Great Sex with Husband and Wife

Recently, I received a message from a local couple about one of the ‘Teenage Adventures’ chapters. They had thoroughly enjoyed the ‘bisexual undertone’, and asked if I would feel weird meeting with them, because, based on what I had written, they felt things might click.

I looked at their profile, but other than a few photos, it did not seem they were actively looking for any hook-ups. From what I could tell, the wife had a nice body, with pretty large breasts, and a good-sized bottom. They were in Broomfield, about a 20 minute drive away. I’m usually up for new adventures, so I agreed to meet with them.

Fast forward to last evening, when we were drinking a few beers with take-out in their backyard. The atmosphere was very relaxed, we were just sitting there, eating, chatting, and in the hour that had passed, the topic of sex had not even come up once.
I estimated they were in their early forties, and noticed how tall both of them were. The husband looked like he carried an extra few pounds. I pegged him at 6 feet and around 200 lbs. The wife was around 5ft9, about two inches taller than me, and also carried a bit extra around her waist and thighs.

I just emptied my beer, when she smiled, and said: “Well, shall we take the party upstairs then?”

That sounded good to me. For the last hour, I had been undressing them in my mind, the wife in particular. She was very outgoing, funny too, and her breasts filled out her top very well.

When we got upstairs, the wife excused herself and went into the bathroom. The husband only wore sweat pants and a t-shirt, and was already sitting upright on the bed, leaning against the backboard, while I was still undoing my shoelaces.

I continued to undress, and came closer to the bed. Still no sign of the wife, and the husband was flopping his semi-erection from side-to-side. He caught me looking at it, and asked: “You wanna drive?”.

I figured his intentions were clear now, so I knelt on the bed, and started sucking him off. His dick was not bad in size, and very thick, with big balls. I started making some noise as I deep-throated his shaft a few times, and I could feel him becoming harder.

Because I was going down on the man’s cock and sucking very noisily at this point, I did not notice the woman had returned, until I felt her tongue against my ass. She really went for it, and I became hard in an instant. I doubled my efforts giving head to her husband, working his shaft with one hand, and feeling for his butt with the other. He groaned loudly as I did so, but the wife stopped licking me.

Then, just as I was taking the husband deep into my throat, I felt a push against my ass. The next moment, two soft hands grabbed my hips, and a large dick slipped inside me.

“Oh Baby that’s so hot!”, the husband uttered, as his wife continued to fuck me with the strap-on. I could not see her, but heard her breasts slap against her chest with every thrust.

I had almost bitten down when the wife entered me, and now I was ready to work on the man’s dick again. But the moment I took it in my mouth, I felt the man’s hands on my head, stroking me, and pulling my mouth away from his erection, which was about to explode.

His wife took his place against the headboard, and I was looking at a very wet, hairy pussy. I wrapped my arms around her soft, plump thighs, and began eating her with enthusiasm. The woman moaned heavily, and her husband was very aroused at the sight of my head between his wife’s thighs.

“Yeah, eat that nice pussy, lick it good”, I heard from behind me.

I continued with pleasure, the woman tasted great, and her body felt fantastic as I let my hands roam freely while giving her oral. My whole face was wet by the time the husband pushed his dick against my ass. I backed-off from his wife’s clit for a moment to relax, and brace for the man’s thick cock to enter me.

He pushed it in deep on the first thrust, and pre-cum started leaking from my own dick. I clamped my arms around the wife’s thighs, and worked her clit feverishly while I felt the husband’s balls slap against my butt. She was panting rapidly now, and then clenched her thighs and came in my face.

A moment later, the husband gripped my hips tightly, and I felt him come deep inside me.

We remained in that position for several minutes, slightly slumped over, sweating and panting. Finally, I raised my head, and rolled next to the wife, my dick pointing at the ceiling. Out of habit, I lazily started stroking it, but the wife stopped me, and knelt between my legs. Next, she pushed up my knees, and started licking up her husbands cum, still trickling slowly from my ass.

Now, I could feel her tongue move up, and soon I felt her mouth around one testicle, then the other. I secretly envied the husband as she started sucking me. This woman was not holding back with anything. At last, she released my throbbing cock, and raised herself up to come forward. I looked on deliriously, as my dick disappeared into her hairy snatch, and her heavy breasts descended towards my chest.

I am not particularly hung, but my dick gets very hard, pointing straight at my chin. I can angle it forward without too much effort, but bending down further meets with stubborn resistance, and causes minor discomfort.

In this case, I gladly endured it as the wife was rocking herself back and forth on my erection, increasingly pulling back to feel my stiff cock grind her pelvis area. Her pace was quickening now, and her panting became louder. The moment I felt her clench, my penis still held back tightly inside the woman, I came heavily.

The woman slumped over against my chest, and her soft breasts pressed against me as the last spurts of semen shot up inside her.

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