Long pervert story

Jessica’s husband makes an unscheduled trip home from
working out of town, only to find her and her sister,
Jodi, preparing for a weekend of interracial partying. He
encourages his wife and the weekend finds him watching
his wife and her sister parade nude in public, and
playing sex slaves for a group of black men. In return
for his encouragement, Jessica gives him a new female
club member to break in while watching the action.


I think the most frequently asked question about our
bizarre extra marital activities is about parties. How
does a husband describe a swing party to anyone? A bunch
of people gathered together for the expressed purpose of
having sex with any and all guests, but especially not
one’s spouse. However, my situation went a step further
than normal swinging, since our whole lifestyle was
started by my wife, Jessica, and her sister Jodi.

Whenever pressed for details (and I was loose enough to
relate the stories), I would recall some more of the
sisters’ games they loved to play with their black male
lovers. It wasn’t enough that the two women were
beautiful young blondes who had incredible bodies, cute
faces to match, and loved to fuck around with and without
their husbands. No, these two young women had developed a
sense of adventure that led them to a need for a constant
stream of sex.

The taboo of having sex with someone other than a spouse
was like a dependency on a drug that required bigger and
stranger doses to satisfy the hunger. It started with my
sister-in-law, Jodi, who got her first taste of adventure
when she got me to take her to the store to pick out a
new dildo, and wound up selecting a nicely formed, soft
surgical rubber black model. The thrill of imagining a
black cock in her pussy led her to venturing out and
seducing a black member of the local gym where she
worked. She couldn’t contain her excitement of breaching
the taboo, and pressed her sister into trying it. My wife
soon developed the same inner excitement, and the two
femmes began building a herd of black studs, personally
chosen to be the biggest and best. A husband’s first
reaction to his golden haired housewife having a
propensity for black cock usually borders on a near death
experience. To see both his wife and her sister with the
same addiction, well, that’s a totally different reality.
The two girls liked their black meat; that was for sure.
They often had their men over to fuck them, either at
Jodi’s house, or even in my own bed as the occasion
arose, and they even had the balls to introduce me to
their lovers. It wasn’t out of spite, mind you, but out
of a desire to gain full permission to pursue the hobby
they loved.

The two sisters actively sponsored many of the swing
parties, most of them involving their “inner core” of
women members, and quite often held at one of the
member’s homes during a weekday afternoon. The girls
liked to organize their private parties around some
theme, and liked the freedom to be as wild as they
wished. They held no secrets about the afternoon get-
togethers that they held once or twice a week. They just
wanted, “… the opportunity to invite who they wanted,
and to have the freedom to get fucked as they wanted.” It
was all very innocent and serious at the same time, for
they were convinced that they were doing nothing wrong,
and they felt that it enhanced their marriages by giving
them that freedom. Consequently, my wife almost always
told me of her misadventures, and didn’t attempt to hide
her participation in the events. For them, it was all
done for pure fun, physical and mental. If either one had
a rape fantasy, it was for the excitement and not the
pain. They took their fun seriously and with all out
enthusiasm. It was a part of life that would only stay a
few years, and they were bound and determined to milk it
for all it was worth.

I remember the time when my out-of-town work actually
sent me home early on a Thursday to do some business in
my hometown. It was a week that I wasn’t expected to be
home at all, since I had just left the previous Sunday
for another two-week stint on the road. I thought I would
surprise my wife, Jessica, having finished my work in the
morning, and I arrived home shortly after twelve noon. I
didn’t notice my sister-in-law’s car parked down the
street, so when I entered the house, I really got a
surprise. I entered quietly, thinking about my surprise,
and heard feminine voices coming from the master bedroom.
Quietly sneaking down the hall, I peeked through the
partially opened bedroom door, and watched as Jessica,
Jodi and two other girl friends were putting the
finishing touches on themselves, getting ready for one of
their afternoon parties with their studs. It seems as if
my house was volunteered for that week’s fuck fest.

The girls occasionally started out totally nude, but
preferred to start their sessions dressed in some
incredibly sexy outfit that they took pride in fashioning
themselves. Both Jessica and Jodi were excellent
seamstresses, and competed in making incredibly small
pieces of cloth into something wearable. I had to admit,
the outfits they concocted were really something to
behold, and never failed to turn me on. My wife’s outfit
was a skin colored nylon cat suit, that she made from
sheer nylon stocking material. The material stretched to
every curve in her body, and had numerous oval shaped
openings down each side and throughout. Some lace was
strategically positioned in patterns from her ankles to
her neckline, only this time it was carefully placed not
to cover her tits and pussy, but to surround them. The
transparent nylon stretched around her nipples, and clung
to every slight fold of her slit and clitoris. She looked
virtually nude atop her four-inch heels, and erotically
accessible to those places that stood out so invitingly.

One of their friends had made a harem outfit of white
sheer veil material made up of two separate pieces. Each
piece (about four inches wide) was identical, intended
for right and left sides of her body. They started by
being tied once at each ankle, run up the inside of each
leg and through a gold ring just below her cunt. One
piece went to her back, the other to her front, up over
her shoulder, and fastened to the other piece with Velcro
about midway down her body. The effect was that one piece
ran up the crack of her ass, over the shoulder and
covered one breast, while the other ran up her front
side, over the other breast. While the thin transparent
material did little to hide her tits, the only way she
could conceal her cunt was to keep the material bunched
between closed legs. Or, at a whim, she could move to
expose her bald pussy at will. At any rate, the flowing
material up her crack, leaving her backside totally
exposed, accentuated her ass cheeks. The other girl was
not quite as inventive, and chose to purchase her outfit
from a sex shop, but still didn’t disappoint. It was a
typical open bra arrangement with pull away, or open
crotch, but couldn’t hold a candle to the looks of my
wife and her sister.

Jodi’s outfit was really not an outfit at all. It started
with a single spaghetti-strap strip of chiffon material
that she wrapped around the back of her neck, and then
down the front over her tits where it widened to about
four inches to cover her globes. The material then
narrowed again; so she could tuck the two strands through
her clit ring, and let it just hang over her bare pussy.
From the back, she was totally nude, and from the front,
she was only barely covered in strategic areas. Together
with her long golden blond hair, she was the picture of a
virgin innocence.

I slowly backed away from the door, not wanting to be
seen, and returned to the family room where trays of
snacks were set up, along with a cooler of chilled wine
and assorted drinks. Pillows and mattresses were placed
around the room, covered with silky sheets. Music was
playing, and the incense was emitting a pleasant
fragrance. I felt that I had wandered into a bordello as
I decided to go back out and ring the doorbell.

You can imagine the look on Jessica’s face as she swung
the door open, expecting someone else. I tried to look
surprised to match her expression as she backed away from
the door, and the other girls came prancing down the
hall. Jodi smirked, and Jessica did her best to take my
presence in stride, and said, “Wow! What a surprise!
Well, you’re just in time for the party. Anyway, there
are some people I always wanted you to meet.” This
statement seemed a little odd, for I knew all the women
there, but as she looked past me, I suddenly realized
that someone was approaching from behind me. I turned to
see four very healthy looking black men turn to walk up
my driveway, actually carrying flowers. Jessica pulled me
into the house and rushed me to the kitchen, while her
sister simultaneously said, “I’ll play hostess for a few
minutes, then it’s your party.”

After a quick explanation of my trip, Jessica hurried her
lecture. “Look,” she began in hushed tone, “it’s great
that you got to come home early, but we’re having a party
here today, and I’m hosting it for the girls. You know
very well what goes on, and I’m not about to disappoint
everyone and embarrass myself in the process. So, I guess
your surprise has turned into my surprise.” She cocked
her hip and held her hands up in a helpless gesture and
sexy pose, waiting for a response. My eyes traced her
figure from platinum blond hair cut in a perfect bob
style, perfectly made up face, down her sexy well exposed
body to her white four inch heels. To say she was
fuckable was a gross understatement, and my mind raced
with images of how she would be taken that afternoon.

This was the time in our relationship when I had tried
just about everything I could imagine to reconcile what
was happening in our lives. I had gone from shocked to
angry to trying to “fix” the situation, all to no avail.
I realized several things by now. One was the fact that I
wasn’t going to stop my wife’s antics. She was intent on
living out her fantasies whether or not I was there to
participate. Of course, I did have the choice of leaving
her, but, alas, there was one big problem. I was in love
with the bitch! However, there was one thing I hadn’t
tried, cooperation. I had never actually been totally
supportive of her actions, and it dawned on me that the
tack just might give me some say in the matter, at least
some degree of control. But, is that what I really
wanted? It was worth investigating, and, in an instant, I
formulated my new plan of surprise. I would agree to
everything, support her black sexing, and everything else
imaginable. What could I lose?

“I…I had no idea,” I stammered in a fashion befitting
the situation. Then, figuring on a good offense, I
blurted out, “No problem, Sweetheart. I’ve always wanted
to meet your black lovers. They must be such gentlemen to
bring flowers too. I assume you’re the candy?” We both
stared into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, trying
to see an opening, but then, at the same time, we both
burst out laughing. It was obvious from her wide smile
and relaxed posture that I had actually totally defused
the situation, and made her believe that I was now
accepting of her behavior. She was actually happy with
me! So, taking me in hand, she kissed me and said,
“C’mon, baby, there’re some people I want you to meet!”
And I followed as she sauntered into the family room.

Jessica sprang into the room, jumping off the single
step, giddy with delight at the thought that I was giving
in to her way of thinking. The girls had already offered
drinks to everyone, had just finished modeling themselves
for the men, and were cuddling up with black arms around
their white, semi-nude bodies. As Jess’s nearly naked
body entered, all the men’s eyes focused on her great
figure before noticing me right behind. Surprise was not
the word, perhaps shock would be better as they all
straightened up with a guilty “caught with a hand in the
cookie jar” look.

“Hi, I’m Jessica’s husband,” I offered with full
confidence as I approached the first man to shake his
hand. Jessica broke in with an attempted introduction,
“Sweetheart, this is one of my lovers, Jerry.” I thought
to myself, “Hmmm, Jerry with the sweaty palms. I think I
have the upper hand here.” She continued to introduce her
friends, “and these are my…our…other lovers,” and
each cordially took my hand in disbelief as I welcomed
them to my home. Introductions were done in a matter of
seconds, and I noticed Jessica leading the girls in
smiles, as they stood relieved at my cheery attitude, and
tried to look natural.

My strategy was working, and I definitely had my wife
wrapped around my finger at this moment by my enthusiasm.
I didn’t let the advantage slip as I turned to Jerry,
Wyan, Mike and Buzz (as he was known), “So, fellas, Jess
and Jodi have told me about being serviced by you guys
while I was away. Do you get over here often?” I took a
drink from one of the girls and began sipping as I

“You’re kidding, right?” said Jerry.

“No, no! I really am Jessica’s better half…and, that
makes me Jodi’s brother in law. And, I really am
interested in meeting you guys and getting some first
hand feedback about how it feels to fuck a another man’s
wife….and, in your case, especially if it’s a white
housewife.” I was pushing it, and I immediately sensed my

“Look, I, uh…we didn’t mean to…I mean, we didn’t
expect….we thought that…”

“Really, guys,” I softened my approach and put a hand on
his shoulder, “this is the first time I’ve had a chance
to meet my wife’s playmates. And, so, I want you to know
that I’m ok with this, so relax. Did I say something
wrong?” I was still in control.

“No. Actually, it’s me that’s off guard, here. You know,
I guess the girls were right.”

“How’s that?”

“They always told us that their mates were cool.” Jerry
smiled big, and shook my hand genuinely this time. I
returned the smile, knowing that I was about to watch my
wife get fucked by this guy, but also knowing that I had
more to gain by enjoying it than fighting it. Besides,
these guys weren’t small. The conversation relaxed, and
the girls went back to stroking their playmates egos and
bodies. Even Jessica came up to Jerry while we were
talking, and cradled under his big black arm, and guiding
his hand to her tit, which he took the opportunity to
massage in front of me.

The more I talked with Jerry and his friends, the more
relaxed I became. I realized that these guys didn’t fit
my image of the black street gang, but were more
gentlemen than anything else. They were very concerned
with my comfort level, and that alone was enough to
change my offense into acceptance. I was finding myself
relieved that these men were actually human, and were
only interested in good dirty fun, but not necessarily at
my expense.

After about 20 minutes, the doorbell rang, and Jess
trotted off to usher in five more studs to the party. I
loved watching her form, as she looked for all the world
to be naked while her bouncing walk jiggled her boobs,
and her blond bob hairdo cropped perfectly around her
face. The scene was pretty much the same…my semi-nude
wife making the introductions, and the new comers feeling
uneasy with the husband who was about to witness them
filling his pet with black jism. The first group cut the
ice by ensuring that everything was cool, and that I was
looking forward to seeing my wife in action. As the party
got going, the men’s clothing started coming off bit by
bit. I was impressed by Jess and Jodi’s choice in black
men. I had been told that they were very selective, but
now I knew what they meant. Both sisters once told me,
“We don’t want to screw brown men, we want to fuck BLACK
men with BLACK cocks.” Every man the girls had invited
had dark to exceptionally black skin, and their cocks?

I couldn’t believe the jet-black slabs of tube steak that
was swaying between their legs and slowing rising to
attention. These things were huge! Jessica was so proud
of her selections, and so excited about me being there,
that she made a point of “showing me her men” by getting
going from man to man, introducing me to their cocks. She
was a vibrant little girl showing off her new dolls as
she would wrap her small white hand around the base of a
big dick and pump it half way to erection. Another she
would suck for a few strokes to make her cheeks bulge,
and flick her tongue in his pee hole before presenting
the size to me as if it was her trophy. As she proceeded
around the room, she would talk to me about each one,
totally innocently saying things like, “…and this is
Buzz. His poker is really thick and I get off on the way
it stretches me wide. He fucks me about once a week….
then there’s Wyan…,” and she would move to show me the
size of his balls and bat. I think that my wife was
especially fond of balls, because she believed that the
larger the man’s balls, the larger the load he could
shoot. She loved to massage those black testicles like
they belonged to her. Meanwhile, Jodi and the other girls
were getting off on the brashness of Jessica telling her
husband of her preferences in black meat, and started the
orgy while watching her in action.

Jessica was really working it, a leg up on the coffee
table gave a great view of her pussy through the nylon, a
bend over at the waist to loosen some guy’s belt made her
straight legs and straining muscles beg to be stroked,
and no chance to cop a feel was missed as I watched her
hand slip into the crotches of pants that were falling to
the floor. Jodi wasn’t losing a beat either. Her one-
strap girl outfit was being invaded with and without
invitation as her nipples were pinched, breasts squeezed
and pussy lips kissed while she lifted a leg to the arm
of the sofa.

The women got the party going by starting some music,
and, one by one, they got up to strip. Jodi danced first,
turning it into a lap dance for two of the men, and ended
up nude in their laps. My wife was next, gyrating to the
music and slowly peeling the cat suit from her shoulders
and down her body. She paused to suck her own tits, then
fed them to a couple of men waiting to taste her milk.
Unlike the typical strip club, she stripped totally nude,
then continued her lap dance with her face in the men’s
crotch. Again, unlike the local clubs her action didn’t
stop until she was holding a big black prick in her
mouth, and the other man next to her was inserting his
finger in her sopping wet pussy. The other girls

Jessica was not only relieved, I think she actually
wanted to put on a good show for me, since I was so much
at ease with her antics. She arranged for one of her girl
friends to make sure that I was getting just as naked as
her black studs. So the girl took advantage of stripping
me to my hard on, then dragging me by the prick over to
where she could suck a white one and a black one at the
same time. Of course, by this time everyone was getting
naked, and the fancy costumes that the girls wore did
their magic with snaps and rips of Velcro before being
thrown to the corners of the room. Soon there were four
nude women in heels, nine black men with raging boners,
and one white husband about to watch his wife, her sister
and white housewife friends get fucked all afternoon.

And fuck they did. I think I viewed about every position
imaginable as stiff black cocks penetrated the milky
white bodies of the housewife whores. Actually, they
couldn’t be called whores, because they didn’t get paid.
In fact, they gave it away religiously and
enthusiastically as I was witnessing. The girls always
had more men than women, and usually arranged to have
more than a two to one ratio, and today barely met that
criteria. The object was for each of the girls to be able
to have two guys at once if they so desired, and to
assure that they would get fucked at least four or more
time during the afternoon (counting on each man cumming
twice). So there I sat, prick in hand, gawking at my wife
and her sister impale themselves on big black cocks, and
getting injected with black baby sperm in every hole.

Jessica was so thrilled at my attitude, that she made
sure I had a good view of her penetrations. She even
called to me to watch as she first sucked one guy to
hardness, then turned to face me as he sat on the couch,
straddle his legs with hers wide to the sides, and lower
herself onto his pole as she guided it into her asshole.

My cute blonde housewife was now bouncing up and down on
a huge black penis stuck up her ass, her gaping bald
pussy opening and closing as she rose and fell. As
another dark body approached her, I heard her cry, “Stuff
my cunt. Stuff my cunt and ass at the same time.” And the
man obliged by kneeling between his friend’s legs and
sliding his black boner into my wife’s baby hole. Two
huge pieces of black meat were about to explode inside
her as they continued stroking in and out with their
massive tools. Then, suddenly, all three seemed to
shudder simultaneously, and she was filled with gobs of
hot semen as the cocks buried themselves and spurt their
cream as far as they could up her poop chute and baby

I noticed that Jessica wasn’t the only girl getting
fucked. Jodi was getting reamed front and back, face
fucked and butt fucked at the same time, while the other
girls rimmed a man’s asshole in front, and enjoyed a
stuffing from behind. It was quite an orgy. Hot sex was
everywhere, and the guys lived up to their label of studs
as they went from one white girl to the next, keeping
each filled with black meat and semen. The guys would
occasionally come over and talk with me, saying how much
they liked to fuck my wife, but always making sure that I
was still ok with it all. One thing I enjoyed watching
was when either Jess or her sister would nurse one of the
gents. Both of them continued lactating after their
pregnancies, and enjoyed the fact that their tits were
fuller than normal and that they easily produced milk on
demand. They would straddle a guy and squeeze their tits
while rubbing the nipples between the men’s sucking lips.

Soon he would be rewarded with streams of warm breast
milk shooting from their nipples straight into an open
mouth. The girls really liked feeding the men this way,
and readily got off on having their breasts milked for a
crowd of people. They liked it so much, in fact, that
they would always go braless in easily accessible tops so
they could nurse their escorts in public, or brazenly
fill their drink glasses in a restaurant when on one of
their dates.

In fact, it was some time after this that I was out to an
elegant evening dinner with my wife, her sister, and four
of their black male friends. We were having a group meal
before we returned to Jodi’s house where I was going to
photograph the gents fucking my wife and sister. The men
were there to interview the sisters about the club
activities, and how they could structure something
similar in their hometowns. Then wanted to take home some
material to create a brochure for their club, and maybe
even start a web page. Anyway, there we were in a
perfectly ritzy restaurant, with each of the women
flanked by blacks. I sat between two of the men at the
large round table, so it was white black, white black all
around. The sisters were dressed in their usual sexy
fashion, and both were wearing identical chiffon cocktail
dresses that were backless. The single strip of semi
transparent cloth in front wrapped around the neck, and
covered each breast individually as they plunged to the
waist where the two sides blended into the skirt section.

Going braless, the girls’ tits bounced enticingly as they
walked, and showed a lot of nipple as it stretched over
their white globes. While having drinks before dinner,
everyone was getting rather loose and getting off at the
way everyone in the restaurant was staring at the
interracial mix. The conversation got around to some of
the club’s activities, and when asked about what the
women liked to do to be wild and different, my wife
looked at her sister and replied, “Well, we make one
helluva good White Russian.” When asked what was so
special, Jodi said they would demonstrate, and ordered
Stoli on the rocks for everyone. When served, the men
complained that White Russian contained cream, to which
my wife replied, “Oh, but that’s what makes ours so
special. We use milk.” And she proceeded to pull one side
of her dress aside, exposing her tit, and she began
squeezing until her breast milk began to flow. She milked
herself into the glasses of vodka one by one, and passed
it down the table. Her sister did the same until we all
had the J&J (Jessica & Jodi) version of a White Russian.

The lights in the restaurant were very low, with table
candles doing most of the lighting, but still, several
patrons noticed and were too sophisticated to cause a
scene. When their boobs were emptied, the sisters slipped
their tits back inside their dresses, and continued
enjoying the drinks and conversation of the evening. I
don’t remember whether I drank my wife or my sister-in-
law that evening, but at least I was included. Jessica
said that a White Russian was okay, but she preferred a
Kalua and cream, and said that she would show us how to
make that later. I always loved breast milk after that!

Getting back to my wife’s party, the afternoon was
fading, everyone was full of food, drink and sperm (in
the girls’ cases). The men were lounging around naked,
with equally nude women in their laps or cuddled by their
sides. The two girl friends said they had to leave for
home and get dinner ready for their families, while Jodi
said that she and Jess had better get ready too. I
assumed them meant their own homes, but I was surprised
when Jessica motioned for me to follow her and Jodi into
the bedroom while their guests got dressed. Jodi started
the shower for a quick rinse off, while I sat on the bed
with Jessica standing before me, her pussy oozing black
semen right there in front of my face.

“I really am happy that you enjoyed this afternoon, love,
but there’s more, and I hope you understand. Your trip
home is kind of in the middle of our plans for the next
three days. You see, Jodi and I (Jodi was now standing
next to Jess while the shower warmed up)….well, we
arranged to go with Jerry for the next few days to help
him with his project. That is, if he would take us, and
he said yes.”

“What do you mean take you, and what project?”

“You know, be his women, his two white cunts, his
housewife slaves to keep around his place or wherever he
wants. We do this occasionally, and you just happened to
walk in on the week we had it planned. And, oh, his
project… well, you see, Jerry is a professional
photographer who mostly does advertisement work like
layouts for special sales, catalogs, and even head shots
for aspiring models and talent agencies. He says that’s
all well and good, but it doesn’t make the big money, and
so, he supplements his income with a little private
photography of sexy scenes for some magazines.”

“Excuse me? Sexy scenes? Am I getting the drift that he’s
into some porno production?” I asked.

“Well, now that you mention it, yes,” replied Jess.

I continued, “And, you… no, don’t tell me, you help him
with the modeling?”

My wife was getting that pouty look on her face, rather
sheepishly looking downward like a little girl caught
with her panties down. At that point, Jodi piped up with
her usual blunt explanation, “Look, Jerry shoots a little
porn on the side, and he specializes in interracial sex.
Is that plain enough?”

“Go on,” I added.

“And, we happen to be his bread and butter subjects. More
accurately, we’re his prime material. Frankly, he’s
produced several magazines that feature YOUR wife and HER
sister being fucked by black men, sucking black cock, and
generally performing anything else he wants us to do.”
Sometimes Jodi just gets into the mood of being blatant,
and the words just spill out of her before she realizes
the effect they could have.

“But, I haven’t seen anything like that around here.”

“Maybe it’s because you just haven’t looked. It’s in all
the adult stores, glossy, black and white, and in living

Jess had moved over to the nightstand, pulled out several
copies of full color magazines, and handed them to me
shyly. As I picked them up, the first magazine’s cover
was a full-page color photo of my wife’s face, covered in
cum as she held a huge black cock on her cheek. Her mouth
was half open, and a pool of white jizm could be seen
inside, ready to be swallowed as she looked into the
camera with her baby blues. As I continued to flip the
pages, more photos revealed my pert blonde wife in
different positions, having black cocks inserted into her
body. Anal insertions, combination anal and pussy, pussy
while sucking, anal while sucking, anal and pussy while
sucking, and even one where she was being fucked in the
ass, fucked in her cunt, and face fucked while she held
huge slabs of black meat in each hand to the side all at
the same time. They were all there in a special edition
of what was titled Interracial Goo. That was the front
half of the magazine, and the last half consisted of a
series of cum shots from the men she was servicing. The
final photo showed her virtually covered in sticky white
goo, smiling as she lay at the feet of her lovers.

The second magazine was devoted to my sister-in-law,
showing her in similar shots, position and sequence of
events. Her magazine was entitled Black Cream White
Dream, and ended in a nice spread shot of her pussy
covered in literally gobs of semen. The only differences
I could see in the two documents was that one girl had
short platinum blonde hair, and the other had long golden
blonde hair. The quality of photography was really quite
good, and in the short time I took to review the rags, my
cock had sprung to life, thinking of my wife and her
sister while all this was being shot. Of course, it
didn’t help that the two sisters were sitting on either
side of me, rubbing their tits on my arms as they looked
over my shoulder at the pictures and reminisced about
certain poses. “See this one?” said my wife, “I really
got off being fucked by that guy. He was pushing hard on
my cervix and finally got his cock into my uterus.”

“Yeah,” Jodi interjected, “and I remember that you came
like gangbusters when he shot his load inside you. You
understand, we’re supposed to let the camera catch the
cum, not keep it inside.”

The two sat there while I perused the pages, talking and
pointing as I flipped through to the end. Jessica was the
first to ask, “Well, what do you think? They’re really
well done, and you can’t believe the amount of feedback
we’ve gotten since these were published! I think we’re
getting to be some kind of stars or something.”

“Published? Already?” I asked.

“Not only published, but sold out, and clamoring for
more!” Jodi exclaimed. “Imagine, right now there are
probably fifty thousand men out there that have emptied
their balls over my pictures alone. Oh, sorry Sis, and
another fifty thousand squirts over yours too.”

“So am I to just sit here and take the fact that my
demure wife and her sister are now porn stars on the
printed page? And one’s that specialize in black sexing?
At least tell me that you got something out of this!”

Jessica jumped in, “Of course we got something out of it.
About thirty or forty orgasms apiece shooting the
pictures!” She and Jodi giggled, but then Jodi elbowed
Jess. “But besides the fun, we got these!” she said as
both girls put a leg up onto the bed, one on either side
of me, and pointed to their bald pussies. “If you
remember, Honey, we never got a bill for all my hair
removal. Jerry took care of it all.”

“Jerry paid for both of you?” I asked in amazement.

“Not only paid, but escorted us to each and every visit
while the procedure was being done. It must have cost him
about three grand apiece, but look at the results, soft
and smooth as a newborn. Besides, it was fun acting like
a black man’s white hooker when he took us for the
procedures. We wore practically nothing, and did we get
stared at or what? Actually,” she giggled, “When you
think about it, we were his hookers, weren’t we?”

Of course she was right. There is something special about
a smooth slit that I just can’t resist. I loved the way
she looked, and could almost cream every time I saw her
flaunting her hairless treasure for some stranger. She
always twisted things into her being right. Both she and
her sister stood there with their perfectly smooth and
hairless cunts inches from my face as I could smell their
sex and see the excess sperm that had been deposited just
minutes ago seeping from their slits. I wondered if it
was a good trade, and thought of what he might do next.

“Oh, and if you’re wondering if this was worth the trade,
we’re pretty sure that he made off like a bandit. But, on
the other hand, we got what we wanted, maybe more,
because now he wants us to do a series of shoots. Jerry
says that there are piles of money in interracial sex
shots, especially if they’re done with young looking
blonde women. Besides, he also says we can have anything
we want in return, especially if we get kinky with some
of the work. Any suggestions?” Jess teased while
squeezing her tits, and I knew then that the girls were
probably conspiring for some boob alterations.

The looks on their faces was that of little girl
excitement, and their smiles and perkiness said to me
that they figured I would be receptive to finding out
about this too. What could I say? I stammered an “aw
shit” response under my breadth, but I was cut short by
Jodi. “We could call you sometime….no, better yet, why
don’t you ask Jerry if you can visit us while we’re with
him this weekend? I’m sure it would be fine, since you
two hit it off so well.” Again, what could I say? And,
so, the deal was done, and the two covered me with kisses
and playful fondling, wife and sister in law alike,
teaming up to stroke my cock as each took turns giving me
a much wanted blow job.

I didn’t wait for them as they both piled into the shower
together, and I left to go back to the guests. I dressed
with the others, and I got to know Jerry and his
intentions a little better. He mentioned to me that the
two sisters had done this a number of times, and he was
only too pleased to comply. They put him in complete
charge, but expected constant attention in return. That
is, “They expected to be surprised by new ideas for
getting them fucked or for whoring them out,” he said
matter-of-factly as we sat talking. Only the four
original men remained, with the others having left as
soon as they dressed, thanking me for a wonderful
afternoon, and promising to repeat the favor. It wasn’t
more than fifteen minutes before the two blondes were
entering the room.

“Here we are!” they said with excitement, bubbly and all
smiles. Well, not all smiles….they were wearing their
white “fuck me” heels, but nothing more. Two fresh clean
nude bodies complete with bald pussies and bouncing tits
circled around us, coming to a halt in front of the five
men in the room. “Well, what do you want us to wear this
time? We have our shorts, short skirts, cocktail dresses,
sun dresses, lingerie, an assortment of our own creations
… you name it.” The girls laid out the collection of
sexy clothing, while the men started selecting and pawing
through the piles. Meanwhile, Jessica and Jodi were
giving me excited glances and shifting from right to left
leg, stretching their near perfect figures to entice the
men. Jodi whispered to me, “Did you arrange it with him?”

“Damn! I forgot to ask,” I whispered back. She took the
cue, smiled at me, then pushed Jerry back on the couch
and plunked her naked self in his lap with arms around
his neck. “Jerry, darling, I’ve got a suggestion for you.
Why don’t you invite my brother in law over to your place
to get in on some of the action?”

Jerry’s smile widened, “Of course! You will be my guest,
won’t you? The invitation is open…anytime.” He beamed
at his inventiveness, and Jessica didn’t wait for me to

“Good! It’s settled, then. You come over to join us.
Stick will give you directions.”


“Oh, sorry. That’s Jerry’s name among his friends. Very
appropriate don’t you think?” she said seductively as she
squeezed his cock through his pants.

“Thanks, Stick.” I replied, laughing with the rest of
them. “I think I’ll take you up on that.”

“OK, but for now these ladies are mine, and I’m getting
first crack at their cracks.” The girls giggled at the
term, and pressed on for a choice of clothing.

“Sheeit! I can never make up my mind. Just take it all
guys, and we’ll figure it out later.” The men scooped up
the apparel, placing it into the duffle they brought with

“But, what about right now? We just happen to be naked.”
Jessica asked.

“Right now, my bald pussy friends, I would like to see
you in white stockings.” So, the two pulled out pairs of
white control top nylons, seductively put them on, and
replaced their heels. “OK, what next,” Jodi continued. “I
don’t see any reason to wear more than your shoes. Don’t
you guys agree?” said Jerry. A resounding agreement came
from the other three, and my wife and her sister stood
shocked (as they liked to be), realizing that their trip
to Stick’s place would be a nude one. I thought his
suggestion was very fitting given the intent of the
arrangements, so I offered my support, to which I got a
high five from each of the black studs.

The sisters wanted to be fucked and used, so they were
going to start by displaying themselves as these black
men’s toys as they made for the front door. Jessica
(always thinking) stopped quickly and turned. “Can you do
us a favor?” she asked of me. “Get the video camera and
go down the street.” I didn’t need another hint as I
grabbed the camera that had been used to record the
afternoon party, and I headed to my car. I drove to a
spot with a clear view of Jerry’s car and the house, and
started the camera running as four black men and two
blond nude housewives exited my home. I always liked the
look of white nylons, as it made the legs of the women
stand out in muscular contrast to their escorts, and gave
the mental impression that the wearer was virginal. My
wife, with her platinum blond bob hairdo, lightly tanned
skin, and four-inch heels, was walking naked (except for
her white nylons) between two very black men. And her
sister followed, with flowing long blond hair, the same
four-inch heels and equally nude between her black
escorts. The girls were really working it too, for they
walked that bouncy kind of walk that women do when they
want their tits to jiggle and bounce, and that they did.
Two beautiful creamy mounds of flesh shook provocatively,
making sure that they moved up and down, side to side. It
was part of their act, and as long as they were doing it,
they wanted to make sure that anyone seeing them would
have no doubt that they were a black man’s white whore.
The two girls were drunk with excitement, and I could see
that they were giving everything to the experience.

Stick had this in mind when he arrived earlier, and
purposely parked about two doors away. The party walked
down the driveway and proceeded down the sidewalk. The
shot I was getting was superb, and couldn’t have turned
out better when two cars slowed to watch the parade. The
occupants of the first car were new neighbors who nearly
took out their own mailbox, and the other car was a
couple being escorted around the neighborhood by a real
estate sales woman. I got a perfect shot of snapping
necks and gawking mouths with the zoom lens, which also
showed the semi-naked procession in the background. Both
cars slowed to a crawl to watch as the completely nude
blonde sisters were ushered into the black men’s car and
slowly driven away for three days of black sexing.

I don’t know exactly how it happened, but I realized that
my fear and shock of knowing that my wife would seek out
black men to fuck her was a thing of the past. I had
realized that there was nothing I could do to change the
situation, and that she was going to pursue her fantasy
with or without me. The bigger problem I faced was
adjusting to the fact that neither my wife nor her sister
would use any form of birth control. They insisted that
the thrill of the chance of being inseminated by a black
man was the ultimate kicker, and this happened to be
their fertile time of the month. Just before I left the
bedroom, Jessica had whispered that they were “looking
forward to being impregnated by Jerry and his friends. I
just love the feeling of being filled with hot sperm
directly from their black balls.” She said this staring
into my eyes, her face only inches from mine, breathing
hard, and waiting for my reaction. Once again, I snapped
back with a curt answer saying that it wasn’t my belly
that would be swelling with a black baby. She just
laughed saying, “I really think you’re beginning to get
into this. Good for you! Besides, you already know we’ll
get Ron to deep fuck us and bump it out of there anyway.”

Yeah, I knew. Ron and his fourteen-inch donkey dick had
penetrated both girls’ cervixes on a regular basis, and
was their trick to naturally aborting. I mused to myself
that it’s not every man who would encourage his fair
haired housewife to get her cervix fucked by a fourteen
inch black cock, but, then again, it was the only
practical and sane solution.

I sat there working the camera as my nude wife and
sister-in-law paraded down my street. Just before they
entered the car, I zoomed in for a last shot on the
nakedness of my family sluts. They bent way over for the
camera while slowly getting into the car, and it was
clear to see that both their bald pussies were dripping
once again.


I watched as Jerry’s car pulled away, carrying my wife
and her sister off to their planned weekend of playing
slave girls for their black lovers, and posing for a new
series of slick interracial porn magazines. Not only had
it been incredibly erotic to see Jessica and Jodi, two
beautiful blond girls being escorted down my neighborhood
street by four black men, but for them to be virtually
nude, dressed only in white four inch heels and white
nylons was really mind blowing. It was only a few seconds
before I realized that I had not gotten directions to
Jerry’s place, so I threw my car into drive, shook off my
daze, and raced after the dark BMW. Luckily, traffic
allowed me to catch up and follow them to one of the
city’s urban renewal sections.

The brownstone three story building was in the center of
the block that had been completely renovated for
exclusive businesses and luxury living. The BMW pulled
into a private garage, and the party began filing out and
around to the front of the building. The girls were kept
nude during the trip, and attracted as much attention as
any blonde housewife would in a mostly black
neighborhood, but were well protected, and in the safety
of their four escorts. After all, they were there to have
sex with black men, so covering up was of little
importance, just safety. They entered the front and
disappeared behind the closed door. After a few minutes
of noticing lights getting turned on, the windows to the
third story balcony opened, where I could see Jessica
looking out. She found my car, smiled, blew me a kiss,
and waved as she slipped back to the interior. They
didn’t make much effort to close the drapes, and from my
vantage point, I could see the two blond figures making
themselves at home, and stepping behind the bar to fix
drinks for their private party.

Soft jazz started to drift from the apartment, and the
sisters started stripping the clothes from the men. Soon
the picture of two naked white housewives being lovingly
pawed by four nude black men was clearly visible. Just
before I decided to leave, Jodi dropped to her knees to
mouthing the stiff rod of one of the men. Jessica wasn’t
far behind as I saw her first straining up to kiss her
lover while stretching his long cock with her small white
hand, then, sinking slowly, she joined her sister in
sucking off the first of a long list of black pricks that
were lined up for the weekend. As I drove away, both
girls raised their hands to wave (they must have been
told by their host that I was leaving), neither one
missing a stroke from the big black dicks shoved in their
mouths. I mused on the way home that neither Jessica nor
Jodi ever drank very much liquor, thereby keeping their
wits about them when having sex. Jess once confided that
they both preferred to have all their senses about them
when getting fucked, and only drank to take the edge off.
I wasn’t that proud. I knew that I would be downing a few
at home, thinking of my wife and her sister as they
satisfied their lust for black meat, and the fact that
both were just about to get their first good drink of the


The sisters were insatiable and had an energy level that
would put a professional athlete to shame. Their lust for
sex seemed only interrupted by their need for food and
drink, and occasionally to recharge with a few hours of
sleep. Even their bodily functions didn’t slow them down,
for they sometimes invited some of their kinkier
companions to watch as their little pee holes splashed
golden liquid into the toilet. Not something I especially
enjoyed, but they got to spread themselves in exhibition
for their black friends to examine their most private of
all parts, and that just turned them on all the more.

My wife and her sister made dinner for their host and his
friends, all the while remaining nude and available for
their every sexual whim. They fucked throughout the
evening into the wee hours of the morning, having removed
the only clothes they wore halfway during the evening.
When they awoke, they were lying naked in bed sandwiched
between black bodies, ready for a new day of playing
their “get me pregnant if you can” games. The girls would
always schedule something like this during their fertile
time of the month, since the adrenaline would be driving
them wild.

As morning broke, the two white slaves set about doing
their chores for their black master, by starting with
breakfast, attending him in the shower, cleaning the
house, and, of course, seeing that he had his choice of
white snatch for his morning fuck. My wife and her sister
always enjoyed showering with their lovers for a couple
of reasons. The first was obvious, as they got to clean
the orifices that they would be touching and even
mouthing. The second reason was that they had one silly
fetish for their men to be cleanly shaven. Not their
faces, but their cocks and balls. The girls thrilled at
the chore of lathering up their black lover’s tools and
gently taking a safety razor the stiffening dicks and
swaying ball sacks. In the end, they voided the men of
any hair that would interfere with blowjobs, and they
claimed that it felt so much sexier to feel a smooth
shiny black snake against their equally bald pussies. I
have to admit that the few times I watched my wife
leisurely lying back while sipping a drink, with her legs
spread wide to the side, and having a big black prick
slowly slide in and out of her stretching cunt was a
beautiful turn-on. She had such a way with casual sex
that she could carry on a conversation with her lover
while she enjoyed a long slow screw.

Jerry’s guests were treated with the same respect, and
each sister got filled with hot creamy sperm from at
least two men. Jess and Jodi made perfect white surrogate
housewives for the black men as they went about making
the morning meal in the nude. A complete breakfast was
served, and each man was offered milk for his coffee,
which the girls squirted from their nipples directly into
the cups. Refills were self serve, and they offered their
breasts to the men who squeezed the tender white flesh
until it produced the desired white fluid. The girls were
really having a good time being used by their black
masters, and playing the game of obedient white slaves.

Jerry’s friends left after breakfast, leaving him alone
with his harem, and getting on with the day’s chores for
his slaves. Actually, chores isn’t quite the right word
for it. Fortune had it that he was a professional
photographer who mostly did layouts for newspaper ads and
magazines. However, he also had contacts that would pay
him for good quality porn photos whenever he could come
up with new material, and had mentioned it once to Jodi
and Jess who jumped at the chance for a bit of notoriety.
The girls had actually been turned on enough by the idea,
that they arranged for part of this weekend to include a
real top notch photo session of them being black sexed.
Having relatively good business sense, Jerry got the
notion of making a little money on the side, by selling
the opportunity for his business associates to have their
picture taken with a white woman. The equipment was top
notch, and the lighting was everything needed for the
best quality results. Working alone and owning the
building, he had the advantage of being able to lock the
front door and allow his subjects to roam freely
throughout, and in any state of dress that suited the
job. Of course, my wife and her sister roamed nude, since
it was what good sex slaves should do, and it just plain
was exciting to both them and Jerry’s guests.

Shortly after breakfast, I got a call from Jodi, who
asked if I could run by her house and pick up Nubi, her
dog (pronounced noo-bee). I asked once why the name Nubi,
to which she replied, “Oh, it’s short for Nubian.” She
proceeded to lecture me on the derivation of the word,
“You know, like in Nubia, the country in Africa. The term
Nubian slave referred to black slaves, and Nubi being
black, well…..” It was easy for me to get the picture,
since Nubi was a rather large Labrador retriever/Great
Dane mix. Not knowing or caring why Jodi wanted me to
bring the dog, I merely agreed, thinking it a good excuse
to see how the girls were coming along, or, more
appropriately, just plain cumming.

I arrived at Jerry’s place, with the dog slobbering all
over the interior of my car and me. Somehow Nubi made me
feel more comfortable walking in the area, and we soon
were at the front door. The buzzer rang us through, and
we found our way to the second floor, where I heard
voices. As I entered the studio a naked Jodi, who took an
excited Nubi off my hands, greeted me. One black man who
was as equally naked as she accompanied her, and, when I
was introduced as her sister’s husband, the man’s hand
went limp in mine, just like Jerry’s the day before. I
was beginning to like the effect of power I had over the
men as my confidence rose to new levels. Nevertheless,
the man was as cordial as the men I had met the day
before, and we began talking as Jodi took Nubi to another
part of the large room to settle down.

The studio consisted of almost the entire second floor,
and several different settings for photo shoots. A small
office to the side had an open staircase on the outside
leading to its top. Up top was a loft area filled with
props, racks of clothes, and even a bed. But the most
obvious of things on the entire floor was the activity
going on in the central portion. Continuous pops of light
came in rapid fire as Jerry caught the action of my wife
and two black men. She was moving from pose to pose as
Jerry talked to them constantly. “Ok, now, work it, work
it! C’mon baby, use that body. Wiggle that ass. Yeah
that’s it! Good tongue action….oooh, yeah let’s see
that pee hole licked. Yeah, baby, now hold that one.
Good….” My blond headed wife and her sister had really
done themselves up nicely, and their hair was perfect,
and their makeup was just right to exude that soft

Jessica was in the middle of two black men, slowly moving
from one sex position to another, and pausing to get the
best angle for the camera. She was on her knees,
thrusting her ass up to meet the monster cock in her
pussy, and had her mouth and tiny hands around a big
black pole in front of her face. Everything was going in
slow motion as she moved, not caring so much about
getting fucked as she was about getting the best photos
of her penetrations. I stood silently to watch the show
as the camera popped its light to catch the cock just
before insertion, then as it was entering her white slit,
followed at rapid succession as the massive piece of
black meat invaded my wife’s cunt until two black balls
were resting on her pussy lips. The shaft impaling her
was every bit a foot long, and the intensely black pole
stretched her vaginal opening on every slow stroke. The
cock in her mouth was an even match for the one in her
cunt, making it difficult for her to engulf the entire
thing, but not impossible. She is a master in sausage
swallowing, and takes pride in lodging huge black pricks
in her throat while looking up in her lover’s eyes with
her baby blues. Her neatly cropped platinum bob framed
her soft face and blue eyes as her cheeks bulged with
black meat. Not missing a trick, ample opportunity was
taken to suck the man’s ball sack, and to mouth each
globe individually. As this was being done, she raised
one leg for the camera to get a good clear shot of the
black dong fucking her bald pussy. Occasionally, she
would stop, redirect the action, then continue with the

The whole scene was moving in slow motion as I watched by
wife fucking and sucking these two incredibly black men’s
pricks. My innocent white housewife and her two dark
skinned lovers were performing in the middle of a large
light blue sheet of material that had been rolled down
from the ceiling and across the padded floor. Jerry was
moving around them like a referee at a wrestling match,
but was tethered to the cable connecting the camera to
the power source. Jessica was being captured on several
hundred frames of film as she moved in a smooth free
flowing dream of pure taboo sex.

Stick (Jerry) was bolstering his collection of photos
depicting white women having sex with black men, and had
invited the two male models to take turns fucking the
sisters while he photographed. At no cost to the starving
artist models, they jumped at the chance to pork the
blondes, and help their friend out in the process. After
all, he might very well throw extra work their way in the
future, and this wasn’t exactly heavy duty work.

I didn’t notice Jodi until she was next to me once again,
and accompanied by the man I had met at the door when I
arrived. As the action was driving to the exciting
climax, we continued to watch Jessica’s performance, and
sip on drinks that she had prepared as part of her
duties. The shoot was literally coming to an end, and
Jerry was directing the final shots. “Now, why don’t we
get a good facial first, followed by a pool of cum on
your back, Sweety.”

Jess broke off to say, “I like the facial, but the cum on
my back doesn’t tell a strong enough story.”

“Okay, we’ll work with it, but for now let’s get that
prick to explode in your face.”

“In my mouth, you mean,” she giggled, and began by
licking from the man’s asshole, up around his nut sack,
and on to completely cover his huge black shaft that she
continued to pump with her hand. By the time she reached
the bulbous head, the man was ready to explode, so Jess
tipped her head back, opened her mouth wide, stuck out
her tongue as far as possible, and gazed up with those
bright blue eyes. She kept pumping the huge tool, giving
the appearance that the white girl was feeding herself
from the fountain of black seed. Within seconds, gobs of
thick hot semen were spewing from the black rod, and the
camera snapped like a machine gun catching the white
ropes as they flew through the air to my wife’s pretty
face. I must say that the man had both excellent aim and
a plentiful supply, for the first gusher splashed evenly
from her upper lip, across her nose, and puddled in one
eye. The following spurts landed perfectly on her waiting
tongue, creating a pool of hot spunk ready for her to
swallow. She held the pose like a trooper while the black
sausage emptied its contents on her face. A final broad
smile was all the still camera had left to capture, and
she finally savored the hot cum before swallowing her

Jess was laughing almost uncontrollably at the facial she
just received. Her laugh was so infectious that I joined
her along with the others. She was laughing so hard that
she was half choking in the process, but that made her
image all the more exciting and innocent. In between
gasps for air, Jess blurted, “Good God, Sammy! How long
have you been saving up? Or, better yet, where have you
been all my life?” It seemed my whole body relaxed when I
saw her enjoying her cum bath, and I watched as this
pretty blonde girl sat nude, cross legged in front of
this huge black cock swinging in her face. Her sweaty
tits, bald snatch, and bright blue eyes were framed in
her blonde hair. I also mused that this was my wife who
was acting so freely wanton in front of me and her
sister, not a care in the world, and also wondered how
many men would be jacking off to her pictures.

Jessica stopped only briefly to wipe the cum from her eye
with her finger, licked its dripping contents, then said,
“Let’s get the next one shooting directly into my pussy.
I’ll hold it open while he jacks off into me.” She
immediately spun around on her back, rolled up onto her
shoulders, and reached with both hands to open her pussy
and provide a nice gaping hole. She kept falling forward,
so I retrieved a bean bag chair, and stuffed it under her
back to prop her up so she could relax and concentrate on
holding her pussy open.

“Ooh! Thanks, love. I didn’t even know you were here.
Enjoying yourself?” she said beaming from ear to cum
soaked ear.

“Immensely,” I retorted as I smiled and moved back
allowing the action to continue.

Jerry stepped up close to the action, and we all followed
to watch. The man yanked on his massive tool until his
nuts contracted and he announced his impending climax. As
my wife looked up from her contorted position, she pulled
on her pussy lips, opening the entrance to her baby
chute. The camera again picked up its pace to rapid fire,
and caught the streams of semen as they burst forth from
the big black prick and flew directly into Jessica’s
vagina. She had been reamed enough that her hole was a
clear open shot, and the man proceeded to empty his balls
into her awaiting orifice. The hot white goo was injected
into my wife’s gaping pussy with some pretty strong
shots, and she moaned aloud as she felt its heat inside
her body. Pulse after pulse, jet after jet of sticky
thick cum blasted her between the legs, and soon came to
overflow her cavern.

“Now, push it in me!” she gasped her last command, and
the huge black penis was plunged into her small white
body, forcing much of the cum into her uterus and the
rest forced out around the crammed opening. My wife
closed her eyes and groaned at the sensation of feeling
the warm black baby seed being forced into her egg
chamber, and the man held the base of his cock so its
stiffness would make a formidable piston. It was fairly
obvious to me that Jessica climaxed easily while being
pumped, but saved her multiple orgasms for later. Her
soft white skin against his dark black body was truly a
magnificent ending to which we all applauded, while Jodi
gasped as she continued to finger her clit.

“Whew! Well, that got ME hot,” said Jodi to no one in

“Good,” answered Jerry, “Let’s all take a break while I
reload and get set up for the next session. Dwayne, are
you ready?”

Dwayne, the man I had met at the door, was more than
willing as Jodi had already helped him with his hard on,
and I suddenly noticed that I was the only clothed person
in the room. Jodi observed, “Uh, Bro? Why don’t you get a
little more comfortable and GET NAKED!” She almost
shouted the last command as if in jest, but it had the
desired effect as I sheepishly slipped off my things and
flung them to some unknown location in the room. So what
if my eight white inches was the smallest in the room. It
didn’t stop me from springing a hard on at the sight of
my two relatives getting porked by these black guys.

My wife’s two lovers lifted her from the floor, and she
came over to me after accepting a drink from Jodi, her
eyes noticing my erection. “Sorry, sweetheart… but,
you’ll have to take care of yourself this trip. We
promised ourselves to Jerry, and it’s sort of a repayment
for services….. well, anyway, it’s for something else.”
Then her face brightened, “But I’ve got an idea, why
don’t you jack off into one of the glasses and save it
up. I’ll drink it for you later, and I’m sure everyone
would like to see that, especially if I get other
contributions!” She shook her blonde head up and down
excitedly, extracting an affirmation from me, and before
I knew it, I had once again given her unspoken consent to
enjoy herself by turning me on through her orgy
participation. I thought to myself, “How does she do

Jodi couldn’t contain herself, and insisted that it was
her turn for some black sexing. Dwayne was her man, and
she led him over to the center area, swinging her white
ass sexily all the way. Jessica smirked while she took a
drink, and looked to see my reaction. “Someday I’m going
to fuck that little bitch!” I retorted.

“Yeah, and I’ll lick your balls and both your assholes
while you do it!” Jessica threw back at me defiantly. We
both got a good laugh, but kept focused on her sister who
sunk to her knees, threw back her long blond hair, and
clasped her small white hands around the huge slab of
black meat staring her in the face. Jodi was an expert at
sucking cock, and she especially enjoyed making as big a
show of it as possible by starting at the very bottom of
the man’s ball sack and working her way up. She never
failed to have a stiff cock to suck by the time she
reached the top, and this time she was rewarded with a
large bulbous head ready to bulge her cheeks. Her creamy
skin was in stark contrast to the shining dick as her
small tongue snaked its way up the jet black tube,
covering it in saliva and flicking the rather large pee
hole at the end. Before she knew it, the camera was
flashing once again as Jerry was back at it, recording
the actions of the white slut housewife and her black

Even though Jessica had been freshly fucked, and her cunt
was still oozing black seed, she never lost interest in
watching her sister get laid. In fact, she seemed
fascinated with every drip of pre-cum that Jodi managed
to extract, and had soon nuzzled herself across the laps
of the black studs she had just fucked. My wife’s pearl
white body lounged nude, pressing against the black men’s
skin, as all three sat on the sofa sipping drinks as if
watching TV. The men were leisurely pawing at Jess’s body
parts as she soaked up the attention and looking up into
their eyes on occasion. I just sat back in my overstuffed
chair, and jacked off at the whole scene as expected.

Jodi was always really good at posing with a monster
black dick in her mouth. In contrast to her sister’s
short bob style hair and platinum coloring, Jodi’s hair
was a light golden blond, straight, and reached to the
small of her back. Combined with bangs, her blue eyes
created the perfect picture of child rape as she knelt
before this big black man and sucked his penis. Several
shots stopped with a black ball in her mouth, then tongue
rapped around the shaft, followed by several close ups of
that same delicate tongue invading the hole that spewed
forth the man’s pee and cum. I think a great deal of the
overall effect came from her eyes which she used to peer
innocently up toward the camera lens as if it was the man
looking down.

Jodi’s favorite among the shots of her giving head were
those with the big pole in her mouth. She considered
herself an expert at throating a cock, and Jessica
seconded the opinion of her sister. Jodi first stretched
her mouth wide to accept as much of the black meat as
possible, then grabbed Dwayne’s ass cheeks, which she
pulled toward her face. The insertion bulged her cheeks,
and the picture of little white girl innocence was really
quite beautiful as she knelt with long flowing blond
hair, and sucking on this black man’s donkey size prick.

Jessica leaned forward with interest for she knew what
her sister was going to do next. Jodi lay on her back on
several overstuffed pillows to bring her head up to
crotch height on Dwayne. She then thrust her breasts up
and laid her head way back to accept his cock as he
approached her from the top. Jodi slurped in the massive
black tool, placed her hands once again on his ass
cheeks, and pulled his cock down her throat. This was the
part that Jessica liked to watch, for her sister was
literally forcing herself to be throat fucked, deep
throat fucked! The thick piece of cock was slowly
disappearing on every stroke, and with seeming ease, was
sliding its entire 11 inches down her gullet. The huge
snake had inserted its entire length, and the set of
peach sized black balls came to rest on Jodi’s small
turned up nose. She held the pose for several seconds,
allowing Jerry to snap several good shots, then repeated
the maneuver over and over. I noticed Jessica leaning up
on one elbow, holding a drink in her left hand, and
intently watching the display. I also noticed that she
had her left leg lifted up by one of the black men who
was leisurely sliding his stiff black tool into her
pussy. She kept watching her sister, sipping her drink,
while casually getting fucked on the couch in the
process. I thought to myself, “Well, I guess this is what
they came for,” and I didn’t know how right I was.

“Oh, yeah, Sis! Suck that thing,” Jessica encouraged as
Jodi complied with frenzied pride.

As much of a stud that Dwayne was, he was no match for
Jodi’s ministrations, and he yelled some obscenity as he
literally exploded down her throat. Jodi took advantage
of his mistake, and held him buried to full length as he
shot his sperm directly into her belly. The camera
couldn’t adequately capture how her throat bulged on each
pulse, but we all could see her muscles expand when the
jets of cum spewed into her. With no chance to swallow,
she just accepted the injections of the hot semen, and
only after four or five hard spurts did she back off to
allow some of the spunk to puddle in her mouth. Her
expertise was known only to a few, but was a truly
extraordinary and amazing treat to watch. Jodi gasped for
air as the black meat was extracted from her lips, and
one cough allowed a spittle of cum to escape her lips.
All four black men were in awe, and I could only see
through my own climactic haze as my wife climaxed,
getting her second injection of black seed in her pussy
since I had arrived. I caught my ejaculation in my glass,
and Jessica caught the ejaculate of the man fucking her
in her cunt. I think she was having a better time than I
was through this whole time, but that was the intention

Jodi made every bit as beautiful a picture as her sister,
sitting up with her long blond hair, holding the big
black cock by the base, and cleaning it with her tongue.
This the camera was able to catch, and she worked it
well. However, she was terribly disappointed with the
fact that she was working herself up to orgasm, but
didn’t have the chance to come. I think both Jess and I
could tell by her jittery movements that she needed
release, and in a hurry. The girls wanted the weekend to
be full of black sexing, orgasms, and men who would take
them at will at any time. Of course they had no reason to
doubt this arrangement because of their very good looks
and the taboo nature of their offering. Seldom does a
beautiful white woman give herself freely to a black man,
but two blond sisters giving themselves freely to any
group of black men for as much as they want….well, that
is a virtual guarantee of a constant stream of
intercourse. One other thing that I knew about both
sisters was that they were multi-orgasmic. I first
discovered this in my wife when I wondered what would
happen if I got right back on her clit after a few
seconds following an orgasm. The results were astounding
as she climaxed rapidly, then again and again, until she
had experienced seven in a row. That night I also found
that once she started, she could be held at a constant
level of excitement until daybreak, experiencing
continual orgasms throughout the night.

That night of discovery was surprising to Jessica as
well, for she then realized why she sometimes felt empty
after sex. She simply needed more sex, and wasn’t ready
to stop at one climax. It wasn’t long before she confided
in me that her sister had laughed at her when she shared
the story, wondering why it took her this long to find
out. “You’ve got to be kidding!” Jodi said to Jess. “You
mean to tell me you didn’t know? Well listen up, we are
the same in more ways than you can imagine. The blessing
of multiple orgasms runs in the family, and the curse is
that it drives us to a far greater level of satisfaction
than the normal woman. Hell, the girls in my ‘inner
circle’ are almost all multi-orgasmic. That’s why they’re
so active in the club. We’re like Olympic stars when it
comes to cumming, girl. That’s the beauty of our lot in
life.” And I knew this to be true, since neither girl was
ever satisfied with just one climax, just one man, just
one load of sperm. Their need was constant, and their
ability to outpace a group was legendary. Unfortunately,
their frustrations could match their stamina, and right
now, Jodi was almost shaking with sexual frenzy.

Jessica recognized her sister’s need, and offered, “Ok,
Sis, you look like you could use some Nubi,” to which
Jodi almost violently shook her head yes.

I wasn’t sure what was going on, but the realization
struck me like a ton of bricks as Jessica slid off the
cock that was softening in her pussy, and strode across
the large room to fetch Jodi’s dog. The erotic sight of
my petite nude blond wife leading a rather large black
dog to the center of the action was something that Jerry
couldn’t resist capturing on film, and her sexy walk and
coy smile told of her unspoken intentions. She noticed my
quizzical, half shocked look, and diverted herself
momentarily to where I was standing.

“What’s that matter? You look shocked or something. I
assumed that since you knew about the horses, that….,”
she asked in a hushed tone.

“Well, I suppose I suspected, but I guess that I really
didn’t include you in those suspicions,” I answered.
Jessica was having somewhat of a hard time controlling
Nubi, as he had his nose in her crotch, lapping her
mixture of cunt juice and semen while rapidly wagging his
tail. Jess just stood their with her legs slightly apart,
looking into my eyes intent on our conversation, and
adjusting only slightly to allow Nubi’s tongue to get a
better lick.

“I guess this is really a weekend of discovery for you,
huh? Well, let’s put it this way, why do you think that
I’ve been suggesting we get a dog? Jodi started it, and
when she showed me how, it was just another aspect of our
sexual freedom. Besides, I think between the two of us,
we’re wearing Nubi out! You do like dogs don’t you?”

“Not when they take my place in bed!”

“Oh, c’mon. I think you’ll like this. Just relax and we
can talk about what breed to get later. OK?” Her coy look
was that of a young girl pleading to keep the puppy. Only
this puppy just happened to be lapping at her pussy as we
spoke, and had already unsheathed his cock.

Before I could speak, Jodi yelled across to us, “Hey!
Speaking about breeding…will you please not hog the dog
and bring me my animal lover?”

“Catch you later,” whispered my wife as she turned and
continued her procession to where her sister was
standing. Jodi had her feet spread about shoulder width,
hands on her hips, making quite a pretty picture of this
blond surfer girl. Her long blond hair, bald pussy, and
perky tits accentuated her youthful look in the studio
lighting, and the one true lucky dog in the place was
making his way to his goddess/mistress. Nubi immediately
went to work on Jodi’s hairless pussy, diving right in as
she stroked his black head. The sisters worked as a team
on the large dog, Jodi holding him behind the ears while
his oversized tongue worked its way feverishly in and out
of her slit and over her clitoris.

Jodi’s knees first bent to afford the dog better access
to her slit, then they buckled under the strain as she
fell backward to the pillowed floor and spread her legs.
As Nubi kept lapping, Jessica began stroking his prick
and massaging his balls. It wasn’t even sixty seconds
before his cock was unsheathed, and his raging nine inch
purple-pink member was hanging below. Now, for those of
you who don’t know much about a dog’s prick, the shaft
doesn’t have a bulbous head like a man’s, but it tapers
to a point. The size varies from dog to dog, with Danes
being the largest, and Nubi hanging right in there with
his nine inch boner. Speaking of bones, the penis
actually has a central bone, which keeps it stiff, which
gives extra pleasure to a woman who never has to worry
about a softening dick. Nubi was particularly thick at a
good two inches plus across, and sported what the girls
think is one of his best assets, a large knot at the
base. This knot swells once he is fully inserted, holding
the connection to another dog until the act is complete.

Jodi was going wild from the licking, and Jessica was
holding the base of Nubi’s cock while she began to mouth
the animal’s member. She started at the tip, flicking it
with her tongue, then opened her mouth and plunged the
huge dog prick inside. She sucked and licked with her own
tongue as the animal grew stiffer and her creamy smooth
cheeks bulged with its girth. Jess had chosen to wear
light pink lipstick and powder blue eye shadow, which
really set off her face as that of a young blond as she
sucked off the dog. The image was incredibly hot, and too
much for the one black man that didn’t fuck my wife on
the couch as he came over to me, asked for my glass, and
exploded a good load in the tumbler.

Jodi was ready for a good reaming, and got up on her
hands and knees to offer her bare snatch, of course,
doggy style. Her sister helped by positioning Nubi at
Jodi’s back, then, guided his super stiff rod into her
sister’s cunt. Jodi wanted to make it a good picture, so
she draped her long blond hair over her arched back,
thrust her ass up to meet the dog, and look backwards
toward the camera as the shiny red dog prick began
fucking her in earnest. Her pussy lips were being
stretched from the wide girth, and Jodi knew just how to
fuck the dog down to, but not including the knot. She let
Nubi enjoy himself for about a minute, getting some great
shots of herself and my wife sitting nude next to her.
When the time was right, Jessica advised her sister, and
Jodi closed her eyes and relaxed to allow Nubi to shove
his entire length inside. The full nine inches of dog
prick disappeared in her pussy, including the knot that
swelled to over three inches across. Now, hopelessly
impaled on the shaft of her dog, Jodi began to enjoy the
intercourse and just rode the thrusting beast as he poked
and shoved as far into her as he could get. Her cunt was
held captive by the swollen knot, and I could see her
lips swell as the dog was pumping her rapidly like dogs
usually do. Jodi was down on her forearms now, legs
slightly spread, and with her ass sticking high into the
air to make herself more accessible to Nubi’s bone. Her
soft blond hair flowed over her back as the dog continued
to fuck her, shoving his mammoth tool up against her
cervix and drooling over her at the same time. Her body
climbed the hill of pleasure and was soon racked with a
shuddering climax from the beasts pounding. At nearly the
same time, Nubi started shaking and thrust deep into her
pussy, holding his cock tip at the entrance to her womb,
and shot stream after stream of hot dog sperm into my
sister-in-law. “Oh, God, it’s so hot,” she said as she
felt the animal sperm flowing past her cervix, and
starting to swim up to be the first to cover her eggs.
Jet after jet of cum filled her hole, and she continued
to shudder just knowing it was from a dog, her dog that
had his nine inch boner buried in her cunt and tied in
typical animal fashion.

As the heat of the action started to subside, Jerry was
in a frenzy having just recorded this vile act on film,
and was sporting his own massive hard on that needed
draining. He stepped in front of Jodi, telling her to let
him fuck her, but she added, “You’ll have to wait awhile.
Nubi is stuck in me, and until he shrinks his knot, we’re
coupled.” And so she just lay there with a dog prick in
her pussy, unable to move while everyone else just
watched in amazement. Jodi loved the feeling of having
the knot inside her, and was very careful not to excite
her dog, because any sudden movement could cause her to
tear if the prick was ripped from her.

Jessica understood her sister’s need for Nubi’s prick to
shrink, and moved to take her place in satisfying their
black weekend master. She immediately went to her knees,
grabbed Jerry’s prick, and covered the head with her
mouth as she began fellating him. It didn’t matter that
she wasn’t being photographed. This was strictly for
Jerry and my wife’s pleasure, and she showed her devotion
to the task by slobbering up and down on the massive
black tool as best she could. The sight of Jodi being
stuck on her dog’s cock provided ample stimulus to the
man inside my wife’s mouth, and it wasn’t but a few
minutes of intense sucking before he was shaking and
gushing his cum into her throat. Jess loved the taste of
semen, especially if it was hot and fresh, and even more
so if it came directly from a pair of pulsating black
balls. My wife sucked the cock in her mouth until its
load was fully deposited insider her. She swallowed
almost all of the man’s cum, but deftly reserved a small
sample, allowing it to flow out and around his black
shaft and drip down onto her chin and tits. The act
provided just that extra touch of lewdness, and Jess
loved playing the perfect actress.

By the time Jess had finished cleaning up the remaining
semen, Nubi had slipped from Jodi’s cunt and had
retreated to a private corner to lick himself clean.
However, before he reached the corner, Jodi whipped
around and grabbed him by the collar, dragging him back
to center stage. There, the two sisters went to work on
licking Nubi’s prick for him. Two blonde heads bobbed up
and down sucking up a mixture of cunt juice and dog
sperm, then they released the dog, and Jess went to work
on her sister’s bald pussy, licking the same mixture from
her shiny slit. Magically, the camera came to life once
again to capture the moment, but the magic seemed to be
lost on the sisters, and they soon rolled off each other.
Collapsed and exhausted the small throng of four black
men and the two white sisters mellowed out into a sleepy
scene of afternoon siesta. We all drifted off to the
music and warm air drifting into the window, but my
thoughts centered on wondering what was next as my wife
and sister-in-law helped Jerry film his latest
contribution to interracial porn.


As I lay on the floor, slowly wakening to the late summer
breeze flowing through the open window, my eyes became
mesmerized by the leaves on the cottonwood tree
fluttering against the clear blue sky. What had I become
by letting myself get wrapped up in such depravity? What
made me accept my wife’s behavior in the first place, and
what led me even try to live a life where I was just
along for the ride? The answer was really quite simple,
and I remember what a wise man once told me, “Always
remember, a stiff cock has no conscience!” It was
painfully obvious that I wrongfully went along with a
scheme to drag me into a life of sexual perversion
because of my own desire for physical pleasure.

While it was true that my wife exposed me to her secret
lifestyle by letting me walk in on her when she was being
screwed by my best friend, it was also true that the mere
sight turned me on, not to mention that his wife was
pressing her bare body against mine from behind, and
reaching around to make sure I was enjoying the scene.
For some inexplicable reason, in a split second I decided
that I could either stop all this before it started and
never be entertained by that experience again in my life,
or I could see just how far this would go, and how much I
could control the situation. What I didn’t realize at the
time was that Jessica had no intention of letting me
“control” anything, and this was just her way of
introducing me to her new way of life. It was under that
false pretext that I allowed myself to be suckered into
living out every man’s fantasy, especially after sixteen
years of marriage, and try out this perverted death wish
to the extent that I got off on the experience. Jessica
played into my hands like putty, only it was she that was
making putty out of me, and it was definitely she who was
in control of our new life. By the time I realized that I
should exercise some restraint, it was too late, and I
was just as involved, guilty, and part of this whole mess
as anybody. I had no room for complaint, and I was always
one step behind my wife and her sister in this spiral of
debauchery. Just when I tried to pull back the reigns on
the swinging, I found out about her addiction to black
sexing. When I tried to understand and handle that, I was
shown her video with the horses. Now the world was
spinning with play slavery, dogs, and having fun making
porn material.

Could I ever escape? Could I slow it down? What was it
that I thought I could do, and how to do it? Or was it
that deep down I was still curious about the


I was fading in and out of sleep when my eyes opened next
to the sight of two breasts dangling above my face. “Hi,
Honey. How’re you feeling?” asked Jessica as her blond
head smiled down into mine.

“Sleepy,” I whispered, “Sleepy, and exhausted from
tension. I really didn’t expect to see what I did. It
seems that this whole experience has been in a dream
world, and I’m going to wake up soon.”

“Of course your going to wake up, but it’s not a dream
world. Well, I guess I really can’t say that either. This
really is kind of a dream for Jodi and me, living out the
fantasy and all. I hope you’re feeling okay. You were the
last person I expected to have here while we were doing
one of our fantasy weekends.”

“C’mon,” I asked, “what do you really mean ‘one’ of your
weekends? You don’t do this every weekend do you?”

“Every weekend? Well, no….during our periods Jodi and I
are pretty much inactive, but otherwise….” Her voice
trailed off to a world where she must have been either
remembering or fantasizing about other adventures of
which I knew nothing. I could tell that this might very
well just be the tip of the iceberg if I had the guts to
ask, so I let the inquiry drop until I could sort it out
later in my own mind.

“So, what’s in store for you girls next?” I asked,
changing the subject.

She sat up cross-legged on the floor next to me. I
wondered to myself as I glanced at her bald pussy,
“doesn’t that thing ever dry up?” Her slit was glistening
with moisture as she rolled her eyes as if wondering what
Jerry had in store for them.

“Actually, we don’t know. Jerry alluded to some sort of
party or something for some special guests. We both told
him that was fine as long as he got us fucked, and he
said that it was guaranteed. In fact, he said he had some
surprise for us later. Don’t you love surprises?”

“Oh yeah, as long as they don’t involve anything that can
hurt you,” was my concerned response.

“There again, love, hurt is relative. If you mean a
little game playing, well, that can be naughty and nice.
If you mean really getting permanently damaged, that I’ll
have to agree with you on that one. Just to put your mind
at ease, and I know you’re probably worrying about
disease and AIDS and all that stuff, well, Jodi met this
guy at the gym who is a lab technician for the blood
bank, and he’s worked for years on taking and screening
samples for all sorts of communicable diseases. The best
part about it, of course, is that he’s a pretty good
looking black man, and Jodi let him take some personal
samples of his own.”

“And I suppose you too.”

“Alright, me too. He does have a helluva dick….and
that’s what keeps him on OUR staff, so to speak. We have
a great arrangement that couldn’t be better if we tried.
He screens everyone in the club for a nominal fee, paid
for out of club funds, and he gets all the white pussy he
wants in return. You can imagine that he’s been a pretty
steady fuck for Jodi and I, but like I said, he really
does have a great cock.”

I retorted, “Tell me Jess, just what makes a cock great
in your opinion anyway?”

“Oh, lot’s of things…size for one thing. A long cock is
great because it can slide through my cervix into my
uterus. Then, when it squirts, I can feel all that gushy
white sperm filling me up and covering my little eggs.
The thickness can be important, the way it spreads my
lips and makes me feel particularly stuffed. The size of
the head can either be trouble or fun. A big knob feels
really good inside my pussy when it bumps against my
cervix, but it can be hell up my ass. And you know how
much I like a good anal reaming. A good set of balls is
best, fun to suck on, and fun to feel slapping against me
while a guy has his cock buried inside. Now, if you
combine all those features with some horsepower in the
prostrate department, then there is where you’ll find a
solid squirter. There’s nothing like a good hard
pulsating stream of semen flowing from a man’s prick into
my cunt and up against my uterus. Nothing like the
feeling. I guess that’s why I particularly get off on the
horses with their hard jets of cum and volume. Oh, yes,
did I mention volume? Let’s face it, every man dumps a
good load on the first try, but after that, the amount of
cum diminishes, so I guess that’s part of the reason we
like multiple partners. You know, give the guys time to
recoup, and give some fresh stud a chance to empty his
balls inside us with a full load. Finally, if you take
all those features and stick them on the front of a good
looking, very black man, well, now that’s what makes a
great cock in my opinion. Any questions?”

“No, no. Thanks for the lecture. I guess I asked for

“Please don’t get me wrong. Your cock is nice
too…especially up my ass. But, let’s face it, it’s not
monstrous, and it’s especially not black, and that’s the
taboo that’s winding these sisters’ clock lately,” she
answered, trying to assure me that I was still very much
okay and fun for any woman. I think that I let my
feelings show a little too much, and she became a bit
frustrated, but to my advantage. “Okay, okay, I can see a
bit of jealousy behind that attitude, but that’s okay
too. I like a bit of jealousy, so I’m going to see if I
can do you a favor. After all, you’ve been quite a sport
so far, and we don’t want you to cave in if something
wild should happen, so let me see what I can arrange.”

“What do you mean…arrange?” I inquired.

“Oh, let’s just say that it’ll be my surprise gift to
you.” And with that, she broke off the conversation and
strutted her naked self off to another part of the floor.
Some minutes later I could see her on the phone, glancing
back in my direction and smiling a devilish grin.

Meanwhile back in the main stage area, bodies were
beginning to rustle and awaken from the tangle of black
and white sleep. Jodi was up and stretching, poking at
the men to roust them from their sleep. Jessica saw Jodi
standing, and motioned from the glass windowed office to
join her for a moment. The two girls conversed, both
shaking their head, then seemingly satisfied with their
decision, emerged to join us men. The white skinned
nymphs mingled among their black skinned play masters,
and went around tickling their balls to get them back in
the right mood.

“Oh, shit!” said Jerry looking at the clock. “I didn’t
realize it was that late. Well, anyway, I wanted to get
one more series of shots with Nubi. That was great what
you did earlier, now I want you two to give him a doggy
blow job.”

“No problem, boss,” was the girl’s answer as Jodi
retrieved her dog and settled him in the middle of the
photo screen material. Jerry powered up the old camera,
and in no time was taking his first new sequence of
shots. The two blondes knelt on either side of the black
dog, and began fondling his prick, and offered him a
whiff of their cunt. In no time the beast was becoming
unsheathed, and his huge red boner was draping
precariously from his back end. They then took turns
sticking their heads underneath his belly to suck his dog
cock. One by one they pulled the red monster into their
mouths as the other watched and rubbed Nubi’s back. The
girls next got Nubi to lie down on his side to where they
could both work on his cock, and with heads side by side,
they took turns again sucking on the massive dog penis.
Their hands looked dainty against his bulging knot, and
they were careful not to rub his balls at this time.
Since this wasn’t a video, they took the time to explain
that a dog got particularly sensitive about his balls,
and just might nip some one who got the bright idea to
play with them. Not exactly like a man.

The sisters kept up their sucking, trading mouths on the
giant cock, with each time one of them feeding the prick
to her sibling. The picture of the sisters was so
strange, and yet so beautiful. One had light powder blue
eye shadow, and the other had more purple tones. Just a
touch of color in their cheeks, and soft creamy pastel
shades of lipstick accented their fawn like appearance as
their small mouths stretched those colored lips over a
thick, heavily veined dog penis that was reddish purple
and looked like it had just been skinned. Their blond
locks bobbed up and down until Jodi announced that Nubi
was about to come, and fed the dog’s boner to my wife.
Jessica sucked and the dog shook, forcing streams of dog
semen into her mouth and down her throat. She backed off
just enough to let the camera catch the jets of spunk
string across her face and onto her tongue for effect.
Jodi was right there holding her face nearby so the
camera could capture the image of the two blondes being
face fucked by their dog. The camera panned back and got
a good group shot of the threesome, two naked girls,
covered in dog sperm, and holding the immense rigid red
tool on display above the beast.

I couldn’t quite believe it when Jessica savored the
taste of the dog cum, then swallowed the white goo, and
continued lapping up the spilled portions. Now, this was
a side of my wife that I didn’t quite expect, but,
knowing Jodi, how could I have missed the connection. Of
course she would introduce her own sister into canine
sex. I finally admitted to myself that this was why
Jessica had been pressing me to get a dog, a rather large
male dog.

The men sitting around watching were all jacking off like
crazy, and were about to pop their corks when Jess
remembered, “No, wait! All of you guys come in the
glass.” And she motioned to where I was sitting and the
glass that contained two of my loads, and one from one of
the guys. The three men emptied their balls into the
glass, making a total of five loads of semen. Jessica
smacked her lips, promising to make it a good show when
the time came.

Jessica and Jodi got up and, noticing that they were
covered in a mixture of dog cum and sweat, hastened to
clean up before the party. Jodi put the leash on Nubi,
gave him to me to return home, and gave me one more
instruction. “After you get Nubi settled, we want you to
swing by this house and pick up some one that will be
waiting. Her name is Mia,” Jodi instructed. Then Jess
approached and tossed a garment at me saying, “Here, tell
her she’s to wear this.”

“What’s the story?” I asked.

Jess answered, “Mia is a relatively new member of the
club, and it’s time for her to get a little more
involved. She wants to see some more of the unusual side
of swinging, and she may even be “inner circle” material,
but first she has to prove herself like we all did. Jodi
and I thought this would be a good starting point, and, I
think you’ll like her. You pulled a surprise on me, but
the surprise really turned out to be on you, and you’ve
been a pretty good sport. Actually, I didn’t expect you
to be ready for something like this, so I’ve just been
keeping it to myself while you were away, telling you
only bits and pieces. At any rate, you shouldn’t be
alone, and that’s why we figured this would be good for
both Mia and you at the same time. How about it? She will
be my…uh, our gift to you.”

“Okay. Whatever.” I said.

“And remember, she is to wear this and heels only.
Nothing else. Absolutely nothing else. Do you

I nodded my affirmation and started on my way. I had a
suspicion that I was about to be the escort of a new
member’s requisite nude stroll down a public street.
Well, at least semi-nude. I remembered that one thing
each inner circle member of the club must do is to walk
completely naked in public at least once a year, and
record the occasion for the club library. That way the
membership could tell if someone was getting burned out,
and it helped to verify current limits. Each new member
was required to walk semi-naked at first to get the body
rush and confidence that she can do it, but thereafter,
all nude walks are completely nude. I wondered what Mia
looked like as I left my wife and her sister behind. They
were gathered around Jerry on the light table, pouring
over the shots of their sexual encounters that he just
developed. Picking out the best shots was fun for the
sisters, and I could hear them very seriously discussing
such things as which way the cum was dripping,
expressions on their faces as they were being fucked, ass
shots, contrast, gang bangs, and plans for the future.


After dropping off Nubi, I headed straight home to shower
and change. I figured that something casual, but
respectable and easily removable would be right for a
party if it was to be anything like the swing parties I
had attended with my wife in the past. When I was
finished, I headed right over to Mia’s house and was
taken aback when I found it located in a rather upscale
neighborhood. My second shock came when she answered the
door, and I found myself staring at one of the most
beautiful petite women I have ever seen. Standing about
5′ 2″ and weighing a generous 105 lbs. soaking wet, her
jet black hair framed a cream skinned complexion that
housed two absolutely piercing green eyes. Mia was cute
by any standards, wearing her hair in bangs and straight
half way down her back. Her figure was slim, with breasts
that were so perfect that I was torn between thinking
they were artificial and fantasizing that they were real.

She invited me into the living room where another
surprise awaited. Her husband, Roger, was sitting with
their two children watching TV, and jumped up to be
introduced. He wasn’t a very big man, less than my size,
and was excitedly curious about Mia’s new adventure and
their next step in club ranking. Knowing quite well what
was expected of them as members, they just didn’t expect
a surprise call to duty for Mia so soon, so Roger
explained to me that he was to baby-sit the kids while
his wife was away. One side of me wanted to scream at
him, telling them to stop now while they could still get
out, but another side of me told me to shut up, the side
that said I wanted to fuck this man’s wife, and that I
would definitely get my chance.

The kids weren’t too young to know what we were
discussing, so I took some depraved pleasure in giving
Mia instructions in front of her husband. I gave her the
garment that Jessica had made, repeating the instructions
for her to wear only heels with the outfit and nothing
more. She disappeared into the master bedroom to change
while Roger and I talked a little more about the club and
the activities they could look forward to enjoying. He
said that he felt extremely fortunate to have a girl who
would go along with a few of his fantasies, and related
that he was looking forward to another party like the one
that they had with Jodi and her husband. I filed that
comment away in the back of my mind, since I knew that
Jodi’s husband never participated in her activities, and,
in fact, led a very separate life. This would have to be
clarified with Mia later.

I could see that the more graphic I was in describing the
various situations and games to be played, the more
heated he became. His breathing was becoming noticeably
labored when I devilishly painted a detailed picture of
how he would be seeing, even helping, his wife get fucked
repeatedly by throngs of other men. About the time I
thought that he was about to pull his dong out right in
front of the kids and start jerking off, Mia reentered
the room.

Words can not describe the picture of pure sex this lady
exuded as she stood before us visibly excited about her
pending exposure. Starting at her white three and a half
inch heels, her shapely legs were fully exposed up to
just short of her crotch. The dress she was given to wear
was made of pink Lycra polyester material that was semi
transparent. A mock turtleneck held the top in place, as
the dress was completely backless, plunging low enough to
expose the crack of her ass. The front molded around
every curve of her breasts and muscular tummy, while the
sides were held together only with a loose open string
arrangement that left a two inch wide gap, giving
complete visibility to the fact that she was….wearing
panties? “Wait! Hold it right there. What did I tell
you?” I asked.

“To wear this dress,” she pouted, worried by my reaction
to what she thought was an incredibly sexy appearance.

“No, I told you to wear that and nothing else. Isn’t that
right?” My voice was raising in command of the charged up

“Well, yes, but surely you don’t expect…”

“Expect what?” I interrupted. “Expect you to comply? Of
course I did. Now, strip those panties right here, right
now!” Her family had stopped watching the TV because of
my loud tone, and she proceeded to reach into the panty
straps, pull them down, and let them fall to the floor.
Now, standing naked from the waist down in front of the
kids, one other thing was obvious, and this time it was I
who was shocked. It’s a common practice for the women in
the club to shave their pussies, and Mia had complied
nicely by having a smooth bald snatch. Her pussy lips
were the puffy variety, but was most impressive was the
size of her clit, which was the size of my little finger.
I had always read about women like this, and had always
wanted to meet one. Wow! This was incredible! It actually
looked like a small penis dangling in the open, and when
I touched it, it sprang to life along with a copious
amount of pussy juice. This girl was obviously hot to
trot, and I knew that I was going to be the jockey. I
couldn’t believe my good luck, and in one heartbeat
forgave everything I had thought about my wife’s black
sexing. I actually started to feel loved by Jessica in my
own selfish way, since Jess had thought of me and my
physical needs, and fantasized that I would actually
enjoy the rest of the weekend fucking this nymph while
watching my wife and her sister get stuffed with all the
black cock and cum they could handle.

I stood back to look once again at the creature that
would submit to having every imaginable form of
intercourse with me, not to mention blowjobs. The semi-
sheer material bulged like a second skin around her
perfect breasts, conforming nicely to her erect nipples,
and clung to the curves in her belly and hips. What I
especially liked was the fact that this girl’s vaginal
area was so well outlined that her pouty lips and stiff
clit were clearly visible to the anyone close, but the
dress suggested cover from a distance. Her black hair
hung straight down her exposed back, and she was
virtually nude when observed from close up. I took her
hand, and, as I led her to the front door, she turned to
her husband and kids telling them that she would return
sometime the next day, as far she knew.

“Wait!” her husband said, as we were about to leave.
“What’s going to hap…I mean, will she be…”

“Oh she’ll be ok,” I offered as I realized his meek
position in this relationship. “In fact, she’ll be very
ok.” My brazenness arose to a level that even excited me,
as I realized that this was my chance to throw a little
shock factor into the situation. I looked him straight in
the eye and said, “Mia here will be fucked well. I’ll see
to that, since I’m her escort for the weekend. She’ll
come back with her pussy full of sperm, my sperm, and
maybe some others’. I haven’t decided yet, but I assure
you, your wife will be well fucked, her pussy, her ass,
her mouth. Ok Rog?”

“Ok…” came the soft reply.

I turned to watch Mia’s reaction and noticed her wide
eyes, labored breathing and wet inner thighs. I was in
love, but at the moment I was more in lust than anything
else, and turned her out the door to her awaiting
exposure. The car was deliberately parked on the next
block, and the early evening light this summer day lit
our way along the neighborhood that was alive with kids
playing and the occasional man, woman or couple working
in the yard before supper. To raise the level a little, I
took Mia’s hand in mine, knowing that some of the people
would recognize her and wonder who she was with. The fact
that she was walking virtually naked with a man other
than her husband would almost destroy any reputation she
enjoyed as a good mother of two, but more important, it
would cross a bridge that signaled that there would be no
going back.

There was no doubt as to the affect that this stroll had
on the neighbors, and Mia did herself proud by strutting
her stuff in front of them all. One man who was mowing
his lawn stopped to acknowledge her by saying hello, but
it was amusingly obvious that his eyes were glued to her
body. Mia’s nipples stiffened at the attention, and she
stood straight up as she walked by, causing her breasts
to press against the thin material even more. Her tits
jiggled and bounced as freely as if she wore nothing at
all, and the giving material left absolutely nothing to
the imagination. As we finally reached my car, I took
advantage of the couple that stood watching the
procession, and, before opening the passenger side door,
I took her in my arms, raised her lips to mine and kissed
her in full view of the stunned neighbors. Stunned,
indeed, because my hand slipped to the crack of her ass,
and her dress rode up her hips to fully expose her butt.
We both were locked in a passionate kiss that I was
soaking in and she was pouring forth. The shivers in her
body told me that she climaxed from feeling my body
pressed against hers, and from the excitement of being
the slut she always dreamt of being. Juice was streaming
down her legs as I opened the car door, and watched the
short dress that couldn’t possibly cover her snatch when
she seated herself. I smirked proudly as I walked around
the car, entered, and drove slowly away with my personal
housewife whore.

“Not bad for the first time,” I offered as we drove
slowly down the block. I noticed her green eyes were half
closed and crazed from the excitement. She looked over
with a new inquisitive look that told me she didn’t
expect the feeling to be so intense, that she was losing
self control, and that she definitely liked what was
happening to her.

It is a concept that escapes most people as they ponder
just why the magic or excitement goes out of any
relationship. I know, it took me long enough to realize
the true meaning of newness. People become complacent in
their dealings with others, whether it’s because they
lose interest, or they care too much. Yes, I learned that
caring too much for a person’s feelings made me try to
outguess their reactions, constantly trying to please
them, and often times failing. Knowing someone too well
can actually cause a person to become bored with knowing
how their partner will react, and it’s for that reason
that they fail to be spontaneous and creative in love
making. Dealing with a loss of interest is one thing, but
dealing with over caring can be just as dangerous.

So it was that I came to know the secret of what drives
most people to try swinging in the first place. The
secret is the unknown. Looking at some one, not knowing
if they have the same wicked feelings as you, then
bursting forth without control into wild sexual frenzy
with a stranger. This was the feeling that was boiling up
inside Mia at this very moment. Her blatant nastiness,
her wickedness, her slutty behavior in front of a total
stranger who vowed in front of her family to fuck her. At
that moment I knew that Mia wanted me to dominate her,
tell her what to do, how to act. She wanted me to debase
her, defile her, and to force into acts that she never
dreamed of doing. She wanted this because I had no
history with her, or her with me, and she could play the
part of any person in her wildest fantasies for me. Now
was her chance to lose all control for once and she only
wanted the excuse to comply. She didn’t want the
opportunity to slip through her fingers. If she liked
what she felt because of it, she could do it again and
again as a new person with a new reputation. If she
rejected ever doing this in the first place, she would
never know anything about these things, and she could
only guess as to what it would be like. She could never
go back once she rejected the chance. Her fire would
forever die, and adventure would no longer exist. She
awaited her guide to take her on that adventure, into new
lands of fulfillment and opportunity for passion. One
lifetime, one chance, that was her choice. She had gone
this far and her body spoke to her of promised flames,
explosions that she only tasted and fantasized about. She
was definitely ready, and I had the fortune to both
understand where she was on her journey, and to also be
her guide, her mentor, her master.

I didn’t know this girl from any other. I had no vested
interest in her well being, and therefore I could
consider her a mere fuck toy. That was the beauty of the
strangeness. I didn’t know her limits, but, then again,
what did it matter? I wasn’t supposed to care. She didn’t
expect it of me, and I wasn’t going to spoil the chance
to take her and treat her like the slut she wanted to be.
I didn’t have to worry about pinching her nipples when I
wanted. I didn’t have to be concerned if my cock or any
other guy’s cock hit the back of her pussy. It wasn’t
important if it hurt if I was so lucky that she had a
short cunt and my cock penetrated her cervix. I was going
to fuck this girl, and she was going to like it. No,
wait, it didn’t matter if she liked it or not. It was for
my pleasure, not hers. She was my gift, my fuck toy. At
least that’s what I kept telling myself. It was funny,
but I had to loosen up as much as she did if this was
going to work. So, I took a deep breadth and put up the
image of the all-knowing, experienced swinger that I was
ironically forced to be.

“He doesn’t know, does he?” I asked in a cool manner.

“Who? What?”

“Roger. He doesn’t know how involved you are, does he?”

Mia looked at me with surprise, and sheepishly answered,
“How do you know?”

“Call it a hunch. And the fact that he mentioned the
party you two attended. First of all, Jodi doesn’t swing
with her husband, so whoever fucked you was just one of
the club members. Second, Jodi & Jessica don’t start the
inner circle process with any member unless that person
is pretty well into the scene, and is quite active in
their afternoon sessions. Don’t tell me. I’d say you’re a
regular at most of the girl’s parties, and have expressed
an interest in some of the kinkier stuff the sisters have
teased you with. Am I right?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“You guess so?”

“Ok, ok. You’re right. Roger thinks this is all brand
knew, and it’s part of some sort of swingers tradition or
something. You’re wife and her sister have actually
gotten me pretty involved, and I guess you might say I’ve
already screwed my share of men behind Rog’s back. But I
did involve him in the one party. I figured if I fed him
just enough bait, he would go along with the idea, and I
could do about anything I wanted, as long as he got to
attend a party every now and then. It’s not that I don’t
want him involved. In fact, I love to have him around
while I’m being screwed, mostly for the thrill of seeing
his reaction to me being so nasty. It’s just that I don’t
want him to know everything. That way there’s a sense of

I laughed and muttered, “Typical! So, tell me, how much
do the girls have you doing? Details, now! Be explicit.”

Mia started getting excited again, and subconsciously
started fingering her exposed clitoris as she spoke,
“Well, let’s see. The usual afternoon parties. We
occasionally go out teasing in some pretty sexy clothes.
I….I’ve had my first gang bang, I guess you could call
it. Oh, it was just three guys, but it was terrific. They
got me going so much, I kept screaming for more until
they just wore out. I guess that’s when Jodi decided I
might be acceptable to her inner circle.”

“White, black or mixed?” I asked, knowing what this
weekend held in store.


“Were you banged by white guys, or did you go all the way
to black?”

“Oh. They were white. Black’s one thing I haven’t tried.
Although, Jessica, I’m sorry, your wife has shown me some
videos of her and her sister doing some black men, and
wow, did I ever get turned on. Maybe I’ll get up the guts
to try it sometime. What do you think of them fucking
black guys like they do? Do you think I should try it?”

“Let’s just say that I could learn to like it given the
right circumstances.” I laughed to myself, again thinking
of where I was taking Mia, and that she was the sole
reason that I was going to enjoy it. I imagined myself on
top of Mia, face to face, with my dick buried in her
obviously tight little cunt, and looking up to watch my
wife and her sister humping a thick black cock. My prick
was pressing hard against my jeans as I continued, “So
give me some details about you and the club. How did you
get involved, and what do you know about the inner

Mia went on, “Well, I first met Jodi at the gym. After
having a couple of kids, I felt like I was getting out of
shape, and decided to do something about it. At the
beginning it was the usual treadmill workout, then the
occasional swim. That’s when I met Jodi. I saw her
talking to a few of the guys as she was life guarding,
but what caught my eye was the fact that her wet swimsuit
was clinging to her body and the white material was
clearly showing her nipples. Naturally, I looked at the
guys’ crotches, and noticed some incredible hardons as
they were staring her down. As I casually swam by, I got
a closer look at Jodi’s suit, and saw that the wet
material not only clung to her tits, but the folds of her
pussy lips and clit were clearly visible as well. She
just stood their about three feet from these guys’ faces,
casually carrying on a teasing conversation, full knowing
that she was displaying her body. As I swam by, both the
guys and she turned to watch me doing the back stroke and
I noticed her wink at me and nod an approving look.
Actually, their staring made me horny as hell, and later
in the locker room, Jodi introduced herself commenting on
my good shape and the way the men looked at me. She was
really quite forward and blatant with her descriptions
right off the bat, but it attracted me. Well, right then
and there we struck up a friendship based on the common
interest of our effect on the guys. I guess that I kind
of got a body rush listening to Jodi’s description of
cocks hardening because of the way I looked, but what
told me there was something more to this was when I
watched Jodi strip in front of me. As she peeled off her
suit, I noticed that she had removed all the lining
material in the bra and crotch area. She purposely made
it so her nipples would show and her cunt lips would fold
around the Lycra, outlining the details of her pussy. And
what a pussy! Bald and smooth as a baby girl’s, and pouty
just like mine. Jeez! That was a turn on, and I was
curious as hell. So, when she invited me to her house for
a drink, I was drawn like a moth to the proverbial

“Well, I have to admit. You definitely are no slouch when
it comes to the body department.”

Mia actually blushed and went on, “Maybe not, but, all
housewives begin to worry, and I was no exception. I
guess that the fact that I was married young and had
little experience with other men got me wondering about
where my life was going. Besides, still being relatively
young, my libido is really pretty strong, and tending
kids all day just doesn’t cut it, if you know what I
mean. I had to admit, I was curious about those cocks. I
wanted to see more of them, and, in a way that warmed my
skin, I wanted them to see more of me.”

“Trust me, I know.” My voice must have trailed off, me
thinking of my own situation with Jessica, and knowing
that it must have been the same for her. “But, keep
going, then what?”

“Well, at Jodi’s place, she offered me a glass of wine,
and we sat and talked. She was really quite open, and I
really liked having a friend near my own age that I could
open up to. One of the first things she did when she got
home was change into a chemise, saying that she really
couldn’t stand wearing clothes around the house. She made
me feel so comfortable and relaxed. We talked about my
feelings and shared secrets. She even told me that she
had an open marriage and she was free to experiment. When
I probed about what she meant, she described the little
things like dressing to tease in the gym and at the
malls. Instead of being shocked, I got more interested,
and started talking about my feelings. About how horny I
was feeling, and about how much I had been fantasizing in
my own mind about things like other men. Then, she really
surprised me.”

“Don’t tell me…..the album, right?”

“How’d you guess?”

“Call it another hunch,” I mused.

“Anyway, I guess she felt like she could trust me, and
asked just how uninhibited I thought I would like to be
if I really had the chance. I answered that sometime I
felt that I could or would try just about anything once,
to which she responded by pouring another glass of wine,
sitting next to me on the sofa, and asking if I would
like to see some pictures of her boyfriends. Of course, I
was curious, and the wine was getting to me, and she felt
so close and warm sitting next to me that I said yes. She
pulled the album from the coffee table in front of us,
gave it to me, and leaned back with her glass of wine
while I opened the cover. At first the pictures were of
some really nice looking guys, the kind that would turn
my head. As I flipped the pages, their clothes started
coming off until they were stark naked with good shots of
some major schlongs. The next pages were of Jodi in a
similar sequence of shots, ending with her as naked as
the men were. What I didn’t expect were the pictures that
followed. Jodi and her male friends together in various
poses, naked, kissing, hugging and groping at each other.
I was both shocked and incredibly turned on by the
photos, and couldn’t help myself from asking where she
came up with these men, where she found someone to pose
with her like that.”

“And that’s when she invited you to come along and find
out. Right?”

“Right. Hey, if you already know this story, why are you
asking?” she asked.

“Your hand.”

“My hand?” she jerked her fingers away from her pussy.

“Oh, don’t stop. In fact, the other half of the reason is
your other hand,” and I took her left hand and pressed it
to my jeans, showing her the effect her story was having
on me as well. She immediately grinned, went back to
fingering herself, and continued her story with the
revelation that this was just part of the process of
getting in the mood, and teasing her creative juices. Mia
relaxed, smiled, and unzipped my pants to extract my cock
before continuing her story. As my now raging boner
sprang from my loose pants, her small hand enveloped the
shaft and she began slowly stroking as she spoke. Knowing
that I probably couldn’t contain myself while driving,
and being fairly close to our destination, I decided to
pull into one of the city’s major parks. We continued our
conversation in the car with me fingering Mia’s clit, her
stroking my cock, and the occasional weekend athlete
jogging by in full view of our ministrations. I really
didn’t care if anyone saw us, and actually looked forward
to someone’s reaction when they noticed. Was I becoming
an exhibitionist like these women? The thought intrigued

“Well, anyway, like I was saying, Jodi invited me over
for an adventure the next day. I was so excited at her
instructions to go home, shave my pussy completely
smooth, and abstain from any sex that evening that I just
about died. When I showed up the next day, you’d think
that I had just consumed three double shot espressos from
the way I was wired. I guess I played right into Jodi’s
hands, as she greeted me at the door in an outfit that I
thought was barely legal. She told me that we were going
out for the day, and the idea was to be as daring as
possible. She said that it was a game, and that I would
be surprised how far women could go in public before
someone got put off. Jodi gave me an outfit to wear that
was identical to hers, except for color. Her powder blue
and my white togs consisted of a jogging bra sans padding
or liner, and a pair of Lycra knit exercise shorts, again
without liners. The top conformed to our breasts so well,
that every curve of our tits were plain as day, and our
nipples were clearly detailed, especially as stiff as
they were. The shorts were like a second skin, running up
the crack of our ass, and the seamless front looked like
it was sprayed onto our pussy lips. My clitoris was like
it was sculpted in porcelain, with each curve surrounded
in minute detail under the thin material. You can see
that as big as it is, I felt like I was sporting a
miniature hard on. Our ass cheeks showed no trace of
panties, and jiggled along with my free swaying tits as I
walked. Bobby sox and jogging shoes, along with a thin
sweater draped over the shoulder and loosely tied in
front topped off the athletic image.”

“Jodi deemed my hair to be just right, long and straight
down my back, but she fixed hers in a pony tail that
pointed high from nearly the top of her head. I couldn’t
believe that she wanted me to go out in this outfit that
is until Jessica showed up. That’s when I first met your
wife, and realized that this was for real. Jess was
dressed in her own concoction of athletic shirt that had
a bottom hem hanging just below her breast line, and a
tennis skirt obviously meant to be worn with frilly
panties for those times that the wind blew, or when an
athletic move made the material ride up. However, Jessica
was not wearing panties, and the skirt was short enough
to show some cheek. The bottom of her tits peeked from
beneath her thin top that also showed her nipples. Of
course, she wore the same shoes as we did, but her hair
was in her classic bob style. A fishnet open front
sweater left nothing to the imagination. So it was that
we three vixens sallied forth into the world, seeking
attention. My shorts were already so wet that the soaked
spot only served to make my bald pussy more visible, and
when I looked in the mirror, I suddenly realized how
explicit my protruding clitoris was in its erect state. I
was hot, and was looking forward to getting hotter in the
strength of my experienced company.”

I asked, “Mia, why do you think Jodi and Jess like doing
these things? I mean, don’t they think it’s really out of
their league to be running around like that, tempting
fate at getting arrested for exposure?”

“Funny thing about it is that I asked them the same
question just before we went out the door, and I got a
very direct answer. Jodi looked at her sister, and they
both turned to face me. ‘Look at me,’ Jodi said, ‘Look at
us both, and look at yourself. Now, we know damned well
that these bodies are hot. In fact, we look good! But, we
also know that this shape won’t last forever, and once
it’s gone, it’s gone. Oh, yeah, we can work at keeping in
shape, but our bodies, our fire, our ages…they’re all
here and now. In a few years it won’t be the same. I for
one don’t want to wake up some morning years from now and
realize what could have been, what I missed out on. I
don’t want to lose that forever before I get my fill.’
Jodi was very convincing and dead serious. She went on,
‘Men play games, sports, and athletics because they dream
of impressing the girls. They dream of being the super
hero, or the James Bond, so they push it in hopes of
sweeping some young innocent off her feet. Well, girls do
the same things, only they don’t flex their muscles, they
flex their femininity. They shave their legs, wear high
heels, and low cut dresses that accentuate their breasts.
They play on their sexuality in hopes of sweeping
unsuspecting guys off their high horses.’ Then she cocked
her hip and said, ‘So, what’s it going to be? You have
the equipment. Are you satisfied being told who you are
and what you can do all your life, or do you want to find
out just how easy it is to control the men instead of the
other way around? Want to play?’ That cord struck home,
and being the adventurous type, I wondered what it would
be like to have that kind of control over men.”

“Excuse me if that doesn’t surprise me. Everyone wants to
live some erotic tale of their own, and you certainly do
have the equipment like Jodi said.” I rolled her clit
between my fingers as I spoke, and she melted, closing
her eyes for a second at the pleasure. “Go on about your
foray with the girls.”

“We drove to the mall, and walked the concourse for
awhile, picking out our victims and strategizing. I have
to admit that planning our devilry was about as exciting
as doing it. It seemed like foreplay as we waved our
bodies up and down past the stores, commenting on the
possibilities, then taking a break at the sidewalk caf�
where we sat observing the patrons coming and going. We
sipped some iced tea and talked about how sexy we felt,
and especially how daring Jessica looked, sitting there
with her legs crossed, making the hem of her skirt show
an unbelievable amount of leg, and occasionally flapping
up in the breeze clear to her waste on the side. These
girls obviously knew what they were doing, and knew how
to do it, because they next asked if I was ready for part

“Here I thought that we had just about done all we
could,” continued Mia, “but was I ever in for a shocker.
The sisters guided me down the mall to an electronics
store, where we previously spotted a number of good
looking sales reps. Jodi told me to watch her eyes and
expression closely to “learn the tease.” We were quite a
site, strolling into the place, and we pretty much had
our pick of the gents when some hunk asking if we needed
assistance approached Jodi. She turned and looked him
completely up and down before holding his stare and
saying that we wanted to look at some custom units. The
guy fumbled as he escorted us to the store’s sound room,
where the special stereo equipment was kept for
acoustically correct listening. We were asked if we had
any particular interests, to which Jodi and Jess replied
that their interests were varied, and that they were
interested to know if his equipment was built strong
enough to handle the soft tones as well as the pounding
forces of a good sweaty beat. Jodi said this using her
best sexy voice, and in such a way that left the poor guy
speechless. Before he could speak, Jodi asked about
whether a particular pair of floor speakers had an
impedance control on the back. As the man sank to his
knees looking at the back of the speaker, we moved closer
to where, when he turned back to talk, his face was
almost in our neatly outlined crotches. His stare at our
pussies was so obvious that it took a full couple of
seconds before he looked up only to find our hard nipples
under our tops. He fumbled with an answer, flushed at
being caught, and then Jessica asked if the speakers were
compatible for surround sound. As she asked, she raised
her arms, pointing to the rear corners of the room to
indicate other speaker locations, and when she did so,
her top raised to almost fully expose the bottom of her
breasts. From where he was kneeling on the floor, the man
had an excellent view of her bare skin as one of her
nipples slipped below the hem of her top. The fish net
sweater gave only the impression of cover, and her nipple
was briefly exposed to his gaze which was like that of a
kitten intently watching a piece of string. He mentioned
that they were indeed compatible, and went on to offer
that he could offer a free in-home demonstration and
design of a custom system if so desired. Jodi asked
Jessica if that Friday would be acceptable, and Jess, in
turn, asked me if I was willing to undergo a few hours of
demonstration on that day. All eyes turned to me, the
man’s continuously going back and forth between my snatch
and breasts, and I found myself agreeing to Friday just
before noon.”

“So that was it?” I asked.

“Oh, far from over. We left that store in a sweat, my
heart pounding, wondering what I just arranged for
myself. Jodi and Jessica congratulated me on my
performance saying, ‘See how easy that was? That could be
your first victory.’ I was totally flushed at what I had
just done, but I was keyed up and in a daze. Of course,
the sisters weren’t about to let this opportunity pass,
so off to the shoe store we went. We went to a shoe
section of an exclusive department store, really shopping
for men more than for shoes. We spotted our next victim,
and Jodi told me to play along. The suave man asked if we
needed help, and Jodi said that both she and I were
interested in thong heels. After picking out several
pair, we seated ourselves as the man helped us with the
shoes. We knew that he had a perfect close up of our
outlined pussies, and we played to his enjoyment as we
shifted positions, giving the material between our legs
ample opportunity to shift over the folds of our lips and
my extra large clit. Man, was I getting hot! There I was
purposely showing a total stranger my vagina like he was
giving me a pelvic exam, innocently making off that I was
interested in the fit of the shoes. We got all the
attention we wanted, and could see the man getting a real
boner, when Jessica asked to see a particularly high pair
of heels. Before he returned with the shoes, Jess told me
to pay attention to her polished routine. When the man
returned with the strap heels, Jessica attempted to strap
the shoes on herself as he watched. You could tell his
interest at her extremely short skirt riding up the side,
but she was expert at not letting him see between her
legs. She then got up and walked to the floor mirror
about six feet away. It was one of those angled mirrors
that let the person wearing the shoes get a better view,
but she knew that it also afforded the salesman a good
view as well. “I just don’t know. They seem a
bit….exposing, don’t you think?” she said, emphasizing
the word “exposing,” as she spread her legs about
shoulder width apart. You could almost see the man sweat
as his eyes were glued to the reflection of Jessica’s
exposed pussy in the mirror. She knew damned well that he
was staring directly at her bald snatch, so she just
stood their swing her hips slightly without destroying
the position. After about one full minute, she came back,
sat down and complained about one of the straps. The man
offered to help adjust the thing, and she made her final
move by lifting her leg up to the stool on which he was
sitting, only this time, she made sure that he had an
unobstructed view of her moist slit. She watched, as he
couldn’t contain his stare, then, when he looked up
realizing he had been caught, she smiled down saying that
she would take the shoes, and would wear them out. We all
giggled as we left the store, the salesman with a raging
hard on, and me with a feeling of pure power like I
hadn’t felt before. I liked what I was feeling.”

I was feeling the affect of the story myself, and was
dripping pre cum as I continued to rub her wet clit. Man
that clit was stiff, and I felt almost as if I was
masturbating a small penis, only this was no she-male.
She was all girl and the story of her seduction by my
wife and her sister was just too much to stop now. I
pressed for more details. “You must have been one hot
bitch by then,” I said, sensing that language that she
didn’t hear at home excited her.

“No shit, I was hot.” Right on! She was really getting
into the story and loosening up. She continued with some
excitement now, “But it didn’t stop there,” she said with
enthusiasm. “I was dripping when we left that store and
took a break at the pub near the mall entrance. The girls
ushered me over to the bar, where we took up residence on
some rather high barstools. Jessica looked fabulous in
her high heels and short skirt, and after our drinks
arrived, we turned to notice that a group of four men two
white and two black had slithered over to the table next
to us. The view must have been something else for the
group. Jodi and I with lycra shorts that fit right up the
crack of our ass, and your wife with a skirt that didn’t
quite cover her ass. The men were obviously confused at
what they were seeing, and finally, one made a comment on
the fine d�cor of the place, asking our opinions. Jodi
turned to face them, approving of their perception in
decorating, and asked me if I agreed. I took the lead,
and turned to face the men like Jodi. Without even
thinking, I noticed that I had positioned myself like
Jodi, heels on the barstool rung, making a perfect
display of my pussy under the thin veneer. I was getting
hooked on the rush, realizing that I could expose myself
to men who would drool over my body. Within a few silly
comments, I, in turn, passed the baton by asking if
Jessica was in agreement of our taste. Well, you could
have written a book about the expressions on the men when
your wife sat up straight and slowly turned to face our
party. She looked me straight in the eye to see my face
when she positioned her legs the same as ours. I couldn’t
help myself as I stared straight at her bald cunt, airing
itself on the edge of the stool. From the seats at the
table below, I knew, and she knew that the men were
getting something they hadn’t bargained for. Not only was
her pussy visible as she swung her strong muscled legs
open and closed casually, but her tits could also be seen
from the underside, pushing the flimsy top out in front.
Jessica knew exactly what the men were seeing, and she
turned slightly to make sure each man had a chance at the
show. We continued our conversations through our drinks,
and asked for the men’s business cards before slipping
off the stools. Jodi and I didn’t have to drive the
material in our shorts any further up our moist slits to
make our exposure complete, but Jessica put on the grand
finale as she deliberately slipped from her seat slowly
so her skirt rode up to briefly expose her bare bottom.
The fact that she wasn’t wearing panties was blatant as
hell, and we heard a collective sigh at the sight. The
men were business types, out for a late lunch, and were
employed in commercial sales of computer equipment. Jodi
and Jess asked if they could contact them for technical
advice, to which the guys fell all over themselves in
offering their personal service. We all mentioned that we
would be sure to use their services in the near future.”

“You mean to tell me that my wife, I mean, I believe it
of her sister, but, my wife….”

“Yup! Your wife, Jessica, made sure that she was free to
procure their services, and gave them a sample of what to
expect. Now that’s what I call power. She was so cool and
collected as these guys nearly overturned their table
getting up in politeness when we left. Jess and Jodi were
cool, but I was getting hot as a machine gun. They knew I
couldn’t last, so they asked me what I thought so far. I
could hardly talk, and my drenched crotch made it
apparent that I was ready for something more than just
waving it around. The sisters conferred with each other,
then asked if I knew now where this was leading. If I
hadn’t before, I realized now that they didn’t do this
only to go home and take a cold shower. So I asked what I
could expect if I wanted to go farther. “Nothing short of
heaven on earth,” was their answer as they told me that
they had one more stop on the way home. I couldn’t
believe that they expected me to accompany them into the
bookstore, the kind that sold adult movies and sex toys.
My embarrassment was shooting through the roof as us
three foxy ladies stroll into the adult store. I felt my
skin go alternately hot and cold as the girls escorted me
past the rubber cocks and implements. They made a show to
stop and ask me my opinion of several of the life like
surgical rubber penises and handed me each one to
consider. I caught my breadth several times, surprised at
how real these things felt, and imagining those monster
dicks penetrating my now flooded cunt. “I think she likes
this one,” Jodi said as they both selected a thick brown
model with balls attached. They made me carry the twelve-
inch dick through the store past the magazines and movies
as we browsed. I was in a daze, wanting to hide what I
was carrying, but, at the same time, fascinated at the
variety of sexual delights displayed for our pleasure.
Every imaginable act, thought and perversion was on
display, and my eyes were soaking it all in.

By the time we reached the checkout, I hadn’t even
noticed that they had each picked up a magazine for
themselves, and asked if I would be so kind as to pay for
them too, since they had left their purses in the car. As
I stood before the raised counter, I handed the clerk my
purchase, and he asked if there would be anything else. I
was so transfixed at mentally helping him hurry the item
into a bag that I almost forgot about the magazines, and
turned to take them from the sisters and pass them to the
clerk. As I passed them to the man and he looked at the
covers, I noticed him glancing from the magazines to the
girls behind me. I looked to see what the problem was,
and I noticed each magazine’s front cover had the clear
picture of the two girls standing behind me, their faces
splattered in gobs of white sticky cum, and a black cock
dripping the rest onto their faces. These were those
glossy specialty magazines that were filled with only
shots of women being fucked in every hole, and of them
sucking monster black cocks until they came in their
mouths and pussies. Jessica and Jodi were smirking behind
me, fully realizing that the man would notice that they
were the featured starlets. They were watching both the
man’s reaction and mine as I was caught in between. Their
enjoyment at my realization was broken when I asked the
attendant if he was finished with the literature, to
which he told me the total. Well, of course I didn’t have
enough cash, so I had to use my credit card. I was
further embarrassed, since now the man knew my name and
asked for my ID, further gaining access to my address.
Jessica spoke up say that I also wanted to open an
account for movies, so run the card for five movie

“We went back to Jodi’s place, with me now being on
record with an account at the local adult book store! I
thought, my God, what have I done, but when we got in the
house and relaxed with one glass of wine down and next
being poured, the magazines had already been taken out of
the bag and passed around. I was mortified, but
uncontrollably interested in the images before me. I had
no idea that the girls I had befriended were also
modeling for porn material. However, the wine and the
excitement of the day easily overcame the forbidden acts
that I had just done, and I found that the three of us
were soon stripped naked in the heat of the afternoon,
lying on Jodi’s bed, reading sex magazines, and talking
girl talk of the day’s experiences. I thought to myself,
I love my new friends.”

“And, did you?” I asked full knowing the answer. Mia
didn’t miss a beat when she told me of her first lesbian
experience. She related how they just started stroking
her skin and talking of their adventures. Of how they
showed themselves off to these men, and how wet they had
gotten. She closed her eyes and shuddered in climax as
she told me of the first time any female had sucked her
clitoris, and the first time she had ever put her own
mouth to another woman’s pussy lips and let her tongue
explore the gentle folds and taste of her partner. Mia
said that the feeling of freedom and the friends were
something she had longed for, and that she melted under
the touch, soft sounds of female voices, and the
incredible excitement of venturing into the land of the
taboo. This was a girl that was ripe for picking, and my
wife and her sister were the master gardeners. I could
tell that the memory of that day was the moment she both
accepted, and was accepted into a way of life that would
change her forever. The only thing I could do now was to
enjoy it with her, and that I did, for I got a thrill out
of watching the man and woman slowly jogging toward us,
and almost tripping over their own feet when they passed
by and saw me fingering Mia as she stroked my cock.


Even though I was growing attached to this black haired
vixen in my car, the realization that we were strangers
leant a level of excitement to the situation that few
people enjoy. I was the escort for a lovely new member of
my sister-in-law’s swing club, and was about to bring her
to a weekend party where my wife and her sister were
getting their fill of sex with black men. The only saving
grace in this whole situation was my enthusiastic
response of approval when I walked in on their plans
unannounced. Jessica, my wife, took that as a license to
fuck, and she and her sister, Jodi, were now returning
the favor by giving me free reign over their newest
female conquest. Mia wasn’t only a looker; she was the
nearest thing to a fantasy girl that existed in my mind.

What was really boggling my mind was the realization of
how Jodi’s club worked. Whenever a new member was
assigned an escort, that escort became the new member’s
“club mate.” That meant that the new member was attached
to the escort as a swinging partner, and often-attended
parties and events together instead of with their own
mates. This made the act of infidelity even more exciting
because the pair were still exploring each other while
they explored new sexual horizons. Mia was mine, and I
would take her wherever I wanted and treat her as my toy
as I saw fit. Today my intentions were to please myself
at her expense, to use her as medicine against my aching
soul. But, as most terminal patients often do, the only
respect I had for the cure was the relief it would give
me. Little did I know just how good a friend, sole mate,
and confidant she would become as I watched my wife sink
deeper into the depths of sexual depravity along with her


Her breast heaved against the ultra thin material of her
excuse for a dress, as we sped along toward the downtown
apartment where Jessica and Jodi were playing slave
girls. Mia’s semi-nude walk wasn’t over, since she had
yet to walk from my car to the brownstone building. I
parked the better part of a block away, and opened her
door just as the streetlights were beginning to jump to
life on the street. Her dress did little to hide her
nudity as she strolled at my side down the street of the
mostly black neighborhood.

We passed a driveway where four black youths were playing
a game of two on two, and we immediately had our way
blocked by the young men who took their time to get in
Mia’s face as they took in the sight of her body. Mia was
flushed at being so exposed at such close range. She
could do nothing to hide her nudity, and merely stood
there while the boys had their fill.

“I think you be in the wrong ‘hood,” one of them finally

“Oh, we’re in the right place. You’re just blocking our
way.” I said calmly in response.

“And, what if we don’t move? What if we want to borrow
your chick for awhile?”

I looked around and noticed that we were next to a
building that was being renovated, and had quite a bit of
construction material lying around. “Well, in the first
place, if you push it, I would be happy to remove you
from the path.” Yes, I knew something that he didn’t
know. “Second,” and here is where I got a brilliant idea,
“if you want to use my friend here, you’ll have to win
her fair and square. Let’s call it a game of one on one.”
I was looking up at the man who was much taller, and my
suggestion must have seemed utterly foolish.

“What?” the stunned youth said.

“You heard me. That is, unless you’re afraid.” Now, this
really got his goat, as I knew it would, and he took the

“Listen you piece of white…..”

I stopped him in mid sentence, “Ok, then, you be here
tomorrow evening, try to wash before then…. and bring
your friends. Oh, and one more thing, bring cash.”


“‘Cause you smell, and you’re gonna lose!” I said matter-
of-factly as I took Mia by the arm and we pushed past the
small group. Mia couldn’t believe my attitude and said
that she was sure that I had just escorted her into her
first rape. I assured her that I knew what I was doing,
and took pleasure in the fact that her nipples had grown
as hard as rocks at the treatment.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” I asked staring at her

“I liked being stared at,” she admitted. As we walked
briskly, now, her heels clicking loudly on the pavement,
she straightened her back proudly, and confessed, “You
know, I think I could try going all the way. I mean, I
think it would be a turn on to go completely nude.” She
turned to watch my expression, asking silently if I would
do it for her, be there to make her do it.

I looked her up and down saying, “I never thought that
dress really fit you anyway.”

While we were walking, I noticed a blonde head briefly
appear in the balcony window of the second floor of
Jerry’s place, and when we reached his building after
being followed by slowing cars, we were immediately
buzzed through the front door. We ascended the stairs to
the studio level, and peeked inside to find only Jerry
busily hanging negatives.

“Oh, hi!” he shouted as he noticed our presence. “Just
finishing up on some of the day’s shoot. Got some pretty
good stuff here. Man, your woman is one hot bitch. She
has definitely got the talent to show me the Money!” I
laughed at the pun. “Come here & look.” He handed me a
magnifying glass to study some of the negatives on the
light board, as he turned to look at Mia.

“Sorry. Mia, Meet Jerry…. Jerry, Mia” I introduced as I
took the glass and turned to the pictures. I noticed he
approved of Mia’s lack of dress, and she stood there in
her best little girl pose, taking pleasure in his
attention to her bareness. What was really turning Mia’s
crank was the fact that this was the first encounter she
had with being mostly nude in the company of a black man.
They began exchanging small talk in that “come on” sort
of way when your eyes want to say, ‘man, I’d like to fuck
your brains out,’ or on the other hand, ‘jeez, I’d like
to feel you inside of me.’

The pictures were professional all right. Every possible
pose and combination was right before my eyes, as I took
in the details of vaginal penetrations, anal insertions,
face fucking and multiple partners. All were clear and
sharp, and all involved my wife and her sister with their
black partners. I was getting a massive hard on gazing at
the images, and found myself absentmindedly rubbing
myself through my pants. Thinking to myself that I had
someone to do that for me, I called Mia over, and
instructed her to take care of my problem as she shared
in the pictures before us. She stood at my side,
massaging my tool through my pants as she gasped at the
photos. She couldn’t believe the graphic clarity of her
friends in those poses.

“My God! Those are beautiful! I mean, they’re stunning,

“They’re fucking hot, you mean.”

“Yeah. That’s what I meant to say.” She stammered and
rubbed me harder as her breathing got heavier and her
nipples stiffened once again.

I put the eyeglass down, turned her around, and brazenly
felt her pussy. It was soaked and ready to be fucked. I
decided to cut the paper work short and get on to where
the action was, so I asked Jerry where Jodi and Jessica
were. He said that they were in his third floor
apartment, getting things ready for a get together of
some of his friends for the evening. Mia and I left him
to finish up printing some of the better shots, and made
our way up the stairs. Being the gentleman that I was, I
let Mia go in front. The view of her naked slit and ass
added fuel to my already boiling caldron of cum, and I
knew I wouldn’t last long before she would be skewered on
the end of my prick, and I would be pumping her with my

I hadn’t been in Jerry’s private quarters earlier in the
day, so I didn’t know what to expect. The d�cor changed
from business blas� to ultra modern as we ascended the
stairs, and the landing on the third floor completed the
transition complete with plastered walls, sharp one piece
entry door, and thick padded carpeting. “Leave your shoes
and sox at the door!” came the shout of instructions from
my wife as she heard us approaching.

As we entered, we immediately saw the two sisters busily
working away on preparations for the evening. As we both
removed our shoes, the shock of the room set in. Almost
the entire third floor consisted of a great room where
most of Jerry’s living was done, with the obligatory
kitchen and bathroom set to the back. What was so
startling was the radical d�cor. Just about everything in
the place was white, or ivory. If there was an accent
piece for contrast, it was in black. The floor covering
was off white, and was padded with a conservative three
inches thick padding under a mix of plushes. Only a
single meandering path through the center of the room was
done in relatively standard padded plush, allowing one to
walk with shoes only if absolutely necessary. A highly
polished wood floor about ten by ten feet was the only
hard surface in the entire room, enough space for the
impromptu dance. Indirect lights and accent lights
provided the glow of diffusion throughout the room.
Several of Jerry’s photo works adorned the walls (today’s
featured subjects were none other than Jessica and Jodi).
Walls that had no bottoms, or corners, for they molded in
smooth transition curves to the floor, ceiling, and
around the room. The fact that the room had no furniture
(except for a bar) totally escaped my notice at first,
but then hit me like I was in some sort of Woody Allen

Mountains of shapes, curves, slopes and caves replaced
normal furniture. The solid geometry of the heavily
padded mounds could be sat upon, lounged on, slept on,
bolstered, changed or otherwise enjoyed as the
imagination allowed. It was like living on a cloud, or,
rather, in a cloud, and the mood was further molded by
music emitted from unknown sources hidden within the
stuffing of the room. The alternately gently and steeply
sloping ramp up to a loft looked much like a mini ski
slope, and the ceiling was painted with pastels of light
that changed the mood of the natural sky images to match
any desired time of day. Sunsets, mornings, day or night
could be programmed at will.

Mia and I stood gawking at the incredible sight before
our eyes, not noticing Jodi and Jessica smirking at our
expressions as they placed several trays of hors
d’oeuvres on small stable hillocks in the landscape,
apparently a unique form of cocktail table. The two
blondes stopped what they were doing, poured two glasses
of Chardonnay, and walked across to hand us the drinks
like good hostesses.

The sight of my wife and her sister was something to
behold, for they fit the part of devilish angels in this
ethereal setting. Each girl had completely showered,
shaved and otherwise had a remake since I last saw them.
Jessica’s hair was in an impeccably perfect bob, Jodi’s
was long, swept back in her trademark ponytail, and both
girls’ bangs were fresh and light above their blue eyes.
Makeup was fresh, not too heavy, and powdery perfect.

“Hi, Mia, glad you could make it. Before you freshen up
and change, what do you think?” Jessica said to us both,
motioning to Jodi and herself in the total effect of the

Mia and I exchanged looks before turning back to the
women for a complete assessment. As usual, the two
sisters had outdone themselves. Let’s start with my wife,
Jessica. As she stood before us barefoot on the floor-
cloud, her tiptoe pose accentuated the muscles of her
tanned shapely legs. She was wearing an obviously new set
of diamond earrings that matched the diamond in the
center of the thin black leather choker. A small gold
bracelet completed the jewelry, and the set probably
provided more cover than the rest of her outfit. Her
“dress” and I use that term lightly, was a fitted pure
white chemise arrangement with that started with a single
one-inch strap over her right shoulder. The material
plunged at a steep angle directly down the center of her
body, covering her right breast and leaving her left tit
completely exposed. The plunge went down to hang well
below her left hip, and from above her left knee, the
material slashed back up to high on her right hip. The
angled hem of the chemise barely covered her bald pussy,
giving the impression that she was wearing a wide Miss
America banner. The difference was that this banner was
made of completely sheer white nylon. As she turned to
show us the back, she raised he arms to the side, palms
up, and pranced in the thick floor padding making her
left boob bounce as she moved up and down. Her entire
body could be seen through the thin sheath without any
difficulty at all. She was essentially nude though
covered in nylon. Her left tit was exposed; her right one
was molded, not flattened, by the thin material and
clearly visible. The cloth fit tightly to her skin, and
her hairless cunt stood out like a smooth leg under a
nylon stocking. One thing was for sure, she definitely
made herself ready to fuck, and access was not going to
be a problem.

As Jessica finished her dance, she gestured with both
hands, presenting her sister. Jodi’s outfit held a
similar appeal. It too was made of white nylon in keeping
with the motif. The halter strap circled behind her neck
and plunged down the center of her body between her
breasts, leaving them both exposed. The material then
flared to the sides and hung nearly full length to the
floor. Slits on the sides up to her hips complimented the
oval open section in the middle that extended to Jodi’s
matching bald pussy. Although her dress was as sheer as
Jessica’s, it provided a sensuality that said she was
dressed, but naked. Once again, she was very fuckable,
and totally accessible.

After Jodi modeled herself, the sisters’ playful
exuberance was a dichotomy in moods, for there they were,
prepared to service a party of strange black men with
their bodies, an act normally so taboo that people have
been killed for thinking of it, but one for which they
lovingly prepared. Like twin nymphs, the two blond
housewives twirled to the beat of the music, showing us
their prepared bodies. As they turned, their feet kept
time to the thump vibrating the room. Boom, boom,
boom…..step, step, step. The dance had the desired
affect of transmitting the motion to their upper bodies,
and their tits bounced, jiggled, and swayed freely,
indicating their readiness for sexual perversion.

The exhibit was cut short by a ring at the front door,
whereupon Jessica took Mia and rushed her off to the loft
for a fitting of her own erotic dress. Jodi and I stood
transfixed, staring wantonly at each other until we heard
the approach of Jerry and his first guest. Leaving their
shoes at the front door (a custom rack was provided for
guests), they entered the room with eyes transfixed on
Jodi’s semi naked state. A brief introduction with
requests for drinks brought an immediate response from
the slave, Jodi, as she rushed to accommodate their
desires. Within minutes, more guests, buddies of Jerry,
began arriving with gifts of wine and fancy liquors. To
their credit, the sisters had one hard and fast rule, no
drugs. Anything else, but no drugs.

Jerry left to change clothes, leaving me with Jodi and
five large, clean and muscular black men. About the time
the last arrived, Jessica made her entrance with Mia at
her side. Her flair for the dramatic was always present,
and her grab for attention was a sexual offense that
destroyed almost all men’s defenses. In she skipped,
swaying her hips seductively and bouncing her tit to show
off the entertainment to be enjoyed at the men’s leisure.
Jessica had dressed Mia in another unique outfit of her
own creation. My wife was familiar with the all white
theme, so all her selections were done in that color, and
in sheer nylon. Mia’s dress started out as an extremely
short cocktail shift that barely extended to below her
pussy. At a point below her navel, the material extended
up in a narrow three-inch band over her shoulder and down
her back. She had the option of choosing which tit to
cover with the band, but if she tried to stretch it to
cover both, the hem of the dress would ride up to well
above her crotch. None of it really mattered, since the
sheerness of the nylon provided full view of either
breast and her shaved cunt that separated her legs as she
stood before us.

My wife joined right in the party, sauntering up to the
men, two of whom she knew and the rest meeting their
acquaintance. Mia stepped forward to stand by me, looking
in my eyes for a reaction. I smiled and told her I was
looking forward to exploring her body, and felt her hand,
which was moist with sweat. I noticed that the rest of
her was flushed and hot, since she was not used to the
company of black men, especially when she was naked and
they were all staring. By contrast, my wife and her
sister were mingling like hired whores. White innocence
among black masters, proudly displaying their bodies and
working it for full effect.

“This is not what I expected,” Mia whispered in my ear.
“Do Jess and Jodi expect me to party with these guys? I
mean, I’ve never made it with a black man before, and to
have six of them here at once, well, you know.”

“Know what?”

“If I was going to try it, I kind of wanted to do it in

“It’s not your party, it’s theirs. Neither one of us was
supposed to be here, especially me, but since I spoiled
their privacy, they decided to reward my good
sportsmanship by giving you to me so that I wouldn’t go
without while they were being screwed. It’s also their
way of throwing you into the pool. Sink or swim, so to
speak. Either you get into the club’s inner circle, or
you can be satisfied with the normal parties and social
gatherings. You want my opinion? I think you should
relax. I think you should let your body go, and I think
you should start getting in the mood to fuck me.” Her
eyes glowed at that last statement, and I could
immediately tell that this was the kind of girl who not
only liked sex, she liked having someone take control of
her sex life. Her body relaxed and snuggled, bare
breasted at my side.

The men, I found out, were acquaintances of Jerry, one
being a professional actor, and four business contacts.
The businessmen were special guests that he had invited
with the promise of special gifts to them, gifts in the
form of my wife and her sister who willingly set up the
weekend so they could play the part. Chosen carefully so
as not to offend them with a dirty bar scene, he knew
them well enough to play to their wild side while keeping
everything confidential, high class and discreet. It
certainly helped that none of them knew each other well,
and were told in advance to respect everyone’s anonymity,
and for that reason, introductions were made using only
first names. Jerry knew that the girls preferred darker
skinned black men, and catered to their wishes whenever
possible, and the men here tonight were very black
indeed. After all, Jerry pampered his bread and butter
girls, and took great pains to make them happy. Where
else would he find two white housewives, sisters no less,
so willing to be party pussies for his camera and profit?
He either couldn’t quite grasp, or accept, that it was to
their delight.

Chandler was the man that provided Jodi and Jessica with
their opportunity for fame by publishing their photos in
the glossy porn magazines. He had a keen interest in the
women, and wanted to meet the two who gave him such
success and recent volumes of wealth. Lamont (Chandler’s
major financial partner) wanted to “interview” the new
talent for possible referral to another one of his
business associates who made custom content videos for an
exclusive clientele. Lee was the actor, sometimes used in
the videos, who came along to pass judgment on the
possibilities of using the girls. Strange as it may seem,
not all pretty women actually make good fucks on screen.
Denzel, a local restaurateur, liked to use Jerry’s work
in all his advertising (and Jerry enjoyed the free
meals). Finally, Datron, his buddy, and owner of a local
gym, would ensure him not only free gym membership, but
access to the private office on the other side of the one
way mirror into the woman’s locker room for perusing new
model material. He had heard about Jodi’s success in
recruiting new girls for her swinger’s club from the
clientele of the gym where she worked as a lifeguard, and
he figured he could utilize her talents in much the same
way at his place. Oddly enough, the men spoke quite
freely about their association with Stick (Jerry), but
were hesitant about my presence.

After some apparent discomfort, one of the men spoke to
Jerry as he looked at me, “I don’t see no reason to have
this white boy here while we’re enjoying your
arrangements.” Then he turned and spoke directly to me,
“Don’t you feel a little ‘unsafe’ being here? Why, you’re
almost as small as these two blonde housewives. I hope we
don’t mistake you for one of them.” All the men laughed,
including myself as I put on a good show. The man’s
arrogance was really annoying, since all my other wife’s
black studs seemed pleasant enough. As everyone waited in
silence for my answer, Jessica looked at me, nodded
knowingly, and left the room to retrieve something
like…. a chair. She brushed her nude body past the men,
and retrieved a wooden bow-backed chair from the kitchen,
the kind you would find in a caf�. She placed the lone
chair in the middle of the dance floor, and, as she
backed away, she smiled at me and at the men saying, “Oh,
I have a feeling my husband is quite comfortable wherever
he goes.”

There wasn’t more than five seconds for her bombshell to
take effect before I smiled back at the man, turned, and
sunk my fist straight through the seat of the chair,
smashing the wood in several pieces. “She’s right, you
know,” I followed as I retrieved my arm from the
splintered piece of furniture. “I was just hoping you
wouldn’t mind me enjoying the show my wife and her sister
were going to put on for my friends,” I said calmly as I
extended my hand to shake his. As he reached for my hand,
he looked at it as if expecting to grasp some piece of
tenderized meat, but was greeted instead by my usual firm
handshake. The look on his speechless face was something
to behold, and I once again gave silent thanks to the
training that afforded me my black belt. The man’s face
began grinning, warming to my smile, then beamed with
excitement as he said, “Wife? Sisters? Sheeeit! I knew
this was going to be good, but, well…. welcome to the
hood, Bro!”

There was no doubt of my acceptance as the small group
began trading confidences with me, seeing as I was
lending them my wife to fuck. I also assumed that if I
made any attempt to destroy that confidence, they had the
muscle to return the favor. Anyway, these guys were
extremely polite, and, again, so impressed with my open
confident attitude, that I too relaxed.

“Oh, and one other thing,” Jessica said to the group.
“Mia is our gift to my husband for being such a good
sport. She’s his to enjoy while you’re enjoying us. Fair
enough? Besides, I see no reason to have to share all
this wonderful talent with anyone but my sister.” And she
rubbed one of the men’s cock through his pants as she
referred to talent, at the same time wrapping her other
arm around his waist and snuggling her nylon covered
breast against him. The man grinned, reached around her
shoulder and pulled her close. His left had moved down to
her exposed left breast, which he took fondled and began
massaging like a loaf of bread. My wife made every
attempt to make his reach easier, and moaned with
pleasure as the massive paw enveloped her well rounded,
but demure breast meat.

The mood immediately relaxed, and the music took over any
awkward moments. The next hour was spent in finding out
more about each other on a social basis, just like any
normal cocktail party where couples mingled, traded
stories, ate lightly and laughed at each other’s jokes.
The only differences were that the women were white,
mostly naked, and playing grab ass with the men who were
black as the ace of spades. I could see that my wife and
her sister really enjoyed the attention they got from
such an environment. Blonde housewives offering
themselves to the black men, having their tits squeezed,
nipples pinched and rolled, and opening their legs so
their cunts could be fingered at will. I had to admit
that the lighting was perfect, the temperature just
right, food superb, and the music pulsed an exotic erotic
theme. Even Mia was getting into the scene as she too
began to mingle and took pleasure in showing off her body
that was heretofore untouched by black hands. I could see
that she was testing her own waters, as her movements
became increasingly bold. Watching Jodi and Jessica work
their bodies for the black men especially turned her on.
Not at all ashamed of their nudity, the two blondes took
advantage of the taboo shamefulness and played up every
opportunity to get a body rush from the shock of
forbidding acts.

They pushed the conversation whenever a chance arose,
like the time that one guy by the name of Datron said,
“You’re not wearing a whole helluva lot for a pretty
little white girl,” to which Jodi responded smiling,
“Why, thank you, we hoped that you wouldn’t be
disappointed.” The sisters were masters of seduction, and
knew just when to use girlish charm over slutty
brashness. It was quite entertaining, watching my wife
and Jodi use their coy, teenage voices for the men. Their
body language, expressions, eye contact and touching all
began as sweet angelic young things. Jodi would say in a
soft feminine voice, “We were both looking forward to
being with you tonight, and were wondering about what you
would enjoy the most.”

Datron said, “I think you know what we fantasize about.
How’s about you girls? What do you like to do?”

Jodi postured in a shy calm manner, and spoke slowly and
softly while holding her drink in one hand and circling a
nipple with the finger of her other hand, “We like the to
experience life. Jerry has taken good care of us, and we
want to return the favor. Besides, a good body rush is
something that never gets old. I guess you might call us
just a couple of horny housewives out for adventure. We
are your small, petite white girls looking for a strong
black body to master us. I know what you would like to do
to my sister and me, and we want to make you happy. We
want to get a hold of strong hard black meat, Datron. We
want you to watch while I give a little lick on your big
black cum filled balls. They are cum filled, aren’t

“Right about now you could say that they’re overflowing,”
he said trying to be macho, but sweating under Jodi’s
feminine talk.

“Good, because Jessica and I just love the taste of cum.
And, we love the warm feel of it when it pumps directly
from a solid pair of hot balls.” Jodi was looking
directly into the man’s eyes and was speaking so calmly
and nicely as she turned to make sure that the others in
the gathering could hear.

The guy pushed back, “Damn, woman! You’re hurting my
virgin ears; we’re decent fellows, here. Sounds like
you’re expecting some kind of orgy or gang bang or

My wife, standing in the same group looked him in the eye
and calmly replied in her own little girl sexy voice,
“Mmmmm….an orgy sounds yummy! Then again, a good gang
fuck sounds nice too. Gee, it’s kinda hard to decide.
Would I be too greedy if I wanted to try both?” and held
his stare until he broke into a broad grin. Then Jess
turned to politely address Jerry, “Jerry, one of our
guests says he’s decent. I thought you were going to
invite horny guys, not decent ones.” Jerry returned in
his best Al Jarreau voice, “Oh, pay no attention to him,
he’s probably used to sloppy seconds or thirds…. or,
for that matter, fourths, fifths….” Everyone got a good
laugh at the Datron’s expense, and my wife went over to
him, put her arm around his waste and reached up on her
tip toes to kiss him. “Don’t worry, baby,” she whispered,
“you can squirt your seed into me as many times as you
want, whenever you want, and in whatever hole you want.”
Her words were spoken so sweetly, so softly, and so
openly that it made her sound incredibly sexy. While they
were kissing, he massaged her free breast and rolled her
nipple between his fingers.

“Oh, I didn’t know you were thirsty. Here, let me help,”
she quipped as she took his wineglass, stood back and
started squeezing her own tit. Under her expert
manipulation, breast milk began flowing from her nipple,
and while the black men watched, she expressed streams of
warm baby milk into his glass and handed it back to him.
His big black lips savored the mixture, then covered my
wife’s small pink ones as he French kissed her in thanks
for her precious fluid. The other guys liking what they
saw, asked Jodi if she could do the same, to which she
replied of course. This was one of the sisters’ best
party tricks, as they enjoyed keeping themselves
lactating for just such occasions. Quite often I would
come home to find Jessica’s boobs swollen and full of
milk, and she would beg me to suck them to relieve the
pressure. I even had the pleasure of doing the same for
Jodi on one occasion, having just finished draining
Jessica seconds before. Ah, the sweet memories of being
sandwiched between the two naked sisters, both fondling
my prick while I feasted heartily on their titty juice.
My wife was so thoughtful in sharing.

Their milk supply seemed endless, and soon the two
sisters were putting on a show of milking their white
globes for the horny blacks, filling their glasses with
streams of their milk. They were really quite good at
this little trick, sometimes being able to shoot two or
three small streams from each nipple. Besides being fun
to watch, the milk was actually very tasty, and was
either good straight, or mixed with whatever was handy at
the time. More than the fact that it was warm and fresh,
it was the shear delight of seeing it produced that made
it taste so erotic. One other thing about breast milk is
the shear volume that one woman can produce. It seemed as
if they had an endless supply, and, as far as the sisters
were concerned, that provided two important benefits.
First, their swollen tits gave them a fuller shape, and
second, they made a game of finding someone to milk them
on a consistent basis. As they repeatedly filled the
glasses, the girls mocked the six men saying that they
hoped that the streams of milky stuff the men would
provide would be a lot thicker and full of baby seed.

“Stand back, girls, we’ve got all the seed you need.
Full, thick, hot and black!” Lee quipped.

“Stand back, guys,” Jessica mocked back, “we’ve got all
the pussy you can handle. White, tight, willing and
unprotected!” Again she held the stare of the man making
the boast, and again her bombshell gave her a verbal
victory. What she really wanted, however, was an oral
victory, and I could tell that she was laying the
groundwork before she would be laid to ground.


Jodi and Jessica were having quite a time keeping up with
the men’s demands for breast milk, and finally gave up on
trying to fill their glasses. They switched to aiming
their streams directly into the guys’ mouths, making a
game of seeing if they could hit their open mouths.
Jessica had run out of milk in her left tit and pulled
her right one from beneath the thin veil. It slipped
easily to the side and out into full view for squeezing.
Laughing and cavorting, the duo had the men kneeling in
front of them with mouths gaping like birds in a nest.
They were laughing so hard, that very little of the
liquid actually hit its mark, and most went to soaking
the faces and clothes of the girls’ targets.

Mia and I had our own pre-sexual games well in hand. My
hand, that is, for as we mingled, I couldn’t keep myself
from squeezing her almost perfect breasts as I watched my
wife and her sister play with the men that would soon be
fucking them. Games, playing like kids, playing with the
fire of sex, that’s what this was all about. I’ll be the
first to admit that the sight of the two blondes in
foreplay with the black men gave me a hard on that
couldn’t wait for Mia’s pussy. I could tell that the
feeling was mutual from the dripping cunt at my side and
the rock hard nipples between my fingers.

They were playing, and I could see why it was fun for
them. I could also see why they liked this place. It was
an adult amusement park of gadgets, toys, and creative
moods that Jerry went to great lengths and expense to
provide for his own pleasure. The high ceiling, painted
like a sky, was changing from evening to night from the
lighting effects. Music was changing too, as the almost
imperceptible increase in beat and volume was raising the
mood of the guests and the entire party. This place was
amazing! I had no doubt that if he wanted it to thunder
and lightning, Jerry could simply command the change and
it would be done. It certainly worked on the women’s
attitudes, and I guess that the end justified the means,
and expense.

Jerry approached me with a remote control unit that
seemingly had exhausted the civilized world’s supply of
buttons, and said, “let’s crank this party up a notch.”
He aimed the remote at a wall panel, and the music broke
into a disco beat that shook the room. The lights took on
a rhythm of their own, and swung to the heavy boom of the
base. Colors everywhere were playing with our heads and
beckoning us to go wild. Any woman worth her salt
couldn’t resist the urge to dance at that point, and
these girls were no exception. The wineglasses went down,
and the femmes grabbed the first available partner to
start their gyrations. Soon the dance floor was writhing
with bodies, ten in all, which included Mia and me. I was
thoroughly enjoying watching Mia’s body as she moved with
the beat, tits swaying freely now, and lost in new world
of sensual anticipation. Her mood had definitely changed,
and I was the recipient of some pretty heavy come-ons.

As I was losing control, I looked around to see one of
the sexiest scenes imaginable. My wife and her sister
were really working it for the men. Asses were being
wagged, and tits flopped and bobbed to the beat. Dirty
dancing was the order of the night, and black men really
know how to dirty dance. I wondered where in the world my
wife learned to dance like that, humping a man’s extended
leg, her dress riding high up to her waist, and her bald
pussy spreading lubrication on a pant leg. Jodi was
following suit as she humped one leg in front, moved her
ass against a man behind her, and wrapped her hands
around the neck of the man in back. His hands, in turn
were kneading her tits, squeezing and mashing to the

I looked back to see Jessica undoing the pants of the man
whose leg she was humping, as the other men began
unzipping and removing their clothes. As I moved to the
beat, I felt a pair of hands go to work on my pants. Mia
was all over me, tearing at my clothes, straining to get
her hands around my cock. I soon saw my pants flying
across the room while my hard cock began slapping my
stomach. Next came my shirt, and I was left standing
naked before my black haired princess. She didn’t
hesitate as she quickly stripped out of her outfit to
join me in total nudity. The music changed once more, and
a slow sensual torch song hit the air. I grabbed Mia,
pulled her close, and, for the first time, felt her
warmth, her smoothness, and her soft skin against mine.
She put her head back to look up at me with her
incredible green eyes, and I could swear I could smell
her sweat words as she mouthed, “Let’s get comfortable!”

“Where? Wait! The loft,” I suggested. We took off
climbing the hills of white fluff. No ladders, no stairs,
only a white slope of deep foam rubber padding, covered
by a thick bed comforter, which was the full width of the
room. It was like walking in a sea of lemon meringue, as
up to the loft we went where sleeping arrangements were
spread out in what appeared to be a free formed bed that
was roughly ten feet in diameter. Large overstuffed
feather pillows were strewn about, leaving us to choose
one if we wished. However, the entire loft was one giant
white pad, and it was very difficult to tell the limits
of the bed. Perhaps the bed had no limits; just those
defined by the size of the decorative comforter. Someone
could hold an entire party up here alone, and would never
have to use the lower level. The loft was complete with a
control panel of some sort near what I would assume was
the head of the bed. Again, everything was padded, which
told me that there must be a lot of flopping around that
takes place up here, and no one wants to bump their head.

We were like kids climbing the hill outside our house.
The subtle differences were that Mia and I were fully
adult and totally nude. I followed her lead, sniffing the
scented trail until my prey fell onto her back, legs
spread, and waiting for the attack. I was soon upon her
with my full weight, landing square between her legs and
pressing her into the room sized feather bed. The look in
her eyes was pure fire and the heat of her body flared up
when combined with mine. Her stare made my prick
immediately spring to hardness, and she slipped her hand
down to grasp my tool and guide it into her dripping
slit. I plunged full length without hesitation, searching
for the answer to my questions. Her cunt felt as if she
was squeezing my cock with her hand. The small tight
orifice could only be penetrated because of her
lubrication, and I split the small lips with pleasure as
I felt my member surrounded by its heat. Mia closed her
eyes, moaned loudly, and raised her knees up and out to
the sides when I plunged. This is what she was waiting
for, what she desired in her secret life, and the relief
that was so critical in her life.

To my delight, she had one other feature that, to me,
made her the perfect lay. Her vaginal tract was extremely
short, and my eight inches stopped cold against the end
with six inches inserted. Mia gasped, her eyes widened
like a wild woman, and she stared up into my face with
parted lips. Although I could definitely fall in love
with this woman, I reminded myself that love was off
limits, but lust was definitely the order of the day.
Lust, as defined by Jodi, had no limits of pain or
pleasure, and the limits of lust existed only in one’s
mind. Mia’s limits had not yet been reached, and I was
reading her mind. I continued to suck on one of her tits
as I plunged in and out of her baby hole, enjoying her
heat and animal passion.

I knew that the best was yet to come, and I positioned
myself kneeling above her, arms under her legs, and
bumping my cock against her cervix. I rubbed and rubbed
the entrance to her womb with every stroke until I could
feel the tight knot begin to open. Like a tight sphincter
it seemed to yield to ever increasing pressure until I
thought she was ready. Her wild bucking told me that she
wanted something more, something even she couldn’t
define, so I gave her the definition. With hard steady
pressure, I forced the head of my cock past the point of
no return and penetrated her cervix. Mia screamed at the
top of her lungs, but I paid no attention to anyone
hearing, since I knew that Jessica and Jodi would know
what I had done. Once the head was through, I thrust full
length into her body until my balls were resting on her
asshole, and my cock head was well within her uterus. I
stopped and held myself in that position, letting Mia get
the full realization of what she was feeling. Although
she almost past out at the experience, she came alive and
screamed, “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” over and over.

She grabbed my ass and pulled me into her with such force
that we were fused together at the crotch. I could feel
her large clit against my pubic bone, and I knew she was
getting violated inside and out. She was out of control
in lust for sex, my sex, my seed, and she seemed to suck
it out of me with her cunt. Holding me tight, she
wouldn’t let me withdraw from her uterus, and so I took
rapid short strokes, backing up just short of my head
slipping from her cervix. It was far too much for either
of us to take as we tried desperately to prolong the
feeling, but to no avail. Mia seemed to scream her
whisper in my ear, “fuck my baby chute…come in
me…make a baby in me…make me pregna….ughhh!” And
her voice trailed off as he shook in violent answer to my
streams of semen. I could feel the pulses of sperm I sent
into her womb, hot and thick, as my balls emptied
directly into her reproductive chamber. Her spasms of
delight matched my throbbing prick, and I could tell her
pleasure was a newfound intensity that she never
experienced before. I broke her cervical cherry, my seed
was inside her, and I knew that from then on, her
feelings for sex would be changed forever. I held myself
buried to full length as long as I could, and it was only
when my cock’s stiffness subsided that it’s head slipped
back through the ultimate pleasure hole to rest in her
chamber of normal love.

Such was our passion, that the whole act couldn’t have
taken more than fifteen minutes. Penned up lust always
takes its toll by speeding up animalistic lust, and so it
was with us. We had opened both our floodgates together,
and as we regained our composure and looked into each
other’s eyes, we realized that we had found a new passion
for life and a new partner for that passion. Partners
that had been assigned now had been fused in a different
way, and no matter who would invade Mia’s inner chamber
from now on, it would be me that could only rekindle the
feelings of virgin lust for that last inner frontier.
There was an unspoken bond that neither one of us tried
to broach with words, so we just lay there in naked
embrace, gazing into each other’s minds.

Our revere was brought back to reality by the sounds of
action down below, and Mia got a wicked smile on her face
saying, “C’mon. I want to watch.” So we broke our sweaty
bodies apart, and crawled to the edge of the loft to see
what was going on.

While we were committing adultery in the loft, my wife
and her sister had been promoting their own acts of
depravity. Both sisters had managed to strip the men, and
had, in turn, been stripped themselves. They continued to
dance, their clothes tossed far off to the side of the
room, black and white bodies gyrating like keys on a
piano. The beat of the music had risen once again to a
hot disco beat, and lights were flashing in rhythm. The
sisters had once again taken up the practice of “dirty
dancing,” and were in much the same positions that I saw
them last. My wife was straddling the leg of the man she
had been dry humping, and continued to rub her bald pussy
lips over the man’s legs. Only this time she was hanging
on to the man’s cock like a saddle horn, pumping it with
her small white hands as they bumped to the music. From
behind, two large black bodies were crowding her,
slapping her skin with their stiffening pricks. Jessica
had a broad smile on her face from ear to ear, laughing
at the treatment the guys were administering.

Jodi had her own set of admirers in very much the same
position as her sister, only she was grasping the pricks
of the two men to her side as they shook her breasts with
their large black hands. The man at her front was doing
the limbo between her legs that she tried to keep as wide
as possible. When he got close enough, he slapped Jodi’s
bare cunt with his stiff cock, side to side, then
directly on her clit. This is what the girls loved, and
they kept dancing, prick teasing, and working themselves
and the men to a fever pitch before having serious sex.

Mia and I lay on the edge of the loft, no more than
fifteen feet away from the writhing throng, and feeling
the heat that was building in their loins. Even though we
had just had violent intercourse, we rolled to the side
to gain better access to each other’s genitals to
continue the stroking. As many times as I witnessed them
in action, I will never get over these white girls
contrasted so willingly and sexy with their black lovers.
I wondered which were the slaves and which were the
masters, for although the girls wanted to be dominated,
their ways with the men showed their mastery of taking
them just where they wanted, and when they wanted them.
We could physically feel the heat in the loft, evidenced
by the shining sweat of the white and black skin as it
slithered together in one slippery mass. The sweat was
pouring off the men as well as the girls, and they rubbed
together, co-mingling their fluids in one sexy scene.

Jodi was the first to break the pattern when the man in
front stopped slapping her cunt lips with his prick, and
slipped the sweaty member inside her well lubricated love
tunnel. “Whew!” she yelped as the black meat spread her
white pussy lips, and he continued to limbo closer as she
helped by thrusting her naked pubis toward him. The man
knew how to dance, and soon was laying back folded onto
his legs, and Jodi was holding onto the black handles to
each side as she bounced up and down on the black meat.
With tits jiggling freely, she raised and lowered with
animal speed as she fucked the black stick beneath her.
Raising high, her body slammed down on the rod, forcing
it to extreme depths inside her. She was waiting to be
filled, and was talking to the man below, “fill me, fill
me with your come. Pump me with seed, and empty your
black balls.” Her words were too much, and she flung back
her head allowing her blond tresses to cascade straight
from her head to her ass, as she closed her eyes feeling
the hot semen pump into her. The streams of white man
milk shot into her with a release that had been building
the entire evening. Fresh hot sperm, full of black babies
flooded her channel and filled her with needed life. They
both shuddered their climax, then fell back to the safety
of the padded perimeter of the dance floor.

“Just look at those cocks!” Mia exclaimed excitedly in my
ear. “My God, they’re huge!” And they, in fact, were.
Jerry and the men he had selected for the girls’ slave
sexing were as black as spades, and came equipped with
some mighty impressive equipment. All of them lived up
quite well to the myth of the huge black cock, and all
had heavy ball sacks to match. Jerry knew that the women
didn’t like overweight lovers (although if it came to
choosing between weight vs. lack of nooky, sex always won
out), and his selection of men to fuck the white angels
nicely fit the description of athletic builds. They
complained that, although they didn’t mind pleasing the
non-athletic types orally or anally, their petite figures
had a hard time handling the weight of a heavy man lying
on top of them.

Mia’s eyes were fixed on the action as she mumbled
comments about the black bodies. I personally had no
frame of reference for likes or dislikes, except that I
preferred having my wife fucked by a relatively well
built black with a long tool, rather than one of average
build and mildly brown skin. I figured that as long as
she was into getting her white pussy filled with black
meat, it might as well be real black to gain the fullest
effect of contrast. Most of all, I learned that she
should also be penetrated by the longest she could find,
so that they would poke through her cervix into her
uterus and disturb anything that was beginning to grow
there. This was somewhat of a double edge sword, and was
a delicate balance of playing with fire. Jessica was
going to fuck black cock and that was that, but at the
same time she refused to protect herself from getting
pregnant. If she were fucked through her cervix by a long
cock, she would have sperm deposited directly on her
fertile eggs, ensuring pregnancy. If she continued
getting fucked through her cervix, it would act like an
intrauterine device causing her to abort or not retain a
child. Thus, she would play with getting pregnant, which
would force her to keep going in order to stop it.
Consequently, I had little choice but to encourage
Jessica to get deep fucked at least two or three times a

I had to admit, as long as blacks were screwing them, at
least they had a friend in Jerry who was selective. Not
one of the men was over weight, and all had those tight
buns that women drool over. It may be that Jimmy the
Greek made a public faux pas when he stated that blacks
were bred to have strong legs and arms for working the
fields, but his point was well made, and for whatever
reason there was behind it, the result was the same. The
sisters told me that the harder the muscles in a man’s
ass, the harder the thrusts. The combination of features
that made them suited to physical labor also appealed to
a white woman’s sense of being mastered by a large strong
black male. And the same features that gave them muscle
in their bodies, extended between their legs to supply
them with hunks of meat that swung like grotesque tubes
of stiffening flesh from their crotch. Now, you put all
those features together on shining sweaty black skin, and
that’s what we were looking at below. The two blondes had
an appreciation for the black male art form, and allowed
themselves to be drawn into the contrasting blend of
white women and black masters.

Jodi had opened her eyes and noticed us watching. She
smiled and turned to accept a cock in her mouth and
settle into a long slow blowjob. However, it was the
smile, wink, and shimmy I got from Jessica as she caught
my glance that held my next attention. While her sister
was getting screwed only feet away, my wife had laid back
on the opposite side of the dance circle, and was having
her pussy eaten by Datron, the gym owner. He was kneeling
between her wide spread legs, laving her juicy cunt as
she held two black pricks at her side. Each of the men
was mashing one of her white breasts, as she enjoyed the
attention from the men and the show her sister had just
performed. What really caught my attention was when Mia
gasped and pointed to the schlong dangling from between
Datron’s legs. His prick was the second largest I have
seen on a man. Only the sisters’ stud, Ron, and his
fourteen inches was bigger, but this must have been a
good twelve if it was an inch. And, it was growing
stiffer as his tongue action picked up. I used to swear
that Ron was myth until I saw Jessica take his full
length into her baby chute, and now I was about to
witness another massive insertion.

Jessica had winked at us after watching Jodi, and now
turned her attention to her own show. Closing her eyes in
concentration, she picked up the pace of jacking off the
cocks in her hands, and raised her knees to afford Datron
a better lick. His large mouth almost entirely covered
her hairless cunt, and I could imagine his large tongue
probing her inner vaginal walls. I knew that a man
sucking her tiny knob easily brought her to climax, and
she shook in violent completion of her first journey up
and over that hill. I told Mia, as Jess squeezed the
man’s head between her convulsing legs, that I also knew
that Jess was multi-orgasmic, heavily multi-orgasmic.
There were times when I counted up to seven successive
climaxes in a row before she had to take a break, and for
that reason I knew that she wasn’t nearly finished, but,
rather, just getting warmed up.

It was time for Datron’s payback, and Jessica bent over
to take his massive prick to her mouth as he leaned back.
With two small white hands, she raised the jet-black
snake to her pink lips. It only took the touch of her
hand to make him rock hard, and, with one hand she held
the steely black rod to her face and kissed the bulbous
head, flicking her tongue into his pee slit. Her other
hand took hold of his massive black ball sack, and
lovingly massaged the two peach sized globes. As she
coaxed the warm cum filled balls, she continued to insert
her small wet tongue into his slit, tasting the pre cum
that flowed from the end. The man’s frenzy was taken a
step further when she allowed her pink lips to encircle
the head, sucking him inside her mouth. I knew how she
would be running her tongue under his shaft, across the
sensitive gland that would cause him to cum. I also knew
that she would welcome him deep into her throat, holding
off on breathing as he penetrated down her esophagus. Mia
and I both watched in amazement as my wife plunged his
massive cock full length into her throat, and held her
chin against his balls. The small blonde head of this
housewife being stuffed by the black meat of a large man
was an incredible sight. Her white skinned body,
glistening with sweat sat before the dark statue nude and
impaled as she was force-fed the man’s pee stick. As we
marveled at the performance, Mia stoked my hard on, and I
fingered her hard wet clit, proving that human passion
went beyond the bounds of self-control.

Jessica finally broke her suction grip, and fell back
onto the cushions, satisfied that Datron was ready to
fuck her. Spreading wide for the insertion, she lifted
her legs providing a good clear and hairless target for
the donkey size dick. Datron needed no invitation; in
fact, nothing could keep him from driving full length
into my wife’s white cunt, spreading her pussy lips with
his dark member. She was so wet that it only took two or
three strokes for him to bottom out. As she looked up
with her blue eyes, she knew that he was in for a
surprise, since he had only buried nine inches into her.
As he pushed, she could feel the huge smooth prick head
against her cervical opening, and prepared to be fully
invaded. Datron showed disappointment at bottoming out
with three inches left to go, but was astounded when she
kept thrusting. Jess locked her legs over the powerful
black ass muscles and kept pulling on his ass cheeks with
both hands. Unbelieving, Datron kept thrusting his huge
bat into her tiny slit at her insistence. Then, without
warning, she closed her eyes, threw back her blonde head
and yelled, “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me you black
bastard!” At the same time, she thrust up hard with her
pelvis, pulled back with both hands, and forced his
massive black tool through her cervix and into her
uterus. Datron grunted with true animal instinct,
reacting to a feeling of incredible tightness surrounding
his baby maker. He was now inside, buried to the hilt,
black balls resting against her asshole, and making short
rapid thrusts as his entire twelve inches stretched my
wife’s baby cavity.

“Pump me…pump me with seed. Fuck my white
pussy….empty your balls over my eggs. C’mon, fill me
with cream and make me pregnant, you son-of-a-bitch!”
Jessica was screaming uncontrollably as this black man
was fucking her unmercifully. A stranger, intent on
impregnating her, was ravaging her small white housewife
body that had mothered three children. Her white breasts
were heaving with stiff nipples under the shadow of her
dark skinned stud, platinum blonde locks and creamy white
skin straining to be the picture of indecency and sloppy
whorish lust. My wife kept bucking against the black
invader until he stiffened, and we could see his big
balls swell to stretch the skin of his ball sack. One
final plunge and the balls began pumping their precious
potent sperm into my wife, flooding her with life giving
baby seed, black baby juice not meant for this small
white body. Pulse after pulse of hot cream flowed into
her uterus, filling it with fresh semen. She could feel
the heat of the fluid as it hit against the walls of her
inner chamber, covering her eggs. Jessica moaned with the
realization that there wasn’t a chance in hell that she
wasn’t once again pregnant. Only this time it was with a
strange black baby, small and just forming as it was.
This made her wild with lust, wild with animalistic
passion, and wild to be seen as the slut she was in front
of so many observers.

Datron collapsed on her small figure, keeping himself
buried deep within her slit as they both came crashing
back to earth. Mia was pumping furiously on my cock,
which was ready to explode, having just shuddered herself
in another climax while watching Jessica’s rape scene. I
rolled on top of Mia, high onto her breasts, and fed my
cock to her mouth. Taking my own prick, I ordered her to
open up, and I proceeded to give her a taste of my own
cum. I spurt directly into her open mouth, pumping my
cock furiously, forcing as much sperm onto her tongue as
possible. It was a fantastic climax, brought on by the
sight of my wife being black sexed not ten feet from me,
and I felt as if my prostate would explode as the seed
pumped from my balls into Mia’s mouth.

As my climax subsided and I opened my eyes, the first
thing I saw was Jodi and Jessica looking up to the loft
along with the six black men, watching as I emptied my
prick, kneeling over Mia’s face. The black and white
group all smiled and voiced words of satisfaction that
their performance yielded such results. Jess was leaning
back on he elbows with Datron, still imbedded in her
snatch, turning to see. Jodi was leaning back, drink in
one hand and cock in the other enjoying my reaction, and
the remaining men were massaging both Jess and Jodi’s
tits in anticipation of taking their turns with the
housewives. All seemed pleased that Mia and I were
getting off on their sexual cavorting, and they turned
back to get on with the orgy, feeling that at least one
of the white women’s husbands was pleased with the way
they were being fucked.


I suppose that most men are curious about almost every
fetish at one time or another, but women, on the other
hand tend to develop their own small list of favorites
and stick with them for quite awhile. Jodi and Jessica
had fetishes for the unusual, bizarre, exciting and the
taboo. Luckily, they weren’t attracted to the smelly,
addictive, permanently disfiguring, or painful (although
a little pain at the right moment could be useful). The
sisters were a team, a polished set of nymphomaniacs that
created their own unique worlds of events and practices
that shocked the most liberal voyeur. But, that is
exactly the reaction they were seeking. They achieved
personal victories in their lives by being the best at
the things that people loved to watch or think about, but
would never seek out themselves. However, the girls had
amazing success in introducing many of their friends and
acquaintances to practicing much of what they felt was

What made their acts even more shocking was who these two
were. Two young housewives, good looking blonde sisters
that would turn any man’s head, with figures that were
slim, trim and borderline perfect. Who would believe that
they liked to fuck and suck horses, dogs and other
animals? Who could guess that these mothers exposed
themselves in public (actually legal in their state), and
held afternoon parties at home where they invited men to
have sex with them and their closest friends? What would
their parents say if they knew that they had a fetish for
black cock, and that they loved to drink and be covered
in hot semen, cold semen, any semen?

The strangeness of this reality had real bite, because
these women were not whores, just sluts. Not the trashy
slut one would imagine, but they were innocent looking,
soft spoken, intelligent women who were masters at
turning the tables to suit their pleasure. They were
masters in manipulating people, husbands, other wives,
and their lovers. They allowed themselves to be mastered
through enticement. They played with pregnancy and
forbidden taboos for their enjoyment, and they did
everything to its fullest extent. It was the contrast
that got them off. The contrast of their appearances,
their stations in life, and their images compared to the
impacts of being found out, of being seen, and even of
having intercourse with black men.

The two girls manipulated their lives, their families,
friends, and the members of their sex club to perfection.
Everyone knew these things were forbidden, but were
involved in such a way that the attraction was
overwhelming and seemed justified by the girls’
innocence. They mixed the couples in their club by
assigning husbands to different wives as swing partners,
and, in some cases, they gave a wife to a favored member
as their piece of property to develop or destroy
sexually. Such was their gift of Mia to me. The young
dark haired housewife, coaxed into infidelity by the
sisters, was excited about her new lifestyle, and
couldn’t wait to experience more. The hair color of my
life’s sex partner went from blonde to black at my wife’s
bequest as a reward for offering my approval of her black
sexing. And Mia? She was happy to finally put her
blossoming sexuality into practice.


My balls ached with pleasure having just emptied them
into Mia’s mouth. I really didn’t care what my wife and
her sister were thinking during that momentary pause
between fucks, but obviously they were pleased with their
handy work. Now they could relax and get back to the
sexing they had arranged for themselves before my
untimely interruption. Two down and four to go in the
first round, and girls were just warming up.

Jessica rolled off the cock in her pussy and grabbed a
nearby face towel that was strategically available,
having been stuffed between the huge cushions of the
room. She wiped the dripping semen from her slit, and
invited, “Ok, boys, who’s next?” She turned to the man on
her right saying, “C’mon, boy. You want some white girl?”
She specifically used the term “boy,” and said in a
mocking way, knowing that the black man wouldn’t like
being called boy. Her sister, Jodi joined her in
repeating the insult, “Yeah, boy. Come and get it.” They
both knew that, although it wasn’t taken seriously, the
men would tend to pound them even harder for their

The mood was playful. “Hey, boy! Get yo black dick ova
hea!” mocked Jessica. “Oooweeee, child. I is goin’ to
fuck yo little white ass, so get it ova hea so this boy
kin pork his little white bitch!” was the answer as the
man dangled his black meat over her white body. The man
turned her around so she was on her hands and knees, and
he approached her from behind. Rubbing his schlong
through her slit to juice it up, he then plunged into her
cunt, stretching her little white lips wide to the side.
My wife moaned her pleasure and closed her eyes as she
easily took the massive cock deep inside. The first cock
had already loosened her, and her cervix was dilated to
allow easier penetration. The man thrust forward, and she
thrust back, wiggling her small ass as if to work more of
his meat inside her. Jess was expert in working a huge
cock into her cunt, and especially liked the thick ones,
since as she put it, “stretch me so wide and fill me up
like I’m having a baby.” The third man in the trio worked
his way around to her front, and lay down offering his
black meat to her face. Jess’s blonde head immediately
went to work on his dick, and soon she was being impaled
by black meat both front and back. She always said that
she loved double and triple penetrations, and I pretty
much figured she must have been in heaven about now.
There was always one subtle little thing that my wife did
that only Jodi and I could recognize. She would slow her
thrusts and ease onto the cock that was fucking her to
seat it against her cervical opening. Then, with a
characteristic flip of her pelvis, she would pop the cock
head through her cervix and into her uterus. The men
being surprised by the action, and realizing what they
had just done, would get incredibly hard, and their prick
would swell, tightening the grip from her cervical ring.
So it was that the flip of the ass came, and I knew that
she had a black man’s pee hole hovering over her fertile
eggs as it was oozing pre cum.

Jodi didn’t wait to watch her sister, but dug right into
her own two unsatisfied customers after wiping down her
sopping cunt. “Hop on, boys. Ok, how do you want me?” she
said as she took her turn with the blacks. Seeing Jessica
get a double, the men on Jodi decided that they wanted to
double fuck her too, so they had her start on her hands
and knees as one of them inserted himself into her pussy
and pumped away. After several minutes, the man pulled
out, holding himself tight by the base of his cock. As
Jodi sucked on the cock of the man in front of her, the
man behind her began penetrating her asshole. With the
aid of some spit and her relaxing, he managed to insert
the bulbous head through her sphincter, and finally up
her poop chute. She knelt hopelessly impaled by the butt
on a frantically plunging black dong that could care less
about her safety. But Jodi was a pro, and she took the
massive tool to the hilt, stretching her tiny pink hole
to accommodate the thick black meat. The man thrust until
his balls slapped against her pussy lips and clit, which
excited her even more. Then, reaching around her front,
he grabbed hold of her breasts, hung on, and rolled onto
his back with his cock still up Jodi’s butt. The second
man didn’t need coaching, and he approached her waiting
red pussy with black rod in hand. Within seconds, Jodi
had two massive black cocks inside her belly, probing
from front and back, filling her with dark male flesh.
The heat from their bodies mingled into a sweaty mass,
and Jodi performed her own matching pussy dance by
flicking her pelvis down with all her weight. The prick
in her cunt popped through her cervix and entered her
womb, burying itself up to the balls that now slapped
against the balls of the man below. Fully filled, Jodi
leaned back using her arms to support her and let the two
black bucks fuck her to their hearts’ content. Her long
blonde hair hung straight from her head across the dark
face of the man screwing her ass, and its scent only
drove him to push harder into the little woman.

The sisters were enjoying their simultaneous intercourse
as the beat of the music drove their passions. This is
what they had come for. This was their game, their slave
game. To be used like whores, to be fucked like sluts, to
be used by huge black masters as small white woman
slaves. To please their masters in any way they wanted,
without regard to themselves, their safety, or the
possibility of pregnancy. Indeed, the mere thought of an
accident like that drove the sisters to frenzied
whirlwinds of sexual turmoil. Such was their passion that
they lost themselves in the moment, and threw all sense
of control away. “Fuck me. Fuck me, you black bastards!”
Jodi yelled. “Stretch my cunt! Plow my white ass,
homeboy!” she prayed without sense or respect. She was
tossing her head from side to side, waving her long blond
hair wildly as she drove them on to fuck her harder.

My wife was no stranger to her own loss of self-control,
and shouted instructions of, “Oh, yeah, baby. Push your
black meat in me. Slowly, slowly. Yeah, that’s it. Feel
my tight little collar. Aren’t those black balls ready to
pump me? Don’t you want to fill me up? C’mon, you black
fucker. Pump this white girl! Stretch my pussy, honey.
You want to put a baby in me? You’re right there, baby.
All you need to do is empty your balls. Those big hard
black balls. Are they full? Are they full of hot sperm
for me? Get your hose to flush me out, baby.” Jessica
kept it up, pushing the men to fuck her hard in both her
face and cunt. I had never hear words like that coming
out of her mouth, but I had to admit that it was mind
blowing to hear her talk like that. It was her secret
life that I was listening to, the secret Jessica that she
only showed in her wildest moments.

As the two blondes fucked on, Mia and I watched in
amazement. She with a constant flood of lubrication, and
I with what seemed like a permanent hard on, kept our
eyes glued to the action no more than twelve feet away.
The man fucking my wife’s face was getting impatient by
her constant jabbering, and pulled her head down on his
cock. She willingly allowed the black meat to penetrate
her throat, and soon she was skewered front and with
black cock. The two sisters were quite a sight, bobbing
up, down and around on their loving invaders. Their tits
bounced in whatever direction they could before being
captured and squeezed by some big black mitt of a hand.

The girls were really in seventh heaven, being the center
of so much male attention and they fucked on with a
steady rhythm as if they were dancing to the music. I
couldn’t keep my cock from standing on end, and Mia must
have thought that I was the stud of studs, thinking to
herself, “no wonder this guy is in Jodi’s inner circle.
He’s a machine!” Machine, indeed, I have no idea why I
was turned on so much by a scene that should have turned
me off. However, there I was, boner in Mia’s hand, with
balls aching to produce sperm in overtime mode. When I
looked down at Mia’s body, I found that I wasn’t the only
one who was hard. Her nipples were like the ends of a cue
stick, and her clitoris was putting on its best female
version of a hard on. The little knob was protruding like
a champ, ready to be sucked to another climax that Mia
had discovered she could have one after another.

Back and forth, in and out, the blonde housewives were
indeed getting fucked and fucked hard. The men had also
lost control, and were pounding them for all they were
worth. “Watch,” Mia said excitedly, “watch their balls.
They’ll pull up tight when they come.” And she was right,
it didn’t take long for the girls to get their fill of
hot sperm. Four sets of black balls contracted and
started spewing hot semen from black body to white body.
When the girls felt the streams of heat, they too were
engulfed in a huge climax, realizing that they were being
filled. The steady streams of warm semen flooded the
girls’ wombs, dropping gob after gob of seed over their
eggs. Pulse after pulse, the thick white fluid was
sprayed into their bodies as the men grabbed the girls’
breasts, asses, or anything they could get their hands

“Drink this bitch!” the man yelled as he took my wife by
her hair and pulled her head over his cock. He buried
himself up to his balls, holding her nose up against his
pubic bone, resting her chin on his throbbing ball sack.
His massive cock had stiffened and plunged straight down
her throat, cutting off her air, and spewing forth its
red hot body fluid into her belly. Jessica held her
breadth and allowed the spunk to flow, feeling the
bulging head spread her throat muscles as the black man’s
jism squirted out his pee hole deep into her mouth.
Filled from the front and filled from the back, my wife
was now truly the men’s cum receptacle.

Only a few feet away, Jodi was getting filled with her
own loads of white stuff. Her uterus was getting splashed
with baby seed from the huge black dick in her pussy,
while the massive throbbing piece of meat swelled and
stretched her asshole from behind. Exhausted, she could
no longer support her weight, and her entire body fell
onto the impaling spears. As her weight forced the black
meat deep inside her, the tools continued to spurt their
life giving fluid into her young white flesh. She was
stretched wide, front and back, helpless to extract the
large penetrating penises from her holes. She could only
shudder in climax, and feel herself take on the extra
fluids. Within seconds, she was once again filled with
sperm, and glowed with the realization and excitement of
possible pregnancy.

What a wonderfully erotic sight of watching the two
sisters getting fucked by black men, writhing about in
true animal lust, then coming back to earth as their
bodies slid together in a mass of sweat. The two blondes
were really getting their wish, and the black men were
really enjoying a unique gift. A gift they wouldn’t soon
forget from the girls, and their good friend Jerry. The
room was again visible, and my concentration relaxed now
that I knew my wife and her sister were full of black
cum. The satisfied looks on their faces told me they were
really happy, and their weekend was living up to

“Oh, yeah!” Chandler yelled out loud, bellowing like a
bull moose, full of pride and satisfaction. Both girls
smiled and cooed in the limelight of the moment. The
entire throng stretched in pleasure.

“Hey, bro! I just fucked your wife,” said Chandler in a
relaxed tone of voice, as he looked up to the loft at Mia
and me.

“I can see that. And a fine job you did too!” I answered.
He nodded his acclamation, and I saluted him.

“Whew! Anyone besides me care for a drink?” asked Jodi.
Everyone voiced their agreement, and Jerry “commanded”
his slaves to fetch a round for everyone. The blond
femmes leaped up with surprising energy after having just
been ravaged, and made their way over to the wet bar.
With tits jiggling as they walked, I realized that the
dance floor had disappeared, and thick cushy white
padding to match the rest of the room covered the area.
The girls looked as if they were walking over a huge

Jerry’s innovation in d�cor included a remote controlled
dance floor that slid under the other padding in the
room, while other padding followed and replaced it as it
moved. The motion was so slow, that one could be standing
on the floor and not notice its movement. By the time the
first round of fucking was done, the entire area was
replaced with heavy padding, making the entire room
virtually one wall to wall bed. The humps and hills were
still there providing contours in which people sat,
reclined, or got into any position they wished. As it
was, everyone was lounging in some valley of padding,
resting their backs so they could enjoy their drinks.
When the girls returned, they carried one drink in each
hand, and headed back to the bar as each was passed out.
Another push of a button, and Jerry grinned at the men’s
reactions when compartments, which were buried in the
deep cushions, flipped open to reveal cup holders and
small polished wood trays.

The girls came back with the other drinks, and motioned
to me to help myself at the bar. I knew that the blondes
wanted Mia and I to be observers, not their main focus,
and they wished to keep themselves for the exclusive use
of Jerry’s guests. So, down the hill of pillowy stuffing
I rolled, followed by a nude Mia, and headed to the bar.
I made the drinks tall so they would last awhile, and
stood around making idle chatter with the group.

Six black men and two blonde housewives, all nude and
freshly fucked, were sitting around enjoying the company.
The girls nestled in between the men, making quite the
Oreo cookie scene, and fondled their lovers’ cocks in one
hand, while sipping their drinks with the other. The men
took similar advantage of the nudes by wrapping a free
arm around their shoulders and playing with their breasts
and nipples while they talked. Me? I have to admit that
we did just about the same thing, only we were both
white, but enjoying our newness.

“You girls are really quite good. I was hoping that you
would live up to your pictures,” said Chandler, who
published their photo work.

“Thanks. I hope we do live up to them. After all, we
enjoy making them, and it isn’t really as much of a job
for us as a recreation,” said Jessica nodding to Jodi.

Lamont chimed in, “I definitely can see that my money is
going to good use. Uh, Chandler, I’m willing to go along
with your suggestion now that I can see the material. Can
I …?” And Chandler nodded his approval to Lamont, then
smiled down at Jodi, massaging her tit.

“Ok. As you know, Chandler and I took a chance on Jerry’s
suggestion to produce you girls’ porn magazines. We
weren’t quite sure why this would be any different from
any other, but when we saw the material and Jerry’s
talent, we knew we were safe. Well, we were not only
safe, but we hit the proverbial jackpot, giving rise to
the thought that we might be able to turn this into
something better. Better for you, and better for us.”

“Thanks for your vote of confidence, but what could be
better?” Jessica inquired.

“Videos! What you probably don’t know is that I also
finance a line of adult videos that cater to a more
select crowd. The company is small, but I demand quality,
and, so, the actors, camera work, settings, subject
matter, and everything else must be of the highest
standards. No one wants a garage film. The sure thing is
to do it right, and use the right stuff. Chandler and I
think that you girls have the right stuff. At least we’ve
decided to offer you the opportunity.”

“Are you talking about actually fucking in a studio? Like
in the big time?”

“Yes to both questions, but with some small differences.
We want you to do special material, a series around the
antics of two white sisters that like screwing black

“No problem there!” Jodi chimed.

“Then, well, we heard that you two might have some
special talents. Those we’ll tape on a more private
basis, and the distribution would be limited.”

“Like in animals I presume,” my wife added.

“Exactly. Not only that, but we have some special
customers that will pay dearly to have themselves filmed
while they participated in some very special parties much
like the one we have here. You know, the high roller
black man who always wanted to see himself with a white
woman. Maybe foreigners. Think you could handle it?”

“Big bucks, special tips, notoriety, who knows? It’s kind
of up to you how far you want to publicize your
activities…., and how good you are. That’s why we
brought along Lee. He’s what you might call one of our
bread and butter men, being in a number of our best
sellers. Lee, what do you think so far?”

“So far, so good. I’m impressed, and I think if we made
these two off like the Double Mint Twins, they’d be a big
hit with the fetish crowd. I mean, I got MY rocks off!”
Lee spoke as he leisurely stroked his cock with one hand.

Jodi pointed to him saying, “You just came in my ass
didn’t you?”

“Actually, no. I just came in your sister’s pussy, and
what a tight fit that was! Right through her cervix!”

“Hey, you ain’t felt nothin’ yet. Two can play at that

“Girls, girls, come now! Let’s not fight over who’s the
best. We want you to think about working for us. How
about sleeping on it?” Chandler offered.

“We’ll do better than that,” said Jessica, “We’ll suck on
it!” My wife chugged the last of her drink, put her glass
in one of the holders, and leaned over in Lee’s lap to
take his hardening black tool in her mouth. At the same
time, she lifted her left leg to expose her bald leaking
pussy as an invitation to anyone else who cared to start
another round. Jodi took the cue and offered, “She’s
right, boys. The night is young and we have a lot to chew
on, so get those cocks up. Hey! I’m not being fucked!
What does a girl have to do to get fucked around here?”

The group of six immediately set upon the two sisters.
Their mouths were filled with black meat, their pussies
were probed with black fingers that were replaced with
black cocks, and their assholes received equal
opportunity as the girls set off to please their masters.
I refilled our glasses, and took my stiff flopping prick
through the interracial scene, herding Mia back to the
loft for a better view and some comfort of our own.

“What did they mean, animals?” Mia inquired when we
settled in the loft.

“Oh, that’s just another part of the inner circle. Didn’t
Jodi or Jess tell you about that?

“About what? I don’t know what you mean.”

Oh, great, I thought to myself. I’m supposed to be the
weird one and suggest animal training? But then I
realized. I was put in charge of this girl, and it’s up
to me to “train” her as I see fit. To bring her along as
the mood strikes me. I was feeling the power…. and the

I looked Mia straight in big green eyes as she took a
drink and said, “I can’t wait for the first time you do a
horse or a dog. Of course we’ll start with the dog, but
the horse is what I want to see you do.”

She almost sprayed her drink at me in surprise, choking
out a whispered, “What!?”

“Animals,” I said nonchalantly. “That’s part of the inner
circle activity you’ve committed to. You’ll really like
it. Anyway, I’m sure your husband will like it. I know
I’m looking forward to watching you.”

“You’ve got to be kidding.” Mia was flushed with the
idea. Her breathing was definitely labored, and her
breasts were heaving their stiff nipples, betraying her
true feelings of lust. Then she stammered, “What, what’s
it like?”

Now, I knew she was in my grasp, so I went for the full
Monty. “What’s it like? Hmmm. Ok, imagine yourself with a
group of people who own dogs, big dogs, big male dogs.
Imaging that those are horniest sons of bitches on the
block, and the women are stroking the dogs’ dicks until
they’re standing out like hunks of red meat nine inches
long and shiny. Now imagine putting your mouth close to
the dog prick, then opening and slowly sucking it inside
until it’s stretching your cheeks. Imagine further that
the people around you are watching and encouraging you to
‘suck that dog dick’ as you put on a show. Then imagine
you positioning yourself on your hands and knees so the
horny beast can hump you from behind. Once he’s inserted
his animal dong in your dripping pussy, he’ll start
humping you fast. Real fast. Then there’s the knot, the
swelling at the base of his cock that’s about the size of
a tennis ball, and it’s stuck inside you, filling you up
like never before. The dog continues to pump, and you
feel every hard thrust, because a dog’s cock has a bone
inside that keeps him stiff, and doesn’t go flaccid like
a man can. The he comes. He swells just like a man, and
he empties his balls into your cunt. Loads of hot animal
semen explode against your vaginal walls, and you’re now
impregnated by a dog that can’t pull loose until his knot
goes down. Now, imagine that, you naked, having just been
fucked by a huge dog, while everyone around you nude
watches and beat himself or herself off to your
performance. I’ll bet you’ll make a darling little dog
fucker.” I added the last dig to make her feel more like
a slut.

Mia’s eyes glazed, staring into space as all she could
say was, “My God, you can’t be serious!”

“Serious? That’s only the first part. My favorite is
going to be a trip to the stud farm.” Mia gasped and I
continued as I noticed her fingering herself
unconsciously, “Oh, yes, we just call it The Farm. That’s
where you get to experience the biggest cocks you’ll ever
have up your cunt. The girls have a very good friend who
has horses at stud, and she regularly “milks” the beasts
to keep them interested and able to perform on her

Mia was getting excited now, and shifted her position
straight up and encouraged me to go on. I took that as a
positive indication of interest, and sallied forth. “Mia,
let me ask you a question. Do like cum?”

“Well, yeah,” she said without much hesitation.

“I mean, do you really, really like cum? Do you like the
taste, the feel, the texture, the warmth?”

“Yeah, all of that. Why?”

“Then get ready for more cum than you ever imagined.” I
paused to let the statement sink in, turning for a moment
to watch my wife and her sister. Both Jessica and Jodi
had finished with giving the first men blow jobs, and
were just choking down the loads of sperm, lapping up the
over run slop, as they each continued to get fucked by
men spooning them and holding their leg in the air to
expose them. My wife noticed us watching, sat up on the
cock lodged in her gash and leaned over to say something
to Jodi. Her sister smiled in agreement, then both girls
turned, kneeling up with their backs to the men, and
their legs wrapped to each side. They made sure that they
turned square on to Mia and me, giving us a clear wide
spread view if their hairless pussies being stretched by
the black poles impaling them.

“Like what you see, Sweetheart?” Jessica moaned to me. “I
know how you like it when you can see my cunt split open
by a big thick black cock.” She was teasing, and the
sisters played the game as each one alternately said
something about how they were getting stuffed. “You like
my cunt too?” Jodi exclaimed. “God, this feels good! You
can’t imagine how full I feel. Look at our clits, honey.
They must be standing out like lampposts. Rub my clit,
baby,” Jess begged the man who was underneath her. “Watch
how wide I get, darling. Doesn’t that give you ideas
about a black baby coming out of my chute? Oh, but it
feels so good having it go in first!”

The sight of my wife and sister-in-law splayed apart with
black dicks in their cunts was an incredibly sexy sight.
Any man seeing the same thing would have creamed in his
pants, but seeing as I had no pants on, I settled for my
seemingly permanent boner. Deciding what the hell, I
voiced back words of encouragement.

“Show us your cunt, honey. Spread those legs….oh yeah,
look at that pussy. Fuck my wife, fuck her sister, gents.
That’s it girls, stretch those lips. My God, darling, you
look wonderful being stuffed like that. Is he past your
cervix? Is he in your uterus? How does it feel, love? Go,
guys! Fuck ’em hard, fuck the shit out of ’em!” Pounding
my own pud in front of them, I could see that my words
had their affect, and the blacks bucked harder, splitting
the housewives even wider.

The two blondes sat splayed wide, showing us their
hairless bodies and smooth cunts, as they were wedged
open on the intensely black pricks. The meat glistened
from their cunt juice as the thick rods slid in and out
of their small bodies. The girls pumped up and down,
wiggling their asses in a frenzied attempt to please
their masters and bring them to blasting climaxes. The
men were driven nuts, and drove their tools as far up the
girls’ snatches as they could, hoping to penetrate their
cervixes and splash their uterus’s with life giving black
seed. That’s what the girls wanted, to be treated like
whores, like slaves, to be impregnated with black baby
sperm. They could no more control their own climaxes than
those of the men below could. They were glad they had
switched groups of blacks, and they each were now
servicing a fresh set of balls. At least fresh to their
bodies. The men were groping at their bodies, almost
tearing at their breasts, ripping at their nipples,
making them wince in a mix of intense pleasure and pain.
Bouncing wildly, now, the thrusts to their cunts became
more rapid, and the huge black mitts on their tits froze,
holding tightly as the semen began to flow. Pumping hard,
the blacks hosed the girls’ baby chutes with thick hot
sperm. Jet after jet squirted forcefully as their balls
tightened and emptied into two white uteruses. Flowing
directly on their eggs, the hot sperm flushed into them,
filling them with gobs of cream to mix with their own
juices. The couples shuddered in simultaneous climax,
each satisfied that they were filling a need, the men’s
lust to impregnate a white woman, and the girls need to
satisfy their masters. We sat watching as the members
swelling and bulging just below the white skin of their
bellies enlarged, spewing forth their semen, then
subsided inside my wife and her sister. The two opened
their eyes, turning first to each other and then to us,
flashing a broad smile of ritualistic hedonism as they
displayed the results of their work. Very little cum, if
any, dripped from their pussies, and I knew that it was
being held deep inside their wombs…the place where
babies were made.

“Oh, yeah! What a show! Give us some more. You’re not
done yet are you? Let’s see all those blonde holes get
filled,” I encouraged as Mia and I clapped our approval.

Jodi and her sister continued to smile as they moaned,
rolling off their impaling black rods, and positioned
themselves on hands and knees. Burying their faces in the
massive cushions, they reached back and spread their ass
cheeks. Jess spoke first, “Any one ready for some tight
white ass?” Jodi echoed, “Come and get it boys. Can you
say Tight Fit?” No further invitation was needed as two
more blacks thrust their cock meat up girls’ poop chutes.
Slight streams of previous fuck juice provided the
lubrication as the monsters slid into their tight
orifices. It always amazed me how Jessica could take a
cock up her ass, and I’ll never forget the time when my
bride took a hold of my cock and thrust it up her
bunghole. Here I thought it was I who was begging
(typical male reaction), when all along she had been
getting reamed out by someone else, stretching her ass,
and making her quite the ass fucker.

As we sat back to enjoy the butt fuck show, Mia took a
hold of my arm, brushed it with her breast and nipple
saying, “Tell me more. Tell me more about the horses.” I
smiled, sat back, and took charge.

“First I want a blow job, my little bitch,” and I pulled
her raven-haired head down to my hard prick, and plunged
into her sweat hot mouth.


My strategy seemed to be working, and things were going a
bit more smoothly now that I was encouraging rather than
trying to restrict. It wasn’t perfect, but at least I
wasn’t boiling over with anger or frustration. Jessica
and Jodi reacted to my encouragement with their own sense
of fairness, and assigned one of their new recruits to me
as my trainee. Mia was doing an excellent job, not only
from the standpoint of her natural good looks, but also
showed incredible promise do to her enthusiasm. Mia’s
curiosity and eagerness for learning more of her own
sexuality made her a perfect enigma in my life. I think
the sisters knew this would happen, and took advantage of
the situation. Now I was faced with either going back to
my old resistant ways, or going on to discover new and
exciting sexual horizons with me as captain of the ship.
I imagined Mia as the first member of my crew, maybe even
first mate, and it was up to us to recruit and train the
rest of the crew. The thought that I was able to mold the
lot any way I wished had a lustful appeal, and, for the
moment, I was caught up in the feeling of power.

The feeling of power, that which had been so illusive
until now, was not only within my grasp, but was handed
to me as a gift to play with and try out like a new toy.
In brief moments of realization, I began to understand
the attraction of sexual power. The light bulb came on in
my head, and I realized that it was the same feeling of
power that the sisters described having over their black
lovers. To hold some one in such intimate control, to
entice their lives such that they followed like puppies,
that was the feeling, the excitement, the ever changing
face of human sexuality.


I ran my fingers through Mia’s long silky raven colored
hair as she lovingly sucked on my cock. She followed
instructions well, moving her tongue from the bottom of
my ball sack to the tip of my pee hole. Holding the base
of my rod firmly, she made love to my rigid gland,
stopping to mouth my balls, and letting her saliva
generously coat the shaft as she plunged it full length
down her throat. It was apparent that her husband, Roger,
must not be as well endowed as I, as she choked
occasionally, and apologized saying she was just learning
to handle something of size. She got an A for effort and
her intense urgency to perfect her deep throat technique.
My eyes alternated between her big green eyes staring up
at mine with a mouthful of cock and the sight of my wife
and sister-in-law getting their asses reamed with huge
black cock meat. I watched the two blonde sisters as they
wiggled their stretched assholes back onto the impaling
rods, slapping themselves against the solid cum filled
balls of the men behind them. The incredible scene of
these white girls submitting so willingly to their
masters, giving them their asses to be fucked, was more
than my balls could stand. Within minutes I hardened and
began spewing cum into Mia’s mouth and down her throat.
Being my “possession,” I grabbed her head and thrust my
cock into her throat to ensure that she felt it swell and
pulse as the jets of semen were deposited within her. I
basked in the glorious feeling of fucking her face in the
final moment of ejaculation, that feeling of mastery and
power. I shoved my prick between her lips until my
testicles rested against her chin, then pumped my sperm
into her head and onto her taste buds. Knowing that she
couldn’t breath, I held her mouth firm against my belly
while she willingly submitted like the slut that she
wanted to become. Then, when the pulses subsided, I
withdrew, allowing her to take in air through her nose
while my stiffness waned.

The two sisters were, at the same time, finishing up
their performances, and each received a generous load of
cum in their ass. I know how stiff my cock gets when I
come, and I could feel for their ass buds when the black
men expanded them at the moment of ejaculation. The
thrusts in their poop chutes became easier as the cum
slime lubricated the passage, and the glistening black
rods were coated with a mixture of cum and anal cavity
juice as they popped free. Jessica dutifully wiped her
stud’s cock with a small towel, but Jodi went to work on
hers by cleaning him with her mouth. The disgusting act
of consuming the mixture that coated his cock was
lovingly pursued by the white slave to the enjoyment of
all who watched.

“Good show, you two. Jess, I love to see you getting your
ass stretched like that, honey. Keep that nasty shit up
and you’ll never lack for some one wanting to fuck you.”
My encouragement surprised even me, but the reaction from
Jess was worth my incidental slip of attitude. She
grinned widely, apparently pleased with my reaction. In
fact, she was so delighted that she ran up the hill of
cushions to where I was lounging. She stared into my eyes
for a few moments, silent, looking for some clue to why I
was so changed, then took my face in her hands and kissed

“Thanks, love,” was all she said, and she leaned back
allowing her nude body to roll down the cushions. She
landed in one of the men’s laps, then looking up,
offered, “By my count, one of you gents didn’t get a
second shot. Now, who gets to breed me again?”

Denzel grinned from his reclining position where he was
jacking off and said, “You better hurry and get your baby
maker over here ’cause I’m about ready to pop!”

Jessica rolled over to where he was, and straddled him
while guiding his meat into her pussy. Her small white
cunt lips spread willingly as she sank on to the foot
long dick. She then leaned forward to offer her tits to
suck on, so the man could extract some milk from the top
end while he was filling her with cream from the bottom.
Jess loved to have her nipples sucked while she was being
fucked, and she helped by pressing her breasts together
so her lover could have a choice of nipples. She also
squeezed her tits to express the flow of milk, which
caused Denzel to have breast milk squirted on his face
while he was sucking on the other nipple. It was a game
for Jessica, and she relished the feeling of having a big
black prick stuff her while a large black mouth covered
her breast meat.

Jodi raced to keep up with her sister, and finished
giving a tongue bath to the cock that filled her asshole.
She was immediately set upon by Lee, who proclaimed his
curiosity about Jodi’s ass, so her asshole was impaled
for the second straight time. Lee moaned in pleasure as
he felt her tightness, and took long easy strokes in and
out of Jodi’s bunghole. The penetration was made easier
by the cum that remained inside, and the lubrication it
provided was just right to allow full insertion of his
stiff cock. Jodi, like her sister, had a fondness for ass
fucking, and she rode the black meat like she couldn’t
get enough, swinging her long blonde hair from side to
side as she bumped backwards, forcing as much cock as she
could inside her asshole.

I guess that the two men fucking the sisters were so
turned on from the show, that they lasted no longer than
five or ten minutes before tensing and shooting their
loads. Jessica got a good full measure of seed in her
uterus, while Jodi had another gob implanted in her ass.
The two blondes worked the black meat, extracting every
drop of precious cum for their bodies. They kept talking
in loving terms to their blacks, calling them baby,
honey, big man, and other pet names as they offered their
white bodies up for defiling. Each sister now had six
full loads of cum from their guests somewhere in their
bodies, and each man had emptied his black balls twice.

“Drinks anyone?” Jessica asked as she sprung up, inviting
Jodi to join her in her duties. I felt like I was between
periods of a hockey game, only I didn’t know how many
periods were intended to be played. Complaining was not
in my game plan, since I had come three times so far that
evening, and into my beautiful raven haired vixen to
boot. I wasn’t bothered in the least seeing my wife
getting fucked by a team of well hung black men, and
quite frankly, I didn’t give a damn. In fact, I rather
enjoyed seeing her stretched and filled with strange
black cock and semen. I enjoyed watching her and her
sister prance around nude with bouncing tits for the
pleasure of their black masters. I enjoyed seeing Mia get
so excited by the scene that her enthusiasm in fucking or
sucking me was increased ten fold.

The sisters performed their naked maid duties with flair
as the men basked in the afterglow of a good fuck. Cum
dripped from the girls’ pussies as they passed out the
drinks, and they occasionally would rub the white goo
into their skin rather than let it get on the cushions.
Jerry instructed the team, “Make sure you take care of
our white bro and sista in the peanut gallery, too.” I
love his attention to detail. This time, both girls
climbed the mountain to the loft and served us as guests.
Mia and I were pleased that we were so well thought of,
after all, who else would share, no, urge such a good
looking white housewife to fuck the brains out of a gang
of black studs?

Our intermission was spent like any other swinging
cocktail party, only this was strictly interracial. The
men supplied the black cocks, and the sisters provided
the white tail. Everyone lounged nude, drank, ate, and
carried on casual conversation in what was an ethereal
environment. The low lights made everyone appear as if we
were lying on clouds. The temperature was just right for
nudity, and we didn’t lack for anything.

“Hey,” I said, gathering the attention of the girls, “are
you enjoying your weekend?”

“You bet, honey! Are you enjoying yours?” asked Jessica.

“The weekend isn’t over yet, and so far it’s looking
pretty good!”

“Whew! That’s the spirit. And, you’re right, not even the
night’s over yet!” was the response from Jodi.

As my wife and sister-in-lay cuddled up to their black
men, teasing them with idle chatter and allowing
themselves to be prodded with black fingers, I turned to
Mia and picked up our conversation where we left off. We
lay side by side with legs crossing my left over her
right, and in a perfect position to watch the action
below and allow me access to her pussy with my left hand.
I relish fondling a girl’s clit while telling her sexy
stories, and have found that there is a direct connection
between their heads and their pussies. The trick is to
use the right pressure, at the right time, after the
right mood has been established. I figured this would be
easy as I began talking.

“So, what makes you so curious about…”


“Wow, you were really turned on about that huh?

“Well, yeah. I mean, I am a little curious.”

“Why? Why does it fascinate you? Don’t you think it’s a
might bizarre?”

“I, uh, I guess it’s because when I lie here thinking
about what it’s like getting fucked by black meat, I
wonder what it would be like to have an even bigger piece
of meat to play with. I mean, a white girl getting fucked
by a black cock is taboo enough, but what if that girl
liked black dick? And what if that was the biggest black
dick she could handle? And what if that huge black dick
was attached to balls that sprayed gobs and gobs of cum,
not just your every day big load, but really poured the
stuff out?”

“Whew!” I stammered, “You do have an imagination!
Fortunately, you’re on the right track, and your
fantasies are more real than you think. But, you haven’t
even had your first black, much less anything bigger.”

Mia’s eyes riveted on the group of men as she spoke,
“Well, you’re right, but, like you said, the weekend
ain’t over yet.” She licked her lips without thinking,
her body tensing at the pleasure she received when I
started my quest on her clit. Like the line in the movie,
“Let your mind go, and your body will follow.”

“You’ve got a long way to go with your initiation,
starting tonight. But let me give you a teaser about your
animal fantasy. Close your eyes and follow along. Imagine
yourself preparing for the wildest day of your life.
You’re mind is driving your entire body to lust of having
sex with horses, and your husband is going to witness you
stepping over the line into the animal kingdom. I can
pretty much guarantee that Jodi will play some games with
you that day to heighten your experience, but I’ll leave
that for a surprise. Let’s just say that during your stay
at the farm, you won’t wear much. Being exposed, you’ll
feel sexier, and you’ll have easier access to the horses
and them to you.

I suspect that your introduction will be hosted by Traci,
the owner, and Jess and Jodi will be there for moral
support. I can’t say for sure what their plans will be,
but they’ll start you off by letting you feel one of the
horse’s cocks grow in your hands as you stroke it. The
feel will be pretty much the same as handling a man’s
cock, but the size and shape is what’s important here.
Instead of measuring in inches, you can almost measure in
feet depending on the horse. The skin is smooth and silky
as it’s unsheathed, and the head is usually in the shape
of a slightly flared horn, sort of like an elephant’s
trunk. The pee hole is rather large, but it’s that way to
accommodate the volume of semen. We’ll get to that in a
minute, but you can imagine that with balls the size of
small grapefruit, the amount of cum produced is enormous.

The girls will probably have the horse get a good whiff
of your pussy, which should be quite wet by then, and
will have you stroke the animal’s cock until it’s at full
length. Then they’ll position you so you’re using both
hands and jacking the beast off toward your face or upper
body. They may instruct you suck on the horse dick and
taste the precum, and they may even have you open up to
let the monster ejaculate in your mouth. Either way, when
the horse starts flipping its tail up and down, get ready
for the stream. The animal will burst forth in about six
or seven strong gushes of hot cum that will fly across
the room if you don’t catch it on yourself. The force of
the pulses will be about like having a Super Soaker
pointed at you, except that you’ll be soaked in fresh hot
sperm that is very much like a man’s. Depending on the
horse, and the man you’re comparing him with, the taste
may be very similar, so you can dream of having huge
amounts of potent seed poured all over your body,
covering your hair, mouth and face in a wonderful life
giving slime. Of course, the whole event will be taped,
and the farm hands preparing the horses will be there to
watch along with other invited curiosity seekers. Jodi
always insists on never losing the opportunity to record
a girls first time with a horse.”

Mia had her eyes closed and was moaning as she imagined
her experience. I knew enough to back off on my clit
rubbing at certain intervals, building her excitement,
then letting her back down before the next buildup. I was
tinkering, making her ready for one huge explosive
climax. My wife and her sister had entered what I called
their casual sex mode. It’s the time of a fuck party when
each man has emptied his nuts about twice, and settles
into a more casual approach to intercourse, rather than
the feeding frenzy that goes on at first. Casual, but
still active, the girls were riding another black cock,
straddling their partner as they rocked up and down on
the meat impaling them. As they did so, they even joked
with the man fucking them, or someone close by as if they
were cooking or something. I had absolutely no doubt that
they were cooking!

I continued with my story, “Now, after you’ve jacked off
the horse and had your taste of cum, you’ll probably
assist one of the women in positioning themselves under
an animal for direct intercourse. You need to learn this,
because the kick from a horse can be dangerous, not to
mention what would happen if the animal fell. Once the
horse’s penis is inserted, the girl won’t want to turn
over the reigns to you, so you’ll have to wait until
she’s been blasted. Then it will be your turn to get into
position. Let’s just say that it would be advised for you
to have been loosened up before trying this. Something
large, something long, anything that would stretch your
pussy should be used to get you loose. As you lie on your
back, one of the sisters will help you take the horse’s
meat and rub it up and down your slit. You can get the
feel of the cock head before it penetrates, and once that
is done, it will be time for the biggest insertion of
your life. You’ll feel like you’re being split as the
massive cock stretches your cunt lips. It will be the
closest thing to having a baby that you can imagine, but
this time the seed will be going in. Take as much as you
can; hopefully, you will have learned to take a cock
through your cervix by then. You won’t have enough
experience to let the horse thrust into you, so you’ll
have to rock back and forth when he pushes. Everyone in
the room will be watching you get fucked by the biggest
black cock you will ever have, and it won’t be long
before the horse’s balls will tighten and empty into you.
At first, you’ll feel the streams of hot pre cum dripping
into your insides. Then, just like you saw before, the
horse’s tail will begin to twitch as he begins his
powerful orgasm. Massive jets of hot thick semen will
burst from his cock head, and you’ll be flooded with cum.
The force of the blasts is what will surprise you the
most. It will feel like your very inner soul is being
tickled as the strong jets hit every corner of your womb.
Even your cervical opening won’t be able to block the
force of the stream, and you’ll endure six, seven, maybe
eight strong pulses of sperm as they flood your body.
That’s when you will know that you’ve just become one of
the dirtiest spectacles imaginable to your audience,
especially if some are curious sophisticated females.
You’ll lie there dripping fresh sperm from your hole, as
your cunt is filled to overflowing from the amount of
semen. The girls assisting you will try to catch or scoop
up as much of the fluid as possible, and redistribute the
cum over all your body parts. In the end, you’ll emerge
as a cum filled, cum covered slut that is completely
sexually satisfied, albeit for the viewing pleasure of
the invited guests.”

As I was nearing the end to my description of her ordeal,
I hastened the motion of my fingers on her clitoris.
Moments after I finished, Mia shook violently in her most
shattering climax of the day. She must have been
imagining herself being fucked by a horse while on
display for a group of strangers. My intuition told me
that her future definitely held a visit to the farm, but
also told me that she would require some loosening before
the event. It didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure our
that her conditioning would have to come from some heavy
hung customers, and the most readily available large
cocks resided in the sisters’ harem of black men. The
only question was, when would Mia begin her black sexing.

Mia closed her eyes in shear exhaustion after climaxing,
and drifted off to a sound sleep that was probably filled
of all kinds of nasty dreams. As she was doing so, I
looked up just in time to see my wife buckle under her
own climax as she rode her black cock stallion over the
brink. She often came in reaction to being filled with
cum, and the man below her was pulsing his sperm deep in
her belly. Jodi was also shuddering from her own climax
in reaction to having her poop chute filled for the
second time in a row. I watched for a while, as the drink
my wife served me was extremely strong, and was getting
the best of me. In faded scenes, the two blonde nymphs
continued to play with their masters’ cocks, but in a
more leisurely fashion. The last I heard was something in
their conversation about the real possibilities of making
videos for profit. Both Jodi and my wife were lying
across the laps of one black who was either fingering
their cunt or stuffing it with his black meat, while at
the same time they leisurely sucked on the cock of the
man in who’s lap their head landed. After more turns at
having their bodies filled and splashed with sperm, the
men started fading. The girls had virtually all their
available holes filled with copious amounts of black
semen, and were almost assured of being impregnated. The
final comment was someone saying, “How many can we take?
Well, personally I counted something like 128 loads in
one night, but I’m sure if we tried together we
could…..” It never registered whether that was Jodi’s
voice or Jessica’s.


Mornings are always bad for me, especially when I keep
waking up in the middle of the night. Maybe it was the
strange surroundings, but it probably was due to the
noise being made by either my wife or her sister when one
of their black lovers wanted a little nooky. Sometime
during the night Mia and I managed to pull some covers
over our naked bodies and fell asleep in the comfort of
the massively padded loft. The others carried on all
night, sleeping for short stretches in between fucking
the two blondes.

I awoke to the sound of morning music, the smell of fresh
coffee and frying bacon, and the all too familiar sound
of someone having intercourse. As I rolled over, I
noticed Mia lying on her stomach, her chin on her hands,
and watching Jodi getting a morning fuck by one of the
blacks. I joined her watching the action, and after a few
minutes, Jessica entered the room carrying a tray of
coffee cups and fresh brew. She was still nude, of
course, and her serving duties seemed efficiently mixed
with sensuality as her tits bounced and jiggled. Making a
round trip back to the kitchen, she next brought a full
tray of assorted breakfast meats, scrambled eggs and
pastries. Jessica almost paid no attention to her sister
getting laid, and went about inviting everyone to help
themselves to the food. She indeed was being the proper
slave, helping the men satisfy their hunger.

“I wonder how this coffee would taste with a little bit
of milk?” inquired Lee.

“Hold on, one milk coming up,” responded Jess, as she
immediately began massaging her breasts to produce some
milk for the man’s coffee. Aiming directly into his cup,
she expressed several good streams of her fluid before
asking if anyone else would like to try some. She went
from man to man, milking her own tits for each as she
leaned her nude body over their cups to take dead aim.

Jodi and Denzel finished up with a big load being
deposited in Jodi’s pussy, and Denzel’s balls emptied for
the umpteenth time. They both joined the others in
breakfast as did Mia and I, who rolled down the soft
mountain to the main level. Jodi and my wife took turns
at replenishing the food trays, serving the men like good
slaves. Of course, Mia couldn’t stand to be waited on by
another female, and eventually joined in the serving
duties. Jodi supplemented the supply of breast milk, as
she and Jess took turns for the men. Mia wasn’t lucky
enough to be lactating at the time, but the girls assured
her that, if she were interested, they would see to it
that their doctor friend would give her hormone
injections to start the process. Mia hesitated, but
eagerly agreed when the men encouraged her by saying that
they would love to suck on her titties.

Feeling quite comfortable by now, Mia teased, “If you get
to suck on these, then what do I get to suck on?”

All six black men, and their one white bro (me), all
looked at each other, and in one unanimous response, we
took our cocks in hand and said, “These!” It was really
quite comical in that our response seemed orchestrated in
one chorus. Funny or not, Mia smiled her cutest smile,
and looked at me shyly and suggestively. It was obvious
that she wanted me to be the one that would dictate when
she would have her first black sexing, but, the truth is,
I was way ahead of her.

“Well I for one would like to shower down. Anyone care to
join me? Might I suggest everyone?” Jessica said, as she
looked us all over.

“Good idea,” said Jodi, “I’ll start the showers.” Off she
pranced, tits jiggling as she hopped into the tunnel
entrance to the orgy room and disappeared. Jessica and
Mia immediately began cleaning up, while the men spent a
few minutes reflecting on how good the girls were, and
speculating on how to use their services in the future.

“Showers, gentlemen?” asked Jessica as she and Mia came
back, and she led the way with seven dangling dicks in
hot pursuit. Jerry’s mastery of architectural design was
matched only by his ability to afford the appointments.
Apparently, he had been left a substantial sum of money
from his parents, which he in turn invested wisely. He
preferred living for the present, and created his castle
to cater to his wildest imagination. It seemed that
photography was not his only talent, which is partly why
the girls liked being in his harem. We all emerged in a
large dressing room that was adjacent to the private
master bedroom, and beyond which was the shower room. The
walk through shower stall was a full six by eight feet,
containing four showerheads. Although it was designed for
four individuals, the nine of us crowded in and took
liberties in soaping each other up. The girls washed
their hair while the men ran their black hands over their
bodies, lingering at their bald pussies that the women
made extra available. Then it was the men’s turn as the
white girls lavished their attention on washing the black
men’s bodies, lingering over their huge black logs, and
making sure that their balls and assholes received
special attention. Within minutes, every man there,
including myself, had a hard on from the soapy stroking
they received. I was not left out, as Jodi made a special
effort to clean her bother in law in the same manner as I
watched my wife and Mia in action. There is something
terribly erotic about wet skin, especially when the skin
is white female and black male. Glistening bodies mingled
and slithered together in a sensuous dance of tantalizing
promises. The housewives made every effort to assure the
men that they were available for any sexual service they
desired. The girls’ small hands seemed tiny when wrapped
around the thick black meat, and they made sure to wash
their partners black skin by rubbing their white tits
over them while fingering the peach sized black balls.

“This way, gentlemen,” said Jessica as she broke away and
led one man by the hand through the other shower
entrance. We walked through a grotto like passage,
complete with simulated lava rock and jungle plants, and
emerged into what Jerry called the Lagoon Room. It was a
room covered in rocks and plants that surrounded a free
form hot tub that had a capacity of about twenty. It was
unique in that it looked like a large fiberglass swimming
pool. There was a dark glass wall that divided the pool
in half, one side being outdoors on the huge patio that
looked out over the city. The glass was mirrored so no
one could see in, but was only darkened on the inside,
which allowed us to look out on the sunny day.

Feeling a chill from the shower, we all sank into the
steaming water, and took our seats in the enclosed half
of the pool. The water temperature was a blissful 101
degrees, and added to the relaxation we felt when the
sisters teamed in opening the adjacent bar, and mixing up
Bloody Mary’s for everyone. Again, the combination of
surreal environment and the commingling of black and
white bodies provided a sensual excitement that was the
intended theme.

The two sisters curled up between the men, and Mia sat
between Lamont and me. We sat talking as if we were in a
community swimming pool, only the conversation streamed
back to Jessica and Jodi’s potential in videos. Chandler
and Lamont heaped their praise on the girls’ talent for
posing in still shots, and eventually got around to
talking about the possibilities of making a few films.
Prodded further by the girls, the men went on to say that
they wanted to focus on the white girl, black man theme,
but they also were looking for something unique. Some
story line that was shocking and forbidden should be the
angle. They said that one unique angle was that Jessica
and Jodi were real life sisters, not to mention that they
were good looking blondes, and married. If they could
play that up, then any other ideas would have just that
much more impact.

“If we did try making some videos for you, where would we
be doing it?” asked Jodi.

“Well, most of my production has been split between Las
Vegas and Southern California. At least that’s where all
my equipment is, not to mention my source of personnel,”
offered Chandler.

“Actually, I have quite a collection of amateur videos on
club members,” Jodi offered. “Whether they know it or
not, I keep a video log on everything that happens in my
house, and I’ve recorded every member on tape.”

“Really! I’d love to see some of the subject matter,”
Lamont chimed. “Tell me, what do you mean by whether they
know it or not?”

“Well, one entire wall panel of our great room is
mirrored. It actually makes for a lot of fun because
guests get a kick out of watching themselves having sex.
But, the secret is that the mirrors are one way, and the
room on the other side holds quite an extensive video
camera setup. Usually, I have two cameras going at the
same time at different angles. That way I get just about
everyone. Then I edit the film with the best clips.”

Jodi looked at Mia who was sitting in stark realization
that she already was recorded on tape having sex with
many more people than her husband knew about. “That’s
right, Mia, everything you’ve done so far is archived
just in case you decide to go south on us. No offense,
but call it an insurance policy. No one will see them
unless you want them to if you remain discreet about the

“You mean, everything? All the afternoon parties, the
gang bang, everything?” asked Mia in half shock and half
excitement. As she spoke I noticed that her left hand was
stroking my cock under the water, but both her arms were
making the same motion. Lamont, on her other side,
grinned and gave me a wink.
“Yup! I have everything, even my sister’s gang bang.
Isn’t that right, Jess?”

“Uh huh. Only I didn’t know who was behind the camera at
the time.”

“Who was behind the camera?” asked Lee.

Jessica’s eyes immediately went to mine as she nodded in
my direction. Not only did Mia have both hands busy, but
I noticed that sometime during the conversation, my wife
had moved to where she was sitting on Datron’s lap. He
held his drink in one hand, and was holding onto Jess’s
right breast with the other, gently massaging the white
meat and casually tweaking her nipple.

“My husband shot the film while my black lovers shot me
full of juice,” responded Jessica. “My helpful sister set
it up. However, at that time he didn’t know of our taste
for black cock, and he had no idea that I was so
involved. There I was, playing up to the mirrors, knowing
that Jodi probably had the cameras on automatic,
thoroughly getting into a black gang bang while my
unsuspecting hubby jacked off behind the scenes.” We all
listened intently to her story, and I could see that her
body was slowly moving up and down as she spoke. Datron
had sunk down a little, resting his head on the edge of
the tub. Jessica’s breasts rose and fell in and out of
the warm water as she continued telling her short version
of breaking the news of her black sexing exploits to me.
As she described the action, her body motion became more
obvious, as did Mia’s stroking of one black and one white
cock. To help her along, I reached between her legs to
finger her clit, only to find I had been beaten to the
punch. Lamont had her pussy firmly in hand and was
working her up to an impromptu climax.

It was as if Jessica was bringing herself off as she
rocked up and down on the massive wet log that was lodged
in her cunt. However, she continued her story, relating
explicit details of single, double, and even triple
penetration scenes. “Now that I think of it,” she said,
“I guess I was rather hyped up when I got to Jodi’s
place. I remember walking in holding onto one of the
black dicks that met me at the door, and asking who was
going to breed me first. I wasn’t disappointed, seeing as
all the guys had their shot at breeding me that night.
Actually, each one bred my cunt more than once. Man, was
I full of sperm!” I think it was the description of Ron’s
fourteen-incher fucking her through her cervix and
cumming in her uterus that brought her to climax. She
closed her eyes as she always does when she is getting
injected with seed, and everyone enjoyed watching as her
pussy was filled with the white creamy stuff. I just
about spewed forth myself, watching my wife get fucked by
a hunk of black meat, but Lamont was the first to let go
with an audible groan to my right.

“Dammit, Lamont, we can’t take you anywhere! Jerry
doesn’t swim in our toilet, so why do you cum in his
pool?” joked Chandler.

I could see where this was going, and before Lamont could
answer, I stood up in the thigh deep water showing my
boner in the grasp of Mia’s hand. “Apparently you liked
that story,” I said to Mia as I grabbed her hair and
brought her lips to my cock. Holding her head with both
hands, I began face fucking my new charge in front of my
freshly porked wife, her sister and the other black men.
“It appears, ladies and gentlemen, that the time has come
for Mia to expand her horizons. Don’t you think?” I asked
her as she sucked my cock. Her only answer was a muffled
noise and shake of her head. “Let’s see now, which one of
you gents would be so kind as to take my partner’s black
cherry?” Mia moaned and sucked even harder as she heard
me arranging her first black fuck experience.

“She does look awfully talented,” said Denzel.

“And she does have a nice tight ass,” Lee chimed in.
Jerry leaned over and whispered something in Jessica’s
ear. Her eyes got real big, as did her grin, and she
turned to relay the message to her sister. The two seemed
almost overly excited as they exchanged plans.

“Maybe we could get her first black gang bang on tape for
her hubby to watch,” offered Chandler.

“God, yes!” yelled Mia as she broke free from my dick. “I
don’t care who gets me first, just breed me! Record it if
you want, let’s just get the party going!” she said in a
frenzied voice. Her defenses were broken and she was now
begging to have her pussy stretched by black meat.

“C’mon, Jerry, let’s get set up,” Jodi said as she began
making her way out of the pool. I think that the sisters
were only waiting to see when Mia would break, and break
she did.

“You guys go ahead and get ready. Mia has some unfinished
business here, and I’ll bring her when she gets done.” I
pulled her head back to my stiff rod, and renewed her
face fuck in earnest this time. It seemed that her
enthusiasm was even higher, realizing what was about to
happen to her, so she sucked me like she was trying to
remove the proverbial chrome off the bumper hitch. I
didn’t disappoint her, and shoved my eight inches as far
into her throat as possible. Thrusting like a mad man, I
slapped my balls against her chin until my cock swelled
and flooded her mouth with semen. Three good spurts were
all I could manage, but it was enough to give her a good
taste as she continued to suck me dry. She didn’t stop
until I went limp, ensuring that she got every drop.
Smacking her lips and grinning widely, she splashed water
on her face, then stood up saying, “Ok! I’m ready to get
laid! Which way to the ballroom?” We laughed at her
newfound energy, and exited the way we came in.


Jodi intercepted us in the dressing room, and rerouted
Mia to the bedroom for preparation while she shooed me
into the orgy chamber. My wife was there busily cleaning
and making preparations in the nude, while the men
dressed back into their street clothes. I was instructed
to retrieve the video camera from my car. When I
returned, Jerry was already setting up a second camera.
“We don’t want to miss any of the action….on or off the
screen,” he grinned as he positioned my camera at right
angles to the first. Jessica had gone to join the other
girls, and it was just me and the black men left in the

“Bet you thought I was just into stills, huh? Actually,
Jodi has me do a lot of the video taping of their parties
too. There’s a special script for white women having
their first black gang bang.” Jerry outlined the script
for the men and me as he worked. “Gentlemen, you’re in
for a real treat. Ok, here’s the scene. We will be
sitting around having a drink, fully clothed….oh, all
except you of course.” He gestured to me as he continued,
“We’ll be sitting here like we’re hot stuff, when Jodi
and Jessica…..,” and so he described our parts in the
play. I was to man one of the cameras (since, of course,
I was white and not part of the program), and Jerry would
man the other, except for the introductions which he
would do. I took my position behind the camera, got the
settings perfect, and stood ready. Jerry said that
although we would be capturing the action on film, we
would pause occasionally to get the scene just right.
After all, this was for posterity…. and for Mia to show
family and friends.

“Whoa! Wait a minute. Ah, actually, you might want to
strip before we start,” Jerry advised. “Just relax. Once
the action begins we don’t want you to be fidgeting with
a hard on while you’re trying to steady a camera.” So off
went the clothes, and I felt truly naked in the presence
of six clothed black men. However, all that left my mind
when Jodi called out that they were ready. “Ok. Roll the
video,” said Jerry, and my camera whirred to life.

The three vixens strolled into the room with Jodi in the
lead, followed by Mia and Jessica in order. The girls
were dressed to kill in their best orgy outfits. Jodi was
in a sheer harem girl outfit, my wife sported the sheer
short dress with one bare breast, and Mia wore the number
she wore earlier, only this time she wore panties. The
three sat together opposite of Jerry to whom Mia was
introduced by Jodi. From there, Jerry took the reigns and
began Mia’s interview as the two blondes flanked her.

“So, Mia, we have some very special plans for you this
afternoon, but first, I’d like to introduce you to the
camera, and ask you a few questions.” Jerry went through
a series of questions in which Mia gave her name,
described her husband, family, age, and other pertinent
facts. Then came the spicier part when Jerry asked why
she was there, and Mia explained in her own words that
she was interested in black sexing. My wife helped out
for the camera by volunteering that she and Jodi were
there to introduce her to this new facet of swinging, and
that this would be her first experience.

“How do you feel about that. I mean, this being your
first time and all, we want to know what you expect,”
said Jerry in a calm voice.

“How do I feel? Well, I never really thought about black
men before. I mean, that was always something that was
taboo, especially for a white girl, but I got interested
after seeing Jess and Jodi here doing it.”

“Doing what? C’mon now, if your interested in getting
fucked, you should say so,” Jerry advised.

Sheepishly, Mia responded, knowing this was being taped,
“Ok then, you’re right. After watching my two mentors
getting fucked by their black lovers, I just couldn’t get
my mind off of wondering how it would feel. I mean, the
contrast, the taboo, the fact that I’m fucking other men
is wild enough, but to get even wilder…..”

“And, so you want to have your first black experience,”
Jerry pondered out loud. “Well we’ve got some pretty
talented black meat assembled her for you, but first
you’ll have to set the mood, turn on the room so to
speak, so let’s start by seeing what you can do for us.
Ladies, if you’ll mingle with us here, let’s have Mia
start with a little dance.”

Jerry started the music while Jessica and Jodi took their
places between two men on the ends as they sat in
anticipation of Mia’s performance. Jerry and I filmed and
Mia began dancing to the sounds of Magic Man by Heart.
She had been prompted what to do by the sisters, and
proceeded to perform like a professional as she did a
five man lap dance. Mia didn’t miss a beat as she slowly
removed her top, letting her perfect globes dangle free.
We captured the scene of this young white housewife
stripping for the assembled black men. As she danced, the
sisters did their own thing by removing their own garbs,
and snuggling up to the fully dressed black patrons.
Slowly, Mia removed her dress until she was dancing for
the group in only panties and heels. She offered a taste
of tit to the available black lips as she teased each man
in turn. As she teased, the blonde sisters rubbed the
crotches of the men next to them, eventually unzipping
their pants, and dragging out some pretty hefty dark
meat. Mia turned, bent at the waist, and inserted her
thumbs in her panties. She seductively thrust her hips as
she pulled down the only remaining piece of cover, and
then continued her dance nude for her black audience.
Turning to the cameras, she took pleasure in accentuating
her cleanly shaven pussy. Her routine included raising
one leg to rest it at the side of her viewer’s heads,
giving them a good shot of her dripping snatch. Each man
inserted a finger into the sopping cunt as she moaned her
pleasure. “….He’s a magic man, momma, he’s got the
magic hands…” were the words to the song as jet black
fingers disappeared into her pink lips that she made
available for their pleasure.

As the song ended, and the music shifted to a disco beat,
Mia was beckoned to join my wife who was tightly grasping
a long black cock by its base.

“Time to have a taste,” Jessica instructed, and Mia took
to the cue by kneeling in submission before the exposed
black. She removed his trousers to get better access,
then proceeded to giving the man her first black blowjob.
Mia was truly turned on as she attacked her duty with
relish. Licking his balls, then the shaft, she focused on
the bulbous head before she opened and swallowed the
massive rod for the camera. Her delicate white skin
bobbed up and down as she tried desperately to force as
much of the man’s tool down her throat. A few minutes on
this one, and she moved on to the next who was already
stripped at the hands of Jodi as she fed Mia the giant
fuck tool. Mia attacked it like a lollie-pop, and did a
right proper job of hardening his prick. She took her
time in working the knob and entire shaft, making a good
show of handling the rock hard gland and draping ball

The sisters did a little directing of the action to
ensure that Mia’s personal video lived up to the image of
white girl/ black man forbidden territory. They wanted
her to have a special record of a classy gang bang with
all the trimmings, not just a run of the mill home video
of the normal slam bam action. As instructed, the third
man was treated to prime back door treatment, as Mia
turned him around, and thrust her tongue into his black
asshole. As she probed his anal cavity, she stroked his
cock meat until it dripped pre cum into her free hand.
The previously timid white housewife was eagerly eating
out the asses of five black men for the video, recording
her dirty acts for anyone who might get access to the
tape. The man couldn’t hold off, and announced that he
was going to cum. Mia was instructed to lie on her back
and open her mouth as the man straddled her chest. It
took both her small white hands, pumping the big black
tool to bring him to climax. Her expert manipulations
produced a huge gusher of semen that she aimed directly
onto her tongue, over her nose and generally flooding
around her open mouth. I zoomed in to capture the streams
of sperm as the black cock spewed forth its gobs of cum.
When a nice pool of jism had collected on Mia’s tongue,
she held it for a moment in display for the camera, then
curled her tongue inside to swallow the prize. After she
did, she proceeded to use the cock to smear the remaining
semen over her face, into her eyes and up to her hair.
Almost without warning, a big hand took hold of her hair
and pulled her head backwards. “Open up,” came the
command from the next man who was frantically jerking his
rod. Mia complied, and was soon rewarded with another hot
load of fresh white cream, as it plopped over her
delicate facial features and, again, into her awaiting
mouth. This time I panned back to capture the scene of
the white girl kneeling in position as the big buck
pumped his sperm over her face. The two sisters were
pleased with their new inner circle member, and it showed
on their faces as they exchanged approving smiles.

With fresh cum glistening on her soft face, Mia asked,
“Isn’t it time for a little variety?”

“Not yet,” answered Jodi, “That’s only two loads in your
face, and we should really have three or four before we

Mia didn’t hesitate, and went right to work on the next
man who offered her his throbbing black dick. We filmed
every angle of her next two blowjobs, and caught the
details of each pulse of semen as the men covered her
face and hair with the white stuff. Jodi wanted as much
spunk as possible to show on Mia’s face, so the next two
rounds had the men squirting on her feminine facial
features to cover her eyes and nose. Now this was a shot
she could be proud of in her private video. The scene
ended with Mia scraping the sperm from her face with her
finger, and feeding it to herself.

“Okay, that’s enough for now,” said my wife as she gave
the signal to cut the cameras. “Time to get this lady
laid. Mia, hop on over to the sacrificial altar.”

Jessica and Jodi guided Mia to a part of the cushioned
room that seemed to be four-foot diameter circular part
of the padding. It had something that looked like grooves
where her arms and legs fit perfectly, her arms up to her
sides, and her legs nicely spread as if she were in
stirrups in a doctor’s office. As she fitted her legs in
the grooves, her tight bald pussy became nicely exposed,
and her puffy cunt lips parted slightly like an
invitation for invasion. The cameras started rolling
again at Mia’s instruction to let her fucking begin.

Jessica announced, “Lee, would you like to do the honors,
since you’re the only one that hasn’t had a little cream
pie?” Jessica turned to one of the cameras to talk to the
viewer, “Now you see Mia as an innocent white housewife,
but believe me, her flavor is sweet black cherry. Anyone
hungry?” She smiled as she turned to watch the
deflowering of the Mia’s interracial cherry.

Lee positioned himself kneeling at the entrance to Mia’s
pink chamber. Her pussy was slightly parted, and was
glistening profusely with feminine wetness. Jodi knelt at
Mia’s head, spreading her knees to the side and literally
rubbing her hairless cunt on Mia’s head as she stroked
her shoulders and tits. My wife knelt to Mia’s side, and
held Lee’s massive black meat in her small white hand.
Jess slapped Mia’s cunt several times with the
instrument, then guided the bulbous head to its target.
My wife held the black cock as it slowly slipped inside
the white girl, then withdrew to show itself covered in
slime. Then again it disappeared in Mia’s slit, this time
up to the balls as the no longer virgin girl moaned with
pleasure. Lee held Mia’s knees to the side as he started
to pump her body with his tool. We were getting superb
shots of Mia’s cunt getting stretched to the limits by
the thick meat, and her moans of pleasure clearly showed
that she was enjoying her role as a white slut. Her
protruding clitoris stood out like a stiff little finger
in her bald baby snatch, and was pushed around by Lee’s
massive tool while he pounded her pubic bone. The pain
she was feeling was no match for the pleasure of being
totally stuffed with black meat. She took it all,
thrusting up to meet his downward strokes, shoving as
much of the dark gland into her baby chute as possible.

“Fuck me, fuck me you black bastard,” were the cries Mia
emitted as she was pounded. The sisters chimed in with
instructions of, “That’s it, fuck the bitch! Ooh, yeah,
push it deeper. Make sure she feels her cervix stretch.”

My wife made sure that the camera caught her words, as
she spoke, “Are your balls ready? Are they full of all
that good baby making sperm? C’mon, work it up. Build up
that load and squirt it deep inside her. Give her all the
hot black baby seed you have!” I couldn’t believe the way
she was talking, but I realized that she was the expert.
It was she and her sister that wanted to come here to
spend the weekend getting black sexed, so who better than
she to verbalize for the video?

When Lee couldn’t hold off any longer, his big balls
contracted, and he shoved his cock in as far as it could
go. It had to be splitting Mia’s cervical opening as he
began to buck in climax. As Mia felt the hot black sperm
flood her cavity, she cried out in her own climax,
shuttering wildly and pulling on Lee’s black ass with
both hands. “Fill me, fill me….yeah, that’s it, ooh, I
can feel its heat. Fill me up!” she cried as he pumped
his seed into her body. I couldn’t tell which was hotter,
my video camera, or me, as I got an incredible close up
of Mia’s vaginal area as it was stretched with pulsating
black meat. She was no longer a white meat virgin, and
was, at least temporarily, the freshest new member into
Jodi’s inner circle of black sexing. While it had started
out as a close knit group of housewives interested in
some of the more unusual aspects of swinging, it had
developed into more of a fetish group for white women who
wanted to be degraded by, and stuffed with black cock.

As the group’s newest crony, Mia lay in a dream world, on
her back, legs spread, and pussy stretched as the sperm
poured into her womb. She had done it. She had been
fucked by a black man, and it was only the beginning. Now
that she was initiated, her moans of uncertainty changed
to those of desire, of wanting to be taken and defiled.
Her hands stroked the black skinned back that hovered
over her small white body, wandering over glistening
shoulders, down the sides and exploring the muscular butt
that drove the seed deep inside her.

My wife motioned to Jerry and I to cut filming, so the
cameras were turned off as we regrouped for the next
scene. The two sisters applauded the action and
congratulated Mia and her stud on the performance. Mia
lay there with a smile, happily conversing with the two
blondes, and basking in the kudos heaped upon her by the
black entourage. She carried on her casual conversation
as she lay with legs splayed to her sides, still impaled
on the black snake that pulsed occasionally in her cunt.
It all seemed as normal as dining out, but Mia seemed to
relish the trophy between her legs, not wanting to let it
slip from her pussy as she gloated in excitement. I had
to admit, it was quite an exhibition, and I felt proud,
in a sordid way, to be part of this girl’s initiation. As
taboo as it was, it was done tastefully, and with as much
feeling as the moment deserved. After all, a white
woman’s black cherry is only lost once, and to record it
for posterity is an opportunity only a handful of women
will ever experience. Best of all, the experience was far
from over…..


I couldn’t quite make up my mind if we were in the “salad
years” of swinging, or diving right into the main course,
but one thing was for sure, I was still in the discovery
stage with sights, sounds and feelings coursing through
my veins. That wasn’t the only thing coursing through my
body at the moment, as my blood was doing a good job of
keeping my dick at attention, and my balls were working
over time producing sperm. Disturbing as it might seem,
watching my petite blonde wife and her equally demure
blonde sister cavorting nude with a gang of black men
created new and exciting feelings that continually
stretched the boundaries of moral behavior, not to
mention my wife’s pussy. Jodi, her sister, was the first
to discover a fetish for contrasting sex, and soon shared
the experience with my wife, Jessica. Immediately, a new
bond was formed, not only in black sexing, but a bond
that would take them both to the edge in their sexual
adventures. At present, Jess was all smiles, willing to
share her adventures with me. More than that, she was
thrilled when I walked in on their private weekend and
gave my blessing when I discovered their plans. She had
been sure that I would object, so she and Jodi kept those
activities pretty much to themselves until now, out of
sight and out of mind. However, having turned the tables
on her, she now wanted to make quite a show of it, and
performed not only for her own benefit and that of her
secret lovers, but for my benefit as well.

“Well? What do you think so far?” asked Jess as she
curled up beside me, with perfect hair, perfect makeup,
and stark naked.

“Think? You expect me to think? My God, this whole
weekend has been a cross between a Steven King novel and
something out of the Arabian Nights! Is this typical? I
mean, do you two do this often?” I remained calm as my
words flowed smoothly, but my heart was pounding and my
cock was better than semi rigid.

“Typical? Well, it isn’t often when we get to break in a
new member on one of our weekends, but all and all, yeah,
this is pretty typical. Jodi and I figure that as long as
the taboo is being broken, we might as well get the body
rush that goes along with it and push the envelope a
little.” As she spoke she leaned back on the pillow-
scape, and crossed her legs Indian fashion exposing her
pussy. While sipping on a bloody Mary, she fingered her
bald wet slit and continued, “Jodi and I like to get the
most out of an experience like this, since it’s really an
unusual turn on for both us and our lovers. We try to
plan these weekends about once every two months, which
gives us time to recoup between sessions, but sometimes
we slip and might go more often.”

“Aren’t you afraid that one of these guys is going to get
a little rough with one of you, or something might go

“Oh, yeah, that could happen, but it’s not likely.
Between Jodi and I, we have enough black friends that if
anyone got a little pushy, number one, their supply of
white pussy would be cut off, and, number two, their bros
would make it very very clear that that’s not all that
might get cut off. So, incidences are rare if non-
existent, and we have yet to encounter any one who would
jeopardize the chance to knock up a white girl.”

“You’re really not serious about getting knocked up this
weekend are you?” I asked as calmly as I could muster.

“Serious?” Jessica asked with a surprise look on her
face. “Hey, Sis, come here.” Jodi stood and wiggled her
equally nude body over to where we were reclining and
settled her warm nakedness on my other side.

“Oooo!” Jodi exclaimed as she pranced in and took my semi
hard cock in hand. “Looks like we have a fan!” Her hard
nipples raked my arm, and her smooth leg swung over mine
as she started to fondle my dick in front of her sister.

Jessica only smiled with approval, saying, “Your brother
in lay just doubted if I…. we were serious about
getting knocked up this weekend. How should we put this?”

Jodi smiled and spoke softly in her typical little girl
voice, “My sweet swinging brother in law…. of course
we’re serious. Heck, what’s a girl to do when it’s that
time of the month when her eggs drop and that special
fire is burning around inside? I know that you know about
this, but I can see that you somehow don’t really want to
believe it. Well, I guess that’s okay, but don’t be
surprised if something should go wrong.”

“What do you mean, go wrong?”

“Oh jeez! You know, go wrong…. one of us can’t abort.”
(Now, for those readers that haven’t had the pleasure of
reading the Sisters series, the two sisters got involved
in playing their “pregnant” game where they would never
use birth control. Because of their heavy activity during
their fertile period, they would often fuck away with
wild abandon, ending up getting pregnant as a result. The
real game was to abort before going more than a month.
They discovered what they considered a foolproof method
that involved heavy duty fucking of their black friend,
Ron. He was more of a tool than a play toy, in that he
possessed a cock that was a full fourteen inches in
length with a girth of nearly eight inches at normal
erection. I don’t think the girls ever measured him when
he was super excited, but I have every reason to believe
that he exceeded those dimensions when full inserted and
swelling to an intense climax. The sisters would ride Ron
for days, impaling themselves to full length on his
enormous cock, forcing the bulbous cockhead through their
cervix. The effect (they told me) was the same as the old
Arab trick of inserting a prune pit or fig into the
uterus of a camel to keep it from conceiving. Thus was
born the concept of the intrauterine device, only the
girls used the idea post conception, cleaning out their
wombs with blasts of more semen and a large fleshy black
object. It actually worked, and saved my marriage when I
learned from Jodi that Jessica had been aborting by using
the technique successfully for almost a year. Ron and I
eventually became friends, and I see to it that he
continues to enjoy fucking my wife whenever she wants or
needs it – kind of an odd relationship.)

Her words hit like a slap in the face, and I just knew
that the girls could see my flushed face. The problem
was, I then realized why they called it a dick. I was
betrayed by my own cock, which was now hard at the
thought of one of these women actually carrying a black
baby. The idea made me look upon my wife from a different
view, one that was more distant, like I was looking at a
very good friend instead of a soul mate, and the thought
chilled me.

At least the sisters were kind enough to think of my
feelings by giving me Mia. The thought her snapped me out
of my momentary lapse, and I looked over to see her
sucking off one of the men in earnest this time, waiting
to enjoy what was left of his semen. “Ha!” I said to my
familial nymphs, “Fertile or not, I think you might have
a less than productive time of it this month, seeing that
your new charge is draining the resources.” I was proud
of my discovery, and relaxed a little, allowing Jodi’s
manipulations to sooth my aching member.

The girls both looked over and shouted encouragement
like, “Go girl! Eat that sperm!” Their words fanned the
flames of the moment and seemed so dirty, yet appropriate
for the scene. They giggled as they spoke, thoroughly
enjoying how Mia was taking to the action.

Jodi held the base of my stiff rod with one hand, and
motioned for her sister to do her thing. Without
hesitation, Jessica, yes, my own wife this time, swung
between my legs and began giving me the best blowjob she

“Jerry! Would you come here for a minute?” Jodi directed
as Jerry approached us. “Jerry, we wanted to know if you
arranged for our treat.”

He smiled one of those Cheshire cat grins, and said, “You
girls always want everything, don’t you? Well, it just so
happens that Daytron and Denzel managed a double dose
this time so you won’t be disappointed.” He was seemingly
proud of the accomplishment, and Jessica moaned with a
mouth full of my cock when she heard and continued to

I looked at Jodi and Jerry, innocently asking, “Dose of

Jodi knelt up with her back straight next to me. Her legs
were parted, displaying her bald pussy that she fingered
as she smiled with delight and explained, “Heavy cummers!
We call them our heavy cummers, since they’re so very
young. Jerry manages to get Datron and Denzel to invite
some of the local round ball teams they sponsor in the
neighborhood league to come over to fuck our brains out
as a special reward for their performance.” My wife
moaned loudly now, as she listened to Jodi give the
details. “The guys on the teams are all in their low
twenties, some a might younger, and all are at their peak
of perfection so to speak. Besides being fully developed
and hung like race horses, these young guys cum in
buckets! I swear that their balls work overtime producing
baby seed, and the volume of white goo they pump into us
could fill a mason jar. Drained resources? Let’s just say
that by the time we get home, our little wombs will be
carrying so much spunk, that our eggs will need snorkels
to breath. Chance of getting knocked up? About 100
percent, and the boys usually can’t wait to get their big
black weenies into our tight white cunts. Especially
blonde headed, bald cunts!” She mussed the hair on her
head with one hand as she teased her clit with the other
and laughed.

Jessica was doing a fine job on my dick, sucking for all
the semen that was left. She raised her ass as she got on
her knees, and slapped her ass cheeks, pointing to her
hole and indicating that she wanted some black meat
inside her. Jerry needed no further invitation, and took
up position behind my wife, slapping her ass with his
dick as he approached. Jodi helped her sister by
spreading Jess’s her ass cheeks for easier entry, and
Jerry easily slid his ebony baby squirter inside my wife.
There I was, having my dick sucked by my wife while she
was being porked by a black man. Jerry banged her hard,
forcing more of my cock down her throat on every stroke
until it felt like our cocks would meet somewhere inside.
Her blond head was impaled up to my white balls against
her nose, and her pussy was split up to the set of black
balls banging against her clitoris. No sense in kidding
myself, the black cock was full imbedded through her
cervix, and was about to explode into her uterus. The
mere thought, combined with Jodi looking on with lust in
her eyes, made me explode down Jessica’s throat, cumming
like I imagined one of her young studs would later that
day. At nearly the same time my wife shuddered in her own
climax at the feel of being inseminated with black baby
seed from behind. Her womb was filled with Jerry’s hot
semen, as the spunk lubricated her inside as preparation
for further action.

Jerry slowly withdrew from my wife’s pussy when he
slapped her ass relatively hard, leaving a red had print.
Surprisingly, she winced, but then smiled a seductive
smirk as Jerry exclaimed, “There! That’s one baby in the
chute.” The girls were definitely hot and were looking
forward to that special feeling of being impregnated. We
all collapsed just as the door bell rang, and one of the
men wrapped a towel around himself before going to greet
the new guests.


“Hi, boys!” was the universal greeting as the group of
six young blacks entered the room. Some of them had been
there before, and answered my wife and her sister with
casual and polite (but excited) hellos. They knew what
was in store for them, and respected the treat that was
theirs if they performed well on the court. Two of the
group were new to this form of reward, and almost dropped
their loads at seeing two blonde white housewives
standing there nude in front of them. Their friends
chuckled at their reactions, and muttered a faint, “The
pain is definitely worth the gain! Wouldn’t you say,
Bro?” All nodded in agreement, unable to remove their
eyes from the two bald pussies in front of them.

One of the youths who had been there before said to Jodi,
“We did as you asked us the last time we were here, and
we brought you two a present.” The man produced two
champagne glasses, tightly covered with plastic wrap, and
each containing a full measure of cum that the group had
collected three days ago. He explained that it was as
fresh as they could make it before their game, so they
got together on Thursday to collect the batch. That gave
them Friday and Saturday to save up, both for the game
and the girls. Both Jodi and Jessica were ecstatic, and
took their glasses, carefully removing the cover. In
ritual demonstration for the new boys (and for Mia), the
sisters took their first sip of semen from the glasses,
toasting a successful and cum filled fuck session. Mia
blushed at the thought of the girls drinking the cum, but
the act had a definite effect as six new cocks sprang to
full mast.

It took only moments for the youths to get undressed, as
the girls busied themselves fetching drinks and party
food like good little white slaves. When all was ready,
one of the young men asked about Mia, who was huddled
against me watching the action. Jessica explained that
she had just had her first black sexing, and was having
her inaugural video made to record the occasion. As she
spoke, her eyes lit up, and she conferred with Jodi for a
moment in private. The two naked nymphs then announced
that this was perfect for continuing Mia’s video, and
they wanted the first round to be dedicated to her. That
is, if the boys didn’t mind.

One look at Mia was all it took, as she stood, turned,
and displayed her nakedness for the black gathering. She
was instantly swooped up, led to the center of the room,
and laid on her back. “Whoa! Not so fast,” remarked Jodi.
“This scene is still being choreographed, so let’s have a
little cooperation.” You’d think that a petite white girl
standing butt naked in a crowd of horny black men would
have little to say, but her confidence over rode any
complaints. The cameras were soon buzzing again, and
Jerry and I were recording Mia, kneeling in the middle of
six naked black youths as she sucked on one of the
massive tools. The object was to demonstrate for the
camera the amount of cum each one was about to pour into
her, and we weren’t disappointed when the first gusher
splashed into her mouth and was quickly redirected to a
glass. The spurts just kept coming, as the black balls
tightened and squirted the precious baby fluid into the
vessel. Nearly three ounces later, the pulses subsided,
and I stood totally shocked and amazed at the amount.
Both Jodi and Jessica came into the camera view, joining
their new sister in sex. Jessica looked into the camera
lens, pointed at the cum filled glass, and said, “What
you see is the typical load that our sister, Mia, is
about to have pumped into her.” She tuned to Jodi for a
second as if to gain agreement, then said, “That makes
about 15 ounces of baby seed…. black baby seed that’s
about to invade her womb. Mmmmmm….Mia, you ready?” Mia
didn’t say a word, but sinking back into the pillowed
ocean, she raised the glass of semen to her lips and
toasted the two blondes before drinking half the
contents. She spread her legs to wide open revealing a
tight bald pussy to the camera, and curled a finger at
the next youth who approached her with a raging hard on.

Mia drank the remaining cum as the youth pounded her
pussy with a black rod the size of a zucchini. Her cunt
lips were stretched wider than ever, and her prominent
clitoris was rubbed to perfection as the oily rod
slithered in and out. She pulled on the black ass cheeks
pummeling her, coaxing the white sperm from the black
body. She was rewarded in short order when the youth
stabbed forward, buried his cock full length into her
small opening and tightened his balls. Mia’s eyes bulged
with surprise as the cock head split her cervical opening
and forced its way inside. With no other room to
penetrate, the black knob could only go into her womb,
and the head swelled while the hot semen pumped into her

“That’s a good three ounces of black seed in her uterus,
wouldn’t you say?” Jodi said to my wife who shook her
head in agreement. The blondes had busied themselves
stoking the new material, getting it ready for Mia’s gang
bang. The contrast in white and black was incredible as
the dark skinned men hovered over the small white women.
After the first was through emptying into Mia, the second
cock was quickly introduced into her body being guided by
my wife. She held the thick piece of meat as the youth
pushed forward. The fact that virtually no semen escaped
Mia’s cunt made it obvious that she was holding the
contents deep in her womb, and not her vagina.
Nevertheless, the black rod slipped easily into her
chamber, and pumped away at the inexperienced white
flesh. Mia was long gone, and the sisters nodded their
approval knowing that she was being filled with copious
amounts of baby seed.

Mia was fucked repeatedly as the sisters counted the
fresh loads being injected into her. Each time one was
finished they would total the load inside, until they
finally reached their predicted 15 ounces in Mia’s womb.
Mia had been fucked once by each young black, five times
in all, and each had squeezed the contents of their black
balls into her baby chamber. By the time the last was
finished, her cunt was dripping its contents, unable to
hold the volume of sperm. Of course, the sisters didn’t
waste the opportunity to catch as much of the semen in
Mia’s glass, and offered her the prize as the entire
group crowded around to watch her consume the contents.

Jess and Jodi wanted to make Mia’s tape complete, and
orchestrated a double and triple penetration. The double
had Mia impaled on a thick black member up her asshole,
while she leaned back supporting herself with her arms,
legs spread, and penetrated in her cunt by another piece
of dark meat. It was all she could do to support herself,
and the sisters took turns holding her up so she could be
fucked properly for the cameras. After being filled in
both orifices, Mia then straddled perhaps the largest
cock there with her cunt, and leaned forward to accept
another huge black pole in her ass. When filled to the
balls with cock, she then went to work sucking on a third
black stick that was fed to her by my wife. She cut quite
a figure as she rode the meat and sucked the cum laden
fuck stick to climax. All three sets of balls emptied
into the white girl’s body, filling her ass, her womb,
and her throat with black seed. Mia finally collapsed in
a heap of black skin, sweaty and smeared with semen. She
was happy and well fucked.

The taping finished with the three nymphs sitting with
legs straddling each others, blondes on the outside and
Mia in the middle, and surrounded by eleven naked black
men. The men were standing, lying or sitting about as
they ran their hands over the white skinned housewives,
pulling freely at their tits, and shoving their fingers
into the women’s sloppy wet pussies at will. With gaping
hairless pussies proudly displayed for the camera, the
girls toasted the men and the camera as Jodi said,
“Here’s to the beginning of a beautiful black
relationship!” Glasses raised, the men drank champagne,
and the women drank cum.

“Whew! That was quite a session,” Jodi exclaimed as she
and Jess set about to refresh drinks and replenish the
snack trays. Jerry and I headed for the second floor
video equipment, where we made a fast copy of both tapes.
We spent no more than twenty or thirty minutes in his
studio, and while the tapes were copying, Jerry suggested
that I browse through some large special portfolios that
he had on the layout table. As I opened the large books,
I was greeted by photos of my wife and Jodi that were
taken for the slick magazines. There was a veritable
history of their porno posing, complete with out takes
and even blooper shots. However, most of the material was
professionally produced hard core porno. There were shots
of both girls in virtually every position imaginable, and
almost every combination conceivable. Titles like Cum
Queens, Black Seed Suckers, White Bitch Sluts, Horny
White Housewives, and Slaves for Black Cock adorned
almost every page of the portfolio. Pictures explicitly
showed every detail of Jessica and Jodi stuffed with
black meat both in their pussies and assholes. I was
amazed at some of the scenes that showed them rolled back
on their shoulders with their cunts in the air, and
close-ups of their gaping cunt holes and asses after
being stretched open. Some shots clearly showed teams of
black men holding the girl’s legs apart while other men
squirted cum directly into their wide open cunts and
asses. Streams of semen were captured on film as the
thick ropes of cum dropped directly into the girls’
cavernous openings. The one thing that was common
throughout the pictures was the pervasive smile on each
of the girls’ faces. Both Jodi and Jessica were quite the
obedient, if not enthusiastic, slaves to the master
injecting them.

“Your wife and her sister have taken many a black man’s
load to make these shots. You should be proud of their
performance. I’ve never seen anyone take to filming this
stuff with such enthusiasm,” Jerry said as he looked over
my shoulder. “As a matter of fact, there have been times
that I could hardly keep up with their requests to do
another session. But, as I figure it, it’s good to keep
the two a little on the deprived side. That way, when
they do come here for their pregging sessions as they
call them, they’re all fired up and ready to fuck
anything in sight.”

“Yeah, I can see what you mean,” I answered nonchalantly.
“Tell me, does this stuff really sell?”

“Devoured is more like it. I can’t produce enough, and my
buyers are constantly asking for more. Oddly enough, it’s
all virtually the same, only different themes and poses.
The customer likes them, the sisters like making them,
and I like the profits. They’re currently the hottest
ticket item in this part of the country.”

“Any chance I can get a copy of this material?”

“My man, I will see to it personally that you have a
custom portfolio all your own. Not only that, I can see
that you get a copy of anything I take in the future.
After all, you don’t get much out of this but the
eroticism. Right?”

“Right,” I replied, “By the way, what do the girls get
out of this? If you don’t mind my asking.”

“The girls wanted to do it on a whim, but I couldn’t let
it go at just that, so I give them rewards that they
groove on. I know you like their slick pussies. That was
compliments of the house, the latest laser treatment
guaranteed never to show another hair. Next comes a
little surprise cosmetic surgery in the breast
enhancement department. Just a little, though, I wouldn’t
want to destroy their pert little white girl tits. Then
there’s the occasional piece of jewelry that always keeps
them happy, but most of all, the girls love the cum. Tons
of it, quarts, gallons, even I can’t believe the fetish
they have for sperm, but I guess you know all about that
from Jodi’s video of her cum party.”

“Yeah, that was the second video she showed me. The first
was my wife’s black gang bang which was the shocker that
threw my whole world into a tail spin.”

“I hear you, my man. The idea of a black man fucking a
white woman, especially a blonde white housewife, is just
as much a taboo and turn on for a black man as it is a
white. I’m just lucky that the two chose me to record it
all. Fame, fortune, and sex all rolled into one surprise
package,” Jerry said with excitement.

“Any other surprise engagements I should know about?” I

“Well, since you ask, I guess there’s no harm in sharing
some of the ideas that we’ve talked about.”

“Like what?”

Jerry confided, “Well, for one thing, Jessica, your wife,
wants to have a cum party of her own, and she wants me to
film it. Only thing different is that she wants it to be
a mostly black on white party scene. That’s not going to
be easy, since she wants to have more than her sister,
and there aren’t that many black swingers in the area. We
may have to import some from other cities. The main thing
is that we want everyone checked out and clean for that
one. Then there’s the problem with where to film it.
We’ll need a fairly big place, with room for a staging
area, equipment, food, and lots of people. Then there’s
the horses. We’ll have to pre-arrange that, and have
cooperation from their friend, Traci and her husband.
That’s important. Jessica did say that she love’s her
horse semen, and she wants lots of horse sperm to drink
and pour over her.”

“Shocking as Jodi’s video was, I’d like to see this one.
Call it some weird sense of vengeance or something,” I

“Gotcha, but don’t count on it any time soon. I think the
girls have some plans for something called their
Submission Game.” said Jerry.

“Do me a favor. If you plan anything out of the ordinary,
let me in on it. Okay?”

“Done,” was the last word spoken before I took the tape
copies and left to go back upstairs.

Mia was left alone to recoup and lounge in the laps of
her gang bang team. By the time we returned to the party
room, both blondes were going for their first filling at
the cocks of their “heavy cummers.” Jodi was on her hands
and knees taking a big chocolate rod up her ass, while my
wife was enjoying one of those double penetrations,
getting reamed in her asshole and cunt at the same time.
I told Mia to get ready to leave for home, so she went to
get somewhat cleaned up. As for me, I just sat back and
jacked off one more time to the scene of my wife and her
sister getting fucked hard and fast by a most
enthusiastic team of black youths.

By the time Mia returned, I had taken advantage of the
moment’s heat to dump my load into my sister-in-lay’s
mouth as my wife watched. Of course, at virtually the
same time, both Jodi and my wife had explosive climaxes
of their own as they were injected with black men’s
sperm. Injections that provided them with the volume of
hot fresh semen that they so hungrily sought, and that
would inseminate them with interracial babies.

I found my clothes, and while dressing, asked Jerry if he
knew about the boys down the street who were playing
basketball when we arrived. “Oh, that group.
Sure….they’re regulars in the ‘hood. They’re not bad
types, drug free, attend school, and generally try to act
like big shots once in awhile. Why do you ask?”

“No reason,” I replied, “we just had an encounter on the
way in, and I was thinking of taking them down a notch on
the way home.”

“By all means, my man. It would do them good,” Jerry
answered. “It’s too bad you have to go. I actually grew
kind of fond of the ‘ol white bro, and I really wanted
you to see how we go about doin’ your lady. You sure that
you can’t stay and watch us impregnate her?”

“Thanks, but no thanks. I’ve got a plane to catch.
Someone’s got to earn a living around here. After all, I
want to make sure that Jess is fed well so she can play
again. Besides, you can send me a tape…..and some

“You got it, although I wouldn’t worry about your blondes
getting fed.” Jerry laughed at his own joke, as we
observed that the sisters had switched to blowjobs,
sucking down black meat with a vengeance as they were
face fucked by the men holding their blond hair for

Mia stood at my side, dressed in high heeled thongs and
dangling ear rings. I turned to her asking, “Where’s your

She looked half dazed and half defiant as she said, “I’ve
decided not to wear one. If Jess and Jodi can parade in
public nude, then so can I. After all, I am a new member
of the inner circle, am I not?” I smiled and agreed that
the time had come to throw away all the ties and just go
for it. Happily and a little nervous at her own attitude,
Mia straightened her back and stood defiantly armed with
her new found sexuality. She was definitely not the same
woman I brought in, but I was sure that she would be fun
on the way out.

The three of us watched the two blondes have their
throats blasted with fresh loads of hot cum from the
black dicks in their mouths, and they sucked until every
last drop had been emptied from the dangling ball sacks
feeding them. Jodi sat back and fetched her drink for a
breather, but Jessica got up, wiping some ropes of cum
from her chin and came over to talk to me before it left.

“Uh, got milk?” I asked, pointing to the white sting of
spunk on Jessica’s upper lip.

“Oh, thanks,” she said as she wiped her mouth with a
finger, then licked her finger clean. “Are you taking

“Yeah, gotta catch a plane and all. Say, I really want to
thank you for letting me participate. It’s wasn’t
something that I expected.”

“You expected?” laughed my wife. “It was the last thing
on my mind for sure. Actually, it was you who through me

“How do you mean?” I asked.

Jessica’s pressed her nude sweaty and cum covered body up
against my arm as she spoke, “Well, first of all, I
didn’t expect you home at all, but, second, I didn’t
expect you to go along with this. I mean, Jodi and I were
keeping this out of sight and out of mind, and planned
our pregging at times when you wouldn’t see and get so
upset. But, when you gave your okay, well, the whole
world sort of turned around. I thought it was exciting
before, but having you here watching, and having the guys
know they were fucking your wife in front of you made
this one helluva turn on!” Jessica, looked me straight in
the eyes, paused for an instant, and said, “I want to do
this again…with you there. I like showing you how
wonderfully slutty we can be. I really want you to get
off on watching me getting fucked by black dick. What do
you say?” Her breathing was heavy just describing her

“On two conditions,” I stammered.

“Name it.”

“First, I get to have total control over Mia’s breaking
in. Anything I say goes, and I get to use her any way I

“Done, but remember, she’s here and you’re not. She can’t
go for more than two days without being porked,” she

“I know, and I’ve got plans. You girls take care of the
home front, and I’ll issue special instructions from my
end. Just keep me informed, and keep her satisfied.”

“It’s a deal. And second?”

“And second, I want to fuck your sister while you and
your lovers watch.” Now it was I who was breathing hard,
and I could tell that my wife was breathing just as hard.
I looked at her nakedness, and lusted over her smooth
nude body. Her tits stood firm and perky, with nipples
that were hard as rocks. I could tell that the suggestion
turned her on, because her nipples always hardened when
she was excited.

Jess hesitated, stared me down, and answered, “Done! I’ve
always wondered when you were going to want to do that.
But like I said before, only if I can lick your assholes
while my lover is doing me at the same time.”

“Then, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Jessica gave me
a good feel of her tender breast meat as she reached up
to kiss me, and she smiled a triumphant smile that I knew
would mean trouble. What did I just commit to anyway? She
always seemed to get in the last word.

“Are you sure you won’t come back and watch some more?
After all, the second team hasn’t even shown up yet, and
their balls are sure to be full to the brim with nice hot
black baby juice. It ought to be quite a scene with about
twenty horn black fuck sticks ravaging two blonde
housewives until we can’t stand. Don’t you want to see
this little white cunt get stretched by a long thick
black cock? Don’t you want to see me get impregnated with
quarts of fresh hot cum, baby?” Jessica was teasing now,
as she gave me her best little girl pouty look, and
swayed side to side as she pooched her nude hips forward
and spread her pussy lips with her fingers to show me her
protruding clitoris.

“Sorry, Honey, I’ll have to catch the movie on home
video,” I retorted, kicking myself for not just taking
another week’s vacation to enjoy this. “Just one more
favor, and I can’t believe I’m telling you this. Don’t
forget to have Ron come over and poke you clean will

“Done again! I can’t believe you said that either, but
don’t worry, your little white housewife will make sure
that she gets that beautiful fourteen inches all the way
into her uterus. There won’t be anything there once he
gets flooding me. Besides, if that doesn’t work, Jodi and
I can always count on the horses for insurance.”

Jessica’s last words before we left the room were, “Just
think about Jodi and I spending the next day or so here,
getting our little white asses and cunts fucked with
black meat. Keep the thought that by the next time we
talk, I’ll be filled with sperm and a little black baby.
All the fun is in getting pregnant, right?” She didn’t
wait for an answer, but turned and skipped back to where
a huge black cock was waiting to inject her. We weren’t
even out the door when I looked back to see my wife on
her back, legs high in the air and wide to the side, and
a long thick black prick sliding in and out of her bald
cunt. She was actually holding her own legs open while
the dark log stretched her tender white flesh. It’s
length alone told me that Jess was having her uterus
reamed, and was too far gone to notice my departure. Jodi
was in the same position, but winked and waved goodbye
before turning back to her black lover, pulling on his
black ass cheeks and driving his thick meat further into
her womb.


My mind was racing as I led Mia down the stairs of the
brown stone building. It was some time around 7 p.m., and
while the sun was just setting, cars were beginning to
turn on their headlights. I carried Mia’s gang bang tape
in the duffle full of Jessica and Jodi’s clothes. The
girls asked if I would take it home for them, explaining
that they wouldn’t be wearing anything anyway, and they
didn’t need any clothing for the trip home. As we
approached the front door, my racing mind snapped back to
reality when I remembered the nude girl I was escorting.
Mia had been thoroughly fucked, and was dripping cum from
her bald pussy. Nevertheless, she insisted that she was
ready for a completely nude walk this time, and she
wanted it on her way home.

She looked stunning as we stepped into the street. Her
long black hair flowed sexily down her back, and her
strong straight legs held her posture perfect as she
strode triumphantly on her high heels. Mia’s bright green
eyes flashed her excitement as I walked on the street
side of the naked vixen. Down the block she walked, spun
up in excitement about anyone seeing her totally nude in
public. It was her dare, and after being porked all
afternoon by multiple blacks, she felt ready for

Anything came out of nowhere as the four youths from the
day before took my challenge seriously, and were waiting
at the court when we passed by. Their eyes nearly shot
out of their heads, and their young minds were stricken
with shock as Mia stood naked in front of them.

“Holy Shit!” one of the youths blabbed at the sight.
“Fuck almighty! When you come to the ‘hood, you come in

Before I could say anything, Mia snapped back, “Like what
you see, boys? Let’s see if you’ve got the balls to
measure up!” Mia’s words took me by surprise as she stood
defiantly displaying herself to the strangers on the
street. Perhaps she was guessing my plan; I seriously
doubted it, but I didn’t hesitate to put my plan in

I knew the black would be totally intimidated by my
subtle language, so I enjoyed toying with them as I laid
out the plan. “Okay, kids,” the term kids really got them
going, “did you bring your cash?” The youths raced to
produce evidence of their folding money, and I laughed at
their inexperience with challenges.

“Okay, here’s the deal. You think your such hot shit, so
I’ll make you a challenge on your own turf. Pick out your
best player, and I’ll go one on one with him.” That
brought a laugh as a tall buck stepped forward. The gang
was salivating at such an easy take.

I continued by walking over and picking up flat cinder
blocks from the construction site that I saw the day
before, “Here’s the game. You start shooting ten feet
from the basket. You sink a ball, and I break a cinder
block with my hand. You take a full pace back and take
another shot. Then, I add one cinder block to my previous
number and break the stack. We keep going until you miss.
Then, you lose!”

“Ha! And what if you don’t break the stack?”

“Then I lose. Simple?” The group really got into the
action now, and I knew I had them suckered.

“Easy pickins,” said the tall one. “Now, what are we
shootin’ for?”

I fired back, “Are you brainless, or just black? The
stakes are standing in front of you. If you win, then all
of you get into my van and have a crack at this lady’s
crack. All of you get to fuck her!” Mia smiled at the
thought and flashed her eyes to echo her willingness.

“Alright!” they all murmured except one who remarked, ”
Yeah, and what if you win? What would you get?”

“I guess you are brain dead! If I win, then I get to fuck
each one of you! Simple?”

The group laughed lightly at the thought, sizing me up,
sizing up the pile of cinder blocks, and finally pushing
back for the challenge to begin. The one youth who asked
about me winning looked nervous when he said to the tall
one, “Okay, Bro, you miss any of these, and you’re dog

We began the game as Mia slipped beside the remaining
three youths who seemed more nervous at the prospect of
losing than from standing next to a nude white woman in
public. My challenger easily sank his first shot, and I
easily broke my first brick. The game was on. Shots were
fired paces were taken, blocks were stacked and stacks
crumbled. When we got to the fifth round, I knew that the
tall black, having a longer stride, was now shooting from
about 25 feet out. Bang…drop! The ball hit the rim and
bounced back through the net. A sigh of relief came from
Mia’s entourage as I cracked down on the stack of five
cinder blocks, crumbling them in a heap.

“You boys going to explain this to the construction
company tomorrow?” I teased.

“Shut up!” came the nervous reply. The sixth shot hit the
back rim, bounced high and made it through. I lined up on
the stack of six, and drove through, much to the
disappointment of the group. The seventh shot was taken
with sweaty palms, heavy concentration and from thirty
one feet. Bang, bang….miss!


“Ha! You lose,” I said matter-of-factly.

“Not until you break seven cinder blocks at once!” said
the tall shooter angrily.

“No sweat,” I said as I stacked the bricks, took careful
aim, wound up…….then relaxed and said to Mia, “Are
you sure you’re not nervous?” I was really savoring the

“Why no, love. Either way I get to watch these animals in
action,” she teased further as she swung her hips and
rubbed her tit along one of the youth’s arms.

“Go ahead and try, white boy,” came the nervous but
defiant tort.

“Okay” I turned, lined up and smashed clear through the
entire stack, not taking any chances of failure. It was
close, but I knew my best ever was nine, and the chance
of a street player making nine out of nine, and the last
from 38 feet was practically nil.

“Like I said before…you lose,” I said calmly as the
color faded from the black skinned gang. They froze in
their places, thinking the worst, and promising in their
minds to kill their friend. “You boys ready? I’ll take my
friend here first. After all, he’s your best. Isn’t that
what you said?”

I escorted my naked Mia to the van and opened the door to
the back. Then I ushered by black challenger into the
same compartment and told the rest to stay outside until
I was through with him. When he hesitated, I offered to
break his beak next, then spread the story around the
neighborhood. He slowly entered the van, and I followed
him shutting the door behind us.

Once inside, I told Mia to lie back on the padded
interior, and told Amos to remove his clothes. Every
stitch he removed in pain.

“First the hundred bucks. Fork over.” I commanded as he
reluctantly handed over his savings.

“What now,” he asked.

“Now, your going to get fucked. I want you to know that I
just hustled you out of a hundred bucks. Next, I’m going
to sit here and jack off on your black ass while I watch
you getting fucked. Mia, you ready?”

“Am I ever!” she exclaimed as the idea sunk in, and she
realized that I was going to fuck every one of the youths
by taking their money, and she was going to fuck them by,
well, fucking them.

I sat back, unzipped, and started yanking my prick as Mia
dove head first into the black crotch in front of her.
She sucked like a Banshee until I thought he was going to
explode. “Let’s make a little noise, here,” I commanded,
“I want to make sure the other hear your pain!” The black
laughed at his predicament, and yelped like he was
getting reamed by my white dick. He realized that paying
a hundred bucks for his first piece of white pussy just
might be worth the price as he pounded away at Mia’s
cunt. The van was rocking, he was whelping, and his ass
was driving home a load of young black spunk into the
white woman below. He drove and held himself buried to
the balls as he emptied into Mia’s womb. She was draining
her very own “heavy cummer” that she seduced all on her
own. Mia was ecstatic at the thought, and humped the
black stick to ensure she got every drop. As the man blew
his wad, I did the same, making sure that I came on his
back just above his black ass. My white sperm made it
appear that I had my jollies at his expense.

When the first set of black balls had emptied into Mia,
and the youth dropped back onto the van floor, I opened
the door and threw out his clothes. Beckoning to the next
in line, the first stud exited saying, “get ready to get
fucked, Bro. That was so good, that I think I’m addicted
to white meat!” As he turned around, he showed the glob
of white cum dripping into the crack of his ass. The
others looked at their friend wondering about his sanity,
and he looked back at me, winking as he searched for his
clothes. I knew he wasn’t about to blow the secret of
getting fucked, and I dragged my next victim into my

The next three went pretty much the same as the first,
and I think I came two or three more times on their asses
before I just couldn’t produce any more. One by one, each
of the street crew got fucked as promised, and each left
the van happy. Mia was filled to the brim with loads of
hot black baby seed, and was proud to have taken their
long pieces of black meat as far into her small cunt as
possible. I knew for a fact that, having a shallow pussy,
their black meat would have pressed at the door of her
cervix, if not burst through. Mia told me that she was
sure she had been fucked through her cervix, and that she
was carrying all she could hold in her uterus. She lay
back on the cushions, and propped her ass up so the cum
would stay inside until she got home. As a final gesture,
I threw open the van doors so that the crew could come

As I counted my stash, I said, “Well, did we learn
something today?”

“No shit!” was the universal answer from the happy group.
“We never knew we could get fucked by a honky and be
satisfied at the same time.” We all laughed.
Introductions were made, and, as Mia propped herself up
on her elbows, she asked for a number where she could
contact them. When the blacks showed amazement at her
request, Mia merely responded, “Hey, I think we should
become better acquainted. Do you boys think you could
save up some of that baby juice for a repeat

“Are you kidding? Where do we sign up?” I took out a
piece of paper and got their names and numbers. When they
looked inquisitively at me, I anticipated their question
and said, “No, you won’t have to bring cash next time.
This is strictly a personal arrangement. That is, if you
can be trusted, because if I ever hear of any…..”

“Don’t worry, Bro. We won’t shit in our own bed,”
answered one of the team.

“Good, because I’ve got some friends that I want to show
you off to, if not share you with. Before we leave, I
have a special request,” said Mia as she curled her
finger at the shooter. She dragged him back into the van
and slammed the door. I knew that Mia was taking the
first step at building her own stable, young as it may
be, but at least she was contributing to the club’s list.
Minutes later, he emerged, zipping his pants and Mia
waving goodbye. As we drove off, I turned and asked Mia
what that was all about. She got up, crawled into the
front seat crossing her legs tightly, and turned to face

“I just wanted to collect some jewelry for Jeff to see,
so let’s hurry home before this drips off. Mia had thick
ropes of cum streaming from her hair down every angle of
her face. She dare not smear the look, but explained, as
she leaned her head back to keep the jism from running,
that she knew she could extract a healthy second load,
and she wanted her husband to have no doubts that her
wife had a good time fucking strangers.


It was almost 8:30 in the evening as we approached Mia’s
neighborhood. Her session with the blacks in the van
didn’t last long, since a young cock has no conscience,
and usually can’t hold its cum for more than a few
minutes. I asked Mia, “How are you going to handle Roger?
I mean, you’ve come a long way this weekend, and your
lives won’t ever be the same.”

“I know, that is, you’re right about not being the same.
My husband? I’ve got the feeling that I just raced light
years ahead of him in the swinging scene. I thought that
I would just carry him along and let him in on the action
bit by bit, but this is different. I feel charged up, not
really tired. I almost feel ready to go back to Jerry’s
place right now, except that my family needs me.”

“I think your family needs you to be honest with them.
Look, Mia, you’re a dynamic girl and I love fucking

“Thanks. I like fucking you too!” she interrupted.

“…but, now it’s different. You’ll have to decide which
road to take from now on. You have a choice to lead this
experience, or sit back and let it develop slowly.
Remember, it’s a complete lifestyle change,” I advised
her not really convinced of which way she was leaning.

“Actually,” she started, “I’ve made up my mind. After
today, I just know I couldn’t go back to being a soccer
mom. I’m going to try a new side and be more open with
Roger starting now. Jess and Jodi told me about an
approach they used successfully, shock treatment.”

“Yeah, I know. That’s what they used on me. I’ll tell you
about it some time.”

“So then you know how it goes. I’m going to go home and
let Roger see what I look like, then I’m going to let it
develop from there. He needs to know what’s in store for

“You know that it will affect your whole family, don’t
you?” I asked.

“Probably, but that’s what a marriage is all
about….sharing the truth. I can’t live half a life, one
for Roger and my family, and the other half for myself
and inner feelings. I want to live! Will you help me?”

“Okay. If that’s what you want, I guess I’m committed,
which is more than I can say for my wife. Just follow
along with my lead. If you go against me, then you’ll
never see me or the club again. Do you understand?”

“Agreed,” was all she said. I watched as her smooth skin
was chilled from the night air blowing through the car,
and I wasn’t sure whether her hard nipples were the
result of our talk, or the temperature. I decided it
couldn’t possibly be the temperature as we passed the
bank sign that registered 80 degrees.

Mia’s final challenge was the walk to her front door.
“No, don’t park too close. I want to savor the feeling,”
she said to my amazement. So I parked about half a block
away, choosing to reign her enthusiasm just in case the
neighbors got a glimpse. After all, the game was to go
nude in public, not to destroy her life, and the nude
walks were usually done in some location where the women
would not likely be recognized. I was quite surprised
when my wife and her sister walked naked with their black
escort in our own neighborhood. But, I figured that we
didn’t have all that great a relationship with any of
them anyway, and the sisters probably didn’t care if half
the area propositioned them on the sly. It was just
another body rush for them.

Night had fallen, but the streetlights lit up the
neighborhood as I stepped around to the passenger side to
open Mia’s door. She stepped right out onto the sidewalk,
and stood there as I retrieved the video tape. I made no
effort to silence the car door as it slammed shut, and I
turned to escort Mia, totally naked except for shoes,
half a block to her house. Her heels clicked along the
pavement, but she stood straight and proudly jiggled her
breasts as she walked. Cum streamed down her inner thighs
as well as her face and glistened in the light. She held
my hand all the way, not flinching as one of her
neighbors from three doors away who had just finished
turning off his sprinklers, turned to face us as we
walked by. His look of shock froze him in his tracks as
Mia merely nodded a hello, and continued her nude stroll
down the street without a look back.

We made it to her front door, and stood there in the
porch light as we waited for the door to be opened. After
about a minute, the door swung open, and Roger stood
there in more shock than the neighbor. Mia walked right
in to the great room where her ten and twelve year old
were watching television. Roger quickly closed the door
and raced behind his wife who was being greeted by two
stunned youngsters. Their mom had just walked in without
clothes, and was standing in front of them nude. Not only
nude, but she was dripping some white fluid from her bald
pussy, and the same stuff seemed to be in her hair and
running down her chin to her boobs.

“Hi, honey! Hi, kids! Did you have a good weekend?” she
asked like everything was normal. Her ten year old boy
just stared, and the twelve year old girl stood in shock
asking, “What happened to you, mom?”

“I’ll get something for you to put on,” stammered Roger.

“No thanks. Mia is just fine the way she is,” I
interrupted. “In fact, from now on, she’s not going to
need much to wear most of the time. Just a little
something when you two go out. Maybe not even that, but
surely she wants to be naked here at home.”

“But, but…..” Roger was muttering, not knowing if he
should shit or go blind. “Is that what I think it is?” he
said as he sheepishly pointed to the cum dripping from

“Mom!” her daughter insisted, “What’s going on?”

“Roger, sit down,” Mia said in a positive tone. “I want
to tell you about a decision I’ve made. Yes, Roger, it’s
cum. Do you know what cum is, kids?”

“Mia! Stop that!” shouted Roger, trying to silence her.

“Roger, sit down,” I said in a calm voice. “Your wife has
been fucked, and she wants to tell you about it.
Actually, it sounds to me like she wants to tell the
whole family.”

“That’s right everyone. From now on there are no
secrets.” Mia scraped some of the cum rope that was by
this time pretty well gone from her face, and combined it
with a larger glob of spunk she wiped from her cunt.
“This is cum, and, to say the least, I’m quite full of
it. Kids, cum is what a man squirts out of his balls when
he fucks a woman. Do you know what fuck means?” The kids
shook their heads sheepishly, and Roger just sat flushed
at what was unfolding.

Mia stood nude in front of her family, and explained to
her children what fucking was, and to Roger’s amazement,
they all sat glued to her fascinating story. “So, mommy
was having sex, or getting fucked this weekend, and this
is all the baby juice that I brought home. In fact,
that’s what your dad and I have been doing the last few
weeks when we go out. We go to parties where we make love
to other guests, and have sex all we want. It really
feels good, and I want you to know that we are happy. The
only thing is that you can’t tell your friends. Is that
absolutely clear?” The kids nodded agreement, as they
tried to soak in the new information. “Okay, now to bed
with you while I talk with your father. Oh, and one more
thing, a new rule is that no one has to wear clothes in
the house any more if you don’t want to. Okay?”

“Alright!” was the enthusiastic response as both kids ran
up to their bedrooms to discuss the new rules.

“Mia, I can’t believe this is happening. It’s one thing
to swing once in awhile, but to do this….” Roger didn’t
know where to start, and I could feel for him.

I knew that Roger wasn’t a total wimp, but he didn’t cut
a very macho figure either. I stepped in and spoke with a
commanding voice, “Okay, time for some ground rules.
Roger, do you want to be involved in this, or do you want
to have your wife fuck around on you behind your back?

“Well, yes, I mean, no, I mean…….I don’t want her
fuck behind my back, and, yes, I want to join in,” he
stammered as expected.

“Good. Then the first thing you need to understand is
that this is not a kid’s game. In other words, don’t
involve them. When your kids are old enough to know
better then you can involve them, but until that time,
keep it at an arm length. Is that understood?” Having
been quite stern about this, the couple both answered

” Next, Mia belongs to me as far as sex is concerned. I
tell her what to do, what to wear, who to fuck and where
to go. You’ll be taken care of and will get to
participate in almost everything. Is that understood?”

“Yeah,” came a soft response from Roger.

I continued, “Now, Mia, undress your husband, and show
him what you’ve got for him.” Mia took instruction well,
and helped Roger out of his clothes, tossing them into a
corner behind the couch. She next pushed him backwards,
and straddled his lap. As she did, her shaved cunny
opened wide, and she guided his hand to scoop up the cum
that was escaping. While he was scooping, she fed him one
of her tits which was encrusted with semen, and made him
suck and lick her nipple. When he had a handful of spunk,
she leaned back and brought his hand to his mouth, making
him eat what he gathered. Mia continued to catch the
leaking sperm and feed it to her husband, until the
supply had tapered off.

Seizing the moment, I started in, “Are we ready for some
entertainment? This is a tape of some thing that’s going
to be big part of your lives, Roger.” I slipped the tape
in the VCR, and pressed play. In a daze of excitement,
both Roger and Mia turned to watch the video of Mia’s
black gang bang orgy. Roger nearly jumped out of his
skin, and the red flush on both their bodies told me that
she didn’t expect me to show the video, and that Roger
was in shock. In fact, Roger was so much in shock that
his cock sprang to life and was poking at Mia with a
vengeance. As the tape showed Mia getting her face
spattered with her first load from the black cock, I
continued laying out the plan for them.

“Let’s begin with a few rules that are not be broken. If
they are, all action with the club will cease, and these
tapes will be used to ensure your silence. First, Mia
will no longer be on any form of birth control. She will
be meeting Ron, an alternate form of birth control. If an
unavoidable pregnancy occurs, it will be your
responsibility. Second, Roger, you will arrange for both
you and Mia to have the hair removed from your genitals
permanently. I suggest laser treatment, and this is to be
done in the next two weeks. Third, Mia will come and
visit me in Las Vegas once a month for a four-day weekend
at your expense. While there, she will be fucked as I see
fit, primarily by me, bot also my friends. For travel
clothes, see Jodi or Jessica. They’ll fix you up. Oh, and
by the way, while we’re on the subject of clothes, Mia is
right. This house is now declared clothes free, which
means, all family members will remain nude while at home.
This means at all times, including any time family,
friends, or even strangers come knocking. You’ll just
have to explain your new lifestyle to them. Fourth, every
two months, you two will introduce a new couple to the
lifestyle. Most important, Mia, is that I want you to ask
Jodi or Jessica to assign Roger to a female member of the
club. That should be quite interesting. Fifth, there will
be some body jewelry that I’ll want for Mia, but she’ll
have to earn it by having a few photos done. Jerry will
help with that, and I’ll arrange for the installation
during her trips to see me. And last, for now, Mia will
be taking some hormone shots that will make her cervix
dilate a little, but will make her start lactating.
Roger, you will help by sucking her tits mornings and
evenings until she develops a good steady supply of milk.
Is all that understood?”

Both Roger and Mia nodded, their heads swimming with the
implications of my instructions, and half crazed by the
sexual tension in the room.

“Good. Oh, I almost forgot. Roger, your wife will be
entertaining some of her new stable from time to time, so
get used to explaining to the neighbors why black men are
showing up at your door, and get used to her going off
nude with them from time to time.” I knew this would get
them. “That will ensure that she’s ready for some real
stable mates.”

Mia couldn’t contain herself any more, blurting, “Honey,
I want you to eat me.” And, she pulled her husband down
between her legs as she fell back onto the couch. She
held his head, and forcibly rubbed his nose in her wet
cunt while his tongue busily lapped the semen from her
body. Her pussy lips were swollen, but her clitoris was
sticking up like the champ that it was. As he ate, Mia
continued, “I hope it tastes good to you, because I
really enjoyed getting my pussy filled. In fact, my pussy
isn’t the only thing that I got filled. I managed to get
my womb filled too. You can’t believe the amount of sperm
I have inside, and from now on I intend to keep it
filled.” Roger just moaned as he continued to slurp.

As Roger ate, they both watched the video, Mia reliving
her earlier experiences and Roger seeing his wife gang
fucked by a group of black men. The screen showed Mia
getting blasted with load after load of semen that was
deposited in her cunt. Roger, realizing that all the
semen he was eating was from those black fuckers, moaned
in resignation while Mia held him by the ears and fed him
the stale sperm. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed
that we were not alone, and decided to make a show of it.
I instructed the couple to get into a sixty-nine, and Mia
turned around, and took Roger’s stiff prick into her
mouth. In seconds she was rewarded with the biggest load
she had gotten from her husband in weeks. It flooded her
mouth at about the same time she closed her eyes in
ecstasy from her own tumble down the climax mountain. As
the feeling hit her, she squeezed and unloaded a stream
of spunk into Roger’s mouth, which he eagerly ate as some
ran down his cheeks.

I sat with my own cum covered cock, having jacked off in
the chair watching the action. Mia was already learning,
as she got up, knelt between my legs, and dutifully began
lapping up my sperm. When finished, she stood up and
stretched her nakedness in front of Roger and me.

“Well, how do you like it so far, Roger?” I asked.

He was more relaxed now, and answered, “So far, so good.
It’s worth a shot, and I can say that the video got is
really getting me going. Mia, is that really you?”

Before she could answer, I piped up, “Of course it’s her,
and she enjoyed every minute of it.”

“Yes, those are some of my new friends, dear. And, yes,
they’ll be coming to our house on a regular basis,”
responded Mia in a motherly tone. “Oh, and Roger, we have
a new account at the adult book store. There are a few
things I want to pick up. That is, if it’s alright with
my new master.”

“We’ll work with that idea. Mia, I think one of your
first projects is going to be seducing a new female
member of the club. Let’s say, Roger’s boss’s wife? I
figure it would make one hell of a video. Don’t you


I left their house, and was busy making plans for Mia’s
visit to my place in a few weeks. I had been part and
parcel in creating a new monster like my wife had become.
As the current master of a strange girl, Jessica and Jodi
had guessed that I would rise to the occasion and fall
into their sexual trap. Their mastery at understanding
the human libido had worked again, and I became a willing
victim to their sordid manipulations. I knew in the back
of my mind that it wouldn’t be long before Mia embraced
the lifestyle of black sexing, and wouldn’t hesitate to
involve her family if that’s what it took to keep her new
found fetish. The strange thing was that it wasn’t
forced, it was chosen. It wasn’t a compulsive behavior,
it was fun, enjoyable, and offered her a new exciting
outlook on life. So exciting, in fact, that she would
want to share it with others in different ways. Share it
with her husband, her kids, her mother, her own sister,
her in-laws? For now, she was mine to control and to mold
either into a hopeless, dirty slut, or a fun and happy
slut. The choice was mine, and I can tell you that I’ll
take a fun loving slut any day. The only question
remaining was how far would I take her. She was mine to
mold, to build, or destroy. Even impregnate as I saw fit.

End of Best Laid Wives…


Here are some more chapters for the book. I made the
descriptions of the events as explicit as I remembered
them, and spiced up the language like you requested.

I really am proud that you’re taking this opportunity to
write about your experiences and mine. I had no idea that
my whole marriage was wasting away, I really thought that
I could hang on by playing Jessica’s games. Boy was I
wrong. Thank God you came along, not only to sex up my
life and keep my physically happy, but also to force me
into writing down all the things that happened.

At any rate, I’m glad that you decided to make the most
of our wretched adventures and write this book. It has
actually been a relief to me, putting down on paper those
things that actually occurred, because now I know I can
rise above any of the heartbreak that went along with it.
Let’s see now, these must be chapters twelve through
sixteen so far. You said that you enjoyed reading the
first eleven, so that’s what inspired me to continue. At
last I’m getting it all out, and that seems to make me
feel a whole lot better.

I hope that you’re ok with the story line about Jodi,
Jessica and the dog. After you said that their previous
misadventures about fucking the horses wasn’t so bad, and
it actually turned you on, I figured I could tell the
rest of their perversions.

Anyway, please let me know what you think about these
chapters. Do they need some more details? Some more
graphic language? Are they too long and drawn out? I’ll
be happy to modify them as long as they are still
factual. I’ll just keep working on the rest. I can’t
believe that I’ve only written about one and half years
so far. With about three more years of parties and wild
stuff to tell about, I’ll bet no one in the world will
believe this. I guess that’s why it’s turning out to be
so much fun. Sometimes when I read this, I can’t believe
it actually happened myself.

By the way, how are your kids and your hubby? I still
think it was awfully lucky that your last one was the
right color!

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