Mary has been intrigued by bestiality

Mary is 42 years old, stands about 5’2″, average looks,
and a nice body. She does yoga several times a week and
is reasonably fit. She is not Hollywood slim; the catty
women at work call her ‘curvy’ behind her back. Then
again, the men at work call her curvy too, but they’re
not being mean…

Mary has never married. She’s had a few boyfriends, but
just never seemed to find the right guy.

Her neighbor Bob is a nice man with a big black great
Dane named Hector. When Bob walks Hector, he stops by
almost every day to visit Mary and have a cup of coffee.
They’re good friends. Bob likes to help Mary out � he
does small fixit jobs for Mary, like changing her AC
filter or fixing a door hinge. Mary often wonders why
Bob has never made a pass at her. She’s not sure if she
even wants him to make a pass. She likes his friendship
and is halfway afraid that romance would end badly, as

Bob is very quiet about what he does for a living. Mary
knows Bob is involved in making movies, but Bob doesn’t
like to talk about his work so Mary has stopped asking.
She wonders if he really works for the mob or the CIA or

Mary likes to look at bestiality videos online but has
never had the courage to try it for real. She likes to
fantasize that Hector is the big black Dane she has seen
online with many women. She sees that the women who let
the black Dane fuck them do it two ways: The first
couple of times, they are very careful not to let him
put his cock in them too far. They are obviously worried
about getting hurt. However, after he fucks them a
couple of times, they start to get braver. A couple of
them even let him get his knot into them, although they
drop to their knees as soon as he cums.

Mary gets really turned on seeing the Dane pull his dick
out of them, the knot at the base just starting to
swell, and dog cum spraying from their pussies. Mary
loves masturbating to one girl in particular who is
wearing a bright blue wig and has a hairy pussy.

The girl is a little older than most of the others, and
she is obviously enjoying the Dane’s dick even though
she’s a little afraid of it too. She lets the Dane put
his dick all the way into her several times, pulling
away just as she feels the Dane’s knot starting to
swell, until one time the Dane goes into her and after a
few strokes, just as she starts to pull away, he grips
her real tight and pulls her down hard onto his cock.
The girl, realizing she is losing control of the
situation, tries to pull away, but the dog is having
none of it and pulls her back. Before she can do
anything else she starts making little gasping, high-
pitched yelps in time to the Dane’s thrusting and it’s
pretty obvious she is having an intense orgasm, and she
stops struggling and just submits to the dog.

It looks to Mary like the girl is liking Hector’s cock
way more than she thought she would. This goes on for a
good long time, until the Dane releases his grip and
lets her go. The Dane pulls his cock out of her and the
knot is HUGE. The girl drops to the floor and rolls over
onto her back, panting, and just starts languidly
stroking her pussy. Obviously she’s had a huge orgasm.
Mary loves to imagine herself in that girl’s place, the
dog taking her and nothing she can do to stop him.

One day as they are chatting over coffee, Bob asks Mary
if she could babysit Hector overnight. A thrill runs
through Mary’s womb. Is Hector going to fuck her
tonight? She can barely concentrate on Bob for thinking
about Hector. She finally manages to get her mind under
control and pay attention to Bob. Bob has to go out of
town and the kennel where he usually boards Hector is
booked solid. Mary tells him she is happy to have Hector
stay. Bob is so relieved; he didn’t want to leave Hector
at a strange kennel at the last minute, and he knows
Mary just adores Hector.

As Bob is dropping Hector off later that day, he warns
Mary that Hector can get a little playful, and sometimes
he will jump on folks. When Mary heard that, another
thrill ran through her womb. Could it be? Could Hector
really be the black Dane? Mary feels herself getting

All during the afternoon, Mary can’t make up her mind.
She is dying to get naked in front of Hector to see what
he will do… but she is terrified that Hector will be
too strong for her if she does. Gradually, Mary settles
down and gets to know Hector. He turns out to be like
most great Danes, friendly and gentle and a little
goofy. After supper, Mary sits on the couch and watches
TV. Hector gets on the couch too and lays his head in
her lap. Mary wonders if Hector can smell her pussy
through her jeans…

When bedtime rolls around, Mary gets up and goes into
the bedroom. Hector stays on the couch. Mary goes into
the bedroom to get ready for bed. She takes her clothes
off and puts on an oversized t-shirt as a nightie. Then
she takes off her panties and drops them on the floor,
opening her top drawer to get a fresh pair of panties
out. As she’s rummaging through the drawer, Hector
wanders into the bedroom. He wanders over to the dirty
panties lying on the floor and takes a sniff. Then he
gets real interested and takes a bunch of sniffs.

Mary feels a bump against her behind and a cold nose
goes under her nightshirt and right between her legs.
She spins around real fast, scared and turned on at the
same time. Is this it? Is it going to happen? All of the
sexual tension from earlier in the day comes rushing
back. Her butt is pressed against the dresser; Hector
sticks his head under her night shirt, putting his nose
right into her hairy bush.

Mary is so scared but so turned on. She doesn’t move.
Her legs are clamped shut, her hands braced on the
dresser. Hector licks the top of her pussy. Mary almost
has an orgasm right then. Her legs open up on their own,
Mary not even realizing she is opening herself to the
dog. Hector takes some more licks. Mary can feel an
orgasm building. OhMyGod! OhMyGod! OhMyGod! OhMyGod!

Mary wobbles over and sits on the bed. Hector comes over
to her and tries to mount her, knocking her onto her
back with her legs hanging off the end of the bed and
her feet on the floor. Her shirt is pushed up around her
waist, and Hector’s hairy chest is over her head, his
forelegs straddling her boobs. She looks down and sees
Hector start to thrust, the pink tip of his cock poking
out of his sheath. It’s maybe three inches above her
naked pussy.

She realizes Hector is too tall to fuck her in this
position so she relaxes a little bit. Pre-cum is
spraying out of his cock, landing hot and slippery onto
her belly. Then she feels some pre-cum land on her
pussy. It runs tickling down the crack of her pussy, and
she feels it soak in and merge with her own juices.

She wonders what Hector’s cock feels like. She arches up
off the bed, and her pussy touches the underside of
Hector’s pink dick, just for a second. It’s hot and wet
and slippery and Mary is so exited she can hardly
breathe. Should I do this?

Before she can even think, she gets up, bends over the
bed and presents herself to Hector. Hector wastes no
time in mounting her. He begins a gentle thrusting, and
she can feel the stiff hairs on the end of his cock
sheath just brushing her pussy lips. Then, just for a
second, she felt his dick enter her pussy and squirt
into her.

That was all it took � she was wracked by a gigantic
orgasm, so intense she couldn’t even stand up. She
dropped to her knees, her upper body still on the bed,
and writhed in the throes of the most intense orgasm
she’s ever had. As she came down from the experience,
she could feel Hector standing over her, still spraying
pre-cum onto her back. As she rolls onto her back, she
can see Hector’s dick inside its sheath, and the knot at
the base was ginormous! It looked like two golf balls.

She ran her hand over his sheath, and the skin was
absolutely taut trying to contain the enormous organ.
About three inches was sticking out of the end of the
sheath, and Mary realized that Hector must have only
gotten that much into her. She sat up and stared at it,
fascinated. It had a very distinctive smell, semen and
dog mixed together, that she found intoxicating. Without
even stopping to consider, she put her mouth on it.
Hector continued to make little squirts into her mouth.

His semen tasted salty, and she buried her face in the
fur of his crotch. After playing with it a bit, she was
able to slide the sheath back a little bit and get most
of the cock into her mouth, although the knot stayed in
the sheath. She swallowed again and again, savoring the
taste of his dick in her mouth.

Suddenly, the squirts get more forceful and the semen
thicker, and Hector starts humping into her mouth. She
let him fill her mouth with doggy cum, and then
gratefully swallowed it. When Hector stopped cumming, he
gently pulled his dick out of her mouth and got on the
end of the bed and started cleaning himself up. Mary lay
back on the bed, intending to start things up again when
she was recovered, but she felt soooo good and the
orgasm left her soooo relaxed that she drifted off…

The next day, Bob invites her over for supper to thank
her for babysitting the dog. As Mary walks in the door,
Hector trots up and greets her, and then takes a big
sniff of her pussy through her jeans. Mary gets
embarrassed and looks at Bob. Bob stands there for just
a second with an unreadable expression on his face
before he grabs Hector’s collar and apologizes.

After a very pleasant supper Bob makes margaritas the
right way, using real limes and mixing everything in a
Boston shaker. Mary doesn’t drink normally, but she
wants to be polite to Bob so she accepts the drink. Holy
cow, these are good, she thinks. She downs the first one
fairly quickly and Bob makes her another one. By the
time Mary is halfway through her second drink, she feels
her face start to tingle and knows she is getting tipsy.

Mary asks Bob what he does. He mentions he makes
independent movies. Mary asks if Hector ever stars in
them. Bob gives her a strange look. “Yes”, Bob says,
“Hector has been in some of my movies.” “I think I’ve
seen some of them,” Mary’s mouth says, before her brain
catches up. Bob’s eyebrows shoot up. “You’ve seen Hector
in movies? Which ones?” He asks.

Mary suddenly realizes she can’t admit what she saw
Hector doing, what if it’s not Hector? “Uh,” she says,
“I can’t really recall… I just remember seeing Hector
in a little video clip once online…”

Bob grins at her. He knows. She can see it. “He knows
what a pervert I am,” she thinks.

Bob asks her, “Which one is your favorite?” Mary can’t
look up. She is so embarrassed by this time that she can
only stare at the floor. Bob can see her face is bright
pink. Mary hears Bob shaking another drink. He hands her
another margarita. She tastes it and it’s really strong.
She gulps it down and hands the glass back to Bob.

Bob says, “Don’t be embarrassed. Holy cow, I MADE the
dang things!” Mary looks up to see Bob grinning at her.
So it WAS Hector she saw! ” Come on, I won’t tell anyone
you like them if you won’t tell anyone I made them,”
says Bob.

“Can I have another drink?” Mary asks.

“Sure,” says Bob. “But drink it slow, OK? I have
something to show you…” Mary’s head snapped up to see
Bob’s wicked grin. Bob goes over to the computer and
pulls up an mp4 file. It’s an older lady, maybe in her
fifties, and she’s fairly plump. And then Hector comes
into the shot… Mary really focuses in now that she
knows it’s really Hector. She watches as Hector mounts
the woman and begins to fuck her. Bob sees that Mary is
totally engrossed. She doesn’t seem to even be aware
that one of her hands is rubbing her pussy through her

“What’s your favorite video of Hector?” Bob asks.

Mary pauses, but thinks what the hell. “The girl with
blue hair. The one where she is wearing a black boostier
and garters and she has on a bright blue wig Bob grins
and clicks on another video. The girl with the blue hair
comes on. Mary cannot look away. It’s obvious that this
clip comes after the one she had seen online, when the
girl tried to fight Hector ad first before being
dominated by the dog.

This time, the girl eagerly turns and presents to the
dog, and Hector wastes no time mounting her. She submits
eagerly to Hector, and he pulls her hard back onto his
dick. Hector is thrusting into her so hard, Mary can
hear his hips slapping her ass cheeks. Then the girl
starts to gasp and yelp in the throes of her orgasm, and
Mary can hardly keep from squirming in her seat thinking
about what that cock must feel like inside that girl.
The cock that almost slipped into her last night.

When Hector lets the girl go and starts to pull out of
her, the girl actually backs up trying to keep Hector’s
dick in her a little longer. When his dick finally came
out of her, not only was the knot huge but the shaft was
also longer and incredibly thick. There was dog cum
running out of the girl’s pussy as well as still
squirting out of Hector’s cock. Mary was now totally

Mary feels Hector start sniffing her. She turns towards
him, and oh my god, just as he buries his nose between
her legs, the tip of his cock starts peeking out of his
sheath. Mary suddenly realizes she can smell Hector’s

Mary looks at Bob. Without thinking, she blurts out,
“What’s it feel like?” before slapping a hand over her
mouth and staring at the floor in embarrassment. Bob
looks real hard at her for a second, then says, “Why
don’t you find out for yourself?”

“Oh no, I couldn’t do that, it’s not right,” Mary goes
on and on. Bob doesn’t say anything, just reaches over
and starts unbuttoning Mary’s shirt. Mary is still
sputtering, “I-I can’t, I can’t,” but she can’t seem to
lift her hands to push Bob away.

Bob reaches inside her shirt and undoes the clasp on the
front of Mary’s bra, then reaches for her hand and leads
her down the hall, all the time Mary repeating, “I don’t
know, I don’t know…”

They get to a room at the end of the hall and Bob opens
the door. Oh my god, Mary recognizes the room. It’s the
room in the videos. The furniture is the same, and
there’s a professional video camera set up ready to
shoot. Mary looks at Bob in panic. “What are you going
to do to me?” she says. Bob leads her over to the closet
and opens the door. He reaches in and turns to Mary with
a big grin on his face. In one hand he has a black
leather boostier and in the other hand a bright blue

Mary doesn’t say a word, just starts taking off her
clothes right there. “Oh my god, it’s really going to
happen,” Mary thinks. Bob takes his clothes off too, so
she feels more comfortable, and while he’s waiting for
Mary to finish changing, wraps Hector’s front paws so he
won’t scratch her, and turns on the video camera…

“OK,” says Bob, “you need to know a couple of things. It
takes Hector a couple of times to get fully warmed up,
so the first two or three times he fucks you, his dick
doesn’t swell completely. But the third or fourth time,
you will feel him start to swell real big. When he does,
drop down quickly so that his knot comes out of you. He
gets very big, and some girls can’t handle his size.”

Bob might as well have been talking to a wall. Mary is
practically in heat. Hector has already walked over to
her and started licking. Mary’s legs start shaking and
she can hardly stand up. She manages sit down on the
coffee table. Hector rears up and puts his front paws on
either side of Mary on the coffee table. Mary meekly
turns around, bends over, and presents her rear. Hector
grabs her around the waist and starts thrusting. Mary is
nearly cumming with anticipation. She feels Hector’s
cock poking around, feeling for her pussy.

Suddenly Mary says, “Wait, I’m not sure about this!” but
just then Hector’s dick finds her pussy. She can feel
the hair on his sheath brushing against her pussy, and
the tip of his dick, slippery with natural lubrication,
moving up and down the slit. Mary gets very still. As
the tip of Hector’s dick parts her pussy lips, Mary is
nearly wild with anticipation. And then as Hector gently
slides his dick deeper into Mary.

She can feel Hector sliding in and out of her, and she
feels his balls gently slapping her pussy on each
thrust, and Mary realizes Hector is completely inside
her. Hector’s knot starts to inflate. Mary can really
feel it sliding in and out of her pussy now. Suddenly
she feels her pussy get real wet and Hector dismounts.
“Ohmygod! Ohmygod! I have dog sperm in me! Ohmygod Mary
is flushed and gasping with pleasure. Just as she starts
wondering if she should straighten up, Hector takes her
again. This time he seems to know exactly where her
pussy is, and rams his dick into her immediately. Mary
is enjoying this immensely… she can feel every stroke
Hector takes in her pussy.

She feels her pussy go wet again as Hector breeds her,
and it tingles as her orgasm nears. But this time,
instead of dismounting her, Hector grabs her real hard
and pulls her against him. Mary can feel his knot really
starting to swell and tries to get loose, but Hector has
her too tightly. Mary can’t decide what to do, but it
doesn’t matter. Hector is too strong for her anyway, and
she finally just submits to Hector and lets his knot go
where it will.

The pressure of the knot locking into her pussy and now
being too big to come back out brings on a tremendous
orgasm. Mary is left making gasping, high pitched yelps
as the dog uses her to his complete satisfaction. As
orgasm after orgasm rolls over her, Mary can feel her
pussy being forced to accommodate Hector’s giant knot.
It hurts, a little, but it feels good even more. Being
taken and dominated by Hector feels so good… As Hector
sprays jet after jet of his sperm into Mary, he stops
thrusting, his knot growing even bigger.

Then Mary feels his cock touch bottom in her pussy. She
had seen that after Hector pulled out, his dick had kept
growing; she knew it must still be growing in her even
though he wasn’t pulling out. The altered feeling
started another orgasm growing. As the pressure against
the bottom of her pussy grew, she could feel the orgasm
building and building. She tried to hold off as long as
possible, in order to make it all the stronger.

Finally, she couldn’t hold back anymore, and the cum was
so strong she saw little yellow and red stars in her
vision as she nearly passed out. As she dropped to the
floor, Hector’s cock was yanked out of her. She turned
to look and couldn’t believe what had just been inside
her. It was enormous. The whole thing was easily 7 or 8
inches long, the knot like two golf balls.

Mary lay on her back, completely spent, dog sperm
running out of her pussy. She had never felt so content.
She knew Hector was going to use her again, and she was
looking forward to it.

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