Stacee Needs To Keep Her Job

Stacee’s first week in the job has been stressful. She only had a few of her colleges names memorized, and she was still trying to figure out a good balance between answering the phone and entering the data from the piles of paper work she had sitting on her desk.

The man that had hired her, Chad, was a tall, blonde man with an athletic build. He was very polite and seemed very smart. Like all men, he had taken a number of glances at her bulging cleavage she has been showing off with her new work dress. She really wanted this job, so she had pulled out all the “female tricks.” Tight dresses, revealing blouse tops, and of course just the right make up colors to make her face stand out.

“Excuse me, Stacee, can you get the Largo file information for me? It’s urgent and I have to get this done in the next hour,” John from a few cubicles down the hall asked.

Stacee was bent over trying to get a paper she had dropped off the floor. When she looked up to acknowledge John she caught him starring at her chest. So she just smiled and said, “Sure can. Just give me 5, John.”

“Thanks Stacee! I’m so glad we hired you!” And with that he headed back to his desk.

Stacee shook her head and thought, ‘yeah, because I’m the only woman in the office to stare at.’

Twelve minutes later she found the files he was needing and quickly entered them into the computer. Stacee’s data entry skills were very good. Way above average actually. She could process and type faster than anyone she had ever met.

She walked over to John’s desk. When she came up behind him she saw a naked woman getting pounded rather roughly. Her tits were bouncing all over the place, and even though the sound wasn’t on Stacee could tell the girl was screaming. ‘I need a good pounding like that,’ Stacee thought to herself. Then much to her surprise she looked down to see John masturbating. He had about an 8″ cock and was using his left hand to stroke his shaft at the same pace the porn star was slamming the ladies pussy on his computer screen. Stacee made a soft gasping sound and placed her hand up against her mouth to help quiet herself. Judging by John’s fast stroking pace Stacee figured he was about ready to cum, so she stood there and watched him beat his cock until it shot a stream of semen out onto the floor in front of him. John let his head fall back against his chair’s head rest, and Stacee quickly ducted out of site. She was trying to keep herself from giggling at the site of John’s sexy cock shooting cum everywhere. She stealthfuly moved herself down the cubicle corridor and stepped into another office. She closed the door, and then allowed herself to giggle out loud. After a few minutes of giggling she realized that her panties were feeling a little moist. ‘Wow, that was unexpectedly hot. I hope no one noticed me starring at John while he was beating himself off.’ She thought to herself. She regained her composure, and used her hands to straighten out her clothing. Then opened the door and headed back to John’s cubicle.

When she arrived back at his cubicle she knocked on the cubicle door frame and asked, “John, do you have a second?”

John turned around and smiled. Stacee looked down on the floor by his chair and noticed he had cleaned up his mess. John’s face turned to more of a puzzled look, “What can I do for you Stacee?”

“Oh, sorry, my mind was thinking about something else for a moment. I finished entering the data from the files you needed.”

“Oh great! I can wrap that up, and get onto the next project.” John replied.

“Sounds good. Let me know if you need anything else. I’ll be working on the piles of paper work on my desk.” Stacee said as she moved to exit his cubicle.

“Thanks Stacee, your helping relieve a lot of stress around here.” John said trying to keep his voice from sounding to flirty.

John may have been watching porn a few minutes earlier, but he had been imagining it was Stacee laying there with her legs spread. ‘Good god, she is smoking hot!’ he thought to himself.

Stacee returned to her office to continue her massive data entry projects. Hours had gone by, and she hadn’t even noticed it was 5:30 already. She leaned back in her chair, and stretched her arms above her head. She looked down at the clock on her computer screen and spoke out loud to no one in the room, “Holy shit! It’s after five! I was really engaged in all that data entry.” So she decided to head to the lounge area to get a drink, and try to call it a day.

When she got to the lounge she opened the frig, and took a Sprite from the shelf. She opened the can and it hissed and sprayed some soda on her open cleavage. She jumped and spilled some more soda on her hand. She quickly reached for a paper towel, and to clean herself up. She placed the soda on the counter, and then cleaned her hand off. She then went to the sink to wet the towel, and used the wet towel to clean her breasts off. She threw away her paper towels, and picked up her soda again. She turned around and ran into Chad who had just walked in the door. Her soda this time went all of her face, breasts and some of Chad’s shirt.

“Oh! I am so sorry!” Chad exclaimed. “Here let me help you clean that up.”

Stacee gasped, and was standing there in shock for a few seconds. She looked down at her chest as she could feel the cold soda running down between her tits. She used her free hand to wipe some of the soda off her face. Chad had gone around her to get some paper towels to help her clean up. He handed her the towels, and then watched her as she rubbed the towels around her chest. Chad watched intently as she tried to dab up what remained of the soda. At one point, without thinking, Stacee pulled the top of her dress away from her tits to make sure the got the soda that had run down between her tits as well. Chad’s eyes went wide, but she didn’t care to notice. Chad took the dirty towels from her and threw them away.

“So sorry about that. If you’d like I can have your clothes dry cleaned for you.” Chad nicely offered.

“Oh, it’s ok. It was Sprite, so no harm no foul.” Stacee replied.

“I tell you what then. I will buy you lunch tomorrow instead. I can’t let a careless act on my part go without some kind of punishment.” He insisted.

“Ok, that’s sounds nice.” Stacee said with a smile.

They both went about their business. Stacee went back to her office and gathered her purse so she could head out.

That night Stacee found it hard to sleep. She kept thinking about John’s cock, and watching him cum over and over again in her minds eye. She felt the familiar warmth between her legs forming, but she was too tired to satisfy her pussy tonight. She needed to get some sleep. So she went down to the liquor cabinet, took a shot of bourbon, and went back to bed.

It hadn’t taken long for Stacee to fall asleep. Bourbon always did the trick for her. The next morning she woke up feeling more refreshed. She slipped out of her nightgown, and into her gym clothes. Today was her running day, and she was taking the route by the old folks home. When she ran she took different routes. She liked this particular route because the old men sitting outside usually had something nice to say to her.

When she got back home, she changed into her work clothes and headed to the office. As she was walking down the hall to her office she saw Chad turn the corner and walked towards her.

“Good morning Stacee!” He said with a smile as he got near.

“Good morning Chad. Is there something I can do for you this morning?” She inquired.

“On no. Just wanted to see if you were having any better luck this morning.” He said with humor in his voice and a grin on his face.

Stacee let out a slight giggle and smiled, “Oh yes, much better today.”

“I like your dress this morning,” Chad said, “Have a good day.”

“Thank you.” Stacee responded as she walked into her office.

Chad’s compliment of her dress put a perk in her step. She sat down at her desk and started in on her paper work.

After a few hours of entering data there was a knock at her door. “Come in,” she said not knowing who it was.

Jeff opened the door and said, “Got a minute?”

“Sure. What’s up?” Stacee asked.

“Soooo… I was talking to John, and he said that you were watching him yesterday.” Jeff explained. He paused to see Stacee’s reaction, and to let her figure out what he was getting at.

Stacee looked down at her computer screen and could feel her cheeks starting to blush. She looked back up at him and said sheepishly, “Uhhh, how? I mean, what does he think he saw me watching?” She knew she was busted, but still wanted to worm her way out of it. She needed this job, and didn’t want to get fired. If anything, she felt that John should be fired for watching porn, and masturbating in an office environment.

“Well, he had his web cam on, and could see you standing behind him. John says it looked like you enjoyed watching him.” John went on, “He wanted you to know that all of us guys around here take time at 11:00am to watch porn and ‘relax.’ Which is true. The stress is so high around here that all the men got together and decided that from 11-11:30 we would do whatever we thought was relaxing at our desks, and that no one was to disturb us. I guess someone didn’t give you the memo?”

“No! I most certainly did not! And don’t you think it would be a good idea that the only female working in this office should know this bit of information?!?” Stacee felt herself getting upset at the lack of communication of this agreed upon event.

Jeff stepped into her office and closed the door. “Yes, I’m surprised Chad didn’t tell you, but please don’t shoot the messenger. John was talking to me about it, and I decided that it was too important for you not to know.”

“Well, thank you Jeff. I need to talk to Chad about this. Not only should he have told me, but I’m not comfortable with 25 men masturbating a few feet from my office everyday for 30 minutes.” Stacee was reacting to her shock at the situation.

“Look I get it, but it has helped with the stress level around here ever since we implemented the rule. Please understand, I am telling you so you know not to just walk up to someone at their desk around 11:00.” John said defensively.

“No, no. I appreciate what you are doing,” Stacee added starting to regain her composure, “It just all took me off guard. To be honest I certainly didn’t think he saw me standing there and was hoping he never knew I was there.”

John walked over to the side of her desk. He looked her up and down in her tight black dress that didn’t leave too much to the imagination. It was “professional” but her slim, curvy body made it very appealing. She had a sexy little ass, and decent sized breasts. Her brown curly hair complimented her slightly tan skin, and her tight black dress showed off her flat muscular stomach. She had an athletic build to her, that some would describe and well toned.

He partially sat on the corner of her desk, looked her in the eyes and gave her an offer, “Look Stacee. We really need you around here. You have done more in one week, than anyone of us could have done in a month. The work load around here, as you know, is massive. I would like to make a suggestion.” Stacee nodded. “You might think I’m crazy, or a perv, but I would suggest that you walk around the office at 11:00 and see what the guys are up to.”

Stacee’s eyes opened in horror. John went on, “Now hear me out. You are more than welcome to do whatever you want. I am just suggesting you approach this with an open mind, and be understanding of the stress the job has on all of these men.”

With that he stood up to leave. Stacee was processing all that he had said, but was also checking him out as he walked out of her office. Jeff was a muscular man, stood about 6 foot tall, and clearly worked out and ate well. She knew he was trying to help keep her here based on what he knew. Could she really just walk around an office full of men masturbating for 30 minutes? She would have to think about it.

A week went by since Jeff and Stacee had their little ‘chat’ and Stacee finally decided to do as Jeff suggested. So at 11:08 she left her office and started walking around the office cubicles. Everyone that she walked by had some kind of porn on, and the worker was beating off. Jerome was one of them that really caught her attention. He was the only black man in the office, and had a huge cock. Stacee had never seen a black mans cock and she stood in the door of cubicle starring at it’s massive length and girth. It had to be at least 12 inches long, and about 1.5 inches thick! After a few minutes of watching Jerome, she moved on. Chan an Asian man was watching a naked Asian woman lick a door knob. She softly giggled, and moved on. Fred was an Italian guy that was watching a shemale fuck a young woman. Bob was watching a large breasted woman get fucked by a large black and white dog. As she roamed, she saw all different kinds of porn. But everyone was watching porn and had their cocks in their hands stroking one off. She still couldn’t believe that everyday for the last 2 weeks she had worked her that all 25 men were masturbating for 30 minutes at the same time every day.

She decided to stop by Chad’s office. He was the only one besides her that had an office with 4 walls, and a solid wood door. She knocked lightly on his door. Chad answered, “Come in!”

“Got a minute?” Stacee shyly asked.

“What’s up?” Chad asked.

“I was hoping to talk to you about this 11:00 ‘personal’ time window.” Stacee started.

“Ah yes. I don’t think I remember mentioning it to you. My apologies. I hope you aren’t bothered by it. You aren’t bothered by it are you? It is a very strictly set time, and everyone knows that if anyone starts one second to soon, and goes one second over they are fired.” Chad explained.

Clearly Chad was ok with talking about this, which helped break the tension of the conversation for Stacee. “Actually, since I didn’t know about it, I caught John masturbating about a week ago. Jeff came in the next day and explained the arrangement to me. I was pretty upset, and was thinking about quitting.”

“Oh no. Please don’t do that. Always feel free to come in and talk to me. I don’t participate in their 11:00 ritual, so please always feel free to come in here if you need too. You can always use the door between our offices.” Chad said clearly worried that she was still considering quitting.

Stacee felt embarrassed but went on, “No, I decided to stay. I also decided that I might be able to help with the high stress level around the office.”

Chad was puzzled, “Oh, in what way?”

Stacee could feel her cheeks turning red, “I decided that instead of just entering data all day, that I could help the guys out at 11:00.”

Chad was trying to not smile, but was failing at hiding it. “So what are you proposing exactly?”

“I’m not sure yet. I just know that all 25 men here are in great physical condition, and I really enjoyed looking at all of their cocks.” There she said it. She didn’t want to sound like a slut, but she felt she needed to lay everything out on the table and see what happens.

“I see. So did you come in here to see mine?” Chad asked.

“Uh – well — I mean, I just assumed…” Stacee still wasn’t 100% comfortable with the straight out honesty, but was liking the fact that Chad seemed ok with not ‘beating around the bush.’

Chad stood up, unzipped his pants, and pulled his cock out letting it lay on his desk. His cock was darker than the rest of his skin, and it was about 9.5 inches long. His girth was about 1.5 inches in diameter. He clearly had the biggest white man’s cock in the office. He had everyone beat by at least an inch or two. Stacee’s mouth feel open.

“I didn’t want to say anything at first, but your dress today has given me a hard-on all morning. It took all of my professional energy this morning to not jump you in the hall earlier this morning.” Chad said.

“Well that is a very nice cock. I’m glad you like my dress.” Stacee said as she walked over to the door between their offices.

When she reached the door she turned and said, “I tell you what. I will leave this door between our offices open. Will you beat off while I work?”

“Um, sure.” Chad said with a big smile.

Stacee went back to her desk. She was biting her lower lip, because she was noticing that her panties were drenched, and it was making her feel even hornier. When she sat down the moisture her panties collected pushed against her moist pussy lips. “Ohhh, god yes!” She shouted out loud. She then reached down and grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up. It exposed her pink panties. She then pushed her hand down her panties and started rubbing her clit.

Chad had started to moan in the other room, which made her feel even warmer between her legs. As she rubbed her clit she listened to the sound of Chad’s cock getting stroked. She could feel herself getting ready to orgasm. She started slapping her clit with her hand, and knew that Chad could her the wet smacking sound being made by her slapping her clit to orgasm. She heard Chad make a low groaning sound and knew that he was cumming. It set of her orgasm as well, and she let Chad hear her moaning from the climax pleasure as well.

Stacee pulled her hand out of her panties, and pulled her dress back down. About 15 minutes went by and Chad appeared in the door between their offices. “That was hot!” He said with the most excitement that she had ever seen him display.

“I’m glad you liked it. I enjoyed listening to you beat one off as well.” Stacee said shyly.

“I was never that much into porn, but I could get used to this.” Chad winked.

Stacee winked back at him and said, “Well, let’s see how things go.”

With that she turned back to her paper work and started working.

The next day Stacee went thru her normal morning routine. She didn’t go running today, but instead went out for breakfast with her best friend Amy. She told Amy all what had happened at work the day before. She also explained that all of the men in the office were pretty good looking, and kept themselves pretty fit and healthy. Amy teased Stacee, as she didn’t believe that all 25 men masturbated everyday at 11:00am. So Stacee promised Amy that one day she would let her stop by and visit her at the office to check out the hot guys she worked alongside. Amy was clearly excited to see what her best friend was talking about, but had to get to work herself.

When Stacee arrived at work she found Chan sitting in her office waiting for her. She could tell by the look on his face that he was clearly upset about something. She closed the door behind her, and said, “Good morning Chan, Everything ok?”

“No Stacee. I really messed up yesterday, and I’m not sure how to fix it.” Chan explained clearly worried.

“So how can I help?” Stacee inquired.

“I was hoping you could help me reenter everything I did yesterday. I apparently made a number of mistakes and have to start over. It’s due by 12:00 today!” Chan said trying not to show his panic.

Stacee wanted to help Chan calm down. “Ok, bring your lap top over here and sit next to me. I will pull up the files, and we can go over everything. I will help you with what needs done.”

Chan’s face lit up with a smile, “Oh thank you Stacee. I am forever in your debt.”

Chan stood up and went to retrieve his laptop. He returned a few minutes later, grabbed a chair from in front her desk, and sat next to Stacee. She was wearing her blue dress today with lots of lace. She really liked the way this dress showed off her tits. Chan had already taken a number of glances at them, and when he stood up it was obvious that he had a slight erection. She was kind of hoping it was because of her. The idea of turning the guys on in the office was exciting to her. She knew she was a pretty attractive woman, and her large breasts just help make her more confident of that fact. She felt like she was always horny, so maybe this job would have some added ‘benefits’ to it.

Chan spoke up, “So what do we have here.”

“Oh, so sorry,” Stacee flinched, “I was lost in thought on something else.”

“It’s ok, I’m just really needing to get this done.” Chan said. He was always so polite and came across as very understanding.

After a few minutes of analyzing Stacee found where the errors were coming in at, “Here it is.” She pointed at the screen. “This is where the calculation errors keep happening.”

“Yes I see that. But that means the project could be really far over budget.” Chan was feeling even more stressed now.

“But wait, here is a formula that is only half way entered.” Stacee said with some excitement in her voice.

Chan was getting excited as well “Yes! Yes! Yes! And that formula gets copied wrong several times. I am such an idiot! But you are so awesome… and pretty!”

Stacee smiled, went to say something, and then paused. She decided to have some fun with Chan to see how far he was willing to go. She turned to him and asked, “Do you like my dress?”

Chan looked down at her tits, and then to her bare, tanned legs and said, “Why yes, yes I do.”

Stacee smiled at him and said, “Well thank you. That is a very kind thing to say.”

She went back to working on the spread sheet. She purposely slowly started to spread her legs, which would slowly start letting her dress creep up. It was a fairly short dress so it didn’t take much for it to start showing the crotch of her panties. She was wearing lacey white panties to go along with her dress today.

“Ok, so what about this line here? What is that about?” Stacee asked.

“I’m not sure how that even got in there?” Chan said scratching his head.

Stacee quickly glanced at Chan, but it didn’t seem like he had noticed her dress creeping up yet. She quickly stood up and reached over to grab a pen, then sat back down. Now her dress had pulled up above her waist and her ass and panties were clearly visible.

Chan was so engrossed in what he was doing he hadn’t even noticed her stand up, let along anything else that might be going on around him. Stacee inwardly laughed, and decided to leave her dress the way it was to see how long it would take him to notice. About an hour later they had everything fixed. Chan looked over at Stacee, “I am so glad I asked for your help. We are a head of budget and looking goo….. goo… good. Wow!”

Stacee looked at him and smiled, “I’ve been trying to get your attention for over an hour now.”

She winked at him, “Do you like my panties?”

Chan couldn’t speak. He was so taken in by the site of Stacee’s ass, and he could see the outline of her camel toe through her panties. He just shook his head yes, as if that was all he knew how to do.

“Oh look at the time. It’s 11 o’clock. Do you want to go to your cubicle or do you want to stay in here with me?” Stacee teased.

“uh – I – I – um – here,” was all Chan could get out.

Stacee turned her chair to face Chan with her legs fully spread. It gave him a perfect view of her pantie covered pussy. She started biting her lower lip again. Chan’s eyes were glued to her crotch. She reached down with her left hand and started rubbing her crotch thru her panties. After a few minutes Chan started becoming uncomfortable in his chair. He even adjusted his erect cock in his pants a few times. Stacee broke his fixated gaze on her pussy, “You show me yours, I’ll show you mine.”

Chan looked up into her eyes, nodded yes, and quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his fully erect cock. Then he went back to starring at her crotch. Stacee mustarded up her sexiest voice and said, “Ohh, what a nice cock you have there Chan. Do you want to see my pussy?”

Chan stuttering said, “You, you bet I d-do!”

Stacee wasn’t sure how much longer he was going to last. He seemed like he could explode any moment. She reached down with her right hand an pulled her panties to the side. Then used her left hand to spread her pussy lips apart. She also used her middle finger to start playing with her clit. As she started to feel moist, she slide down halfway in her chair so that her but was partially hanging off her chair. Her knees bumped into Chan’s, and it gave him a perfect view of her pussy that was now on full display. She kept spreading her pussy lips, and gyrating her hips slowly for effect. Chan had his eyes locked onto her pussy the entire time and was slowly stroking his 8″ cock up and down. Pre cum had wet the tip of his cock, and was helping lubricate his left hand. They were both making grunting and moaning sounds as they both masturbated in front of each other. Stacee closed her fingers together and started rubbing her pussy up and down. With each stroked she would let her middle finger push further and further into her opening. Chan’s stroking pace speed up a little as three of her fingers started to push into her. She was really moaning loudly now. “Oh god yes! Oh yes!” She repeated over and over again. Chan leaned forward in his chair to get a closer view of her fingers disappearing into her opening. He slid up into his chair so that his ass was partially hanging off the chair. It gave Stacee a perfect view of his 8″ Asian cock that he was stroking. And it allowed him to keep staring at her hairless pussy as it was plummeted by 3 of Stacee’s fingers. Her fingers were soaked in her juices, and she really wanted to cum, but knew it wasn’t time for that yet. She used her free right hand to pull down the shoulder of her dress, then she freed her right breast and started playing with her nipple. Chan watched in amazement as this very sexy young woman squeezed, and rolled her nipple between her fingers. He started beating his cock as fast as his hand could go. Stacee wanted to feel the warm cum on her, “Cum on my pussy! Cum on me Chan!”

Chan stood up and let his cum spray all over her lower belly and pussy. When the hot cum hit her skin, Stacee thrust her hips forward and started to orgasm herself. She squeezed her nipple as hard as she could and her body started to convulse. She hadn’t cummed that hard in a long time. It felt wonderful. As she bucked her hips she fell further and further down the chair. She eventually fell and landed on the floor. She looked up and Chan’s cock was between her eyes and his eyes. He was watching her thrash around like a crazy person for almost a full minute. His cock had gone semi-limp and cum was still dripping rom the tip. She stretched her neck up, and licked the tip of his cock. It spring to life, and Chan let out a loud moan. She decided to not tease and leave, so she licked the tip of it again. Chan was smiling at her, but his eyes were closed clearly hoping she would continue. So she obliged. She wrapped the tip of his cock with her lips and started to suck. He came to full strength moments later and she started to push his cock into her mouth. She used her tongue along the bottom of his shaft as his cock slid in and out of her mouth. As soon as the tip of his cock was close to exiting her lips, she squeezed her lips a thrust her head back down onto his cock. As he started to near climax he started shoving his cock in further, and further into her mouth and eventually down her throat. After about 8 minutes of fucking Stacee’s mouth he grabbed to back of her head and pulled her into this crotch. His cock slid down her throat and he pumped his cum down her throat. Stacee let him empty his load down her throat and then slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth. A string of cum was stretching between her upper lip and the tip of his cock. She used her finger to break the cum string and licked her finger clean. She then stood up, pulled her panties off, and sat back down in her chair. She spread her legs as far as the chair would allow, looked at Chan, and said, “Your turn.”

Chan quickly got down between her legs and started licking her pussy. He ran his tongue around her clit. Then used his fingers to spread her pussy lips, and ran his tongue up and down her opening. He kept playing with her pussy with his tongue, then sucked her pussy lips into his mouth and ran his tongue up and down them. He pulled his head back as Stacee’s hips started to buck again. Then took his right hand’s middle finger and shoved it into her soaking wet pussy. Chan lowered his head back to her clit and sucked it into his mouth and suckled on it like a baby would it’s mother’s nipple. Stacee was nearing orgasm, when she felt Chan use another finger to push into her ass. The sensation of her clit in his mouth, a finger in her pussy, and now one trying to intrude her ass was too much for her to take. She screamed a very loud moaning scream, grabbed the back of Chan’s head and pulled him against her pussy as hard as she could. She started humping his face as he desperately tried to keep her clit sucked in between his lips, his fingers buried into her pussy and ass. She could feel his fingers move in and out of her holes as she humped his face. Then she felt the strongest orgasm she ever felt flood over her body. Her legs started shaking and she could feel every muscle in her body tense up and wave after wave of warmth flooded over her body. After what seemed like an eternity she fell back into her chair. Chen had her cum dripping down his chin, and was licking his finger of her juices. She looked down between her legs at her now soaking wet pussy, then up at Chan, “Well that was pretty amazing.”

Chan licked his finger one last time, “Yes you are.”

He winked at her, and stood up, placed his cock back in his pants, and zipped them back up, “Thank you for a wonderful 30 minutes. I will never for get this.”

Stacee looked up at the clock on her computer screen. It was 11:30am. “That was good timing,” she said as she chuckled. “Now go get your paper work sent out so we both look good.

With that he grabbed his laptop off her desk and left. Stacee was still siting there trying get her heart rate and breathing to slow down. Then she heard someone knock on the door between her and Chad’s office. She quickly pulled her skirt down, placed her tit back in her bra, and pulled her dress sleeve up.

“Excuse me Stacee.” Chad said as he cracked the door open. “It is ok to come in now?”

“Hold on! Once second!” she was trying to straighten out her dress before he came through the door. “Ok, come on in!”

Chad entered. He had a sly look on his face, “I see your idea of helping the office out has started.” Then he winked.

“Oh, um. A crap. I guess we weren’t exactly quite. I’m so sor—”

Chad cut her off, “Don’t apologize to me. You told me you were going to help the guys out. I’m sure Chan will be telling the story of that event for the rest of his life. I know I’ll be dreaming about it tonight.”

Then it dawned on her. The door between their offices was ajar all morning. Chad not only heard everything, but could have easily look in on them without them noticing. “Were you watching us?” She said with a smile.

“Hell yeah I was watching. That was hotter than fuck!” Chad responded.

Stacee blushed as she giggled, “You guys should put a camera in here, that way the next time everyone in the office can watch whatever happens. It would be like our offices’ private cam room.”

Chad laughed, “Wow! Are you serious?!? The office pays for a lot of porn sub***********ions for the guys. If you would really do that, I would give you an extra $500 per week in pay.”

Stacee thought about it for a moment. She was only trying to be funny, but an extra $500 a week? That was a good amount of money on top of her really nice salary she was already getting.

“I tell you what,” Stacee said teasing Chad, “I get $500 extra per week, but if I bring a ‘friend’ I get a bonus.”

Chad thought about it for a moment then answered, “Ok, but she has to be fairly good looking. I could do an additional $500 when you bring a friend. She has to get naked, and give us a ‘show’ at the bare minimum. Deal?”

“Deal.” Stacee confirmed. Amy was going to flip. She could give her friend an additional $500 if she helped Stacee ‘play’ with the office staff.

“Oh, and Jerome said he needed to set a meeting with you tomorrow at 10:00.” Chad said as he walked back into his office.

“Ok I’ll put it on my calendar.” Stacee acknowledged.

That night Stacee went home and phoned Amy. She told her all the details of what happened between her and Chan, and what Chad had offered her. Then she told Amy about the deal she had made with Chad if she brought a friend. Amy was more than excited to help participate, and told Stacee she could probably do something this Friday. Stacee told her that Friday should work just fine.

The next morning Stacee slipped on her yoga pants and got ready for her morning run. Her route this morning would take her along a biking trail that for the most part followed a river. Along the way most of the men she passed would stare at her tits as they bounced around in front of her. They were big enough that a sports bra couldn’t really contain them when she was running. When she was young, this really annoyed her, but now she enjoyed the attention it afforded her.

Back at the office Stacee had just sat down to start her paper work when Jeff came in her office, closed the door, and sat down in front of her. He leaned onto her desk with his elbows, and squinted at her. “Are you kidding me!?!” He said in a loud voice.

“What!?!” Stacee answered back.

“Chan can’t stop talking about your little 11:00 yesterday.” Jeff went on, “He even told his wife.”

“What!?!?!” Stacee jumped up out of her seat.

“NO, NO WAIT!” Jeff said trying to calm her down, “His wife is into the hole share your spouse thing, and apparently she fucked Chan’s brains out last night. You should see him. He can hardly walk.”

Stacee fell back into her chair. Her heart was racing at the sudden adrenalin rush. Then she started to laugh, “He told his wife?!? I didn’t see that one coming.”

“Apparently you did.” Jeff joked with a wink.

Stacee rolled her eyes and smiled. “So did he tell the entire office already?”

“Well, we all heard you and him screaming and moaning for 30 minutes. Then we made him tell us what happened. He didn’t resist to badly.” Jeff was trying to get a rise out of her.

“Great. Now I’m the office slut.” Stacee joked.

“Is that what you want to be called?” Jeff jested.

“No! Well, maybe.” Stacee teased. Then slowly batted her eyes at Jeff.

“So how does this work. We pay you or you just pick someone at 11?” Jeff enquired still slightly teasing her.

“I pick. You get to watch on your computer once Chad installs the cameras.” Stacee said raising her nose in the air trying to look snooty.

“Oh you mean those cameras?” Jeff pointed up at the ceiling corner.

Stacee was shocked as she looked around the room. There was more than a dozen cameras in her room. One in each corner of the ceiling, some on the walls, and then a few more on her desk. The look of shock on her face was amusing to Jeff. “Chad told me of your arrangement last night, so I spent the entire evening hooking your office up. Look under your desk.”

Stacee pushed her chair back, and peeked under the desk. There were 3 more cameras under there.

“Wow, you put some in the bathroom too?” Stacee teased, batting her eyes again.

Jeff scratched his chin, “That’s not a bad idea. Chan is into that hole voyeur thing.”

“Oh stop!” Stacee said as she laughed the idea off.

Jeff yawned, “Well – this has been a fun chat, but I need to go home and get some rest. Don’t have too much fun! Oh, and I have all the cameras on a live feed, where everyone can pick what ever camera angle they want to watch, BUT if you need to shut them off to get some privacy just push the button on the wall behind you and the cameras will shut off for 15 minutes at a time.”

“Oh gee thanks! Now I’ve got 25 perv’s watching my every move. This should be interesting. Hope I don’t pick my nose to much.” Stacee teased.

“Don’t worry, Chan will beat off to you doing that too. He’s yours now. Whatever you ask him to do, he will do it. He’s the perviest one of them all.” Jeff said as he left her office.

As Stacee sat at her desk and started entering some of the information off the papers laying in front of her, she started thinking about the fact that there were 3 cameras under her desk. She decided to try something. She had gone without underwear today, and was wearing a slightly see thru dress. So she spread her legs and pulled up the camera feed on her computer. The resolution of the cameras was like an ultra HD. She could see every little detail of her pussy as she sat there and moved her chair around to see which angle would be better. There really wasn’t a bad angle. The cameras were so clear she could almost count the threads in the dress material. She then got back to doing her job, but left her legs spread apart for the boys to enjoy. Assuming they were even watching the feed yet.

Ten O’clock came around and Jerome walked into her office. “Hey Stacee. Loving the desk cameras.”

Stacee blushed, “Why thank you. When do you get yours?” Stacee shot back with a wink and a smile.

Jerome laughed and sat down in front of her desk. “Can you kill the feed for a moment?”

Stacee reached behind her and pushed the button Jeff had told her about. “What’s up?”

“Well, I was wondering if you knew about the Grim file from last week?” Jerome asked.

Stacee thought for a moment and inquired, “Is that the one with the 3 large estates, and 2 boats?”

Jerome nodded, “Yeah that’s the one.”

“I know a little. Apparently his deceased wife was a crazy one. She had 12 guys she was fucking when he was out of town, and the poor bastard never had a clue until they all came to the funeral.” Stacee said shaking her head.

Jerome shook his head, “Yeah that is cold. I heard she even had a few girlfriends as well. Anyway, I need some help organizing all the information. Can you help me out?”

“Sure grab your laptop and pull up a chair.” Stacee said.

Jerome left her office to get his laptop. Stacee her a click from behind her. The camera’s were back on. So she turned back to her deck, and started working on pulling the information up on the Grim’s. She spread her legs again, and kicked off her high heeled shoes.

Stacee was deep in thought when Jerome returned. He pulled the chair around next to Stacee and sat down. He opened his laptop and the camera view of Stacee’s pussy was on the upper right corner. He smiled as said, “Good you are so hot!”

“Let’s get this done, and maybe I’ll let you get a closer look.” Stacee said, and without batting an eye Stacee reached over and grabbed Jerome’s cock. It was so big and hard that it was easy to locate.

“Ohhhh, now that feels good.” Jerome moaned.

Stacey suggested, “Everything looks pretty good I think. The only thing I think that needs to change is these 4 items.” She dais pointing at the screen, “Move this one over there and those three there and I think it will help illustrate what you are trying to show.”

“Ahhh, Ok. Can you…” Jerome started, but Stacee squeezed his cock. “Can you please look at the bottom few lines of that page and see if you think it makes sense?”

She squeezed his cock again, “Sure. Let’s see. Here it is.”

“Yep looks good,” she replied. “Now, It’s 11:00 and I need you to help me get out of this dress.”

Closing his laptop Jerome stood up and moved in behind Stacee’s chair. He grabbed the zipper and pushed it down. Stacee wiggled free of the clothing and when she stood up the dress hit the ground. She was only wearing her lacey white bra now. “Would you do me a favor, and remove my bra as well?”

“God you are so hot!” Jerome exclaimed as his eyes roamed all over her body, and then for the clasp on her bra.

Stacee turned to face him. She put her hands in the air, but had her elbows bent and started moving her hips in a form of a sexy dance. Jerome had a huge smile on his face, and started getting his pants and shirt taken off. He moved slowly closer to her, then put his hands on her hips and started dancing with her. Stacee looked down at his 12 inch cock and couldn’t wait to play with it, but for now she turned around and pushed her ass towards Jerome’s swaying hips. He wrapped his arms around her chest and grabbed each one of her tits. Then he let her nipples fall in between some of his fingers and gave them a light squeeze as he massaged her breasts. Stacee let out a seductive moan. His hands were so strong, yet soft. She could feel his huge erect cock pushing in between her legs. So she spread her legs just a enough for it to push in between her thighs and rub her pussy lips. Jerome noticed what she was doing and started moving his hips so his cock would push up against her pussy lips even harder as it moved between her thighs. She could feel her juices lubricating his cock. She threw her head back against his shoulder as they danced their sex dance and her fondled her tits.

Stacee then looked down to her pussy and watched as his thick, black cock would appear between her legs and then pull back into it’s hiding spot. It looked kind of cool, and felt really nice. After a few minutes of watching she decided it was time to get fucked. Without warning him she bent over as he drew back his cock, and when he pushed forward he impaled her wet pussy. His hand were now on her hips, and she felt her pussy expanding like it never had before. He was only 1/3 of the way in and it felt like it was all she could take. She could feel her insides stretching as he pushed in and out of her. Slowly pushing into her further and further with every stroke. Her tits were flopping around underneath her as she was leaning on her elbows. The camera in front of her desk was getting a perfect shot of her face enjoying everything that was happening to her pussy. Her pussy started swallowing most of Jerome’s cock, Stacee was feeling so much pressure in her womb that she really thought something was going to tear inside of her. Then Jerome stopped deep inside of her, pushing himself balls deep into her insides. Stacee’s head went up, and her face crinkled at the sudden pressure and pain. She let out an extremely loud moan and her hands gripped the desk edge so hard her knuckles turned white. He then slowly pulled his cock out until just the tip was being held in by her pussy lips. He paused for what seemed like an eternity and then he quickly, and forcefully shoved his cock all the way into her pussy. Stacee orgasmed. She was loving having this thick, long cock inside of her. “Fuck me harder! Destroy that pussy!” She screamed.

She felt his grip on her hips tighten and then he started a brutal assault on her now stretched pussy. Stacee’s eyes were closed, so she didn’t notice Chad walk into the room through the door between their offices. He had his rock hard cock hanging out of his pants, and was quickly moving over to shove his cock in Stacee’s mouth. When he got up to her, he grabbed the back of her headed and guide her towards his cock. She opened her eyes, and quickly opened her mouth. She didn’t even have to move as Jerome was pounding her so hard that her head was automatically moving back and forth. Chad didn’t last long at all. In only a few minutes of fucking her mouth he exploded his hot cum into her mouth. Stacee looked up at him and she was still being brutally fucked from behind, opened her mouth to show Chad his cum, and then swallowed all of it. “You are one sexy woman!” Chad told her. Then sat down in the chair next to her to watch Jerome fuck her.

Jerome was starting to slow as he was getting tired from fucking Stacee at such an aggressive pace. As he slowed he reached up, and stuck his pointer finger in Stacee’s mouth and pulled back on her head like a horse with a bit in it’s mouth. He immediately felt her pussy constrict around his cock. He kept fucking her at the slower pace for awhile, and then used left hand to holder her shoulder and then took his right pointer finger and started playing with her anus. Stace squealed with pleasure. She had never had anyone play with her ass before. The sensation was unique, and enjoyable. He stop fucking her just as his cock was mostly out of her pussy, and spit on her anus. The warm spit felt good and Stacee moved her ass from side to side to let him know she was enjoying it. Jerome then used the spit to lubricate her entire anus opening and then slowly applied pressure. Stacee’s back arched as it felt like he had shoved a large stick in her ass. “Good lord. That feels pain full and amazing at the same time! How deep is your finger?”

“Just past the finger nail.” Jerome replied still breathing heavily.

Then he pushed a little harder and his finger moved past her sphincter. Once he felt that happen he pushed his finger as deep into her ass as he could. Stacee let out a painful moan at the sudden intrusion and sensation of pressure in her ass. Jerome then slowly slid his cock back into her pussy as she slowly wiggled her ass back and forth in front of him. He started pumping her ass with his finger and slowly fucking her pussy with his cock.

Chad was hard again and stood up in front of Stacee again. She gladly took his cock in her mouth at stated sucking it again. Chad starred at Jerome’s large finger in Stacee’s ass, and watched in amazement as his finger disappeared knuckles deep into her ass and then came back out again.

Stacee could hardly keep Chad’s cock in her mouth as she was wiggling around too much. She was loving the fact that for the first time all three of her holes had something in them. It felt amazing, and she didn’t want it to stop. She grabbed Chad’s hips and pulled him towards her. His cock slid down her throat and she let him throat fuck her. He was courteous enough to pull out once in awhile to let her breath a little better. Then he would shove his cock back down her throat.

It was nearing 11:30. Stacee felt Jerome shove his cock deep into her pussy and his finger went deep into her ass. Chad, as if on cue, shoved his cock down her throat and both been and Stacee orgasmed. She felt hot cum flood her throat and pussy, and her legs and arm started shaking. After a minute or so her orgasmed came to an end, Chad’s softening cock fell from her mouth, and Jerome’s soft cock was still buried in her pussy. He slowly pulled his finger out of her anus. Then slowly pulled his cock out of her pussy. Jerome spoke first in between his heavy breaths, “That was fucking amazing. You are the hottest woman I have ever met.”

Chad agreed, “The hottest and the horniest.”

Stacee was breathing so hard she could hardly talk. “You guys… you guys are the amazing ones. I have – have never been fucked so hard. Fo – for so long. Damn, I don’t… I don’t’ think I can stand up.”

Stacee was trying to stand up, but the room kept tilting on her. Jerome grabbed her under her shoulders and helped her sit in her chair. She looked over her right shoulder to thank him for helping her and was meet full on with his large cock dangling in front of her face. She reached up and used her hand to pet his penis. “Good boy, you are such a good boy.”

Jerome and Chad both laughed. Jerome looked up at Chad and said, “Well it’s 11:30. I guess we all need to get back to work.”

And with that Jerome started getting dressed, and Chad put his cock back in his pants. Stacee decided to start working again just in her birthday suit. Cum was oozing out of her pussy, and she could still taste Chad’s cum in her mouth. A about 30 minutes later Stacee had to go to the bathroom, so she stood up and started walking down the hall naked. As she walked down hall the guys all started standing up as starring at her. When she reached the bathroom door she turned around and used her hand to blow them all a kiss. Then she proceed in through the door to do her ‘business.’

When she came back out all the men started clapping, hooting, and calling at her. So she started doing her best impression of a cat walk down the hallway back to her office. When she reached her office she closed the door behind her. ‘Did I really just walk out butt naked in front of 25 guys? What has gotten into me?’

She quickly closed the door behind her, got dressed, and finished her day at work. Chad stopped by at the end of the day, “You weren’t kidding when you said you had a good idea on how to help out with the guys stress level. I’m getting all kinds of positive feed back. Apparently everyone here is trying to get an appointment with you around 11:00 now.”

Stacee chuckled, “Yeah, I had 24 requests this afternoon for a 10:30 appointment tomorrow.”

“What are you going to do?” Chad asked concerned.

Stacee thought for a moment then said, “I’m not sure yet. I’ll just play it by ear for now.”

Chad looked like he was pondering something then asked, “Have any plans tonight after work?”

Stacee smiled at him, “Actually I’m supposed to meet my parents for diner.”

“Sounds like fun. Have a good night!” Chad said, and then returned to his office.

The next morning Stacee was up earlier than normal. She had a crazy plan for her day at work, and couldn’t stop thinking about the day before. She slipped on a sexy, red lingerie and then her sexiest red dress. After doing her make up she took one last look in the mirror. With a nod of approval to herself in the mirror she grabbed a bag of goodies she had packed and headed to work. It was a little earlier than normal, but she had a lot to get done today if she wanted her plan to work out.

When she got to work the only one there was David. She greeted him, “Morning David!”

“Good morning Stacee! You are looking rather sexy today.” He said as he gave her a wink.

“Thank you! I will see you at 10:30.” She said as she walked into her office, and closed the door behind her.

She got to work with what she had to do and the morning seemed to fly by. At 10:25 Chad poked his head in through their door, “You have twelve 10:30 appointments this morning?”

“Yep.” Stacee said as she worked on trying to get her last bit of work done before her meeting.

“Uh, Ok. I’ll see you in a few minutes.” Chad said as he disappeared back into his office.

Stacee’s phone rang. It was a client. As she was talking to the client the 12 guys were starting to file into her office. The room was barely big enough for everyone, but she wanted to address them all at the same time. She smiled at them when they walked in the door and continued her conversation. At 10:40 she was finally off the phone with the client, she looked around the room at all the attractive men in her office and then addressed them, “Sorry guys. Mr. Freeman was on the phone and you all know how he likes to talk about nothing.”

Show happened to see out of the corner of her eye that Chad had left his office door cracked open. She inwardly smiled and thought ‘perv.’ Then she stood up and addressed the men again, “Ok, so yesterday I received 24 meeting requests at 10:30. I know all of you have figured out that I like to have a good time in here at your 11:00 relaxation time, and I’m sure you would all like to take advantage of that. The problem is there’s 25 attractive men in this office, and that’s a lot for one girl to handle. So I have done a lot of thinking, and I would like to attempt to satisfy each and everyone of you from time to time. But, it needs to be on my terms, and I need to initiate who gets my attention at 11:00.” With that said, she quickly climbed up on top of the area of her desk she had cleaned off earlier that morning and continued, “I have decided that today is a special day. It’s usually our slowest day, so Will is going to be answering the phones until this meeting is over. In the meantime, would you guys like me to do a little striptease for you?”

Before they even started shaking their heads yes she started to sway her hips and put her arms over her head. As she preformed her sexy dance, the men started shouting compliments and enticing her to start removing clothing. Bill even through some money on her desk. She bent over in front of him so he could see down between her cleavage and slowly picked up the dollar bills. She then started to sway her hips side to side and used her hands, still holding the money in them, to lift up the front of her skirt. Just as most of them were about to see her sexy panties she turned her back to them and bent over. This gave the entire room a perfect view of her ass and panties. She swayed her ass in the air and then bent at the knees to lower and raise ass up and down. Her hips never stopped moving. She turned back around and let her left shoulder strap fall down to her elbow. Then putting her hands under her tits she bounced them around. Bill and Todd waived more money in the air above their heads. She bent over and her left tit fell out of her dress. Bill and Todd both stuck the money in between her tits. When she stood back up her right shoulder strap fell down. Her right tit popped out, so she started playing with her nipples. The guys were going crazy. Some had pulled out their cocks and were already beating off. Others were just cheering her on. She shouted in a loud voice, “Now help me get my clothes off, and I want all of you to fuck me!”

She sat down on her desk, and immediately it felt like a thousand hands were groping her body. It was an incredible sensation. She was so entranced with the sensation of having so many guys grabbing at her that she hadn’t even noticed when they finished removing her clothes. They were groping her tits, and running their hands up and down her legs and arms. Someone was sucking her left toe, and licking the bottom of her feet. She had someone else sucking on her fingers. The man above her head had his cock out and was rubbing in on her forehead. Yet another was licking her belly button. Her brain couldn’t keep up with all the different sensations combing through her body.

Then she felt someone suck her clit into their mouth. She instantly bucked her hips into the air. She head Will shout, “That got her attention!” They all laughed and went back to playing with her body parts. Nathan was standing to her left and had his cock out. He laid it across her lips, and she started to use her lips and tongue to play with it. She still had someone’s cock rubbing against her forehead. Two men now grabbed her tits and squeezed. She moaned, “Oh God yes!”

Then she felt her nipples being sucked into someone mouth. They started sucking on her tits like they were trying to drink from them, while kneading them with their hands. It was too much to take at once. Her body was building to her first orgasm. It was when the man sucking on her click took his finger and pushed it into her pussy that she lost it. Her body started to thrash around as she orgasmed. The men on her tits held on for dear life as they continued to suck on her nipples. The man sucking her clit couldn’t maintain his suction, so he started fucking her with his finger.

“Oww!” Chan cried out. He was the one sucking her toe. During Stacee’s orgasm her feet were flying around and she must have accidentally kicked him in the face. It didn’t seem to phase him much, as he then grabbed her other flailing foot and started to suck on those toes.

Everything was happening so fast, Stacee couldn’t keep track of who was doing what to her body. The cock she was playing with suddenly slipped into her mouth. Then she used her right hand to grab another cock that was being stroked near her face. The mouth on her pussy lifted away and she felt the head of someone’s cock rubbing up and down her slit. Then it pushed against her dripping wet opening. Without much effort it slipped in and she felt it penetrate deep into her womb. “mmmm-p-ffffhhhhh!” was all she could manage to get out with the cock in her mouth trying to push down the back of her throat.

Her throat was now being fucked, her right hand was wanking someone off, and she had someone pounding her pussy deeply. She just kept her eyes closes, and enjoyed the moment. The men sucking her nipples pulled off, then she felt two cocks slapping her tits. Her pussy was soaking wet as the man fucking her moved faster and faster with his pumping actions. Then he slammed into her hard and deep. She arched her back at the sudden, and unexpected thrust. She could feel his cum shooting deep into her womb. The cock in her mouth then shoved to the back of her throat and erupted. Discharging all of his delicious cum into her belly. He then pulled out and she turned her head to the cock in her right hand and started sucking it. The cock in her pussy pulled out and was quickly replaced by another one. She then used her left hand to find another cock to play with.

It seemed like there was a never ending stream of cock and cum. She would feel some one cum in her mouth or pussy, and then in her mouth, or on her tits. As soon as that man would retreat, another one would replace him. She was a cum dumpster, and was loving it. Her pussy was starting to get sore, so she pulled the newest cock out of her mouth and asked, “Chad? Can you get me some lube for my pussy please?”

“Sure can!” Chad said. In a few moments the cock inside of her erupted with cum. Then It pulled out. A cold sensation of wetness was felt pouring over her pussy lips and down her anus to her ass crack. Chad was applying the lubrication. She continued to suck the cock she was currently playing with. Then she felt a finger push against her anus. “OOOOOhhhhhhh, I don’t know about th—” Stacee couldn’t finish, because the finger suddenly pushed past her sphincter. Chad had used his finger in her ass with the lubrication. Her stomach muscles tensed which also squeezed her sphincter around Chad’s finger. “Relax Stacee, relax.” She encouraged her. She tried to, but it didn’t seem to be working very well.

Chad slowly started to move his finger in and out of her ass, which made her tense up a little more at first, then slowly she felt her ass start to calm. It felt, weird and different at the same time. She wasn’t sure what to make of it. The cock in her mouth blew it’s cum, she swallowed it, and got ready for the next one. Another cock never appeared. She looked around the room and everyone was trying to see what Chad was doing with her asshole. He had his finger pushed into her ass and was stroking his cock with the other hand. Looking down past her tits and between her legs, Stacee watched as Chad slowly removed his finger and placed his cock at the entrance of her anus. He spit on the tip of his cock, rubbed it around her anus, and then slowly applied pressure. She moaned at the amount of force being applied to her asshole. She wasn’t sure if Chad’s fat cock would fit in her newly stretched sphincter. He used his free hand to rub her clit. That got her attention. She thrust her hips up on instinct. When her hips came back down she felt Chad’s cock push past her sphincter and deep into her anus. “Oh God! Wait! Wait! Don’t move!” She cried out. It felt so painful, but also so pleasing.

After taking a few seconds to let her body adjust to the new intrusion. She started to move her hips a little. Chad took the cue and slowly started to pull and push his cock into her ass. He very slowly started to move faster, and faster. From time to time he would squirt some lube on his cock. When he did so, he would push further and further into Stacee’s bowels. Then Jeff found the dildo in the bag Stacee had brought. Handed it to Chad, who then shoved it rather forcefully into her pussy. Stacee grabbed the edge of the desk and let out a scream, “Yes! Fuck the shit out of my ass and pussy! Shove it in there Chad!”

Chad started hate fucking her ass. Someone else in the room found the remote for the dildo, and started to make it vibrate. They set it to the highest setting, and after a few minutes Stacee was about to orgasm. She could tell by the way Chad was grunting that he was close as well. She squeezed her sphincter as hard as she could, and Chad rammed his cock deep into her bowels. Blowing his seed deep into her ass. Stacee started to cum as well. She could feel her cum dripping down her ass checks. All the men where hooting and hollering as her and Chad cried out in lust. “Oh! God! Yessssssssssssssssss!

Chad collapsed on to her, planting his head on her belly. They were both breathing heavily. She felt Chad’s cock soften and eventually fall out of her ass with a popping sound. Cum was running out of her ass and pussy. She had never felt so slutty in her entire life, but she really enjoyed it. Then Jerome spoke up, “My turn!”

Chad quickly stood up and moved out of the way. All of the men in the room chuckled.

At first Stacee’s brain didn’t fully comprehend who it was, or rather recall how big Jerome was. She was finding it difficult to keep all the cocks straight today. Then it dawned on her, “Oh no, hold on Jerome. I don’t think I can…”

Jerome grabbed her around the small of her back and lifted her up. Someone got under her and laid on their back below her. Jerome placed her back down on the man under her. She felt the man under her slide his cock into her ass. Then Jerome placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy. “Oh please Jerome, No! I’m too sore!” She begged him.

Jerome squirted a bunch of lube on her pussy and his cock, the lube then ran down her crotch and over her ass, lubricating the man’s cock under her. She heard Joe whisper in her ear, “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you now.”

Then he started to assault her ass from below. Jerome pushed his cock deep into her pussy as Joe started fucking her ass. Chad came over to her and demanded that she suck his cock clean. She obliged, and started to feel another orgasm coming on deep in her belly. She had three cocks fucking her now, and it felt amazing! Jerome was stretching her pussy to it’s limits, just as he had before. Chad was shoving his cock down her throat over and over again, and Joe was moving his hips so fast that it made her tits bounce all over the place. She felt like she was about to get bucked off the table. After 10 minutes of punishing her openings Jerome stopped mid stroke. Looked Stacee in the eyes as she breathlessly sucked Chad’s cock. “Ok, time to flip her over. Chad looked at Jerome, “Hold on. One second.” Then blew his load all over her lips and in her mouth.

Stacee laughed as the cum seemed to go all over her face. She wiped some cum out of her eye and then felt Joe and Jerome pull out of her openings. She flipped over on top of Joe, winked at him as he slid himself inside her soaking wet and slippery pussy. Then Stacee, thought about what was about to happen. “OH SHIT! Jerome! You can’t! You are way to big to fit in my ass!”

“Just hold still. I’ll be gentle.” Jerome said as he patted her on her tight sexy ass check.

Joe started slowly moving in and out of her pussy. Bill came over and stuck his cock out for her to suck. Then she felt Jerome at her anus. He pushed two fingers into her ass. Used them to pry her opening apart and squirted a bunch of lube inside of her. It was cold, and her muscles contracted around Joes’ Cock. She moved her hips forward instinctively and squealed with a cock in her mouth, “mmmmmmmmmm!”

Once the laughter settled down Jerome grabbed her hips and pulled her ass towards his impaling cock. “Oww! Oww! Oww!” Stacee screamed. Then sucked Bill’s cock back into her mouth. She felt hands on her tits again, playing with her nipples, and kneading her breasts. Everyone was joining in on the fun once again.

Jerome started to go faster and faster. Each time stretching her bowels to the limit the deeper he went. Stacee felt another deep orgasm growing. It didn’t take her long to start moaning like a whore in heat. She started fucking the men back. Bill blew his load first. Stacee swallowed every bit of it, and then turned her concentration to fucking the cocks penetrating her lower openings. As she impaled herself now with the cocks she felt her orgasm flush over her. Her muscles tightened, and she felt both men ram deep into her and blow their seeds. The warm sensation of cum in her ass and pussy at the same time was amazing. Her body started to convulse so badly that Jerome quickly pulled out of her now prolapsed ass. Joe quickly pulled out of her pussy and let her lay on her right side on the desk. She was shaking and twitching like someone with a seizure. As she came out of her orgasm, she laid on her desk, just relishing in the pleasure she had just experienced. Then She felt something strange. She felt like someone was licking her ass. She turned her head to see Chan licking her prolapsed ass. Then she realized she has a large lumpy red mass sticking out of her asshole. “What the hell!” She screamed as she reached back to try and push it back in. She could feel panic rush over her. Chan grabbed her hands and pushed them back. Then lightly patted her ass cheek.

“It will be ok Ms. Stacee.” Chan expained, “This is my favorite part.”

He continued to lick her and rub her ass cheeks. It was rather enjoyable and soothing. She just didn’t like the fact that some of her intestine was hanging out of her ass. Thankfully It didn’t take too long for it to retreat back into her ass. Then she felt herself squirt some liquid out of her pussy. She looked back to see a large chunk of cum land on Chan’s face. He didn’t even flinch. He just keep kissing and licking her ass and her ass cheeks. ‘What a perv.’ Stacee laughed to herself.

All of the other men were slowly exiting the room as they got dressed, and making comments about how perverted Chan was. Jerome and Chan were the only ones left after awhile. Chan was still playing with her ass.

“Now that was fun,” Jerome started.

“Yes, Much fun,” Chan agreed as he finally stopped licking her and stood up to stretch. Stacee’s intestine had returned to it’s internal position. She was releaved that it wasn’t hanging out any more.

“It was, but now every opening I have is sore, and itchy from all the drying cum,” Stacee said twitching her hips around to show her discomfort, which intern also made her tits bounce around.

Jerome’s cock was dangling just in front of her as she set up on her desk. He moved closer to her and she grabbed his cock and placed the tip of it against her lips. She opened her mouth and let him slide in between her lips. She could smell the her sex juices on it, and a deep desire to swallow more of his cum came over her. She started bobbing her head up and down as he started to harden again. Chan was getting dressed behind them as Jerome grabbed the back of her head a shoved his cock down her throat. She immediately gagged, and started to choke. “No, no! Turn her around and onto her back. Then let her head hang off the desk. Then it will fit.” He explained.

Stacee did just that. She spun around, and let her head hang off the desk. Then Jerome took his cock and slowly pushed into her mouth until he felt his cock slowly push down her throat. Chan had finished getting dressed and came around to sit in Stacee’s chair, which was now perfectly placed between her legs. He used his finger to play with her clit. Jerome started to throat fuck her fast and hard. Chan started lightly slapping her clit. The pain between her legs, and the massive stretching in her throat somehow made her orgasm again. This time squirting Chan in the face. A few moments later Jerome blew a huge load down her throat as he went balls deep into her mouth. She found it hard to breath as his balls were covering her nostrils, but she was enjoying her orgasm. Then Chan lightly slapped her clit again making her orgasm last a little longer, and said as he exited the room, “Until next time you sweat, wonderful, woman!”

Jerome pulled his softening cock out of her mouth as Chan existed the room. “Well that was absolutely amazing!”

“Yes. Yes it was,” Stacee agreed as she whipped some cum off of her chin and cheeks.

Jerome finished getting dressed, and Stacee put her clothes back on. She looked down at her watch. It read 4:45pm. She couldn’t believe how long everyone had been fucking her.

”Are you kidding me! I have to be somewhere tonight!” She screamed at no one in the room.

Chad popped his head in. “See you later!”

She quickly waved at him, grabbed her purse and ran out the door. Cum was now oozing out of her pussy and ass and running down her thighs. She felt so naughty, and even a little horny again. ‘what has gotten into me?’ she wondered. ‘Oh yeah, a lot of cum.’ She giggled at the thoughtful joke.

She was to meet Amy tonight at 5:30pm, and Stacee couldn’t wait to tell her what had happened. ‘I wonder if Amy would be willing to come to the office soon?” she thought to herself.

She finally got to Amy’s at 5:35pm. “Hey girl, how are you?” Stacee asked.

“I’m doing fine. How are you doing?” Amy asked with a quizzical look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” Stacee asked concerned something was wrong.

Amy chuckled, “You have a rough day at the office? You’re hair is a mess, and you have stuff caked to your face.”

Stacee’s mouth fell open and she started to laugh uncontrollably. “Oh, do I have a story for you!”

“It better have something to do with those men in your office!” Amy teased. “Did you fuck another one?”

“Oh, honey. It wasn’t just one.” Stacee winked and then walked into Amy’s apartment.

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