The Argument

We’d fought about a tiny little thing. It was what we
were going to do for the holidays. I wanted the
Maldives, he wanted Europe. He stormed out after it got
ugly. Fuck him. I would show him I wasn’t going to sit
around and waiting for him. I dressed hot. Short skirt,
silky blouse, no bra, g-string knickers and the new
spiked heels I had just got from the sex shop. Slut.

I hopped in my car and drove into town, about thirty
minutes away. On the way I pulled into a bottle shop and
picked up two cans of rum and coke, nice buzz.

The Shaft club, a dancing and amateur strip joint in
town known for it’s hot action on and off the stage. I’d
been there twice before for hen’s nights, and knew it
was a great place to have a good time. There were always
groups of guys hanging there for buck’s nights, and the
mood I was in I wanted plenty of men. I was going to
show him.

I took a stool at the bar and ordered my favorite, a
Kailua and milk. As I sipped luxuriantly on the ice-cold
liquid, I took the opportunity to look around the place.
It was dimly lit with a mixture of spotlights and a
series of ultra-violet fluorescent lamps, which made all
the white outfits stand out. My white silky shirt shone
like a beacon, and the contrast with my black shot skirt
was intense.

As my eyes scanned the room, I noticed a group of women,
obviously on a hen’s night, enter and take their seats
near the stage. They were immediately besieged with
comments from the three groups of men in the tables
nearby, and I gathered they were buck’s night groups.
Apart from these four groups, there were several smaller
gatherings, mostly men, at tables around the club facing
the stage.

There were two other people at the bar and there were
three bar staff, two barmen and one, a waitress dressed
in a sexy one-piece g-string bathing suit and heels. She
was very well put together and I guessed she earned a
fair bit of her wages in tips, as well as her fair share
of pinches on her incredibly tight butt.

I finished my first Kailua and ordered a second. The
lights dimmed around the tables and an announcer came
on. “the first act for tonight – the very lovely “Tina.”

A short girl wearing a very tight dress came out onto
the stage and began undulating her hips to some very
sexy music. I was enjoying her act when from behind, I
felt warm breath near my ear. “Don’t move, or I will
have to fuck you right here and now.” the voice said. I
kept sipping my drink through the straw and acted as if
I had heard nothing. Placing my drink on the bar I
glanced sideways, and took the opportunity to see in the
mirror that the man whispering was in actual fact rather

I stood up and walked directly to the ladies room,
looking back and indicating that he should follow me. My
night was about to get wild!!

I entered the ladies room and immediately took off my
skirt and g-string, placing them on the bench next to
where I had spread my legs wide, allowing an
unobstructed view, and access, to my hungry pussy.
Seconds later the door flew open and in walked the
stranger. Not a word was spoken. He approached me,
kissed me full on the mouth, our tongues twisting and
intertwining in unadulterated lust. This was what we
both wanted.

I grabbed his head by the hair and forced him down, his
hands grabbing at my tits as his tongue found my
dripping clitoris and began flickering. I braced myself
firmly against the bench top and the coldness of the
mirror on my ass made me start. I threw back my head and
orgasmed, this man bringing me pleasure within two

He stood and I opened up my pussy, his penis standing
awesomely to attention in front of me. He stabbed me
with it, my hungry cunt engulfing him in one long stroke
which took my breath away and made me feel delightfully
naughty, knowing I was cheating on my husband for the
first time. I also knew it would not be the last.

He fucked me like a wild man, and I thoroughly enjoyed
the fact that I was being used totally as a sex toy
without the niceties that married couples share during
and before sex. This man wanted to fuck me. And I was
letting him, here in the toilet of a strip club a total
stranger that hadn’t even told me his name was fucking

Suddenly he pulled out and grabbed me by the hair,
jerking my head down towards his cock. Without warning
he started cumming, squirts hitting me in the face,
mouth and hair. I grabbed his dick and jammed the
spurting tool in my mouth, and proceeded to lick and
suck the life giving liquid out of it, until the guy
buckled at the knees, zipped up and walked out, without
a word.

I collapsed back against the mirror and took stock of my
situation. I was semi dressed, covered in cum, and was
sitting on the bench of a toilet. I dressed again, my g-
string immediately covered in the mixture of juices from
my saturated cunt. I fixed my hair in the mirror and re-
applied my make up.

As I emerged from the toilet, I saw the guy sitting
again at the bar. This time he was with three other men
who were pointing at me and making snide comments. I
approached them and ordered a drink at the bar, sitting
three seats up from the nearest one of the group.

Ignoring them, I again took in the action on the stage.
A black guy who was gorgeous had replaced the short
girl. He was obviously a bodybuilder or something, and
judging by the packet in his g-string, he was in
possession of a huge dick as well. Suddenly the music
stopped and he called for a volunteer, a woman.

One of the guys at the bar said to me, “Hey Blondie, why
don’t you get up – I wouldn’t mind watching a big black
dude fuck you up the ass,” and then began laughing.
Feeling pretty sexy and looking for my own adventure, I
thought to myself, “Fuck you asshole, I might just do
that and make you wish it was you who was fucking my

On stage the black hunk was pointing to women in the
audience asking them to join him. I sculled my drink and
stood up, then headed directly for the stage. The crowd
sensed what was happening and went wild as the black guy
reached out, offered me his hand and lifted me onto the

Immediately he kissed me and I searched with my tongue
for his, finding it and suddenly his hands were lowering
my skirt as our tongues entwined. Without a spoken word
and before we broke the kiss his hands were all over my
butt cheeks, searching for the undies I had not put back
on. I was naked, half drunk and dancing on a stage with
a black man whose name I did not even know, and I knew I
was about to let him fuck me in front of the large and
noisy crowd.

In one sweeping movement he untangled his tongue and
removed my blouse, my large breasts shaking free of my
bra as he deftly removed them. I now wore only my high
heels and an incredible wicked smile as the black guy
knelt down and shoved his tongue into my already
dripping snatch. He licked a little and then jumped up,
his huge erection poking clearly through his g-string.
“You slut, your cunt is already full of sperm!” he said.
“I’m allowed to be horny too aren’t I?” I spat back
quickly, before grabbing his dick through the Lycra
material of his g-string and giving it an almighty

He threw me to the ground on the stage and slapped my
face, the suddenness of it all catching me by surprise.
“Suck my cock whore.” he spat and jammed his dick into
my mouth. I slurped and sucked at it feverishly, until I
knew this huge black guy was almost ready to cum. I was
determined to regain the upper hand, and so I let his
huge erection pop from my warm, sucking mouth.

He looked at me and said, “Why did you stop you slut
cock sucker?” “I want something first,” I replied,
opening my lips and showing him the cum filled depths of
my pussy again, indicating he should pleasure me again
with his tongue.

I lay back and closed my eyes…expecting to feel the
warm sloppiness of the black man’s tongue against my
clitoris. Instead, I felt a sharp blow to the side of my
head and then everything went black.

When I awoke my head was throbbing and I looked around
to try to figure out where I was and what was happening.
I saw the black guy standing near me, but I was no
longer on the stage of the club. I was on a bed in a
room somewhere, a large room, and as I looked above me I
saw three video cameras set up for filming. In the room,
which contained a large bar to one side, there were
assembled about thirty men and one woman. I scanned
their faces and recognized the guys from the bar who had
challenged me to get up in the first place. The woman
was the one who had done the performance on stage

Suddenly I realized I was chained to the bed with a pair
of handcuffs!

My legs were spread wide apart and they too were tied to
the bed, and I was still only wearing my spiked heels.
Oh god I thought, what is going to happen. I suddenly
regretted my decision to get back at my husband by going
out playing the slut alone!

As I scanned the room looking for any way out of this
predicament, a young stud walked towards me and jerked
my head up by my hair. I yelped at the roughness of his
treatment, but he simply kissed me on the mouth and
pushed his erection straight into me.

His was the second strange dick in my cunt that night,
and he was also the longest I had ever had! He pushed it
in a second time, touching me in places I had not
previously been touched, and I must admit to you here
and now that I loved the way he filled me! The fact that
I was being raped in front of thirty people tied to a
bed in a room after being bashed slipped my mind
completely as the primal urges overtook me.

He started pushing in and out with long strokes, and his
hands were firmly but erotically playing with my
breasts. I rolled my head to the side in pleasure, only
to stare another large penis in the eye. I looked up and
the man suggested I suck him, I took him in my mouth and
tried to reach over to stroke his balls, but the
handcuffs prevented me. Despite this I managed to give
him a good sucking, and I was rewarded when the guy
suddenly pulled it from my mouth and sprayed my face,
tits and hair with a huge load of cum. I licked his dick
till it was totally clean, and the only thing that
dragged me away from his delightful tasting goo was the
sudden realization that the guy fucking me was also
about to cum. I looked him in the eye and said, “Come on
baby, spray my cunt full of your jism, I want to open my
mouth and feel it shooting all the way up there. Come
on, fuck me hard you son of a bitch!”

He did just that, and after he had spurted the first two
loads inside me, he too pulled out and unloaded the rest
all over my stomach. It was then that the other woman
came over and licked my stomach clean of his sperm,
stopping momentarily to give my clit a lashing which
sent me over the edge, and I crashed into a fantastic
orgasm, my first for the evening. I was now officially a
slut, and this gangbang rape was under way.

I noticed that most of the guys were now unzipping their
pants, and despite the fear factor the handcuffs and
ropes were providing, I was turned on more than I had
ever been. I was dying to be used like a fuck slut, and
craved more cock. I smiled wickedly as another guy
approached, his erection swaying in the breeze as he
came towards me. Without even having to touch his cock,
he pointed the head towards my hungry snatch, and
entered me so easily I was almost embarrassed!

I had never been so wet in my entire life, and I loved
the feeling it gave me as he pumped in and out. His dick
felt wonderful as he went at me as if there was no
tomorrow. He lasted about three minutes before jumping
out and offering me his spurting dick to swallow. I did
so and was surprised when I opened my eyes to find a
young man who must have been only 18 was already fucking

I again tilted my head and found two cocks waiting, so I
stretched my mouth wide and engulfed them both at once,
spitting and licking the shafts shiny, before actually
managing to fit both shafts all the way down my throat.
I was momentarily distracted by the rush of sperm, which
filled my pussy again, the feeling of the warm gushing
fluid exquisite in my previously unadulterated pussy. I
was now a cock hungry slut and knew I was to be fucked
by every one of the thirty guys in the room. I returned
to the two cocks just in time as they both
simultaneously spewed cum into my mouth and face as
their owners stroked them furiously, pointing them
perfectly at the hungry opening my mouth provided.

The next guy to enter me was smaller than the previous
ones, and I was almost disappointed with his lack of
penetration. This must have shown on my face because I
was suddenly un-cuffed and my legs were untied, and I
was placed on my stomach. My hands were guided to cocks,
and the small guy spat rudely on my ass, his finger
suddenly probing the entrance, which had previously
never felt penis. I had long begged my husband to fuck
my ass but he was strangely reticent. I knew that I was
about to have my anal virginity taken by this guy and
was a little relieved that his dick was not a huge one.

I grimaced as I felt the first inches of penetration,
but then grunted in pain as the head slipped past the
anal opening and his shaft filled my anus. He slowly
retracted it and then slammed it back in a huge thrust,
my voice screaming a protest until my mouth was again
filled with cock, my screams silenced as he fucked my
asshole relentlessly.

I struggled to concentrate as another dick found it’s
way to my hungry mouth, and I took it in again, to be
rewarded not more than thirty seconds later with the
largest single dose of cum I have ever seen or had from
a penis! I could no way swallow it all, and after
attempting to but gagging savagely, I decided to just
slurp it all over his cock and then suck it clean as my
asshole continued to be stretched by this little guy
fucking it for the first time. He was small, but he also
was very definitely a stayer! He fucked my butt for what
must have been ten minutes before I blacked out again.

The next time I awoke I was home! I could not figure out
how, but I was in my own bed, lying in my satin sheets
and the light was coming in through the window. I took
stock of my condition and realized suddenly as I moved
that my bum hole hurt like hell. I also noticed a huge
throbbing from between my legs. I got up to get a drink
from the en suite, and stared in disbelief as I saw
myself in the mirror!

My neck, breasts, arms, stomach, legs, thighs, buttocks
and back were COVERED in love bite marks, as well as a
fair share of welts from obviously some type of beating
I had suffered. My wrists had abrasions, and I recalled
the handcuffs.

My back was a maze of scratches and love bites, and
there was dried cum over almost every inch of my body. I
suddenly felt the urge to be sick, and I vomited into
the sink. It was incredible. I did not vomit any food,
but what appeared to be about four liters of pure white
cum! I finished and stared at the fluid dumbfounded as
it made it’s way down the drain. I took a long drink of
water and brushed my teeth, before running a long hot
bath and climbing in.

I luxuriated in the bath as long as I could, my aching
body soothing itself in the mineral salts. I was still
shocked at the site of my body, which I had always been
so proud of, covered now in bites, bruises and
scratches. The water in the bath had a layer of slimy
goo on it and I realized in horror that it must have
been cum! It began to dawn on me what had happened up
until I blacked out, and in a strange twist of fate my
anus began twitching again remembering that I had
blacked out with a dick up my ass!!!

I climbed painfully out of the bath and had a short but
very hot shower, cleaning off the milky film, which had
accumulated in the bath. My husband came in just as I
was stepping from the shower. He offered me a towel,
kissed me gently on the lips and said, “I have something
to show you.”

I dried myself and then dressed in my nightgown and
slippers. I left my hair slightly wet, went to the
fridge and poured myself a long glass of orange juice.
My hubby was sitting on the couch and I joined him, my
body still a painful reminder of the adventure I had
embarked upon.

As I sat on the couch I wondered how I could ever have
been angry with this man. The man I had loved since my
teenage years. The father of my kids. I kissed him
gently on the lips and began to sob, thinking of what I
had done. I knew he had seen the evidence of my
misdemeanor on my body as I stepped from the shower, but
wondered what he thought. He seemed at ease.

“I have a confession,” I began to say–

“Shhhhh,” he whispered as his finger placed itself
gently on my lips. “Later – for I have one too my love”
he said.

Without speaking another word he pressed the play button
on the remote control and our video whirred into action
on the TV screen in front of me. I was stunned. The TV
screen was filled with images of me fucking all those
men in that strange room. I was totally freaked out! The
image showed me taking the guy up my ass, and then
blacking out. I wondered how my hubby had got this tape?
Had he known all along?? Had some asshole sent it to him
with me when I was returned home? Come to think of it,
how had I got home and who had brought me home? I was
totally confused.

As these thoughts went through my mind however my
attention returned to the screen, as I was keen to know
what had happened after I passed out! I was laying
totally unconscious on the bed as this guy continued to
fuck me in the ass despite my state! He was ripping into
me like there was no tomorrow, and seemed undaunted by
the fact that I was unconscious.

He finally started to jerk as if he was coming, but
stayed in me pumping about ten thrusts in to me,
obviously filling my asshole with his come before
pulling out, wiping his dick all over my butt cheeks,
and then making room for the next guy.

The only thing was, it wasn’t one guy, it was two! One
guy scrambled his way underneath my limp but warm body,
and pushed his dick into my cunt. The second guy
positioned himself and then simply stabbed his dick into
my asshole, pumping about ten times and then pulling out
to spray my back with huge shots of cum. Another guy
quickly replaced him and I was again being double fucked
unconscious, a dick in my hungry cunt and another
reaming my ass with abandon.

This unconscious double fucking rape went on until each
of the guys in the room had fucked me and cum on or in
me. I was finally left alone for a few minutes and two
of the guys who had fucked me made an attempt to revive
me. I watched as they gently patted my cheeks with their
hands. I can’t remember this happening, but I came
around, and was then placed on my back on the rug in the
middle of the room, with all the guys around me. I was
passed a huge black dildo and a vibrator and also a
cucumber. I watched the screen intently as I did not
hesitate to fill my pussy with the huge cucumber,
pumping it in and out a few times before inserting the
huge black dildo painfully (I thought anyway!) into my
ass that was flooded with the cum of the guys who had
just fucked me there. Then I took the vibrator and
started throbbing it upon my hungry clit.

I knew that I had seen myself cum at least twice in the
video, and wondered how I expected myself to cum a third
time with these toys. I needn’t have worried!
The guys all stroked their dicks as I worked myself
over, and I must admit that as I sat there looking at
the guys stroking their dicks I was again getting hot.

All around me were hard cocks being stroked faster and
faster, and just as I screamed myself into a blood
curdling orgasm on the screen, the guys all around me
started cumming and cum was spraying all over the place
and I ended up again blacking out as I was drowned in
the liters of fuck juice from the cocks of every guy in
the place. The last shot on the tape showed a close up
of my body.

It was a scandalous mess of bites, scratches, bruises
and cum juice was everywhere, covering me from head to
foot. Suddenly the tape stopped and I was aware of my
hand playing with my badly swollen but hot clit as my
husband got up to rewind it.

“Quite a performance.” he said as he came and rejoined
me on the couch. “Want to tell me all about it darling?”

“I know nothing more than you,” I lied. I remember
leaving here and arriving at the club, but after that it
is all a blank.” I awaited his angry reaction, but it
did not come. “Someone must have spiked my drink?” was
my meek response to his apparent indifference to the
fact that I had, after arguing with him, dressed up like
a slut, gone to a nightclub and ended up having a
massive gangbang.

“Is that right?” he answered sarcastically, knowing full
well that I had stormed out in a huff looking to piss
him off. “Well OK, not exactly, but you pissed me off so
I was looking to get even!!” I spat in response. He
stood up, took the tape and left, driving off without
saying a word.

I went to sleep that night knowing two things: firstly
that I had pissed my husband off big time, and secondly
that I had discovered a side of me that wanted sex more
than anything else in my whole life. I was determined to
repair the damage my wild night out had obviously done
to my marriage, but I was equally determined to again
experience the mind blowing, physical sex I had
experienced for the first time that wonderful night in
the club.

Well following that night, I was determined to continue
having the wild sex, but to also work on saving my
marriage to the man I loved.

This is the plan I put into action to get him back. Let
me know what you think of it.


I waited a week to see if he would return home. Despite
my yearnings for more of the unbridled kinky and group
sex I had at the nightclub, I also wanted my husband,
Steve, back. He was a great lover and we had been
married for many years. He also brought in a tidy income
and I loved him very much. The argument we had that
fateful night was really a trivial one and I regretted
the circumstances that lead to my wildest night of

I decided it was time to act and so I rang John, Steve’s
best mate, who told me he was staying with Ed, one of
the Sales reps from Steve’s work. Ed was a confirmed
stud, and Steve would often come home and tell me
stories about Ed’s conquests as we were making love, and
I often had the impression Steve was a little jealous of
Ed’s success with the ladies.

I rang Ed at work and arranged to meet him to talk about
the plan I had for getting Steve back. He sounded very
keen to meet me when I spoke with him, and instead of
the lunch at the sandwich shop I was planning, I found
myself pushed into meeting this young stud for dinner in
town at a restaurant that Friday night! The plan was to
ask him to let me have a key and then surprise Steve for
the night in an attempt to get him back. However, after
hanging up the phone with Ed, my loins again had the
burning sensation I had felt that first moment I walked
into the nightclub on that fateful night!

Friday came around and for some reason I found it hard
to concentrate on my original plan to lure Steve back.
All sorts of thoughts were going through my head: what
would Ed really be like in bed? Would he be as good as
Steve had said he was? Would he make a move for me, his
boss’s wife? Had Steve shown him the videotape? – Did I
want him to fuck me? Was I now a slut?

I had my hair done, and also had a body wax done, and
for some strange reason asked Kim, the wax lady, to trim
the pubic region right down to a tiny fluffy ball above
my clitoris. “Expecting something special?” she asked
with a wry smile on her face. “Not sure to be honest!” I
replied, the heat was turning me on wildly as my clit
engorged itself with blood and my juices started flowing
for the first time that day.

On the way home I stopped by my favorite clothes shop
and tried on the tiny black dress I had often spied as I
walked past. It looked awesome, and despite the three
hundred dollar price tag, I bought it and headed home
feeling wanton. I was beginning to lose faith in my
ability to concentrate at all on my plan to win Steve

I dressed in the black dress, thigh high pushup
stocking, matching black lace g-string, and my brand new
platform heels. These shoes were pure slut, six inch
spiked platforms, and in them I stood well over six feet
tall. Curious, I walked to the door and marked with my
fingernail the height I stood. I then measured it and
was astonished to realize that in my new shoes I stood
6’4″. I had met Ed at a few work functions, and knew him
to be a solid six-footer, but I smiled at my image in
the mirror realizing that I would tower four inches over
this young stud. It made me feel fantastic, and I headed
out to the car ready to kill. I was still planning to
save my marriage as my number one goal, but if in the
process I could make a well-known stud squirm in desire
for me, I would do it as well.

I arrived at the restaurant just before 8.30, and I was
shown to the table where Ed was waiting. He stood up and
blushed immediately as he realized how tall I was. He
nervously kissed me on the cheek and quickly sat back
down. Strike one to Dee! I have always been fascinated
how men love their women to dress like sluts in high
heels at home, but actually wear the shoes out and tower
over a man in public, and you will notice a totally
different reaction – one of total insecurity.

We ordered some wine and swapped chitchat. I decided to
get on with it, sensing Ed’s discomfort at my height and
provocative dress. I said, “Ed, I wondered if you would
let me have a key to your apartment for a night so I can
surprise Steve? I want to try to convince him to come
home to me, and was hoping a night of wild sex might do
the trick.” “Hmm, sounds good!” replied Ed. “Steve told
me you two had been having some problems in that area.
He told me it was all your fault and that he wanted to
get back at you somehow.” “Oh he did, did he? Well I
guess he’s right. I was a little naughty!” I offered,
sensing Ed’s interest in what I might have done. I was
actually interested in knowing how much Ed knew, so I
tried to pry some information from him.

“So tell me Ed, what exactly has Steve told you?” He
sipped his wine and smiled suggestively, then said, “Not
that much really. Just that you took off one night and
left him at home alone, and that you got home early the
next morning.” “I see.” I said not knowing how much he
knew. “Did he tell or show you anything else?” I asked,
hoping to find out if Steve had been flashing the tape
around. “Well, that sort of information is very
personal, and Steve likes to keep that sort of thing to
himself,” said Ed, a huge wry smile forming on his
attractive face. The insecurity was disappearing and the
cocksure stud was coming back to life!

“So, do I get the key?” I reminded him as we finished
dinner. “Sure, but tonight is not finished yet. The
night is young Dee!” he said as he led me from the
restaurant and out onto the street. “What would you like
to do?” I asked, as his arm snaked its way around me
waist, the heels making their full effect known as I
looked down into his hungry eyes. I had had four glasses
of wine and was feeling no pain. “How about a movie or
some dancing ?” he asked. I knew I would never be able
to dance in these shoes so I said, “A movie would be
good.” and we headed up the street towards the cinemas.

As we walked along the street, we passed one of those
adult cinemas, which feature X-rated films. Ed pulled me
by the hand towards the entrance and said, “Let’s go in
here.” I looked up and saw the feature was a film called
“Anal Princess” and said, “I am not sure if I’d enjoy a
film like that Ed,” feigning horror at his suggestion.
His next comment blew me away. “I don’t know Dee.
Judging by the video Steve showed me this is EXACTLY
your sort of film!” and with a shocked look on my face
the cocky little stud dragged me into the dim entrance
of the porno theatre.

Once inside, I was still too surprised to say much, but
took in the atmosphere of the place. It was pure filth.
Small, dim lit, with a sticky carpet. Only about twenty
people were there, and I was the only woman. Ed pulled
me to a seat in the middle of the middle row. I felt
eyes everywhere staring a me as we entered. I guessed
these deviates had not seen a six foot four blonde too
often in real life. I sat down and tried to get
comfortable as the ads began before the film. Ed leaned
over and broke the silence, “I thought you were
incredible. I don’t know what Steve is so upset about.
If that was my wife being gang fucked unconscious, I’d
be doing the filming myself!”

I ignored his comment, but as I thought more and more
about it, I knew Ed was right. Most men would love their
wives to act like sluts occasionally. I was nervously
beginning to warm to this guy as the movie itself began.

The girl on the screen was absolutely stunning, and the
first guy, his name was Rocco something, had a chiseled
face and a cock that looked ten inches long and four
inches thick. I squirmed in my seat, and Ed must have
sensed this because he leaned over, whispered “Nice
huh?” into my ear and put his arm around my shoulder. I
let it sit there as the action on the screen hooted up.
The climax of the first scene was when Rocco took some
oil and greased up this girls asshole, before pushing
her face down on the couch and fucked her in the ass. I
gasped with excitement as he slid it slowly into her
tightest cavity.

Unconsciously my fingers went to my crotch, a move,
which Ed noticed immediately, his hand cupping my breast
under my arm as his arm went further around my body. I
let him play with it, my attention fixed on the screen
as Rocco fucked her ass relentlessly. I became short of
breath and knew I was getting turned on.

Out of nowhere another hand appeared on my left breast
as the guy on the screen pulled his cock out and sprayed
his cum all over the girls back. I threw my head back
and closed my eyes, thinking it was Ed’s hand that was
on my left breast.

Suddenly it dawned on me that I had more that two hands
stroking me! I opened my eyes to see another guy had
taken the seat directly behind me and was fondling my
tits at the same time as Ed. I started to scream but a
hand went across my mouth, silencing me. My head was
then pointed once more towards the screen, where the
image showed the same girl now being joined,
coincidentally, by another man. The combination of the
scene on the screen and my forced molestation began to
get to me, and I moaned in pleasure as my nipples began
to be pinched by the man behind me.

I titled my head back as on the screen the woman was now
sandwiched between the two guys, one in her pussy, the
other forcing his dick into her ass. My mind drifted
back to the nightclub rape and I was on fire once more
in the arms of these men. I knew Ed but the man behind
me was a total stranger. He kissed and bit my neck
erotically as my head leaned further back, inviting his
teeth to make their mark on me. As he did this, his
hands slid down the front of my dress past my breasts,
and I soon felt for the first time his fingers exploring
the musky depths below my panties. Ed continued to kiss
and tongue kiss me, whilst fondling my breasts. He
whispered into my ear, “Dee, you are a real slut, and I
am going to make you beg for me to fuck you in the ass
in front of all these men.” His words spurred me on and
I suddenly jumped up and removed my dress openly in
front of the whole crowd.

I hurled my new dress off onto the chair in front of me
and then proceeded to parade around the theatre teasing
the few men that were there. I was cheered all the way,
and guys kept jumping up to fondle a breast here, finger
my pussy there through my g-string. I was so turned on I
didn’t see the two cops come in through the side
entrance. I kept letting guys feel me up as they
pleased, and I was so hot I dropped to my knees and
unzipped two of the guys standing near me and began to
suck their big pricks to erection.

Suddenly forceful hands pinned my arms behind my back
and I was handcuffed! The policeman holding me started
reading me my rights, and the other officer told me I
was being arrested for lewd conduct in a public place. I
was devastated and my senses snapped back to reality
very quickly. Ed ran up and offered me my dress, which I
was momentarily uncuffed and allowed to place on, before
being recuffed and led away. “Great!” I thought, this
all started out in an attempt to save my marriage and
win Steve back. How would I ever explain this? He was
certain now to think I was a slut and NEVER want me

I was escorted into the police car and driven away, Ed
was nowhere to be seen, the Bastard! What would Steve
think of me now? In the car the younger officer was
driving and his senior partner was explaining the
charges to me. I was being charged for lewd conduct in a
public place, indecent exposure and drunk and disorderly
conduct. The officer explained that I was in serious
trouble and that I could face up to three years prison
if found guilty on all counts, which if this was taken
to court would certainly happen.

I was astounded but also terrified. I knew Steve would
never want be back if he ever found out about this! I
was also terrified of ending up in prison. I had never
even had a speeding ticket before!

I begged the officer, “Isn’t there some way you guys can
just let me off with a warning?” “Ok lady, you just
added attempting to bribe an officer with sexual favors
to your charges, you’re in deep shit now!” I began to
sob and cry, my chest heaving and my eye make-up running
down my cheeks. I was a mess. “Ok, ok lady, don’t go to
water on us. What did you have in mind to make us let
you go?”

“I really have no idea what I can do officer, but I was
out tonight trying to win back my husband and things
just got out of hand. I never intended to even go to
that place, let alone do all the things I did. I don’t
know what has got in to me recently. Please, I’ll do
anything if you just promise to let me go with a
warning. Please?”

The officer told his partner to pull over and they
talked secretively in the front for a few minutes before
he turned to me and said, “OK, what’s your name lady?”
“Dee.” “Ok Dee, here’s what we’ll do. You are in serious
shit here.

However, we appreciate your predicament and don’t want
to be held responsible for ruining your marriage. If you
come with us and do EVERYTHING we tell you, we will let
you go in the morning with just a warning, but you must
do EVERYTHING we tell you ok? Have we got a deal?” I
knew the implications of the deal, but was willing to do
whatever it took. I HAD to get out of this situation and
back to Steve without him ever knowing what had
happened. “Ok” I said. “But you must promise to let me
go and drop me off at home when this is over.” “Deal.”
said the officer, and the car took off, heading for god
knows where.

The car traveled for a few minutes before pulling up at
a house. The cops led me inside, still cuffed behind my
back. Once inside I was cuffed to a supporting beam in
the middle of the lounge room and the two cops left
again. I looked around and noticed that the house was
nice and tidy, and there was a large screen TV and a
video camera set up pointing towards the coffee table,
which was nearby. I managed to sit down, my hands still
cuffed to the pole, and I began to wonder what they had
planned. I still had not showered since the incident at
the porno theatre with Ed and those strange men, so my
whole body was sticky and I had spermy breath. I really
wanted a shower badly, but guessed I wasn’t going to get
one, at least for a while anyway!

I must have dozed off, because the next thing I knew,
the younger officer was switching on the video camera
and the image of me cuffed to the pole burst into life
on the big screen. He came over and took off the cuffs,
and told me to go shower and freshen up. I was glad and
thanked him. In the bathroom I noticed a small window
and wondered if I mightn’t sneak out, but then thought
of the consequences of escaping from police custody
being added to my list of charges and thought better of

I emerged from the bathroom dressed again and looked my
provocative self. I was again feeling human and
nervously reentered the lounge room. There were now
about ten men, all dressed in police uniform, sitting
around the lounge room drinking and smoking. My entry
drew loud cheers and wolf whistles from them all. I
smiled, scared shitless, and asked for a drink, my
throat parched from the night’s activities.

I was offered a beer, and although I normally didn’t
drink beer, took it and sculled a large portion of the
can in one go, the amber fluid cooling my throat and
making me feel quite relaxed. An officer behind me then
offered me some snacks, and I took a couple and ate
them, sitting down next to him as I did so. As I sat
down the officer who had organized all this clapped his
hands and told the boys to shut up. He then told me to
stand up and get on the coffee table, this causing a
cheer from the men again. “Here we go again,” I thought
as I realized I was expected to strip in front of these
ten strangers, all dressed in police uniforms.

“Dance for us baby, and make it sexy.” said the boss.
The stereo cranked up and I began to slowly sway to the
beat, my body undulating in my dress, heels, stockings
and g-string. I knew I must have looked good to these
policemen, and I began to get a little warm between the
legs again. I wondered about Steve and what he would
think if he could see his wife here, dancing sexily in
front of ten policemen. I stopped the thought, knowing
he would be furious. I resolved myself to get through
this night the best I could, and then go flat out to get
Steve back. My life had taken a turn for the ridiculous
since the night of our argument, and I wanted to get it
back on track. I must admit too though, that the sexual
feelings, which had been released since the argument,
were also very exciting to me, and deep down I wondered
if I could ever go back to my former life.

The music was cranked up and became a little raunchier,
and I was told to start taking off my clothes. I knew
what was expected so I slipped the shoulders off and
cupped my breasts in my hands, the straps falling down.
Ever so slowly I eased the dress lower until my tits
were cupped only in my hands and the dress was bunched
around my waist. “Do you want to see them boys?” I asked

“YEAH,” was the overwhelming response and I lowered my
hands suddenly, my breasts jiggling free as I wiggled my
shoulders causing them to shake wildly in front of the
ten law enforcement officers. Next I eased my dress low
towards my hips. I spun round so my back was facing the
men and then lowed the tight black material past the
outline of my tiny g-string. It was a great affect, and
when the dress dropped below thigh height and revealed
my black stay-up stocking tops as well, the effect was
wild and the men the same.

I could hardly hear the music any more because of the
loud cheering and the shouts of encouragement. In front
of me now a large cop had dropped to his knees and taken
out his truncheon. “Come over here baby” he snarled. He
was old and nasty looking, and I was for the first time
ever in the company of men, scared for my well being. I
walked the two steps across the table towards this man,
and as I arrived on the edge he suddenly reached up,
grabbed me by the hair and pulled me onto the floor by
my hair. I screamed in pain as he dragged me nearer to
him. He slapped my face hard and said, “Stop squealing
slut, or I’ll give you more of the same.” “Fuck off you
bastard,” I yelled back and tried to pull away.

I should not have done that.

He slapped my face hard twice more and I cried my eyes
out. The other cops just laughed and some even cheered.
The pig attacking me then tore off my g-string and
recuffed my hands to the legs of the coffee table. I was
only able to use my legs, and I did so, kicking the big
prick right between the legs. He moaned in agony and
said, “You’ll pay for that bitch!” I looked in his eyes
and knew he meant it. He called two mates over and they
grabbed my ankles and spread my legs. Without warning
and unable to stop him because my hands were cuffed and
my legs being held by the other two, the prick between
my legs grabbed his truncheon and stuffed it into my
pussy in one thrust. I screamed in terror as I felt him
forcing it into me without stopping. He hit rock bottom
and then jammed it in a further inch, stretching my
pussy more than any object had done before. I hurt like
hell, but the boys in blue merely cheered him on.

He fucked my pussy savagely for about three minutes
until I actually somehow began to respond to his thrusts
with the truncheon. Don’t ask me how, but in front of
the ten guys, with a savage raping me cruelly with a
police truncheon as I was helplessly pinned down, I
climaxed. I came like no other orgasm I had ever had in
my life, and I loved it. I screamed out in ecstasy and
for the first time since arriving that night the room
went quiet as the astonished cops looked on in awe as
the slut before them, cuffed and pinned to the floor had
an orgasm whilst being fucked by a truncheon. The guy
who had beaten and raped me, then kissed me with his big
sloppy tongue and pulled out hiss cock. “Very impressive
baby,” he snarled as he grunted and thrust his rather
small penis into my sopping but stretched pussy.

He fucked me for about a minute then pulled out and
offered me his cock. I sucked hard and managed to
swallow the first three spurts of hot cum before he
pulled it out and sprayed my face with the rest. “Let me
lick you clean.” I begged, and he brought the now shiny
and cum soaked organ to my mouth, grabbing a handful of
hair as he did so. I took him in my mouth and licked and
sucked gently until I saw him throw his head back in
pleasure. Then I took my chance, and bit down as hard as
I could upon his organ, causing him to jerk it away and
scream in absolute pain as the blood from the bite
dripped into my mouth. He slapped me savagely again but
was restrained by two of his buddies who had a good
laugh about it.

I was then flipped over onto my stomach, and a young
constable greased up my asshole, and I knew I was in for
a rough time. There were still nine cops who hadn’t
fucked me yet and they were already getting into the
anal. Oh god I thought, I wonder if I can handle it?

I grimaced as the young stud pushed inside my tight
asshole and began a slow fucking rhythm of strokes deep
into my hole. I had actually really been getting into
anal lately, and this guy was good at it. He knew to go
slow, but he also knew to push in deep enough to make me
feel absolutely stuffed with cock. Just as I was getting
into another orgasm, an older cop jammed his dick in my
mouth and came straight away, and I was thrown into my
orgasm as I gulped down his cum. The young guy in my ass
simply pushed it in further and came inside me, filling
my bowels with cream. I loved the nastiness of that!

I managed to get through the rest of the night not too
bad, and actually enjoyed another two orgasms. Both of
these were whilst I was being triple fucked, one in my
ass, one in my pussy and sucking on the third guy. I
must have made a great video.

I was escorted home in a police squad car, and wondered
as I walked inside what had happened to Ed? I also
wondered what Steve would think if he knew I had been
gang banged again!

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