A woman has a fantasy that her friends are willing to help her fulfill

“I’ve been thinking,” Ildi said, sipping a Margarita.
“Thinking and dreaming…”

“About me, perhaps?” Nikki asked mischievously.

Ildi looked across the table at her tall, cool friend.
For the millionth time Ildi asked herself exactly what
it was about Nikki… true enough, she was striking to
look at, with her cascading auburn hair, sparkling
dark eyes, richly curved mouth and flawless
complexion. Nikki was also a great treat to be with, to
talk with, to laugh with, even just to sit with
silently while appreciating some subtle thought or

But there was something else. Sexual magic, many
thought. Nikki was so thoroughly sensual and so subtle
and wide-ranging in sex, with men and women alike,
that to her closest associates, she was like a person
from another race, parallel and superior to the human
tribe. Just the kind of person who appears in dreams.

“I’ll tell you the theme of the dream, and then you
can propose an interpretation, or not, whatever” Ildi
said seriously.


“I’m lying on my back on an altar, in a huge church
that has no roof. I mean, I can see the sky. It’s not
a ruin, it just doesn’t have a roof. Some of our
friends are gathered around. I am breathing hard, and
I can’t move, but I don’t seem to mind.”

Nikki smiled. “There have been plenty of times when you
can’t move but don’t mind. Or actively like it.”

Ildi grinned, her white teeth flashing in her dark
face. “Yeah, I think this is the case in the dream,
although there are no obvious ropes or restraints.
Anyway, you come and stand over me, and ask me if I am
ready to be washed in the b***d.”

“In the B***D?”

“Yeah, the b***d of the lamb. I was raised a Baptist.
It means being baptized.”

Nikki made a face. “I KNOW what it means. I didn’t just
crawl down out of a tree. But why would you have a
religious dream at this stage in your life?”

Ildi spread her hands. “That I do not know. I slipped
away from the church when I became a teenager, and it
shit-sure slipped away from me when I found out I was
gay…anyway, in the dream you ask me if I’m ready to
be baptized, and I say yes, and you pour a whole
shower of water all over me…”

Nikki raised one eyebrow. “A whole shower?”

“Yeah. And then I feel the spirit, and then I come.”

“Excuse me?” Nikki licked her lips, no doubt because of
the salt on the rim of the Margarita glass.

Ildi grinned and rolled her eyes back. “In the dream,
the holy spirit enters me, and I have an orgasm.”

“In the dream?”

“Well, at the end of the dream. I start coming, and I
wake up, and finish coming.”

Nikki sighed. “Are you complaining or bragging? This is
sure the most literal ‘wet’ dream I ever heard of.”

“Well, I’m not complaining. But there have been some
big-time witches and root doctors and other so-called
superstitious types back in my family history, and I
definitely believe that this dream is trying to tell
me something.”

Nikki placed her palms together and sighted on Ildi’s
face over her fingertips.

“Yeah, right. You know full well what this dream

“All right, it’s obvious. And the more I think about
it, the more obvious it becomes. And the more I want

Nikki looked at her friend for a moment. Ildi could
almost see a little playlet enacted behind Nikki’s
eyes, including casting, staging, editing, dress
rehearsal, and fine-tuning. Then Nikki grinned, her
remarkable incandescent grin. “Well, then, let’s do
it. It’s water and power time! Are YOU ready to be
washed in the b***d of the lamb?”

Ildi’s voice trembled as she replied “No, but I’m
ready to be showered in the gold of the Nikki.”


The two women left the bar and walked along in the
afternoon sun and haze. Practically everybody they
passed stopped what they were doing and watched them
walk by; old, young, gay, straight, whatever–everyone
who ever spied Nikki and any of her friends somehow
felt that they had been in the presence of something
special. The two women strode confidently along the
brick sidewalks; one tall, one very tall. One dark
brown in skin tone, the other a pale ivory white. One
with a great explosion of shiny black curls, the other
with a dark-reddish mane flung halfway down her back.

“You’re sure you know what you want?” Nikki continued.

“Very sure. Have you done it before?”

“Giving or getting?”

Ildi wrinkled her nose. “I can’t really imagine you
getting, although it’s a fun mental picture. No, I
mean giving.”

Nikki nodded seriously. “Yes. I have. It can be very
powerful. Profound, in fact. Most of the time, it’s
women giving it to men, with the elementary symbolism
that implies.”

“I want you to give it to me, but the symbolism is not
at all elementary.”

“No. I understand. However, there’s one other aspect
you might not have thought about; race.”


“Yes. You’re AfAm and I’m white. Well, nominally–my
mother was from Peru. My bestowing it on you has a lot
of built-in historical associations, slavery, and
stuff like that.”

“It’s never been a problem between us before.”


“It won’t be a problem between us now, as long as you
know that it has crossed my mind. You know — I hope
you always know — that I could never do anything to
hurt or demean you.” Ildi was surprised as Nikki — who
seldom touched even her closest friends, sexually OR
socially — reached across the intervening space and
took Ildi’s hand in hers.

Ildi’s husky voice betrayed the emotion she was trying
to control as she looked into Nikki’s bottomless eyes
and said, “Of course. I’m not asking to be demeaned.
I’m asking a great and powerful gift from you; almost
a sacrament, never mind what the world says. Nikki, my
love for you is such that nothing you could possibly
do would demean me.”

“OK. I feel better about it. Never mind what the world
says… the world would probably throw us both in the
madhouse, if it but knew a tenth of what we do!”

Nikki and Ildi crossed the street and headed back
toward the Iron Circle parking lot, where they had
left their car.

Nikki continued “We’ll need a third.”


“To ‘spot’; assist. Take care of you, hold me up if
needed. I don’t want to slip and fall on you and do us
both in.”

“Oh, yeah, you’re right. Well, let’s ask Siska. She’s
freakishly strong, plus which she loves these sorts of
things… actually, we’ll need a fourth.”

“A fourth?”

Ildi held her fingers up to frame her eyes. “Yeah. To
videotape the scene. I want a tape, memories for my
so-called golden years.”

Nikki laughed, then held her hand symbolically about
three feet off the pavement.

“Well, Yvette can do that, if she can be talked into

“Right, shy as a little mad dog. We’ll just tell her
she can hand-hold the camcorder and sit on the


“Ouch nothing,” Ildi laughed. “You’ve probably had a
tripod up your ass often enough to melt the paint off

Nikki nodded seriously. “Of course. Hasn’t everybody?
But not the end with the set screw.”

Both women laughed nastily.


Back in her apartment, Nikki punched out a number on
the phone and put it on the speaker.

“Siska? It’s Nikki.”

“Hello, candy-clit! What’s up?”

“Shower party. Are you up for it?”

“Shower party? Engagement, wedding, baby, or post-game
locker room?”

“Golden. For Ildi.”

A moment of silence on the line as the most
unshockable person Nikki knew (next to herself) got
shocked and then got over it. “Awright! Count me in.”

“Yvette still got her camcorder? She’s invited too, to
document the festivities.”

“That’s great! Yvette has been driving me nuts, she’s
well overdue for an outing. She’s so fucking bored
she’s only been masturbating three or four times a

“Hmmm…maybe a vitamin supplement. Well, I’ll call
you back when we work out the details.”

Nikki hung up the phone and walked over to look at
herself in the full-length wall mirror. Not bad, she
thought, running her hands through her thick auburn
hair. Yep, this does look like a woman that would piss
on a friend, under the proper circumstances.


Just below the crest of a fallow farmland hill in the
windy north country, the four women set up their place
at the base of an ancient live oak cluster. There was
no other human soul to be seen or heard–no cars or
trucks, not even airplanes. They might have been back
in the days of the acorn-eating Indians, when Drake’s
few exhausted men climbed the hills and puzzled about
exactly where they were.

The four women made a handsome, varied group as they
set up their picnic cloth/altar. Nikki, tall, slim,
muscular, with long dark-red hair and a richly curved
smile. Siska, tight, dangerous-looking in her leathers
and ripped tee shirt, spiked hairdo and clanking chain
jewelry. Ildi, strong, dark, rich-bodied, with a great
post-Afro cloud of black ringlets framing her face.
And Yvette, tiny, introspective, huddled in an
oversized baggy sweater, pushing her large-framed
glasses up on her delicate nose.

They spread their picnic cloth and ate and drank for
the better part of two hours. The sun was a little
past the noon mark when they tidied away the food,
brushed the crumbs from the cloth, and sat in a
square, smiling at each other.

Nikki finished half a flute of champagne with one long
swallow. She grinned at Ildi. “I must have drunk a
gallon of stuff so far today, and I haven’t given back
so much as one drop.”

Ildi laughed and ran her long pink tongue out between
her brown lips. “That’s the idea.” She stood up
gracefully and pulled down her tee shirt, stretching
the thin fabric over her prominent breasts with their
erect, peg-like nipples.

Yvette peeked out of the corners of her eyes at the
tall black woman and very delicately licked her thin
lips. She wriggled her tiny bottom on the hard ground
and then smiled a fleeting, secret smile.

Ildi shook out her long arms and legs. “I feel like
dancing” she said, and began to boogie and shag,
slapping her bare pink feet on the ground.

“I don’t,” Nikki giggled.

Siska jumped up and said “I’ll dance with you,
Dudette!” She began strutting around Ildi, waving her
elbows, looking like Billy the K*d as played by K.D.
Lang. The two women riffed and capered for several
minutes, haunches and calves strongly flexing in their
faded Levi’s, breasts bouncing and pointed nipples
flickering under soft tee shirts. Ildi whipped her
long, lustrous curly black hair back and forth. Siska
ran her fingers through her spiky hair and trailed
them down her chest, rubbing and pinching her nipples
as she danced. Ildi saw this, and with a laugh, threw
off her tee shirt and cavorted bare-breasted, her
large, soft tits moving in complex bounces and
rotations with each step.

Yvette, still quiet as usual, took out the camcorder
and began to tape the dancing women. Nikki half-lay
back against the oak tree and fingered her lower

“How do you feel?” Yvette asked. She turned to film
Nikki prodding her belly.

Nikki grinned. “Full up to the eyebrows. I haven’t held
it like this for years. Feels like everything inside
is being pushed over in one direction or another.” The
tall redhead reached down and palmed the swell of her
pubis. “Making me REAL horny, too. I’ve got a clit
hard-on you could cut with.”

Yvette smiled. “Hold that thought.”

By and by Ildi shouted “Woo! ‘Nough dancing!” She
leaned against the tree.

Siska slumped to the ground and mopped her forehead
with a large bandanna.

Nikki looked at the sky. “Well, I think it might be
time, sisters and sistren. The church is ready, the
altar is cleared off, and the baptismal candidate is
definitely warmed up and into the receptive spiritual


Ildi removed the rest of her clothing and lay down on
the cloth, facing up. Her body was a rich, glowing
brown. Her pubic mound gleamed with thick, sparkling
black curls. Her large breasts relaxed slightly, their
elongated nipples pointing proudly to the sky.

Siska sat down cross-legged next to the black woman.
She opened a large athletic bag and began to take out
various ropes and restraints. “Now, how do you want to

“Tie my hands together, and then over my head, and
fastened to the tree.

Tie my ankles to the spreader bar, and then fasten the
bar to the stakes.

Don’t stretch me too much, please.”

“OK. I never know how much is TOO much, though. As you
well remember.

Anything else? How about breasts? I love to tie up
big, soft, luscious tits…”

“Um, yeah. Tell you what. Use your (I’ll live to
regret this) judgment.

Just make sure, no blindfold. I want to see every
second of this.”

Siska positioned Ildi on the cloth, and tied Ildi’s
ankles to the three-foot spreader bar. This made
Ildi’s wonderfully toned leg muscles stand out, and
her dark, thick-lipped cunt pout open in a charming
fashion. Siska then tied Ildi’s hands and wrists
together, but left the dark girl in a seated position
so that she could do the breast bindings before
fastening Ildi’s hands to the tree. Siska used many
yards of soft cotton rope to tie up Ildi’s tits.

First a couple of circles each around the torso, above
and then below the bust, to define the area. Then
Siska captured each of Ildi’s large breasts at the
base with a loop, and successively wound loops tightly
around each tit until they stood out six inches from
the body and bulged deliciously. Ildi’s dark brown
breasts seemed to glow with extra rich b***d, and her
chocolate, slightly leathery nipples puffed out and
pointed straight ahead.

Siska stepped back and admired her handiwork. She
reached over and twisted one nipple, experimentally.
“How’s that feel?”

Ildi made a low sound, half groan, half croon. “Oh…
it feels wonderful!”

Siska rummaged in her pockets. “Um Hum. Well, it’ll
feel even more wonderful as soon as I add…these!”
She snapped a heavy-duty alligator clip on each
distended nipple. Nikki and Yvette glanced at each
other and burst out in silent laughter.

Ildi screamed. “Aiee! That HURTS!”

“No chit” said Siska, deadpan. She attached a long
piece of twine to each clip and began very subtly
pulling and twisting on Ildi’s captured tit-tips.

Ildi muttered “I don’t believe it! I’m gonna… I’m
gonna… I’M GONNA CUM!” And she did, writhing and
twisting within her bonds and seeming to want to pull
her breasts away from Siska’s ministrations — as if
to increase the pull and the pain. Ildi bounced her
bottom on the cloth as she orgasmed. A small amount of
thick, slippery fluid squeezed out of her spread

Yvette captured the whole event on video.

“Well, that’s that” Siska cracked. “Guess we can pack
up and go home.”

“What? What about ME?” Nikki groaned theatrically. “I
feel like I’m pregnant with Aquaman over here.”

“Cut the funny stuff, Siska” Ildi panted. “That was
the curtain-raiser orgasm. Strap me up for the main

“Greedy ol’ thing, isn’t she?” Siska said, helping
Ildi to lie down and then tying her bound hands to the
oak tree. Siska expertly arranged Ildi so that there
was just enough tension to stretch her long body out
tautly (and make her tightly bound breasts seem to
float above her torso), but not enough to cause
serious discomfort.

Siska produced a ball gag and showed it to Ildi. Ildi
nodded, so Siska placed the gag in the dark woman’s
mouth and secured it behind her head.

“Now, that’s a righteous job of restraint, even if I
do say so myself” Siska said cheerfully. “Woman tied
up like this — in this here ‘church’ — should
definitely feel the spirit if there’s any here to be

Nikki, with an assist from Yvette, clambered to her
feet. She clutched her lower abdomen theatrically.
“Oooh, I’m gonna have to remember this feeling — it’s
painful and hornifying at the same time.”

“Our favorite combination” Siska cracked. She moved
over and pulled the lips of Ildi’s cunt open with one
hand, then dipped two fingers of the other hand into
the pink richness. Ildi groaned at length through her

Yvette, in a marvel of coordination, reached under her
full skirt and slipped a previously-lubricated tapered
butt plug up into her rectum, without losing one
second of the camcorder coverage. She emitted a tiny,
happy sigh.

“How’s that? Can’t quite understand you, Sister Ildi.
You speakin’ in tongues already?” Siska put all four
fingers into Ildi’s cunt, getting another, longer
groan. Siska pulled out her hand and displayed it,
dripping with shiny, thick pussy juice. The other
women looked at it admiringly.

“About ready, I should imagine” Nikki said. She hiked
up her long skirt and tucked the hem in her belt,
revealing her long, smooth, tapering legs, brown-
furred pubis, and slightly distended belly.



Ildi frantically nodded, her eyes wide above the gag.
Siska twisted and twirled the nipple clip ropes with
abandon, while vigorously rubbing the tied girl’s clit
with her other hand. Yvette steadied the camcorder
with one hand, sighting through the finder, while the
other hand fucked the wide, stubby dildo in and out of
her stretched asshole.

“OK” Nikki grinned. “Turning on the waterworks, baby!”
She squatted down over Ildi’s torso, one long slim leg
on either side of her friend’s ribs. Nikki pulled her
labia open with both hands, revealing the rich, dark,
slightly swollen folds within. Ildi looked into her
domina’s pussy from a distance of a few inches and
felt her major orgasm begin to build.

Nikki pulled her vulva even farther open and stroked
around the miniscule opening of her urethra with the
tip of one little finger. “Keep your eye on the magic
piss hole” she breathed. “Here it comes.” Nikki
grunted, and said to Siska, out of the side of her
mouth, “Yikes! I’ve been holding it so long, it
doesn’t want to come out!”

At last, a drop formed at the opening between Nikki’s
legs, and the drop was joined by others, and the drops
developed into a stream of hot, straw-colored fluid.
Nikki squatted on her long, strong haunches and pissed
on her friend, moving up and down Ildi’s body so that
the splash of urine fell on all areas from forehead to
crotch. Nikki pissed and pissed and pissed; a whole
day’s accumulation came squirting and pouring out of
her tiny urethra in strong, high-pressure streams. She
held her labia wide open with one hand and fine-tuned
the spray with the other, occasionally sneaking up for
a quick tease of her rock-hard clitoris.

Ildi went wild. She thrashed against her bonds, she
screamed into her gag. When the first stream of hot
urine hit Ildi’s pussy and soaked her genitals and
Siska’s massaging hand, Ildi vibrated from head to
toe. Siska laughed with glee. “I can feel ‘err coming
all the way from her belly button! Her pussy is
snapping like a bear trap!” Siska removed her diddling
hand for a moment and licked some of Nikki’s water from
her fingers. Ildi yelped into her gag and glared at
Siska fiercely. Siska resumed palpating Ildi’s clit.

Yvette hopped around the scene like a demented news-
elf, expertly recording every filthy detail. She had
shoved her gargantuan butt plug all the way home,
freeing her non-camera hand for groping in her own

And still Nikki pissed. She threw back her head and
laughed out loud at the sheer pleasure and
outrageousness of it all. She stood up, keeping her
legs astride Ildi’s body, and sprayed urine all over
everywhere, like a lunatic centauress. Nikki urinated
all over her own legs and lower body, soaked the few
remaining inches of Ildi that had remained dry (which
caused Ildi to start coming TWICE as hard, which
caused Siska to be flipped right off Ildi’s stomach
onto the grass, which was easily accomplished because
Siska was so covered with piss that she was slippery).
Siska sat up and noticed that she was clutching
several strands of black, curly, piss-soaked pubic
hair. She cracked up laughing.

Yvette got every bit of this on tape and was almost
relieved to see that the yellow stream from between
Nikki’s legs was beginning to die down. Yvette put the
camcorder carefully on the ground, sat down on her
butt plug, and quietly masturbated to one of her own
compact but profound orgasms.

Nikki finally ran out of piss. She squeezed the last
few fugitive drops out onto the heaving tits of the
post-orgasmic Ildi, then sank down in a heap astride
the black woman’s upper chest.

Ildi made funny noises through the gag. Nikki said
“Off? You want to get off? I though you did, several –
– oh, you want me to get off?”

“Why would anybody be uncomfortable with a six-foot
amazon sitting on their chest?” Siska wondered. She
ran her fingers through her hair. “Jeez, I’ve got piss

Nikki inched up until her naked, gaping, piss-soaked
crotch was right under Ildi’s chin. Ildi rolled her
eyes and mumbled through the gag.

“Nice of you to want me to get off,” Nikki smiled. “I
thought you’d never ask.” And she proceeded to very
slowly and deliberately masturbate right into Ildi’s
face, piss, sweat, pussy juices, and all. Which was
the least she deserved, and the fitting conclusion to
the services.

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