Stripped, wet and lathered


She turned at her desk, away from the old-model computer that frequently gave us both fits. Her eyes found mine and she was listening. “Yes?”

“That’s — that’s something I should probably say to you,” I said. “Do you mind?”

Her light eyes turned quizzical. “What do you mean? Go ahead. What?”

Kari had been talking about her shorts. The same ones she had on. A sexy, too-small pair of mini-shorts, just barely covering her upper legs and certainly contouring around everything she had in back. Minutes earlier, she had actually talked to me about them. “Aren’t these great?” she said, pulling at the fabric ends over her thighs. “They stretch, but they look like denim.”

She stretched, too. Frequently, workplace or no. In her tank tops, which fully revealed her shoulders and the color of her bra, judging from the straps, all Kari had to do was bend over slightly and I could see an inch of her bustline. Didn’t she at least feel air going down there? Wasn’t she aware of a clear line of sight between my eyes and the space between her . . . you know . . .

I was embarrassed to admit it. But as far as I could tell, working there alone with this short-haired brunette whose office apparel included not only the tank tops, but shorts and sandals, she might as well have been seducing me.

Especially when the boss was out, who seemed never to notice her skimpy getup.

Which was why I was broaching the topic now. Surely Kari would listen.

I carefully thought of my words before I said them — “them,” meaning, “an entirely different set of words than what I’d thought.”

“Well,” I said. “Like, the way you dress. You know?”

Kari knew. I may have detected her eyes rolling as her hand went up. “Wait. Wait. You don’t have to say anything more.”

Blowing me off.

“I’m just letting you know,” I said, my face flushing. “It doesn’t seem appropriate.”

The whole room seemed to jolt, for some reason.

I blinked, still watching Kari’s reaction. She just sat there, as if thinking, her eyes turned away. Then she faced me again. “Don’t get so embarrassed,” she told me brightly. “But it’s not my fault if you get distracted by what someone is wearing. This is what I want to wear, and it’s not my fault.”

I wasn’t sure what to say. “Okay.” I exhaled and pretended to study one of the many papers taped or puttied to the wall.

“I mean . . .” Kari was still defending herself. “I can’t help it what others think. It gets hot down here and I’ll dress how I like.”

Hot down here. “It sure does,” I mumbled.

In the corner of my eyes, Kari leaned forward. She had heard. “What?”

I faced her. “Nothing.”

“What did you say?”

Again I sighed, and looked away. “Nothing.”

“Something about the heat.”

So she wouldn’t give up. I looked at Kari. “I said that it gets even hotter down here when you’re here,” I said to her, my voice tinged with irritation. “Wearing those skimpy little things — do you even know how guys’ minds work?”

Kari scowled. “I think I know a little. How do guys’ minds work?”

I was ready to defend myself now. “Well, you tell me — you seem to think they’d be just fine with someone half-naked right in front of them.”

“You think I’m half-naked?”

Even her saying the word made me hotter. “Sort of . . .” I answered. “Yeah. Okay, maybe, yes.”

Slowly Kari stood, her scowl giving way to confusion.

“What then?” she asked me. “If I’m right here in front of you, you’re . . .”

Where was this going?!

“. . . You’re thinking about what I would look like if I were . . .”

Don’t say that! I shook my head. “Okay, just — stop right there.”

Kari did stop. Her expression looked concerned. She was at least a foot shorter than me.

Her brown eyebrows furrowed. “You’re actually thinking about . . . you know . . . seeing me completely undressed or something?”

“N . . . no.” Of course I was lying.

And Kari didn’t believe it. “Then what’s your problem?” she asked.

Again I sighed, still annoyed by her behavior. The room burned with heat, crawling across my skin, just from being a few feet from her. “Okay.” I breathed out the word, then thought of more. “Being completely honest here. Yeah. When you dress like that, I can’t help but picture getting you completely undressed. I can’t help it. All right?”

Kari stood there, her eyebrows raised, not responding.

I swallowed. Kari blinked. Then she smiled. Smiled sweetly.

“Do you really want to?” Kari asked.

Now it was my turn to fall silent.

“Don’t . . .” I managed. “Don’t do that.”

My brain seemed to turn. Did she actually want to. Yes, she did. Would I do this? Not possible! Other people did this, not me! This kind of thing only happened to other people! But here she was, this gorgeous, petite, brunette girl in mini-shorts and red tank top . . . asking if . . .

“Would you like to have sex with me?” Kari asked.

I felt betrayed by her and yet let in on her vulnerability, seduced — all at once.

“Kari,” I whispered.

She stepped closer, not breaking eye contact. “It’s been a long afternoon,” she intoned. “Believe it or not, I’ve already done this once. Several years ago.”

I never had. Only in my imaginations.

Kari tried to shrug. But she shivered. She was nervous too!

“Might be fun,” she offered.

Her body. Slender. Most of it bare to me now. Her — her chest — her legs and thighs . . .

I was breaking down. I could feel my resistances dissolving.

Disappearing. Almost gone now.

I was about to give in to temptation forever.

“No one . . .” Was I speaking? I swallowed, tried to moisten my mouth. “No one can ever know.”

Kari nodded and smiled. So sweet.


I was about to fall hard.

“I can . . . go up and lock the door.” Kari stepped to the side.

Inside my pants, I was throbbing. How had I not noticed it before? I felt as if I had to go to the bathroom.

“Wait.” My hand reached out and accidentally brushed her arm.

Kari looked up.

“I’ll do it,” I mumbled. “I have to go to the bathroom anyway.”

Then I froze, instantly. My thoughts flickered to the bathroom upstairs. Sink. Toilet. And a stand-up shower, for some reason — I had no idea why it was there.

“Kari.” My voice wavered. I tried to stop it. You’re doing this, so do it right. “Let’s . . . umm . . . go upstairs. To the bathroom. Do it in there. We can even . . . shower together.”

Kari’s eyes widened. Her smile fell. “Oh. I don’t know . . .”

“Please, Kari.” To have come this far . . . surreal! I leaned forward, into her vision. “I’ll . . . you will . . . I mean . . . we can get some soap, you know, and get things really hot and steamy.” I thought of something else. “Of course it’ll be hot and steamy already, if you’re in there . . .” Naked. Kari completely naked.

Kari flashed me another smile. “You really have it for me, don’t you?”

I nodded. I couldn’t respond.

Her hand reached up. She touched my arm, lowered her face and stared at me, her pupils just under her eyelashes. “Go on up there and get ready for me,” Kari told me. “I’ll wait a few minutes, then make sure we have the door locked. Then I’ll join you.”

I swallowed hard. Felt the warmth of her hand on mine.

Without another word, I stepped away, through the door and strode out of the office, head fogged with lust and the realization of what I was actually about to do.

Upstairs, I burst into the bathroom. Flipped on the light, locked the door — why? — then quickly did my business in the toilet. It was all I could do to keep myself aimed down in there.

I washed my hands. Then quickly took off my socks and shoes and stood by the toilet.

And stayed there.

Seconds later came the knock on the door.

I whispered, “Who is it?”

“Kari,” she said, a smile in her voice.

I bounded to the door and opened it. Kari slipped inside. Her arms were full of something — she passed me in the small, dark room and dropped the load on the toilet seat.

“Locked the door?” I rasped.

“Yes, I did.” Kari stood before me.

I pointed to the tangle of objects on the toilet seat. “What are those?”

“Bath towels,” Kari answered. “I guess . . . we need some way to dry off, don’t we?”

Again I found my mouth was dry and I swallowed hard. I gazed down across Kari’s body, so close to mine, encased in that sexy tank top and shorts. Her legs, arms and shoulders were bare. From this distance, I could smell some scent about her brown hair. Her eyes flickered to mine and she gave a little smile. Curiosity covered her face.

Her smile broadened. “What are you looking at?”

“Kari.” I could only say her name. Gingerly I reached out and took her shoulders. Soft skin. She was trembling. “You are so sexy.”

Kari drew closer. Her hand slid up across my shirt, and she fingered my collar. “Now if I hadn’t dressed like this, we wouldn’t be here now, would we?”

I blinked down to her. From this angle, I could see the dark crevice between her . . .

Lust crept into my mind. She was here, I was here, and we could do anything. Anything.

I pulled Kari even closer, right up against me, embracing her. Her face was against my chest. My hands fell behind her shoulders, drawing across her bare back. My fingers toyed with her . . . with her straps. Kari’s hands were behind my back, moving up and down, inches from the shower stall door behind me. I felt her touch, heard her breathing, silently. My hands found the bottom edge of her tank top and slid up, over the skin of her back.

“Take this off,” I murmured to Kari.

She released me, and stepped back. Slowly she held her arms above her head, hiking the red fabric tight against her breasts. My fingers crossed to her sides, above her hips, and I stared down at her exposed belly.

“You take it off,” she told me.

Briefly I rubbed her trim, soft stomach. Then I grasped her shirt fabric and pulled up.

Kari let me remove her top. I slid it over her head and arms, and her brown hair fell back into place. I must have dropped it behind her.

I was staring at Kari. Wearing nothing but her denim shorts and her cream-colored bra. Her breasts were inside, blocked from my sight only by the fabric of her underwear.

She just stood there, letting me see her.

Before I knew it, I was untucking my t-shirt and pulling it over my head as well. As soon as it cleared my vision, I was again staring at Kari, nearly topless before me.

She moved her hands up, as if to clasp her own breasts.

I could wait. For a moment.

I eased down, and settled into a kneel. Reached up, and put my hands on her hips. Kari watched me, saying nothing, as I skimmed my fingers across her covered thighs, then her upper legs beneath the shorts. Her skin felt hot. I ran my hands behind her . . . and felt her back there. I was feeling Kari’s butt. I was feeling Kari’s butt.

Kari said nothing. Only smiled down to me, her hands to her sides.

“I want to . . . take off your shorts,” I said to her.

Kari just kept smiling. She didn’t respond.

Then she reached down to her middle. Near the front of her waistband. With both hands, she pulled — and unbuttoned her shorts. They sprang apart, gapping in the middle. Kari pinched the zipper and slid it slowly down. I caught sight of pale yellow.

“Go ahead,” Kari answered.

I took hold of her shorts legs and pulled down. Kari let them slide down off herself. I watched as they cleared her waist and then panties. Cream-colored, the same as her bra. There were the trims around her thighs. The space between her legs, covered. I gasped, swallowed, all of my being throbbing even more, as I slid the shorts down her legs, across her knees and then to her feet.

Kari stepped one foot out of the shorts, then the other. Then she leaned over, hair dangling toward me, still smiling.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” she giggled.

While I’m down here. I unfastened my belt and slid it out. Then unbuttoned my shorts, unzipped them, and stopped there.

She’s about to see me completely naked too.

And Kari’s hands were drawing down, closer to my waist. I rose to a stand and Kari laughed again as she took hold of my shorts near my pockets. I found her eyes; she was smiling at me, requesting permission to take them off. I nodded.

“Mm,” was her response as she slid them down near my knees. From there, they dropped to the floor and I stepped out of them.

Then Kari stepped back. She spread her arms to the side, presenting herself.

Kari stood before me, wearing nothing but her bra and panties. Her slender, petite body was almost completely bare. And I was nearly naked too.

She smiled to me, then beckoned with her hand. “Kiss me.”

Kari slid her body against mine. Heat washed over me as I felt her legs against my legs, her arms stroking my bare back and shoulders, and she pressed her bra-covered breasts and stomach against my chest. Her eyes closed and our mouths touched. Kari’s lips moved, clasping about mine, and I gasped. I felt everything. Her warmth. Her breath. Her nose tickling mine.

“Mmmmmmm,” she sighed.

I wanted to get in the shower now. I wanted to see Kari fully naked. I wanted to feel her body.

My lips released and I gasped for air. Kari’s hands came up to cup her own breasts. I stumbled to the left, unlatched the shower door and got it open, then stepped up inside. A bar of soap and a stack of washcloths lay on a shelf.

Clad only in my underwear, I turned on the water. Cold first. Hot. It mixed and came out as spray from above. Just the right temperature, finally, and it was getting on me, moistening my already-hot skin. I heard the door close, felt Kari stepping in behind me and turned around.

Her elbows were pointing up, her hands behind her. “I’m taking off my bra,” Kari said.

I grinned, waited and watched.

The cups around her boobs loosened, and Kari moved her hands in front. She stepped closer, stepped past me, and touched her hip to mine as she moved under the spray. Kari’s eyes closed as the water ran across her hair, pooling on the floor at our bare feet and spreading across her neck, stomach, and panties-clad thighs. Water soaked her bra, and Kari peeled it from her chest.

I beheld Kari’s breasts. Pert and dangling, her nipples pointed straight down but slowly positioned themselves to face me instead. Water covered her boobs and Kari giggled, cupping her breasts and stepping close to me.

I was too stunned to do anything as she rubbed them against my stomach. Hot, slippery nipples slid across my skin.

My hands reached up from my sides. I squeezed both of Kari’s breasts and she exhaled, her foot bumping mine on the floor. I kneaded her flesh, groping her boobs, water covering everything. Softly I wrung them up and down, playing with her, gasping for air in the heat and the steam.

It was steaming up in here.

Kari’s hand suddenly squeezed my covered penis — the touch startled me and I felt a momentary thrill. Water dripped everywhere. With a gasp, I leaned my head down and slid my forehead against her wet neck, staring full-on at her boobs and the crease between them from above. I let go of her left breast and kissed it, then licked, water dripping down my cheeks and chin. Hot, wet flesh. Soft and vulnerable. So sexy.

Kari squeezed my penis again, and never before did I so want to be naked.

I jerked back from her incredible chest, snapped my hands down and yanked my underwear down. My penis slid free and jerked upward — quickly I saw Kari smiling as I pulled down my wet briefs and slid them off both feet in a wad. My heart crashed as I looked up and saw Kari staring at my cock from above her dangling breasts, then I slid my hands up her wet legs, grasped her panties and pulled down.

Also wet. Her underwear crumpled but slid across her slick skin. Hair on her groin yielded to my first look at Kari’s vagina. She bent over and lifted one leg, then the other, and I stripped the panties off.

I stood up and Kari mashed her steaming body into mine, then slithered down and then up, clutching her own breasts. “Mmm, we’re naked together,” she purred, short damp hair dripping to her shoulders. “Do you like my pussy? Get a nice long look at my little pussy?”

“Yes,” I gasped.

She was touching her breasts — to my penis! “Yeah, and look at that nice big cock,” Kari said, sliding upward. “It’s been hard for hours, hasn’t it? You’ve fantasized about me, haven’t you?” I nodded. “Now you have me.” Kari put on a nasty expression. “But you should feel dirty anyway.”

Dirty. The soap. The washcloths were already wet by now.

Kari’s wet, dripping face approached mine for another lip-lock. I cooperated fully, clasping her lips into mine, kissing her long and hard . . . wet . . . and sultry.

“Yes, yes,” she breathed, retreating and then coming forward again. “Oh yeah.”

My hands squeezed her boobs, then I let go and felt behind her for the shower knobs.

“Feel my titties again,” Kari purred, her lips an inch from mine. “I know you like my titties. My nice, young little wet titties. You like to hold them and squeeze them.”

I squeezed the water handles and turned them off.

She looked backward, then whirled her head to face me again, green eyes curious.

“Bath time,” I managed. “I’m dirty, but you’re dirtier.” I lifted the washcloth and then the soap from the shower shelf. “I’m going to clean off your whole body.”

Kari giggled. “Mmm, you’re nasty. Wash me off, nasty boy.” Her lips parted for a grin and she lifted her arms, twisting her long, lithe body around. For the first time I looked down and gaped at her gorgeous ass, cresting her perfectly-rounded thighs.

I lathered the washcloth as Kari waited, sighing, then turning to face me again, she propped her left hand against the tiled wall and used the other to rub the skin above her vagina. A triangle of pubic hair fell deep between her legs, parted only by her crack, still dripping excess water from the shower.

Now I slid the soap across her neck and Kari giggled, gleefully. Bubbles dripped over her titties, as I washed her.

Neck, arms, underarms — she raised her arms, then lowered as I slicked the soap across her sides.

Then, finally, her breasts. Kari cooed and sighed as I took special care with those, rubbing the soap in good, pinching her nipples, sliding the cloth from side to side, then around and around each one.

I knelt, going lower. She turned with her stomach to the wall corner, palms raised against the tiles as she let me wash her back. Then her buttocks. I palmed both her cheeks, saving the crack for later, then went lower. Feet, calves, knees, thighs, from back to front.

Then I slid the cloth upward, starting beneath her buttocks, and pulled it up through her crack. Kari gasped, and spread her legs wider. My god. I barely saw her anus as I drew the cloth further up, between her buttocks, exiting near the top.

“You’re so dirty,” Kari breathed, twisting her front into view again. “You’re next.”

One last part. I eyed her from beneath, on my knees before her, worshiping her gorgeous, steaming, soapy nude body. With both hands I folded the washcloth inward, then reached up to wash her thighs more carefully. Then her inner thighs. With a soapy right hand I gently touched Kari’s vagina, tickling her and watching it in fascination. Bubbles trickled from her stomach into her pubic hair. I stuck my finger just barely inside her crack.

Kari writhed on her feet. “Oh, god.”

I withdrew. Then washed her with the cloth. White-lathered soap slicked everywhere, into her dark mass of pubic hair between her legs. I carefully rubbed this most delicate portion of Kari’s anatomy, then I let the cloth fall as I rose, still clutching the soap bar in my left hand. Both fingers slid up her legs and thighs, tickling her stomach — Kari giggled and shied back. “Stop it.” My hands reached her breasts and I lathered more soap from the bar, then slid my probing fingers across both her boobs, feeling her hot nipples against my palms.

“Oh yeah,” Kari murmured. “Oh yeah, oh, yes. Mmmm, god. Mmmmm.”

One hand moved down to tickle her slick stomach. “Oh stop it,” Kari giggled, moving my fingers away. “Oh, you’re bad. Just feel my titties. Play with my lllllovely little titties.”

Her eyes widened. “Oh wait. It’s bath-time for you.”

Kari swiped the soap from my grasp and laughed daintily as she stood on her tiptoes, jiggling her body as she ground the bar into the other wet washcloth. She made short work of my arms first, covering both of them in soap as I just watched her. I held them up for her to wash my armpits. Turned to let her reach my back, and both my buttocks — Kari laughed again as she smoothed her palm across one cheek, then the other.

To the front again, she washed my stomach. Burning in here. My penis pointed straight at her face as she knelt her naked, soapy legs on the moist floor, pressing her groin deeper down between inner thighs, buried in hair. Kari washed my legs, knees and thighs, and remained there as she ran the cloth across my penis and squeezed.

Hold it in. Hold — it — in!

I managed to. Kari fingered my balls, eyes flickering as she gazed.

She glided upward, eyes fastening on mine. She pursed her lips and bent forward and up. I closed my eyes and leaned down for another kiss.

Slap! My eyes snapped open as the flat washcloth fell from my face.

Kari grinned and then shrieked — I reached for her, grabbed her shoulders as she feigned retreat, and I pulled her close to me, her back to my stomach, butt near my penis. “Oh, little girl, you’ll pay for that,” I muttered, sliding my hands up and down her sides as she pretended to struggle. “What other weapons do you have hiding in that birthday suit?”

Kari giggled. “You’re close to two,” she breathed, just as my hands settled on her breasts. “There they are,” she sighed, then her breathing rasped as I groped her. “Mmm, touch my tits. Squeeze me.”

I was breathing hard along with her. “Kari, you’re so sexy.”

“Mmmm. Oh yeah.” She slithered down, her body lubricated against mine with the soap. Instinctively I went with her and down we fell, landing on the shower floor, slick and wet, suds and lather everywhere. Kari’s body slid against mine, my hands released her breasts as her hands scrambled, pretending to try to push me away.

I went after her. Laughter from both of us as we wrestled together on the floor, flinging suds everywhere. Steam. Heat. Kari’s completely nude body, slathered in soap, was entangling with mine on the floor. Long, bare legs, trim stomach, gorgeous breasts. I was on top of her, scrambling, then she on me, laughing, catching water from somewhere and scooping it repeatedly toward my face. I grabbed for her; she dodged that in the limited space and slid across the floor away from me.

Breasts. Legs. Arms. Kari all over me, her body touching my penis so many times, only layers of soap between us. I tickled her stomach, bringing more giggles. She found the cloth and slapped it at my chest, until finally I wrenched it from her and threw it somewhere.

Seconds went by, until I felt Kari’s inner thighs wrapped around my stomach, her body sitting and bent over, her chin close to mine and then my lips around hers.

Kiss. Kiss. Her wet brown hair and soap-covered breasts dangled.

“Mmmm,” she moaned.

Kari sat up, then her eyes went wide. She was sitting on me. My hard penis was just inches from her . . . from between her legs.

“Oh my god.” She stared at me.

A sly, sultry grin spread across her face.

Steam filled the air. The hot water had generated clouds of it, making the air blazing hot and humid — and sensuous.

My arms hung to the sides and I watched in fascination. Kari scooted herself back, pressing barely against my chest with her palms. My penis almost touched her butt. Knees bent to the sides, Kari lifted her groin over mine. One hand moved down and she grasped my penis. I nearly exploded.

Wait. Wait. WAIT!

With a low groan and a sigh, Kari lowered her dripping vagina to my penis. Her slick opening touched the head, then she slid lower. I moaned and gasped with the thrill as my penis slipped up inside Kari’s hot body.

She wriggled herself upward, then plunged down, then cried out and shivered. “Oh, fuck!”

Just then, I cummed. Hot semen shop up into Kari just as she jerked up again, bringing my pulsing cock halfway out, then let herself fall as she shrieked with the pleasure, getting her orgasm at the same time. I stared at her, lost in a sea of steaming thrill, my vision filled with this naked goddess mounted on my penis with it buried inside her body, her hot, slippery insides triggering my every nerve sensation. Oh, Kari’s gorgeous face, dripping brown hair, tight and sexy stomach, dangling breasts, arms trembling near her sides . . . nearly all encased in sensuous white foam as she brought herself up again and fell downward, wringing waves and cries of pleasure from both of us.

“Oh, Kari,” I moaned. “Oh . . . oh my god. Oh.”

“Ungh,” she grunted, jerking herself upward. “Oh yeah. Oh, that’s good.”

“Does it feel good?”

Kari sighed and brought her hand up to flip her wet hair out her eyes. “Ah yes, it feels good.” Her body mashed down, my penis drawn all the way up inside her, and she wriggled her hips, wracking another thrill from my spurting head.

I closed my eyes and just felt her mounted on me. Hot, humid air surrounded us, and Kari’s inner thighs were clamped around my groin. Slippery skin, all over . . . my stomach, her legs, and now her hands came down onto my stomach and chest as she kept jiggling, as if to bring even more of my fluids up into her vagina.

But I had slowed, and now she settled herself downward, resting on my hips. I opened my eyes and again the sight filled my vision. Kari, completely naked, mounted on my body, leaning over me with wet hair and slippery wet breasts hanging even closer to my face.

I looked down between her outstretched arms and saw where my penis was still pushed up between her legs. Her vagina, slippery and hot inside, surrounded my shaft.

Soap lather clung to our pubic hair.

“Mmm,” Kari sighed. “Oh, that was good.”

I barely nodded, my head resting back on the hard shower floor. “Thank you, Kari.”

Was that it? Was it over?

Her eyes blinked — her lashes were fluttering under her wet hair. Then Kari grinned. “Come on, let’s do it again.”


“Let’s.” Kari twitched her hips, and her canal wriggled again around me. “I can feel it coming back,” she told me with another grin.

I watched her lips move as she spoke. They were large and moist, wet from the humid air and from our kisses. Such a beautiful face . . .

“You’re soft inside me,” Kari said. “I can feel it.”

I tried to smile, as the idea built itself up in my mind. “It may take a while to bring me back up.”

“Well get back up.” Kari’s eyes narrowed and she adopted another wicked, nasty-girl expression. “What can I do to impress you?”

Immediately I answered: “Play with . . . with my penis.”

“I’ve been playing with it.” She giggled, wiggling her hips again.

That turned me on a little. But not nearly as much as the thought I was about to say . . .

“Taste it,” I told her. “Put it in your mouth.”

Kari blinked again, and stared at me.

“Oh gosh.” Again she laughed, and licked her hips as she glanced upward. “I think I could do that.”

“I’ll do it to you, if you do it to me.”

“You do me first,” Kari said.

From somewhere came another idea — as if I’d actually done this before.

“At the same time,” I grunted. “Put your pussy over me and I’ll suck it . . . while you suck me . . .”

Kari lifted herself upward and my limper penis withdrew from her body. She sighed as the head slipped out, dripping cum. Then Kari climbed upward, rose to a stand, and twisted on the shower knob. Hot water burst down on us from above as she slid back down and it began dripping from her shoulders and head. Her fingers reached down to touch my penis as she settled down on my legs, her butt resting just above my knees. “I don’t want any soap in my mouth,” she sing-songed.

The water ran down her hand and across my penis and stomach. My fluids were on Kari’s fingers. She let the water wash it away, along with the remaining soap . . .

“You too,” I said.

Again Kari stood, letting go of my penis. She stepped forward, her feet nearer my shoulders, and jerked her groin forward, closer to the spray. Water ran across her breasts, stomach and pussy, carrying the slippery soap with it.

“Now,” Kari said.

She turned around, and I was staring directly upward at her round, sexy ass. Then her crack parted and for a moment I saw her anus as she again lowered her body to mine. Knees bent, water running down her back and butt and pouring onto me as her thighs settled on my stomach, her body leaning forward. Hands touched my penis — both of them. I sighed with a slight thrill that wavered through.

Kari leaned forward more, lying down on top of me. Her legs stretched behind my head and her ass slid backward, closer to my face. My hands reached up and I clasped both buttocks, groped her softly at first, then squeezed her curvy hips and cheeks.

Her crack was wide . . . her vagina was inches from my mouth. Water poured on her bare back.

I felt air on my penis.

“Mmmm.” And now I felt vibration with Kari’s sound.

Quickly I craned my neck upward, past her right hip, trying to see. Kari had lowered her chin near my penis. Now I felt her chin touch my head. Her lips were open — from this angle it was hard to see — and now, wetness. Heat. Kari’s tongue stretched out and touched my tip. She sighed more air, and licked my penis head, gently at first, then quicker — around and around my penis . . .

Shivering thrills shot through.

“Oh my god, Kari.”

“Like this?” she asked from below, her breath hitting me. “Do you like it?”

“Oh yes?”

“Do you like this?” I heard a kiss as her lips clasped together on my trunk and sucked momentarily.

“Oh yes. Taste it, Kari.”

“Taste me,” Kari said back.

I sighed and Kari groaned as she licked again, around and around. Would she put it inside her mouth? Maybe if I showed her how it was done from here . . . and although I had no experience, again I squeezed Kari’s buttocks, my fingers sliding on her hot wet skin. Now I brought my head up, my mouth even closer to her pussy. From here I could see right up her butt, and up the opening in her front. Wet hair, a deep red opening, juicy inside. Suck that pussy.

I slid my tongue out and plunged it right between her legs.

Kari’s whole body tensed. “Oh gosh,” she cried out. “Oh my god . . . ohhh . . .”

Her mouth had stopped moving on my penis.

I licked Kari’s vagina, adding to the water already dripping down her ass and between her legs. Pubic hair tickled my tongue as I slipped my tongue upward, gooshing into her crack and feeling her hot, slippery wet folds of skin. Again Kari’s body flinched and she moaned, her voice vibrating, with her breath blowing across my penis . . .

Again I kissed her pussy, licked her continually, getting used to the feeling of her most intimate spot right up against my mouth. Now my lips closed around her opening and I tried sucking. Slurp . . . slurp . . .

Kari shuddered. “Oh my god!” she cried out. “Ahhh. Ahh! Ahhh!”

She had quit sucking me. I bent back for just a moment. “Kari, taste my penis . . .”

“Ahh! Ahh!” Kari shuddered. “Oh, my pussy . . . I . . . I can’t . . . I’ll suck you good, I promise . . . if you’ll finish me first.”

I had already been thinking that. “Then hold still,” I gasped, and stuck my tongue back in. “Mmm . . .”

“I — I want to see your face,” Kari moaned back to me.

“I want to see your face too . . .”

Kari scrambled upward, bringing her vagina away from my mouth and a gush of water spray suddenly pouring down on me as she straightened upright. Bringing her legs up toward her, she twisted her body around, still sitting on my stomach. Her butt slid across to my chest and she thrust her vagina forward to my chin — I leaned forward, but she would have to sit on my neck for me to reach it.

Quickly I pushed her from her right and began moving her off me. Kari’s butt slid off and she was bent over as I got up beside her, legs bending as I maneuvered next to her and pushed her into the shower corner — the water sprayed down on my back now. Kari’s back nestled against the tiles and her knees bent, spreading wide. I slid down before her, my penis dangling, and I reached up with my left hand to clutch her left breast as with my right I tickled the space between her legs, then brought my head down to Kari’s vagina.

And I sucked her. Deeper, hotter, wetter than before. Her soft, juicy, quivering parts pressed right up against my lips and Kari cried out, over and over with the pleasure. Her hand came to my head, nestled into my wet hair and stroking me, pushing me even further down between her legs.

I stuck my tongue deeper in. “Ahhh, ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!” Kari cried. Now I wiggled, and she moaned, her bent knees shifting back and forth against my head. With my other hand I gave her boob an extra squeeze, wondering if that would do anything to increase her pleasure. Her body seemed to shudder even harder, and again I kissed her vagina, licking her skin, and now sucking her again, over and over and over . . .

Kari almost wailed! “Oh my god!” I felt more fluids issue from deep within her body. Slick juice with a far different taste than anything I’d ever felt. It coated my lips, but I f****d myself to stay pushed into her. I actually slid my tongue out even more, as far as it would go. My mouth seemed to ache, but Kari was shaking, shrieking with her orgasm. “Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh . . .”

I burrowed my face into her legs, pushing hard, shaking my chin, and groaned, letting her feel the vibration. “Mmmmmmmm . . .”

Hers knees drew closer together, pressing my head in between as her naked body kept shivering with her thrill. “Oh my god,” Kari mused. “Oh my god. Oh my god.”

But Kari was slowing down. I had pleasured her. And now my own naked penis, still hard and wet and pointing near the floor, trembled in anticipation.

Her right hand came up and stroked my neck as her moaning eased.

I wanted her hand stroking something else.

I withdrew my lips from between her legs and retreated, giving her one last lick with my tongue, and then moving my eyes to stare up at her.

“Was it good, Kari?”

She grinned, face visible from above her breasts. “Oh yes. Mmm. Thank you.”

“It’s your turn now.”

“I know.” Kari grunted as she moved, and I backed away further as she slid forward, knees bending under her, and I scrambled upward too, in time to meet her. Our wet bodies pressed together, kneeling on the shower floor, and I caressed her boobs as her hot breath met my face and our lips locked together.

We kissed, several times, and more thrills jolted through me. Then Kari backed away, her arms around my neck.

“Let’s see how I do with you,” she said.

I got into the same position she was, my rear against the corner, back against the wall, and spread my legs out before me. Kari turned around, the water sprinkling against her back, and re-wetting her stringy, short dark hair. Her breasts jiggled as she lowered herself to the floor, legs behind her. Now I spread my legs, and her eyes fixed on my penis, bulging upward toward her gorgeous face.

Then she looked to my eyes, and licked her lips, while her hands reached down and squeezed around my hard cock. And now Kari lowered the rest of the way down, released the trunk and planted a kiss on the side, pushing on my leg with her right hand and fingering the head with her left hand. Her tongue emerged, and she breathed on me, licking around my stiff shaft, eyes halfway closed. I smiled and sighed; my hand found her head and stroked her wet tresses.

She kept licking me, breathing, stimulating me. “Open wide,” I told her.

Kari looked up, then back down, staring directly at my groin as she moved back, parted her lips, and drew my penis head in between them. Hot wetness surrounded me and now I felt her suck on my head. Thrills welled up and I groaned.

“Mmmm.” Now vibration joined with the pleasure, and Kari withdrew the penis and stared up at me, with a grin. “Tastes good,” she said. “Do you like it?”

“Oh yes.”

“I’ll try it deeper,” Kari told me, and slipped the penis back inside and pushed it in more. “Mmmmm. Mmm.” She was sucking me, twisting her face around my cock. “Mmmm.” I shuddered, and she felt it and laughed back in her throat. “Mmm-hmm.”

“Ohhh,” I moaned. “Oh, suck it, baby.”

She laughed again, and sucked harder.

“Baby Kari . . .” I shivered. “You’re so hot.”

Her head moved, backward, then forward again — shoving me deeper inside. In, out, in and out . . . into her tight mouth, filled with heat, her tongue stroking me inside. Kari’s eyes probed upward into mine as she penetrated her own mouth with my penis, her motions rhythmic and sensuous, wet hair still flipping about her shoulders.

No sound but the water pouring across her back, and the squishing of her saliva and wet lips surrounding my penis.

I groaned, louder and louder. Ecstasy!

“Ahh, Kari!” I almost shouted.

Then it happened — I erupted into her throat. The first burst hit her inside, and then Kari withdrew my cock — and I cummed on her face. Her mouth open wide and groaning, she allowed the pulsing strands to coat her lips, then drip down off her chin. I ejaculated past her head, dripping the last of that one on her bare shoulder.

She laughed a little, as the gelatinous substance slid down the sides of her face.

“Mmmm,” she sighed.

I shuddered — that had been quite an orgasm.

Kari sighed, licking just a little at the semen on her mouth. She turned just slightly, still kneeling low on the floor, and let the water run down her head. Her arms found the wet washcloth and she brought it up to wipe the sticky substance from her face.

“Oh, baby Kari.” My hand stroked her hair and I saw her smile, then I traced it down her bare, wet back. “Oh, that was so good.”

Kari glanced backward to me, her eyes mischievous, her lips now almost clean. “My first time, you know — giving you a blowjob.”

“My first time,” I breathed, “giving you one.”

“Mmm.” Again Kari laughed as she washed off her face some more, the water dripping from her chin, re-wetting her hair. I stared at her ass, pressed against the backs of her legs, as she turned her head and told me, “I like the feel of your big cock in my mouth.”

Briefly I wondered if she would do it again. But my body felt exhausted . . . empty . . . and almost too hot, now.

As if reading my mind, Kari edged around, facing me, now kneeling again. Her arms came up, though, and she straightened, her wet, aroused breasts directly before my vision. Her arms opened and she reached for my neck, stroked me, moved closer, bent her head down and parted her lips for more kisses.

Gently her mouth caressed mine, while my hands again groped her breasts.

“Mm,” she breathed as she kissed me. “Mmm.” Smack. “Mmm-hmm.” Smack. Now even Kari’s tongue got in on the action, tickling my upper lip as she closed in again. “Mmmm.”

Again I became aroused, absolutely thrilled with this gorgeous, naked body covering mine. Wet, dark hair, wide eyes . . . wider lips, connecting over and over with mine . . . two breasts, between my fingers . . .

My hands released from Kari’s breasts as she kept kissing me, slid down her slender sides, then rounded her hips to her ass. I squeezed both her cheeks, and Kari laughed and jiggled her body as her lips again clasped mine.

“Do me from behind,” Kari told me as her face retreated from mine. “Do me one last time.”

I realized I could do it. And Kari backed away, turned around, slid her bare bottom across the slick shower floor and turned, wiggling her ass before me. Her arms moved out, before the shower door — it was fogged not only by itself but with the steaming humid air. She planted her hands on the door and moved her ass upward, then reached back with one hand and spread apart her own cheeks.

I watched her asshole as Kari muttered back to me, “Fuck my pussy.”

I moved forward, kneeling myself, and got behind her. She craned her neck, looking backward with a sultry grin, and the shower water poured on my back — hot, stimulating — as I groped her ass, then wiped my hands across her back up to her hair . . . and pulled back on her hair.

“Have you been a naughty girl?” I asked her.

“Oh, yes. Very,” she answered.

“What did you do, Kari-baby?”

“I took your penis in my mouth.” She laughed and licked her lips. “I licked you, and then I sucked you into my throat. And then I swallowed some of your cum.”

“Bad,” I replied, moving my penis closer to her behind. “Time for you to learn.”

A sudden thought: put it in her ass.

She wanted me to go up her pussy . . . would she be open to this instead? Literally?

I pushed her cheeks apart. Kari squirmed a little. Her ass, and entire body, was wet and hot. Her stringy dark hair matted her head and neck.

Then I moved my penis closer, glancing down toward her groin. Kari’s fingers, still tipped with long nails and pink polish, pinched her pussy carefully, stroking herself. She was in for a surprise . . . unless she said no, of course . . .

With my hands grasped her hips, I pressed my penis between her ass cheeks and the tip shoved at her asshole.

Kari jolted. “Oh! . . . wrong way.”

“I want to do you anal,” I said.

“You want your cock in my ass?”

“I love your little ass. Please, Kari.”

Her head craned backward. “I haven’t done anal!”

“You have now, Kari-baby.” I grunted as I shoved forward — and Kari twitched as I sunk in more.

Oh, god! She was tight and hot inside. I’m about to explode now.

Kari writhed — I felt her asshole grind around my cock and shivered with the thrill. “No . . . no, I can’t . . .” I pushed deeper and now she groaned, with ecstasy. “Oooh . . . no, wait . . .” I felt her relax just a little. “Feels good. Oh, feels good. Oh, you have got to ass-fuck me now.”

I was halfway in. “Want me to go slow?” Just a little more . . .

“No, do it fast. I want to feel you pound me.”

Nasty! I thrust myself forward, skewering Kari’s behind — and she screamed, shrilly, while her body thrashed, wriggling her intestine, pressing me even tighter up her ass!

“God, oh god, OH GOD!” she shrieked.

I brought my head near her neck and grasped her head with one hand. “Do you like it, Kari-baby?”

“Unnghhh . . . pound me,” she muttered.

Thrills shuddered through, pressed tight against Kari’s back and inside her ass, as I withdrew my cock halfway, then thrust forward — Kari grunted, “Ungh, GODDD!” — and backed out, then shoved up her ass again — “Oh, shit!” Kari screamed — and then pulled out and shoved in against, then shook my groin from side to side . . .

Kari twitched even more, then her body convulsed with her orgasm. Quietly she whimpered and just stayed there, shaking, letting it course across her bare, hot flesh. I gasped when her quivering fingers slid between our legs, pinched my balls — and I exploded up her ass.

Multiple times. A huge orgasm. Ropes of semen flowed out as I could barely breathe. Were I not tightly within her ass, they would have spurted out for feet.

“Ungghhh,” Kari groaned. “Ungh.” And now, even sexier, as her thrills wore off, “Unnnnghhhhh.”

Finally my cock quit pulsing. I was weakened, my shaft about to soften within Kari’s gorgeous, hot wet ass.

My nose buried into her right shoulder, her hair tickling me from the left. My hands slid up her sides to her breasts, feeling her erect nipples, and I pinched them and squeezed her from behind, not wanting to pull out just yet.

Kari shook her hips, tightening her asshole and dislodging me just a little.

Her voice whispered into my left ear. “Mmm . . . never done that before.”

“Neither have I.”

“We should try it again sometime,” she mused.

“Yeah . . .”

But for now, the work remained in the office, and as we cleaned off each other’s cum and got dressed, I wondered just exactly what the boss would have thought if he had come back to the office, found it empty and then heard his two employees humping in the upstairs shower.

I watched Kari get dressed and realized I had to take her out sometime. Then maybe bring her back to my apartment, get another piece of that incredible body. And here I had assumed her as some naïve girl with no clue about what her clothes did to turn men on. Well, lesson learned for me — I suppose you never know about people sometimes.