Grandma’s tale

A few nights ago I was watching adult television all by
myself, and getting seriously horny over a programme
showing a lesbian seduction. You will understand that it
is not always easy for a sixty-year-old woman to find a
female lover at short notice.

Sometimes when I feel this way, I am able to slip into
my sixteen year old granddaughter’s bed. Her mother
always tells me to use her daughter whenever I feel the
need. “So much better to keep it in the family rather
than trying to pick up some bimbo in a bar!” she says.
However this time Angela was away for a few days and
Serena was away working somewhere, so I was left all

Eventually, I gave in to my impulses and went to bed for
a masturbation session with only memories to excite me.
The image uppermost in my mind was of my friend Pam
Bennett’s daughter, Wendy. This is one lovely girl.
Still only sixteen, she has the maturity of an older
woman with the body of a teenager. I went to sleep with
my fingers deep in my pussy and the memory of the first
time I tasted adorable Wendy’s girl juice on my tongue.

Next day I awoke with the same lustful feelings. I know
that when I get into one of these moods, only a good
fuck with a teen baby will relax me. I was going up the
wall, and mid-morning I gave in and rang Pam. “Pam
dear,” I said, “Would you mind if I came around to see
you this afternoon?”

Pam said she would be delighted to see me again and she
added that Wendy was off school, studying and would be
pleased to see me too.

“Oh good,” I said, “I am really looking forward to
seeing her.”

Pam laughed, “So it’s her that you really want is it? I
might have guessed that a sixteen year old would appeal
to you more than forty year old me.”

“Do you mind, Pam dear?” I asked, delighted that she had
perceived my need.

“No way,” Pam laughed, “Trust me. I will have her all
ready for you when you arrive.”

I had a quick lunch, showered and left on the short
drive to the Bennett house. I was in quite a state and I
was agog to see what Pam had arranged. I knocked at
their door. Pam opened it and finger on lips invited me
in. She pointed to the stairs and gave me a gentle push

I ran up the stairs to Wendy’s room. Despite the
sunlight outside, the room curtains were drawn and just
one ceiling spotlight was shining onto the centre of the
king-size bed. In the pool of light lay the naked body
of my dear friend’s beautiful daughter. Wendy was on her
back with her lovely face framed by a halo of fine
blonde hair. Her hands were behind her head. I knew then
that Pam had arranged her that way so that the full
breasts were held high on her ribcage.

Her well-muscled belly surrounded the deep indent of her
navel. She was holding her long slender legs slightly
apart so that I could make out the neat slit of her cunt
with her slick lips gleaming in the light. Her clitoral
hood was surmounted with a neat tuft of soft blonde fur,
freshly trimmed to decorate but not hide my view of her
vulva. The lovely sex angel raised her arms towards me,
and smiled a welcome. It took me only a moment to fling
off my clothes and climbing onto the bed, I swept her
into my arms.

We kissed. Wendy has a lovely mouth and I have always
enjoyed kissing her. As we enjoyed the feel of each
other’s tongues deep in our mouths, I was conscious of
the wonderful body pressed so tightly against mine. As
always I felt a wave of gratitude to Pam for allowing me
to have her daughter so often.

I broke the kiss and moved my mouth down her body to her
full breasts. Have you ever seen one of those girls
whose nipples get so swollen and puffy that it seems
that their breasts have breasts of their own? Wendy is
like that; her nipples get so swollen that you would
think they would burst if you scraped a fingernail
against them.

I took the right nipple into my mouth and she lay back
with a moan as I suckled her. I put my hand on her pussy
and as I pressed into her, I felt her sexlips part. I
slipped two fingers deep into her hole and worked them
against her cuntmeat to get her juices flowing. In my
mouth, her tit tasted wonderful, just a hint of salt as
her sweat flowed. Keeping my hands on her breasts, I
turned my body so that I was kneeling between Wendy’s
legs so that I could easily eat her cunt. Youngsters’
cunts have a beauty all their own, and Wendy’s was no
exception. It was lying open with a lovely hot pink
fleshy interior. Her clit was already peeping out of its
hood and with a cry of lust I bent my head to take the
pearly bud between my lips.

Wendy has a clitty of about a quarter inch, so I can
easily grasp it with my lips and work on its shaft with
my tongue. Wendy started to thrash, but I wanted to be
in position to drink her jism flow as she came, so I
left her bud and plunged my tongue deep into her.

Sure enough, this was sufficient to push the darling
over the edge and as she orgasmed, I allowed her flow to
fill my mouth. Wendy has a unique taste, fruity yet
salty and with quite a thick consistency. I savoured it
in my mouth and swallowed it down. I lay back on the bed
and let my limbs relax. Wendy knew it was her turn now
to repay me for her pleasure.

Every time I let Wendy do me, I benefit from the sex
training given to her by her mother. Pam had taught her
daughter just how to excite all her lesbian partners.
She knew I was not in the mood for much foreplay, so
went straight for my pussy. The sensation of her still
swollen lips on my cunt was sublime. Older ladies clits
are usually longer than youngsters and not so covered by
the fold. As she took hold of mine, I felt electric
shocks, which seemed to run from my clit to my nipples
to my mouth.

My lover suckled my clit like a baby at its mother’s
breast. I felt the orgasm begin, with a fluttering deep
within me. Then as the darling sucked and pushed a
finger right up my vagina, the climax blossomed
throughout my fevered body. With a great howl I let all
my frustrations go. Wendy kept the orgasm going as long
as she could and eventually, I pushed her head away and
pulled her up into a loving grateful embrace.

As we lay there basking in the aftermath of a truly
glorious fuck, there was a tap at the door and Pam came
in with a tea tray. It seemed the most natural thing in
the world for Pam to sit, fully clothed, beside her
naked daughter and her daughter’s lover, drinking tea.
Pam looked so fresh and clean while we two were drenched
in sweat and love juice. As we lay there chatting, Pam
asked me about my phone call.

“Why did you feel like that? I would have thought you
would have plenty of friends you could call on when you
feel horny.”

I admitted that I found it difficult to find just the
type of girls I need.

“Well, “Pam said, “Wendy is always here if you find
yourself alone.”

She turned to Wendy and asked her if there were any of
her friends she could introduce to me. “Maybe, but I
have a better idea.”

Wendy said. “Why don’t you and Sophie go to Jean’s
health club for the weekend? Remember that Louise told
us that Rosy and Posy were working there now.”

“Are they the twins I met when you came to the hotel?” I
asked, remembering the time I first met Pam and Wendy. I
had been working as a waitress when I had been asked to
serve lunch to a party in one of the hotel rooms. The
afternoon had ended with Pam and me and Louise, the
twins’ mother taking Rosy and Posy and Wendy on a king
size bed.

“What a good idea,” said Pam and went off to telephone.
In a few moments she returned to tell us it was all
arranged. “And Rosy and Posy are to be our personal
therapists for the whole weekend. Pam and Wendy bundled
me into my clothes and rushed me home. We had only a
couple of hours to get ready for our trip.

The Main Feature

Pam came to collect me for our trip to the health club.
She explained to me that it was run by her friend Jean
Burroughs for women only. Pam said there would only be a
few other guests there and that each guest would have a
therapist. These young women were trained to be totally
available to their guests at all times.

My girl would be there for sex, if that was what I
wanted, or to bath me, or prepare a meal or anything
else. We were both dying to see the twins again. “I
wonder if they are still virgin,” I laughed.

“And I wonder who else will be there,” said Pam. “The
last time I was there, two pop stars were guests as
well.” And she told me their names. I would love to have
seen them for myself, especially as Pam told me that
everyone was naked at all times. I think we all lust
over the famous girl group’s bodies, don’t we?

We arrived to a wonderful welcome. Jean was standing on
the steps; she escorted us to our room. This was truly
lovely, much nicer than the hotel where I worked. A
large room it had two double beds, comfortable sofa and
the usual bathroom fittings. On a terrace was a Jacuzzi,
which looked very inviting. Jean suggested we should
disrobe, and I was pleased to see her approving look as
she scanned my trim figure.

“I am sure you will be pleased to meet your fellow
guests, but I must ask you to be very discreet, they are
rather well known and we do not want to spoil their
visit.” she said, “There are just two couples. One
couple consists of a member of the royal family, she has
a strange masculine official name, but is all woman, we
call her Marie. She is with her lady in waiting. The
other two are very pretty girls, both married to pop
singers. Patsy and Meg often come here to get away from
their husbands and enjoy some proper lesbian loving. Now
would you like to meet your therapists?” She touched the
bell push between the beds.

We all heard the soft knock at the door. Jean signed to
us to sit one on each bed, and she herself went to the
door. We gasped in admiration to see the darling twins
again. They came into the room together totally naked.

Nearly identical, they were tall and slender. They still
had their manes of blonde hair cascading down their
backs. Their breasts were held high on their ribcages,
quite small but perfectly conical. Both had
exceptionally large nipples so that the breasts were
about half white meat and half pink. Flat bellies led to
the only difference between them. Jean laughed to see us
looking at the teenager’s mounds.

“I have shaved Rosy and left Posy with a tuft.” she
said, “So that you can tell them apart!” Long legs
completed the pretty picture the sisters made as they
posed for our approval. “Now I will leave you alone for
now. Remember the girls will do anything you want. Come
and join the other guests for dinner at eight.” The
elegant woman left, closing the door softly behind her.

Rosy and Posy ran to our sides and gave us big hugs.
Jean had not told them that we were to be their guests,
so they were delightfully surprised to find they were to
look after their first lovers. We asked them all about
their lives now. They told us how much they were
enjoying working for Jean. “It is not like work at all,
“said Rosy, “A lovely place to live and lots and lots of
lovely lesbians to have sex with.” “And no men!” added
Posy, “We are both still cherry, ” she said proudly.

Pam and I had one decision to make, which would take
Posy and which Rosy. In the end we agreed to work as a
foursome. The twins agreed to serve us both equally.
When they suggested we should all go to the Jacuzzi we
agreed eagerly. We felt like princesses as we sat in the
warm foaming water, a glass of champagne to hand and on
each of our knees, a lovely teen blonde nymphet. I had
Posy, the one with the tuft. This was bliss.

Her mouth was there for me to feed on as and when I
wanted and her lovely conical breasts were under my
hand. I just took and she gave! Pam proposed that we
have a race to see who could give their baby an orgasm
first. We laid them down side-by-side on the Jacuzzi
surround and knelt in the bath so we could reach the two
pink cunts.

“Go,” said Pam and we both fell to our virgin cunt meal.
Within moments both babes were gasping. I have noticed
that older lesbians can bring on a teen’s orgasm like no
one else. Soon both therapists were rocking as their
orgasms hit. We agreed it had been a dead heat.

Soon it would be time for dinner, of course we did not
have to dress for it, but we did our make up. I helped
the girls put their hair up. They really looked a treat.
I took Rosy’s hand and Pam took Posy. We strolled
together to the cocktail bar. The other guests were
there before us. The two singer’s wives looked very
sweet and sexy, but all eyes were drawn to the Princess.
She was an older woman, but very beautiful and elegant,
with a classic fit body.

We were introduced to her and she graciously
complimented us on our therapists. She told us that her
own therapist was also delightful and would be joining
her shortly. The lady in waiting was quite young. I
guessed she had been chosen for her beauty and I
wondered just what her duties involved! Just then we
heard the Princess say, “Come and meet my new friends,

I turned to meet her therapist. Imagine my surprise when
I found myself face to face with my own granddaughter,
Serena. I was amazed. I had never thought that she would
have gone in for this type of work. It was only a few
months ago that Pam and I had helped in her first

“Do I understand you two know each other?” I heard the
Princess asking as she watched Serena and I greeting
each other. I proudly acknowledged her as my
granddaughter, “I hope she is serving you well?” I said.

The Princess assured me that my Serena was everything a
bored princess could ask for. As if to show off, she
took my granddaughter into her arms and kissed her
deeply. Meanwhile Pam and the twins had ordered
cocktails for us all and were waiting for me to join
them on a deep sofa. We sat and flirted while sipping
our drinks.

The twins were too young for alcohol, but we let them
sip ours and soon they became quite merry. I was pleased
to see Serena sitting on the Princess’s knee, while her
guest amused herself by anointing her breasts with
cherries and lemon slices and eating them off her. Even
while dancing with her own therapist, the lady in
waiting kept her eyes on her mistress all the time.

Suddenly a gong sounded and we all walked into the
dining room. There was one large table laid for a formal
dinner. My heart lurched when I realised that the
centrepiece was the decorated body of a young girl.

Pam whispered, “That is Penny, Jean’s daughter. She was
my therapist last time I was here.”

We all sat down around the table, where a waitress
served the first course. It was a cold prawn dish and I
was amused to see that both the singer’s wives asked for
it to be served on their therapists’ breasts. They
pushed aside their cutlery and just used their lips to
eat it up. Rosy and I shared the dish each feeding the
other. We could not avoid getting the sauce on our faces
so cleaned each other with our kisses.

The second course was a hot dish of roast meat, which we
all enjoyed. I saw that Serena spent the time her
Princess was eating in massaging the woman’s large
breasts. The royal nipples swelled beautifully.

Dessert consisted of all kinds of fruit presented in
phallic shapes. The Princess led us off by slipping a
banana into Penny’s quim and working it in and out
before taking it to share with Serena. We all used Penny
to enhance our fruit. Patsy poured cream into her belly
button for us to dip our fruit into.

Pam placed a strawberry into the teen’s mouth and ate it
out in a passionate kiss. At last the erotic feast was
over, and following Jean’s instructions we guests
assembled in the drawing room for coffee and the
cabaret. Serena went with the Princess, but the other
therapists left by another door, only to reappear
dressed as gypsy girls.

Sweet music played and the girls danced delightfully.
Every so often one of them would come to her guest and
indicate that we should remove a garment. All the while,
the Princess kept Serena on her knee, fondling and
kissing her nakedness as they watched the entertainers.
Soon all the girls were quite naked.

Rosy and Posy’s bodies were glowing with their
exertions. One of the other girls had spectacular
breasts, and I saw that the lady in waiting was
fascinated by them. One by one, the girls sank into a
circle, where they quickly daisy chained so that each
had a cunt to suck and were in turn sucked by the next

We guests were free to cheer them on and caress their
fire lit bodies. Soon all of them were orgasming
together, and the musky smells of girl sex enveloped us
all. The girls all got to their feet and curtsied
prettily. We applauded their efforts. Couples started to
pair off and hand in hand went off to their rooms, where
I guess some serious lesbian fucking would take place.
Pam and I took our twins’ hands and led them to our
waiting bedroom.

We were all feeling a little warm so together we took a
shower. The cubicle was big enough for us all with a
squeeze, so Pam and I took it upon ourselves to wash the
teenagers’ sweet bodies. You can imagine how good they
looked standing breast to breast while we soaped and
rinsed them. Then they did the same for us. We all dried
off and went into the bedroom.

“What would you like?” asked Rosy, “Do you want to go to
bed or would you like Posy and I to put on a show for
you first?” Pam and I agreed that would be wonderful and
so the two sisters commenced to give us our very own
private lesbian incest show. They moved into each
other’s arms and commenced with a long french-kiss. It
was obvious to me that they were deeply in love and
relishing the chance to pleasure each other. It was so
good to be able to move up close to the participants and
be able to see every nuance of their passion.

Soon the girls moved into a breast 69 position where
they each suckled the others puffy nipples. As they kept
their long thighs apart, Pam and I were able to see and
indeed play with their exposed pussies. Pam was getting
impatient, so she gently moved the babes’ bodies into
the full 69. Pam took up position behind Posy’s head and
I behind Rosy’s.

Thus I saw the loving way Rosy opened her sister’s cunt
and reached for its depths with an agile tongue. I
helped her by popping Posy’s baby clit and as Rosy
tongue fucked her twin, I diddled her.

Together we brought Posy up to a full rolling multiple
orgasms. I saw Rosy throw her own head back as Pam and
her sister procured the same wonderful sensations in her
body. Both the teenagers were quite vocal, as we two
older more experienced lesbians ensured that their
bodies sustained the maximum enjoyment. Soon however
they relaxed, and we took them off for a cool wash.

As I flannelled off Rosy’s love juices from Posy’s body,
I felt a real rush of love for the darling twins. We
paired off for bed, knowing that it was our turn to be
made love to. The girls proved as adept at giving us
pleasure as they had for each other.

Finally it was time for sleep, but the girls had one
final surprise for us. “Would you like to have us both
together through the night? There is plenty of room in
one bed.” So we slept four in the bed, Pam and I on the
outside with the two babes held by the breasts close as
spoons in front of us. In turn they embraced each other,
face to face. Several times in the night, I woke and
took the opportunity to finger fuck one or other of the

I know Pam did the same.

Next day we were given several treatments, massages and
facials. One special, which we enjoyed, was when Jean
bandaged us tightly against our therapists. She left us
in a steam box, to sweat and enjoy the feelings of
immobility and of having a teen babe’s body tight
against our own. The only parts of us able to move were
our faces, so we took the opportunity to have a
prolonged kiss with our sister lovers.

When we were released, we were amused to watch my grand
daughter being wrapped into a similar bundle with her
little firm breasts against her Princess’s larger ones.
After lunch we said goodbye to all our new friends. As
we were getting into the car, we saw the lady in waiting
run up to us. “The Princess asked me to thank you for
letting her have your granddaughter.” she laughed,
“Don’t be surprised if she gets a summons to come and
see the Princess again soon.”


Angela was waiting for me when I got home. She was so
pleased that I had had a good time and wanted to know
all about Serena. “How is she getting on?” she asked. I
told her all about the life she was leading. Angela was
delighted to hear about how much the Princess had
enjoyed her daughter.

A few days later, Angela took a telephone call from the
lady in waiting asking if Serena could be her guest at
Royal Ascot, and if she could stay a few nights at their
country house. “The Prince is away and Serena could keep
the Princess company, if you agree,” she said.

So it came about that a few days later, we were waving
Serena away in a Bentley limousine for a weekend of
socialising and a right royal seeing to!

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