Sister sensual afternoon

Jarvis might have walked right on by if he hadn’t heard soft cries
emerging from behind the partially opened door. Raising his eyebrows in
surprise, he immediately stopped in his tracks and pushed the door open,
not thinking that he was intruding on a private scene. What he saw made
Jarvis’ jaw drop and his green eyes smolder with unexpected passion.

His gorgeous sixteen year old sister lay sprawled on her bed stark
naked, her legs spread wantonly apart, her hips lewdly bucking back and
forth while her fingers worked frantically at her sweet, dripping pussy.
Her eyes were closed, and little trilling noises of carnal delight escaped
from between her full coral-pink lips.

It was the sexiest thing he’d seen in a long time, and Jarvis was
paralyzed with lust and confusion. He knew immediately that it was wrong
to lust after his own sister, but she was the sweetest, sexiest looking
thing he’d ever set eyes on, and from the way she was responding to her
probing fingers, she was also hot as a whore…

Melanie was so enwrapped in the whirling, heated sensations that had
taken possession of her body that she hadn’t even heard the sound of
Jarvis’ boots on the stairwell. But now, she suddenly sensed that there
was someone in the room, perhaps because a draft had begun to blow through
the opened door.

With a shock of startled fear, she opened her big blue eyes suddenly,
and through her lust-clouded vision found herself looking into the
smoldering eyes of her own brother.

“J-Jarvis!” she squeaked breathlessly, too shocked to make any attempt
to cover herself.

Her lust-heated eyes drank in the sight of his heavily muscled, tanned
torso and the conspicuous bulge in his trousers. She also saw the
answering glimmer of lascivious excitement in his troubled eyes.

Quivering with passive excitement, her huge baby blue eyes fixed a
pleading look on her big brother’s face.

Jarvis stared at her, dumbfounded, and then took a deep breath, stepping
quickly into the room and closing the door behind him. He turned the
latch, and then walked slowly to the side of his sister’s bed.

“Melanie, honey,” he said huskily, sitting down beside her, “You’ve gone
and blossomed into a young woman without my even noticing! Shit, honey, I
must have been blind.”

His burning green eyes raked over her trembling, translucent flesh, and
he gently reached out and brushed his fingers over one of her pillowy
bosoms, drawing it down and plucking at the ripe red nipple.

“J-Jarvis,” Melanie whispered feebly, “D-Do you think we should?”

“I don’t know,” he replied hoarsely, looking at her, “Do you want to,

Melanie gave a ragged sigh and said softly in a quavering voice, “Yes! I
– I really do!”

Jarvis nodded, his head reeling with excitement, unable to resist the
temptation of his sister’s luscious, beckoning body, and yet, unable to
shake the nagging voice which told them that what he was contemplating
doing was wrong. His heart pounded violently in his chest, and his loins
seemed to be on fire. His rigid pecker stretched painfully against the
tight material of his trouser leg.

He licked his lips, running his hand slowly over his sister’s body,
reveling in the sensation of her delicate, satiny flesh against the coarse
skin of his palm.

“Melanie, have you ever done this before?” he asked softly.

She hesitated and then shook her head, biting her lip.

“Are you scared?” he said.

She smiled tremulously. “Yes, a little,” she said, “But I want it more
than I’m afraid of it. And, Jarvis, I know they all say it’s wrong, but
I’m so glad it’s you who’s going to introduce me to it! Really I am!”

Jarvis grinned down at her, his last lingering doubts evaporating into
mist. Hell, a man would have to be a fool to turn down an invitation from
a gorgeous virginal nymphet like that, even if she WAS his sister!

He bent down and brushed his lips across hers, his hot breath burning
into her face. Then, he crushed his mouth hungrily against Melanie’s
pouting ruby-red lips, kissing her hard. Melanie gave a muffled moan of
pleasure as their teeth grazed together and his long wriggling tongue
swarmed into her mouth, swabbing up her sweet saliva.

He rolled on top of her, his powerful, warm body bearing down on hers
deliciously, and Melanie shuddered as she felt his strength rippling
through his muscles. She could feel the hard, hot outline of his prick
mashing against her belly, and her loins quivered and burned in excitement.

She ran her hands over his hard, sweaty back and down to his tight,
small ass, encased in the material of his riding breeches. Her head was
swimming with desire.

Jarvis pressed his mouth against his sister’s slender throat, feeling
the pulse there and inhaling her sweet perfume. He groaned in desire and
began to rain hot kisses on her delicate flesh, worming his way down her
body. He kneaded and manipulated her breasts gently in his big strong
hands, flicking his thumb nails across the turreting nibs. He brushed his
lips across the marshmallow-like resilience of her breast, thrusting out
his tongue and darting it across her pebbly aureola. With a growl of
satisfaction, he affixed his lips about the nipple and sucked greedily at
it, catching the erect finger of flesh between his teeth and nibbling it

Melanie purred in satisfaction, arching her back and gasping as darts of
pure pleasure rustled through her. She was reeling with delight. Her
beloved brother was making love to her! It was almost too good to be true!
She ran her fingers through his light brown hair and pulled him urgently to
her breasts, his sucking mouth sending shudders of hot pleasure through her

Jarvis moved on, dipping his face into his sister’s deep cleavage, and
then sucking on her other nipple. He eased himself down further,
continuing his oral trek down her succulent body, leaving a trail of
glistening saliva in his wake.

He paused briefly to dip his tongue into the hollow of her navel, and
then gave a low groan of pleasure as he came in contact with her delicate
pubic thatch. His heart thumping like crazy, he darted his tongue rapidly
to and fro, tangling it in the silken hairs surrounding her puffy mound.
He laved the quivering, moist outer lips of her cunt hungrily, pressing his
tongue into the sweet, heady furrow and tasting her rich, honeyed juices.
Hell, he could eat a young girl’s muff forever and never get tired of the
flavor and smell of it! Jarvis buried his face between his sister’s thighs
and mashed his lips and tongue against the slick, slippery flesh of her
vagina, slurping and sucking hungrily.

Melanie tossed her golden curls from side to side gasping and whimpering
in dazed ecstasy as shuddering sensations of pleasure more powerful than
anything she had experienced before tore through her healthy young body.
Each time her brother’s tongue swished over the puckered, sensitized flesh
of her cunt, a blast of heated rapture rippled through her loins like a
jolt of electricity.

Jarvis ferreted out her small rigid clitoris and strummed it hungrily,
dexterously wrapping the tip of his tongue around it and flicking it to and
fro. Melanie’s hips begun to buck up and down and a small scream flew from
her throat.


Her fingers dug frantically into his head as he continued to
relentlessly suck and kiss her quavering pussy. Jarvis ran his fingers
over the sweet full lobes of her ass and squeezed them gently. Then, he
moved his hands up between her legs. Catching hold of the dripping lips of
her vagina, he peeled them back, revealing the glistening pink jewels of
her cunt. Still strumming her aching clit with his tongue, he began to
work two fingers into her cuntal furrow, slowly thrusting them back and
forth and wriggling his wrist.

Melanie’s eyes shot open and she gave a hoarse gasp of shuddering
pleasure as she felt the stiff fingers slide slowly to the second joint
inside her. Her sweet, furnace-hot crevice clutched hungrily at the
intruding fingers, sucking at them lasciviously.

Jarvis groaned in delight. She was so tight and silken inside he nearly
shot in his pants he was so turned on! It also didn’t seem to hurt her any
when he worked his fingers into her cunt. That was a good sign. Though he
was only twenty, Jarvis was quite an expert when it came to ladies’ bodies.
He’d fucked more women than he could count; girls and mature women, whores
and ladies of breeding, blacks and whites and Orientals. He’d popped a
good many cherries in his time too.

He’d found that girls who had been athletically inclined were the ones
who suffered the least from being deflowered. All the exercise they had
done sometimes spontaneously broke the hymen, rendering it relatively easy
for a guy to stick his prong into the girl for the first time. This
physical phenomenon was apparently what had happened to Melanie,
fortuitously for her.

Jarvis wasn’t hung as big as Brutus, but, then, only about ten men in
the entire State could rival the black stud’s mammoth phallus. However,
Jarvis was extremely well-hung. His cock measured a full ten inches in
length when erect, and was incredibly thick around. This stupendous piece
of anatomy had been inherited from his lusty father, who also was the proud
possessor of ten inches of dickmeat. Melanie’s mother had been a delicate,
well-bred Southern belle, and her rude initiation to sex on the first night
of her wedding had been a scarring experience, for Rhett Wilkerson had not
been a gentle man. After the births of her children, which weakened her
constitution considerably, she had become an invalid and had locked her
bedroom door against her husband at night, causing him to seek sexual
satisfaction elsewhere.

But Jarvis had not inherited his father’s brutality. At least, he could
be brutal at times, but his masculine hardness was tempered by a
gentlemanly attitude inherited from his mother.

Now, he tongued his sister’s cunt with avid excitement, keenly aware
that he was quickly driving Melanie to the brink of orgasm.

Melanie’s mind was whirling faster and faster. Something incredible,
inconceivable, was happening to her. Hot flames licked around her loins,
and each time her brother’s tongue came in contact with her sensitized
pussy flesh, a shock more intense than the last wracked her body. She was
moaning wantonly now, incoherent exclamations erupting from her feverish
lips. She clutched frantically at his head and began to churn her hips
wildly against Jarvis’ face, smothering him in slick, oozing pussy flesh.

He worked his fingers rapidly in and out of her tight, convulsing hole
and sucked and slurped at her pussy lips and clitoris, enjoying her cries
of passion.

Melanie threw back her head and uttered a piercing shriek of ecstasy.
White hot bolts of sheer rapture enveloped her body as spasms rippled
through her quaking loins. Jarvis moaned in delight as her hot juices
splashed copiously on his darting, swishing tongue and he quaffed them

Lifting his face, imbued with her sweet unctuous fluids, Jarvis stared
up at his sister with smoldering green eyes.

She was shuddering in shocked ecstasy, her huge blue eyes gazing down at
him, her trembling red lips parted and moist.

He scooted up until his face was level with hers and wrapped his arms
around her middle, drawing her against his rugged body hard and kissing her
hungrily on the lips.

Melanie shuddered with happy excitement as she tasted her older
brother’s hot mouth. Never had her body felt so wonderful! And she knew
there was much more to come, much more sensual exploration for her to
undergo. Her senses were aflame with curious desire and hunger. She drew
her hands down the muscular slope of Jarvis’ back and flattened her full
breasts against his hard chest.

With a soft moan, she rolled over on top of him, pushing her brother
onto his back on the bed and lying full length across his body. She gazed
down into his face with glimmering sky blue eyes and began to shower him
with warm kisses. She wanted to make him feel as good as he had made her

She pressed her full, soft lips against his collarbone and moved her
mouth across his heaving chest, reveling in the sensation of the hard belts
of muscle that rippled beneath his taut, smooth flesh. She tasted the
salty sharp flavor of his sweat, and it fanned her lust even more. With a
mewl of delight, she feathered her small pink tongue over his hard brown
paps, suckling them voraciously. Her hands stroked up and down the front
of his body, exploring his hard contours.

Jarvis gave a low moan of contentment and locked his hands behind his
head, gaping down at his lovely blonde sister as she licked and kissed his
sweaty athletic young body.

Melanie moved her face over her brother’s flaring lat and plunged her
mouth into the hollow of his armpit, inhaling the pungent scent of sweat
and tangling her tongue in the salty flavored hairs there. She traveled
down his body, raining it with hot wet kisses, the tip of her tongue
tickling his flesh and sending ripples of excitement to his throbbing

She got to the belt-line of his trousers, and with deft fingers,
unbuckled his belt and slowly unzipped his fly. She tugged impatiently at
his pants, and Jarvis obligingly raised his hips to give her some help.
She yanked them down about his knees with a soft sigh of satisfaction,
greedily gazing at his crotch.

Jarvis was wearing a soiled jock strap which was lifted away from his
body by a tremendous hard on. A couple of inches of rigid, tumescent
manmeat thrust out from beneath the jock and quivered against his belly.

Melanie’s eyes widened and she cooed in admiration as she saw her first
dick up close. Were all men this big? She wondered, remembering how
enormous Brutus’ ramrod had seemed, even from a distance. Her pussy
quivered in excitement.

Chapter 3

Melanie stared in growing excitement and some trepidation at her
brother’s enormous phallus, which lifted the elastic of his jock strap off
his belly and impatiently throbbed in the air.

With a little whimper of delight, she hooked her fingers in the elastic
of the jock and slowly pulled it down, snapping it snugly beneath her
brother’s huge, orange-sized balls.

Her hot blue eyes darted from his enormous ten inch prong to the large,
bloated testicles beneath, and she shivered with wonder and rapture.
Bending down, she sniffed his groin, inhaling the pungent, musky masculine
odor, so alien to her now, soon to be so familiar. Pursing her lips, she
brushed them very lightly across the pouting glans of the angry reddish
knob that topped the thick, vein-etched shaft of Jarvis’ pecker.

A pearly drop of translucent liquid quivered on the glans, and she
forked out her tongue, swiping it off. The bittersweet taste was curious
but not unpleasant, and experimentally, she sluiced her tongue back and
forth across the spongy, heated knob.

Jarvis groaned in pleasure when his sixteen year old sister pressed her
hot, parted lips against the corrugated side of his cock and suckled it
greedily, swishing her tongue back and forth like a paint brush. Melanie
moved slowly down the stem until she had pressed her lips into the pungent
fragrance of his dark pubic bush, strumming the base of his fat root with
her hot hungry tongue.

She reached out and curiously lifted his huge heavy balls into her
little lily white hand. They were encased in a reddish, wrinkly sack
liberally covered with crinkly hairs. Bending down again, she brushed her
lips across his scrotum and flicked out her tongue, licking it curiously,
tasting the musky flavor. Eagerly, her tongue darted back and forth,
stroking across each come-bloated nut, sliding beneath them and titillating
the underside of his sensitized scrotum. Jarvis shuddered and groaned in
pleasure, his heart pounding like a sledgehammer.

“Oh, YEAH, Sis!” he gasped hoarsely, “Lick my balls, baby. Lick them
good! That’s great, honey! Just GREAT!”

His hot, lust-thickened voice kindled her libidinous fires even more,
and Melanie redoubled her efforts, licking and sucking eagerly at his nuts.

Reaching up, she encircled the base of his rigid root and squeezed it
lightly, feeling his pounding blood. She remembered the way Dahlia had
sucked on Brutus’ sex tool, and Melanie was suddenly consumed with an
overpowering urge to do the same to her lusty young brother.

Eagerly, she lifted her head and gazed with mixed passion and
trepidation at the huge, cobra-like head of his prick. Circling her lips
into an ‘O’ she pressed them against his glans, humming in her throat with
lust. Her tongue poked into the eye of his piss-slit and she lightly
sucked the extreme tip of his dick.

Tentatively bobbing her head up and down, her blonde tresses cascaded
down across her brother’s belly and thighs like a golden waterfall. She
stretched her jaws apart and curved her tongue, forming a silken trough
over which his thick protruding penis could slide. Then, she slowly
lowered her head and let several inches of the thick bulging phallus slip
between her circled lips and scrape against the roof of her mouth.

She savored the pungent taste of him, enjoying the feel of the rubbery
dick stirring inside her mouth. She wriggled her tongue back and forth,
caressing the throbbing staff of his joint and sending bolts of hot lust
stabbing through his loins.

“Oh, YEAH, Melanie, honey! Suck on my prick, baby! You’re doing it so
good, baby! That feels SO GOOD!” Jarvis moaned, beginning to hunch his
hips back and forth, feeding her his pulsating joint.

He ran his fingers through her silken locks of golden hair, applying
light pressure to the back of her head.

Melanie slurped and sucked wantonly, pushing her head down until she
felt the rubbery knob punch against the back of her throat. She gagged as
the urgently pumping youth pushed a bit harder, lodging the tip of his dick
in her gullet.

Her senses reeled, and her impulse was to back off, but she remembered
how Dahlia had taken the entire length of Brutus’ rod into her throat.
Well, she wasn’t going to have it said that a mulatto hussy was a better
cock-sucker than she was!

Bravely, Melanie swallowed hard, at the same time pressing her face down
against her brother’s crotch and opening her mouth as wide as she could.
Her eyes bulged and swam with tears as she felt the bizarre sensation of a
thick, rubbery pole of flesh slide deep into her gullet, completely
stuffing her constricting throat with manmeat. Her bloated lips mashed
against her brother’s fragrant pubic bush, snapping snugly around the
thick, pulsating root of his dick.

Jarvis arched his back and gave a lusty roar of pleasure. He couldn’t
believe what his sweet, innocent little sister had just done! She had
deep-throated his entire ten inch boner, and it was the first time she’d
ever had a cock in her mouth. His head swirled in rapture. Hell, she was
a born slut if there ever was one! He knew some gals who’d tried time and
time again, unsuccessfully, to do what she had accomplished on her first
attempt. He moaned in delight as he felt the entire length of his pecker
ensconced in the satiny warmth of her mouth and throat.

Melanie lifted her head slowly, letting the prick slide several inches
out of her mouth, and gulped down a lungful of air before she forced her
head all the way down on his cock again. She began to rhythmically bob her
head up and down, sucking and slurping loudly, swallowing each time the
dick slid into her throat. Quickly, her muscles relaxed and a delicious
warmth rushed through her face. It was an euphoric feeling to have her
mouth and throat stuffed again and again with her brother’s hard manmeat,
and she lashed her tongue vibrantly around the pulsating pole as it slid in
and out of her mouth.

“Suck it, baby, SUCK IT!” Jarvis roared, beginning to buck his hips

He clutched her head in a viselike grip and slammed her face down on his
loins, beginning to stroke into her throat deeply.

Melanie’s senses whirled. He wasn’t being gentle anymore. His cock
slammed into her throat brutally, and his fingers dug into her head
painfully. But somehow, this increased her excitement incredibly. She
gave muffled mewls and murmurs of pleasure, her tongue flickering to and
fro rapidly, her lips straining as she sucked hard at the piston-like lance
that pounded into her mouth.

“AWWW, SHIT, I’M GONNA CU-U-U-UM!” Jarvis bellowed suddenly, ramming his
hips upward hard and skewering his sister’s throat with his barbed javelin.

Melanie’s eyes bulged as he thrust all the way into her aching gullet.
She felt the heated sides of his dick expand, and then, a hot blast of
searing come jetted directly into her stomach from his spasming cock.

Jarvis howled in pleasure, drawing back so his sister could taste his
juices. Melanie gave a muffled gasp of astonishment as she felt his
squirting seed spray over her tongue and run in thick, pungent rivulets
down her throat.

It was warm and creamy and tasted unlike anything she’d tasted before.
It ran in steady, sticky streams down her gullet, and she gulped it down
greedily, instinctively tickling his balls with her fingers and milking as
much of his spewing seed from his body as she could.

Jarvis groaned and thrashed and shuddered as he emptied a heavy load
into his sister’s eager mouth, and then he flopped back, panting, on the
bed, gazing down at her with wondering, lust-heated eyes.

Melanie slowly, reluctantly, released his stiff pecker from her mouth
and looked up at him with round, baby blue eyes. Her face was flushed with
excitement, her sensuous, full red lips were gleaming and wet with saliva
and come, which oozed in rivulets from the corners of her mouth. Her
glittering pink tongue flicked out and swiped at the stray strands of come,
and Jarvis swore to himself that he had never seen anything quite so erotic
as her face at that moment.

He reached down and caught her beneath the arms, drawing her gently up
until their eyes were on a level.

“I want to fuck you, baby,” he said huskily, “Will you let me fuck you?”

“Oh, yes, Jarvis,” she whispered softly, “I want to feel you inside me,
more than anything else in the world.”

He circled his hands around her warm, resilient knockers, squeezing them
hard, feeling the rivet-like nipples grazing against the palms of his
hands. He pushed her into a sitting position on top of him and his eyes
darted hotly up and down her luscious, creamy smooth body.

Melanie was straddling her brother’s hips, and she could feel his rigid,
steely penis sliding wetly against her buttocks. His prick was still
completely erect, imbued with her saliva and traces of his own semen, it
was pressed against his belly by her weight, pulsating with excitement as
she slowly began to grind her pussy lips back and forth across the stiff,
corrugated stem.

“Raise yourself up on your haunches, honey,” Jarvis ordered thickly,
gripping her around her slender waist and lifting her up.

Melanie brought her knees together until they pressed against his sides,
lifting her buns into the air.

Holding her with one hand by the hip, Jarvis dropped the other one and
hefted up his huge, slippery boner, pointing it directly at the target of
her wide-open, dripping twat. Then, he slowly drew Melanie down with his
free hand.

“Lower yourself on me, honey,” he said in a husky, passionate voice, “Go
gently and at your own pace, baby.”

Melanie shuddered in involuntary excitement and gave a little sharp
intake of breath when she felt the fat knobby tip of his juicy cock butting
against the slick maw of her shivering virginal pussy. It felt enormous,
like a fist or the top of a baseball bat! She whimpered in mingled desire
and fear.

“It’s O.K., honey” Jarvis said soothingly, digging his fingers into her
waist and gently but firmly pulling her down until the lips of her vulva
widened and slipped over the tip of his glans.

When he felt himself wedged securely in place, he released her hips and
ran his hands seductively up her body, gripping her jugs and pinching her
rivet-like nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

“Just let yourself go, Melanie, honey,” he said softly, “Just relax and
let it slide up inside you.”

Melanie’s heart was pounding violently. She couldn’t control the
shudders that seemed to rustle through her sex-starved body again and
again. Her cunt was on fire, and the hot pulpy mushroom-shaped cap which
was lodged against the orifice sent darts of fiery delight and urgency
through her loins.

She felt the warm flushes of desire begin to course through her again,
and she began to relax. Tentatively, she let her weight down on him. Her
eyes closed and her mouth opened as she uttered a soft moaning cry of
wanton pleasure. The thick knob stretched her vaginal lips wider than
they’d ever been stretched before, and then, with a sudden sliding motion,
it was inside her, and her cuntal lips snapped snugly around the entire
knob of his cockhead.

Melanie gave a sob of delight. Her constricted vagina was throbbing
with rapture. The pain had been minimal; a mere aching which was quickly
overwhelmed by the rush of exquisite pleasure that consumed her loins.

But she had only taken the tip of his dick inside her. The lascivious
flames that were flickering in Melanie’s belly were excruciating, and she
had a burning desire to feel more and more of his huge log of flesh inside
her hungry sex chasm.

She relaxed her entire lower body and gave a whimpering cry of quiescent
desire, dropping her entire weight on his upright organ. For an instant,
her tight, glove-like channel resisted the thick, turgid stem of his
impossibly long sword.

Then, all at once, it stretched wide open, and Melanie’s eyes bulged as
she felt the unbelievably pleasurable sensation of having her entire bower
of bliss crammed full of pulsating manmeat.

Jarvis’ huge wedge sluiced up her slick, clinging tunnel and banged
against her cervix, stretching it incredibly. Her spasming pussy lips
clutched at the turgid base of his dick, and her buns were resting in her
brother’s lap.

Melanie sobbed in joy as she rested on top of him, savoring the
sensation of having herself stuffed to the brim with a thick cock. Then,
she tentatively began to move.

Jarvis was in seventh heaven. As the silken, furnace-hot sheath of her
unviolated tunnel slid tightly around the bulging, vein-latticed shaft of
his sensitized erection, hot fires of raging passion kindled in his lusty
balls, and he gave a low moan of delight.

He had to fight off the impulse to stroke savagely in and out of her.
He had to be gentle and patient until she relaxed and got used to the
sensation of being fucked. He knew from experience that after a while, she
would reach the point where he could man-handle her at will, and she would
enjoy every moment of it. But, for the time being, she was still
frightened and in awe of the unusual sensations that were stealing through
her for the first time.

“Oh, my sweet sister, you’re so honeyed and warm and tight up there!”
Jarvis gasped in fervent tones.

He ran his fingers up her side and caressed and played with her breasts,
tickling the nipples with his cuticles.

He began to slowly, cautiously, oscillate his hips, stirring his
throbbing log inside of her. Melanie gasped as the movement sent darts of
pure ecstasy through her. The slightest movement of the bulging tool
within her sensitive, silken chasm sent bursts of intense pleasure coursing
through her body. With a sob of awakening pleasure, she slowly lifted
herself off his lap, letting a couple of inches of his rigid, slippery cock
squelch out of her. Then, she sat back, taking the entire length inside of
her again. A shock of exquisite rapture tore through her and she cried out
loud in astonished ecstasy. Eagerly, she lifted her hips higher into the
air this time and dropped her weight upon him hard, impaling herself
wantonly on his uptight spear. It felt so good she nearly screamed! She
began to bounce on him with abandon, swiveling her hips and churning her
heated insides with his tumescent ramrod.

Jarvis groaned in delight as she began to pump his solid truncheon with
her hot, sweet sleeve. He dropped his hands from her bouncing, jiggling
breasts and gripped onto her hips, guiding her down onto him. At the same
time, he began to draw back his hips and hump them forward lewdly, driving
into her deeply each time she came down on him. Melanie didn’t mind his
actions in the least. No sirree, she was adapting to the sensations of
getting fucked like a fish to water! Jarvis grinned lewdly. Hell, his
sister was one of the hottest little sluts he’d ever come across!

He began to hammer his pelvis back and forth vigorously, stabbing his
dick up into her heavenly chasm again and again. Melanie was groaning and
screeching with glee, her suckling cuntal lips making loud, squelching
noises as they clutched and released the pounding base of his cock.

“Yeah, Melanie honey, feels good, doesn’t it?” Jarvis moaned, looking up
at her with hot green eyes.

“Y-YES!” she gasped brokenly, “S-SO GOOD! MMMMMM!”

Her canopied bed was beginning to creak and bounce noisily, and out of
the corner of his eye, Jarvis caught sight of their reflection in the
mirror. Hell, it turned him on to watch his lovely blonde sister bouncing
wantonly up and down on his cock! He had never been so fucking horny in
his life!

He gave a low salacious growl and gripped tight hold of his sister’s
waist, skewering her deeply on his dick.

“Hold still, babe,” he ordered huskily, and Melanie obediently stopped
squirming, panting with exertion and desire.

With his entire, rock-hard truncheon imbedded completely in her aching
snatch, Jarvis rolled the two of them over so that Melanie was lying on her
back on the bed and her lusty older brother was nestled on top of her.

Luxuriantly, he stirred his massive rod in her depths, savoring the
sweet, tight, hot tunnel of flesh. He slid his hands down and gripped her
beneath the knees, slowly bending them forward. He placed her ankles over
his shoulders and slid his arms around her legs, planting his hands on the
bed on either side of her head.

He stared down into her beautiful, flushing features, framed by the
disheveled golden halo of her hair, and his belly knotted with white-hot
coals of lust. He gave a low growl of passionate need and backed his ass
away from her, drawing his rigid ramrod almost all the way out of her cunt.

Then, he knifed forward with a bestial grunt, slamming his dick into her
hard, their bellies mashing together. Melanie’s features contorted in a
grimace of delight and she gave a soundless gasp of passion. Her hands
flew up and grabbed onto his thick, bullish neck, digging into it in a
frenzy of lust, and she began to undulate her hips wantonly, swishing them
from side to side and churning his long rod deep inside her sweetly honeyed

“I’m gonna fuck you real good now, honey,” he breathed hoarsely, his
green eyes flashing with prurient fervor, “I’m gonna show you what it feels
like to be a woman!”

He began to pump rhythmically, gradually increasing the force and
frequency of his strokes. His big wet balls slapped noisily against her
buttocks each time he slammed against her. Melanie’s breath rushed from
her lungs in little whimpers and gasps each time she felt her big brother’s
prick slice up inside of her, deliciously chaffing the sensitized sides of
her slick, sweet tunnel.

Flutters of passionate joy began to accelerate in the girl’s quaking
loins, and her mind began to reel with lust.

AAAAAH!” she screamed, bucking her hips wildly.

“You going to come, baby? You gonna pump your sweet juices around my
pounding prick?” her brother panted.

“Y-YE-E-E-S! AAAAAAAAAH!” she shrieked, tossing her head violently from
side to side.

Molten lava seemed to seethe through the lower part of her body, rolling
over her nerve endings and setting them on fire. Her cunt convulsively
sucked and quivered around Jarvis’ ramrod which plunged in and out of her
harder and harder, faster and faster.

Jarvis shuddered in delight as he felt the tight, clasping sleeve of her
heated cuntal furrow squeeze and milk the pumping shaft of his cock, and he
felt the sweet, unctuous liquid sluice around his quivering, lust-thickened
joint as his sister came and came and came!

From the sound of the sobs and cries she was making, Jarvis realized
that Melanie was having one helluva powerful multiple orgasm, and he
relentlessly continued to grind his hips back and forth, driving his dick
in and out of her sweet hole, stuffing her to the brim with his long, hard

Melanie’s senses were whirling. The feelings that flooded through her
body were so intense. She moaned and gasped with joy, her body shuddering
as spasms and spasms of orgasmic intensity rippled through her pussy.

Jarvis swiveled his hips, slowing down the rapid pace of his strokes,
grinding to a stop.

Then, he slowly drew his prick out of her aching, oozing cunt. The long
fat slab of meatiness flapped up against his washboard rippling belly with
a moist slapping sound. His eyes were still blazing with lust.

He bent down and kissed Melanie on the lips, stroking her trembling body
with his hands soothingly.

She opened her eyes, and they were a dark, hot blue, like a troubled sea
in a storm.

“You want me to stop, honey?” he asked huskily, “You had enough?”

Melanie shuddered and shook her head dumbly, her eyes pleading for his
cock. He grinned wolfishly, always ready to oblige a woman with a need for
a good, long fuck session.

But Melanie had one more virginal orifice he wanted to explore.

“Turn over on your belly, baby,” he ordered huskily.

Obediently, Melanie rolled over. Jarvis’ eyes greedily swept down to
the full, firm cheeks of her creamy, translucent ass. He ran his fingers
down her back and dug them into the pliant, shimmering mounds of flesh.
Spreading them apart, he revealed the sweet winking rosette of her
unviolated asshole. It was pink and puckered and looked incredibly tight.

Jarvis scooted down and lowered his face slowly until it was inches away
from the marshmallow-like lobes of her high, firm buns. He blew hot air
between the quivering butt cheeks, and slowly leaned forward. Puckering
his lips, he pressed them against the quivering bunghole, letting her
buttocks close about his face. He forked out his tongue greedily and
swiped it over the slick, tight anus, tasting the pungent flavor of it, his
heart hammering violently in his chest.

Melanie’s body jerked and she gave an astonished gasp of pleasure.
Jarvis was revealing to her erotogenic areas she had never imagined could
be aroused before. Jarvis began to work his tongue back and forth rapidly,
plunging the tip of it against the puckered maw, inserting it slowly into
the tight, clenching muscle until it slid into the blazing, clutching
interior of her colon.

A sob of dumbfounded delight broke in Melanie’s throat and she lifted
her ass instinctively, giving her libidinous brother easier access to her
sweet nether chasm. Jarvis eagerly snaked his tongue back and forth,
driving it almost two inches into her slick, pungent furrow and pulling it
back again. From the manner in which she reacted to this ass tonguing,
Jarvis could tell that sodomizing his sister wasn’t going to be all that

He lifted his head abruptly and scooted up on the bed.

“Get up on your hands and knees, Melanie,” he ordered huskily.

Trembling with erotic anticipation, she complied, lifting her sweet,
pale little ass in the air and spreading her legs instinctively.

Jarvis peeled back the cheeks of her buttocks, revealing her puckered
anus, gleaming with his saliva and winking spasmodically. His pecker
jerked in excitement, and he shuffled forward, nestling the bulging,
slippery knob of his prick between her pillowy butt cheeks until it pressed
against the tight mouth of her anus.

Then, he gripped her firmly about the middle and braced himself. He
knew that her asshole was damned tight, and that it would probably hurt her
a lot when he first penetrated her. The best thing to do, he decided, was
to give her the full treatment as fast as possible.

He took a deep breath and then, with a savage grunt, the muscles in his
arms bulging as he gripped her waist hard, Jarvis slammed his hips forward.
For an instant, her stubborn sphincter muscle resisted the lusty onslaught,
and then it was stretched wide apart as the huge slab of slick, heated
manmeat rammed ten inches inside Melanie’s blazing, ravaged innards.

Melanie’s eyes and mouth shot open as white-hot pain suddenly ripped
rudely through her bowels. Then, she uttered a piercing, frantic scream.

screamed frantically.

Jarvis nestled his hips against her shuddering buns, stirring his cock
deep inside her guts. He felt her throbbing, agonized sphincter muscle
spasmodically clenching and releasing the enormous obstacle that had so
rudely intruded into her virginal anal passageway.

“Relax, honey, just relax and it will start to feel better,” Jarvis said
soothingly to his sobbing sister.

At first, she had struggled, trying to break away from him, but her
powerfully built brother was no match for her. He held her in a viselike
grip, imbedding the entire length of his gigantic truncheon to the root
inside of her. Jarvis shuddered, the flaming, satiny membranes of her
rectal chute sluicing around the pulsating thickness of his manhood.

Then, he began to move, slowly. He backed up several inches and pumped
back into her, gently stirring his rod in her violated intestines. He
drove in and out, pulling a little more of his dick out of her each time,
pushing into her a little harder each time.

Melanie’s frantic sobs began to abate, suddenly. Now she was gasping
and giving little startled whimpers of awakening pleasure. A strange,
dark, billowing sensation began to course through her bowels, a peculiar
ecstasy. The sharp pains had evaporated, and she was suddenly becoming
consumed by incredibly exciting sensations. She began to mewl in delight,
and hot fires of desire raged furiously through her body. She arched her
back and began to instinctively push her trembling buttocks back against
Jarvis’ body.

Jarvis felt her respond and gave a low, contented growl. Gripping her
hips hard, he backed out until all but the barbed knob of his pecker were
freed from her tight, clenching anal passageway. Then, with a savage
grunt, he pounded back into her. Melanie screamed, but it was a scream of
pure pleasure. She wanted it. She wanted that thick, brutal pole battered
deep inside her simmering, suckling asshole.

And Jarvis was eager to oblige. Grunts of animalistic passion spraying
from between his clenched teeth, he began to pound into her hard, slamming
his huge mauler deep inside her, his libidinous fires blazing in his loins,
his head beginning to swim with uncontrollable lust.

He couldn’t contain himself any longer. Gasping with masculine
pleasure, he slammed in and out of his sister’s constricting asshole with
all his might. Each time he banged into her, a bone-rattling shudder
rushed through Melanie’s body and she groaned in ecstasy.


He threw back his head and howled in pleasure, ramming to the hilt
inside of her, shudders of white-hot pleasure rippling through his body.
His big balls tightened and boiled over, and hot, heavy jets of jism
hurtled up his tubes and blasted deep into Melanie’s guts, spraying her
full of his semen.

As soon as she felt the hot liquid spatter deep inside of her, Melanie
felt her stomach flip-flop with excitement, and a gush of searing pleasure
coursed through her. She gave an impassioned shriek, bucking back against
Jarvis’ lusty strokes, coming again and again, in her ass and in her cunt,
her entire body blazing with promiscuous libidinous delight.

The incestuous siblings lay in one another’s arms for a long time,
gasping and tingling with delicious, tired delight. The rich scent of sex
and sweat wafted into their nostrils, and they talked in low voices,
caressing one another and kissing frequently.

“Whatever we do,” Jarvis said huskily, “We better not let Daddy find out
about it. I swear, he’s likely to get out his shotgun and blast me full of
holes if he thought I’d laid a hand on my pretty sister!”

Melanie smiled at him voluptuously, closing her small warm fingers
around her brother’s limp sticky lance.

“I want you to lay your hand on me any time you want, Jarvis, dear,” she
said in a voice like melted honey, “And right now, I’d like to have another
taste of your cock. Now that I know what it’s like, I’m not about to let
an opportunity like this go to waste.”

She began to move her fingers up and down his slowly stiffening rod and
her horny older brother moaned in pleasure as lust rekindled in his hard
young loins. Melanie bent down and blew hot breath on Jarvis’ cockhead,
and then took it slowly into her mouth and began to suck.

Jarvis closed his eyes and grinned in lascivious excitement. It was
going to be one helluva sensual afternoon!