Jessie’s First Sandwich

Since our marriage, her adventures have nearly stopped.
On rare occasion she’s slept with other men, but it’s
much harder to meet safe men than it was at school.
Condoms are no fun – I want men to use my wife, abuse
her and treat her like the slut she is. Cum oozing out
of her holes and down her body is the payoff!

So, as an interim to finding a way to more actively
share my Jessie, I’ve decided to begin posting her
college adventures. I’ve also posted some fairly tame
pictures on – hoping
to get some ideas to write some slightly *less true*
adventures/fantasies for my beautiful wife. As I post,
I’ll identify the stories as true or “inspired”, giving
credit as necessary. Constructive comments welcomed, of
course – and if you’ve got any story ideas, they’re
welcome, too.

This one, the first one I’ve finished, is true. It is
the story of the night that Jessie changed from being a
frequent fuck-partner to my actual girlfriend. It is
also the story of her first time with multiple
partners. She’d pulled trains before, but had never had
more than one guy on her at the same time.

On to the Story!

Jessie’s First Sandwich

Jessie was slowly becoming my girlfriend, rather than a
whore that I fucked along with the rest of the house.
She still fucked other guys from time to time, but she
was no longer the drunk girl being passed around at
every party. We spent time together, got to know each
other, and began to fall in love.

This was nice for a while, but I had, after all, fallen
in love with a fratslut, not the girl next door. So, I
decided to set her up for her first double-fuck. She’d
been trained a couple of times, but she’d never had
more than one cock in her body at the same time. That
was going to change. But I couldn’t narrow the lucky
guy down to just one – I picked my three closest buds
to share one of the few firsts Jessie had left. The
plan was to get her drunk (never too hard), and while I
fucked her, for them to sneak into my room and join in.
The lucky threesome (Tony, Andy and Troy) had all
fucked Jessie before, but they’d never had the chance
to really enjoy themselves with her.

We picked a Tuesday night, since none of us had
Wednesday classes. We nearly always drank on Tuesdays,
with or without girls over. So, Jessie didn’t expect
anything out of the ordinary when I made sure she was
there that particular Tuesday night. As usual, there
were about a dozen guys hanging around, getting drunk
and looking for a way to break up the monotony of the

We played Thumper, a drinking game where everyone has a
hand signal. As other people around a table flash your
signal, you have to flash your signal, then theirs,
then someone else’s to avoid drinking. The four of us
worked together to make sure Jessie had way more than
her share, and within an hour she was gone. We kept her
drinking for a while, and it was soon apparent that our
big plan to make her first gangbang a reality was
unnecessary. She was at our mercy.

Me dragging an unconscious Jessie through the house was
not a new sight to anyone – as a matter of fact, most
of the guys at one time or another had drug her off to
their rooms. We hadn’t told anyone about our plans for
her – I wasn’t sure how she’d take all four of us
together, and after we had our fun I wanted to talk to
her about it before I made her available to a larger
group. The first time, though, I didn’t intend to give
her a choice. She was going to fuck me and my friends,
the way we wanted, and we gave her no chance to
disagree with us.

The walk to my room revived her a bit, but it was clear
she couldn’t focus her eyes, and I don’t think she knew
who I was. It was VERY obvious she didn’t know where
she was, and that she didn’t notice there was more than
one guy with her. I let the guys undress her – over the
past months I’d had the chance to become acquainted
with every inch of Jessie’s body, but none of them had
had the chance. A drunk girl that staggers back to your
room with you for a quick fuck in the middle of a party
is one thing, but an almost unconscious girl to explore
to your heart’s content is quite another.

For a while, none of us took off any of our clothes. It
was a strange situation – we were all friends, and we’d
never shared a woman like this before. They knew Jessie
was my girlfriend, and still weren’t really sure that I
wouldn’t change my mind. Plus, getting naked with a
bunch of guys is weird, especially with one of their
girlfriends there.

So, we played with her for a while. I made it clear to
them that I didn’t want them to hurt Jessie, but that
they could do anything they wanted to her. We spread
her out on my couch on her back, with one leg draped
over the back. Her pink pussy was gaping the tiniest
bit, and her nipples were up and ready for our
attention. I hung back, and let my buds go first. They
started gently stroking her thighs and breasts, but
soon drunken lust took over, and they were pinching and
twisting her nipples, and stretching her pussy lips
open and forcibly finger fucking her.

Jessie began to respond to the rough treatment of my
fraternity brothers, and soon her pussy began making
wet, sloppy sounds as first three then four fingers of
Andy’s hand disappeared into her crotch. Tony was the
first to drop his pants, and climbed aboard my Jessie
to our applause. He buried his dick in my beautiful
future wife’s pussy in one stroke, and while Andy and
Troy each took a breast and stretched Jessie’s nipples
as far apart as they could, he proceeded to pound her
into the couch.

He didn’t last long, and poured the first load of the
night into Jessie. Andy wanted her next, and as he slid
into her sloppy cunt, Troy drug her head over the edge
of the couch and began working his dick into her mouth.
He barely had time to get it wet when Andy popped, and
then he took his turn at her pussy. Jessie seemed to
wake up a little bit, and began fingering herself while
Troy had his turn at her. She either had a quiet
orgasm, or passed out again, because when Troy climbed
off, she was motionless again.

My gorgeous Jessie lay there on the couch, with three
loads of cum oozing out of her gaping cunt. Tony was
hard again, and was looking at me to see if I wanted
her. It was time for her first sandwich, and I wanted
her ass. I told Tony he could have her, but he’d have
to share. Troy and Andy supported her unconscious body
over Tony, and lowered her down on his dick. As she
slumped forward, her tight ass spread open. I worked my
dick into her pussy alongside Tony to get it wet, then
I shoved into her ass in one stroke, completely
shafting her to the balls.

I’d ass-fucked her before, but Jessie had never felt
like this. She was completely relaxed, so there was no
resistance. At the same time, her normally tight
asshole was almost painful, with her pussy packed with
Tony. I knew I wouldn’t last long, so I didn’t try. I
fucked her as hard and as fast as I could, and fired my
cum straight into her bowels.

As soon as I pulled out, Andy and Troy took their turns
at her ass. Taking their cue from me, they were brutal.
Straight to the balls with no lube, they pounded Jessie
down onto Tony’s dick until they shot their loads. When
Troy finished, Tony pushed her off him, laid her face
down over the arm of the couch, and took a turn at her
ass himself. He put on quite a show for us, completely
pulling out of her ass then slamming back in balls deep
on every stroke. Jessie’s arms and legs twitched and
jerked with every stroke, and a constant low moan began
to come from her throat. Even though he’d been inside
her the whole time we’d been sodomizing her, it still
took him a good five minutes of hardcore fucking to get

Jessie was a fucked-up mess. As she lay sprawled over
the arm of the couch, cum was oozing out of both her
holes and sliding down her thighs. Both her pussy and
ass were red and raw. Her ass was especially nasty
looking – her pussy had closed up while Tony butt-
fucked her, but her ass hole was so stretched out it
wouldn’t close. I reached out and stuck my thumbs hand
into her asshole and pulled it apart. I could see three
or four inches into her cum stained ass. As I explored
her ruined ass, my buddies thanked me for the use of
her, and left. I heard them laughing about using her
like a whore as they left. Jessie’s first gangbang was
a success – we had really messed her up.

But there was one more thing I wanted – Jessie had
never deep-throated me, and that night she was going
to. I rolled her over onto her back, with her head
hanging over the arm of the couch. I stroked myself to
rock hardness, thinking about what I had let my friends
do to this piece of trash whore, this gorgeous woman I
had reduced to an object, a thing I could give away to
anyone I wanted.

I started working into her mouth, and hit the back of
her throat. I couldn’t get the rest of the way in,
another 4″ – the angle wasn’t right. I reached down and
grabbed a handful of her hair, brought it under her
arm, and as I pulled her head back, I felt her throat
begin to open for me.

I went slowly at first, stretching her virgin throat to
my width and allowing her drunken body to breathe. And
I sunk my entire dick down her throat for the first
time. I pulled out, and she began coughing. I don’t
know if she woke up then, but as soon as she took a
deep breath, I jerked her head back, and went down her
throat in a smooth motion, giving her a second neck
full of my dick.

Again I pulled out, and again she coughed. Less this
time – and she moaned a little. I looked at her face,
and saw her blurred eyes open, with tears forming at
the corners, and beginning to drip up the sides of her
forehead. I reached down and lifted her face, whispered
that I loved her and kissed her gently. Her lips felt
swollen – and ready.

My dick had never been so hard in my life. I dropped
her head down, grabbed a handful of hair again, and put
my dick back in her mouth. I went back down her throat
again, and it seemed a little easier for her. When I
pulled out, there was no coughing, only a gasp for air.
I began fucking her face, slowly at first and going all
the way up to my balls with each stroke. I felt my
orgasm coming, and began pulling her hair harder, and
cramming my dick down her throat faster and rougher. At
last I grabbed the back of her head with both hands and
crammed every bit of my dick down her throat. I could
feel her front teeth my pubic bone as I poured my cum
down her throat.

I stayed buried in her throat for at least a full
minute, as I enjoyed every last tremor of my explosion.
Her throat was working against my dick as she gasped
for air, but found only dick. When I pulled my dick
from her throat, it was followed by an explosion of cum
as she coughed and gasped for air. She did wake up
then, and asked me what the hell I had done. I just
told her I loved her, and she had given me and my
friends a wonderful night.

She was a little upset, more because I had gotten her
so drunk that she slept through her first gangbang than
anything else. I promised her there would be more.