My visit for a GYN examination leads to some unexpected fun

My name is Martha and I’m 33 I live alone and because
I’m not in a serious relationship I have thrown myself
into my career and work out every day at the gym on my
way to work.

On a girly night out an old friend confided in me that
she had visited a specialist to have an internal
checkup and although she went privately and had to pay
she told me it was well worth the money. She went on
to tell me she now had regular checkups and suggested
that at my age I should do the same, she sent the
phone number to my Blackberry, I told her I would
think about it.

When I got home I thought she was stupid to pay for an
examination that her doctor could do for nothing, I
would ring my surgery in the morning and make an
appointment, then I remembered the receptionist who
asked a lot of questions and was well known in the
village as a gossip.

The next morning at work I waited until there was no
one in my office and then I rang the number I had been

I very polite sounding woman answered the phone and
asked for an appointment after I finished work, I was
told the next appointment was on Friday at 7pm. I
accepted and was given the address.

Three or four times during the week I was about to
cancel but when I finished work on Friday at 4 I
rushed home to get a good bath and get ready for my
embarrassing ordeal.

I did not know what to expect and when I found the
address there was just a brass plaque on the gate post
with the name P. H. Sykes in plain letters. I rang the
bell and walked through the hallway into a small
reception room with a few chairs and a desk where a
pretty young woman sat at a computer.

“It won’t be long this client is nearly finished,” she
said. “Take a seat.”

A few minutes later I heard someone moving in the hall
way and caught sight of a woman leaving through the
front door. She looked about my own age and walked
with a spring to her step.

I was told to go in and knocked on the door as I

Quickly I took in the room sat behind the desk was a
woman in her thirties wearing a white coat, there was
an examination couch and a chair similar to that used
by dentists but it finished where the seat ended and
under the seat was a stainless steel tray there were
two metal arms with foot rests at each side of the
seat, and there was other medical equipment.

“Please sit down” She said indicating a chair in front
of her desk “I need to ask to ask you a few questions
as this is your first visit, Just relax and don’t be
embarrassed at the questions everything is

She asked me my name, address, phone numbers, date of
birth, occupation, I answered all his questions his
next one threw me slightly.

“Do you have regular periods?” “Um Yes” I replied.

“Are they painful?”

“Um Sometimes,” I was getting embarrassed.

“Are they becoming more painful?”

“Um, yes.”

“How long do they last?”

I felt like saying too long, but answered, “Four or
five days.”

“Do you indulge in regular sexual intercourse?”

“Um, not regularly, but sometimes…”

“Do you use condoms during sexual intercourse?”

“Yes,” I lied.

Her next question nearly made me leave and I went
bright scarlet as she asked. “Do you indulge in

“Well… yes, sometimes…” I stuttered.

Quickly she resumed his questioning on a more
acceptable level.

“Do you have any lumps in your breasts, or are they
painful to touch?”


“Do you check yourself for lumps in the breasts

“No, not really.”

“Do you take the pill?”


“Please remove your top and Bra and we will start the
examination, if you feel uncomfortable at any time and
want me to stop just tell me.”

I undressed as I told her I was fine and stood facing
the examination couch. She came from behind the desk
and stood facing me in her hand was a small dictating
recorder. Looking at me she recorded his conclusions,
“Breasts normal appearance, equal size, very little
drooping for age, nipples normal.”

She stopped recording, “Please lay on the couch.” She
placed a thermometer in my mouth and took my b***d
pressure and recorded the results,

“Perfectly normal,” she reassured me. “I will now
examine your breasts, if you want me to stop you must
tell me.”

Her touch was gentle as she ran his fingers first over
my right and then my left breast. As she felt for
lumps her finger pressure became a little firmer.
Working her way round each breast she got closer to my
nipples I did not need to look down I could feel they
were getting aroused and by the time she had finished
checking for lumps. They were like two hard bullets I
glanced down they had never grown to that length
before they were sticking out at least half an inch.

“Do you get any discharges from your breasts?”

I stammered, “N-no,” as she took hold of my right
nipple between her fingers and thumb and gently
squeezed, she did the same with my left I dug my
fingers into the arms of the chair as the exquisite
feelings she was causing rushed through my body.

She released her grip and dictated into the recorder,
everything was normal she reassured me.

“Now if you can remove the rest of your clothes and
get up on to the chair I will finish my examination.”

I turned away from her and removed my skirt and
knickers and tried to get on the chair as modestly as
I could.

“Just slide down a little so your bottom is at the end
of the chair,” she said, and pulled the steel tray out
a little under the chair and taking each leg in turn
she placed them on the metal arms putting my feet in
the rests at the ends and putting a Velcro strap over
each ankle.

I felt very exposed and totally embarrassed when she
slid two thermometers one into my anus and the other
into my vagina. She pulled a monitor on a trolley with
other instruments on it and told me to relax.

As she touched a switch on the monitor the chair
changed its angle the head went lower and the rest of
the chair raised up I was level with her face as she
sat on the stool fastened to the trolley.

She removed the thermometers and recorded the results,
touching the monitor again the metal arms moved
slightly apart exposing all my private parts to her
gaze, I was about to protest when she gently touched
my outer lips with his fingers and his next comment
threw me off guard.

“I don’t think I’ll need the lubricant jelly, you have
produced enough naturally.”

That embarrassed me, she could tell that I was feeling
aroused. I gripped the arms of the chair as her
fingers separated my pussy lips s traced round my
opening brushing against my clitoris I felt a great
pleasure building.

I watched as she reached for a metal speculum. “This
will feel quite cold,” she said as she gently inserted
the instrument into my sopping vagina soon I was being
opened up as she adjusted the device, it felt like I
had something large inside me.

She pressed a button on the monitor and the leg
supports widened and stretched my legs so wide I
thought I was doing the splits.

She was so close when he looked inside my stretched
vagina I could feel her breath on my skin. “Everything
looks normal,” she said. “I will get a better view
with another instrument but first I must rinse.”

She removed the speculum and picked up a bottle with
an extended neck, she slid the nozzle into my still
open vagina and I was unprepared for the rush of warm
water that flooded into me running down my lips and
into the tray below.

When she had finished she took a towel and gently
dried me patting my outer lips and drying around my
sensitive clitoris.

She took hold of a shiny cylinder connected to the
monitor by a cable. “This is a special camera device
that will enable me to see much more clearly and to
see how your muscles react.”

Before I could say anything she inserted the cylinder
into me, an image of my vagina and cervix came up on
the monitor, the image was dark and as she increased
the illumination the cylinder warmed up and pulsed
with a rhythmic vibration.

The sensations were stimulating me as she moved the
instrument around she kept telling me what she was
looking at and how everything looked normal.

“I will make the picture brighter,” she adjusted a
control and the image became clearer at the same time
the vibrations increased in tempo moving the
instrument about she inserted it further and then
withdrew it till it was touching my G spot she held it
there as she told me to look at the monitor.

“You can see the muscles of your vagina are rippling
due to the stimulation you are feeling.”

Pushing the device harder against my G spot she asked,
“Do you always reach orgasm when you have

I steadied my breathing and said, “No, not always.”

“Do you always have an orgasm when you masturbate?”

I was shocked but as she asked the question she
increased the speed and strength of the vibrations.
“Yes,” I moaned. “I always make myself cum.”

I felt the fingers of her other hand touch my engorged
clitoris and she rubbed me quickly as she pumped the
pulsating camera in and out of my pussy.

I let go of the chair arms and squeezed my engorged
nipples twisting them as my orgasm hit me I lifted my
bottom off the seat as she continued to work on my
pussy with the vibrating camera.

“Look how your cervix is pulsating and all your
vaginal muscles are contracting you can see how you
are squirting as you have your orgasm.”

I fixed my eyes on the monitor, as my orgasm subsided
she removed the camera and passed me some paper towels
to dry myself with.

“I will replay that to you when you get dressed, and I
will go over my findings and answer any questions you
may have.”

Afterwards, I sat at the desk as she proceeded to tell
me her findings.

“Your general heath seems perfectly normal, you
obviously work out to keep your body in such good
shape, but you have neglected to work on those parts
of your body that can give you so much pleasure.”

I nodded my head as she went on.

“I recommend a repeat session to instruct you in
certain exercises and body control techniques, do you
normally use a vibrator when you masturbate?”

“No I don’t.”

“Do you have any questions?”

“No, but thank you for everything, I will make another
appointment,” I said as I walked somewhat unsteadily
into the reception office.

Under the desk the receptionist still had her fingers
inside her knickers. She had cum twice as she watched
the whole proceedings on her monitor.

“Shall we say next week at the same time?” she asked,
without bringing her hand above the desk.

“Don’t you have any appointments sooner?” I pleaded.

“No I’m sorry, but next week at same time is the first
free appointment,” she lied. She knew this patient was
hooked and that she would be able get in on the act
next week and give her some therapy too.

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