Britney is taught a lesson by her Mom

“Goddamn it. These fucking critics, they’re hurting my
career,” Britney Spears yelled as she walked into the
living room, where her mother was sitting alone.

“It doesn’t matter what I do, they’re always burning my
ass in those fucking magazines. Why can’t they just
leave me alone.”

“Why do you care what they say, Brit. Just ignore those
assholes. You know they make a living badmouthing people
who have what they’ll never have. Just screw them, and
do what ever you want to do,” Britney’s mother said
softly as she took Britney in her arms and consoled her.

“You’re right, mom. I should ignore them, but it’s hard.
I can’t pick up anything without reading something about
me or my private life that isn’t even true.”

“You better be happy they don’t know the truth, Britney.
If they did, then we would have a REAL problem on our
hands, wouldn’t we,” mom laughed.

“I mean, just imagine if everybody, the whole world,
knew our love for each other. The world is not exactly
accepting and forgiving of a pure love between mother
and daughter like we have. You would have no life, let
alone career if they knew the truth. Now look at me,

Britney looked up from her mother’s bosom into her eyes.

“They can never know the truth, so you should just laugh
every time they make up lies, because you and know
better, anyway paying Justin (Timberlake) all that money
to keep up a front about your supposed relationship with
him is the best idea we came up with. Now give mom a

Britney lifted her face, but instead of giving her
mother the tender kiss you would expect a daughter to
give to her mother, Britney kissed her mother square on
the lips for a passionate lesbian’s kiss. Within two
seconds mother and daughter had opened their lips and
tongues were flashing in and out as the women moaned

Britney’s hands were all over her mother as she panted
and breathed into her mother’s mouth. Her hands roamed
over her mother’s shoulders to her breasts, were she
continued to squeeze the globes as saliva kept pouring
from one mouth to another, and white foamy spit filled
between the corners of their mouths.

“You’re right, mom,” Britney whispered as her lips came
from her mother’s with a smack, strands of spit sticking
between their lips. “This is our secret, our nasty
little secret. Fuck them all. I love you, mom. I love it
when we pleasure each other.”

“I love it too, Britney. Now take off my pants and
panties. I can’t wait to feel your tongue in my cunt.”

“Christ, mom. You always make me so fucking hot when you
talk nasty like that. It makes my pussy so wet.”

“Well then, take of your clothes as soon as possible so
I can clean it for you.”
As soon as Britney had discarded her own clothes, she
unbuckled her mother’s pants, while her mother took off
her shirt. Brit pulled the pants from her mother’s hips,
and threw them behind her. Britney’s mother spread her
legs, exposing her panty covered crotch to her daughter.
The cotton was virginal white, apart from the damp spot
all along her slit.

“Can you smell it, Britney? Can you smell how hot and
horny your mother is for you?”

“I can, but I could smell it even better if I could
smell straight from the source,” Britney said daringly.

“Well then smell from the source, why don’t you? Stick
your nose in your mother’s wet crotch.”

Britney dove forward and pressed her nose into the warm,
moist mound that was still covered by panties. The
moistness made her face wet as she happily inhaled her
mother’s pussy odors. Her mother had both her hands on
Britney’s head, her fingers gently roaming through the
blonde hair. She humped her crotch into her famous
daughter’s face as she felt her hot breath on her mound.

“God, your breath feels so good on my cunt,” the mother
moaned, after which she raised and spread her legs. The
motion made the cotton panties withdraw slightly into
the sweaty crack of her ass.

“Smell my butt, Britney. Smell your mother’s ass. Stick
your nose between my cheeks.”

As Britney’s mother pried her butt cheeks apart with her
hands, Britney herself tried opening her mother’s crack
even more, then planted her nose firmly at the spot
where the anus was bound to be. The steamy, raunchy
smell of asshole wormed into her nose and settled in her
soul. Britney inhaled her mother’s nasty stench and
quivered with lustful delight.

“Oh Jesus, mom. Your asshole smells so fucking hot. Like
it always does. I can’t wait to taste.”

“You’ll have to,” Britney’s mom replied, “There’s other
things to do first.
Now take off my wet panties.”

Britney grabbed her mother’s soaked panties by the
elastic band and yanked it down her legs, only to grab
her mother’s ankles.

“Oooh, Britney. Are you going to do what I think you’re
going to do?” mother cooed.

“Yes I am, mom. I’m gonna suck those delicious toes of
yours again.”

Britney held her mother’s feet up, and looked at the
wrinkled soles. The big toes were curling. They were
huge and looked extremely succulent, like gigantic
pacifiers. Britney licked at them with the tip of her
tongue, then lapped. She then proceeded to circle her
tongue around them, before she ultimately let them slip
between her lips and started to suck them. Moaning aloud
and looking her mother in the eyes, she sucked and
slurped away on her mother’s big toes, bobbing her head
as if sucking cock. This lasted for over a minute, and
her mother was groaning at her c***d suckling on her
toes, the feeling of her daughter’s spit on them and
running between her toes and running down along the
soles of her feet.

“Oh lord. That’s enough, Britney. I can’t take anymore.
Give me a kiss.”

Britney leaned forward and draped her athletic body over
her mother’s soft figure. They had their breasts cushion
each other’s as they embraced in a lesbian liplock,
tongue grinding into one another. Smacking and slurping
as they snowballed each other their spit.

“Mmmm.I’m so very proud of you, Britney. I can never get
over the fact that I made such a hot, nasty, beautiful
daughter, but I’m so happy that I did. One of the few
good things to come from your father. Please go down on

“In a minute, mom. First let me suck these beautiful
tits of yours. Let me suckle them just like I did when I
was a baby.”

Britney took a hard nipple of her mother in her mouth
and sucked hard, licking and slightly biting in-mouth.
She brought out the goose bumps in her aureoles with
this treatment, and did the exact same to her mother’s
other breast. Then she moved further south.

She licked down across her mother’s stomach, tickling
her belly button with her tongue, which brought out a
chuckle from her mother. She slid further down, dragging
her tongue through her mother’s damp pubic bush. The
large brown bush tickled her nostrils as her tongue had
zeroed in on her mother’s clit, and as she first touched
it, her mother’s groin slammed into her face and her
mother’s yelled. Britney grabbed her mother by the hips
to keep her down as she flicked and rubbed her tongue
into her mother’s sensitive cunt button.

Legs were flailing around her head as she pushed her
mother’s buttons.

“Relax mom. Spread your legs wider. That’s it.”

Britney used her fingers to spread her mom’s pubic lips
as wide as possible, exposing the soaking pink inner
flesh, as she watched the flowery hole of her entrance
contract and relax. Then she sank her tongue all the way
into her mother’s cunt.

Her tongue was drenched with tasty ooze as she invaded,
and her mouth filled with female body wine. Audible
squishes accompanied her tongue as she fucked into her
mother’s sloppy pussy fast and hard. Groaning she fused
her mouth to the pink flesh and wiggled her tongue
inside her mom’s hot canal. Young as she is, Britney was
a professional cunt eater. She knew exactly how to
please women, and her mother in particular. But then
again, this was not strange, since she had been sucking
her mother’s cunt since the delicate age of 13, when she
had managed to arouse and persuade her mom as they
soaked in a bathtub.

Britney dragged her tongue out, taking a thick slimy
strand of cunt juice with it, which loosened and broke,
falling into the crack of her mother’s ass. She then
dragged her tongue across her mother’s crotch from
bottom to top, starting at the sweaty crack and ending
in her pubic bush. Her mother was going nuts. During
this procedure she had orgasmed at least twice,
squirting her cunt juices into Britney’s face and mouth.

“Ooohh Britney, please stop. Leave my pussy alone for a
while. I can’t take any more.”

“Okay, mom. I’ll leave your tasty pussy alone, for now.”

Britney grabbed her mother under the knees, and lifted
her legs all the way up. She looked at her mom’s exposed
crotch, and in particular her butt. The cheeks of her
ass were spread, and Britney looked straight at the
crack of her mother’s ass. Surrounded by small, brown
fluff, the pucker was a dark purple, almost brown. It
was wrinkled, and pretty meaty and big, as if ravaged a
lot of times in her life. Britney licked her lips and
bent over. She stuck her petite face directly between
the cheeks, against the crack of her mother’s ass, her
nose against that starfish. Whilst groaning she inhaled
the raunchy smell of her mother’s shitter. Her nose was
replaced by Britney’s lips as she tenderly kissed her
mother on the asshole.

“Oooh yeah. That’s my girl,” Britney’s mother whimpered.
“Kiss my ass. Lick it. Taste it. Rim your mother’s nasty
butt, Britney.”

Britney put her hands on her mother’s bubbly globes and
spread them wide, as she started lapping her cute pink
tongue at her mother’s pucker, lathering it with drool.
Meanwhile she continues sniffing at the stinky odors
coming from the exact same hole she’s lapping at to
elevate her lust. She liked the earthy musky stench of
asshole, the fact that it’s her own mother she was
smelling added tenfold to the arousal. Her pressure on
the rim was increasing, as was her feeling of wanton
lust. Instead of loosely licking, Britney started
grinding her tongue into her mother’s slippery bunghole,
tasting more and more of the bitter shithole.

“Deeper. Go deeper in my ass with your tongue. Tongue
fuck me. Stick your tongue in my butt. Buttfuck your
mother with your tongue.”

Britney was turned on by her mother’s lewd choice of
words and followed her directions as she started pushing
into the rubbery ring, reaching deeper with each thrust
of the tongue. Harder and faster Britney bobbed her head
back and forth, and her tongue was starting to squish as
it was going into her mother’s ass deeper and deeper.

“Yeah, fuck it. Fuck my ass with your tongue. Tongue
fuck your mother’s asshole like a good little girl.
DEEPER. Stick it in there. CHRIST, your tongue feels so
good fucking into my shitter like that.”


Britney was almost delirious with depravity as she ate
out her mother’s ass with ravenous butt hunger. The
bitter, oily taste of anal grease her tongue scraped off
of her mother’s anal walls was driving her nuts with
desire. It started to flow more and more and Britney
could tell she was about to make her mother cum anally,
like she did ever so often when she rimmed her mom.

“You can, can’t you? You can taste my anal cum. You’d
have to, I’m almost there. Keep eating out my ass and
I’ll have my ass cum all over your tongue. THAT’S IT.
Dig in there deeper. Suck me. Suck my pucker while you
fuck your tongue in my shithole. Do it, Britney. Suck my
shitter and I’ll feed you my ass juices.”

Britney shoved her tongue into her mother’s ass as deep
as it would go and closed her mouth over her mother’s
swollen pucker, then started sucking and slurping.
Minutes flew by this way until the moment had arrived.
Britney’s mom was wildly swaying her butt as Britney
tried desperately to hold on, using her arms to keep her
face attached to her mother’s sweating asscrack.


Britney took her mouth off of her mother’s obscenely
smelling dilated asshole, and withdrew her tongue from
the loose canal with a loud nasty slurp and pop, and it
was covered with yellowish streaks of anal grease. Then
her mother came anally. Fart after meaty fart blasted
from her mother’s gaping asshole into Britney’s face.
The stench was unbelievable, but heavenly to Britney.
And a stream of slimy anal grease was squeezed from her
mother’s closing shitter, slowly drooling into the crack
of her ass. Britney would never let it go to waste, and
put her tongue on the end of the crack and licked
upward, licking the entire stream of anal liquid from
her mother’ s crack, until she reached the twitching
pucker again, and cleaned it out. Her mother’s body
shook with every lap, until Britney was certain she had
cleaned her mother’s ass sufficiently.

Her mother got up from her position and grabbed her
daughter by the head, only to start Frenching the world
famous young woman. She tasted her own ass and anal
secretions on the lips and tongue of her daughter, and
knew it would only be a matter of time before she
returned the favor.

“Oh mom, your asshole always tastes so good,” Britney
told her mother with a sweet voice. “I always love to
make your ass cum in my mouth, and taste your ass
juices. I love to have the taste of your ass in my

“I know you do, sweetheart. That’s why we do this so
often. But now it’s my turn to pleasure you, darling.
Lie down and let mom give you what you want.”

Britney felt turned on beyond belief as her own mother
was licking and sucking on her nipples. Instead of what
everybody thought, her breasts were completely natural;
they just weren’t completely full grown until she was
relatively late in her teens. But her mother was sucking
her natural tits right now.

“Please, mom. Go down. My pussy is so fucking hot, it
just can’t wait any longer.”

“You can’t wait any longer, baby? You can’t wait to feel
mommy’s wet tongue fucking your pretty little pussy?”

“Please mommy. Please tongue fuck my wet cunt for me.
Britney needs her cunt sucked,” Britney answered in a
little girl’s voice.

So Britney’s mom didn’t make her daughter wait any
longer. She couldn’t if she wanted to; she had too much
cunt hunger for her daughter to be able to restrain
herself. So she went down, in more ways than one. Her
tongue made no reservations in lapping the torrents of
sweet juices from her famous daughter’s slippery,
buttery cunt. She slurped the sticky female juice into
her mouth and hungrily gulped it down. Nasty sucking and
moaning noises filled the room as Britney Spears had her
pussy eaten out by her ravenous mother.

She flicked the clit; tongue fucked the wetness oozing
pink hole and lapped along both pubic lips. She then
fused her mouth between them, and sucked on the hole as
her nose was buried in Britney’s humid blonde bush and
her chin was pressed between Britney’s sweaty butt
cheeks. Britney’s hands roamed through her mother’s hair
and she laid her legs on top of her mother’ s shoulders.
She hooked her legs against her mother’s back and pulled
her mother’s face deeper into her sodden snatch. Her
mother gripped her daughter ‘s thighs and dug her face
even deeper as she sucked and slurped, groaning loudly
with muffled voice.

“Oh Jesus Christ, mom. Holy fucking shit, goddamn it.
Suck my cunt, you bitch,” Britney screamed spitting
profanities. “Suck it. Slurp my fucking cum from my
twat. Fuck that tongue deeper into my nasty snatch. No
fucking guy can suck my wet cunt like can. You nasty
cunt sucking mother. OH YEAH, that’s it. Tongue fuck my
hot pussy. Go deeper. OH YEAH, like that.”

Britney gyrated her crotch and humped it against her
mother’s face as she had her whole tongue buried in her
daughter’s tight, sucking pussy. The hairs of her
daughter’s pubic bush tickled her nostrils and the lower
part of her face was completely soaking and smelling of
her daughter’s juices. She wouldn’t have it any other

But, like mother, like daughter.

So to give her daughter the ultimate pleasure she would
have to give her daughter the long lasting “black kiss,”
while simultaneously “raping her cunt.”

And she loved doing it. So she struggled to get from her
daughter’s leglock, and pushed her knees way up. Britney
knew exactly what was coming, so she spread her legs
even wider, and felt her mother put her hands on her
buttocks. The warm breath felt great on her sweaty
crack, but not nearly as great as the wet tongue.

Britney’s mother licked every single part of her
daughter’s steamy, sweaty ass crack, then focused on the
light brown wrinkled pucker in the centre. She loosely
lapped at her daughter’s chocolate starfish while her
index and middle finger was fucking her daughter’s
pussy. The lapping was getting rougher, until it became
pressing. She rimmed her daughter harder and harder
until she was massaging her anus with the tip of her

“Oh yeah, you always lick my ass so good, mom. Lick my
asshole harder while you fuck my cunt with your fingers.
Put another one in. Three fingers. Taste me. Tasty my

“I do, sweetheart. I do taste your butt. And it always
tastes so fucking great. I just wanna fuck it with my
tongue so I can go deeper and taste it even better.
Would you like that, Britney? Do you want mommy to
tongue fuck your asshole really hard while I put my
fingers in you sweet pussy?”

“Oh yes, please mom. Please fuck my ass hard with your
tongue. Eat out my ass like a real butt hungry whore.
Stick in your tongue really deep.”

So this is what Britney’s mother needed to start rimming
her daughter as hard as possible. She hardened her
tongue and made it pointy, then started making bobbing
motions with her head as she drilled her tongue into her
daughter’s steamy brown shitter and she felt it loosen
up under the constant invasion of her tongue, allowing
it to go deeper with each thrust. Britney’s pucker
started getting sloppy with saliva and it open more and
more to her mother’s tongue, enveloping it with the
sucking walls of her ass, to the point where the retreat
of her mother’s tongue caused a sucking noise. Her pussy
was widened with the fucking of no less than three
finger only to be joined by a fourth while her mother’s
tongue was grinding into her butthole. Her opening was
feeling increasingly slippery as her mother was already
able to get her whole tongue inside of her daughter’s
anal canal, which she was pleased to do.

The ultimate mother daughter bond was always reached
between Britney and her mother when her mother was
tongue deep in her ass, and had her mouth closed over
her pucker, sucking on her shitter, fisting her cunt and
making her cum. And this is exactly what happened. Her
mother was frigging away at her pussy with four finger.
She then slowly added her thumb to the hole, and slowly
pushed back and forth, the wetness making the invasion
easier and easier until at one point she managed to get
her whole hand up her daughter’s cunt to the wrist, at
which point she started pumping her daughter with her
fist as she was sucking her asshole and Britney was
cumming like a bitch in heat.


Britney’s ass was violently pulling and sucking at her
mother’s tongue as her mother’s hands withdrew from her
pussy, soaking, and she started squirting pints of juice
from her gaping hole into her mother’s face. Her
mother’s greasy tongue plopped out of Britney’s
contracting brown hole and she held it out, making sure
she caught as much of her daughter’s delicious pussy
juice as possible. Squirt after squirt shot from her
daughter’s snatch as it spurted into her open mouth,
coating her tongue.

The spurts finally became gushes and then dribbles as
the final drops ran down from her spastic, closing hole
through the crack of her ass. Britney’s mother licked
the liquids from the musky crack, making sure she
cleaned her daughter an animal mother would do to her
young. She licked the moistness from the pubic lips, and
then made a trail with her tongue all the way up her
daughter’s body until she had reached her face, at which
point their tongues met to embrace in another deep
French kiss, where Britney tasted her own ass and pussy
on her mother’s mouth.

“That was great.again,” whispered Britney at her mother
as she enjoyed the feeling of her mother’s warm, sweaty
body on top of hers. She spread her legs, pulled up her
knees, and wrapped her legs around her mothers back,
pulling her tighter against her own body as they
continued puffing mouth to mouth, and ultimately,
falling asleep, only to pretend to be like any other
mother daughter couple once they left the house again.

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