Son’s father looking after his daughter-in-law

It’s funny how life’s little opportunities present
themselves, my best sexual opportunity of my life came
out of the blue one night with an eleven o’clock
telephone call from my son who was working away from
home in France for a month.

Tim’s mother and I split up when Tim was quite young
and divorced several years ago, the last three years
have been very dry for me sexually, you get very few
opportunities once you’re past fifty to get new

My son was married to Sian, a petite little auburn
haired woman of twenty five, when I first met Sian, Tim
was 27, he had picked Sian up from school, she was
under five foot tall, totally flat-chested and looked
around thirteen or even younger, I couldn’t believe it
when Tim told me that she was actually seventeen.

They married two years later and they had their first
baby exactly nine months after their wedding, little
Isabella, a little sweetie, her birth caused a massive
change in Sian, she went from a thirty-two a cup to a
thirty-four D in just nine months, Laura came along
two years to the day after Isabella followed by William
two years and three weeks after Laura, so they had a
perfect little family although when William was fifteen
months old Tim told me they were trying for another
son, “Just to balance the family up!”

While Tim was working away he got into the habit of
phoning Sian and the kids every night when he got in
from work, it was eight o’clock in France so Seven
o’clock in the UK, he got to say a few words to the
girls before they went to bed and then a very short
chat to Sian, well that was until the night in

Tim phoned me at eleven o’clock at night, he had phoned
Sian as usual but she had told him that the girls were
already in bed sleeping, Tim caught a hint of
excitement in Sian’s voice which worried him slightly,
well worried him enough to make him break his usual
habit and phone back an hour later, he got no reply, so
he phoned again an hour later and then again after
another hour. Eventually he phoned me because he was a
little worried, he told me where he kept a spare key
and asked me to make the thirty-mile journey to his
house to check if everything was OK.

I arrived just before midnight, Sian’s car was parked
too close to the end of the drive, if I had pulled in
behind her my estate car would have blocked half of the
pavement, not that too many people would be walking
past after midnight but I decided to play it safe and
put my car in the side street a few yards away. I
knocked the door and rang the bell, there was a light
on in the hallway which lit up the front door, there
was no response.

I made my way to the back of the house, knocked at the
back door, again no response; I found the hidden key
and let myself in through the back door. I checked the
children’s bedrooms, all the bed’s were empty, I went
to Sian and Tim’s bedroom, again no one there, the
light from the hall showed that the dressing table was
covered in make-up, there were skimpy dresses hanging
up on the back of the wardrobe door as if Sian was
deciding what to wear, I made my way to the living
room, I was about to ring Tim and tell him the house
was empty when a set of car headlights lit up the dark

I watched Sian stagger from the passenger side of the
car, she was obviously drunk, staggering in five inch
heals, I caught my breath, she wore a stunning little
black cocktail dress, very low, square-cut front and
about seven inches above her knee, with the bright red
lipstick and blue eye shadow, I could see the tops of
the hold-up stockings showing below the hem of her
dress even when she was standing up straight. I was
about to go and meet her at the front door until I saw
the man step out of the drivers side of the car, he was
over six foot tall, African or Afro-caribbean, he met
her at the front door just as she dropped her keys,
they kissed passionately before Sian stooped down to
pick up her keys, I took the opportunity to change

I moved quickly and quietly into the bedroom that Sian
and Tim usually shared together, I closed the curtains
and sat on the windowsill, I just hoped that Sian
didn’t remember leaving her curtains open when she went
out, then a thought struck me, what if they didn’t come
into the bedroom, she may not have wanted to defile her
marital bed with the man who had to bend down to get
through the low doorways in my son’s cottage.

I heard the argument.

“I’ve changed the bed linen in here!”

“No way, I don’t want to do it in a single bed and all
those stuffed toys will put me off!”

“Well, how about the living room then?”

“No way baby, you have a nice comfortable bed in there,
come on!”

They entered the bedroom.

“Remember, you promised to use a condom, I’m just
starting my dangerous period so I can’t do it without!”

“Just use the morning after pill tomorrow, I have a box
full in my car!”

“I can’t do that, my husband and I are trying for
another baby at the moment, you have to use a condom!”

“That dog won’t hunt, I don’t ruin my pleasure with an
overcoat, my way or no way!”

I opened the curtain a fraction, Sian was already
naked, it wasn’t as if she had a lot on to start with,
just the dress, a black lacy thong, the hold-ups and
shoes, she still had on the hold up-s and shoes but for
the rest she was totally naked, the black guy was just
pulling his trousers down, he didn’t so much have a
cock as a flagpole down the front of his pants.

I waited for him to cover Sian’s body with his own, he
was aiming his cock at the promised land when I stepped
out into the room. I was holding my mobile phone up to
my eye and as soon as I stepped out into the room I
pressed the camera button, the camera made a satisfying
click-whir sound, the picture was perfect, petite
alabaster coloured Sian covered by a coal black giant
of a man.

In the ensuing confusion I managed to evict the naked
black man, throwing his trousers and shirt out after
him. When I returned to Sian’s bedroom she had pulled
on a dressing gown.

“Oh no, it’s too late for that, get that dressing gown
off right now!”

Sian looked confused, I turned the camera screen
towards her.

“What do you think Tim will say to this?”

Sian looked very worried, even more worried when I
started to flick through the contacts and Tim’s number
came up on the screen.

“You wouldn’t, it’d destroy your son’s family if he saw

“Your family too, your cushy life here, it’s up to you,
all I want is what you were about to give to that
nigger for free, and it won’t matter if I get you
pregnant, it will all be in the family as it were!”

I waited with my finger resting on the dial button.

“Well, what’s the answer?”

Sian slipped the dressing gown off of her shoulders and
was once again naked. I pressed the call button on my

“Nothing to worry about Tim, just the phone pulled out
of the wall socket, I’m going to get my head down on
your sofa and go home in the morning!”

I turned the phone off and stripped naked; I made Sian
suck my cock until I filled her mouth with cum, not
that I particularly liked getting a blow job but it
proved that Sian would do whatever it took to keep me
happy. It also took the edge off of my appetite; it
would mean that I would hold off my climax longer and
have more fun inside of my daughter-in-law.

As soon as I started to fuck Sian her breasts started
to leak milk, Sian was still breastfeeding William even
though he was fifteen months old, it turned out that
she had been breast feeding constantly for five years,
breaking one child of the breast only when the next was
ready to go on it, her nipples were like leather but
were also incredibly sensitive, when I started to
suckle against her, drinking her milk, she went wild
and began climaxing wildly almost tipping me over into
my own climax before I was quite ready.

I needn’t have worried too much though, after I finally
climaxed, filling her pussy to the limit with my sperm
she started sucking me again to get me back to full
hardness ready for another go round. We fucked five
times before I had to go back to my home town to work.


Over the next few weeks I fucked Sian about a hundred
times, by the time Tim finished his French contract
Sian was pregnant, she didn’t tell Tim right away, she
needed to fuck him a few times first, she left it a
month before she told him, during that month. Every
time my son Tim spent a night away from home I popped
in to keep Sian from straying outside the family,
Isabella, Laura and William also love having me around
too, I even moved just around the corner from them all
so I could be right there on the doorstep.

Sian told Tim that Victor was a month premature but Tim
didn’t believe her, he told me that he suspected
something and I persuaded him to send of DNA samples of
Victor and him, the results were as I expected, my DNA
and Tim’s was too close to show Tim that he wasn’t the

We’re all living relatively happily now, Sian had a
fifth baby, mine again, even though I’m almost thirty
years older than Tim Sian much prefers to have sex with
me than Tim and she is wearing me out, I’m sure that
she will fuck me to death but what a way to go!

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