Cuckold Wife 2.

I had to get back to work after a few minutes, so I got dressed and at the door, Charlene, still naked, gave me a long drawn out tongue filled swirling kiss, making my pulse and my cock throb.

“See you tonight, lover,” she purred.

I drove back to the office, grabbed a sandwich at the downstairs deli, and my secretary, Penny Fields, was still faithfully holding down the fort.

She smiled a greeting, and said, “Did you get what you needed, boss?”

The word boss was a playful affectation, she liked to call me that when no one else was around, otherwise it was Sir, or Mister Brooks.

I smiled back, and said, “Oh I did indeed!”

I went into my office, and she followed me, and gave me a rundown of the calls that she had taken for me.

“Thank you Pen, take a long lunch break, you deserve it.”

That was my playful affectation for her, she smiled brightly, and replied, “Thanks boss, I will!”

She turned, and as she walked towards the door, I fastened my eyes on her ass. It swung so nicely under her skirt. I’d noticed that my secretary had started dressing to impress, oh yeah, my secretary was really nicely put together. It wasn’t racy or lewd, the fit, the way her clothes hugged her body with just the right amount of tightness, outlining her figure, without crossing the company’s dress code line. I enjoyed watching the harmonious rhythm of her backside retreating, those ass cheeks looked very fine, and my mind started to work at it. Umm, my wife wasn’t averse to fucking around…and Penny is single, and as she told me, not really looking for a long term, committed relationship. I wonder if she’d like a non-committed fucking relationship. I grinned, maybe I’ll get the chance to check that out. In the here and now, I checked out the messages, and made the needed callbacks.

The meeting went perfectly, and the Wright brothers signed up on our deal, it was going to be a gold mine. Mr. Harriman himself was happy to write me a check for the fat bonus he had promised me, and okay the hefty raise in salary.

“Superb job, Brooks, superb, you have more than earned the bonus, and the raise!”

When I returned to the office, it was just past 4:30. The office was closing for the day, and I exchanged good byes as I made my way to my office. My faithful Miss Fields, was still holding down the fort, greeting me with a smile.

In my office, I called home, and told Charlene the good news.

“Baby, I knew you could do it, great job, that extra money will really come in handy,” Charlene said, her voice a somewhat husky purr.

An idea jumped to mind, and I said, “After dinner, how about if we go and do what I had mentioned a few days ago, that we should go and just knock on the door of our new neighbors, and greet them, welcome them. We can be their Welcome Wagon!”

I’d decided to hell with it, go for broke. I counted out the seconds that there was dead silence on the line.

Finally, Charlene’s voice, with a tentative edge, said, “Um, yeah, sure, we can do that.”

I grinned, and said, “Ok baby, I’ll be home at the usual time, see you then!”

I couldn’t stop grinning, putting my wife and her lover together, without warning. Oh yeah, this could be a very amusing evening. That started the ball rolling, and just like a film clip, it played back in my head. My hot, sexy wife, spread out, tied up and urging on our neighbor to “rape” her, and watching his big black cock boning her box and her ass, her screeches, shrieks and howls of pleasure, and the absolute pleasure of fucking her holes, right after she had a stranger’s hot cock pouring his load into her more than eager holes. My cock was rock hard again, my secretary walked in, and saw me grinning.

“Penny for your thoughts boss!,” Penny said, giggling.

Her eyes twinkled, and I saw a glimmer in them. Today had been a groundbreaking day, in more ways than one, and I decided, fuck it, go for it.

“I was just thinking, how delightful it would be to see you nude, draped over my desk, to eat your sweet pussy until you came all over my face, then to give you a long hard ride, listening to your cries of orgasm as my cock explodes, filling your sexy pink hole with a load of thick cum.”

The expression on her face was unreadable. She turned and walked to the door, and I felt like I’d pushed it too far, and there was going to be trouble. She stopped, locked the door, then turned to face me with a look of sheer desire.

“Oh yeah, you don’t know how much I’ve hoped you would say that to me. I’ve been jealous of your wife, getting bedded by you every night, what a lucky lady.”

She undid the bun at the top of her head, and her blonde tresses spilled down across her shoulders, her emerald green eyes were glowing with sexual need as she shimmied out of her dress, her bra was tossed aside, and her panties hit the floor, she stepped out of them and purred, “Look, take a good look boss.”

I did, and I could feel my cock respond accordingly. Her breasts were orange sized, with stiff, protruding nipples. I ran my eyes down, over her belly, a bit of a swell, oh yeah, I love that, down over her mound. Her pubic region was waxed smooth and bare as a billiard ball, she grinned, then turned to let me take in the rear view. Oh yeah, an assman’s delight, the heart shape of her globes, the wonderful curves, the cleave of her cheeks, oh yeah, I was building up to full head of steam.

She stepped over to me, and purred, “Let me get you naked.”

In a few moments, naked as she was, she looked me over, and purred, “Umm, so big and so hard, oh yes, your wife is lucky alright. Now, I’m going to be the lucky one! Yes baby, do me as you promised, drape me over your desk, eat my sweet pussy until I cum all over your face, then shove that big hard cock in, I want that long, hard ride, so I can cum all over your cock, feeling your cock bucking wildly deep inside me as your hot cream explodes. Paint my pussy walls white with your load!”

She lay down forwards over my desk, bending at the waist, and stretching her arms up. She spread her legs, and I gazed at the glorious sight of her ass cheeks cocked up, I could see the glimpse of her opening, slightly parted, and wet. I quickly got my face in between the spread, and let my tongue slide over her pussy lips.

“Ummmmm, oh yes, feels so good. Lick my pussy boss, lick me, I love to have my sweet candy box licked.”

Candy box, I liked the sound of that. I nuzzled my face in tightly, and let my tongue work over her hot, steamy folds. My Auntie Emma had taught me how to lick pussy, and do it right during my summer of sexual discovery with her at her farm, and I brought all my oral talents to bear. I could feel her body trembling, on the edge. I stopped and pulled away, she moaned with need, but I was not going to leave her hanging. I parted her cheeks, and started to lick at the tight pink pucker of her ass hole.

“Oh my god…Oh… god, it… it’s wonderful… beautiful… I love it… I love it…ohhhhhhh.”

Her moans of pleasure were non stop as I licked at her ass hole, tickling at the tight rim with the tip of my tongue, probing, feeling the tight rim clenching.

I pulled my face back, and growled, “Flip over Pen, on your back baby.”

With her pussy upthrust and ready, I moved my face back down, and went after her pussy again with a vigor, she was soaking wet, right on the brink. I grinned, then slid my thumb down, sliding between the cleave of her cheeks, and started to rub her right around the tight pucker of her back door. She jumped, let out a shriek, as my thumb started to probe her tight hole, pressing in and out, she exploded, cumming with a huge rush, squealing and crying out.

“Fuck, fuck, oh fuck,” she gasped.

Penny’s body squirmed and writhed atop my desk in orgasmic pleasure, her pussy convulsing over and over, gushing a thick rush of juices as she came again, and again and once more, before she pulled my face away, gasping, her face red.

She said, “Oh god, no more, oh please, too good, I feel like I’m gonna pass out!”

I popped my thumb out, and let her calm down. Her body was still shaking, like aftershocks of an earthquake.

After a few minutes, her eyes opened, and she smiled.

“Oh boss, you just gave me the most incredible cum ever! I felt like every cell in my body was having an orgasm!” She looked at my cock, rock hard and ready, and cooed, “Now, give me that hard, stiff cock, mmmmmm, I have a nice, warm wet pocket for him to slide into. Fuck me now, baby, I want a long hard fucking, my candy box feels empty, your yummy looking candy stick will fill my candy box perfectly!”

I lifted her off the table, and laid her down on her back, on the carpet. It was thick, plush, having fucked Charlene a few times in the office, after hours, on that same carpet, I knew it just was right for fucking. Penny was spread out with a smile of desire, her open arms and open thighs welcoming me. I slid into position between the spread V, nudged against her, and pushed slowly, in one smooth stroke. Penny moaned, deep in her throat, and I let out a growl of pleasure, as I felt her tight silken walls parting, clamping around my length as I penetrated. The heat and her juices surrounded my cock, oh fuck, it felt so good to bury my cock to the balls. We were belly to belly, face to face, her hazel eyes had a glow of sexual heat, and she urged me on.

“Oh yes, oh so good, now fuck me Boss, let me have it!”

Happy to comply, I pulled halfway out, then slid in deep, relishing the slick tightness gripping my cock as I plumbed her pink depths. Watching the joy and delight playing across her face as I rode her made it all the more enjoyable for me.

Penny cooed, “Umm, so good, my candy box is so ready, give my candy box your yummy cream, I know your candy stick must be full of it, and my candy box wants it very much. And kiss me, I love long, slow deep kisses when I’m being fucked. Do it!”

Our lips came together in a swirl of lips, tongues and mounting passions. Penny moaned into my mouth as our tongues met in a duel of lust. My cock was steel hard, and I drove into her with all the built up passion I had. With my cock having been milked for two loads from Charlene’s tight box and ass, my cock would take its own sweet time building back up. Judging by the way Penny’s hips humped up towards me as I thrust deep, she was going to enjoy every second.

I felt Penny’s legs wrap around my waist, she broke the kiss, just long enough to whisper, “Oh yeah fuck me baby, fuck me a long time, feels so good,” before grabbing my head, and pulling my lips back onto hers.

We fucked wildly, I felt the sweat break out on us, and our bodies were slapping wetly together, and I could also hear wet, juicy squelches as I powered into Penny’s eager heat. I grabbed her cheeks, pulled them apart, and started to rub at her tight hole. It was well lubricated, the juices from her pussy had run down that natural channel, and I shoved a finger in.

Penny squealed, and gasped, “Oh god, feels so good, keep fingering my ass, fuck I love it!”

I did exactly as requested, ramming my finger in, up to the third knuckle, while I drove into her creaming box over and over. I could feel the build, and my balls were churning up with a new load. I felt the rise, oh fuck, yes, it was gonna feel good.

Penny howled, “Oh my God, I’m gonna cum, yes, fuck me, fuck me, give my candy box your cream, cream all over my candy box, oh fuck I’m cumming, yes, yes, AHHHHHHHH GAWWWWWWW!”

As her voice rose to a shriek, her cunt clamped down tightly around my cock, virtually sucking at my shaft, and I could feel her ass hole gripping at my finger. I went roaring over the edge, my wild groan of pure pleasure joined her cries of orgasmic delight as my cock erupted, pulsing and squirting wildly, and I slammed as deep as possible inside her, my spurting cock jerking and throbbing and pumping a flood, gushing thick ropes of cum deep into her delightful tightness. She squirmed around wildly on my prick, her body shuddering in orgasm, her pussy quivering and spasming wildly, sucking and milking greedily at my throbbing cock, draining my balls into her eager, hungry tightness. I let the eager tightness pull every drop from me, then I flopped down next to her. We were both gasping, letting the sensory rush of orgasm ebb slowly away.

I saw her reach down, slipping three fingers into her candy box, swirling them around, then pulling them out, they were dripping with my cum, and she slipped them into her mouth, moaning at the taste, licking them clean. I watched as did that a few more times, eager to taste as much of my cum as she could.

“Ummm, you filled my candy box so well, and I just had to taste that yummy cream that your gave me! Next time I want to taste it right from your big candy stick!”

She turned to me, and said, “But seriously, you aren’t having regrets about what we did are you? I’m not trying to steal you away, I envy your wife having such a lusty, wonderful lover, but as I said, I am not interested in a long term commited relationship. And I sure as hell don’t want to bust up a marriage. I am interested in a hot, passionate sexual relationship, hot, physical, enjoyable fucking, and judging by the look on your face, I am sure you enjoyed it as much as I did. I hope I didn’t do the wrong thing.”

I said, “No regrets, not at all. I was wondering if I did the wrong thing, coming out with how I wanted you. What with the big deal with the Wright brothers going through, and the bonus that good old Harriman came across with, I was riding a wave of good feelings, and I just decided to go for broke. I asked Harriman to give you a raise two weeks ago, and he said if the deal came across, he would give you a raise, and substantial raise, since I told him that you deserved a good raise. Now that the deal is signed, you will get to share the bounty.”

Her eyes glimmered, and she cooed, “Oh you are such a sweet, thoughtful man. Like I said, I would like this to continue, if you are as eager as I am, no demands, but when we are both eager, why not?”

I decided, then and there, why not, and I replied, “Pen, that sounds great. I want to keep your candy box well filled and happy!”

Putting down my knife and fork after dinner, I said to Charlene, “Okay, let’s go and welcome our new neighbors.”

I could see a look pass across her face, before she smiled and said, “Okay, I’ll clean up after we get back, and run the dishwasher then. Shall we take over one of the bottles of wine we have as a welcoming gift?”

I replied, “Great idea baby.”

I picked up a bottle of Pinot Noir, and we left our house, crossed the street, and a couple of doors down, we went up the walkway. We could see a light in the living room area, the kitchen was dark. Good, I didn’t want to bust in on them during dinner. At the door, we stood side by side as I rang the bell. About 20 seconds later, the inside door opened, and I saw her lover. His face had an expression of shock.

Realizing what he must be thinking, I jumped in, “Welcome to the neighborhood, we live just across the street and down a few door at 158, this is my lovely wife Charlene, and I’m Roger, we wanted to welcome you, and to bring you a nice bottle of wine.”

The shocked expression vanished, I acted like I had not noticed, and he smiled and said, “Well, that’s mighty neighborly of you. Come in, come in, we’ll open the wine, I’m Rod, and you can meet my lovely wife Colleen.”

We entered, and Rod called out, “Colleen we have guests, come and meet our neighbors.”

We heard the soft tread of footsteps, then Colleen appeared. I gaped, tried not to stare, she was drop dead gorgeous. Creamy white skin, jade green eyes, red hair that framed her angelic face perfectly. She smiled and her voice, in a beautiful, melodic Irish lilt, said, “Oh how wonderful, and so thoughtful, such wonderful neighbors.”

I quickly took in the entire package, full, generous breasts, a nice curvy waist, wide hips, not fat, with a sexy flare that made my cock twitch. I’m a sucker for accents, and that melodic Irish lilt, my mind pulled up a vision of being deep inside her, fucking that incredible body, and that voice urging me on to cum, to blow my load, fill her up. My cock was rock hard, I saw Colleen’s eyes locked on my bulge. She looked up, met my eyes, smiled and winked at me. Charlene and Rod were looking at a framed picture on the wall, so they had not noticed the byplay. Colleen turned away, and walking towards the kitchen, she swung her hips, letting me watch the wiggle as she walked. I breathed deep, oh fuck, this was turning out to be one heck of a welcome wagon. I walked over to Charlene, and she pointed to the print, and Rod told us about it, and it gave me a chance to calm down.

I heard the clink of glasses, and Colleen reappeared, still with that smile on her face. She set down the wine glasses, and we lifted our glasses, and toasted our new neighbors. We talked about who we were, how we got there, the usual getting to know you talk. Rod told us he had been in the Air Force, and had been stationed at Ramstein Air Base in Germany. Colleen had been a nurse at the medical center, and they had met when Rod had to undergo surgery for appendicitis. After the wine was gone, Charlene and I prepared to leave.

At the door, Colleen smiled, and with a twinkle in her eyes, said, “It was so nice to meet you. Now that we know you, don’t be a stranger!”

Half an hour later, I stepped out of the bathroom naked, my cock rising up. At the door to our bedroom, I saw Charlene, her back to me, wearing just her black, sexy lace bra and matching panties. Two steps and I was behind her, I unhooked her bra, and let it tumble away. I pressed against her back, my cock stiffening rapidly, as I reached around, cupping her luscious milk jugs, sliding my fingers all over her tits, pulling and gently tweaking on her nipples which rose up to greet the stimulation. Charlene’s coos of pleasure urged me on, I slid my hands down over her belly, felt the smoothness of her mound, and my hands slipped under her panties. Charlene pushed her ass back against my cock, and started to purr as my hands played with her tight pussy lips, feeling the juices flow.

Charlene growled huskily, “Oh yeah baby, strip my panties off, then take me to bed and fuck me, fuck me like I’m a nympho, really ream me out!”

Her panties hit the floor, she stepped out of them, and we jumped on the bed. She grabbed me, pulled me atop her, grabbed my cock and pulled it towards her, placing me right against the heat. With one hard thrust, I buried my cock, enjoying her drawn out growl of please as I bottomed out in her needy hole, pulled back and started to ride her, power-fucking Charlene vigorously, stuffing her pussy, she grunted, growled and let out squeals of passion as I gave her tight, sexy box a good stretching out.

“Oh yeah baby, such a tiger, keep fucking me baby, make me cum,” she cooed.

I really laid my pole into her heated center, my cock rock hard. I was not seeing Charlene, Colleen was my fantasy bed partner. I saw her, a neat fluff of red pubic hair, her thighs parted, welcoming me, her pussy so tight and hot, swallowing my cock as I powered it into her.

Colleen’s imagined voice cooed, “Oh yeah, go deep, fuck me baby, make my cum all over your cock!”

Charlene got a long, hard boning, and I filled my imagination of Colleen’s body pinned to the mattress, driving my cock in that sexy Irish pussy. I saw Charlene’s face, the bliss, the squeals of orgasmic pleasure, the tight grip of her pussy milking hungrily at me as she came all over my cock. Imagining Colleen in Charlene’s place, that same expression of bliss, the cries of orgasm and the tight grip, I exploded, gushing out my pent up lust for a ride on Rod’s sexy wife.

Charlene was dreamy with contentment, and she quickly drifted off. I stayed awake for a while, my mind thinking about Rod and Colleen. A sexual welcome wagon could work both ways. The way she checked out my bulge, the smiles and the wiggle of her hips as she walked away into the kitchen, I had a feeling that she’d be up for that. I didn’t want to creep her out, by getting all pervy and finding out I’d misread it all. And the pretense to be in her house when Rod was out, that was not exactly easy to figure out. I finally shut down my mind, stop thinking about it, and finally fell asleep.

A few days later, I was hard at work, just before 11 AM, when Penny buzzed me and said, “Sir, there is a lady on the line 2, says she’s your cousin Colleen.”

My heart skipped a beat, and my cock twitched, oh fuck. Since I did not have a cousin named Colleen….

“Thank you Miss Fields,” I said in as steady a voice as I could manage, and connected to line 2.


That delightful Irish lilt purred, “Hello Roger, how are you?”

Keeping my voice as steady as possible, I replied, “Good morning Colleen, what can I do for you?”

“Judging by the looks you gave me, and the hard, eager bulge you got the other night, I think you know what you can do for me. Rod’s at work, why don’t you come on over?” My hesitation spurred her on, she cooed, “Oh Roger, I know you want me. I’m a natural redhead, would you like to see my nicely trimmed, red muff, up close? If you have to try and work yourself up, need a whole lot of convincing, that’s not what I want. Either your cock, or my 9 inch dildo is going to be plunging into my hot, pink hole, either way, my tight little pussy is so horny, and needs to be filled. Do you want to come over, and fuck me, or will my dildo get the honors? I’m so horny, so hot and wet, make your choice.”

So much for needing a pretense to go over their, I thought, my bone hard cock made it an easy choice, as I said, “My cock is going to get the honors, I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

Her cock stiffening voice purred at me, “Oh yeah, I’ll be waiting Roger.”

I grabbed my briefcase and stepped out of my office.

“Pen, I have a family emergency to take care of, if you need to reach me, use my cellphone number.”

“Okay boss.”

She smiled, gave me a wink, and I smiled back. We had enjoyed a hot suck and fuck two days ago, after the offices were closed. She was a hot, eager lover, and her body trembled when I impaled her, riding her until she exploded, her quivering pink folds urging me to explode, the cum swirling out of my cock in thick, juicy ropes, the tight, milking pull of her tunnel sucking every drop out of me. I had been thinking of giving her another wild ride after work, but with Colleen waiting for me, that plan had changed.

When I got to the house, I was mindful of the fact that my car would be easy to see from my house, just by looking out of a window. I drove down to the end of the block, turned the corner and parked on a side street, and quickly jogged back to Colleen’s house. I knocked, and felt the tremble race though me as I heard her voice, husky with desire, coo, “Come in Roger.”

I opened the door, closed it, and Colleen came around the corner. My cock was turned to stone, she was wearing a white satin teddy. She smiled at me, the desire surging though her eyes. I drank in the vision of how close to naked she was, a choker tie back neckline gave way to a plunging peek-a-boo bodice trimmed with a blue satin ribbon. Her full, generous breasts pushed against the fabric, her nipples poking out proudly. She turned, slowly, showing me the fully open back design with a tie closure, blue satin ribbon dual layer ties curved over the top of her hips, and her ass was on display, the bottom of the teddy was a thong that slid between her cheeks. She turned back to me, I could see the heat in her eyes.

“The day after we met, I went out and bought this, just for you,” Colleen purred. “I can see from your trousers, that you like what you see. Let me get you comfortable.”

Colleen stripped me naked, then cooed, “Now, untie me baby, strip me naked.”

One tug at the tie between her breasts, reaching around, another tug at the tie closure around her back, then the choker tie around her neck, and her teddy fell away to her hips, the top half of her body now completely naked. Her nipples were hard and stiff, and I could see her breathing pick up. I unlaced the ties that ran over her hips, and slid my hand over her ass, to gently un-wedge the thong from between her cheeks, and her teddy fell away. Oh yes, a nicely trimmed nest of red pubic hair, I’ve always been a sucker for redheads.

Colleen purred, “Oh yes Roger, I can see how much you like,” as her hand reached down, and grasped my cock, “so hard, and so eager for my red headed cunt. Oh yes, come and fuck my cunt, pound my cunt, rape my cunt!”

Her green eyes were full of fire, leading me to the bedroom with my cock surging in her hand. The bed had a couple of sets of handcuffs, oh man.

Her voice husky, she growled, “Now, cuff me up and rape me, pump my cunt, fuck my ass off!”

I pushed her down onto the bed, raising her arms up above her head, I cuffed her wrists together. The other cuff I attached to the chain of the first, then to the headboard, keeping her arms pulled up straight above her head. I got between her legs, pulled her thighs apart, and pushed her knees up to her tits, tilting her hips up for the perfect angle. Nudging against her opening, I felt a heated gush of juices along her labial lips, ready for me.

Her eyes still full of that green fire, Colleen growled, “Oh yeah, I’m the snobby bitch of a new neighbor who thinks I’m too good for any man, even though my traitorous cunt burns with unrequited lust, and you, the horny neighbor, is going to show me what my snobby, icy attitude will earn! Ram my cunt, open up my precious box, and fuck me hard, rape my cunt!”

I pushed, hard, and breeching her tight opening, I bore down, impaling her tight, fiery fuck hole, listening to her shriek as I jammed my aching cock as deep as possible, my cock was engulfed by the fiery tightness of her cunt. I pushed my cock in until my balls slapped her ass, oh fuck, the tight clutch around my cock, she felt virgin tight.

Getting into the spirit, I growled, “Oh yeah baby, your tight cunt really needs to be fucked hard, and I’ll rape your precious little box until we’re both satisfied!”

I pulled back and rammed it home again, listening to her shriek as I again stuffed her, as I bottomed out again, she howled, “Oh Jeez, this feels so good, ram your stiff prick up my burning cunt, and fuck me hard! I want to feel your cock throbbing as it explodes inside of me, as you flood my burning cunt with a huge load of spunk! Yes, yes, yes, rape me, rape my precious box, rape my horny traitorous cunt, RAPE ME!”

Keeping her legs up, knees against her tits, hips tilted up to my surging cock, I started to power-fuck the tight clench. I relished the slick tightness gripping hungrily at me, making my cock ache with a building load. The squeals, grunts and cries of passion made it clear that she was enjoying her “rape” as much as I was enjoying being her “rapist.” She pulled against her cuffs, feeling no give, and it just excited her even more, she was a fucking tigress.

“Oh yeah, keep raping me baby. Now put my legs over your shoulders, and fuck my cunt hard! Ram my cunt, I want your load up my burning cunt! Rape me, and shoot your hot spunk up my burning fuck-hole! Melt the snobby icy bitch, turn me into a cock hungry neighbor, who’ll be eager for your hard cock to rape me every chance you get, oh yeah, rape my cunt, fuck, it feels so good!”

I quickly complied, hoisting her legs over my shoulders. I slid a pillow under Colleen’s ass and thrust deep into her. The slick tightness of her pussy squeezed and milked my throbbing cock. I clamped my hands tightly around the beautiful cheeks of her ass, lifting her hips in rhythm to the plunges of my steel hard cock into her burning fuck-hole.

“Oh yeah, give it to me”, Colleen gasped, “Let me have it! I want you to rape me as long as you can! Give me all you got, babe! Fuck my cunt, fuck me!! I’m an overheated little slut who needs to be raped, Fuck me, fuck my burning cunt! I love to be teased and fucked by your big, hard cock! Let me have it, slam my pussy!! Rape my fiery fuck-hole! Rape my overheated cunt!! Rape my brains out!!”

Her sexy voice, and what she was saying, was driving me crazy. I slammed my steel hard cock in and out, in and out of her furnace hot sheath. Each in thrust she took my hard cock right up to the balls. She had a look of rapture on her face, she looked delirious with pleasure, as I power fucked her burning core, plunging balls deep into her again and again. I could feel my nut sac tighten up, as my balls moved into firing position, and the spunk started to sizzle. Her legs slid off my shoulders and around my waist, pulling me in as deep as possible. She was panting and gasping, tossing her head from side to side as she writhed beneath me. I stretched out a finger, and ran it up and down the tight pucker of her ass. I could feel the tight rose shaped pucker of her ass hole twitching wildly.

“Do it, do it!” she growled, and I nudged against her ass hole, and drove my finger in, listening to her squeals of pleasure as I buried my finger, she cried out, “Yes, keep fucking me! I’m so close, I need to cum, and I’m so close! I can feel your big cock throbbing, let it go, I want you to flood my pussy! Keep raping me hard, and finger rape my tight asshole! Your cock is driving me crazy! I wanna feel my rapist squirt his full load into me, I want every drop you got to flood my horny, traitorous cunt. ! I’m soo, I’m soo, Oh God, I’m almost there! Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t, don’t, don’t, yes, yes, yes, OH YES, RAPE ME!!”

Her voice rose to a scream as she exploded, her pussy clamping tightly around my cock, spasming wildly. My nut sac cinched up tight, my balls locked in firing position, my cock swelled tight with a massive urgency. The tight hug of her inner sheath, wrapped around my shaft and spasming wildly, took me over the edge. I could feel the spunk surging up my shaft, and I groaned with pure pleasure as my cock exploded, my spunk blasting out, squirting wildly, splattering her insides. We gasped and moaned as our bodies shook from the force of our climaxes, her ass hole throbbing and squeezing at my plunging finger, her pussy spasming wildly, milking greedily at my cock, as my throbbing cock squirted every drop of spunk into her, as I emptied my balls deep inside her fiery vortex.

I slid out of Colleen, unlocked the handcuffs, and flopped down next to her. A fine glaze of sweat making her body gleam, breasts heaving as she gasped like a racehorse, getting her breath back after our frantic mattress mambo was an excellent sight. She tuned on her side, facing me and smiled.

“I wonder if Rod and Charlene will have a hot, sex filled Nooner today?”

I startled, she was grinning at me.


“Yes, I know about Charlene giving Rod a welcome to the neighborhood fucking. When I got home that afternoon, Rod gave me a hot, lust filled ride, he was tremendous, and his cock exploded, filling me with his hot sperm satisfaction. He told me all about how he’d met Charlene at the supermarket, and she’d invited him over for a cup of coffee, that quickly became a hot Nooner. Hearing it while he was fucking me was a massive turn-on, and he encouraged me to give you the same hot Nooner. We allow each other the latitude to make hot love with someone who strikes our fancy, so long as we don’t fall in love, and that we come home after. When Charlene’s fantasy of ‘consensual rape’ was revealed, I wanted the same hot, sex filled scenario. I didn’t know that you knew it, however.”

I replied, “I actually saw them going at it, I had left my briefcase at home that day, and I used my lunch break to come back and get it. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen, my wife spread out in full heat, urging Rod on to ‘rape’ her, over and over. When Rod got a call to come back home and let the plumber in, I waited five minutes, then entered the house as if I’d just got home, and went upstairs quickly.”

Colleen’s eyes were glowing, I felt her soft fingers playing with my cock, my cock started to respond to her coaxing, and she cooed, “Ummm, oh yes, tell me more, did it excite you, get you all hard as a rock? Watching my husband’s big black cock, putting the meat to Charlene’s golden box? Tell me all about it.”

“Charlene was stretched out on the bed, her nude body displayed perfectly. I could see the sweat on her body, the satisfied smile that she gets when she’s been ridden to perfection, her eyes closed. Knowing that her pussy was full of Rod’s load of hot cum, and that I was going to ram my cock into the midst of their mingled juices, made me harder than ever.”

“I stepped in to the bedroom and called out, ‘Hey Baby!’ Her eyes flew open, she looked at me with a shocked expression. ‘Roger, what..what…what are you doing here? Are you ill, you’re home so early.’ ”

“I replied, ‘I left all the materials for my presentation at home, so I’m using my lunch break to pick them up. I just walked in the door, and since it’s almost Noon, how about a Nooner? Seeing your hot body all naked and ready for me, let’s put the time to good use.’ ”

” ‘Roger, I hadn’t really planned to…I should have a shower…so much to do today.’ ”

“I stripped fast, my 8 inches swollen, there was no way she was going to get out of it. Watching Rod take her, the contrast of his big black pussy pleaser boning her tight white cunt had my cock and balls aching. I needed to bone her, right then and there.”

I grunted as I felt Colleen slither down my body, her pink tongue licking at my revived cock, she cooed, “Oh yeah, give it to her, being forceful, that hard arrogant cock demanding satisfaction, tell me more keep going baby.”

I continued, “She seemed almost spellbound as I hopped onto the bed, and swarmed all over her. Tweaking her nipples, then sucking hard on her tits, I could feel her response, as she pulled my mouth against her tits, whispering, ‘Oh yeah baby, suck my tits, suck them hard!’ ”

“I decided to take a chance, and I grunted, ‘Oh yeah, thinking about your hot body all the way home, if we weren’t married, I’d rape you!’ Her growl let me know I’d hit that spot, ‘Ummm, would you really rape me?’ ”

“I said, ‘How about if I show you?’ as I grabbed her wrists, then pinned them above her head. I slid between her thighs, and nudged against her.”

I grunted as I felt Colleen’s hot, wet mouth swallow my cock, in one smooth thrust, she took me in balls deep, oh fuck, that felt good.

“Charlene’s face had a hungry, eager look of total lust, and she gasped, ‘Oh yeah, rape my precious cunt, I’m the icy princess who keeps hubby out of her precious box, and hubby has had enough! Rape my tight cunt!’ ”

“I growled back, ‘Oh yeah you little ice queen, bet you let all the guys who give you a wink fuck you, but not your husband? That ends baby, if it’s rape you want, that ‘s what you’ll get!’ When I drove in, and the heat and the mingled juices surrounded my cock, I just about went crazy, I buried my eight inches, thrusting as deep as I could go, the feel of Rod’s cum surrounding my cock was unlike anything I’d ever felt before.”

“Charlene let out a keening wail, and howled, ‘Yes, oh yes RAPE MY CUNT, FUCK MY PRECIOUS BOX, RAPE ME!’ She tried to pull her wrists free, while I kept them pinned securely above her head. That just turned her on even more, her grunts, growls and squeals filled the bedroom as I power fucked her tight pussy, my body keeping her pinned to the mattress, fighting to keep from exploding. I wanted to enjoy the feeling of fucking her cum filled pussy as long as possible. All too soon, I couldn’t hold it back any longer, just before I exploded, Charlene went over.”

” ‘Fuck, fuck, rape me, rape my fucking horny cunt, fill my womb, yes, oh yes, yes, yes, FUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!’ Charlene’s voice rose up to a full on scream as she orgasmed, the tightening up and the wild quivering of her walls shoved me over, and I roared like a bull as I exploded. The knowledge that my cum was mingling with Rod’s load already pumped into her was a wild turn on, it kept my cock pulsing over and over in repeated ejaculations, until the last drop had been milked out by my wife’s eager, hungry fuck-hole. We tumbled down to the bed, and lay in a heap.”

Colleen lifted her mouth off my prick, and purred, “Umm, so nice and hard again, so eager. We must put your eager cock to good use! Have you taken Charlene’s sexy ass?”

When I said that I had taken her ass right after she had sucked me back up to another stiff cock, and it had been another ‘rape’ Colleen purred, “Oh yeah, perfect, cuff me up, ram my ass, and tell me about how you ‘raped’ Charlene’s ass while you take mine! I love getting my ass fucked! Cuff me face up, grab my legs and shove my knees against my tits! I want to see your face as you rape my ass, I fucking love it that way!”

I soon had her cuffed up, face up, and I pushed a pillow under the small of her back. Her hips were lifted up, she raised her legs and pulled them back, and the tight pucker of her sexy asshole was revealed. She had produced a tube of Astroglide, and she let out coos of pleasure as I licked at the tight pucker, then purred as I took a large glob of lube, spreading it all around the rim, then pushing two fingers in, spreading the lube up. I lubed up, my cock was gleaming with the coating, and Colleen’s eyes were full of green fire.

“Oh yes, more rape, I’ve got just one bit of ice that needs to be melted. Push my legs up, and rape my tight asshole, and tell me about how it felt to fuck Charlene’s ass!”

“So, do you want more rape, baby?” I growled.

I saw the hungry, eager expression, Colleen purred, “Yes, rape me again, I’m still the icy, snobby neighbor, I’m melting fast, but a good, hard fucking of my tight asshole should finish that melting!”

I got into position, putting my hands to the back of her knees, I pushed her legs up and back, until they were squashed against her tits. Tilting her hips up to the right angle, her hips fitted nicely into the saddle of my lap, and I was ready, as I nudged against her. I felt the head of my cock pop past the band of muscle, and Colleen’s shrieks of pleasure filled the bedroom as I drove in, feeling the tight clamp parting slowly around my cock.

“Fuck, fuck, so good, rape my tight ass, ram my ass, fuck me, fuck, rape my ass, RAPE ME!”

As I started to hump at her, she purred, “Now, tell me about fucking Charlene’s ass.”

I said, “I flipped her over, grabbed some belts, and in a few moments, her arms were stretched up, belted to the headboard and she was making soft moans of passion already. Knowing that I was going to fuck her ass just after Rod had taken her made my cock throb!”

Colleen growled, she pulled at her cuffed wrists, feeling no give, and she growled, “Oh fuck, so fucking hot, keep raping my ass, rape the little bitchy snob of a neighbor, and tell me more!”

“I said to her, ‘I know what an icy little princess like you needs, an ass hole plugging!’ ”

“Charlene had growled, ‘Oh fuck, that’s exactly what I need, my tight little ass hole needs to be fucked hard, rape my ass hole, rape it good, really ream out my ass!’ ”

Colleen growled, “Oh yeah, rape her tight ass, just like my tight ass is being raped, so good! Fuck my ass off baby, and tell me more!”

“Once we were both lubed up, I was seeing through a red haze of burning lust, knowing that I was going to power my cock up her asshole, right after Rod had reamed her out, gave me a case of stoneware cock. I nudged against her, and too fired up to go slow, I pushed hard, eager to stuff her ass, and the feel of her ass walls parting as i rammed her, was a grip like nothing else I’ve felt!”


Colleen, her face a wild, feral look of lust, growled, ‘Oh fuck, yes, so fucking hot, keep going baby, tell me everything, keep raping my ass, use my tight ass for your cock milking pleasure!’ ”

“I grabbed her hips, and ramming at her in a burning tide of animalistic fucking. The tight grip around my cock was superb, and with my cock needing to build back a second load, my slut of a wife was going to get a long, hard ride. She was her pulling against the belts that were looped around her wrists, they had no give, and that turned her on even more excite her even more. The bedroom was filled with grunts, squeals and howls, my wife was on fire, she was howling and yelling at me to rape her ass.’ ”

Colleen was growling, she had been pulling against her cuffs, and she growled, “Oh yeah, just like I’m cuffed up, and having my tight asshole raped so good! Keep raping me baby, give me a hot, creamy load, and my icy neighbor persona will be fully melted!”

“I could feel my orgasm about to crest, when Charlene howled, ‘RAPE MY ASS, RAPE ME, RAPE ME, GAWWWWWWW!’ That took me over immediately, and with one final thrust, I buried my cock, erupting in the tight grip, my cum joining Rod’s load. I pumped back and forth, eager to use her tight ass hole to milk every drop from me. I pulled out, and rammed it deep inside her cunt, and with two strokes of my cock, she came, her cunt gushing crazily, shrieks of pleasure filling the bedroom.”

Colleen, her body shaking, cried out, “Yes, oh yes baby, do that to me, rape my cunt again, after you’ve raped my ass, and dumped your load right between my cheeks, rape both my holes!”

I felt the orgasm welling up, and I growled out, “Oh yeah baby, gonna flood you!”

Colleen, her eyes full of green fire, yelled out, “YES, FILL MY ASS, RAPE ME, RAPE, THEN MY CUNT, RAPE MY CUNT AGAIN!”

My head swimming as I felt my balls contracting, I felt the cum filling my cock, then I exploded, my cum gushing, grunting and growling as I felt the rush of cum being jetted out of my cock. As the last gush was deposited deep inside Colleen’s ass, I let go of her legs as I pulled out, her hips tilted downward, putting her wet, soaking pussy entrance in the right position.

“Oh yeah, you see how the snobby icy bitch of a neighbor is melting, flooding my cunt, rape my cunt, I’m so close!”

I rammed in, and it took all of 10 seconds before Colleen howled out.


I felt the hot, eager clamp around my cock, Colleen’s voice rose up to a scream of sexual pleasure as she tumbled into orgasm. Her body was shaking and jerking, squealing and crying out, and seeing that hot bodied Irish lass, cumming around my cock was a ‘welcome wagon’ I full enjoyed delivering.