While painting my living room naked, my new neighbor pays me a visit

New neighbors moved in across the street from me and
the lady was pretty decent looking from my vantage
point. I waved hello the first time I saw her and every
time since and after they were there for about two
weeks, I was painting my living room naked, as I never
wore clothes around the house and not thinking I had
taken down the shades to facilitate the painting. A
knock at the door kind of brings me back to reality and
I wrapped a towel around myself that I kept on a hook
for this purpose.

It’s my new neighbor, she introduces herself as Tina
and asks if she can come in. She’s even better looking
up close, so I let her in and we make small talk for a
few minutes and then she tells me she saw me painting
and was very impressed with my cock and she wants to
see it hard. With that she pulls the towel off, grabs
my dick and very expertly, starts to jerk me off.

I get brick hard in a second, she holds my cock in one
hand now and checks it out, commenting how beautiful my
cock is, just made for sucking. She drops to her knees,
inhales my cock and this hot little package has the
most awesome mouth I ever encountered. She was the best
cock sucker my prick ever had the pleasure of being
sucked by.

This little cunt did magical things to my prick with
her mouth, her tongue was all over my cock while she
was sucking on it and it didn’t take very long before I
was ready to blow my load. She grabbed my ass with both
hands, told me to give it to her and clamped her mouth
down on my prick to make sure I came in her mouth.

My cock had never swelled up to the size it was now, I
put my head back, moaned and groaned as I shot my load
of hot cum into her mouth. She never flinched, kept her
mouth glued to my cock as she swallowed every drop of
my load and licked my cock afterwards to make sure she
got it all. She stood back up, asked if I enjoyed her
pleasuring my cock and I told her she gave me the best
blow job I ever had.

She smiled from ear to ear, told me I could use her
mouth whenever I wanted to as long as she could do me
whenever she wanted. I said it was a deal, but I guess
the way I said it brought forth the reason why she was
going to suck my cock whenever.

She told me she really loves to suck a hot dick and
make it cum in her mouth and since I was only across
the street, so she wouldn’t have to go out looking for
a hot cock to suck. She also told me that she won’t let
me fuck her because that would be really cheating on
her husband and if he gave her what she wanted to suck,
she wouldn’t be here now.

As good as this little cunt sucked cock, I was quite
happy with the arrangement, I mean what the hell, a
blow job whenever I wanted, I could live without her
pussy. The whole time we talked she had hold of my
prick and was playing with it and her hands were almost
as good as her mouth, making me rock hard again.

This time she sat me on a kitchen chair so that she
could sit on the floor with her legs under the chair
and her mouth at my cock. She started licking and
sucking my boiling hot prick, making it ache like it
never ached before and she had me to the point where I
was just about to cum and backed off. She kept doing
that to my cock for at least a half hour and my cock
was now so fucking sensitive, I told her I was going to
shoot my load if she just touched it. She grabbed my
balls with one hand, sucked my cock into her mouth and
ran her tongue at that spot under the head.

My cock exploded like a bomb going off, I shot four
loads into her waiting mouth and she swallowed every
drop without gagging. My cock was in fucking heaven, I
had never cum that much before, but what she could do
to my cock was fucking incredible and after she licked
it clean, she asked if I was always naked. I told her
yes and she said that she would be over for her dessert
after dinner, meet her at the door.

About eight that night there’s a knock at the door, I
open it, Tina pushes me back, drops to her knees and
inhales my cock. The way she sucks cock it only takes a
few minutes before I’m ready to fill her mouth with hot
cum, she grabs my ass again, makes some kind of sound
and I my cock goes off in her hot wet mouth, making my
knees buckle.

That was Saturday, it’s Sunday morning, I got up early
to finish the painting, I see Tina striding toward my
house so I go open the door. She steps in, says she
needs my cock bad, drops to her knees and takes almost
all of my cock in her mouth, giving me a blow job with
a vengeance it seemed to me. Again it only takes a
minute or two, especially knowing I can blow my load in
her mouth and don’t have to reciprocate.

My cock swells in her mouth, she’s making a kind of
mewing sound and grabs my ass again as my cock explodes
in her mouth. She licks me clean, stands up, makes the
pronouncement that she will show his fucking ass and
tells me she is going to spend the day with me.

Before I can even reply, she takes her housecoat off
and she is balls ass naked under it, with the biggest
nipples I had ever seen. They were as big around as my
little finger and stuck out about at least an inch, if
not more and the thought hit me that sucking her
nipples would be like sucking a tiny cock, but I was up
for it. She was totally hairless too and she had a very
pretty camel toe pussy with nice fat lips, just made to
fuck. I didn’t care one wit what happened between her
and her husband, because all I wanted now was to get my
cock in that pussy.

She must have read my mind because she said I could
fuck her ass now but still not her pussy and I thought
to myself, whether she likes it or not, I’m going to
fuck her hot cunt. She wanted to help me paint, so
there we were, both naked, painting my living room
until she bent over and wiggled her ass at me. My cock
came right to attention, I walked to her and started
rubbing my cock on her ass, which made her moan.

She came prepared, she had KY jelly in her house coat,
I worked it into her asshole and she coated my cock
with it, told me to drive it home and bent over. I
couldn’t help myself, I put the head of my cock into
her asshole and then just pushed into her hard, so that
my cock went in as far as I could make it go. She was
making noises like a stuck pig, in between telling me
to fuck her harder, so I grabbed her hips and really
slammed the meat to her.

She was fingering her pussy and in no time she was
yelling I was making her fucking cum, her knees buckled
slightly, she screamed and she shot so much girl cum
out of her pussy, we were both covered with it and
there was a small puddle on the floor. I had my arm
around her waist now so she wouldn’t collapse on me and
her asshole had my cock in a grip like a vise. I kept
fucking her while her asshole gripped every inch of my
cock and then it was so tight I couldn’t hold it any
longer and filled her wonderful asshole up with my cum.

She had come again so that there was now a sizable
puddle on the floor, her legs went totally and I let
her slip on down into the puddle of cum. What a picture
that was, she was laying in the puddle of her cum, my
cum was dripping out of her ass and she was panting
like a race horse with some moans in between. I sat on
the floor, put her head on my lap and stroked her tits
until she recovered enough to tell me she was covered
with cum and needed a bath.

I liked her that way, covered in cum with cum dripping
from her ass and told her she would have to wait until
we finished painting, then I would bathe her. She was
agreeable to that, went and made coffee and we finished
the painting in about two hours. I was just starting to
get hard again, so we went to take a bath and I figured
that while in the tub, I was going to fuck her pussy.
We washed each other until we were clean and paint
free, then I made her stand, got between her legs and
put my mouth on her pussy.

She started to protest but I put my tongue in her cunt
hole and she went from talking to moaning and when I
stuck my finger up her asshole, she squirted pussy
juice like she was a fountain, moaning, holy fuck the
whole time. I made her bend over for me, her cunt hole
was still wide open and I shoved my prick up it in one
swift motion. I had her by the hips with my cock buried
to the hilt in her pussy and all she said was, Oh
baby, fuck me, fuck me hard, come in my cunt baby, cum
in my cunt.

I moved my ass all around so my cock did the same in
her pussy and was rubbing her clit at the same time.

She screamed so loud as she came, if somebody heard
her, they would have thought she was being killed, then
she started yelling, harder baby, harder, harder, so I
grabbed her hips and slammed the meat to her pussy. Her
pussy was almost as tight as her asshole and I realized
she was the best fuck I ever had, she moved her ass all
over the place and she had this ability to squeeze my
cock with her cunt, putting my cock in orbit.

It was all I could do to keep from shooting my load
right away but I managed to hang on and make her cum a
couple of times before my cock swelled up in her cunt
and I shoot cum into her pussy like a fire hose gone
ape shit. God, what a piece of ass this little cunt
was, she could fuck and suck like no other cunt in the
world, she had the perfect mouth, asshole and pussy and
I was going to get to fuck her whenever I wanted.

What a weekend that was, my cock was never used so much
in my life before, she blew me a couple of more times,
I fucked her in the ass and pussy again and ate her
pussy once more. She now comes over every morning after
her husband leaves for work to get her morning cock
full of cream and every Sunday we spend the day

Sometimes life is just fucking awesome.

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