Enjoying more than just the flora and fauna on our hike

It was mid morning by the time we had arrived at the
State Natural Reserve. It’s quite common to hear people
refer to that area mistakenly as a State Park. The
reserve itself shares boundaries with two marine parks,
one also a reserve, and the other a conservation area.
It’s just one of several favored places along the coast
that we’ve enjoyed. Although our schedules don’t easily
allow, we do try and schedule return visits since moving

We knew the trail system and coastline well, and
preferred the lesser travelled routes. At times we’d
elect to leave the main trails and follow what appeared
as little more than game trails, likely used by resident
black-tailed deer, coyote, gray fox, bobcat… The
wildlife there goes mostly unseen. The sheer number of
species of land animals, let alone the more abundant
bird and marine life present, would easily surprise
most. As is likely true with most celebrated outdoor
areas, the casual visitors see but a mere fraction of
what’s present.

In such areas, people tend to move too quickly, and
generate too much noise. A whole world is waiting to
open up to those who learn to recognize the transition
zones. These zones are essentially the “seams”, the
edges. Examples are the boundaries from forest to
meadow, in a mountain stream it’s from fast water to
slower water, in the air you can watch a soaring hawk
move in and out of the thermal seams. It also applies to
the time of day, from night to dawn. There are reasons
why animals favor these areas and times.

At that time of year, and being mid week, the parking
area had only a few vehicles. It turned out that we had
the reserve mostly to ourselves. The other visitors were
likely nature photographers, birders and, given that
half of the three combined areas are underwater, scuba

The familiar fresh scent of the ocean was welcome. We
could just barely make out the sound of waves finishing
their journey on the beach or colliding against the
craggy granite cliffs. The fog there characteristically
clears by late morning. The color of the water would
then change dramatically from a dull dark gray to the
bright blue and foaming white that is often featured in
photos and paintings of the area.

We had just finished gathering our daypacks when another
vehicle pulled in a few spots away. At a glance they
looked to be college students, a guy and a girl, maybe
nineteen years old, twenty most. They weren’t shy at
all, and offered a spirited �Good Morning”. They turned
out to be quite talkative. They inquired about the
trails, which ones went to the beach area, which ones
stayed inland, and which areas are a must-see. We found
them to be fun to talk to, full of energy, refreshing.

I guess one would say that they were average looking,
whatever that means. Neither of them appeared to be
athletic, more studious looking, somewhat pale. She was
quite feminine, her complexion made me think of the
phrase “squeaky clean”. Their enthusiasm was somewhat
contagious, that was nice, they had already added to our
day. They seemed somewhat innocent, fresh, a natural
sincerity about them. It came to mind that they may have
recently met. Perhaps it was the manner in which they
interacted, not being totally at ease with each other,
and directing a lot of attention to us. Was it a first
date perhaps? Or maybe a first “outing” as a couple, no
other friends or acquaintances around to add comfort?

We were happy to get them oriented. As we headed out, I
offered that we’d be hiking through an open meadow-like
area and then into the coastal forest. Later, we’d
continue to the beach and cliffs after the morning fog
lifted. I added that they’d be able to see us ahead, and
were welcome to follow if they wanted since we’d be
visiting some of the more dramatic areas of the reserve.

As I was staying that, I could see out of the corner of
my eye that Caterina, “Cat”, had turned to look at me
and smiled. Once out of earshot, she asked me if I had
offered for them to follow out of courtesy, or did I
have something else in mind. I replied with only with a
smile. Actually, it was out of courtesy but her comment
brought something to mind.

We never looked directly back at them, but with
peripheral vision we could see them about one hundred
yards behind and following. Once we passed though the
meadow, and entered the coastal forest, we slowed our
pace giving them a chance to keep us in sight. Without
words passing between us we knew that each had begun to
experience the beginnings of that wonderful faint sense
of pleasure that precedes sensuality.

About a quarter mile into the pine and cypress forest, I
turned and made contact with our followers. I waved my
hands and pointed in the direction of a smaller trail
branching off deeper into the forest. They signaled
back, acknowledging the change in direction. Both Cat
and I looked at each other, our hearts beating a bit
faster, the beginnings of arousal gently swept through

We moved more quickly now that we were out of sight, and
found one of our familiar, and somewhat secret, spots.
The undergrowth here was lush with large ferns and a
blanket of low, soft, bright green Spring Grass, which
would become our bed. Shafts of light were beginning to
break through the fog-wrapped forest. With the mature
pines and cypress it had the feel of a primeval forest,
dark but not too dark, almost fairytale-like. In the
past we had spent hours at this very spot, reading,
napping, enjoying nature, sharing…

Our packs were dropped, and we shed our clothes quickly.
I had already become partially erect with anticipation,
and knew that Cat would be moist. She spoke first, “How
about I lean against that tree? Yeah, I liked that
idea. Our hopes were that when the young couple made the
last turn in the pathway, and we came into view, that
they would stop suddenly in their tracks. We wanted them
to be speechless, mesmerized, somewhat frozen in time.

I recall the feeling as being a blend of lost in
ourselves, plus the excitement of perhaps being watched.
We would know in an instant when they saw us whether
we’d be sharing our intimacy with others or be left
alone. Either way we’d enjoy the moment. When we are
both in the mood to let someone watch, then it does feel
special in itself, not better, just different. It’s not
often that we both are in that “mood” at the same time.
It’s nice though when it happens, adds another dimension
to our sexuality.

Cat had positioned herself so that she would be facing
in their approaching direction. She held her arms
stretched out against the trunk of a wind-sculpted
cypress as if crucified in ecstasy. That image, her
against that tree, in that lighting, still comes to me
at times. We didn’t have the time for extended foreplay
as preferred. I knelt before her, held her hips and
began to suck on her clit. Pulling on it with my lips,
nibbling on it until she would offer a faint squeal.

I explored all of her textures, some slippery smooth,
others of intricate folds. Her taste was clean and
exotic. Cat’s soft, lean, nude body, pale olive skin
tone, the weathered textured gray bark, the lush greens
of the undergrowth… it would have made a great
photograph. Our idea of nature photography is different
than that of the photographers that roamed the reserve.

“They’re here,” was all she had whispered. A long thirty
seconds passed, and then “they’re going to stay”.

Cat shared that they were partially concealed behind a
large fern at the last bend in the pathway. Likely they
had felt that we weren’t aware of their presence. They
were close enough to see all that took place, but
couldn’t hear anything above a whisper. It was perfect.

I can only imagine that not a word was passed between
them. They must have been silent, their hearts racing,
and their bodies transitioning to a state of arousal. If
I was correct in my assessment of them at the parking
lot, then they probably hadn’t ever touched each other.
His cock had to be growing and her sweet young pussy
would have begun to soak her panties.

Cat lowered her arms and held my head, pulling my face
further into her pussy. She slowly lifted and bent one
leg and moved it outward; so that I could just reach her
opening and begin to tongue fuck her. Her clit was
already fully swollen and peeking through the lips of
her tender pussy. My mouth and chin were glistening wet
with her nectar. Every woman has her own special scent,
and taste, all to be enjoyed. There are many pleasures
to be experienced on the path to an orgasm. I feel that
most people miss those moments. I’ll take that thought
one step further, it can be as satisfying to taste and
feel your partner climax, as it is to climax yourself.

She released her hands as I pulled away. I stood, and
faced sideways so that they could see the length of my
hard cock, which was pointing nearly straight up. Cat
knelt before me, and then reached in to caress my cum-
filled balls, gently rolling them in her hands. Her
touch is always so light and soft. It’s almost as if I
was dreaming of being fondled, it’s perfect, and it’s
teasing. Pre-cum had started to run down my shaft and
onto her delicate fingers.

As we continued our performance, we silently wondered
what was going through their minds. Could they possibly
have resisted having sex after watching?

I can still remember the feeling when the head of my
cock entered Cat’s warm, wet, soft mouth. That initial
contact is such a high point of pleasure. It’s a
slightly different sensation than entering her pussy.
Both are soft, warm and wet, yet different. It’s but a
mere second in time that needs to be savored. Not just
savored, but also sharing with your partner the pleasure
that they bring.

At center stage for our guests, was Cat holding onto my
thighs with my cock in her luscious mouth. I glanced up
in the general direction of our voyeurs, wondering what,
if anything, they were doing. Not surprisingly, both
were fully clothed and appeared to be focused only on my
cock being sucked. Cat let the head come out and gave my
cock a gentle squeeze, watching another rush of pre-cum
emerge. With the tip of her tongue she gathered it up,
swallowed, and licked her lips. She had taught me to
enjoy the taste as much as she did, and it often is
present in our foreplay.

If I had let Cat continue I wouldn’t have lasted much
longer. I pulled out, and asked Cat to get on her hands
and knees, giving the kids a full side view. After
assuming the position, she looked over her shoulder and
told me to fuck her. I positioned the head of my cock
and eased it in.

I like that position. I like seeing it going in and out,
the smooth, tender lips of her cunt holding my cock
tight. To insure maximum stimulation for both a man
needs must use the full length of his cock. I feel that
all too often what really happens between two is more
the man flopping about aimlessly between a woman’s legs
until he cums, and the woman left wanting. A woman on
all fours, she must feel so fully exposed, so fully
vulnerable… it just adds to the eroticism.

She was well beyond just being wet. Glistening juices
ran down both inner thighs. We could actually hear my
cock moving in and out. It was a vision that I could
easily masturbate to. Her gentle, soft curves, her
breasts jiggling with each thrust. We both tend to lose
track of time when in such an elevated state of
pleasure. What shook me out of the clouds was the sense
that I was getting close. Cat was now resting her head
on the grass and was working her clit with one hand. I
then felt her hand slide further back between her legs
and begin to gently hold my balls. She did this because
she was close, and knew that I would usually come
quickly when my balls were fondled while fucking. It was
like a “trigger” that she could pull, making us cum
together. I held off, wanting to cum in a manner that
would be more enjoyable for all.

It didn’t take long for her to begin to slip into what
would become a long, and violent orgasm. Her ass was
thrusting back into me, her body turning and twisting.
I’ve not ever experienced, or read about, a body moving
so sensually as hers during an orgasm. It was as if she
were possessed as her orgasm played out. Her pussy was
squeezing, it felt as if her spasms were trying to milk
my cock dry. When she experiences a climax at this
elevated level, she’ll often begin to cry from the sheer

I was on the edge of losing it. I was relieved when her
body stopped the involuntary movements, her orgasm
subsiding. I told her to look back at me. I pulled out
as she turned to look back over her shoulder. My hand
was stroking my slippery cock. I aimed; the first long,
white ribbon of fresh cum reached her cheek. The second,
just at the corner of her mouth. We all watched as she
stuck her tongue out to capture some and draw it into
her mouth. What she couldn’t reach had already begun to
flow to her chin, and began to drip down in long white
threads to the grass below.

I continued to stroke, and shoot the rest to form a
white line of cum from her shoulder to the middle of her
back. A pool of my juice formed. As she continued to
move it began to spill over, and run down her sides. It
was an erotic scene, my fresh pure white cum on the
bright green forest carpet.

When my orgasm subsided, we moved to lie on our backs.
My cock was still moving with each breath, and cum
continued to ooze out and run down the side. Cat reached
down and ran a finger up the length of my cock,
gathering cum. I watched as she painter her nipples with
it. It looked like she had covered them with icing. She
leaned toward me, a gesture that was meant for me to
taste myself. I lowered my head and sucked them clean.

It’s likely that our two watchers had never done
anything like that before.

Cat could only utter that her pussy was “throbbing
wonderfully” and her legs felt “too weak to stand”.

It was probably fifteen minutes before I glanced over to
check on our new friends. They were gone! My first words
were “let’s go and find them, they’re close by, I’m

We used a hand towel (always in our daypacks) to take up
our cum, and then quickly dressed to go and search. Cat
laughed as I tried to zip up my jeans over my still
engorged cock. It’s not easily done, and not at all

As we left the area I stopped for a moment, and glanced
back. By late afternoon the Spring Grass would have
recovered, erasing any trace of us being there.

Hopefully, now we’d be the voyeurs.

They must have thought that we would remain lying naked
for some time. We didn’t go far before we heard the
muffled sounds of people enjoying each other. As we made
our way through the tall ferns we came upon a small
clearing, big enough for only two to lie down. They must
have felt hidden, secluded, in their own world.

Clothes were strewn about. I was drawn to her panties,
lying on the soft grass. All that we could see were her
legs spread wide and him lying between them. His boyish,
pale ass moving up and down quickly as they fucked. It
was erotic, it was real.

My guess was that any foreplay had been abandoned, and
they had moved quickly to fucking. It would have been
fun to watch them undress. To see them fully aroused, to
see her feminine form, and his cock. They must have
moved quickly into the position we found them. She
probably had to help him put it in.

We watched until his movements quickened even more.
Then, his baby smooth white ass suddenly tightened up
and quivered. No doubt she could feel the heat and
volume of his juice filling her tender young cunt. He
repeated the movements over and over, unloading all that
he had. I wanted to stay longer, until he pulled out and
rolled off of her. I wanted to see her pink little pussy
release a stream of his white cum, watching it pool on
the grass between her legs.

We left unnoticed, allowing them their privacy, their
special moment.

Although it wasn’t love making in a refined, experienced
manner, it was pure lust in motion. In time, they would
perfect what was right for them, and that’s all that
matters anyway. It was a day never to be forgotten by
those two for sure. And not just them, Cat and I have
shared that vision many times as well.

After spending a few hours on the beach, having lunch
and napping, we made our way back to our vehicle. We
hadn’t really expected to see the young couple at the
beach. Although it would have been interesting, I wished
it had happened. Anything would have been possible.

Before leaving the parking area we left a notice on the
windshield of their car, just a simple, “Hope your day
was memorable.”

In thinking back, we certainly had accelerated their
relationship. Hopefully, all for the good. If the
situation was reversed there’s little doubt that we
would have stayed and watched. Cat and I wondered if one
or both were virgins at the time, perhaps so.

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