my rod free, she slid off my face and placed
my cock deep in her mouth. I came down her throat within
seconds. While I was squirting my juice, Amy got off my
rod and Cindy let my cum flow onto her bush.

Exhausted, I sat back on the couch and watched Amy lick
my cum off Cindy’s cunt. Seeing Cindy spread-eagle on
the floor with Amy’s face buried deep in her bush, I
grabbed the dildo and entered Amy with it from behind.
With loud moans she spread her legs, letting the dildo
get deeper into her hole.

After bringing Amy to orgasm, she insisted I finish
eating Cindy. I dove right in, licking the juice from her
soaking wet clit. I sensed that she was close to orgasm,
so I dove deeper into her pussy, shoving my tongue as far
down her hole as I could. Following several tremendous
thrusts from my tongue, Cindy let out a moan, crying,
“I’m cumming.”

After licking her clit dry, the three of us sat on the
couch. Cindy told me that she had to leave, but said she
would stay long enough to help Amy with my birthday cake.
They went into the bedroom and, after a few minutes,
Cindy came out and told me to go in.

Cindy left as I entered the room. Amy was on the bed,
whipped cream covering her stiff tits, her hard red
nipples like cherries on top. Moving closer, I noticed
that her pussy looked like a banana split–complete with
three different flavors of ice cream, colored frosting
and whipped cream. Amy asked me if I wanted dessert. I

For the rest of the night, I had my cake and ate it too.

********* CHAPTER 4

About two weeks after Amy left, Chris and I met Sunny and
Shannon, two girls who, after much talk, we learned lived
with Sunny’s sister Christy, and Shannon’s sister Missy.
I didn’t know at the time that I actually knew Christy
from high school, but I would soon find out.

It was Friday, and Chris and I were bored out of our
minds. We were supposed to go to the football game, but
the shitty weather resulted in the game’s being canceled.
We called Christy and Sunny, sisters who we hung out
with, but didn’t have anything serious with, to tell them
the bad news. They weren’t really upset, neither liking
football very much.

“So, what do we do?” I asked Christy over the phone.

“Beats me,” she said. “But neither of us want to go
outside, so why don’t we watch movies at our house?”

Now the idea of spending the night with them alone was
great, but Christy and Sunny shared a house with another
set of sisters, Missy and Shannon. The idea of them being
around all four of them was more than we could dream of,
being as all four of the girls were cheerleaders in high
school, and had the looks and bodies to match.

How could we expect any thing exciting to happen, like
getting fucked, for example, when everyone was there? But
hey, anything can happen. “Okay,” I said. “We’ll pick up
movies on the way over, if you girls order out for pizza,
our treat. Sound good to you?”

“Sounds great to me,” Christy said. “But only pick up one
or two movies, because we have a few here.”

“What kind do we want,” I asked, “horror or comedy?”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter, cause I figure after the first
movie we won’t be watching much television,” she said

That remark puzzled me. “All right, we’ll be over in a
while,” I said. “Say hi to everyone for me.”

She did, and I heard them shouting “Hi!” in the
background. “Everyone says hi, so hurry up,” she replied,
“we females don’t like to be kept waiting, especially
when it comes to having fun.”

“We’re cumming, we’re cumming,” I said smiling. “Not yet,”
she purred, “but you will. Bye.” She hung up. I held the
phone a bit longer, trying to decide whether or not I
heard her correctly. Chris saw me standing there, and
asked, “What’s up?” I told him what she said. He looked
at me for a second neither of us moving.

Then we both ran for the door, our coats in hand.

We stopped at the video store and picked up Child’s Play
3 and The Last Boy Scout, and then at Quick trip to pick
up beer. I just turned 21, and the asshole clerk carded
me, making a big deal about my just turning legal.

“Little boy can party and not have to worry about Mommy
and Daddy now, right?” he said, making the guy behind me

I would have hit him, but I didn’t want to ruin my
chances tonight by getting arrested. That and the fact
Chris was pulling me out the door. “Fuck you,” I said to
the clerk. He laughed.

I’ll bet he wasn’t laughing when he got off work that
night and found four slashed tires on his car, courtesy
of Chris’ butterfly knife. We showed up at the girl’s
house about 6:30, carrying a 24-pack of Bud Dry and a 12
of Keystone in the rain.

Missy welcomed us in, telling us not to get mud all over.
She’s about 5’6″, slim, with shoulder-length, light-brown
hair. Her sister Shannon was about the same height with
blond hair. As I carried the beer into the kitchen, I saw
her and Sunny in the living room. They waved.

Missy is 5’5″ with long brown hair. Not head-turning
beautiful, but fuckable. Chris liked her, and even though
she’s never said so, I think she felt the same about him.

My current interest was with Christy. We’ve known each
other since high school, and I was glad she also chose
the same college as I. Chris sat down in the living room
with Missy and Shannon. Missy moved over by Chris, and I
smiled. The night was certainly off to a good start.

“Where’s Christy?” I asked Sunny, who was checking our
pizzas to make sure we got the right ones.

“Upstairs,” she said, “she just got finished taking a
shower.” She turned and saw the devious smile on my face
and said, “Keep it in your pants,” she said. “Her plans
for tonight ought to make you happy enough.”

Puzzled again, I asked, “What’s the deal?

She said something on the phone, but I wasn’t sure what
it was.”

I saw her smile and knew she was in on it. “What’s going
on,” I asked, and her smile only grew.

“Oh, don’t worry, you’ll find out, you both will,” she

“So all you females are in on it,” I said. I had a wild
idea in my mind, but I figured it was only my perverse
self at work. “What, are we having a wild, drunken orgy?”
I asked jokingly.

She picked up the pizzas and walked toward the living
room, then turned, looked at me smilingly, and said,
“Well, you brought the beer.”

After standing in the kitchen for about thirty seconds,
believing what I heard, but not believing it would
actually happen. I turned to the refrigerator to grab a
beer, when I heard a voice behind me ask, “Is there a

I turned, and the sight about knocked me over. Christy
was standing in the doorway, wearing very short cut-off
sweatpants, and a very, very, very, short halter-top. I
dropped to my knees and acted as if I was praying to her,
my arms raising up, then coming down to touch the floor.

“I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy!” I chanted over and

She giggled and said, “Come now, my love slave, there
will be time for that later. The girls are upstairs
changing into their movie-watching duds, and will be down
in a minute. We can’t leave Chris in there all alone, now
can we?”

“Wanna bet?” I asked, standing and moving close to her. I
moved to kiss her and she ducked under me.

“Later, later,” she said, trying to sound as if she was
scolding me. Seeing the wanting look on my face, she
said, “Don’t worry, this will be a night we will all

She reached for some paper plates on the top shelf of a
cupboard, and had to stretch on her tiptoes to reach
them. Seeing her beautiful, lithe body like that made me
sigh, rather loudly. She turned, a smile on her face.

“I hope you guys are in good shape,” she said, walking
into the living room. She stopped next to me and reached
down to rub her hand lightly over my crotch. “It’s going
to be a long night, and the girls and I would not be
happy if you guys get tired early and force us to do all
the work.” Her smile grew. “Although I’m sure we can play
with ourselves, if you know what I mean?”

She walked into the living room. I followed her, my head
turned toward heaven thanking whoever was responsible for


Ten minutes later we were all in the living room, ready
to watch movies. Sunny was dressed similar to Christy,
with short shorts and a tiny T-shirt. Missy was wearing
an almost totally see-through nightgown, with nothing on
underneath, nothing I could see, anyway, and trust me,
you could see a lot. Shannon was wearing white boxer
shorts with pink polka dots on them, and a plain white T-

Chris surveyed the scene, then looked at me smiling.
“Lunch!” he said, laughing. I laughed and sat down on the
floor in front of the TV. Chris was sitting down on the
couch, and Missy and Shannon sat next to him, Shannon on
his right, Missy on his left. I sat down on the floor,
leaning up against the loveseat sitting at a right angle
to the couch.

Sunny came bouncing across the room, her ample tits
bouncing with her. She plopped down next to me and said,
“This spot taken?” I of course said no, and was mildly
surprised when she planted a light kiss on my cheek.
Loving every minute, I said nothing.

Christy came into the room, and just the sight of her
caused my cock to stir. She placed a tape in the VCR, and
I noticed it wasn’t one of the ones we rented. She picked
up the remote and sat down next to me. Smiling, she
looked at me and said, “Ready?”

I nodded yes, and put one arm around her, the other
around Sunny. They both leaned forward slightly and
smiled at each other. I had a pretty good idea of what
was supposed to happen, and decided to not only go along
with it, but hopefully drag it out until sometime early
tomorrow morning! Christy pushed play on the remote, then
sat it down away from her. The screen went black as the
tape began to play. And so it began…

A title flashed on the screen, “Caught From Behind,” and
then, in that one instant, I knew it was going to be a
long, fun night. The introductory credits rolled for a
few seconds then a man and a woman were shown on the bed,
apparently just getting home and getting ready to get it
on. They fooled around for a few minutes, then got down
to business.

The girl began giving the guy head, sucking his cock for
all it was worth. The guy drove his hips forward, shoving
his dick into the chick’s mouth. My cock stirred in the
confines of my tight blue jeans, and I saw Sunny move her
hand slowly down to her pussy. Christy moved her hand
over the bulge in my pants, and let it rest there.

I heard movement on the couch behind me, so I turned my
head to check the action there. Shannon had Chris’
massive cock out and was slowly licking its head. Missy
had somehow managed to get her shorts off and was
fingering her pussy, sliding her fingers up and down her

This encouraged me even more and I slid my hands down,
one to Sunny and one to Christy. I started to rub their
cunts through their shorts. On the screen, the guy was
now fucking the girl from behind, his hands on her hips
pushing her forward, then pulling her backwards.

The girl’s huge tits were swinging back and forth as the
guy slammed into her. Christy and Sunny pulled their tops
off, setting their tits free. Then they pulled their
shorts off. Everyone got in the mood now, as I stripped,
first standing up, and as I did, I saw that Shannon,
Missy, and Chris were also getting naked.

I sat back down, and as I did Sunny leaned over and took
hold of my cock. It kept growing until it reached its
final 8 inches. Sunny started licking it, starting at the
base and licking upward to its head. She swirled her
tongue around the head of my dick, and I moaned, taking
hold of her head.

Christy decided to get involved, so she too leaned down
to kiss my cock. Sunny let Christy in, and together they
bathed my cock with their tongues. I fought to keep
control, but their combined efforts were almost too much.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” I hissed, but they stopped
abruptly, and my orgasm subsided, for now, anyway.

“And spoil all our fun?” Christy asked. “Not yet, not
yet,” she said, “haven’t you heard of ladies first?”

Me being the gentleman that I am, I agreed to waited to
see what would happen next.

“Who’s first?” Christy asked her sister. “Since this was
your idea,” Sunny said, “you can go first. But save some
for me!”

I again thanked God for putting me their, this time out
loud. Chris laughed from the couch, where Missy was
sucking his cock, while Shannon squatted over his face
allowing Chris to eat her out. “Amen!” he managed,
between shoving his cock into Missy’s mouth and sticking
his tongue in Shannon’s hot pussy.

Christy laid on her back, motioning for me to come and
fuck the shit out of her. I obliged, moving between her
spread legs. Sunny, not to be left out, moved to
Christy’s head. She moved on top of her sister into a 69
position, allowing Christy to eat her pussy while she
licked my cock as it plunged into her sister’s juicy

Sunny took hold of my cock and guided it to Christy’s
hole. I hesitated, moving my cock up and down against
Christy’s pussy lips, then plunged the entire thing deep
into her soaking pussy. She screamed as my cock head
pushed against the back of her pussy, and started on her
first orgasm, bucking and licking Sunny’s hole.

Then Sunny attacked Christy’s clit, pulling it out from
its hood and rubbing it hard with her fingers. This only
sent Christy off on another orgasm right after her first
one. Two orgasms and I hadn’t even pulled my cock back
from my initial shove into her cunt. I was jealous!

I started fucking Christy hard, slamming into her so hard
we almost moved across the floor. Sunny kept licking
where my cock entered her sister’s pussy, and I felt my
orgasm calling. I sped up even faster, then yanked my
cock out of Christy and aimed it at Sunny’s face. She
grabbed it, stroking it to encourage my cum out of my

The first burst of my cum sprayed onto her face, some
even making it into her mouth. She kept yanking, and I
kept cumming, shooting cum onto her face, into her hair,
everywhere. She licked my cock clean, sucking hard on the
head of my cock to get all the cum out. I fell
backwards, exhausted.

Sunny turned so she was facing her sister, and Christy
began licking my cum off of Sunny’s face, keeping some
in her mouth then kissing Sunny. They shared my cum, and
the sight of the two sisters made my cock stir already. I
looked at it in amazement.

It usually took awhile for me to get another hard-on, but
not tonight! Not that I’m complaining, or anything. I
turned to see how Chris was doing. He was fucking Missy
from behind while she sucked on Shannon’s pussy. Chris
pulled his dick out and hit Missy on the ass with it,
hard enough for her to squeal. He then stuck it back in
and fucked her some more. Missy’s tongue had brought
Shannon to an orgasm, and she grabbed Missy’s head,
forcing it into her pussy.

Then as I watched Chris grunted, then pulled his dick out
again. Thick ropes of cum squirted out, some landing on
her back, one shot even shooting over Missy’s head and
onto Shannon’s tits. She rubbed it into her nipples,
twisting and squeezing them. Everyone sat back to take a
beer break, and Shannon and I got up to get the beers out
of the kitchen.

********* CHAPTER 5

Christy had to leave to go to her parents for the
weekend, so I went home alone, but Missy went home with
Chris. I drove back to our apartment, with Missy and
Chris in the backseat. We got there, and I went straight
to my room leaving Chris and Missy in the living room.

Chris wrapped his arms around her hot body, kissed her
passionately, then stuffed a hand between her legs to
diddle her pussy with his fingers. She grabbed his
swelling cock and jacked it to erection. Her pussy was
sizzling and slippery. He rolled on top of her and his
cock slipped into her steamy depths.

He rocked his hips back and forth, letting his cock rub
along the outer edge of her cunt lips. That made Missy
squirm excitedly beneath him and moan most passionately.
She urged, “Fuck me harder. Do it deep. I love to get
fucked hard. Make me cum, please!”

He began plumbing her depths, stroking hard and deep.
Missy raised her legs straight up and her moaning turned
into a heated groaning. Her eyes were closed and her body
tensed, her breathing rapid and shallow. He fucked her
faster, really putting it to her, thrusting his hips
against her and giving her all he had. Before he reached
orgasm, he felt Missy’s pussy spasm around his driving

Her lovely body shivered and shook, and she screamed,
“I’m cumming! I’m fucking cumming, baby!” The spasming of
her cunt got him off instantly.

He emptied his balls into her, erupting powerfully, and
Missy whimpered sexily. His cock slipped out of her,
losing its rigidity. Missy dove for his cock, taking the
whole wet shaft into her greedy mouth. She sucked the
last drops of his cum from it, then smacked her lips. She
kept sucking his cock, blowing it, running the tip of her
tongue rapidly around the sensitive cockhead, gradually
bringing him back to erection.

the whole time she gave him head, she played with her
pussy, rubbing her clit and finger-fucking her soggy
hole. When she had him hard again, she pulled him back on
top of her and gyrated sensuously beneath him. He fucked
her with all the energy he could possibly muster.

After cumming once, he was able to last a good long time
the second time, and he fucked Missy to two more orgasms
before he came inside her again. Next, while he watched,
completely worn out, Missy leaned against the head of his
bed, spread her legs wide enough for him to clearly see
her split, and finger-fucked herself uninhibitedly to two
more orgasms.

********* CHAPTER 6

It was Saturday morning, about seven o’ clock, and I had
nothing planned until eleven. I woke up and went out into
our kitchen. I grabbed some orange juice out of the
refrigerator, and in the process of pouring some in my
glass, I spilt it all over the counter.

I yelped when some ran off the counter and on to the
floor, and in the process, onto my shorts. I wiped up the
O.J. and went into the living room. I put my glass down
and went back into my room to change my shorts, and
discovered I had no clean boxers.

I sighed, thinking, time to do laundry, and settled for a
pair of cut-off sweatpants that were cut way too short. I
had tried to cut them off to turn them into a pair of
shorts the day before, and had screwed up, cutting them
so short they barely hid my cock.

I shrugged, and put them on. I threw my boxers into the
ever growing pile of laundry and made a mental note to do
laundry later. I went back into the living room and
settled into the couch. I noticed the V.C.R. was on, and
realized Chris and Missy had been watching TV last night.
I had spent the night in my room, since Christy was at
her parent’s house for the weekend.

I remembered hearing them fuck in his room last night
before she left, the sounds flowing freely through our
thin walls. Their sounds had left me with a raging hard-
on when I went to sleep, and I dreamed of Christy all
night as a result. Anyway, I turned on the V.C.R. to see
what they had been watching before they fucked the shit
out of each other.

I wasn’t at all surprised when a scene of three people,
two women and a guy, fucking each other came on the
screen. No fuckin’ wonder they were so damn horny last
night, I thought. I continued to watch and drink my O.J.
The guy was sitting on a couch, with one girl fucking his
rock hard cock, the other standing over his face being
eaten out.

As the scene progressed, my own cock grew hard, and the
head stuck out from under my shorts. I started to stroke
my cock, thoughts of Christy and I fucking filling my

Suddenly I heard Chris’ door open, so I stuck my cock
back into my shorts. The only problem was that my cock
had grown so hard, my shorts only covered a quarter of
it, the rest sticking out in plain sight.

I wasn’t ashamed of my jerking off, just embarrassed,
especially when getting caught in your living room. I
quickly looked for something to cover my dick, but could
find nothing. So, I decided to act natural, and see what
happened. I felt my face turn red, but could not hide it.

Chris walked into the room wearing boxer shorts and a T-
shirt. He saw my hard-on, but only said, “I see you found
our inspiration from last night.” He was smiling, and I
knew he was thinking of Missy when a bulge in his shorts

“You know it,” I said, trying to act casual. “We started
watching it,” he said, “but the action on TV led to
action here. We fucked until almost one last night.”

“I know,” I said laughing. “Your sounds of sex left me
stiff as a board, with my only relief 300 miles away.”

He laughed.

We both started watching the movie, and out of the corner
of my eye I saw the bulge in his shorts grow even bigger,
straining to release itself from the confines of his
boxers. At the thought of this, my cock twitched, pulling
itself totally out from under my shorts. I wanted to grab
it and jerk the shit out of it right there, but I wasn’t
sure how to act.

I’m not gay, and I didn’t want him to think I was gay,
but the urge to touch my cock was incredible. We had
fucked in front of each other, the time at Sunny and
Christy’s house, but I was paying more attention to the
girls, rather than him. He had no problem then, so I
hoped he wouldn’t now.

I slowly moved my hand down to my cock, letting my hand
slowly encircle it. I saw him look over at me, but
couldn’t read the look on his face. “I can’t understand
why those girls think he’s such hot shit,” Chris said.
“My dick is almost twice as big as his. See look,” and he
pulled his massive cock out of his shorts.

It was about nine inches long, about three around. With
that all my worries left my mind. “But still,” I said,
“it ain’t the meat, it’s the motion,” and I pulled mine
out. “You don’t hear Christy complain, do you?” I asked.

“True,” he admitted, “but Missy says she likes ’em big,
and hey, who am I to argue?” I agreed, and turned back to
the television. Neither of us put our cocks back in our
shorts, and soon his hand moved to his.

I decided to make the next move. “I’ll bet both of us
could outlast any of these guys,” I said, motioning
toward the TV. Both girls were working on tonguing his
cock, and in a matter of minutes he shot his load onto
the girls’ faces. “Shit, his distance is weak too,” I
said, getting bolder. My cock was now harder than it ever
had been before, and from the looks of things, so was
Chris’s. We were both stroking our cocks, when suddenly I
heard a voice behind me.

“Looks like you boys are having fun.”

I jerked my head around and saw Missy standing behind me.
I hadn’t realized that she was still here! Chris smiled,
tried to look innocent, and turned a bright shade of
pink, as did I. I tried to speak but only stuttered,
“Well…” and Chris opened his mouth, stopped, then
closed it again.

“If you don’t mind, I’m going to join in.” With that, she
took off her t-shirt, pulled down her panties, and sat on
the floor. Chris and I looked at each other, shrugged,
and went back to the business at hand, if you know what I
mean. Missy spread her legs, and began sliding her finger
around the outside of her pussy, and said, “I wouldn’t
mind fucking that girl,” pointing to the screen with her
other hand.

“And I’m sure neither of you would either,” she said,
looking from side to side at both of us, “Right?”

I simply smiled, and turned an even brighter shade of
red. Chris shook his head, smiled, and kept jerking his
meat. I picked up my pace, moving my hand faster, and I
saw Missy turn her head slightly my way. Not to be
outdone, Chris moved his hand faster, his hard cock
twitching in his hand.

Missy looked at him then started rubbing her fingers up
and down her juicy slit. I couldn’t believe what was
going on right in front of me. The thought of it about
made me cum, but I stopped my hand just in time. This
had some effect on Chris, because he also stopped for a
minute. But not Missy. Now she had two fingers pumping in
and out of her pussy, and was ready for three. Then she
stopped, and looked at the both of us. She stood up, and
I thought she was going to leave.

But instead she grabbed Chris’s hand, then reached for
mine. We stood up, and moved to the center of the room.
Missy laid down on her back, and motioned us up near her
head. Chris and I got down on our knees, and Missy pulled
our cocks to her face.

We each grabbed our cocks and began jerking the shit out
of them. Missy moved her hands to her pussy and began
sticking three fingers in and out, as fast as she could.

I increased my speed, moving my hand faster and faster.
Chris did the same, and soon he came, squirting gobs of
cum all over Missy’s face and chest. The sight of the
ropes of cum spurting out of his cock sent me off. I
blew my load all over her face, which by now was covered
with Chris’s load.

Missy brought her hands up to her chest and began rubbing
our cum into her skin. I took my cock and started
rubbing our cum around on her face, and Chris did the
same. She grabbed a hold of both of our dicks and
alternated sucking them, licking one then the other.
Missy stuck both of our cocks in her mouth at the same
time and swirled her tongue around both of our cockheads.

I couldn’t believe she fit both of our hard cocks in her
mouth at once. I’m definitely a believer now!

********* CHAPTER 7

We were sitting at home, on a Thursday night. I had had
class that day, but I knew that Chris didn’t. I asked him
what he had done all day. “I knew that men went to porno
theaters and jerked off in their seats,” he said, “but it
never dawned on me that women might do it, too.”

“As a matter of fact, if I hadn’t seen it with my own
eyes, I’m not sure that I would believe it now. I had
passed the theater, and after going on for another block,
I decided to stop. I entered the theater between
features, and was able to see that there were fewer than
a dozen customers. I chose a spot away from the others
and dug into my popcorn.”

I was so engrossed in the hot sex on screen that I didn’t
realize I had company until I heard a soft moan. The
sound came from a woman in the seat next to mine. It was
dark, but not so dark that I couldn’t see that one of her
hands was under her skirt.

Our eyes met; she smiled but made no effort to take her
hand from under her skirt. “These things make me so hot I
can’t stand it,” she whispered softly.

Her confession made me blush, but it also made my cock,
which was already rock hard, jump in my pants. “Me too,”
I whispered back.

I sat there and savored the squishy sound of her finger
sliding in and out of her juicy wet pussy. She continued
to stroke her pussy until suddenly she whimpered and
arched her back.

“Did you cum?” I asked, not believing I had actually said

She pulled her hand from under her dress and let me
inhale the aroma of hot pussy. “What do you think?” she
answered, as she tilted slightly and let her left nipple
touch my bare arm.

“I-I think I’d like to see you do it again,” I stuttered.

She grinned and pulled her skirt up until I could see
that she was not wearing panties. It was too dark to see
her cunt lips, but she was so hot that I could feel the
heat radiating from between naked thighs.

Before I could react, she took my hand in hers and placed
it between her legs. “Go ahead,” she urged. “It won’t

I laughed nervously and let my fingers inch up her milky
white thighs until I felt her thick, wet cunt lips brush
my fingertips.

Ooo, that feels great,” she groaned, inching her hips
forward, letting her pussy hungrily swallow my willing

My cock was throbbing now. It was ready to burst any

“Do you want me to do you, too?” she asked, as she let a
hand fall on my lap and rest on my hard cock.

“I thought you’d never ask,” I choked, as I felt her
fingers fumble with my zipper.

As soon as my dick was in the open, she caressed the
shaft and spread a drop of pre-cum across the tip. “I
wish I could sit on that,” she panted, as she tilted her
head and teased my neck and ear with her hot mouth.

“Me too,” I groaned.

“But we might get thrown out.” She laughed, and
established an up-and-down rhythm that matched my pumping
pussy finger. She had me on the brink of blowing my load,
and she knew it.

I squirmed, I groaned, and I drove my finger in and out
of her wet, hot hole until finally she cried out and
clamped her legs together while her whole body shook with

As soon as that happened, she gave my dick two quick
strokes and sent my load of jizz high into the air. It
hit the padded upholstery of the seat in front of us. I
couldn’t believe how fuckin’ fantastic our own X-rated
show had been. “Asshole,” I said, my traditional smart-
ass attitude showing itself.

********* CHAPTER 8

We went to the drive in. Once there, we acted interested
in what was on the screen for about half and hour, and
then we started to get down to what we really came there
for. I started kissing Christy and Chris and Missy
started doing the same in the back seat.

Christy sucked on my tongue while I began squeezing her
massive tits. By the time I got her blouse unbuttoned and
her bra pushed up, my dick was as hard as a cement post.
When I cupped her firm, hot naked tits in my hands, I
almost came in my pants.

I thought I was doing pretty good until I heard the
unmistakable sound of a cock being sucked, and I stole a
quick glimpse into the back seat. There sat Chris with a
big smile on his face as Missy sucked his cock like a
slut. Her face was all distorted from cramming Chris’s
dick in her mouth, and although I wanted to watch some
more, Christy’s tits were an even bigger distraction. I
started sucking her nipples and she started moaning and
unzipping my pants at the same time.

When my cock popped free her hand wrapped around it like
a glove and she started massaging. I wanted her to start
sucking on it like Missy was doing to Chris, so I took my
mouth away from her tits and started pulling her head
toward my lap.

Luckily, she had the same thing on her mind and went down
easily until her mouth engulfed my cock. I could feel her
velvety tongue swirling around it and as she slowly
bobbed her head up and down the shaft I could feel her
hot saliva coating me. It was like heaven.

As I sat there enjoying the blowjob, I turned my head to
see Missy laying on her back with her legs spread in the
air and Chris between them with his tongue buried in her
hairy pussy. I think Christy must have heard Chris
lapping away, too because she started sucking on my cock
crazily and when Missy started having her first orgasm
Christy sucked even harder. I had to grab the back of her
hair and pull her face up off my cock because she was
about to make me cum, and I wanted to save that for her
hot snatch.

Without much prodding, she straddled my lap and lowered
her dripping hole onto my throbbing cock. An involuntary
groan escaped my lips as the heat her pussy heated my
cock. She started pumping up and down on it while she
enjoyed a great view of what was going on in the back
seat, which was making me jealous.

I could hear Chris fucking Missy, but I would have loved
to see it, so I tried adjusting the rear view mirror
while Christy was fucking me, but it didn’t work. When I
felt my cock about to explode, I really didn’t care
anyway. I grabbed a hold of Christy’s big tits and blew
my load deep inside of her. She came at the same time and
we were all cumming and moaning and shaking the car at the
same time.

After our “adventure” at the drive-in, we were all pretty
tired, and since Christy and I had to leave for Ft.
Lauderdale for spring break the next morning, we decided
to call it a night and head back to the house. Spring
break turned out to be quite an experience for both
Christy and I.

********* CHAPTER 9

We arrived in Ft. Lauderdale early Thurs. morning, and
made straight to the motel so we could get an early
start. We checked in and went to our room. The intense
sunshine had an affect on both of us, so we changed and
headed down to the beach. Christy had on a very, very,
VERY skimpy bikini, I don’t think you could have made a
handkerchief with all of the material that covered her
ample tits and sweet round ass.

We picked a spot on the beach that wasn’t too crowded,
just a few people on either side of us. I promptly fell
asleep, as was my tradition on spring breaks, leaving
Christy to read her book.

When I awoke an hour later, I heard Christy talking to
someone, and when I opened my eyes, I was pleasantly
surprised. Christy was talking to a very beautiful, sexy

My jaw dropped when I got a look at her body, as she was
about the only woman I had ever seen that could rival
Christy’s looks. Christy smiled, and the woman laughed
when they saw my face.

“This is Ashley,” Christy said, and I managed weak hello.
She laughed again and said, “This is some man you’ve got,
does he have a brother?”

My usual confidence drained, and I blushed. Trying
recover, I said, “There’s usually enough for anyone who’s
interested, right Christy?”

Christy leaned over, and rubbed my crotch. “Right,” she
said, glancing and Ashley and smiling.

When Ashley asked Christy to rub suntan oil on her back,
I had to roll onto my stomach to conceal the excitement
that stiffened my cock. I knew what Christy was up to.
Christy untied Ashley’s bikini, letting the spaghetti-
thin cord fall to her sides as Ashley lay on her stomach.

Ashley made no effort to shift her position and the sides
of her breasts came nicely into view, covered only where
they pressed down against the thick cotton weave of her

Christy straddled Ashley’s ass as she rubbed her with
oil. Her fingers weren’t bashful as she spread a thin
layer of liquid onto the exposed sides of Ashley’s tits.
Christy massaged her, and in some motions she’d lift
Ashley slightly off the blanket.

My eyes fell in love with the sight as I soon came to see
more and more of this new woman’s breasts. I was so
distracted that I didn’t realize Ashley was facing me.

When I glanced into her eyes, she smiled , noticed my
embarrassment, then turned her head to the other side. As
she did so, she raised her shoulders enough to reveal the
entire side view of her left tit. I looked up at Christy,
who smiled knowingly. She then bent down and whispered
something in Ashley’s ear that made her smile even more.

So the ladies went back to our room. My anticipation had
continued to grow. Now I had to wait the fifteen minutes
Christy had said to give them to shower. When I went back
to the room, they were still in the bathroom. Thin clouds
of steam slid from beneath the bathroom door. There
wasn’t any water running, and I could hear them sighing.
Not bothering to knock, I stepped quickly inside the
bathroom, closing the door quickly to keep all the warm
steam within the bathroom’s tiled walls.

Christy and Ashley were still naked , with Ashley leaning
against the basin, her legs spread. Christy was on her
knees sucking Ashley’s pussy, her hands clutching
Ashley’s full tits. Ashley’s eyes looked dreamily toward
me. She took one hand from Christy’s blonde hair and
reached out for me.

I thought she wanted my hand, but she just smiled when I
wrapped her fingers in mine, then pulled me closer and
untied the front of my bathing suit. Her warm, wet
fingers slid inside the elastic band of my jock and
pulled out my erection. She held me firmly in her soft
grasp, moaning more loudly now as Christy’s tongue went
into her cunt.

I watched as Christy’s pointed tongue darted across the
upper ridge of Ashley’s pussy, flicking her clit, making
Ashley gasp with pleasure and pump my cock in her hand
each time her body spasmed with pleasure.

My hands went up Ashley’s arms, onto her shoulders, down
her chest. I moved Christy’s hands aside, and we shared
the heaviness of Ashley’s breasts. When Christy pulled
away from Ashley’s pussy, Ashley gasped. Christy fingered
my balls beneath the grasp of Ashley’s hand and told me
that Ashley was ready for me. We had Ashley get down on
all fours with her legs spread.

Christy’s cheeks were smeared with my new friend’s taste,
which was strong on her lips when she kissed me. Kneeling
between Ashley’s legs from behind, I pressed my cock up
and down the crack of her ass. Christy was beside us,
stroking our bodies, moving from my ass to Ashley’s tits.

My cock found Ashley’s slick and hot opening, and it
plunged patiently between her folds, giving us time to
adjust to one another. Pleasured moans came from my
lungs; I was thrilled by the feel of someone new. I bent
forward, resting my chest against Ashley’s back, reaching
for her hanging breasts.

Christy and I fondled Ashley together as my cock stroked
deeply into Ashley’s pussy. Her hips were churning
beneath me now, gaining momentum as our orgasms drew
nearer with each thrust.

“Squeeze me, squeeze me!” Ashley cried, wanting us to
grasp her tits more tightly as her entire body seemed to
stiffen and her climax shot from her loins. She shook her
head back and forth, thrashing Christy and me with the
ends of her long hair.

Filled with cum, my balls were bulging. Increasing the
latitude of my motions, I let my cock feel every
wonderfully primed, taut inch of Ashley’s cunt. Soon I
was ejaculating hotly inside her–a fantastic high that
ebbed slowly.

We laid there for a while, finally deciding we would all
go out to dinner together. As we got out of the shower,
both Christy and Ashley put their arms around me, and I
kissed both of them.

I went out of the bathroom so they could finish getting
ready, making them both promise that they wouldn’t do
anything without me. They laughed, and closed the door. I
got dressed, whistling as I went.

Naturally, the girls weren’t ready when I was, so I sat
on the bed and turned on the television. I waited for
half an hour before they came out, but I wasn’t unhappy
when they did. They were both wearing tight, short
dresses that would have made most guys cry, myself

My jaw dropped, and Ashley laughed. “Pick your eyes up
off the floor and lets go!” she said, putting an arm
around Christy. They began walking toward the door,
putting a little extra swing in their walk just for me. I
followed, shaking my head.

We arrived at the restaurant, but no one was very hungry.
We had a few drinks, then decided to take a walk on the
beach. No sooner had we walked out of the highway lights
when Ashley unfastened her dress behind her back. She let
those thin strips of fabric drop to her waist. Her
breasts were now free. Christy performed a like maneuver,
unbuttoning the rest of her top and pulling out her arms,
leaving the blouse of her dress to hang over her legs.

They had put my arms around them, holding them close, so
that I had each of my hands on a breast. My senses were
so on edge as my eyes carefully searched for witnesses to
this erotic scene; but as my cock grew more eager, my
carefulness waned. Soon our walk came to a halt.

We kicked off our shoes and strolled to the water’s edge,
where small waves slapped against the sand. Ashley turned
me, pulling me easily to her, pressing her breasts
against my suit jacket as her mouth met mine, opening,
her tongue darting between my lips.

Instinctively my hands went to her ass, lifting her
skirt, pulling the material up until her pantiless ass
was exposed. My fingers slipped between her legs. Her
pussy was hot and silky with her flowering heat.

Christy stood behind Ashley and pulled Ashley’s dress
over her head. They were both completely naked, because
Christy had stripped off her gauze dress while my tongue
was playing with Ashley’s. The night air was balmy, but
the ocean was cool, and the chill pinched their nipples
till they stood out in hard contrast to their soft

They held one another, touching breasts and vaginas with
feather-light fingertips, but their eyes were on me as I
faced the glowing light of the full moon with the ocean
lapping around my ankles. Christy told me to undress and
they watched with interest, continuing to finger each
other’s pussy, as I pulled of my suit coat and shirt,
tossing them behind me onto the dry sand. Loosening my
pants, I traced my fingertips over the yearning length of
my cock. God how I wanted them.

Christy closed her eyes, spreading her legs wantonly.
Even in the dim light I could see the we shine of
Christy’s pussy eagerly awaiting me as I took hold of her
hips and pressed my cock into her, pushing through the
slickness of her entrance and going into her channel with
a sweet, surging thrust. Ashley held her still while I
fucked her, bracing her body so that I could slam into
Christy as hard as I wanted without us moving forward.

Wedged in between, Christy was soon screaming in ecstasy,
shouting passionate words that Ashley had to smother with
her hand. As her climax faded, Christy wrapped her arms
around Ashley’s lean thighs and fell forward. They both
collapsed onto the paced sand in ankle-deep water. Ashley
thrilled to the impact of the liquid between her legs.

Christy watched too. Ashley was writhing in the ecstasy
of her own touch now, her head arched back, her fingers
tight around her pussy. “Fuck me,” she gasped. “I have to
be fucked.”

I mounted Ashley with Christy close behind me. Christy’s
hand was between Ashley’s abdomen and mine as I went into
her. The feel of my cock thrusting into our lady friend’s
slippery pussy turned on Christy. Our hands got lost in
our bodies. Sand, water, and skin mixed freely.

Everything seemed so far away, except the passion running
through our loins. My hair, shoulders, arms, chest,
thighs, and feet were all caressed by a fantastic mix of
hot hands, cold water, and lightly scratching sand. Each
new touch further excited my pulsing cock as I slowly
followed Ashley’s pumping hips and filled her with full,
patient strokes of my cock.

Soon we were all cumming, moaning, covering our noises by
pressing our mouths into each other’s bodies. My mind
spun from the passion.

If I had only known that, that day would be our last. I
won’t go into the circumstances that changed our
relationship, just let it suffice that after that day, my
sex life changed substantially, and I never was with more
than one woman at a time from then on.

But boy are those memories still as vivid as they days I
experienced them. As bright and sharp as a crystal in my

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