Aunt Kristy’s Birthday Party

“Be there at 9 pm, Tristen!” my mother said excitedly over the phone. Apparently she, my father Stephen and my uncle Troy all had gotten together and planned a surprise birthday party for my 48, soon to be 49, year old Aunt Kristy at one of the local halls here in Atlanta, Georgia. I listened

A woman decides to show a young bag boy at her local supermarket what sex is all about before he departs for college

I love going out wearing my jogging outfit, mid-calf black Speedos stretched tight against my vulva; showing a deep crease. Sometimes, I’ll see guys, (and gals) walking past me with their eyes glued to my crotch as I run by, and I enjoy seeing them “getting a rise” over it. I was wearing just such

A young woman is introduced to lesbian sex

Amy was eighteen when I seduced her. Almost fully developed, she had a wonderful figure and a pretty face. I’m forty-two and divorced. I love seducing young girls and straight women, showing them the many pleasures of lesbian sex. I’m 5’6″, 135 lbs., with nice firm 38C breasts that both men and women stare at