Bobby gets drunk and dresses like a girl

In high school young Ed caused a scandal when he got
caught fucking the female girl’s gym teacher. She was
madly in love with Ed and his fantastic ability with his
hormone charged young cock. Her husband was boring and a
self-centered lover.

Ed, on the other hand knew how to take time and please
her. After she came a number of times on his cock he
then ate her cunt and gave her more orgasms. At this
point he was only 16 years old. His wealthy parents sent
him to a private school in another state to straighten
him out.

At the new school Ed found his room. All of the rooms
had two beds with a small bathroom. As he was unpacking
his roommate came in. Where Ed was well built his new
roommate Bobby was slender and shy with long brown hair.
Bobby gave him a limp handshake as he introduced
himself. He said he was sent here because his parents
thought he was spending too much time with another boy.

Ed said he was sent here because a high school teacher
had seduced him and her husband had found out.

“You really fucked an older woman? That is awesome. Did
she like it?”

Ed told him that her husband was a lousy fuck and she
really got off on his cock. He said he ate his cum from
her cunt after he fucked her. Ed saw that Bobby had
gotten a hard on in his blue school shorts. Ed said his
fucked-up tight-assed parents had sent him here to get
straightened out. He said he wasn’t interested in
getting straightened out, just having fun.

Bobby laughed and said he wasn’t interested in changing
either. He said he didn’t get along with most of the
kids and he never got asked to play base ball or be
friends. An older boy who he thought was neat asked him
to go swimming in a nearby creek one Saturday afternoon
and he jumped at it. They walked bare foot to the creek
in shorts.

When they got there they walked in the gooey mud. It
felt good and gave him a boner. The older boy noticed
his boner and told him he liked coming here and feeling
the mud on his feet. The boy said it felt good to sit
nude in the mud on his bare ass and jack off. Bobby
said, “Really? That sounds hot. Can I jack off with

The older boy saw his 14 year old friend’s hard-on bulge
in his shorts and saw some fresh cock to play with. He
dropped his shorts and his cock sprang out, wet with pre
cum and told Bobby to drop his. Bobby did and the boy
gazed at Bobby’s slender nude young body and rigid cock.

They were both hot and horny. He had them sit side by
side in the mud and said, “I love the feel of mud in my
ass, how about you Bobby?” as he started to stroke his
cock. Bobby told him that he loved the mud in his ass
too as he also started to stroke.

Bobby said he had never jacked off with anyone before.
The older boy took Bobby’s cock in his hand and rubbed
their wet cock heads together. Bobby was frantic now and
grabbed the boy’s cock and felt the heat and hardness.
The boy took Bobby’s head and gently pushed it down to
his cock.

Bobby told Ed that he suddenly had the boy’s cock in his
mouth and started sucking. The boy said to suck his cock
and Bobby did until he got steams of warm cum in his
mouth and swallowed it all. Ed asked how he liked it and
Bobby said he liked being a cock sucker. The boy then
jacked Bobby off and did something else. Ed asked what
and Bobby told him that they then pissed on each other’s
ass holes to clean the mud off. Ed said that sounded
great and all he had ever done was fuck the teacher.

Bobby looked down as if wondering what to say next and
muttered something like, “I could do that with you Ed if
you wanted me to.” By now they both had raging hard
cocks in their blue school shorts. Ed said he felt horny
hearing Bobby’s story and would like to do whatever
Bobby wanted to do.

Bobby dropped his shorts and his hard on sprang to
attention. Ed dropped his and Bobby said, “Your cock
sure is big. This will be fun.” A fly on the wall would
have seen both boys hard and excited, muscular Ed and
slender Bobby looking soft and effeminate.

Ed asked what Bobby wanted to do and Bobby had Ed sit on
the toilet. Bobby straddled him, cocks touching and
started french-kissing Ed. Ed was getting into the
kissing when Bobby grabbed Ed’s cock, raised up and
rubbed Ed’s cock head on his ass crack. Bobby said,
“Please fuck me Ed. You are so big and hard.”

Bobby relaxed his ass and Ed’s cock slid in the warm
moist hole. “Oh Ed, you feel so good” Bobby said as he
started riding his cock. Ed felt his cock grow harder in
Bobby’s tight ass and he grabbed Bobby’s hips and rammed
him down, filling his ass with hard cock.

As Ed fucked him, Bobby started jacking off. They were
both breathing hard and Bobby said, “Now!” Bobby’s cock
started shooting warm cum on Ed’s belly. This set Ed off
and he shot his cock load deep in Bobby’s bowels.

Bobby said, “Your cock felt so good fucking my ass Ed.
Did you like it?”

Ed told him that his ass was better than the teacher’s
horny cunt. They kissed again as Bobby pulled off of
Ed’s spent cock, cum flowing from his fucked ass. Bobby
took Ed’s spent cock in his mouth and sucked his ass
juices and cum from his cock. Then he licked his cum
from Ed’s belly and they kissed again.

As they kissed Ed felt the warmth as Bobby started
pissing on him. Ed released also and pissed on Bobby,
their piss running into the toilet. Bobby asked if Ed
liked what they did and Ed said he was the perfect fuck.
After that they slept in the same bed and Ed got his
virgin ass fucked.

As time passed Bobby got hooked on alcohol and drugs and
dropped out of school. He turned into a totally wild
fuck with no boundaries. Ed’s parents left him a fortune
when a cruise ship sank they were lost. Ed stayed in
school and got an apartment nearby for both he and
Bobby. After Bobby dropped out of school he shopped for
clothes and started dressing as a female which pleased

Where Bobby wasn’t an impressive male he had a good
looking female body. One night Ed came home and “Bobbie”
was dressed and actually looked hot as a party girl.
Short black party dress, black stockings and heals. Her
long hair was done up and the make-up was just right.
She was drunk and said she wanted to go dancing to show
off her new clothes if that was ok with Ed. This excited
Ed and he took her to a gay bar that had a floor show
with female impersonators.

As they entered the dark smoky bar they drew a lot of
attention, Ed, a good looking well built man with his
sexy looking hot date. Ed found a booth and they sat
down. Bobbie said, “Thank you Ed. I feel so horny all
dressed up. My cock is hard in my panties. So many cute
guys are looking at me. Are you jealous?”

Ed kissed her and told her that yes, he was a little
jealous but he was also turned on watching her getting
other guys excited. He thought he wanted her to go out
with someone new and play the field. He explained that
he was fucking hard wanting her to get strange cock. His
only rule was that if she went home with someone she
would tell him the details of getting fucked when she
got back home. Bobbie kissed him and said she would.

Just then a good looking young black guy stopped at
their booth. He said he didn’t want to offend them but
he wanted her to know that he found her very attractive,
not like the others in the bar. Bobbie told him she
appreciated the compliment and patted the seat next to
her. He said, “Just a minute,” and went to the bar for
more drinks.

When he got back she slurred, “Aren’t you sweet. And
cute too..I’m Bobbie and my friend here is Ed. Cheers!”
and downed her drink. The black guy introduced himself
as Rick. Ed shook his hand and told Rick that he wasn’t
much of a dancer and he knew Bobbie would love to dance
with him. Bobbie took his hand and took him to the dance

Bobbie put one hand on his shoulder and the other on his
ass and pulled him close. She gave him a drunken kiss
and told him she could tell that her friend Ed really
liked him and wasn’t at all jealous.

Rick said, “That is good,” and gave her a sloppy tongue

Ed tapped them on the shoulder and said, “Rick, I can
see that Bobbie really likes you. I do too. Let’s go to
our place and have another drink.”

The three of them left the bar. Bobbie got in Rick’s car
and they followed Ed. Ed watched in his rear view mirror
and saw Bobbie sitting close to Rick. Ed was rock hard
thinking of what Bobbie and Rick might do when they got

He had noticed Rick’s huge cock bulge hanging down his
pant leg. They parked in Ed’s drive way and went inside.
Rick and Bobbie sat on the couch and Ed went to the
kitchen to make more drinks. He didn’t try to hide the
boner in his pants from Rick.

When he came back with the drinks Bobbie and Rick were
passionately kissing, Ed sat next to Bobbie. Bobbie was
rubbing Rick’s cock bulge and Rick was rubbing her
stocking covered thigh under her dress. They downed the
drinks and were now all drunk, horny and breathing hard.

They took turns kissing Bobbie and Ed rubbed up her
thigh until her garter belt showed. Rick spread her legs
and rubbed the skin above the stocking on her other leg.
Bobbie slurred, “Look what I found Ed” and had about 8″
of throbbing black cock in her hand. “His cock is so big
Ed, would you mind if I kiss it?”

“Let’s go into the bedroom and you can do more than
that,” Ed replied.

They went into the bed room and Bobbie undressed Rick.
His muscular black body and rigid cock was awesome.
Bobbie laid him on the bed and eyed his hard cock as she
and Ed undressed. She stood there in just her heels,
stockings, garter belt and hard shaved cock shiny with
pre cum looking at Rick. She bent over and kissed Rick’s
cock head and said, “Ed, his cock is so hard, cum and
kiss it.”

Ed’s cock was rigid as he licked the full balls, up the
black shaft and took the big cock head in his mouth
while Rick moaned with pleasure. Then Bobbie straddled
Rick’s cock and rubbed the head on her ass hole. Ed
stroked as he watched Bobbie take Ed’s cock in her ass,
deeper and deeper.

“Oh fuck Rick, I love the feel of your cock in my
pussy..Hold my hand Ed while I fuck Rick.”

Ed held Bobby’s hand while she started riding Rick’s
black cock, her own cock hard and bouncing. Rick groaned
with pleasure and stiffened, then came hard in her ass.
As he came Bobbie started jacking her cock and blew her
cum load all over Rick’s belly and chest.

Bobbie leaned forward and kissed Rick. As Rick’s huge
cum covered cock slid out of Bobbie’s ass Ed licked and
sucked Rick’s cum as it flowed from her hole. Then Ed
took Rick’s slimy cock in his mouth and sucked the cum
and ass juices, cleaning it. Ed was rock hard and
frantic with lust. He rammed his cock into Bobbie’s
freshly fucked ass hole and fucked in Rick’s cum.

He had a tremendous orgasm in her sloppy ass hole. Rick
said, “Come here Ed and let me suck your cock. I want to
taste the cum and ass juices. as I blow your hot fucker.
Ed got hard again as he watched Rick’s black lips take
his raunchy cock and suck it.

He blew another load when he felt Bobbie’s cock enter
his ass hole. Ed and Bobbie left in the morning totally
fucked out, Rick said he loved both of them and hoped to
see them again.

After a good night’s sleep Bobbie woke and told Ed that
her ass was full of cum and needed cleaned out. Ed bent
her over in the bath tub and rubbed his cock head on her
leaking fuck hole. He entered her ass with his semi hard
cock and started to piss. She said the warm piss felt
good filling her ass.

When Ed finished pissing his cock got hard and he fucked
another cum load in her raunchy ass. He pulled his cock
out and Bobbie released a blast of cum and piss on Ed.
She giggled and said it was good thing she didn’t need
to shit. Ed told her he loved her filthy mind and she
was a perfect whore.

As they lay kissing in the piss and cum he asked her to
marry him. She laughed happily and said she would be the
best cock sucking slut of a whoring wife for him.

Ed called Rick and said he and Bobby were getting
married and asked if he would be his best man. Rick said
he would love to and said he had a friend who could
marry them. Ed told him to go ahead and make
arraignments with his friend to marry them and hoped
there was enough black cock to go around. Rick said not
to worry about that.

The big day finally arrived. Bobbie was so excited that,
as usual she drank too much. She wore a very short white
dress. You could see her bare thighs above the white
stockings and the garter belt holding them up. She
didn’t wear any panties. Ed wore just a short white
robe. The event was in Rick’s basement.

As they entered they were showered with flowers from
Rick and his black friends. They were dressed in only
very brief white Moda Audaci bikinis, showing off their
muscled bodies, flat belly’s and huge cock bulges. Rick
kissed Bobbie and helped her to the bar where they were
given large glasses of whiskey.

Bobbie slurred, “To my wonderful new friends!” They all

Rick’s friend, who was to marry them stood up, swaying a
little said, “Now we shall all join in to celebrate the
marriage of Ed and Bobbie.” Ed could see that Rick and
his friends were all rock hard in their bikinis.

“Bobbie, what is your pledge for your husband Ed?”

“My darling Ed, I pledge to honor your wish to be your
perfect slut and offer my mouth and pussy to any and

“Ed, what is your pledge to Bobbie?”

“My precious, I will love your more each time I witness
you sucking cock and getting your raunchy pussy full of
strange cock.”

Rick’s friend said, “Ed and Bobbie, husband and wife,
meet your witnesses and new partners in sexual

With that Bobbie knelt in front of the preacher and
pulled his bikini down releasing his fat black cock. She
squeezed his ass and started sucking his hard meat. As
she sucked she felt Ed pull her dress up exposing her
bare ass hole to the others.

Bobby was savoring the black cock in her mouth when she
felt a cock enter her pussy and start fucking. Ed
whispered, “My lovely slut, suck black cock while the
black studs take turn fucking you.”

After she sucked several cocks off and had several more
fuck her pussy Ed told her he loved her and now they
needed to have their own first married fuck.

As the black guys stroked and watched Ed licked, sucked
and savored their cum from her pussy. Then he took
sloppy seconds and fucked her hard in their cum. After
he ate his cum from her ass he flipped her over and
sucked her off, then kissed her. The black guys clapped
and they were hard again.

Ed thanked each one of them for attending the wedding
and sucked them off one by one. He loved the taste of
their black cocks and then the cum. They finally left
and it was just Ed and Bobby.

Bobbie slurred that it was a wonderful wedding and
giggled that she would shit cum for a week. Ed told her
that he was so proud and turned on watching her take all
that black cock in her mouth and ass. She gave him a
sloppy kiss and said he was pretty hot too sucking black

After that the word spread and Bobbie had numerous black
lovers. Almost every night she seemed to have another
black cock in bed with them. Even during the day Ed
would come home to find her getting fucked while she
sucked cock. This excited Ed because he loved watching
the well built black guys with narrow hips and tight
asses fucking his drunken wife.

He got his share too of getting his ass fucked and
sucking cock. Bobbie had started just wearing stockings
and garter belts to show off her soft round ass and
small prick around the house.

One of the things Ed looked forward to when the black
guys finally left was kissing Bobbie and tasting the
cum. Then having her squat over his mouth and drinking
the flowing cum from many black cocks. Then he would
piss in her ass and clean her out. He loved the feel of
piss and cum flowing out past his cock.

Ed thought he had the perfect wife.

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