Bizarre dream

My name is Lesley. It was the summer of 73 I was twenty two, size ten and a good figure, in my second year teaching. My husband still a student was working all hours that god sent in the summer holidays. We ran a beat up convertible, which he was slowly restoring, to pristine glory.

I Blackmailed My Uncle to Fuck Me

I was attending a family gathering last year to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday in her big Victorian house. During the course of the day, I saw my uncle John go down to the basement. I didn’t think anything of it until I saw Becky open the door and go down a few minutes. Becky

Son’s father looking after his daughter-in-law

It’s funny how life’s little opportunities present themselves, my best sexual opportunity of my life came out of the blue one night with an eleven o’clock telephone call from my son who was working away from home in France for a month. Tim’s mother and I split up when Tim was quite young and divorced

A young couple from the deep south offend the wrong man and his dog

There are people who will not like some of the things that I write in this story. If you are of the opinion that the south will rise again (or that it should), if you are convinced that the American Civil War was fought for financial reasons or to secure state’s rights then I highly