Poop on my wife

Sometimes Walt hated his job as a high school teacher. He
felt that way as he watched Damon swagger out of his
office and Brad swagger in. Both of them were there to
complain about the F’s he had given them. Neither one of
them had done the slightest bit of work in his course,
and when they bothered to show up at all, had been rude
and disruptive. But they didn’t believe he had the right
to give them F’s, and they felt no compunction about
displaying their anger.

Damon was a big, muscular, handsome youth of 17. How
could a person that masculine be gay, Walt wondered.
Damon flaunted his homosexuality, feeling up and
harassing the straight kids at will. No one dared
challenge him, because Damon was one of the leaders of
the toughest gang in the school.

“Gay,” Walt thought to himself. “You can’t even call them
homosexuals any more, much less queers or fags.” The idea
of even touching another man’s penis filled Walt with
disgust. He didn’t even want to think about what else
they did with each other.

Brad, also 17, was the boss of the same gang. Taller and
stronger and more handsome even than Damon. “Christ, he
looks like a movie star,” Walt thought, as Brad entered.
“Jesus, no wonder the women fall all over him.” Brad
always seemed to be in the company of several women, some
students, some older, but all babes.

Sometimes Walt envied a person like Brad. He wondered
what it would be like to have such appeal that he could
fuck women at will. Walt and his wife Sheila had both
been virgins when they got married, and neither had had
any sexual experience outside their marriage.

Walt couldn’t help regretting what he had missed, though
he knew he never would be unfaithful to Sheila, even in
the unlikely event he had the opportunity. Sheila was 46,
the same as Walt, but didn’t look a day over 30. She
still had a spectacular figure and was just as drop-dead
gorgeous as the day he first saw her.

Sheila taught in the same school, but she didn’t have the
same problem keeping discipline that Walt had. Her large,
firm breasts and beautiful face kept the unruly students
in line.

Walt explained to Brad, as he had explained to Damon,
that he could not pass a student who did absolutely no
work in his course and could not even behave. Brad gave
him a look of such intense hostility, that Walt couldn’t
help shuddering. “You’ll be sorry, you piece of shit,”
Brad hissed, and abruptly walked out.

Walt was still shaken by these interviews when he got
home, but the sight of his beautiful Sheila cheered him
up, as it always did. God, he loved this woman. She was
everything to him. Walt knew that to any other woman, he
would be considered a wimp. Even after all these years of
marriage, he could still not quite believe that this
gorgeous, wonderful woman loved him as he loved her.

Sheila had prepared a special dinner for Walt. It was the
13th of the month, Walt’s birthday. Not only had she made
all his favorites, she had dressed herself up in her
sexiest outfit. Walt and Sheila did not have sex too
often, because Walt had difficulty getting an erection
more than once every one or two weeks. They had been
saving up for this night for three weeks, and each of
them was looking forward to bedtime.

But just as they were finishing up dinner, the front door
flew open. In their part of town, there was no crime and
people never locked their doors. In marched Brad, Damon,
and three other teenagers, one of whom was a girl, a
beautiful Asian girl. The other two boys were almost as
tough looking as Brad and Damon, though not as good
looking. Walt and Sheila had never seen human faces as
filled with hostility and menace as these five youths

Brad, who was obviously in charge, walked over to where
Walt was sitting, jerked Walt’s slight frame out of his
chair with an easy motion of his hand, and yelled into
his face: “Are you going to do what you are told, or do
we have to tie you up?” For good measure, he gave Walt a
blow in the stomach. Although he pulled his punch, it was
easily enough to get Walt doubled over in agony. “I’ll do
what you say,” Walt finally agreed, when he had gotten a
semblance of his breath back.

“I told you you’d be sorry, shithead. And I’ve been
waiting to get into your wife’s cunt for months. Tonight
is payback, so get ready to suffer.”

Sheila let out a scream. “Take care of that bitch, will
you Mei Ling,” Brad said. The girl walked over to the
frightened woman. Mei Ling had incredibly sweet features
that made the meanness in her eyes all the more
frightening. She gave Sheila a hard slap in the face, so
hard that Sheila saw stars. “Shut up, cunt,” she said,
“or I’ll tear those big tits of yours to shreds with my
fingernails.” Mei Ling’s nails were long and pointed, and
it was evident that if she had to she’d do what she
threatened and love every minute of it.

Sheila was whimpering but quiet, and Mei Ling smiled,
saying “Cheer up, cunt. Tonight you’re going to find out
what it’s like to be a woman, fucked by real men.”

“All right,” said Brad, “we’ll start by having both of
you take all your clothes off, you first.” He pointed to
Walt. Walt took off his shirt and undershirt, then his
shoes and socks, and his pants. Brad impatiently gestured
for him to remove his undershorts, and he did so,

When Walt was bare, the five teenagers began hooting and
then laughing uncontrollably. With his girlish frame and
tiny dick, he presented a pathetic picture, and his
tormentors were not about to let him forget it.

“Jesus, lady,” said Ray, one of the other youths. “How
can you be married to such a wimp. That’s more like a
clit than a dick.”

The others laughed and made similar cracks. Sheila had
been crying since this started, and now tears were
rolling down Walt’s cheeks. That only made the teenagers
laugh harder, and provoked more comments about what a
pussy Walt was. Damon walked over to him.

“He’s going to be my pussy,” the handsome gay boy said.
And he grabbed Walt’s face and pressed his lips to
Walt’s. Walt was filled with disgust and tried to pull
away, but Damon held him tight. Then Brad, menacingly,
told him to give Damon a nice, sexy kiss, if he didn’t
want Brad and the others to use his belly seriously as a
punching bag. Filled with terror and disgust, Walt opened
his mouth. Damon’s tongue shot in and for what seemed
forever to Walt, explored every inch of Walt’s mouth with
his tongue.

When Damon finally pulled away, the youths began jeering
again at what a pussy Walt was, harping especially on his
tiny dick.

“Well, let’s give him a chance,” said Brad. “Maybe it
gets bigger when it’s hard. Sheila here can help us find
out. Get naked, cunt, and then use your mouth to show us
if that wimp is even capable of getting hard.”

“I can’t,” she whimpered. “No man has ever seen me naked
except my husband.” Mei Ling gave her another slap, even
harder than the first. “Come on, Brad, let me use my
nails on the bitch’s tits.”

“I’m sure that won’t be necessary,” said Brad. “I’m sure
the cunt has learned her lesson. Now get those clothes
off and get on your knees.”

Hearing the menace in Brad’s voice, Sheila took off her
clothes. The teenagers whistled when she bared her
breasts. “Oh, I wish I had a pair like that,” Mei Lin
said. “She must have nearly 40 inches.”

“Let’s find out,” Brad said. “Hey, wimp, go get a tape
measure and show us your wife’s measurements.” Walt,
still naked, went to a drawer and brought back a tape
measure. Humiliated to be showing off his wife’s nudity
to these intruders, he put the tape around her tits. It
showed exactly 38 inches. And those breasts were
perfectly shaped, without the slightest sag.

Brad ordered Sheila to take her skirt and her panties
off. While her superb breasts had drawn whistles, now her
complete nudity brought a reverent hush. Sheila had a
magnificent bottom. Her ass was compact, round, firm,
soft, deeply creviced–in a word, perfect. Her lovely
pussy was covered with a lush triangle of thick, dark

“Oh, man,” sighed Carlos, the remaining teenager. “How
can a babe like you be married to a worthless piece of
shit like this?”

Brad ordered Sheila to get to work. Obediently, she
dropped to her knees in front of Walt. Walt and Sheila,
both brought up to be extremely conservative about sex,
had never done this before. The idea of kissing or
licking the other’s “sex,” as they called his prick and
her pussy, had seemed repugnant. But now Sheila had no
choice. She overcame her repugnance and put Walt’s tiny
penis in her mouth. Despite his humiliation, the
unfamiliar sensation overpowered him, and he got hard. As
hard, that is, as he ever got, which was not very hard.

When it became clear he was at full size, the teenagers
had another laugh at his expense. Brad handed him back
the measuring tape and ordered him to measure his dick.
When he had done so, Brad said “how much?”

“Five inches,” Walt said sheepishly.

“If that much, you shrimp-dicked wimp,” Mei Ling roared
through her laughter. “I think you cheated with the tape.
And you’re about as thick as my pinky finger. Cunt, you
don’t even know what it is to be fucked by a man, if he’s
all you’ve had.”

“All right, bitch,” Brad said to Sheila. “That’s enough
of the preliminaries. I’m next.”

Brad took off his shirt, then ordered Sheila to kneel in
front of him and take off his pants and undershorts. She
did, and she gasped when she saw what she had revealed.
Brad’s soft, hanging prick was at least two inches longer
than her husband’s “hardon.” But the thickness was more
impressive than the length. She knew she should be
repulsed, but involuntarily her hand grasped his shaft.

It was too thick for her fingers to grasp. As she held
him, she felt the heat and weight of him. She noticed his
massive testicles, each about half again as large as a
jumbo egg. And then she felt the movement, and realized
that he was growing hard. With each twitch, the massive
instrument in her hand became thicker and longer. By the
time it was hard, her fingers barely reached two-thirds
of the way around. The heat was intense, and the shaft
was iron hard. She tried to bend it, but it was so stiff
she couldn’t make it budge. The enormous penis stood
straight up, well past Brad’s navel, almost reaching his
muscular chest.

Sheila had never seen a dick other than her husband’s and
she was overcome by Brad’s incredible manhood. That evil
Asian girl was right, she thought to herself with a sense
of humiliation. I never did know what it was to be fucked
by a real man. She felt strong electric waves shooting
through her body, originating from her rapidly moistening

Brad pulled her head toward himself and she put her mouth
on Brad’s huge dick. She wasn’t even thinking. She was
overpowered, hypnotized, by Brad’s incredible
masculinity. All she knew was that she was in the
presence of a real man and she had to have him. She
tongued and kissed his testicles and shaft and engulfed
the head with her mouth–all she could get in.

While Sheila was working with her mouth on Brad’s
manhood, she suddenly felt herself being nuzzled and
kissed in her crotch. Oh, God, it was the Asian girl, Mei
Ling. She had her tongue inside Sheila’s pussy. Sheila
knew that lesbianism was about the most immoral activity
imaginable and that she should do anything rather than
let that mean, evil girl touch her own private parts. But
Sheila’s will was disappearing as waves of previously
unknown sexual pleasure started rolling through her body.

Soon Rod was licking one of her gorgeous tits and Carlos
was working on the other one. Now Mei Ling’s tongue had
left her pussy and was laving her asshole. Ten minutes
before she would have regarded such a thing as impossibly
disgusting. Now, she was exploding in a more powerful
orgasm than Walt had ever given her.

When Brad had had enough of Sheila’s pretty mouth on his
cock, he pulled away, picked her up, and put her down on
her back on the sofa. Sheila, though in a sexual frenzy
like she had never known, nevertheless had enough self-
possession to protest. “No, please don’t. No one but my
husband has ever done this to me. And you are too big,
you’ll hurt me.”

Brad laughed, and told a couple of the other teenagers to
hold her. Mei Ling helped hold her down by straddling her
face, holding it with her perfect thighs and pressing her
furry pussy against Sheila’s mouth. Sheila tried to
scream, but it was muffled. The very idea of tasting a
woman’s sex–even a beautiful young woman like Mei Ling–
was repulsive to her. Or so she thought. But she began to
get used to the strong musky woman smell and soon,
involuntarily, was moving her tongue inside Mei Ling’s
pussy and lapping up her juices. Meanwhile, Brad was
lining his enormous cock up with the opening to Sheila’s

Suddenly he entered, and Sheila felt stretched as she had
never imagined. She had barely had time to register the
pain, when she began to feel the pleasure. Whenever her
husband fucked her, she always had to ask him if he was
in, and then if he was finished. The feeling of Brad’s
prick inside her was a revelation. When it was still less
than halfway in, she realized he was further in than Walt
ever had been or ever could be. And he was stretching
her, revealing and stimulating pleasure nerves she had
never known she had.

And still, with each stroke he was going deeper. Finally,
with a shock, she felt him hit bottom. He was all the way
in, and she was stuffed absolutely full, stretched to the
limit, every pleasure nerve sending alarms of excitement
throughout her body. She screamed, and she had an orgasm,
more powerful than what she had felt before. Her husband
could never dream of doing this for her, and he knew it
as he watched helplessly.

Indeed, the only orgasms she had known had been from
masturbating herself. But this was ecstasy, such as she
had never dreamed of. And still Brad was pumping,
bringing her to new heights. She came again, and again.
Each time she thought she had reached an inconceivable
limit of excitement, and each time he proved she was
wrong. She was now moaning uncontrollably, not even
knowing where she was, oblivious to everything but her
cunt, and the magnificent engine that was driving her

Walt’s heart had sunk. He wanted to die. In front of his
eyes, his wife, his lovely Sheila, the only meaning in
his life, was being taken away from him. She was being
possessed by this despicable young barbarian. Despicable,
but undoubtedly an incredible specimen of manhood. He
hated Brad with all his soul, but he envied him even more
than he hated him.

Brad now had Sheila coming continuously. Each orgasm
started before the preceding one had ended. Sheila felt
like she was a sheer electric current, getting constantly
stronger, utterly out of control. And then Brad knew the
moment had come, and let himself go. Several more hard
strokes, and Brad felt the overpowering climax. Masses of
potent man-cream were forced from his oversized
testicles, through the length of his hot, iron-hard
penis, and into the deepest recesses of Sheila’s cunt.

The scalding force of his semen jets brought Sheila to a
new level, as she shuddered and moaned through her final
climax. For more than a minute, her body was nothing but
pure, shaking sensation. Then, as a blessed calmness was
restored to her, she knew she was happier and more deeply
satisfied than she had ever been. The world was lovely,
and nothing was lovelier than this paragon of a man who
had given her such unimagined pleasure.

She looked at him. Brad, and Walt, and everyone else in
the room could see what was obvious. There was complete
love in that look. From that moment, Sheila belonged to
Brad. Like so many women before her, she was his.

When Brad finally pulled out, his penis had “shrunk” to
it’s minimum of seven inches. “Crawl over here, asshole,”
he said to Walt.

Walt’s eyes were so filled with tears, he could hardly
see what he was doing. “Clean me off,” Brad snarled. Walt
cleared his eyes and looked at the enormous penis,
hanging inches from his eyes as Brad stood before him.
Walt hardly knew what his thoughts were. He hated this
youth who had stolen his wife, but he also felt awe for
his manhood. He knew he could not blame Sheila. What
woman could resist such power? But he just couldn’t bring
himself to do what Brad was ordering.

“I – I – I just ca – can’t,” he stammered.

CRACK! Brad had given him a slap so hard, he thought his
jaw must be broken. It wasn’t, but it would be sore for a

“That was a love slap, shithead. Now do what I say or
I’ll hit you hard.”

Walt’s fear overcame his revulsion, barely. He took
Brad’s shaft in his hand. Like Sheila before him, he was
amazed at its weight. The smell of Brad and Sheila’s sex
juices, sweat, and Brad’s pure, manly crotch-smell almost
overwhelmed him. Gingerly, he touched his tongue to
Brad’s penis. He was struck by the softness of the skin
on Brad’s massive organ. As he brought his tongue back
into his mouth it brought with it a glob of Brad’s man-
cream, seasoned with Sheila’s cuntjuice that had flowed
so freely. Walt swallowed, and a moment later he retched
and it was all he could do to avoid throwing up.

“Throw up, asshole, and you’ll swallow every bit of it.”

Walt barely controlled himself. Again his tongue lapped
more sex juice from the massive cock, and again, until it
was clean. Then Brad made him lap every speck of juice
that had splashed into his rich fluff of pubic hair or
onto his huge testicles. Walt became familiar with the
musky taste and smell, and the feel of every inch of
Brad’s crotch.

After that, Walt had to watch as Ray and Carlos raped his
wife. Ray had eight inches of thick man meat and Carlos
had nine and a half. Each was more than twice as thick as
Walt, who realized his own complete inadequacy as a man
was being shown over and over again as this terrible
night proceeded. Ray gave Sheila another orgasm, and
Carlos gave her three. Then, Sheila was forced to give
Mei Ling’s pretty pussy a thorough lapping.

Mei Ling had several strong orgasms, and Sheila found to
her disgust that she was actually savoring the taste of
Mei Ling’s pussy. She looked up into Mei Ling’s beautiful
face and almost felt as if she was in love with the Asian
teenager. She realized with disbelief she actually felt
pride every time she brought Mei Ling to an ejaculation.

When the strong taste of Mei Ling’s final orgasm hit her
tongue, Sheila exploded powerfully herself. Walt realized
that even a woman could satisfy Sheila as he could not
do. He thought things had hit rock bottom. But he had
forgotten about Damon.

“It’s my turn now, you piece of shit,” said Damon. “You
want to put my big dick in your mouth and make me hard,
and then have me fuck your shitty asshole, don’t you?”

“Oh, God, not that. Please, anything, anything but that.”

Again, Brad gave him a punch in the stomach, harder than
before. It took Walt more than ten minutes to catch his
breath and get over his agony.

“Now, get on your knees and beg for it,” said Brad,
“before I give you a serious punch.”

Frightened out of his wits, Walt got on his knees in
front of Damon, who still had his pants on. At this
moment, Ray, who had gone out to the teenagers’ pickup a
few moments before, came back in with a video camera and
began to record what happened next. But Walt knew he had
no choice.

“Please, let me suck your cock. I’m begging you,” Walt
pleaded with Damon.

Damon, who apparently had real acting ability, acted as
if he were confused and flustered.

“But sir that would be wrong. Especially with a teacher,
and when I’m under age and all.”

“I’m begging you,” Walt let out passionately. Behind
Damon, and out of camera range, he could see Brad
threatening him. “You’re such a stud, I’ve got to have
your beautiful prick. Please let me suck you and then
fuck my ass.”

“Why don’t you just fuck your wife,” Damon asked. Brad
was behind him, still threatening.

“She can’t satisfy me and I can’t satisfy her. I’m not
man enough. Let me know what it’s like to be a real man
with a man-sized prick by feeling you shoot your come
deep in my ass. I promise, if you let me suck your cock
I’ll give you an A, and you won’t have to do a bit of

Damon started to pull away. “No professor, honestly, I
don’t think I should.”

Desperately, Walt lunged at him and pulled down his
pants. He was amazed. Damon wasn’t as big as Brad, but he
was close. Walt remembered his thought that afternoon,
and thought again, “how could such a stud be gay. He
could be like Brad and have any woman he wanted.”

Walt put the head and several inches of Damon’s huge meat
into his mouth. Immediately, he felt the jerking motion
of a rapidly hardening penis. His head was forced up, as
Damon’s meat grew and stiffened. Finally, he could keep
only about an inch beyond the head in his mouth. Damon
was thicker than his wrist and exactly twelve inches

“I wish I were as big as Brad,” Damon said, “but I can’t
imagine being as tiny as you.”

The others, watching intently as Walt was about to be
brutally raped, snickered. “Don’t worry,” Carlos called
out. “Look, Damon, you’re more than twice as long as him,
at least five times as thick, and much harder. What a
pathetic excuse you are for a man, pussy. Beg Damon for
his cock up your ass, you wimp.”

Walt turned around, got down on his knees, with his
asshole sticking up toward Damon. The camera was still
rolling. “Please, I’m begging you, please fuck me with
that beautiful, huge cock of yours. I need it.”

“Okay, fag, you asked for it,” Damon snarled, derisively.

And Damon pressed the head of his massive cock against
the tiny entrance to Walt’s virgin asshole. Damon was
still wet with Walt’s saliva. Slowly, the head entered,
and then with a pop it was inside. Walt thought he had
never felt so much pain, not even when Brad hit him. He
thought Damon would tear him to pieces.

But Damon was stroking in and out now, getting deeper and
deeper. Gradually, the pain subsided just a bit, and a
pleasurable feeling began to emerge. Then Damon’s prick
hit Walt’s prostate, and suddenly Walt was on fire. It
was three weeks since he had had an orgasm, and now he
was receiving a stimulus he had never known. Damon
continued deeper and deeper, as the rough, veined surface
of his hard cock set up a symphony of sensations on
Walt’s prostate. Suddenly he realized he really did need
Damon’s cock.

“Oh, yes, fuck me, fuck me, plow me with that huge cock.
Oh God, it’s good, I need it. Fuck me, fuck me.”

Damon was getting hot as he saw the sexual power he had
over this wimp who thought he was too pure to touch
another man’s penis. He was pumping fast now, and then he
felt the thrill as he went past the point of no return.
Electricity surged through both their bodies, and then
Damon’s big steel rod began jerking, and huge hot pellets
of gay man-cream surged into what had been Walt’s ass and
was now, he knew to his shame, his pussy.

Or rather, Damon’s pussy. Damon’s private property, just
as Sheila’s real pussy was now owned by Brad. The heat
and force of Damon’s eruption was easily enough to set
Walt off, though his feeble spasms and the few drops of
thin liquid that dribbled from his cock were pathetic
compared to the man-sized orgasm Damon was experiencing.

Moments later, Damon pulled his softened cock with a pop
from Walt’s violated man-pussy. Walt was forced to clean
off the shit-streaked man cream from Damon’s soft but
still large dick. A few minutes later, masses of cream,
laced with the brown of Walt’s churned turds, began to
ooze out of Walt’s asshole. Brad made sure Walt scooped
up every drop with his fingers and swallowed the mess.
Again, it was all Walt could do to avoid throwing up, but
he managed because he know that otherwise Brad would
carry out his threat to make Walt swallow his own vomit.
And every moment had been captured on videotape.

Everybody fucked Sheila again at least two times in
various orifices, and always Walt had to clean up with
his tongue. Twice more Damon fucked Walt’s man-pussy,
though Walt was unable to mount another orgasm.

When it was all over, Sheila begged Brad to stay. “I need
you,” she said. “I can’t live if you don’t fuck me

Brad loved this. “What about your husband,” he said.

“I don’t care about him. He’s a pathetic piece of shit.”

“No, Sheila,” Walt moaned, softly. But Sheila looked at
him with contempt. Now that she knew what real men could
do for her, she realized how worthless as a man Walt
really was. And after seeing Walt lick another man’s
penis and allow another man to fuck him in the ass, she
could never again have an ounce of respect for him.

Brad had an idea, to see if Sheila meant what she said.
There were elegant photographs of Walt and Sheila
standing on a shelf. He took the picture of Walt and put
it on the floor.

“All right, if you mean what you say, shit on him.”

Sheila smiled. “With great pleasure,” she said.

Walt could hardly believe it. “No, Sheila, don’t. You

But Sheila calmly walked to the picture, squatted over
it, and after a couple of moments delay and one big,
noisy fart, dropped a big turd right on Walt’s smiling
face. The intruders laughed hysterically, yelling that
Walt had never looked better, and making similar cracks.

“Okay, shithead, go clean up the shit from your wife’s
beautiful bottom. It’s better than you deserve.”

Walt was hardly aware of the horror to which Brad was now
subjecting him, as he was so dejected by what he had just
seen his wife do. And, he realized, not because she was
forced. Because she wanted to. Brad’s replacement of him
was absolutely complete, and all he was good for now was
to serve as her asswipe. So he kneeled down behind her,
and used his tongue on her stinking, filthy ass crack.
The smell and taste were unbelievably disgusting, but
somehow he managed to do it.

“Just a minute,” said Mei Ling. “That bitch is no better
than he is. They are a pair of shitheads.” And she walked
to the shelf, put Sheila’s picture on the floor, squatted
over it, and deposited two large turds right on her
smile. Walt was ordered to clean her off as well, and
submissively, he obeyed.

Brad announced that they would be going. He told Sheila
that if she wanted him to come back and fuck her some
more, her husband would have to beg for it.

Sheila made it clear to Walt she’d walk out on him that
night if he didn’t beg and beg and never stop begging. So
Walt got on his knees once more. Of course, he promised
that the next morning, first thing, he would change all
these students’ grades to A. (Ray, Carlos, and Mei Ling
had all gotten D’s.) And he begged Brad to come back and
fuck Sheila, because he was a wimp who could never hope
to satisfy her. He begged him to bring Damon back to fuck
him again. He begged him to let him drink all their piss
and to eat all their shit. He swore he wanted nothing
more than to be their degraded sex slave for the rest of
his life.

And it was the truth.

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