A young woman seeking humilation finds a mistress who offers more than she expected, and she loves it

“Get down on your hands and knees, Beth,” my mistress
ordered. I was naked except for the studded black
leather dog collar around my neck. “Yes, mistress,” I
answered at once, and immediately knelt upon the cold
floor. I felt Mistress Ingrid clip the dog leash to my

As I waited for whatever would happen next, I thought
back to how I had come to this point. We had made
contact over the internet. I was searching for someone
who could meet my deepest, darkest need ‘ to be treated
like the lowly dog I felt myself to be. Men had told me
I was pretty and admired my large brown eyes, firm
tits, and shapely legs as they stroked my brunette
hair. But within me, I realized, lay a desire, a
craving to be humiliated. The worse a man treated me,
the more I clung to him.

I devoured S&M novels and bondage stories, always
identifying with the submissive victim. Finally I had
worked up the courage to pursue my longing and found
Ingrid through the web. I was thrilled when I learned
she lived just a couple of hours from me. A phone call
from her introduced me to her voice ‘ sultry, self-
assured, in complete control. She seemed everything I
wanted. When she invited me for the weekend ‘ actually,
ordered me to attend her needs ‘ I immediately said

The directions brought me to a large house in a quiet
suburban area. At first I thought I had gotten the
address wrong. When I rang the bell, holding my weekend
bag in my hand, I heard the barking of a large dog. The
hairs on my neck stood up in fear. Then the door opened
and I beheld a remarkably beautiful woman. Her blond
hair cascaded down over her shoulders, her lips were
full, her cheekbones were high and chiseled.

The simple suit she wore revealed her long legs. Though
I am not short, she towered over me in her black pumps.
I was dazzled . She studied me for a moment with her
lovely green eyes. “You’re late,” she said sharply. By
her side stood a large black Doberman.

I started to disagree, then thought better of it. I
dropped my eyes and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

She reached up, took my chin in her hands, and pinched
my face hard as she pulled up. I was staring into her
eyes and saw a coldness there that frightened me.
“Mistress,” she breathed. “You will always address me
as mistress or Mistress Ingrid.” Her grip hurt my jaw.

“I’m sorry, mistress,” I gasped. She let go of me. I
rubbed by jaw. For a brief moment I considered leaving,
but when Ingrid commanded me to enter I followed. The
dog came over and planted his nose in my crotch, his
tail wagging. “Down, Jake,” Ingrid called. Then she
said to me, “You see, he’s really very friendly,
especially to women visitors.” She closed Jake into the
den and led me downstairs to the basement.

The tension I felt made my mouth dry but I knew not to
ask for a drink. She brought me into a bare room, empty
except for one chair. In one corner stood a sink; I
noticed another corner covered with newspapers spread
on the floor. Two of the walls were covered with floor-
to-ceiling mirrors.

“What’s in the bag?” Ingrid asked sharply. “My clothes
and things for the weekend, Mistress,” I replied.

She took the bag from me. “You won’t need those,” she
said icily. “I will provide what I decide you need.” I
nodded meekly. Then she continued, “Remove your clothes
at once, and your jewelry. They are far too good for
you.” I gulped at this order but answered again, “Yes,
Mistress Ingrid,” and did as I was told.

In a few moments I stood naked before her. She stepped
from the room with my bag and clothes. It was cool in
the room and I felt my nipples harden. When Ingrid
returned she was holding a black leather case. I
modestly crossed my arms over my erect nipples. “ARMS
AT YOUR SIDES AND EYES FORWARD,” she yelled. I nearly
jumped out of my skin at her harsh tone, but I put my
arms down and stared straight ahead. For some reason I
could not understand, I was incredibly aroused already
and my pussy was very moist.

Mistress Ingrid stood before me, holding a rolled up
newspaper in her hand. Then she walked behind me.
Whoosh! I heard the newspaper a moment before it
smacked my bare, round behind. Two more sharp blows
followed. I yelped in pain, but knew, despite my urge
to ward off the whacks or flee the room, that I must
submit. “Thank you, mistress,” I choked out the words
as tears came to my eyes, still looking in front of me.

“Good girl,” Ingrid said, standing behind me.
“Obedience is very important in a dog. Jake is
obedient. Now I see you, too, are obedient.” I felt
ashamed to be compared to her Doberman, but wasn’t that
what I needed? I had come to this place to be treated
like a dog and I was getting exactly what I asked for.

Ingrid moved around in front of me and looked down into
my eyes. I bowed my head. Then she spoke. “Listen well,
Beth. You have come here to join my little kennel. If
you agree to my conditions, you may stay. You will
become my slave-dog. I will call you my bitch, both to
your face and when I’m speaking to my friends.”

This was the first hint I had gotten that other people
might be involved, and I gave a little gasp. Ingrid
paused while I digested her meaning. Then she went on.
“You will be treated as the dog you are. Dogs wear no
clothes. Dogs have a collar and walk on a leash
wherever their mistress takes them. Dogs do as they are
told or they get punished. The newspaper is just a
little taste of the things I use to train my dogs. Do
you accept?”

“Yes, mistress.”

Ingrid reached into the black bag and brought out a
black dog collar with a row of silver metal studs. I
tilted my head forward and felt the leather slip around
my neck. Ingrid reached behind me to close the buckle.
I was hers.

And now I found myself ordered to all fours and leashed
like any other canine.


My humiliation began. From the bag Mistress Ingrid
removed a strange object ‘ a latex bulb, narrow at one
end, then thicker (about an inch or so in diameter),
thinner again, and wider at the end with a handle.
Extending from the handle was a foot-long rod covered
with fake fur.

“You will be a much prettier dog, Beth, with a tail.”
My eyes widened in disbelief. It suddenly dawned on me
that the object in her hand was a butt-plug, and she
planned to stick it in my ass. “Please, no!” I cried. ”
I can’t.” Thwack! The newspaper stung, leaving my ass
cheek red. “Do not disobey, bitch.” Ingrid’s voice was
cold as steel.

I watched as she lubricated the plug with a gel. Then
she moved behind me. She squeezed some of the gel
around my butt hole and worked it in with her finger.
The sensation was erotic and I closed my eyes to savor
the feeling.

“That’s a good dog,” Ingrid cooed. Then her finger was
replaced with the tip of the plug. I tensed up at the
sensation of something so big entering my virgin back
passage. At first I felt a searing pain, but in a few
moments the plug was in and I felt an incredible warmth
and fullness in my rectum.

Ingrid stepped back and told me to look at myself in
the mirror. The fur extension from the plug stood out
like a tail. “Wag it,” my mistress instructed. I found
that by wiggling my hips I could do a reasonable
imitation of a dog seeking attention. “Good doggie,”
Ingrid said. “Would you like something to drink?”

Pleased by the sudden softening in her tone, I nodded.
She led me by my leash over to the sink. Although I
probably should have expected it, I was still surprised
when she poured the water into a dog-food bowl and set
it in front of me. The bowl, I noticed, had “Beth”
stenciled on it.

I reached to pick it up and felt my leash jerk
violently. “Bitch, dogs don’t hold their water dish.
They put their face down in the bowl and lap it up.” I
felt my ears getting red again, but I did as I was
told. It was awkward at first, but my thirst was
desperate. I slurped the entire bowl in a few minutes.

Then I felt an overpowering urge to urinate. “Mistress,
I need to pee,” I pleaded softly. Mistress Ingrid told
me to go ahead. “Thank you, Mistress” I replied. “Where
is the bathroom?

“Bathroom?” Ingrid sneered. “For a dog? Don’t be
ridiculous. You’re housebroken ‘ use the newspaper.” I
was horrified and so I hesitated. Thwack! Thwack! Two
more newspaper blows sent me crawling to the newspaper
in the corner. “Face the corner and squat so I can see
it,” my mistress instructed, holding my leash. I found
myself looking into the mirrored walls, which only
increased my sense of embarrassment.

Still, the urge was too strong, and I poured forth a
hard stream of urine onto the paper, some of it
splashing onto my feet. My mistress stared at me in the
mirror. I had never felt so low and degraded in my
life, but the sexual charge was extraordinary. I liked
having her watch me piss on myself! When I was done,
she dragged me back to the middle of the room, making
sure I crawled through the puddle of urine I had just

Mistress Ingrid removed her clothes. Underneath I saw
that she wore a lacy pink bra and that her stockings
were held up by a pink garter belt. She had no panties
and I faced wisps of curly blonde pubic hairs. She
pulled me toward the one chair, which she sat in. “Go
down on me, bitch,” she demanded.

I had never had sex with another woman, never even
kissed one. But at that moment I felt a tremor of deep
excitement at the thought of what Ingrid wanted me to
do. I leaned forward and buried my tongue in her pussy,
which was as wet as mine. I soon found her clit and
traced circles around it, pausing sometimes to suck
gently on it.

Mistress Ingrid was in heaven, murmuring that I was her
best dog and how she’d reward me later. Once when I
paused for air, though, she became angry with me and
yanked me by the hair to force my mouth back to her
cunt. Soon I felt her thighs tense and she exploded in
orgasm, her cries of pleasure echoing off the mirrored

Ingrid was satisfied with my efforts. “You are proving
to be a very useful bitch, Beth. But I know that as a
female in heat you, too, have sexual needs. We must
take care of those, too.” She smiled lovingly at me. I
thought to myself that now she would now make love to
me. I was very much mistaken.

** *

She led me by my leash on my hands and knees down a
short hall, opened a door, and pulled me into a large
room. To my horror, there were other people there ‘
four other masters (three men and a striking red-headed
woman) and their slave-dogs, all naked men with dog
collars and leashes held by their masters. In the
corner stood a video camera on a tripod. Ingrid started
to walk toward the center of the room, but I hesitated
to follow.

“Heel, Beth,” she ordered, jerking on the leash, and I
obeyed. Once in the middle of the group, I was
commanded to sit. Since my butt-plug tail made it
impossible to sit normally, I leaned on my side.

Looking around at the eight other people in the room, I
realized with a shock that I knew one of the slave-
dogs. Andy and I had dated a few times, but he was too
gentle and considerate for my tastes Here he was, head
shaved, clamps on his nipples, at the side of the red-
headed woman. He, too, had a butt-plug tail. Humiliated
to have been recognized, I blushed crimson, as he did.
But there was no way out now, for I had accepted my

Ingrid spoke to the group. “Fellow dog trainers, let me
introduce my new bitch. Her name is Beth. She is very
friendly and well-trained to follow my commands. Wag
your tail, Beth.” Up on my hands and knees again, I
wiggled my hips slightly and my tail swished. The
masters eyed me with cold contempt. “She is in heat and
needs to mate with other dogs. So I have brought her
here to share with your pets.”

I was stunned ‘ never had I imagined she would use me
this way. But I was also excited, and I could feel the
moisture seeping between my pussy lips.

The first master, Otto, led his charge over to me. His
slave-dog was a rather fat, older man in his forties,
balding and with a full beard, sort of a teddy-bear
type. I noticed that his cock was flaccid.. Ingrid
ordered me to help him get hard by licking his butt-
hole and pleasuring him with my tongue. Otto ordered
his slave to present his ass to me. I saw that he had
no butt-plug.

Ingrid yanked my head forward so my nose was in the
slave’s hairy ass crack. I started licking there, the
first time I had ever rimmed a man, savoring the funky
aroma. Then I lapped his balls. His cock stiffened.
While I licked him I realized that one of the masters
had turned on the video camera and was taping the
entire episode. But I was past caring about my
reputation and only wanted to please Ingrid.

Otto led his plump slave-dog behind me. I felt a tongue
lick around the lips of my pussy and shuddered
involuntarily. “Is she wet?” Otto asked. “Yes, master,
very wet,” the slave answered. “Then mount her,” Otto
ordered. “You have five minutes.” The slave-dog pressed
his cock against my moist crevice and plunged in,
entering in one deep thrust.

A soft grunt escaped my lips at the force of his
intrusion. I felt his weight on my back as his arms
encircled me from behind. Although I never used to like
fat men, his belly felt soft and warm on my lower back
and rump, a new erotic sensation for me. My butt-plug
tail was pressed to the side, the friction on the plug
warming my ass. As the nameless slave-dog fucked me
hard from behind, I gave in to the sheer animal
pleasure of the moment. My whimpers mixed with my
mate’s grunts to fill the room with the sound of
rutting animal passion.

Ingrid, standing before me and looking down at us,
seemed delighted with my behavior. “Good dog, Beth,
good dog,” she repeated affectionately, as though I
really were her pet.

It couldn’t have taken the chubby slave-dog more than
two minutes before he erupted in my pussy, leaving me
full of his cum. I wished it could have lasted longer.
He was followed quickly by the other two slave-dogs I
had not met before, both handsome young men about my
age. Each one had nipple rings connected by a thin
chain. As they entered me in turn, I again reveled in
the wanton animal sexuality of the moment, moaning and
yelping like the canine bitch Ingrid had turned me

Andy was the last one, and he was still nervous. As his
mistress led him to me, I saw that his cock was soft. I
was so horny that I scarcely had the patience to lick
him hard, but I did. He entered me hesitantly from
behind so I thrust back hard against him with a growl
to bring him all the way inside. He leaned forward to
whisper in my ear, “I’m sorry, Beth, I had no idea
you’d be here.”

The fool! Why was he apologizing for the greatest
sexual experience of my life? Ignoring his words, I
arched my back and coiled and uncoiled against him. “Do
me,” I begged. I was a dog in heat and needed to be
satisfied. Unlike the other three slave-dogs, Andy
failed to cum in his allotted few minutes. His
mistress, Angie, led him away, scolding him and telling
him that now he was going to be on the receiving end of
her dildo.

I rested my head on my forearms, my ass pointing in the
air, panting from excitement. “My bitch looks like she
could use some more,” Ingrid announced to all, “but we
seem to have run out of slaves. There’s only one
solution.” Then she left the room and for a moment I
thought some of the masters were going to fuck me.

When she came back, she was leading Jake, her big
Doberman. She stood staring at me; in my dazed
condition, I was slow to grasp what was going on. Otto
came over to me with a small towel and wiped it on my
pussy. Then he walked over to Jake and let him get the

The dog immediately began to whimper in excitement and
pull toward me on his leash, and I saw his doggy prick
become erect ‘ the pointy pink tip protruding at least
five inches from the furry base. Though I finally
realized what Ingrid meant to do, I was paralyzed and
unable to move. One of the masters started the video
camera again.

“Look, slave-dogs,” Ingrid called out. “Look at how a
real cur mounts a willing bitch.” With that she
released him and he darted behind me. Jake’s snout
pressed briefly against my cunt and then I felt his
front paws on my back. As I rose to all fours, his paws
wrapped around me and I felt the narrow tip of his dog
cock entered my slick pussy.

It was a strange sensation; Jake’s dick felt very warm.
Once it was inside me, he began thrusting rapidly. I
heard him panting over my shoulder, and his spit
dribbled onto my pale back. Looking around the room, I
noticed Andy watching in rapt fascination, the shock
registered on his face. That turned me on even more,
and I reached beneath myself to rub my swollen clit.

Then I felt something large and hard pressing against
my cunt lips, spreading me. Startled, I tried to pull
away, but Jake’s low growl stopped me. “That’s his
‘knot,’ Beth,” I heard Ingrid say. “Once it’s in you
Jake can’t slip out until he’s done.” My pussy
stretched but I was sure Jake’s knot would never fit.
And then somehow it popped into my pussy and the
burning sensation gave way to an incredible sense of
fullness and pleasure.

Soon I was moaning as I felt an incredible climax
building inside me. The Doberman quickly shot his load,
and I felt streams of hot doggy cum coursing into me
for several minutes, some dripping down my inner
thighs. The image of doggy cum in my pussy and the
degrading scene I had just enacted for this audience
sent me over the edge into a mind-numbing orgasm to a
place I had never been before. My body was wracked with
tremors as the pent up sexual energy from the night
exploded in great, searing waves of passion.

When I came to, I felt an emptiness between my legs.
Jake was lying next to me asleep. Mistress Ingrid
petted my hair gently and stroked my cheek. The others
had left the room. My mistress, seeing that I was
awake, kissed me softly on the cheek. “Such a good
doggie, good doggie,” she whispered approvingly. “The
best bitch I’ve ever had. Would you like to live here
with me?”

Thrilled at her offer, I managed a weak wave of my
tail. “Woof,” was all I could say.

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