Feeding Time On The Farm – My first animal experience

My own foray into debauchery began innocently enough.
Growing up in rural Wisconsin, I, like any other number
of people my age had our assigned ‘chores’ to do on our
parent’s farms. Some of my own chores included feeding
the animals twice a day morning and evening. It was
during one of these evening feedings that my
experimentation began.

Part of the regular routine was to feed the calves
their milk replacer, which was basically a powder that
you mixed with hot water and then fed to them out of a
big bottle or small pail. I never tasted it, but I
always liked the smell of it… sweet and a little
musky at the same time.

At the time, I was probably about 13 years old, and
just beginning to get curious about all things sexual.
It was during this particular evening that as I was
feeding the calves, watching them suck from the
bottles, and getting more than a little turned on.

My cock was throbbing underneath my jeans while they
were feeding, and I was more than a little ashamed of
the fact that I was getting so turned on. I couldn’t
help it help it, though. I couldn’t help but wonder how
it felt to the cows when the calves were feeding from
them, and I couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel
to have the calves sucking on me.

I put my hand into one of the pails of milk replacer,
and held up my fingers to the nearest calf. He trotted
eagerly over to me, and took my fingers into his mouth,
licking every last little drop of liquid from my
fingertips. Getting more horny and a little braver, I
slid my jeans off… and dropped my briefs to the floor
of the stall.

My breath was coming in excited gulps, I took some of
the milk replacer powder, and sprinkled a generous
amount of if on my rock hard cock. Walking back into
the pen, I was so hard that I had to push down with my
hand to get my cock from standing straight up. I called
over to the calf who had just cleaned off my fingers,
and he came trotting over to me again.

By now, I was so turned on that my legs were trembling.
Without missing a beat, he opened his mouth, wrapped
his tongue around my cock and *gulped* me into his
mouth. I was completely unprepared for how hard he was
sucking, and for the sandpapery texture of his tongue.

I was both excited beyond belief, and disgusted that
this animal had my cock in his mouth and was trying to
feed from me. It was a moot point, though, because his
grip on my cock was so hard that I couldn’t have pulled
out from him even if I would have wanted to.

I could feel my cum begin to gather deep inside of me.
This was going to be my first orgasm that wasn’t self-
induced… and I could tell that it was going to be
huge. My knees buckled, and I began to spray my load
into his mouth. I figured out later that it must have
been the salty taste of my cum, but as I began to cum,
he suckled harder and harder, his big nose slapping up
against my stomach every time he gulped-and-released…
gulped-and-release (but never quite enough for me to
pull out).

He sucked me dry… and kept on sucking. It was at this
point that I began to get a little concerned because he
was showing no signs of letting go. I stayed hard in
his mouth, and he brought me back again quickly and
devoured my second salty meal.

This time, when he took a breath, I managed to grab him
by the ears and force him off of me. I fell back on to
the floor of the pen, not quite sure what had just

After I collected myself, I took a look around and
realized that I had a veritable zoo to myself, cows,
horses, calves and dogs to play with ‘ and play with
them I did.

The next couple of years were spent experimenting with
every different animal in the barn.

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