Story about an insatiable nymphomaniac wife

The hypocrisy of some men tempts me to laugh. They go
down to the strip joints and juice bars hiding their
hard-on’s as they fork over their money to the dancers.
They talk about wanting to fuck the dancers but ask them
if they’d like their wife or girlfriend to be a dancer
and they’ll start putting the dancers down.

That’s bullshit!

I’m proud to be married to a very successful stripper.
My wife dances topless in a rather upscale “Gentleman’s
Club”, then dances nude at stag parties. Quite often she
has sex with the men at the stags and sometimes, if she
comes across a cute or well hung guy at the topless bar
she’ll ball him in a VIP room where they perform the lap

Away from work she’s pretty insatiable. Before we got
married she estimated that she’d fucked over 2400 men.
She’s added a lot to that lifetime total since. Her
philosophy is to fuck a new guy every day. We live near
the beach on the west end of Galveston Island so she’s
down there on the “unofficial” nude beach every day the
weather permits and she’s balled hundred of guys out

“Sam” short for Samantha, her stage name, is the
daughter of an American Sailor and a Japanese
prostitute. The mix has resulted in an indescribably
sexy woman. She’s 5’4″, 110 pounds, 36D-24-36 with long
thick nipples that protrude beneath every outfit,
straight chestnut hair that reaches her ass, a tight,
flat belly, and a magnificent ass. She also has a
“snapper” you know, one of those pussies that can
squeeze and milk the cum out of your cock.

She brags that the man hasn’t been born that she can’t
deep-throat and so far, she hasn’t met one she couldn’t.
Her mother had sent her to a “school” to train to be a
prostitute when she was sixteen and she had been an avid

Sam thinks her legs are too short but I’ve never heard
anyone complain. If I had to name a flaw it would be her
boyfriend, Mike. Actually, I like having Mike in bed
with us now that we’ve settled one issue. You see, Sam’s
been in love with him since before she married her first
husband. Mike is her best friend’s husband, and he’s
bisexual. Sam’s first husband Ray was one of Mike’s
friends, Sam married Ray as a means of keeping Mike in
her sex life. The fact that Ray was hung like a horse
and enjoyed sharing Sam with other men made it all the

Her first marriage didn’t work out for reasons that will
be revealed as our story unfolds.

Well the point of these postings was to relate an
abbreviated biography of my slut wife. So I’ll begin.

Sam’s mother married her American father for one reason,
he was comparatively wealthy. He married her because
like me, the idea of being married to a slut who’s
balling other guys appeals to us.

Growing up in Japan and educated in a convent school run
by French nuns, Sam was the subject of their scorn. She
was a “bad girl”, she smoked, she hung around with the
wrong people and worst of all, she hung around with boys
with a reputation. She was first in her class to get
boobs, and by the time she was thirteen she had a
respectable set of knockers, for a thirteen year old.
She “dated” lots of boys and enjoyed letting them fondle
her boobs. So it was little wonder the sixteen year old
drummer of a local band asked her out.

She was really excited about having an older boyfriend,
especially a musician. On their first date, when he
popped her cherry, he set her on a path that would last
well into her thirties.

He asked her not to wear a bra when she was with him he
liked to show her off to the other guys in the band who
were all much older than he was. She’d hang around when
they’d rehearse, they’d smoke some grass then she’d fuck
his brains out. After a couple months he asked her if
she’d mind balling one of the other guys from the band
and she was happy to do it.

Before long she was screwing all of the guys in the
band. The older guys taught her all kinds of things. She
learned the rudiments of sucking cock, they ate her
pussy, and they fucked her in the ass. They’d show her
porno magazines and they’d try the things they’d see in
them like gang bangs and double fucking. Imagine, an
insignificant local band with their very own groupie.
She was in love with her boyfriend so when he asked her
to fuck a couple of his buddies, she did it. She kept
doing it because she enjoyed it. Eventually, she was
screwing promoters to get them gigs.

When she was sixteen a major event which would influence
the rest of her sex life took place. Her best friend, a
cute but trashy blonde, told her that a major American
Rock and Roll band (who’s identity I shan’t reveal as
none of them are Kennedy’s and therefore wouldn’t be
able to get away with screwing underage girls) was
performing in Tokyo. She suggested they try to get into
their hotel rooms. Imagine being able to brag about
fucking one of these stars!

They arranged their cover with another friend who’d like
to their parents for them, dressed up in their sexiest
clothes, and caught the train to Tokyo. Sam enjoyed the
looks of the men on the train as they openly stared at
her. She now sported a perfectly formed set of “C” cup
tits with enormous nipples which unencumbered by a bra
jiggled and bounced under a tube top selected for both
the unrestrictive elasticity of its material as well as
the scarcity of that same material.

Her bare midriff seemed almost concave above a well worn
and skin tight pair of hip hugger bell bottom jeans.
Since she didn’t have any thong panties to prevent panty
lines she simply wore nothing under the jeans. Her
friend, wore a “peasant” top, which made her smaller
boobs seem nearly as large as Sam’s, her midriff also
bare above a pair of tight Levi’s.

In the hotel, the Japanese staff assumed that these
English speaking girls “must” be with the band.
Actually, they figured the girls were teenage call girls
and led them right to the rooms.

From this point, things didn’t go as planned. Of the
dozen or so men in the suite, only one was a member of
the band. The rest were all roadies who hung out in the
suite having tired of the way the Japanese treat
“Gaijin” (foreigners). They’d been touring Asia for
three weeks so when Sam and Amy entered, all eyes locked
on Amy’s blonde hair.

The musician pulled rank, escorted Amy to his bedroom,
and locked the door. Sam was left standing in a room
full of half drunk, half stoned roadies, most of whom
were big hulking roustabouts. Well, she wasn’t blonde
but damn, she spoke English! So the guys made her feel

She had a drink and smoked some dope with them. The
conversation was openly sexual and soon the guys began
complimenting her tits and asking if they could see
them. Sam, who enjoyed showing off her tits quickly
agreed, stood, and removed her tube top. She displayed
her big boobs proudly, turning so all could see them.
Then she took hold of the hands of the two men nearest
her and placing them on her tits asked them if they felt
as good as they looked.

She closed her eyes and savored the sensation as the men
fondled her tits and twisted her nipples which hardened
at the touch.

“Christ! Look at these nips!” one exclaimed.

“You want to see something?” she asked them loudly
enough for all to hear, “Suck them.” she instructed.

The roadies began to suck her nipples. The areolas
crinkled with excitement and the nipples themselves
swelled to almost twice their resting size. Sam was
really getting turned on seeing how all these guys were
mesmerized by her. She wanted more so she unbuttoned her
jeans and dropped them to the floor. Her pussy was
already wet as she asked aloud “Does anybody here want
to fuck me?”

No intelligible words were heard but the response was
undeniably a unanimous yes. The men all began pulling
off their clothes as they approached. Sam was ecstatic
as relished being nude and surrounded by a crowd of nude
men, all groping her and knowing that each and every one
of them was going to fuck her that night.

She pushed one down to the floor and mounted his erect
cock. As she rode it two others presented their cocks to
her mouth and she began sucking them in turn. A fourth
began to fuck her ass while the rest waited and cheered
when she’d cum or one of the guys would shoot a load
onto her back or face.


She couldn’t be sure but she thought she’d sucked and
fucked every one of them. Cum dribbled from her pussy
and chin. Her ass and tits were sticky with drying jism
when the guys began to slow down. She was tired too but
so electrified with sex she didn’t want them to stop.

A young one, probably only a couple years older than
she, brought her a warm face cloth and a cold Pepsi. She
drank the soda while he gently cleaned the spunk from
her tits and cunt. She took the cloth from him and wiped
her own face clean while he went to get another towel.

At that moment the door opened. Two black men entered
followed a second later by an ebony giant. A third black
man who looked to Sam as if he was seven feet tall. He
had huge arms with biceps that looked bigger around than
her thighs. The scenario before him was not one to which
he was unaccustomed so he knew what had taken place. His
face flowed into a toothy smile and his eyes twinkled as
he peeled off his t-shirt and walked toward Sam.

His chest and abs were chiseled like a body builder. Sam
was entranced as he approached, when he reached her he
unbuttoned his jeans and extracted a cock that was
beyond belief. Even soft it was easily a foot long and
as thick as many men’s arm. She hardly noticed one of
the other black men as he slid his cock into her cum
slick pussy, her eyes were locked on the cock before

“Come on baby, suck my black dick.” the man cooed. Sam
eagerly opened her mouth wide and took the head into her
mouth but try as she did she couldn’t get enough of his
cock into her to give him a proper blow job. Her jaw
began to ache so she grabbed his cock with both hands
and pulling it from her mouth she began to lick it.

The first black guy pumped a load onto her belly and was
quickly replaced by the other. In the back of her mind
it occurred to her that it was a shame she was so
distracted from their fucks as they had nice big cocks
themselves though not half the size of the monster to
which she pressed her lips.

“I guess my big black cock jus’ too big fo’ yo’ little
Jap mouth.” he sighed, “Well, I guess yo’ be happy to
stretch yo’ juicy little snatch aroun’ my cock.”

Oh yeah, she thought, I gotta get that in my pussy!

While he waited for the second guy to finish fucking
her, the giant used his cock like a trowel to spread the
pool of cum from her belly up onto her tits. He
straddled her and pressed his cock between her tits. She
pressed her tits in from the sides, enveloping his meat
in the luscious folds of her boobs as he pumped slowly.
Sam was astonished as the cock grew even larger and
began to harden.

Finally she felt the guy fucking her begin to shoot his
load. He shot an big load deep into her cunt spraying
her cervix like a fire hose. She was surprised by the
orgasm it set off. The giant laughed and complimented
her for being such a hot little slut.

He took his place between her immediately pressing his
cock deep into her pussy until the head bumped into the
cervix. Then he began to fuck her slowly. The sensation
was painful but oh what a lovely pain it was. Her snatch
was stretched do tight she felt every vein as it passed
into her eager quim. She closed her eyes and smiled as
she groaned with the overwhelming pleasure. He dropped
his weight onto her, sliding his massive pecs on her cum
slickened chest then his hand found her left tit and he
bent to lick and suck the nipple.

She began to cum, and cum, and cum again. Wave after
wave of ecstasy began to wash over her. Each wave seemed
to be stronger, more intense than the one before it. She
fell into a trance, she heard nothing, she felt nothing
other than his immense cock cleaving her like a diamond
drill. It was incredible, and yet, when he climaxed he
pressed his cock head against her cervix and pumped what
seemed like liters of spunk into her.

It was so forceful it must be squiring past her cervix
right into her uterus. He pumped more and more into her,
he’d back his cock partway out of her then when he’d
slam it back in sperm squirted between their legs.

When at last her orgasm subsided, she fell asleep. She
remembered awaking later, the giant lying beside her
still sucking her nipples. She lay there enjoying it
until she once more dozed.

The following morning Amy found Sam asleep on the floor.
She was still nude and covered with dried cum. Amy
roused her and led her to the bathroom. Sam used the
toilet then looked at herself in the mirror as Amy
started the shower. A white crust covered most of her
neck, chest, and belly. It struck her as odd that her
right tit was covered with dried cum but her left tit
was clean. Then she remembered the giant was licking her
left tit when she woke during the night.

“What the fuck happened to you?” Amy asked.

“I fucked all of them.”

“W-what? …How many?” Amy stammered.

“The roadies, I fucked them all. And let me tell you,
there’s a black guy with the world’s biggest dick here
and he gave me an orgasm like I-I… Well… you gotta
fuck him yourself.”

“Not me honey. If my daddy found out I balled a nagger
he’d disown me,” Amy replied. “Your mom better not find
out about you screwing a darkie either!” Sam’s mom, a
full blooded Japanese was as prejudiced as most
Japanese. Anglos were bad enough, but any other race was
just “too” inferior.

“What about you?” Sam remembered to ask, “Did you get

“Don’t ask. The son of a bitch was so stoned that he
fucked me for about two minutes, shot his load on my leg
and fell asleep,” Amy complained. “You should see his
dick, little bitty thing like one of the Japanese boys.”

Sam laughed at that then ducked into the shower. When
she finished they went out into the sitting room to find
her clothes. They were still looking when the door
opened and two of the roadies entered. They were clad
only in cut-off’s and they stared openly at Sam as they
came in. They slid off their shorts and sandwiched Sam
between them, one erect cock pressed against her belly,
the other her back. Their hands stroked her and soon Sam
felt herself becoming aroused as they fondled her tits.

Her nipples were tender but she didn’t object as one
began to suck them then they dropped to the floor, Sam
mounted a cock before she was pressed forward, her tits
resting upon the muscular chest of the man she was
fucking. The other slid in behind her, pressed his cock
against his friend’s and guided it into Sam’s cunt.
She’d never had two cocks in her pussy at the same time.
Sore as she was, she liked it and soon was moaning as
her orgasm rose.

She pressed her face into the chest of the man beneath
her. Her mouth found his nipple and she began to suck
it. As her orgasm peaked she began biting his nipple.
They both continued to pump her cunt as her orgasm
faded, the sensation of their cocks slipping around one
another added to her own pleasure. She was disappointed
when the one beneath her began to cum and pumped his
load into her. The other guy was soon adding his jism to
her snatch. She was really digging this, having two
cocks in her pussy. She’d had one in her ass and one in
her pussy before, this was better.

As the men climbed off of her Sam’s attention was drawn
by some motion on the floor nearby. Amy was nude on her
back, the black giant burying his massive meat in her
little blonde snatch while she sucked another black dick
into her mouth like an immense noodle.

Sam started to watch but one of the other black guys
pressed her back onto the floor and began to fuck her.
This time she closed her eyes and savored the sensation
of his ebony boner gliding in and out of her as her
roughly fondled and sucked her tits. Once again she
began to cum and his pumping became more energetic,
faster and more forceful until the sound of his balls
slapping against her ass could be heard over her grunts
of pleasure.

She came, her nails raking his back and ass, pulling him
into her as if to force him to drive his black piston
out through her back. He became even more forceful and
his ground himself into her clit as he buried his meat
in her with every thrust. Sam came again as he finally
unleashed his load with a roar.

Sam lay on the floor with her eyes closed in a dreamy
state for several minutes until the sounds of passion
brought her back. The black giant was in the process of
overflowing Amy’s pussy with his spunk. Each time he
drove his shaft deep into her semen squirted out around
his dick. Amy was thrashing around in the throes of an
orgasm as the third black guy, having retrieved his
pecker from her mouth to keep from being bitten, jacked
of onto her tits.

Amy’s pussy gaped open when the giant pulled out his
cock and moved away from her. As she lay there Sam could
see Amy’s pussy slowly begin to close as jism drained
down her ass. “Wouldn’t your daddy be proud?” Sam asked
of Amy.

“No, but I sure am!” Amy replied with a laugh.