It’s about my first bi experience with a couple of friends and how much I enjoyed it, much to my surprise

First off I must let you know that I always loved the
fact that I am a straight male who loves women. That
is, until my friends of 35 years showed me something.

It started off as a night of watching movies at my
buddy’s house with him and his wife.

We had watched a couple of regular movies when my
friend’s wife suggested that we watch an X-rated movie.
I told them I was up to it. We had watched movies
before and I went home and took care of my own desires.

Well half way through the movie my friends wife asked
her husband if he would like his dick sucked because
the movie had made her hot and horny. I suggested that
maybe I should leave and let them do their thing. They
wouldn’t hear of me leaving. My buddy then told me that
they were swingers and that if I wanted to watch I
could, or join in if I felt the need.

I figured what have I got to lose? so I agreed. I have
wanted to eat his wife out for as long as I can

That’s when she commenced to pull her husband’s cock
out and suck on it as I sat there and watched. I
couldn’t believe how dang big he was. His tool had to
be at least 10-inches long and 5-inches around. I
thought, “She isn’t going to feel my average size cock
if he gets to her before me.”

Anyway, while she sucked him I decided to get involved.
I kneeled down in front of her spread legs and rucked
her dress up, finding no panties, I began to suck her
pussy – and it was sweet. That’s when she mentioned
that she had always wanted to see her husband do it
with another guy. I wasn’t sure what she meant, because
I don’t do guys. Besides, if I did do guys he wouldn’t
be a guy with a horse size dick.

She went on to give me one hell of a show, making me
one hell of a horny dud. Sucked him until he blasted
all over her face and mouth, then she told me that she
takes his cock up her ass to, as she licked his cum off
her lips.

I didn’t see anyway that she could take something that
big up her ass. But to my surprise he was still semi
hard and said he was ready to prove it, but wanted to
know if I wanted to fuck his wife first.

I was like… YES! So, he got up and told me and his
wife to have fun, that he would be right back. I sat on
the couch beside her and leaned over and sucked her
pussy until she couldn’t take it anymore and was
begging me to fuck her. Which of course I did.

It was wild penetrating someone else’s wife, and with
him not caring. I just climbed onto her, pushing her
down onto the cushions and shoved into her wet snatch
and started pumping away. She moaned with pleasure
under me, it was all so hot and I knew I wouldn’t last
very long.

Then, my buddy came back into the room and told me that
his wife liked to have a multiple orgasm. I wasn’t sure
how satisfy that request. He told me not to worry about
it that he had it taken care of. I went with the flow.

While I fucked his wife, thrusting deeply and enjoying
myself immensely I felt my buddy move close to us, I
could feel his leg pressing against my side. I looked
over at him a little annoyed that he’d thrown me off
stride and noticed that he had 6-inch dildo in his
hand. I asked, “What do you think you’re going to with

He told me that he was going to play with my ass and
that it would make me hotter and harder than I’d ever
been before, and that his wife would then have her
multiple orgasm. I was just so lust filled by the feel
of his wife’s hot moist pussy wrapped around my pumping
dick to argue with him, and again I just went with the

I had no idea what it would be like, but I did know
that he was letting me fuck his wife, so I’d be willing
to give anything a try, what I didn’t know was how hot
it was going to make me.

So there I was, fucking his wife and he started playing
around with my ass. As I humped his wife he rubbed that
dildo against my butt. Then he me to relax, because the
head of that dildo was about to slip into my ass.

I concentrated on the feeling of wellbeing as I fucked
his wife to avoid the pain that I knew was probably
coming. Then he began to push the dildo slow into my
asshole. I felt the head pop in. I though I was going
to die. I stopped my fucking motions and waited to see
what would happen next.

He asked if I was ok. I told him to just let me relax
asshole for a moment, and then it would be ok. After a
couple of minutes he said it was time for his wife to
have her orgasm. I had begun a slow fucking motion
again by then and I said ok.

He told me that he was going to push that dildo all the
way up my ass slowly, that I should keep fucking his
wife and that he’d be very careful. He said that when I
was totally relaxed to let him know and he would
proceed further.

I relaxed as much as I could and asked his wife if she
was ready. She hugged me and said that she was. I
looked into her beautiful wide-eyes as he pushed that
dildo all the way into me, slowly like he said he
would. Finally he stopped and by body began to jerk
involuntarily and I blasted my cum inside his wife,
grunting and thrusting to expel every last drop deep
into her. She groaned and wrapped her legs around min
and humped up at my shuddering body. I shuddered like a
leaf in a 90 mile an hour storm. I was so hot at that
moment that I begged my buddy to fuck me as hard he

He did, for almost 30 minutes. After a long while I
told him that I was ready for him to pull that dildo
out. He said, “Just hold on another minute.”

I asked why. I was totally sated and quite exhausted.

But he said that he needed another minute because he
had his cock up my ass and he was about to blast off in

For the first time I realized that was lying on top of
me to one side. I could not believe that he had got
that monster dick of his up my asshole. Then he moved
in me again and realized that the fact that another man
was fucking me like a woman was making me crazily
turned-on. I gust said, “Go ahead, fuck me man.”

And that’s what he did. He fucked my ass with his horse
dick and I fucked his wife again since my prick was
hard as a rock again and buried in her pussy. After a
couple of minutes I felt my buddy go off, it felt
something like a fire hose blasting in my ass. That set
me off and I shot another load deep into his wife and
her body shivered under our weight as she orgasmed
again and again, moaning and groaning in ecstasy.

Needless to say my buddy fucked me three more time that
before I left in the morning, and I satisfied his wife
each time. I wish that had known they were this way
many years ago. We would have been really good friends,
if you know what I mean.

Oh, I did end up sucking my buddy’s monster cock off
too. It was awesome and surprisingly it tasted great.
We’ve done just about everything there is to do to each
other since then. I never knew how close friends could
be, but now I know.

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